......I •• ". ,,a-taroonUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, THURSDAY, MARCH 16,1916Vel. XIV. No. 107.�.. ..Only Sure Winner.JUNIOR COLLEGE SQUADCONFIDENT OF VICTORY'HARPER EXPLAINSNOTicE ISSUE)) . BYRUSSIAN MINISTRYSEEK GREENWOOD FIELD PLAN TO HAVE EACHFOR BASEBAL� DIAM9ND' FRATERNITY SUPPORTpropasitiori Aw� Appmal of uBi- FRENCH WAR ORP' HAN --yenity Ofidal.--ccnmen Ap-:�- pPposes Senior Quintet In FiDal G&IIle..-- ' of ChampiODShip Series Today-Co ... ittee'To :Arraiace_ For SiD.. � -- Twenty' Will ReeeiYe Numerals AtAt Night Next Qurter. I�. Elizabeth WaDace Outlines__ . )"�t Before Chapter Annual. Basketball Dinner Tonight.. Plans have. been made by the Under- Repr�ta�ves Y: esterday --gradiaate council to procure Green- .. __ With two victories already gainedwood field, the ground on the south- �ver the upper-class women, the Jun·ern side of the Midway between Green- WOMEN'S. CLUBS WILL HELP �or cOllege five feel confiident of abU-ILLlNI �D MAROONS ,ON PAR' wood and University avenues, for the -- �ty.to .anne� the championship in theuse of the inteq:lw baseball teams Four Promise To' Take Part-Beta Ias_t game of the series' to be playedCIoiea ... La""" Athletes WIIo Can PIck in tile tournament scheduled for n_ nota Pi ADd Psi UpsiJ ... Fkst To tod&y at 4 in Lexington gymnasium.quarter. The field is used. by the wo- Adopt ,SCheme. Should Elizabeth Mac:CIintoc:k playmen's hockey squadS in the Autumn • __ up' to her usual standard, which shefell far oelow in the last contest, thequarter, but. during the other quar_ ,A plan to have- each undergraduate__ ten lies idle. Provided �1...";'t con ........ t fraternity on the ·d· th seniors will be able to put· up the. W1a -.u . campus al In e strongest, fight they' have ever made.W- . . h be . is . obtained from the University om- support of one French war orphan .J8eOnSm as tter than an even Entertainment between halves willehanee to annex their secOnd ehampi- eial s, the field will be at the dispOaal was set on 'foot at a meeting Of rep- be furnished by. members of the What does it mean!onahip of the year wben the Big !rme of the Intra-mural' team. next month. resentatlvee of the' different chapters Thnrsday 10:.45., and Friday 1:30 "I-at Janwiry 1916 expires thetrack men 'meet in the annual 'indOor . �e University Athletic department. yesterday at luncheon in 'HutChinson gam�' elasses, who will engage in term for presenting declarations con­Conference Saturd&y rught at -EvanS. has offered to supply the balls,. bats cafe. Associate Prof. Elizabeth Wal- several relay events. Members of cerning the competition announced byto Th 'U'____ and other 'general ' . • lace,' who issponsor of the plan, spoke the MinIS" t'I"V f F· .If fiD. e BUU"UVUS and the Badgers accessones neees- '1 both junior and senior sqnada will ' &.J 0 mance ror ndini. aJe tbe only ieama tba� have' been sary for the games. The IDtere18ss to the delegates, outIinihg all 'of the unite in the annual basketball din- out new ways of applying spirit andable to come through the dual mt;et., �Athletic aSsoCultion win appoint man- details of the scheme. ner tonight at 6 in Lexington. Twen- far· discovering substances servingthis &eaSOD' without marring tl1er' .,agers for the various claSs teams this The movement was Started a week ty . women will receive letters and to his denaturalization. In sight ofi'eecri& DUnf fell before the' attack _�week and' the scheduie will be arrang-' ago whellt after conferences with numerals. Presentation will be made the insignifi�t quantity of received· of the WisconSin athletes' and Nortb-. ed by �he :managers. Dean Wallace on the subject, Beta br �ss, Agnes Wayman. . ti.l1 present petition what must be at-·western i� water on the track than . �t. the meeting of the CoUncil yes- Theta Pi and Psi l1psilon each agreed Take PiCture Today. tributed to operations of war the Min-the Purple has been for several yearS terday afternoon a .ommiltee :was to aid in the support of one orpbaD Election of the basketball represen- istr:r of Finance notifies that the termllliDoiS) and. Chicago did not meet . apPointed to make arrangementS for fo� one year. :The daiiy cost of c:ar- tative of the W • .A. A. advisory boam to present deelarations for the men­this year but on comparative. timeS . sings Dext quarter. Arthur Hanisch· 'lng for one of the children is twenty will be, held following the dinner. The tioned competition is prolongated "tillmade by the represatatiVea of the is ebairman of �. eoJDJII!ite.; the ·centa. The FreJieh govemment agrees first and seeond junior. and the senior I-at September 1916 and the adJm.mg .two . �tion .. they mnst 'be pJaeecl others members are· Dorothy Miller to pay one balf of thet -snm for 8vf!r1 sqnad will be phOtographed today at of prisea is eonformably' pat otr· oDOn ..... with . ..w. other. '. and Btuee. Martin. Th. eommIttee orphan; thus each fraternity wJ1I)le 1 at 'Dwigh� T. Chambers' studio. 850 the I-at IIlareh 1917." ,If-am ;wm,.be ..are to, take first' will. eo-;oper.te- wi� - _Ralph Davia; ,,*00 . to donate. ten centa a �y to East � street. . . - - .•..�... • _� t";";'.;.;&; ..... of·.th° :""..1 :' _ . c:hainnan of the ;Unlversi .... .m.r. ill' brlDg. the amount. f�r� each child. up �� ,r.,. .• _:...._ .---.-...---=- ....... .;...� �'-'-TIle:_"'¥--':��er" -to" :·-th·--·.;_bo· .. ;... .. --_:�'·· _ ..I ,_:::,;:.:;..-;:.= 7� ����"�tci'tIiO ';;;"�'fi�c�� -� .•. _ -::--.� ..... up. J� , . posted ::;e bulJ.u: �in":_�1IIe � :_�_-....;;� , I� !8, P�ed to ha .... the IIiDcs .at Women's Clabs TO Aid. Margery • Leopold �ight F.......ri �y. is given bY Samuei North-in .. �tIie:�.� �.8re� '�8h�.,t�1l8�, the co.mmi� think-. Representatives-of the varioUs w� Barbara MiDC! _. I.eft Forward rupHarper,prof�rofRussi8D Lan-;tJa�"""" half 1DDe�" ':mile. Ca� lng �t this. change. m . euatom ��, men's clubs on the'�campU8 met with l'Qrion Glaser. (captain) _. - Center � and Literature as foUcnn: :tai!',� WIJl Dcit Jumo ..u,; ..... > � the e:wenta more . ..-.=-ut ')IIisa .WalIaee on .MoncJaY to diaea8a HOI� Driver )ljght GuUd . "Previous to the prohibition Of tJIii· '-if........... in the haIf.�' - �er .. 1'0...... • the saliject. The n_ .day. four cit Jotiephine Moo";' Helen JIreane.. . - • oaIe of vOdka in Bn.ssia in :W:6- b;o� .of ; the • V� <an pim hIDi. :-Th. pm�tioJi in. � to lim: - the. c1u!ia prOmised to·take part ill. � . inan.._ . . ':" Left GuaM order of the ........ the governmeiat ]lad.imd �is.1ibI7 to ...... away:flma -itina"'milehiae'priril '''' . movement. The orgBnizations ..m Su�.: Carrol Mason, EtIieI a IIlODCipoly on ita sale 8nd bad· ....hia_�. in tIae __ �.: .:'1'IIe �oDa to sbideD:- �ni"''':: . ESoteric. Sigma, W� and Del' fikan:r. Mary Brown •. '. serve of seVera1 million' ga1Iona.·JWawa.alao ha .... a pod hunller in' udi:.ta ad- alao in.,;pm io the-au- tho. . . . . .SenioIB. ,.' . ,� were a!aO'� contraCt. pia-lIeiidsm bat be couinot' � � perviBion of- ClaIai truaaries 'liy the iii .... : Elinor FOIl.' and Miss Flo- . Elizabeth MaeCIintocl<.lIght Forward ' . oed with private distilleries' and tbioe· to raD b8tter thim -a8cond to· Ames of Co'"I' -J .... . renee ,·Schofield, ,two English YO- Waldine Sc:Juieider, Dorothy MUl- were dclared binding •. As the Rmi-. . .' . �nCl � �� t�.the�. of' . . .:JIIiII'!iII 'irhD ieeentty tied-th8 .... rld.. men authorized' by the gov- len - JAI; Forward IliaD __ eDt. has determinioci DDtTecmd.: for . tJJe:- ev.t.- VuaDain'S ·(Con�ued. Oil. � 2) . ermDent to lecture in America in},e.;- Rllth Sandberg (captaiJi)' _. Center to re-open. the liquor u8me' � tile .)eat .All oft the i>remiei- honor. � .. - balf of the Frenc:h orphans, will speak �ma �ee Right GuaM war thi.·lrftat amOunt; of -..pirit;, :.iII10 ecnDe' from .the -lUge D1IIIlhQ.. of . WEATHER FOREcAST. Monday aftern.oon at· 4:30 in Mandel IfiIdred Morgan - I.ett G-.id be useless unless some methQcl of ..ODeD. On' their, � Who :.nn;prObably Fm tOIIIi,. Willa a!OwIi .w.c -- ·lIDder the auspieea Of the Orphelinat Snbstitutea: I;.ue:r. W"illiams, Han- is fonn1L . --piek .UP· seconds and thirds. peratare ... '.Oderate· Dortlaweater� des .Armees. . These two teetuled nah Bunge, Esther Frans, Pauline . OpeD Coapetitioa.: . - I,. . wiDas.. . FrIda7 fair with moder- . sPo� .in Harper oD �e �e subj� Levi, Ethel ,Bright. • "Ac:c:o�y, a cOmPetition Was op-DiaIHDd A' Bare . FIDt. ate te'iaitent.ire., - r ' a month ago.' '- I - � ened by the JIiDistry of FiDaDc:e' tID'nle JIarooD· squad eoniains ae9aral ' . '" BULLETIN � OYer $10,000. BOARD .RECOGNIZES :FORUM find some metbod' of· c:ommeieial1llie_ men �o �are' sUre . of pt&ee8 in theh As a result of' their Campaign in -- to whieh the spirits might be' Pat aDd.. � _ta lint the'lac1o: of per- TadQ-. - . this' city. oVer . ten thousand dollara' Eoth_ � of "I'nIIIiIIi- prizes of over a hmuired ..._.1� who can pick up the 'odd ,Fi .. l mapel ex� ihe Dimdty .baS �� "plecJged f"r the' support of t·" At Last Meet· of Quarter. �ollars were announced, to be award-points will probably rob Coadi lItBa'. ..moot. I':1&, 1Ia8btL." th8 Freaell Or,bana. One Of the - . . --'-� , . � eel to th� best suggestions Or iDftD-.... of ftnt himon.. The middle eli&- '. Y, W. c.. L., 11:1&. Luladaa Ie.. !'leans Dlled to :iaise moDey is the Bal. The University Forum has received tionS for the �L . These - to_ will give a.i<aco' a majoritY Of Draaatk elaI>, II:1&, CelJl> I%A. of· small copper medallions, bearing . otrieial ..,.;.,g,,;tion by' the boaJd of be closed the first of last J��ts with DismoDd as a sure first Facalty of the . eoDete or Ed .. - the.' name "�eiinat' des Armees." �tudent ��tiona which aeeepted but owing to a lac:k at applicants fo�'i!J . the- qnarter. Cornwell, -....d or tJ., (:15, IIIa1ae 21e... These mecla11ions, whieh sell far two.. . the soc:ietTs ..mstitntion at a _t the prizes ba.... heeD held opea' to" _. �yaica ei.� 4':11, B;'enoa az. ft . - "'-.", ' th first of 'Septemthird,. and Clark at least seCond in the ' � ty- ve �ts each, 'h!lve made poSSlDle meeting. The announcement was e next her. The no-half •. Agar and P.nhing are __ �. "aty PlalllllaC'� Ia.- ttle snpp.,rt of several mpbans. Dean' made at the final meeting of the For- lice' was simpty an - of-tam to aeore unless they are elim; -Uaited States. m. PJamaiaC tile Pri- Wajlace has sold over Seven hundred .;m yesterday afternoon in Cobb 12A -this fact."i_ted by poor starts. Smith Of W"m. ftte_Feat1ues," Mr. Fruk' Wim... of the med811ions herself�' The session was the most interest. ·Prof. Harper states that the peea-�niin . loob like the winner in this ,,:10, Barper .... 'bb J'OOID. " ing of the quarter. Enthusiasm rang- liar English of the proclamation'.�vent but the :MaroOn. numtn aDd UDiyenity Puh1le leave, -nae Mias Hyla Williston Dies. eel high in the discussion of "Prohibi- probably due to the fact that II01DeHollman of Dlblois should fight it out TnDtIfonaatioa of'RaraI JrelaDd", the -- tion." Every angle was . considered secretary in the Russian MiDist17 offor the remaining places. Marquis and Man:hl-.e. of AherdeeD Miss Hyla Williston, daughter of and ::'ery view point taken. The gen_ Finance literally translated a proela-and. Temair, 4:SO, MandeL Prof Sa I W d II W·II· f matl·o . th '0_. IWhiting and Fisher look better than. � mue en ellston, 0 eral feeling at the close of tlle argu- n 1D e IMISSlan anguage.Nelson and Van Augen of Wisconsin Tomonow. the department of Paleontology, died ment was in favor of nation-wide pro- Peculiar Seheme.Devotional se"';ce, the DiYinit- last Frid . Soc N M af�"'- h·or Webster and Polakow of Dlinois in - r· oJ ay lD orro,.., �. an lbition. One interesting scheme put into op-Ule bigh jumps, and Fisher should fig. school. 10:15, HaskeD. illness of two years. The body wDI be A unanimous vote upheld the con- eration by the government of Russiame in the pote valilt. The Maroons Junior ClaRS Dance, 3:30, Reynolds buried in New Haven, Conn., where stitution in the opening of member- is a regulation concerning the clos­cannot bc expected to seore. points in club. Miss Williston spent several years ship in the 'Forum to any �dent who ing of shops which states that anyLedure, "City Planning Law in tile Wl·th h dthe mile and two mile. Mason of D- er gran parents. expresses a desire to join and is ac- store using spirit lamps for its illum-United States. IV. AdainistratlOD", .linois, F�rguson oC Ohio State and . cepted by a majority vote. ination i. allowed to remain opea'anMr. Frank Willia-- 4:30, Ra- as· Hold S _'-- ...Merrili and Sc:bardt of WisooMin have .�...... ........ .--. bour longer at night. It is expeeIIedsembly I'00III.all run the mile in better time than -- Senior Committee Meets. that this extra consumption of spiritthe Maroon entries. The two mUe Quarterly meetiag of the Beta of The Three Quarters club will give -- win aid in using the supply.wJ1I probably resolve itself into a dual IlliDois ehapter of Phi Beta Kappa, a smoker to the men of the Freshman The Social comniittee of the Senior Ac:c:ording to lulias Sieglitz,. pro-between Mason of ntinois and Wat- Harper M28. class tomorrow night at 8 at the Del- class will meet to arrange the soc:ial fessor of CbemiltZ'y, the noliee ....FiDal d.apel exereiJles, the Junior ta Tau Delta house, 5707 University program for next . quarter tomorrow received from aD attaehe iD the otricecoDeges, 4:30, MaDdeL aVenue. afternoon at 3 in Greell han.BAD�� TRACK MENARE FAVORITES· �ORCON�CEmLEf'·.,'Wi&eoDsin Bas Large Number ofEid�ts For 8ecoDc1s ADdThIrds.Government MTishes To, DisposeOf Vodka Made Useless ByLaw� Competitioa.OFFER PRIZES FOR SCHEJlESseek Projects in University Labora­tories For Ut�tiOD of LargeLiquor Surplus ..·1.�t··,.,-�"f!:.L�":,. ,(Continued on Page 4)(Continued OD Page 4)_.--- ------�-,_THE DAILY MAROON, TBUBSDAY�- MARCH 16, 1916.vita! though general nature,' whiCban intellectually wen-rounded studentcannot ignore.Dr. F .. E. Famngton, of the bu­reau of Education 'of the departmen'of the Interior, has summarized theimmigrant situation with reference tothe college as' follows:U Ameri,can colleges and universitiesare more and more awakening to thenecessity_ of touching .modem life onits dy�alhic side; of inspiring and in­itiating social progress;. and of tzain­ing leaders in the work. of civic up­lift. Here is a field which opens ul'almost limitless possibilities in. th�way of social service. One n'eeds.however, a peculiar syiDpathy for anda specific knowledge of the foreigner,appreciation of his limitations andhis possibilities ,as well, as a realiza­tion of what he can contribute to oureconomic, ethical and spiritUal pro.gress when properly assimilated, andwhat grave dangers he can also bringif we fail to imbue him with our na­tiona! ideals. Th� fields are alreadyripe unto the harvest, but trained andcompetent laborers are few. LetterShave .been received at the bureau ofEducation lamenting the fact that ev­eriing school classes for foreignershave been given lip on account of thelack of trained principals and teach­ers to handle this problem."The increasing emphasis laid uponThe student who completes tomor- the value of such courses by colie�srow's .elass assignment, indulges. in is an iridication of response to a Cry­his : favorite student activity for an �ng eivie and federal need. The sub­hour or two, and then. considers his ordination of practice to theory haaday ,well spent, is blinding himself to' however, prevented such instru�tionuntold opportnnltles, The student from attainilig the worth and. e1ficien­who manifests. an alert interest in the c1 it should possess, Speculating as towelfare. of his cOlnmunitity,-who re- the problem of i�grati�n throughfuSes to sit' idly 'by while his city is the pages of a text book is one thing.facing- the inevitable disaster of mal- C�l�vating .Personal relationship withadministration,"':"is preparing himself the immigraD�. speaking his languagefor the burdens of citizenship. It has and aSsisting him to secure protection��JJ)� a truism to state that stu.. is another thing. And when the col­cI��s . in American universities and lege arrives at .. �� .,latter stage, i\coll� as citizens of the. nation. shall be doing a service which is theought to. assume their share of civic �� essence of patriotism. Upon theand political responsibilitie&' II� e�ti� devoives much of the �� this,�. representatives of .the �iriity Of :prep&rlDg th�Se who aree�ghtened_ element in a heterogen.. � giude tii� work' of �t m�ta..()US. �vilization,�ey should fullfil mo�o�, 'It i� for . the college to im.these d.uties in exemplary. �o� b�e the - student with sufl'ic:ierit b�dtbAnd in this age; wben institutions of . of, Visio� _ biierality of purpose andhigher educatio� are fostering,. the' . 'practical trainirig, to fit him for th�• • - task of £acilitatin" Amerieanization.spmt; of cosmopolibmisui, it, is no, . , '. . .. _ g .the least of the student's obligationsto asSist in solving the great perplex­ities ot the, Pll)Cess of AmericaniZa­ticm. ',� work' of adjusting the vastimmigrant_ popula�on to Americancustoms and ideals demands the S)'Dl";pathetic assistance of colleges anduniv:��ies. �d these institutions�. �ually a�e�ing to their �u.�es �n,d oppo�nities in deveiopingthis field.soeiai work among immi�nts is·assuming augniented importanee' asthe inftux of foreigners increases;cognizance of this circumstance isC:ausing univemties to lay, greaterstresS upon immigration' as a college·subject. Fourteen.. institutions arenow offering special courses which'treat the various 'angles of the bmni­gration question. Few of these, how"ever, are giving due attention to thesolution of the practical problems ofwhat to do with the immigrant as aman and as a citizen. Sixty-nine in.stitutions consider the subject inei ...dentally, in connection with coursesin economics, history, sociology andpsychology. Among these, the Uni·versity of Chicago is one of the lead.ers in the dissemination of theorythough-like its fellow educational in.stitutions-sadly negligent of thepractical phase of the subject of im·migratjon. In such courses as "TheImmigrant," "Modern Cities," "La.or Conditions and Problems", "Con­temporary Charities" and "Methods ofSocial Investigation" the Universityoffers sources for information, of IimIJf lailg _aroonI'.1Official Student NewsPaper of theUniversity of Chicago."'1Published mornlnJ:s. e:u-ept Sunday andMonday, durin:: toe .",utumn, Winter andSpring quarters by The D:lU,. Maroon .tatr.F. R. Kuh _ _ Managing EditorH. R. SwaDSOn _.� _.News EditorB. E. Newman _ Athletics EditorA. A. Baer _ .. .; Day EditorH. COhn. .......••. _ _ .. _ Night EditorRGsaliDd Keating_ .. _.Women's EditorAssociate Editors:Wade Bender Vera EcIward.senBusiness Managers:C. A. Birdsall ' R. P. &latthewsF.ntf>rf"d as second-class mall at the Chi·cago Postotrlce, Chicago. Illlnols, Yarch13. 1008. under Act of Yarch 3, 1873.Subscription Rates:By carrier, $2l)O a year; $1 a quarter.By lIall, $3 a year. $1.25 a quarter,Edltorl:ll Rooms •••••.••••••••••... Ellla 12T 1 h _{ Hyde Park :i391e ep 0 llldway 800Business Offlce •••.•••••••••••••.•• Ellis 14Telephone. Blackstone 2591THURS�AY, �ARCH 16, 1916.IMMIGRATION AND THE AMERi­CAN COLLEGE.: 1j,. 1. 1!jItlREGISTRATION SCHEDULERegistration for' the Spring qu8l:­ter in all departments will close to.:morrow. The Schedule for today andtomorrow' followS: .The Graduate schools, CObb 6� 10to 12.- The Divinitj school, Haskell'- 10 •.10:45 to 12:30.' .The Medical school, Cobb lOA, 10 to12:, . 'The Law school, Dean's office, Law .building, 10:15 to 11.The. College of Education, .,Blaine10Q, 10 to 12. .The �llege of ArtS, Li�ture andScience: Junior College stUdents. Thecollege o� Arts and Li,terature:1. �en, A to � Ellis, 10 to 12.2.. Men;L to Z, Dean,Linn, Ellis.8:30 to 9:15; � to 12:45.3. Women, A to K, Dean Miller:Le.."tington 2, 10:15 to 11:45.4. Women, L, to Z, Dean �llace.11:45 to 12:30.The College of Science:1. Medical and Pre·Medical stu­dents, Dean Newman, Cobb 10�10:30 to 11:30.2. Other Science students, DeanGale, Cobb 8A, 9 to 10:45 daily.Unciassified students:1. Women, Dean Talbot, Cobb14A, 10 to 10:45; 11:45 to 12:15.2. Men, Dean Lovett, Cobb 9A8:30 to 9:15; 10:15 to 11:45.Monday, 10:15 to 12; Monday toFriday, 8:30 to 9:15; 10:15 to 11:45.DUNLAP TO SPEAK'. :FOJi'ASSOCIATES AT FINAL. EXER�Es TOMORROWDean Boynton 1!W Gi�e ,A�88 .AndPresident Judson Will WelcomeCandidates For TiU�-Robert Du�lap wlll speak for theassociates at the final J�ior collegechapel exercises to be held to�orrOwaftemoon at 4:30 in Mandel hall.·.The. appointmtmt was made by Frank Per­shing, . pr;esident of the Jumor coun­cil, when' Charles S�m resi�ed·. DeanBoynton .. will deliver the address andPresident Judson _ will :welcome the·.eandidatea at the .exercises which willfo�ally open the prO�m of theWinter finals a�d the Nin.ety�ighthConvocation.'The quarterly meeting of the Betaof' Dlinois chapter of Phi BetaKappa will be held ,Friday &ftemoonat the same time .as the chapel ex­ercises in ·Harper, � 28. The Convo­cation prayer service will be held·Sunday at-l0:30 in the Reynolds clubtheater. The Rev .. Dr. Gerald' Bir­n:ey Smith, acting �plain of th� Uirl­verslty �l deliver, the' sermon.:Prof� James Laurence Laughlin, ofthe department of Political �onoJDY:the Convocation. 'oratOr, ,will be tlieguest· of hon�r at tlre ConvOcation �ception- to .,e held Monday �ight ·btHutchinson. ' The Co�v�tion �er­cises will be heid the follmrlng dayat 3:30 in Mand�1. .�� - addreS!l .�be on "Econouii� LibeJ#"�' arid WiI'be .followed by the confemng- o�' de..grees -.Prof. Laughlin is a. graduate ofHarvaro university, receiviilg his de­gree .o_f A. B. -in '1873. M!�r �g.as Master in a private classical schooland as instructor �d �sSi�t' Pro­fessor of PoJitical Economy at Har­vard, he became profe�or, of 'thesam� subject at Cornell In. 1892. hewas made head of' the d�parbDent ofPoliticai :Economy a� the U�ivUsity�STEPREN·¥LIE.WIN� , .:.. �UB POOL ,TOURNAMENT ..�. Stephen Allie .won the ReynQl:dsclub pOol to�ent by defeati!JgLewis �oe Tuesday, 175 to 134. �­lie's aerage for the 'contest Was 2.39pomts. �e .. failed to �eed the-�ur,:,, nam.ent high � mark �� en wh�hhe .' set in an _ earUer match.' The win:''ncr ,was._�warded a ,cue ·simDar; to'those' given. iD previous tournaments.HOLD SECOND TRYOUTSFOR BLAcK:FiiiARs TODAY. Second tryouts for: the cast· of . the. Blacktnai-S play for 1916; "A RheD.isbRhoril�ce", Writ' 1>8 .held 'this aftei. .noon at 2:45' in the ReynoldS e1Ub.'Men who fADed to -appear at the flrStb-youtS �e�y aftemOo� ha�e' beeit·reQUeSied'to rePort' tOday. Th� cho­� will start' work· :Mo�day; -April3.. .An men; in the 'play wm be ex�cUBed . from" Physial Culture duringthe month of practice:ASK FOR PHOTOG��PHSOF CAMPUS BUILDINGS_ .rIt win .�nt � i� Dr. Goodspeed'sI mstory of UniverSity And IntI Guide Book For Celebration.IA call has been issued from thePresident's office for photographs ofcampus buildings. The best of thephotographs offered will be printedin the histOry of the University, - nowbeing prepared by Dr. T. W. Good­speed, corresponding secretary of theboard of �stees, and in the Univer­sity of Chicago' Guide Book. All pho­tographs must be handed in beforetomorrow afternoon."Glimpse" OurNEW WOOLENS. 'T' �EY�E p�easiDgly daiie.rent !r��.. ' . the commonplace and you'll havethe fun of knowing the pattern of your. choice is practically coafined to you. 'forwe carry .: but orie length of each.. Prices �,",ge- ,170m;$35!!: 'Foster- . eft i OdwirdT���·-��r. y�.�: :. . 7th floor.a.� .... "lit BldI.j'Sta.e��'4"" � ..;' ". -'.I -. ._ ';t��.�,� •• l.: '-.; '-:�:"!'{':'-"..; " ..... ,_ '. � 4 '\... � '.' .. .. .".. �_....-. �._.. . .. ,:' joth�of the �ol�� ht �hicb '1lie <t.,,' "�'-_W:,·:",cA'�.N�." + .. ('· .. E:�>O··· .. -:.::··:·'-_�·�� �'-lpho.phS. �li ap� Wiii,b8"�b- .. I' �iiBbed hi tim� f�r' the � CeD- tlECOND::;.iAND·.BOOKS ': ... � 1.,."4.... •. ' ....... _. I. ,fl.·· '& • I�... • A, .,' �/". *_ .1# •• �'" ,. ...... �. I' •tenniaI-.. celebration in June.' - Dr. .. :w�, buoY, . sel:I. ���,.o/�",,-� -· GoOdspeed's book ·Wln··trBee the his- d dhimd .fciry 'o� �e_ ��vepD�. ��_. itS e8r�' . �e;.�;n U:��." c4' �' ' ...�� ����" .��� OJ. �e cap reference a�d. tatChapterS have been published monthly . ��. �' -� )he �Dive�tj �f. c$eagc; Maga�. . OPEN ·COURT BOOK ST-ORE"ztne ... Tii� GUid� Book' Wili be:- ecnD-p�led with the purpose of iDtrocbiebii '1369 E.. ftFTY -SEVEN'l'B 8Tstringers to �h� �iiiJius, �"ol serv� _. _ '(Near D��est� Ave.)ing as a guide for visitors: .-. - -'�-'�'-'-' --.-'-------;._---"We desire' the' pbo,tOgrap}ls for ,FOR MEN'S. �Sit.'.HAB�'· illUstrative' materia� in the �o .bOOks I . _ ��S�� .. SE;E _now being prepared for the anniver-. E .sar, �TebnitioD," Said .Ass_ociate PiGf. � H • - WE A ST'Robertson; sccret8rY to the President, .i454 � EAST FIPTY:TBnlD' fi:·yesterday. "Pictures of' the building Shirts Made to Order' $2.00' to· $18.00groups' and' the cj�leS' already.. c�mpleted ,are :most need�."� c. v'estipte other' means of PftveDtiDgthe use of blackboardS for camPus no-tices. _....Take No ActiOn:.No action on the cheerleader elec.tion was taken yesterday. The elec.tion will be held the first of the nextquarter. The sugg�sted. scheme otusing athletic team captains forcheerleaders was d£:emed undesirable.The constitution of thc Council isnow in the hands of the board of Stu·dent Organizatiotls. The documentwill be published in booklet form ·next·quarter along with the statutes, by­laws and a description of the activi­ties of the Councils.The Council· has moved its head­quarters to Classics 20. The nextmeeting wnt be held Wednesday Apn15.· SEEK GREENWOOD FIELDFOR BASEBALL DIAMOND(Continued from Page 1)Student Organizations.' This bodyappointed Deans, Linn and Boynton tomeet wtih the Council on April 12 todiscuss the matter and make somefinal decision.The Council is planning to providefor the publicatiQn of 'a weekly cal-­en dar of student activities, similar tothe University. calendar now beingissued, the only difference being thatthe Council's calendar will be limit­ed to student affa,irs. The matterhas been put into the hands of anadvertising committee, which Wl11 in-. _-paSc:-AI.�..�I'.•Cc.1.1:ia·.' ..'jO,,;t'._-�•.,.,....5]·.,I,-.,-,...'&1Gq1•I't.�,"�. ." _"",',:�� .THE DAILY. MAROON. THURSD�Y, MARCH 16,1916.,,_ � ..EXP�CT MAROO� .sQUAD··':: .. PAOOET-MADEPICTtiilEsTO WIN CHAMPIONSHIP . . SHOWN IN EXHIBITION'ChiCago Swimmers· to Meet -North­western, Illinois and Wiscoasia Nat­ators For Co�er� 'J1tIe' 'ti;�or­.row NliSt:-:.'Stage· Basketball Game.•• •• I'MEN'S FURNISHINGSuala. Capa aDd NeekwearJAS·. E. C,OWBEY1001-1003 E. 55th St.S. E; Cor. Ellis Aye. 'BILLIARD BALL .Ciprettes aDd' QpnII'Chicago swimmers nile favorites forCHI C AGO the C�nference. meet to, be held 'to-w.bUii &: 8th' ,si. ittprrow niglit, at Patten gymnas�um,Branch BOx, Office; Lobby Schiller . Evanston. The Maroons' have' de-,-. '.' i' , feated etlen' of ih� other ihree conte��-Bldg.,:� �. Randol�h �t.. ' . " .... " , .. , . . ants in diial meets and at present holdTONIG��f .5� to ,$1.50 . _...... . four' out o{ seven interCol1egi&� re�- :$1 'MAT. ,WED.. � - . " ", . . ." . �-Tbe ,160,000 l!�iea\ Comedj �pec�eie ords, Nor:thwestern;' 'Comerence win-- TOW N: top I C S . ner for thc 'past two' years, mUst beWith Trixie frii�-Be�. �� . conceded, �ond ,- pl1fc� �ith Ii chanceand a Cast Of .126 MerrYmhRet� to tak� first' 'honora from Chicago. 11-. � -- - , : . linois and Wisconsin,. should 'finishPRINCESSi' :,Now Playing in thi'rd and fourth' positfo:ns resp"ec-WIDthI'OP Ames P' ts the Three.Act tively. .Co ' Chicago will unad�t�dly captureA Pair of Si . ,·.Stock_lt .. �.� in. tii� �j;fi_i.tra.rela1 ,,?��.N?�:.� c:..t ... l'rMactiea �., sd'� western second.'. THe :Maroon team)(ATINEESTHURSD�!!Dd SAT�!_J?I\� �ciritpo��d' of Ca�iain Pavlicek; Meine,c.' 1 • -R)iW" A _J Earle and O'Connor hold the present.aSSl,l.f:} .. nuS. Intercolleglate reeo� of �:,?Q'fl�t •... �·.-s ........ per�IlDL x: unrt ........ ta f���� �iv; .. ��dtita be 'a e!�se �?D_test......... tor .... t .... U;�ta. AIl'� bet�een JohJ1s"of minojs�'.·and Ru..;��"rtbaDe.ta _aat, .. P�. �l""�' "b!�� of_'CHi�Jo •. In '; rec�t Rh.k========='=-';:::' ==:=::::::::::::::::::: cago-Illlnois dual ,meet Johns 'tookLOST-SMALL BILL' FOLD CON-·,. first against the Maroon diver. Ru-,taiDiDg 'money on cam,·,·pus. Please' • . • 0'.blnkam ;tm,.o�.' .:b, eJ• •. 6h_. , �. proVing �teadllyreturn to the informafion office in. since his aefeat. and' stands an even'Cobb and receive libe�l reward. chance :(or firs:t.STUDENTS WITH PLE::NTY PEP _ '. ,Eaile Has tith.'-,and ginger and sales, ability to TI\� -forty y�rd dash will lie between. . � '-',' 1 '-,work Summer . vacations ·on a Live Earle, C?LChic�o;:ana iTohnson,. o!'!ae p�position. Successful st�i' Nojtil'We��; providing.' :Weit Of th�dents· have earned from, $25.00 to . Purple squad remains ineligible. Earle$75.00 weekly, also two: to work has a victory' �v�r Johnson in' the- spare time in Chicago. ciias. Scrit>. Chicago-Northwesi'�. dual_ meeL�n�s Sons, .se� Mr. Jeaiinlsson, 608 his credit, aila must .� 'ii��� ih� ca�l.. So. Dearborn St. . over the. Purple nat8ior� ScoleS, of�orth�este�.�· s���. tci .�pi� ftr�tTEACHERS WANTED. . in ;tiie 200-yard, bre�st strOke, havingWe Deed Superintendent� �- taken' firSt in every dual _ m.eet. . A. �. mgh ·.:SehooJ. .Grade, �meatic gre�� co�test; shoJ)ld �it ,biiWeeit,Sc:iemee. Manual Training. M��.� . �1i�aD; of. Wi�onBin, and Shirley,Alriea1� 1�� '!'JIe, d� t�. : of Cbl�go. fn 'the fight . for . second •.• ,e.�� oar� 81IPply •. Will._send y�:�: 'Ea;le is a' slight f8vorlte o"er Si­. IIa& of Iood ·ftCaDCies �. � as, w� monsen and Johnson'of Northwestern... ·7 ..... ··Recist ... tio .. · OIIIy �". �." "", -,' .'- .. ,- . _,-,; •.. Th'_' ��l­� pa,able NOY�"L DoIl't d� -1� Jhe._·�,09:y.�. s'!!D.l:-. , .... _!L�.��,�-'0 .' ':"':.!lft· " .... _..,0. • " tank men must be allowed sec. ond an�'Jia� liliiii the beSt are takeD. Write.., "'., ., . ".:1 • ,':i'l,';';: r� ';-:'� ,�'-���. �: . .:; ..... '.' .' ,third in this e.vent.;,· CaptainP.avlicek,. �JI" !'!I'.:.�tera�!I'!-,;,.· :�':".�:, '�holder' �f"tbk in�reoll�� 'reec,fod. " TBA�� . �LOYMENT • for the i5�y8ro"back·.stroke. is 'cer�BUREAU� . ':"�' " , ._ '-'. "." � - -"." ." '., 0... '. . '.' � ·tain . to add another. first. to the_ Ma-" ceai#. ,�p!:«!! ' .. '��, .. �, . � � :Iowa ·�n col�mn � this· ev6jt.� Scoi�' �d� . BOoaa ,�2 c.'R. �. BalIk BIde. Rayinond ,appear the: m�st lik�ly .��.si'Lt.�biD OPPGRTUNITY.-· di�tes.io*-B�nd. ·�ci. �iicJ· " .-Exclusive .' agency , to o�e' man oniy, . Redmon Sore Willner.f�������!e.�an4· usefui.articl� ?OS, . Redmon '�i8 p��CiIly .�ert8in . tos. La' Salle St. Room 2055 •. Phone ,captUre·. first· . in' the plunge. 'Mc­Wabash�. Call by appoint�e�t. 'Do�id; h�ld'er of the Conferen�e �c-.' " - , 'oni at -:28 "3-5" Wiil bve litile ·cOmpe-.'tition for' �second, .with ,'Simonsen of. Northwestern '. -,certainty 0 for . third. '� . John�nJoo�: li�e:a sure fiirst'fo�. - .' .. ' .' . the MethodiSts· in the "100-yard swim.., W_ted': to ·.ReD�Bou8e, . m�ern, Coaeii·.·.iio.;b.bl�n'.s. tea."� appea' r' toabOut 10 roOms. : Garage' pNtelTed.· .Civ� � , . .' ,hav� another: first cinched in the .�.. . .Addre88:' . . jard . �m In-_tile. �rsOn of Simon-. . . 'sen.' Vitack, of'. the" Purple �d. is� ��-O. FAc.. .EX. the most '1ikeiy eandidate for . secondi� : the quarter:. �l� .sWim. - . Co&eh. White wiil ente�)."\Vo m��: in' eaclJ o(,these events and stands' a goodchance of taking third and fourth in,bo�� .Ij# l:J", I 1i,2,to 5.., ':11.·1 •· .,. ,..·fI· .., ..WANTED1 � - .' '. •A,B�USE'· ).',J• r. PRIvATE LESSONS'IN'DANCING.. iss,' . LUCIA . HENDERSHOT;-:-·8tudio 1541 1;. 57th St. H. P. 2314.. CIau 'on Mondays at 8 p. m. Open� to' new .members at any timeHold Third Contest.ChicagO and Northwestern .will;eet -in a \Va� �asketbal1' contest to,decide the' Confere�ce championship.The Maroon, sextet lost by a 4 to- 1 score in the Chicago-Northwesternmeet at Evanston but won 7 to 5in the return match in Bartlett. ThePurple team will havc four fresh menin the contest, while only two of theMaroon squad will 'not have partici.pated in the swimming events. The'Purple squad average 148 pounds asagainst 173 pounds for the Maroonteam.(,· ,Patroaize Daily Maroon· Adyertisen/ EXA&IINATION SCHEDULE'• I'The examinations for the Winterquarter will be held as follows:8:30 class, Monday, 2 tb 5.8:15 classes, Wednesday, 9:15 to12:15.9:15 classes, next Tliursday, 9:16to 12:15.10:45 classes, Friday, March 24:o 9:15 to·12:15.11:46 classes, Wednesday. 2 to 5., 1:30 classes, next Thursday, 2 to 5.2:30 clasSes, Friday, March 24,To GiYe Dinner Dance.�e Quadrangle' ,club wm give adinner dance tonight at 7.It,Berger-Jones Colleetion, Inducies Ex­ceUent Views of lit. Hood. Colum':'bi� River kui Crater ,Lake.Views of Mt. Hood, the . Columbia·r.iver region, Crater Jake and ,many.other scenes of the Pacific: Northwestw�re included in .the exhibition 'ofnatural color' photographs shown byHenry Berier, Jr., zind Frank Jones,y��te�y �ic�oon in Mandel' underthe ausl!.ic� of the. Chamber of Com­merce of Portland, Oregon. The pic­tures were, made by the Paget pro­ce�¥ . of coi�r photography, and aretlic, results OJ two .year's \vork, by Mr.· Jones and Mr. Berger .In 'additidh to the scenic viewsth�;� were -many phoio�phs offlowers, partiCularly of roses, forwnicfi PortlarlB is famous. The pic­tures of falls Jnd cascades were' num­. �'t�u�, . and ma�y slides depi�i� iii�n4!w Columbia liver. highway. and the·{"rtisti� bridges; no two of which arealike; which s�an the gorges" iri��':._}):.;. .. , ",secting the high\yay.NAl\IE TWO V �RSITYv .DE�TERS TONIGHT\. . -�-'. ";'__:��A·I· •· Delivery Is Criten9n In Tryouts ForTeam' To Meet Colorado olil':1'lnigration Question., Chicagri;� first uhdej:gradu�te de­bating team will be ���c.t�d io�ptat 7 :30 in C"6bb 12A; Two sPeaKers�ill . be dto�� to repr��mt the Univ�­�i� �g;;���� (�e Uni�ersity' of Colo­�do de!�.r;e� i Thursday night, April13� in iwWidel haH on' ,the affirmativeof the question: "R���ived, That Con­gress, �ho,ul� . Adiipt a Literacy TestFor Aii Eurc;pean: Immigration." .Coach Moulton, Freaerick D; ,Bram­hall, instroct�r . .'iIi.' poiitiCiii -�ie�ce;. and Bertram G •. Nei�n; ��istant pro:. ' .fes.sor . in .. Pubiic Speiiking, wili. judge�e ��uts�·�nip_�. Ga�dic!ates Wiu,· be allotted six minutes for. cOnstruc­ii�D' ii{a three for' ret�tatiOa: De-,� .... , ,." " • _. � . . . t, ,. t 1-' "'� J J'".':. ....� livery ,will.' be the: p�ci� criterion.Th�' team witi u�� the inaierial pth.:·'ej.�d' by, th�" .V�iY' de�'t�' who�oii��' �pinst- _the University ofMitrhlpn: and 'Norlil\vi�in 'UDi�er8itYuhci� the sCh�uie �f the Central D&.bitiri� 'leia&u� 'iii i�nu�ry. '.:""".� . . ' �. '�...' ,One hundred students � n�w" en�gaged in �a! �!'Yi� wO.rk under �edirection of the University Y. M. C.A� This' figure . sbow� 'lui' iDc:tea�' of,�. j .• :...... ". • ' • .; ; •forty durijig the Winter quarter.No More Trips This Quarter.:. - .. �. ,No more field � trips Will be held. �y the Y. M. C. A. this quarter;-. .: ci.icieb Elects TODlorro� •,Officers_for the .enSuing three quar�'ters wili be elected at' a meeting of:Chideb tomorrow morning at 10:15in Cobb i2A.. .Select Mahan' As Coach.Edward Mahan, l:.st year's captainof the Harvard eleven, has acceptedthe position of assistant coach of theUniversity of California footballsquad for this faU.SCVen Enter Golf Tourney.The University of Dlinois will entera team in the Intercollegiate Golf as­sociation championship tournament• next fall. Six other universities havealso announced their intention to en­ter a team.:Uvl·Ev�ry·Dayso th�{ yC)U'� C¥� l�?� yo�r fellowman straight inthe eye and tell him you ,re smoking your shareof Tuxedo right along-which accounts for thebullyfeeling' otsnap, spunk arid sparkle that istoe e�V'y,of all beholders. 'G1wwn � .Yoti'? share 01 "Tux" is a Whole lot. No matterhow often you ye�rq for �he' pjp� you can load it. WIth Tuxedo and siti9�e it withou] for-eBo,d,ing orregret. For the �i.igiiial"Tlixe<to Process"takesbui every bit o£.l?i��. and evetY p'arHtte of parch.,No., you can't stet ,that ·same de.;.iid6it� flavor ancl.s�iidj: (ieep-�o�nsatisfadion out �f, '�iiy" otb�r to. D��-:'�h�re T:ieo�e!!t�if�,y������tr�%srnQICers ,ev.ery year. .�u � BuY fiiXEPO EVbvwHERE-Co�nnient. glu,ine \Trapped, 5···· :."�llture-proof pouch •. • • ", eFamous ��ri, dn i;iiii pld 1- 0. I�ttering, cu"ed to fii pocket C .'In Tin ijli"'i,'��, fD� �.4 8(JcIn Glass Humidors, SOc a.d 90c?ifHB AJtIE)I.?A';'-�BACCO �()i.i�y_',.-To EreCt Enoimoa. Stadium.PIan $2,000,000 Stadi1llllThe UnIversitY of Pennsylvania will A plan is under way to build a $2.-erect a stadium which will have a '000,000 stadium at dIe UnivenitY ofnating capacity of l00�OOO. Pittsburgh.I.':, :� ,. ,, .. ,.1� IrdTHE DAlLY MAROON, THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 1916 •NO' OTHERfactu .. lllanu-· rer eVer 'offe da CIgarette of At red'grade f. 1� " ura25' or ess thcentS. anThis is the illr LI .eVer made fo u.oEsT CLAIMrette, r a 15-cent ciga.'It mean thalrn s at Murad. .th ost Jou!J/e qiJailZ . gIves·youe money. t. rg value' for� . ,e say to our� � Y. COJl1petjt018 •au cannot � '61_ •KNow t"eng !'lis. You� - at,.t i$ true 1#e say to the L __ 1 •81l1okem of Am ��-to-satis£y. enca : cia-arette�b' .���,.,�......._ __ --���,"•••••••••••••• ++++ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••TYPEWRITERS! n --- ANY MAKE IRENTED OR SOLD� to Y2 MANUFACTURERS' PRICES tYou may rent a typewriter for !_ long as you desire and. .we wiD apply six month'sreatalon the purchase price ..;...IIR)I�k3should you' decide to buy-II you do Dot find it ronven­ieDt to eall at our sales­rooms, telephone or writeMr. Geisser our City SalesManager, who wiD, be gladto select and seud a type­writer to you promptly.�e seD to students on easy pa yments.aDd eata log 179.tries in almost every event and herethere are a good many chances thatthe dope may be upset. Illinois maycut 'into, the Badger's total with pla­ces ,in the mile and two mile, otherthan those scored by' Captain Masonand in the shot put they have- Hustedwho may get the weight out fartherthan Beeker. This would give Chi·cago a fair chance for victory for_. alarge 'share of their points will bescored by men who . are supreme intheir events.WILL, DISCUSS SOCIALSERVICE IN IRELANDLord And Lady Aberdeen, In �eToday In Mandel, To I)epiet Truas­formation· In The Land of Erin.John Campbell Gordon and LadyGordon, Marquis and Marchioness 01Aberdeen and Temair, will lecture to­, day' at 4 :30 in Mandel. Lord Aber­deen's subject will be "The TraDafor­mation of Ireland" and Lady Aber·deen will diseuss "Social Work in lre­land"Lord and Lady Aberdeen have beenactive in social work among the'. Irish people and in the promotion ofIrish industries: he Marquis was lieu­tenant-general of Ire1and from 1906to 1916. He served as governor-gen­eral of Canada from 1893 to 1898, andreceived the degree of doctor of lawfrom PrincetOn university in 1897.Lady John Gordon has been presi­dent of the International council ofWomen since 1904� She is presidentof the Irish Industries association andofFicer of the 'Women's NationalHealth association of Ireland. She·founded the Victorian order of nursesin Canada.Lady Aberdeen visited the Univer·•TYPEWRITER EMPORIUM. .N. E. C.rn�r Lake aDd Dearborn, St., Second FloorT e1epbonea Randolph 1648-1649-1650............... , , .' .HARPER EXPLAINS I BADGER TRACK liENNOTICE ISSUED BY I ARE FAVORITES FORRUSSiAN MINISTRY I CONFERENCE TITLEII (Continued from Page 1)------(Continued from page 1)Benish of Wisconsin trailing.Chicago's Score About 2.1) ..At best it does not appear as ifChicago will score more than twenty­five points while the Badgers willprobably run up a total of thirtypoints. Wisconsin must depend onseconds and thirds made by their en�of Minnesota with Felton and 'of the Russian consul at New York.It bas been s,ent to every Universityin the world, he said yesterday. No Iprojects have been discovrcd in the iUniversity Jaboratories for the dis-. Ipoal of this Ji9Uor surplus, although !NVel'Bl men are working along that Ifine in hope of winning part of the Iprize mOl!ey.sonI, ,Start Now! Play Billiards!. ' �OC)r Day. Have Come 'AgaiDBalla rack� cua chalked. brlpt e,.. and -.er handa read,.-tIae wllGle­P7 famll,. .p.therecl around tbe bllllard table. '"Start them off. mother. 'lnitP .... leave a few tor the reat of _ to aboot at."So It �na aplJa In the homa of thouaan4a wbo now baTe BnmnrIakCarom and. Pocket BIWard Tabla:. 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