I'HE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY,.FEBRUARY 7, 1917. Tllc stuuont :-\cwspupl'r or The '(jDln�rslty or Chku:::o. PuItHslll"'! urorulu es, pX("l'l't SIlIHl:Iy und �oll'IIIY. durin;: the Aut uui n, \\'Iuh'r and 81'rlll).: 'I uurtvrs hy Till' LJaUy �l;lroou coiu pauy. News Department. A. A. Baer Editor C. C. Greene Night Editor B. E. Newman Athletics Editor W. S. Bender Asst. Athletics Editor V. K. Edwardsen Women·s Editor Business Department. F. C. Maxwell :. Manager En t e ro.I :IS se,'oll'. e1ass matt nt the Cht­ ca eo l'(l,.t(ltnt't�. ("111(":1:::0. 1I1I1Iols. �Iurcb 1:;. l:l\a:-. UIl,lpi" Act of )I:irl"ll 3. l�j;{. Subscr ip tion Rates, It:-· Ca r r ie r. �:,:,'-.u :I yeur : �l :1 quarter. B, �uU. � a year: $l.� a quarter. !l:,lltorLlI U()OIl!� ••••••••••••••••••• Ellis 1:! Tl·!c'jllILlIll.' �ll'lw:lY SL,(I. Locul 1';:! Buslue ss OITke ...•.............. , .. Ellis 1-1 'l't·"."pliollc Biackstullc :!;j�1 -------------------- �2.7 WED�ESDAY. FEBRUARY 7, 1917. .--: ECCE�TRICITY'S PRODUCT. Basing its irrational opinrons on a superficial survey and deficient fore­ sight, "War?". an anti-militarism magazine published by - college men, fears that militarists are baiting the colleges on to leadership in the forma­ tion of a public sentiment for univer­ sal military service and consciption. Seantor Chamberlain's bill 10; uni­ versal military training, in the eyes of the editors of this publication, is a conspiracy aganst the young �en of America, a conspiracy agaInst d�m­ ocracy, against enlighte�ed. e�ucatIon, . t the freedom of individual ex- agains , ression and social developme?t. PIt is hard to conceive of co� men ith minds so feeble and char�cters WI k that they can not ctmtemplate �o wea ., d te protection of heed for a equa . ten '1'hey are probably. VIC- our country. Ise education garnered 'tims of a fa . at never idi 10uS theor!'es t� .: from rl ICU t 1 facts in Iife, . ccoun rea take lnto a na of human natu�e or the phenome it Tbey want the demands of ne�esds:!loDment, but d conomlc • de­ social an e 'dr the fact that t COnSl . �s- do no ·tbout power IS l' 1 ;., "elopment ¢ believe that universa Tbe1 d r the se- sible- 'ning will en ange d the military tral United States an. . ·ty of the 'cy Their tnunlDg cun f bUllJam• . ove the 1Velfare 0 sufficient to pr Ith- he.s not bee�pting to be secure WI [oIlY of attef 'f'Irotection. n na- aJlS 0 r the huma out rne ot change refuse We ce.n n rld. We cannot the f the �o tectifin on tUre .0 ur own pr? . not par­ to insure 0 t; such actlon IS when ds t)la d m theorY, d grolln _ h gOttle ra� ° ell develope aUel '\\'It 'tll � faIrly w individ- , e WI OOn as an b any on that as s kIt is SU - brain JlOW� 11 becomes wea or an- I or nat10 � in some forIfl Oar lIe. att8c... pOwer- -ect to .3 stronger b'rtY to en- J titer from dS upon our all me wild o depeJl not on sO l' g3-fetY - ! safety, tbe pub IC oree rule: 0 tPetrated 0:1 " f that 's � d "pussyfoots- ide9- rds an not mean bY cotNa r training _ does'1" deals in Tfniversa 'ttWay. "War. , thve U '.: an." that tJli1i�rl�l11 It '9resupposes nation to __ ... etneS. -rJaths for the -,__, to eJ>."· tw'0 r Ttan ..... are only is to allow ml 1'5 to pro- {OnO�; oJ1e t and the oth�r 1 hatso- ran1pan of protection VI run n1e::J.l1s 1-' e,ctremes vide no peOple who dea /na diseased eller. to atU1cks 0 and �re liabl� . tldJrTllent is worthless use . d' the,r J 1· teresting beca tJllJ1 '. y1le(c yin.. . mil- tneir Idea5 ntl'icity. TraIning In T of their e�ce does not mean that ml 1- -tarY tactICS f d upon our coun- 1 • to be orce U 'ted tariSJTl IS that The OJ • . doeS mean. _ try, It. lace it�elf In a better � St3tes '\Vlll P tect its interests and Its sjtjon to dPro l1sequently offer a better Ie an CO· peop 'cy for development. opportunI d' +h en who arc trainc m)' e Youfng ,,':are are not trained to kill arts 0 w ... rJ. 1 d to h than to save but tra nc rat er '. n save rather than to be kIlled. Co e�e men are generally supposed to be fu­ ture leaders in the thought and acts of thir n�tion, and they must a�o be eladers in protecting ou.r nation. When a set cf colJ.ege men-- produce I i.-.. a magazine such a s"War?";-real red­ blooded students become indignant be­ cause of the stain which such a pub­ lication places on all university men. The college man does not want to be classed as a cheap coward. WILL DISCUSS CHILl> LABOn Secretary of National Child Labor Committee to Speak, Mr. Owen Reed Lovejoy, secretary of the National Child Labor commit­ tee will deliver an address on "Prob­ lems, of Child Labor," before a pub; lie meeting tomorrow night at 8 in the Ida Noyes assembly room. After the address there will be an informal social gathering in which all present will be given an opportun­ ity of meeting personally �ir. Love­ joy and Miss Eschenbrenner, corres­ ponding secretary of the National Child Labor committee, who is at presentcarrying on a campus cam­ paign for member. The exhibit of the National Child Labor coinmittee \thich is being given under the auspices of the Women's Administrative council will be on dis­ play today and tomorrow in Ida Noyes. OVER THREE THOUSAND READ IN HARPER DAILY Library officials report that the to­ tal number of readers in Harper li­ brary for the month of January was 95,084. This is an average of 3,657 readers per day. In the main reading room alone there were 44,148 read­ ers for the month, in the reserve rooms 45,502 and 1,750 readers in the modern language room. A total of 37,978 books was with­ drawn from the stacks during Janu­ ary, making an average of 1,461 books a day. The average time for obtaining a book was five minutes. It took over fifteen minutes to obtain 78 of the books, and 18 of the books called fr were never found. PROF. FOREST :MOULTON L TO DELIVER LECTURES Prof. Forest B. Moulton, of the de­ partment of Astronomy and Astro­ physics, has accepted an invitation to give five lectures this month at Western Reserve university on the MacBride foundation. Professor Moulton has just finish­ ed a complete revision of his "Intro­ duction to Astronomy," a well-known text for college students. He is secretary of the mathematics and as­ tronomy section in the American as­ sociation for the Advancement of Sci. ence and' has recently collaborated with Prof. Thoroas Chamberlin, head of the department of Geology, in the development of the new scientific theory known as the planetesimal hy­ pothesis. WATERMAN TO TALK AT LINCOLN PARK \Varren G. ,\Vatcrman. fettow in the department of Botany for 1916-17, will open a series of free lectures at the Chicago academy 'Of Science Fri­ day night at 8, Lincoln park at Ccn­ t�r street. ,:\Yr. \Vaterman will give an illustrated talk on "Life �nrl Scene!' in the Four Indias." Prof. Henry C. Cowles, of the Botany rle­ partmcnt, will c105c the .';;eries with a talk on ".The History of the Chicago Region." Brownson Club Gives Dance. The Browns'On club will hold an in­ formal dance Friday from 4 to 6 in Ida Noyes. Chatters to Dance. The Geology Chatters will give a Yalentinc dance next Wednesday at 4:30 on the fourth floor of Rosen­ wald. USE ALLIED BAZAAR L DROPS IN GYMNASIUM FOR PROM HANGINGS Fourteen drop curtains which were used at the Allied Bazaar will hang along the walls and at the ends of Bartlett gymnasium on the night of the Washington Promenade, Febru, ary 21. They will be in harmony with the rest of the decorations and the whole will represent a garden scene. Green and cerise will be the dominant colors in the scheme. Overhead 'will be a lattice intertwined with smilax. The Decoration committee has changed its plans in one particular. Instead of a fountain in the center of the gymnasium, as Was previously an­ nounced, there will be an arrange­ ment of artificial flowers, trees and shrubbery. Detaits of the plans for decoration are being kept secret by the committee so that a surprise will be reserved for the dancers. 109 Register for Corps. One hundred and nine men and women have registered for the first aid ambulance class, under the direction of Dr. H. W. Gentles of the American Red Cross society. Of this number 79 are women, and 31 men. The first aid course lasts for ten weeks. and mee� every Wednsday at 4 :30 in the Ellis' assembly room. At every meetIng practical demonstrations of first-aid work are given. Dr. C. S. Plummer and Dr Morrill will speak at the meeting today on "Classes of Frac­ tures." Sociologist To Speak. "Comparative Mental and Moral Worth of Races" is the subject of an address to be given February 3 before the Young Men's Associated Jewish Charities of Chicago by Prof. ,William 1. Thomas, of the department of So­ ciology and Anthropology. Prof. Thomas, who is the author of "Sex and Society" and "A Source Book for Social Origins," is an associate editor of the American Joudnal of Sociology. Church Advertising Is Subject, I • The Rev. Christian F. Rersner, pas­ tor .of the Grace MethodiSt church of New ork city, will speak on "Church Adverti sin g' , tomorrow at 14 :35 in Haskell. BOHEMIAN AND DANE USE AMERICAN FOLK , MUSIC FOR THEMES (CO'ntinued from page 1) march on "T'rabel On" took the fancy of the 'audience immediately, for its humor is fresh and spontaneous. The composer was present to bow his ac­ knowledgments at the end of the suite. But the chief interest centered about Mr. Stock's comment at the end of the march. The audience see�ed divided in opinion as to whether he meant "Watch your step" or "Step lively." It is impossible for me to settle the question. In the "Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 12," Liszt was attempting the same thing with Hungarian tunes that Dvorak and Otterstrom attempted with negro melodies. The whole group of Hungarian rhapsodies leaves me unmoved except in the hands of a vir­ tuoso who declines to take any of them seriously and makes them vehicles for exhibition purposes. In its orchestra­ ted version No. 12 suggests'thatjthe orchp.stra has annexed a highly or­ ganized, nervous, but venturesome hurdy-gurdy and become a bit flighty as a result of the contact. Mr. Quen­ sel can make a flute do anything; and he did. The program opened with the over­ ture 'Liebesfruhling," by George :!chu­ mann, which is my notion of what a concert overture should be. The sen­ sation� which it gives could be an­ alyzed no doubt, but to no purPose. It is melodious, rhythmic, infectious, and exciting. One can ask no more. 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P. 2314 Frolic Theatre Orol Store Special Rates to Sladen .... M. J. CONER. Cor. Ellis Ave. aDd 55th St. , THE DAILY MAR�ON. WEPNESDA Y, FEBRUARY 7, 1917. NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES. MILWAUKEE, Wis., February 5- American Ambassador Plenipoten­ tiary Luke l\1cLuke has been handed his passports by Emil Schnickelfritz, foreign minister ,in this country. The situation is frothing. President Schlitz has ordered out the schoon­ ers. All dead soldiers will be re­ moved from the streets by the Im­ perial Police,. in order that the tires of the automobile squad wiiI not be damaged. The army is marching to-: ward the north and will be in the trenches after Saturday night. COMl\lUNICATION. Phi Psi Answers. To the Editor:"":"" Joe Hanigrnan, the president of Sigma Chi, states in the column that suspicion tends to rest upon cer­ tain members of our fraternity, the best Greek-letter organizatlon across the street from Bartlett gymnasium at the present 'time. We hereby challenge our adversaries, members of a luke fraternity, to an investi­ gation of statistics and relative risk in regard to the subject under dis­ cussion. If they do not reply before the tenth of this.month, every possible means will be taken to prosecute them at the same time as they are prose­ cuted for the Psi U owl burglary. Very truly yo';rs, Bill Boal, Steward. HA! HA! COMMUNIQUE. Sir:- �at will happen on the eve of February 21 if the honorable ( ? ) Percy Dake, who I believe is to head the left wing, finds it impossible to stay on his feet on a campus walk, which, after a careful examination, showed no sign of ice or snow? J. E. J. I see by the Herald that the Phi Gamma. Sigma fraternity was robbed Saturday night. They not only stole our clothes, but they took our mime. But what has that to do with my alarm clock? Subscriptions for the fund to purchase T. E. H. a new overcoat and a shining Baby Ben will 00 recelved with pleasure by the business manager of this paper. DELTA UPSILON. . By J. S. Lifer. , Awakened by the steaming odor of beans, the true son of Delta Upsilon rolls out of his upper deck as the iw.elve o'clock- whistle blows. After placing the Durham back in his hip pocket, he stands before the picture of his beloved, and gazes admiringly! as his room mate takes his turn on the razor. He looks from the window at the University, far in the' west, and wonders if she is in the library. Dressed in a brown overcoat or mack­ inaw, he trudges to the reading, room, where he stays until she decides to go home. Students desiring to compete in this prize essay contest on fraternities should turn in their manuscripts be­ fore Saturday. Women's clubs are eligible for publicity. Address all communications to the company, not to individuals. Not responsible for delays caused by strikes, accidents, fire or acts of God. THIS IS FOR YOU, ELSA. Have you registered the Senior class dance for Saturday afternoon? Every time I write this column a troop of reporters stands behind me and chuckles, Whether �r not' ita The Original Turkish Blend Delta Sigma Phi bowlers annexed three games from the Kappa Sigma team. The match scheduled for yes­ terday afternoon between Delta Up- It is not surpnislng' to discover silon and Psi Upsilon was postponed. that the students interested in the Delta Sigma Phi. Child Labor exhibit live in Green Van Kirk 157 126 hall. They have let me know about ,Schaller � 126 it before. I'll bet they don't know Banks 132 I work ten hours a day. Davis 145 Pick 167 Team score 727 Kappa Sigma. Galloway 104 Ballard _...... 105 Prater 114 LIT CONTAINS PARIS NOTES Hickman 115 Coulter 136 applause is mercenary or sincere, I do not know. Anyway, I prefer them to read it in the morning. I much prefer to read their stuff in the morning, when the janitor cleans out the waste basket. A long line today. Yesterday it was a clothes line. (More Phi Gam publicity.) Investigate the situation. See if I care. T. E. H. Frank - Webster Discusses Polite in Music in February Number. The February number of the Chi­ cago Literary Magazine will appear tomorrow. The issue contains "Notes From a Summer in Paris," written by Robert Merrill during last July and August. The four sketches por­ t�y Paris in war-time, with her ac­ tivities centering in the Red Cross hospitals. . The polite in music is Frank Web­ ster's theme in a short essay entitled, "Musical Manners and Morals", .wheretn is indicated the need for ideals in the development of musical appreciation. -John Grimes' "The Hero as Prophet," discusses Ruskin; his socialism, and thevariety of his personalitywhich appears in "Fors Clavigera." Of the eight authors represented in this number, six have written verse, contributing nine poems. A short story, "The Paving of Good Inten­ tions," by Mollie Neumann, and two editorials, "A Suggestion to the Club" and "To the New Woman," constitute the remaining contents of the maga­ zine. Yellow Jacket to Initiate. Yellow Jackct 'has invited all fresh­ man women who arc not in either Black Bonnet or Blue Bortle to come and be initiated Friday at 2 :30 at the horne of Katherine Clark, 5724 Kimbark avenue. A business meeting will be held Friday at 10:10 in Lex­ ington 14. Riggs to Give Review. Lloyd Riggs will reivew Emil Ab­ derhalden's work on "Protien I�{etab­ olism" at a meeting of the seminar in Physiological Chemistry Friday at 4:30 in Physiology 16. DELTA SIGMA PHI TEAM DEFEATS KAPPA SIGMA Postpone Match Scheduled for Yes­ terday Afternoon Between Psi Upsilon and Delta Upsilon. 118 142 131 146 167 155 193 162 735 730 138 145 9? 141 160 126 160 151 129 159 TO OPEN BASKETBALL SERIES Junior and Senior Women to Play First Game. The first game of the women's in­ terclass basketball series will be .played today at 12:45 in the main gymnasium in Ida Noyes, when the­ Juniors will meet the Seniors. Miss Bell, the basketball coach, has urged the- women of the University to show their spirit by lending tDeir support to the teams. . The line-up will be as follows: Seniors. Elizabeth MacClintock Right forw'd Lillian Weiss Left forward Louise Stenhouse Right guard Mildred Morgan _ Left guard Sara Gri1fin Captain Substifutes: Dorothy Mullen, Mar­ garet Stires, Lucy Williams. _ Juniors. Barbara Miller Rignt forward Mary Knapp Left forward Pauline Callen Right guard 'Helen Souther Left guard Elizabeth Steigleder Center Substitutes: Eleanor Castle, Flor­ ence Owens. . Will Entertain Tomorrow. The East � eizhborhood club will give a party for all L7niversfty wo m­ en li\"in� in the East section, tomor­ row afternoon from 3 :30 to 5 :3:) in thc reception rooms of Ida Noyes. The 'party will be in charge of Mar­ garet Hayes. Dr. Wishart to Speak. Dr. Charles F. 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Don't delay. Teachers Employment Bureau E. I. DEUER. Manaler 228-230 c. R. s. Bank, Cedar Rapid IOWA CHICAGO THEATRE VVabash and 8th SL (Formerly .... American Music Hall) KATINKA With T. ROY BARNES And the same Garrick Theatre Cast Branch Box Oft"ices:-Garrick The­ atre Lobby, and Lyon It Healy. WILLIAM HODGE In FIXING SISTER PRINCESS Phone Central 8240 Saturday Matinee Best Seats 11.58 THE DAILY MAROON. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 7, 1917. • i. ,.., ._. SWIl\IMING MENTOR IS HARD LUCK CHAMPION IN LOSING WIN NERS Coach White's Latest Loss Is Rubin­ kam-Huston, Plunger, Is Ma­ triculated at Northwestern. Coach \\'hite qualifies as the hard luck champion 'L'j the Uuiver s ity, wllcn it comes to misfortune in los­ ill� stars irom the swimming team. F�r v ear s the swimming mentor has de\'e�lped men to fill the weak spo:s in his teams only to have them quit as soon as they become g ood, \\'yncO'cp Rubinkam was the last of the stars who has deserted the team. but he is not the only one in the last few years. Hu,.;ton,:l plunger. left to attend � orth western L'lli v er s ity tal ... t year, just when he w ould 11:lVC bcc.n of rucst service. The reason for his departure was a desire to save two years of prelegal training. Huston 'Was a freshman, and would have been available ior two more years. He was a sure first in the plunge and �o­ gether with Carlsen would have gl\'- en Chicago two places. ' Joins Ambulance Corps. Rubinkam gave up a major "C" and all scholastic credit for work done so far this quarter in cr der to join the American Ambulance Corps. . Co�cl� White had been developing 'him t.or the last two years and teh fancy diV­ er was just about the best in the Co�­ fernece. He w otrl d have given Chi­ cago a sure hold 'en finst place had he remained. \\'hen last heard of he was in New York waiting for a steam­ er that would attempt to run the blockade. � . One man 'has been developed In both the plunge and the fancy diving event, but neither 'of the understudies are as coed as the men who have left. Brecki:ridge is the only fancy diver left in .school, but he is not perfect enough to defeat the men from X·crthwestern. In the Conference meet he cannot hope to land a .place. Carlson Is Developing. In the plunge there is more prom­ ise as Carlson has been developing ra�dilY. He is built something on the order of Redmon, and will do bet­ ter than 'ordinary aftcr a little more trammg. Northwestern claims to 'have two men in the plunge capable of doing the 60 feet in 25 .s., and Coach' White believes that Carlson can better this time. If the plunge is taken care 'of satis­ factorily the only weak spot on the team will be the fancy diving event. Coach Wihite is living in hopes at present that, the Germans will keep every boat shut up within New York harbor and that Rubinkarn will 'be forced back home. OFFER ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP Bryn Mawr College Offers Fellow­ ships to Graduate Students. Announcement has been made 'of the scholarships and fellowships of­ fered annually by Bryn Mawr college. Bryn Mawr, Pa, They include .eight­ een resident fellowships of the value 'Of $525, one $i50 resident research fellowship, one $400 resident scholar­ ship, and twenty resident graduate .scholanships of the value of $200 to be given to graduates -cf universities and colleges of acknowledged stand­ ing. Recommendations of professors and indications of futurc success in academic work are given weight in the award. Each year three Euro­ pcan travclling fellowships are award­ ed to members of the graduate school of Bryn Mawr college. A circular giving' dctails of the scholarships and h-o w to gct th ern has been posted on thc bulletin board in H ar.per. To Discuss India. "India" will be the subject of an illustrated lecture by Warren G. \Va­ terman at the meeting of the Dames' club Saturday at 3 in Kent theater. Weigel to Talk Friday. �{r. \V cigel \\;11 speak at thc meet­ ing 'Of the German Convers-ation club Friday at 4:45 in Lexington 14. . I MURAD '., ., B, THE TURKISH CIGARETTE II I I I TUCKER TO GIVE TALK ON EDUCATED HOBOES Tryouts for the ptay to be given hy the- Undergraduate Classical club early in the t:"pring quarter were held last week. .TJle play will be the story of Virgil's "Aenid" and will be g'iven under the perso nal direction of Prof. Frabk Miller of the department of Greek, who dramatized the work. Those chosen for the cast are: Anna Agnes Kelly Barce Florence Gorton Venus Helen Flack Aeneas William Van Vller : Achates George �lcKay Ilionius Jame.s Newett arbas Fred Steinhauser Ionas Jacob Sietsema Francis Pain kin sky wilt be the pi­ anist. ba ro th 10 ga fir th te en WI is , Sc � I at I i se .\ fr re ea , \� th is: ha th re 00: oil 10 'g1l st ni at H tIl PICK CAST FOR GREEK PLAY A PERFECT gen: . eman ain't pro- . duced by a �ht's study over C an etiquette book. Same way with C �. a perfect tobacco. � � VELVETisagedinthe ?r#' . wood two years before ( It becomes the smooth- eat smoking tobacco. _ . ��I----------"'[]-'----------"i[]-I-----------'I� N Undergraduate Classical Club to Pre­ . sent Drama in Spring. Is Not Recognized by Church Be­ cause of Radical Views-:-Promi­ nent in Bread Riot. The Rev. Mr. Irwin St. John Tuck­ er, president of the International Ho­ bo college, will give an address on "Education and the Hobo" before members of the League, tomorrow at 10:10 in .Lexington 1.... The Rev. Mr. .Tucker is an -crdained Episcopalian minister, but he is not recognized by the church because of this radical views. He has been arrested in sev­ eral strike riots, among. which was the Chicago Garment Workers" .strike last December, and the' Bread Riot in X ew York City. The Rev. ::\Ir. Tucker has been for a lcng time deeply interested in 'ho­ boes and vagrants of all kinds. "The word 'hoho'" says Mr. Tucker, "should be a bade of honor, since, it represents a profession, .made neccs­ .sary by economic conditions." The Rev. �fr .. Tucker was recently instrumental in inducing :\lary Gar­ den to sing beforc the hoboes at the local college, 977 \Vcst \Vashington street. I be S<J 1M st D, in 8, w ds Ie ec re Sanderson to Speak. 'What You Give for Any Present Shows Your Taste Why not give a box of k� at cl w go: at tJ: S: n tI oj pi W Y U: S( g: ., u ,:, i ., til Prof. Sanderson will speak on "Zo­ ology and Agriculturc at a meeting of the Zoological club today at 4:30 in Physiology 29. The lecture is a spe­ cial one to which al lstudents have 'been invitcd. Must See Committee Members. Genuine Old Fashioned Candy , � Pure, Practieal and Pleasing I Now Exclusively on sale at 55th and University Avenue , Dellverles made in all parts of the city. If Its William's. its pure I ! I Seniors to Tum in Lists. .The members of the Freshman class who expect to attend the theater . party at thc Palace theater Saurady should see May Cornwell, Doris Mar­ in, Bernard Me Donald 'Or Crandall Rogers. Tickets cost 75 cenns, T'he Cap and Gown has requested­ that Seniors turn in their lists of ac­ tivities and 'have their pictures taken at Daguerrc's studio, 218 South Wa­ bash avenue, as soon as possible. Classified Ads. 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Black Bonnet Meets Today. Black Bonnet club will mcet today at 10:15 in Lexington. All mcmbers. of the club �ave been asked to at­ tcnd. Madame Lockwood to Speak. Robertson to Lecture. LOST�ld Handled Umbrella. ·L. Z. S. on top. Left in Harper M15, 10:40. Return to Inforriultion desk in Cobb. Prof. C. H. Robertson will lecture to a class in :\1 ission Study on San Tsi Ching, a famous Chinese book of about 1045 A. D., today at 7 in El­ lis 3. FOR RENT-TWO NICE WARM front rooms, furnished, thoroughly modern, electric lighted, etc. 1st Apt. 5720 Maryland. Phone' Mid­ way 9426. Better than saying sweet thmgs i. to send them-in this stunning Chicago box of chocolates worthy to be bound wit.h the colors! $1 the pound at VAN De BOGERT &. ROSS East 51st St. and Lake Park Ave. R. M. GRAY Madame Stephanie V. Lockwood will speak on the Bclg ian poet, Ver­ hacren, at a meeting 'of French club tomorrow at 4 in Ida Noyes library. Miss Kawin to Lecture. :\fiss Ircnc Kawin, of the pen7ion office of the Juvenile Court, wilt lec? ture to thc class in Modern Methods 'of Relief tomorrow at 7:30 in Ellis 3. . Harpsichord to Meet. FOR SALE - HAMMOND TYPE. writer practically new with Eng­ lish type. A bargain for foreign student. Call at Ellis 14, between 10:15 and 10:45. Harpsichord will hold a business meeting tomorrow at 4- at the resi­ dcncc of Marion Hicks. 5482 Univer­ sity avenue. 11111 i 111111111111111111111111111111111111110 111111 1340 East 55th Street GLEN N BROTH ERS 1145 East 63rd Street AMPHLETT BROTHERS 6300 Stony Island Avenue Dr. Woe1fkin to Lecture. MAROON ADS BRING RE..'lULTS FOR SALE - TWO ROLL TOP desks with chairs. Saeriftced to make room for new equipment. B. English, Reynolds club. Dr. 'Cornelius Woclfkin will give an informal lecture on "Material Moods" today at 3:30 in Haskell.