II.1III'jVol XIIL No. 45..iI,'STEVENS SAYS TODAY'SPRO�ISC�CoIltrasts Lichter Vein of CoD­een With Heavier Charader­istie of Masie Last Week.EXPLAINS DISTINCT CHANGEGerman Selection is Pretty and Ex­biliratiDc-Nearly aU TicketsHaye Been Sold.'---Procram for Today.The program for today's concert isas follows: .I. Concerto No.·2, F Major .. Handel2. Symphony, G Minor (Kochel550) � Mozart3. Two Entr'actes from "Corregi­dor" .............••.. Hugo Wolf4. Scene Religieuse from �ulte"Les Erinnyes" Massenet5. \Valtz and Finale from Suite"Ruses d'Amour" ..... GlazounowTo Address Biology Club.Assciate Prof. Cowles will speak onI "Ecological Studies in the Sunk Landsof Arkansas" at the meeting of theBiological club tomorrow night ati :45 in the Botany building.Mathews Is in Colorado.Dean Shailer Mathews of the Divin­ity school addressed the Winter Nightclub of Colorado Springs, Colorado,last night. Dean Mathews will begosae for IenraI daJL·UNIVERSITY' OF CHICAGO, TUESDAY, DECEMBE2 1,1914.SCHEDULE m ANNOUNCEDPubliab Dates for CoDfereDce Basket­ball Game. C-oacb Pace Is Paai­miatic About Pro..,eeta--CaptaiSteYeDSOD Oaly Rep1ar On Team.--Conference Basketball SdIedule.Jan.Ian.Jan.Jan.Feb.Feb.Feb.Feb.Feb.9-Northwestern at Evanston.16-0hio State at Chicago.23--Wisconsin at Madison.30-Purdue at Chicago.6-Minnesota at Minneapolis.12-Purdue at Lafayette.16-Northwestern at Chicago.2O-0hio . State at Columbus.23-Illinois at Champaign.6--IlIinois at Chicago.12-Wisco�sin at Chicago.EIGHTEEN FOOTBALLMEN RECfJVE "C".Board of Phjaical CaI&ure andAthletics Awards Letters atMeeting Saturday.TEN NEW MEN ARE INCLUDEDEieht Players, Mostly VeteraDs, WillGradaato--Wall Greatly DepleteNext SeuoD'. Squad.Eighteen Varsity football menwere awarded their letters by theBoard of Physical Culture and Ath­letics Saturday. The list containsthe names of ten new "C'. men. Ofthe eighteen recommended by Di­rector Stagg, eight will end theirterms of athletic competition thisyear, leaving a nucleus of ten menfor next year's team.The men who were awarded theemblems were Captain Des Jardien,Huntington, Gray, Russell, Shull,Sparks, Coutchie, Stegeman, Acker,Albert, Berger, Flood, Gordon. Jack-'son, Schafer. KixmiIler, White, andWhiting. Captain Des Jardien,Huntington, Gray, Coutchie, Stege­man, Acker, KixmiIler, and Whitewill graduate this year.Will Deplete Squad.The list of graduates is one of thelargest in years and will greatly de­plete next season's squad. Captain'Des Jardien has played at centerregularly for three years and hasunanimously been chosen on the hon­orary All-Western teams - each sea­son. "Shorty," last year, was pickedbT-WaTte-r - ·camp-·-··as-·"l\l1:�rican-center. Huntington has held downright end for three seasons and hasproved himself one or the most con-'sistent players on the team. DollyGray is another . veteran of three. years' experience. With his gradua­tion the last. of the famous combina­tion .of Pierce, Norgren, and Gray,that was a big factor in Chicago'sfootball success for years, will be. gone. "Dolly" had hard . luck thisseason, being kept out of the threebig games by a bad ankle, but previ­ous to that he proved himself one ofthe best backs in the West.Kenneth Coutchie has been a ntil­ity halfback for three seasons andhas shown wen when given a chance.Herman Stegeman came "from Hopecollege with one year of competitionalready to his credit. Last year .he .was a substitute guard, but did notget a chance to win his letter. Thisseason "Stege" has played regularlyat left guard and has proved a valu­able man both on defense an dof­Iense, where. his speed has fitted inwell with Stagg's formations. Ackerhas had but two years of competitionat Chicago, and this season won hisfirst "C" by ably substituting forFlood, when the latter was injured.Kixmiller and White were substituteguards during the early part of theseason, but after the Purdue game,developed rapidly and played goodfootball in the final games.Council Will Meet Today.The Interfraternity council willmeet today at 2:30 in the Reynoldsclub. The members will discuss the re­port of the Rules committee, andmake plans for the Interfraternitybowling tournament, which will beheld next' quarter.Associate Candidates to Meet.Candidates for the title of associatewill meet tomorrow at 10:15 in Cobb12 A to elect a speaker to representthem at the closing junior exerciseson December 15.KAVANAUGH IS SPEAKERSuperior Court Judce Says Lawyerseanaot Reform Law-Auaila At­torneys Who Work OD Sympathiesof Jurors.. Lawyers can never reform the law,according to the statement made lastnight at the Law school dinner byJudge Kavanaugh, of the CookCounty Superior court. Reformsmust be carried through by men inthe common walks of life, who acute­ly feel every defect in the legal code,according to Mr. Kavanaugh. Thejudge also deplored the practice ofthose lawyers who exploit the sym­pathy of the jurors in order to wintheir cases.Judge Kavanaugh will be a candi­date for the mayoralty of Chicago inthe coming elections. He will runon the Republican ticket. "We hopethat the next time Judge Kavanaughcomes to address us:' said George. Morris, president of the class, "hewill tell us of his· experiences aschief executive of the city."Prof. Hinton and Mr. Oliphant, ofthe Law school, were the guests ofhonor at the dinner. Mr. Kava­naugh's subject was "The Ethics ofthe Profession."INSTALL FURNITUREIN REYNOLDS CLUBLIBRARY THIS WEEKFurniture fr the Reynolds club li­brary' has arrived and is being in­stalled, according to Richard Ma­thews, secretary of the club. Thefurniture '\\,-:1S made to order, and is of.. heavy Mission oak, to. match thewoodwork of library room. The re­maining furnishings will arrive fromMarshall Field's this week.SESSION OF AMERICANPHYSICISTS CLOSESViIHkan' and Crew Preside-Jlichet­son Offers SuCCestiona-ExplainPrumomen& With Experiment.Prof. Millikan, of Chicago, andProf. Crew; of Northwestern, pre­sided Saturday at the closing sessionof the American Physical society.Prof. Michelson, head of the Physics. department, offered suggestions andcriticised speeches made by otherphysicists at the meeting.Lectures' were giyen .on "IsolatedCrystals," "Absorption of Light," and"The Optical Constants of NickelCathods Films" during the morninggathering. Among the speakers wereF. C. Brown, L P. Seig, and G. W.Stewart, of the University of Iowa.Members of the faculty of the Uni­versity of Illinois who spoke are F.R. Watson, E. W. Washburn, and C.A. Randolph. Arthur 1. Dempster,fellow in the department of Physicsat the University, made a short ad­dress.Physical phenomena were explain­ed, and an experiment showing theeffect of electricity upon magnetism,as propounded by Stark's theory, waspresented during the afternoon ses­sion. Speeches were made on "SparkDischarges." "The New ResistanceThermometer:' "Radioactivity ofSpring 'Vater," and "The CurrentCorona of a Wire."REGISTRATION FORWINTER QUARTER ISSTARTED YESTERDAYRegistration for the Winter quarterbegan yesterday. Students in the. Graduate, Divinity, Medical, and Lawschools and Senior college studentsin the College of Arts, Literature, andScience, and in the School of Com­merce and Administration may regis­ter this week.'TICKEr SALES REACHFOUR HUNDRED MARKSettlemeat Daace CommtteeMakes Optimistie Report­Distribute Posters.SIDESHOWS TO BE FEATUREFat Lady and Thin Man Will Be Ex­hibited-Will Dance Chi-nese Tanco.Over four hundred tickets havebeen sold for the Settlement dance,according to statements of membersof the Finance committee last night.The tickets were placed on' sale Fri­day, following a general meeting ofcommittee members.Tickets may be obtained from anymember of the Finance committee,who may be distinguished by thewhite daisies which are worn as theofficial badge. Entrance cards mayalso be purchased at the' desks inCobb, Lexington, and the Reynoldsclub, at fifty cents.Distribute Posters.Posters have been distributed inall campus buildings and neighbor­hood stores. The design on the pla­cards was drawn by George Lyman.General Chairman John Burtt an­nounced yesterday that all plans forthe special features and sideshowshave been completed. Booths "ill bebuilt under the Bartlett track. Fish­ponds, grab bags, fortune tellers andother novelties will be placed inthese compartments.Fat Lady in Sideshow.The big feature will be the mon­ster sideshow to be seaged in a cor­ner of Bartlett. Among the speci­mens to be exhibited will be a fatlady, said to be the largest humaniii existence, now that Baby Bliss isdead. It is also affirmed that thislady is a popular student in the Uai­versity •Then, there will be a thin man,also a campus celebrity. A savagehuman being. from the wilds of Aus­tralia will also be on hand. A. snakecharmer will be another attraction.Vaudeville features in the sideshowwill be presented at half-hour inter­vals. Tickets good for any booth orthe sideshow will be sold at the door.The Signet club will present sev­eral dances and three talented Uni­versity couples, the names of .whom·are being kept secret, will exhibit thelatest society steps. The Chinesetango will be presented. . FredBurcky will auction off some second­hand goods, to be presented bymembers of the committees.JUNIOR WOllEN ARE VICTORSDefeat Senior Swimmers By Scoreof 30 to 24.Junior college women defeated thcseniors by a 30 to 24 score in theswimming meet held yesterday after­noon in Bartlett tank. Angela Moul­ton. 'Ii, annexed eleven points by in­dividual work. The next contest willhe held in two weeks.The results of the events wereloo-Yard Crawl-Llewellyn. Kan­trowitz, Prince. Time, 2:06 4-5.-to-Yard Crawl-Kerr, Llewellyn,Sproehnle, Time, :38 2-5.20- Yard Breast-Moulton. Spindler,Dodson. Time, :17 4-5.20- Yard Back-Moulton, Spindler,Prince. Time,:20 1-5.Plunge-Ingals, Llewellyn, Moul­ton. Distance, 48 feet in 46 second!'.Disc Diving-Ingals, Dodson, Kan­trowitz.Relay-Juniors. Time, 2:50 2-5.\ :',��,��--------------------------------------------------""""""""""""""""""""""" .Basketball prospects for the comingseason are not bright as far" as theChicago team is concerned, according'to Coach. Page.' Only four of last'year's squad and' three substitutes willbe in the game at the first whistle.Norgren and Goettler, star forwardsof last year, have been lost by gradu­ation, as is also Captain Molander, aguard for three. years. Baumgartner: will be ineligible owing to his parti­. cipation in big league baseball. DesJ ardien is laid up with an injury re­ceived in the Minnesota football gameand cannot be counted upon to play. until the latter part of the season.George, who played guard during partof the time last year, has been ill withtyphoid, and is a doubtful candidatefor a place.SteftDSOD Only Veteran.The lighter vein of the concert tobe given by the Chicago Symphonyorchestra today at 4:15 in Mandel was Mar.contrasted with the heavier and more ,Mar.severe characteristics of the concertof last Tuesday, by Musical DirectorStevens in his lecture-recital yester­day afternoon in Mandel. His dis­cussion of the different numbers on',I the program 'was varied by illustra­tions of his points on the pipe ofgan."The program -eomes with a vein ofcheerfulness and in a -very : happyt ,.:1 mood in contrast to last week's pro­gram," . said Mr. Stevens yesterday.. ", I "The distinct change from the heavyTschaikowsky work presented at thebst concert to the lovely MozartI • composition on tomorrow's programtypifies the general difference. Al­though the G minor symphony is notwithont force and brilliancy it is al­together light and bright in compari­son to the Slav - tragedy representedby the great Rusaian, Tschaikowsky.Even this week's Rnssian number byGlazounow shows the happier side ofI that generally morose nation of music Captain Stevenson is the only regu-I . writers. .lar remaining, and he will be aidedI ! ' W 1f SeI • • .. ..,__... - I \ b,r ._�r�_s.! a, ���,..��nter;. Ki?t�!I�er!�;� . 0 ectiOil aa .�&� .... r: . - 'sub forward; and Shull, sub 'centerII "On the German side, the Wolf se- and forward. Coach Page expects, \� lection, in at least .the second of the that he will ·have to call upon foot-\' ". -two entr' actes, i� very p�etty and ex- ball men for volunteers.\ t· "hilirating with its play . of double "Sophomore material cannot beI thirds, resolving sixths and quaint em- counted upon for much:' said Coach: I bellishments. The well known if not Page. "We have lost the most prom­: I well worn Massenet number and the ising of last year's freshman team in,! good old Handel overture are easily Stryker, Berger, Fisher, and Black-I . anticipated from the familiar charac- burne. This is the year for everyolle.. \�I teristies of their authors. This week's who has any basketball ability toJ program should be heard as a joy and come out, as there are plenty of" if �Deed 'be as an antidote for bst places to fill and not a great wealth\1 week's severe tension." of material with which to fill them."Prac'tically all of the tickets for theconcert today have ben sold, accord-ing to an announcement of the Or­chestral association yesterday. Thefew that remain can be secured at theassociation's '. office in Cobb 1M. atreduced prices to students. AlbertSpalding will give a violin recital un-ii, der the auspices of the Universitr Or­chestral association December 15 at4:15 in Mandel. The next concert tobe given by. the Chicago Symphony,I orchestra Will be on January 12.,\Hold JIai1 at Exehance.U ncbimed mail is held at the In­formation office for Paul M Black­burn, Mary Boland, Freet C� Caldwell,Howard E. Curl, Theresa Dll�n,Robert Francis, Roy H. Good, L B.Greenfield, M. Hansen, Prof. HerbertE. Hawkes, Mary Johnson, Mrs. J ..W. Ladd, Rachel Loenstein, Miss R.L Lovenstein, Feliciano Lombito, D.H. Matthae, John Macintosh, Dr. P.P. OPConnor, Otis Platt, Syane Dhor­abaugb, Kumaji" Saito, R. E� Sauers,Prof. Shakles, Walder D. Scott, A. LTann, Prof. Gilbert. S. Smith, Rev. D.P. Thompson, Elsa Wertheim, FredWhite and William' K. White.BULLETINTODAY.Junior college chapel, 10:15, Man­delSymphony orchestra concert, 4:15,Mandel.Women's Classical club, 8, Kelly.TOMORROW.Chapel, Senior college and Collegeof Commerce and Administration,10:15, MandelCandidates for title of Associate,10:15, Cobb 12 A.Junior Mathematical club, 4, .Ryer­son 37.Public lecture, 4:30, MandelBiological club, 7 :45, Botany lec­ture room.Pln10lopeal society, 8, residence ofProf. Back, 5733 University ayenae.THB DAILY MAROON, TUESDA:Y, DECEllBER I, 1914.�:�;�! ������ ���:'�� ftf lilaUniversity of ChicagoPubllshed rnornlnp. except Sunda7ua4 Monday., durlnc the Autumn. WiD­_. and Sprlnc quarters. by The Da117�1l1lta1LG. W. Cottingham .. _ManaiPng EditorC. A. Birdsall and R. P. Matthews........................ Business ManagersF. R. Kuh. night editor; E. Retick­er and H. R. Swanson, day editors;.I. I. Donahoe, athletics editor.Aaociate Edito ...Earl Bondy samuel Kaplana�rtbann Deutsch Nichblas L�tttzAha FisherBernard NewmanEntered as eecon4-claaa mall at the\ .,. icaco Postolftee. Cbleaco. m.. KarchI�. 1908. under Aet of Karch 3. 1813.8UBSCRIPTJt)M !lATES$2 a year, if paid before October 20;b� carrier, $2.50 a year; $1 a 4iuatter;h�· mail, $3 a year; $125 a quarter.Editorial-business office. Ellis ianh�phoiie Midway sob.TuESDAY, DECEMB!:R 1, 1914.-J1!i!EXAMINATION HOURS.With December 1 comes the peren­nial question of the Autumn quarterexaminations, and .not so much the.Question of the examinations them­selves as ihe dayS on which they willbe held; . They are scheduled to takeplace. on ·Saturday,. December 19;Monday; -December 21, and Wednes­day, December 23-, with Convocationon December 22>The first objection that is made tothis arrangement is that many stu­dents will not be able to leave theUniversity before the twenty-third ofthe month. often barely reachinghome in ti�e for Christmas. Again,it gives instructors a day. les� ti�ein which to correct the e�mlnatiOnpapers at the beginni�g. of the. vaca­tion. when this time is most, �eede�.t\nother objectIon to be reused .' ISthat a large number o� stud�ts �illhave contracted for. ��rday ,Jobs�nti. thai the e�amlnatlon s�he�ti�e .'11 have JIlaterian� �andicapped;Iem ill earning their livelihOod. .'I �. of these ar-griments, all ofn ew . d ·th ood�hit:h seem rational an WI g .kin The Maroon would advocatebac .�, .' b held onthat the examInations . e .. '.Thursday:, Decetn�:r �;yFt:�m�:JIlbei' 18 and _.uon, ..�i and th�t Convocation rtuiaJD on;, , . d as planned. The COD-the �nle ay h�s accepted, and�OcatlOI1 orator . �_ made. . elllCl1ts have �enother �rrang . it impossible to_hich. 'frill make • day· Thefh Convocation. . .change e t of only tWo dayschahge-a� �dv:ncchedule-would, iti� the onglna :ardship for anyone,eems,. :work no b. or cases re-d "l� i' anum .. r ,�n �()u u. n fi f both students:;Jct fot the bene t 0 fa lty�nd lIlembers of tile co •...-.0MURRIEP CHANGES. '.th bas been some dls-Recently ere h· g rules and. f the rus JDcusstOll 0 • them Thelk of changIng . .some 13 f the fraterm-d me�l1or on the part 0 • de. . I r � dangerous attltu eties IS tYPlca Off • s The tendency. stlldent a .ur .�urrie(jlY to 111ake rules, IrePheal theet�'repea tern, •make new ones, .k life a long line of c"pen-rna es .our The logical method tomentation. k apursu� is of course, first to ma e .careful �tudy before any step IStaken. then to take the step. and then. the new ruling a chance toto fZlve • dwork itself out over a long peno • to. dge of its working over a repre­!�ntative span of time, rather tha� ofits success or failure in one partIcu-lar year. •The changes made in the rushlDgfraternity rules last year were madeafter study (ho\V careful, it is hardto estimate now, but the makers feltthat they were c!ealing wi.th the sub-jett caretully) aild ... aiel shijwcl belliIo�d , ldllg waUe ttl _hick to het�stecl. they may settb ubjllit. tbls... �� l�. , .. , � ... ,. L. 4 '·I� .. tiJ ... _., -_ ... - .J _. --.I -- - - ... _-year; the energy in certain fraterni­ties may have been at low ebb, athigh tide in others. . This year shouldnot serve as an absolute authority,demanding the change ·of· the rulesor the eventual continuation of them,N ext year the personnel or tilechapters wiil have changed, an en­tirely new attitude may be takentoward the whole rushing problem.and' the rules may work splendidly.!'lachinerY for their proper executionmay add to the success of the system.The next year still other changes willbe made and the system would givediffe�nt manifestations of its feasi­bility. But over a period of three orfour years, the general tendency ofthe rules toward bettering condI­tions can be seen. and they can bediscussed and changed With a viewto the experience gained with them.. The Interfraternity council couldmake no more serious mistake nowthan to play with the infinite num­ber of regulations and restrictions onrushing. Maybe these· rules are allright. They should be giveh a faittrial.There has been a good deal of com­plaint because the Reynolds Club li­brary has not been opened beforethis. The officers of the club havegiven 1he explanation. which, whileit docs hot particularly show that itwas impossible to open the libraryuntil now. at least shows that thedub felt its action justifiable. Theclub wished to furnish the library ap­propriately, and this work has just·about been completed. They are nowundecided whether or not to have aformal opening of the library. Themost advisable thing right now, itseems, would be to open the libraryimmediately and "let the students geta little use of it this Quarter.Three years ago we read an edito-"rial in The Harvard Crimson whichhas remained in our memory un�lthis day. because it was such a trueanalysis of the worikng of the un­dergraduate mind. -"A senior re­marked the other day," said the ar­ticle, "that he bad always wanted toread James' Psychology, but he hadnever been able to take a course inPsycbology� It never, OCCUlTed t�this man that he might have readthe book anYway .. and his attitudewas not an exceptional ORe amongundergraduates."We are iii hopes that some daysomeone Will write a story of collegelife with a college editor as the hero(or the Villain--either post is betterthan obsCnrity). Since freshmen may110 longer play oil the Varsity, theold cOiiventional tale has lost muchof its Vhli-sembJuCt.Dames to EntenaiD Childra.The University Dames will give apariy Saturday afternoon, December11, in the kindergarten room of theSchool of Education, for the thildrenof the members. Each Dame is ask·ed to bring a toy for the children.Wei1ea1q Defeats Smith.Alumnae of Wellesley and Smithcolleges held a basketball conteStSaturday afternoon in the gymna­sium of the University high school.Smith was leading at the end of thefirst half; but in the final scoreWellesley won by three points. Atthe su�gestion of the Smith alumnaethe entire proceeds will he given tothe Wellesley fire fund.FOURTEEN HUNDREDMEN REQUIRED FORHANDLtNG YALE GAMEFourteen hundred ushers, gatemen,and guards :were required to handlethe large crowd which attended thcYale-Harvard game at the Yale bowl.The unparalleled demand for seatsmade the capacity of ;0.055 inalequate.Over 10,000 applications for seatswere refused.tOMIlITTEE'TO ltEPORTAT MEETING IN· COBBIi .. n..�tin� Sndety Raida SecD.l4Session TodaY-lIkhican TeamsHave BeeD Selected.The committee appointed lastweek to draw up a constitution for. the debating society that is to �tthe place of the Pow Wow and Fen­eibles, will report today at 4:30 iiiCobb 12 A. All University studentsinterested in the formation of thenew society have been asked to at­tend.Membership itt tlie organiDtioDcan be obtained by any student; irre­spective of his class. The work re­cently given up by the freshman andsophomore debating societies, PowWow and Feneibles, ..viii be taken up.I t is expected by the founders of thesociety that the student body as awhole ",iii take mote intetest iii de­bating than Iormerty, because of thewider scope of the new club.The UniverSity of Michigan heldits filial debating trials for places onthe team SatUrday. The men whowill represent Michigan at Chicagoare H. D. Parker. P. M. Miller; Isa­dore Becker. and as alternate, JacobLe�h .."SHORTY" AP:l)EARSON cAMpUS FOR FIRSTTIllE SINCE INJURYCaptain Des Jardien took his firstouting since his injury in the Minne­sota game yesterday. "Shorty" hasbeen sitting up for several days; butyesterday he was allowed: to take ashort automobile ride out to the cam­put. He returned to St. Luke's hos­pital, where he wiil stay utitil Friday,when he expects to get out perma­nently. The incision in his side ishealing nicely. and all dangerouscomplications appear to have beensuccessfully avoided.IbwA STATE COLLEGEATTEMPTs TO ENGAGEBinCKLEY FOR COACHTwo lDembe�s of the athletic boardof Ilwo State college are on their Wayeast iii hope 'of being able to induceCharles Brickley, Harvard's great cap­tain and drop kicker. to accept a po­sition as coach of the Ames footballeleven next -season. The members ofthe athletit: board are empo .. ered tooffer Biiddey $2.500 for next season,with a contract stipubtion that thesalary will be materially increased incase he prves tohe anticipated success.To Sped OD BOuse Planning."House Planning and Decorations"will be discussed by }diss Ethelwyn11ma-, blstrIICtot iii the HouseholdArts department, at a meeting of theHome Econoinics aiid Household Artsclub Thursday at 4:30 in EmmonsBlaine 214.SMITHS LEAD PIELDACCORDING TO BOOKAddrea List Shows Tbirt7-SeftnPenoaa With Same Name­IIiDera StaDd Nat.Smiths lead the field in nnmbers atthe nniversity accOrding to the ad­dress book which was issued yesterdayby the Press. Counting facnlty mem­hers. students in the university prop­er and those in the university college,there are thirty-seven persons whosename is Smith.Miller stands next with- twenty-sev­en, and Brown third with 24. Othersfollowing close behind are Anderson,Johnson, MacDonald, Moore, Parkerand Wilson.The address book contains thenames and addresses of the officers ofadministration, faculty members, stud­ents in the university, and tbose Inthe university college. Informationconcerning the university and its sev­eral departments is al.o contained inthe book.. .." unri�tr Ii M,",� 1i1r4� &���d�y�';;·;;;'k- -In" tobacco. Don't haveone that ain't wuth ,'keepin' . always and ' ..that. you won't growto like better eyryday. ��Choose V£L VET r The Smoothest Sttiuidntt TOb8ccois made of Kentucky'S Burley de Lah that by a a ye8.rS'�g methOd is giveh an azed-in-the-wood smoothness.lOe tHis dftti 5c metal-Iined begs. .��p��.lCC)�f�TH�� ....1--ass:oferethethetallThlmo1tenair-!Thattisorpelthe:flicbatintiA liiTCH IN TDiE'SAVES NINE-MILEWAik FtlR "!lIXERS""A Fine Tune \Vas lIal By All" I.V�dii:t of Wom� �edes­tiWiLTHUNK-clnk-Clnk-dnk-Clnk.Do you know the sound that thatcombination of the alphabet is sup­posed to represent? Tbe hikers ofthe VI. A. A. round out on their hikeSaturday from Lombard to Wheaton.I t Was made by skipping small stonesacross the thin ice on the tittle lakeat Glen Ellyn. The hikers and aparty of small boys, who bad atsofound out about the noise, held a con­test in stone throwing.Another diversion of the party Washopping wagons. About noon thehikers found an empty Wagon stand­ing in the middle of the road, Withthe consent of the driver, a verypleasant youth; they all piled in. Ofcourse. strictly speaking, this was notwalking, but---oh, well,-they weretired, and,Anyway, they covered e�ght inilesin allDance Orcheatra Meet. Today.The Settlement .Danee orchestrawilt meet today at 4 in the Commonsfor its flnal rehearsal. All membershave been . reciuested to. appearpromptiy with tlmr instruments.WilFdeponWaHarvard"s football outlook for nextyear is highly discouraging. TheCrimson Will lose six of this year'sveterans and Itas no exceptionalfreshman mat�rial to draw upon.The University of Nebraska haseight men picked for the all-star Mis­souri Valley conference team. Thisselection was made by a Kansan sup­porter.Andy Smith. Purdue coach, aided inthe coaching of the 'Navy team lastweek for its big game With the Army.Overesch, the aaptain of the Navyteam, was formerly a Purdne star.Much discussion is now being heardas to whethu Michigan or NotreDame has the best team, since theHoosiers defeated Syracuse easilyThursday. Syracnse outplayed theWolverines a few wt!ekA ago.The majority of critics have pickedMaulbetsch, Michigan's star halfback,for a place on the All-American foot­ball eleven. Pogue, the little 111inistar. has not been ranked higher thanthe third team.Chicago and Michigan certainly hada hot game on Stagg field Thanksgiv­ing day, according to Ring Lardner.The majority of critics have pick­ed Maulbetsch, Michigan's star half­hack, for a place on the All-Americanfootball eleven. Pogue �s not beenranked much' higher than the thirdteam.LEAGUE NEWs.__ '_'Miss Helen Johnston. '14. who isnow in the Y. W� C. A. trainingschool, was the guest of the Advisoryboard of the League and the Firstcabinet at a tea yesterday afternoonat 4 in the League room.. ]go-e�1C.bu'J. av�I th.th.caryl Cody, preSitlent of theLdgue, will speak Oft League workat a meeting of the First Cabinet ofthe Y. W. C. A. at Northwestern. univerSity tomolto-tv.=The First and Second cabinets ofthe League wilt hold a joint meetingtomorrow at 4 in the Committeeroom.Recognition service for all newLeague members will be held Thurs­day at 10:15.WILL HOItD' SaWING PARTYSoathweat Neiihborhood Club to. Wor� rof Lijiri. Tbiiriic1ay.=. �.The .Southwest NeighbOrhood dubwilt. hold a. KWiDg party for' the Bel­PDS Thursday afternoon at 4 in theNeighborh,oOc1 rooms. The party isfo� at. oir�iDpus women who ftrish tohdj) s�w. tor th� �e1gian .. '3:ia�: willtake Ute place ,of the regular 11iuts­cby '.at�ernoon NeighborhOOd :.Pat-tt.AD women who have �eii wodabgon materials' supp1ied by' Hi� Neigh­bor.hOod club are urged· to bring intheir work not bter than Fricby ofthis _-week.. �11 work may � left inthe NeighborhOOd room.I]To Bold C1ua L1IilCbeoa..-The' freshmah meGtcs Will hold acltlss lUdcheon Friday at 12:"5 in theHthchirlsoit cafe.=PICKS ALL-AMERICAN TEAMFf�fle1bdf11e!c:, ,-HSparrOw" R.,berUoa SeJecta AD-StarColJece Track Sqaa.L-An All-Americ:an college track teamhas beeD picked by "Sparrow" Roberto:son. the well-kno'tnl N ew York ath­letic coach. The team follows:100 yard dash-Drew, University ofSouthern California.220 yard dash�Seward, Michigan.440 yard run-Meredith, Pennsyl-vania.880 yard run-Caldwell, Cornell.1 mile run-Speden, Cornell.2 mile run-Hagmire, Cornell.120 yard hurdles-Kelly, Univedsityof Southern California.220 yard hurdles-Ferguson, Penn­sylvania.Putting the 16 lb. shot-Beatty, Co-lumbia.Discus throw-Mucks, Wisconsin.Hammer throw-Kohler, Michigan.Broad jump-Norde11, t>artmouth.High jump--Oler, Yale.Pole vault-Bergstrom, Universityof Southern California.Cross-countrY':'_iiott�,", totn�'t.; WiD Denver F"arat of Series 'of War _ Junior CoUece- wODia 'Meet- ieDlOnLectara._ , _ OIl G�� �',-Professor Will� I. Thomas of thedepartment of -SOciology will lectureon "Racial Traits Underlying theWar� .Thursday at 4:30 in the Harper.assembly room. This will be the firstof the series of lectures to be deliv­ered by members of the faculties ofthe �cial Science group _ conceruiD,the present conflict in Europe. Thetalks _ will be given on consecutiveThursdays during the next threemonths.The idea of the series is not to at­temp� to laud or issue invectiyesagainst aDy contestants in the war.The speakers will assume - a neutralattitude and carry out President Wil­son's policy. - They will present apersonal analysis and explanation ofthe conditions out of which the con­flict arose, tlie pojsible results of thebattles. and the elements enteringinto the struggle.JUNIORS.Meyers ....• • • • . . . . . .• �ht _ "�ingRicketts ..•. - •• � � ....•• - ltight IntideParmalee (Capt.) ..•. � CeaterAda .. 's ................• Lelt til_ideTim1)erlake - .. . . . . . . . . . .. Left WingMacMurray Right HalfWalter ...............• Center HalfRegent ..........•...• -.. Ltft HalfLevi Right FullBurke .•..•..••.......... Left FullAllen (Mgr.) ....•........•.. GoalSENIORS.KHch Right WingDodge Right InsideHotchkiss .•............. i •• CenterCollins (Mgt.) ....•.... Left InsideWalker •..•............. Left WingHulson ..•.•..•........• Right HallPrince Center HaltMitk Left HalfLlewellyn Right FullBdnge ••...........•...... Lett .·ullFolkes (Capt.) Goal. Fifty students who were unable togo home for Thanksgiving were pres­ent at the dinner given by the Y. M..C. A.- Thursday at the Hyde Parki building, 53rd street and DorchesterPo avenue. Mr. Bickham, secretary oiI the Uninrsity department, was one ofthe speakeri.the)rkof\ ".,.,: .......ofingteeQU A�T£RBACKI.FOOTBALL FOR THE HOMEQuarterbaCkis • .ood RamelewIrs-At 70. deal.n orOLYMPIA GAllES COMPANIaDCAGO. We.rytolublel­the. isI towillIts-i.iuggb­, inof: inII athe�mert­ath-sTETSOM UN1VEI8ITY.-- JWeNt, FlorIda.Pres. Lincoln Hullev. A. B •• Harvard:PIa. Dot. Um. of �FOU till-leaes. 8ft aeboota. 1'1 • - &0 iDfRUltJ\ 16 CUDeIrie UDita - "eDter coDeae of Lil»enl Arts. t.Dd ofblue � S1IIDIDer wutller. ,Gat. ofdoorS reereation all wiD�i �ft wbacIafrom u.e sea; mUlde of me �birds in the onDRe gro'ft. B 'c:OlJeRe sUltldatds. A iood .,.. to:aM. winter term. seDd tor, ofJOSEPH SCHMIDTstatto.ery, ,..,.i ArtIe1ea..... Llae of Caadlea.9h" 55th St., Chleqo, II.ImJ)OJteci and Domesticline ofCIGARS and ClGARETrESan.syl-sity:nn-Co-BUY YOUR SMOKES....G E N T s· FUR N ISH I " G SatCOWHEY'SS. E. Cor. SS'" St. .... Em. A�.in.r<ln.�h._-sitytThe second championship hockeygame will be -played today:_'at _1:30 onthe hockey field, at Greenw�' �ve­nue and Sixtieth' street, 'between theSenior and J unior-. college - teams. . Thelineup: . - '.- - - -W. A. A. ''I'd l!::LlttT FRiDAYAdvisory Board Will Maine Tei1ei-satld Ballot Coanten.W. A. A. elections will be held Fri­day from 8:15 to 4. Tellers and bal­lot counters will be chosen- at 'themeeting of the Advisory board today."I'he candidates are:For President­Dorothy Llewellyn.Ruth Prosser,Ruth Sanderberg,For Vice-President-«Laura Walters,ISabel MacMurray,Lorene' Kitch.For Secretary- Treasurer­Alma Parmalee,Hazel Fui-c:hgott,Florence Thayer.For Recording Secretsry­-MarY Anen,,Pauline Levi.Judith CattellNew OrpDization of "Bic Nine"eo.Cbd is FonDed._'-_Director stagg was elected presi­dent of a new organization of UBigNine" coaches and athletic directorsat a meeting of the conference schoolrepresentatives saturday. N. A. Kel­logg of the University of Iowa wasselected secretary.Th� purPose of this organization isto promote ail annual meetiilg of thecoaches and directors of aU the eon­ferenee institutions for the purPose ofdlscbssitig the difficulties ,that mayhave arisett during the year. It isthought thai in this madtt the rulesand regulations for the betterment ofthe various college sports may be pro­posed and instituted.Tentative baseball schedules weredrawn up by th� separate universitiesbut nothing definite eae be announceduntil the fa cui ties of the institutionshave approved, The dates will be an­nounced in the near future,STUDENTS AT DRAKEVOTE IN FAVOR ojHONOR SYSTEM PLANIn a straw ballot taken. among thestudents of Drake University lastweek, a large majority expressed theirapprobation of - the estabiishment ofan honor system. One-fifth of thestudents signified their wiilingness tocarry out systems of reporting. Overone-half of ,the voters indicated thatthey ,would speak to a fellow studentseen cheating with the purpose of dis­couragin� him in that act.DEAN AT PRtNCETONWtLL INVES1"IGA"tEBELGIAN CONDITIONS-_-At the suggestion of President Hib­bon of Princeton university and withthe official sanction of the university,Prof. Howard McClenahan. dean ofthe college. Will sail next Saturday forEurope to investigate the condition ofBelgian refugees. Because of uncer­tainty in reports jlD�'a desire to aid'the sufferers by the most efficientmeads, a hUmbet of' alumni andfriends of Princeton have made the itt­vestigation possible.Need Not Tip Hats._'--Freshmen at the University of Kan­sas do _ not have to tip their hats toupperclassmen, according to a recentruling of the student council,C/assi/led Ads ..-Fiye centa per lin.. No adverti_­............. ivecI fol' I ... than !5 oem..All cla-"'ecl adwrtieem ... tt ",.at 1Mpaid in �clvance.G�R.MA� TUTOR WANTS WORKcoaching students. Reasonablecharges. Phone Wentworth 4803.21l,E. _SSth Si.LOST-A LADY'S GOLD WATCH,between 58th aud Dorchester andthe South Park station of the illi­nois Central, Wednesday morning.Fob. bearing name, "Phyllis Green-, acre," attached. Finder return toPhyllis Greenacre, 5746 Dorchester,and receive reward.WILL 'tilE TWO M�N WHOtook the black overcoat with theAstncan collar from Bartlett gym­nasium Friday, Nov. 20, at 2:30p. rho return it to Bartlett LockerRoom?WILL MISS WATROUS, WHOSEgrandparents were the OliverGlovers of Hoiner, Courtland Coun­ty. New York, who married a Uni­versity of Chicago professor, pleasecommunicate with \V. H. c., attor­ney, in care of the business officeof The Maroon.I HAVE ELEGANT TUXEDOand Prince Albert suits, size about38; small waist. broad shonlders;suitable for athletic young man_Price reasonable. Call 'evenings orSundays. Ph<>ne Blackstone 1072.L Collins, 939 Hyde Park Blvd.TO DISCUSS WAR PROBLS.S-IIiis jaoe AcldimS ad - MD. Law­reaee s� in �andeLMiss Jane AddatDs, of Hull House.and Mrs. Pethwick Lawrence, ofLondon, wilt be the speakers at apublic lecture tomorrow afternoon at4:30. in Mandel. "The War and the,Future" will be the subject of thelectures.Mrs. Lawrence is identified in Eng­land with the promoters of the snf­frage cause. She has been imprls';oned six times on charges of conspir­acy. She has made several attemptsto lead deputations to the House of_ Commons to protest against the ex-clusion of "Votes for Women" fromthe king's speech.Ilia McDoweU and Burtt to Speak.Miss Mary McDowell, head of theUniversity settlement, and JohnBurtt, chairman of the Settlementdance, will speak at the Junior col­lege chapel exercises today at 10:15in MandelVan Hise to Be Speaker.President Van Hise, of the Univer­sity of Wisconsin, will be the Con­vocation orator on December 22. H;ssubject has not yet been announced.To Represent Local Chapter&.Everett Rogerson will be the del­egate and Lloyd Neff the alternatefrom the lotal Delta Delta chapter tot1te national mnvention of Delta Kap.pa Epsilon to be held at New OrleansDecember 2 to S.The Smoke of the Smart SetSmart men of fashion everywhere _- dubtnen,connoisseurs, millionaire sportsmen-�vE! diatbveredthe greater enjoyment and satisfaction in the fresh�ttts tjf W1icjU� 8avor and delicio� tnildnessthey roll for themselves, to suit their own tub!. frommellow ·Bun- Durham tobacco. -:, OI.NUINE"BULL DURHAMSMOKING TOBACCO .,No dth� tObaccO in the "'odd bas the wonderfulsweet fragrance and ripe. natural mildness of nBull"Durham. No [other cigarettes have the exquisitesmoothness and delightful freshness of 'Bull'Durham hand-made cigarettes. 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St.LOST-A GOLD WATCH IN Bib- 1logical Ubrary, Cobb Hall, or be­tween the two buildings. Finderplease notify R. Friail� S630 WoOd­lawn Ave. Phone H. P. 2671.tum to Maroon office and receive- reward.FOR REHT- PLEA9ANT OUT­aide fumished rooms. Young menpreferred. Near the surface cars.elevated, and I. C. 6126 Dorches­ter Ave. Phone Blackstone 2035.LINCOLN LUNCH ROOM, COR.56th 5t. and Ellis Ave. Homecooldlli. Dillntr, 2Oc. -STUDENTS' REBATE TICKETSmay now be obtained for "Under- Cover," playing at Geo. lL Cohan'sGrand Opera House.RENT�1'WOFORFRONTrooms. Two gentlemen or couple.t4 Week. $15 mOlltb. Steam heataDd hot water. Apply 5717 Do ....chester. Phone Hyde Park 6940.J;'ourth apartmenLWANTED-PUPILS IN OIL, WA­ter color or china painting. Privateor class lessons. Addreu. Mrs. J.Cooke Frazier, 6322 Ingleside Ave .Phone Hyde Park 3068.SUITE FOR RENT - stTTINGroom and bedroom facing NormalPark. Private. family; adjoiningbath. private entrancr. One or twogentlemen preferred. 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Good Food Properly Cooked.2ad. Cleanliness Our Motto. IDspeet the KitchelL3m. A Minimum Priee for High Quality FooLClub Breakfast, 15c up.Dinner A La CarteCafeteria at LunchCome In.MUSICDO YOUR BANKING IN HYDE PARKAT THEHYDE PARK STATE BANKCORNS .. opo e3� ST. & LAKE AVE .Do You Think You Will Ever Look Back onCollege Day.?The best thing you � have is aBOUND VOLUMEOFTHE.----·DAILY MAROONIt forms a "day to day" recordof what is happening; it gives youin a permanent form a completeresume' of your own activities.You can obtain this invaluable record forthe bare cost of the Maroon and binding.PATRONIZE MAROON ADVERTISERSMAT SEASON WILL OPEN. Coacb NethertoD Has Forty lien ODHis W ...... lin: ���.- �=-..::::"Dope" Shows Cbicaco. WiKoDliD.aad IDdiana Favorites.I ndiana, Wisconsin. and Chicagowill be the favorites in the Confer­ence wrestling meet which will takeplace in the fpring quarter. if any re­liance can be placed on advance"dope:' Indiana was the winner lastyear. with Wisconsin a close second.Coach Netherton is greatly pleasedwith the showing of his men up todate. He is confident that Loeb, Bull,Madison. and Mahannah can be reliedupon to place in the big event of theyear. A squad of over forty are outand it is expected that about one-halfof this number will be eligible to com­pete in the Conference meets. Thissquad will in all probability be in­creased now that the football seasonis over. and the number of likely can­didates should rise considerably.IDdiana Is StroDg.Indiana, the winner of last year'sConference meet. will be minus theservices of Davis this year. Davis isnow coaching the Hoosier institution.On thing which tends to give Indianaa strong wrestling squad each year isthe fact that all football men who donot play basketball are compelled togo out for a minor sport. The Hoo­siers have a squad of close to fiftymen this year and must be consideredin the running for the Conferencehonors. .Wisconsin, with such stars as Buckand Mucks to build around, will benear the top 'of the race. The Badgerinstitution has a wrestling coach whodoes nothing but look after thisbranch of athletics and. accordingly.he gets all of the promising men outand working. Illinois, although gen­erally represented by a small squad,has been showing up well every yearand must not be counted out entirely.Northwestern and Purdue have notbeen very strong in the past, but thePurple have a new coach this yearand are liable to spring a surprise.Jones, formerly wrestling coach at In­diana and the man who put the Hoo­siers near the top, is now at theMe.thodist institution.Arranges Several Meets.Coach Netherton has arranged sev­eral practice meets which will be runoff before the Conference seasonstarts. The Gary public night schoolswill be met and' promise to give theChicago wrestlers a hard tussle. Be­fore Netherton came to Chicago heacted as coach in the Gary schoolsand started a system of physical cul­ture that is said to have no equalthroughout the country. The systemof schools now employs over fifteenphysical instructors and has twowonderful gymnasiums.Other: meets will be arranged withthe Hebrew Institute, Cornell Squareand Seward Park of Chicago, as wellas several of the South Park athleticclubs. It is the intention of the coachto give the men much experience inactual contests before the real Confer­ence schedule begins.Has Double Purpose.. "Wrestling is now really being runfor a double purpose," said CoachNetherton. yesterday. "Besides beinga minor sport in the University, it isnow used as a means of developmentfor footbal1. By participating inwrestling the ankles, knees and shoul­ders of the men are strengthened,thus lessening the possibility of injur­ies when the football season starts."A second organization meeting ofthe new International Woman clubwill be held tomorrow at 4:30 inI Green hall.I The new organization will befounded on the same principles as the____________ Cosmopolitan club for men, whichhas been active at the University forseveral ycar�. Miss Geraldine Brownand Edith Smith wi11 act as advisorsof the club.NEW CLUB MEETS TOMORROWInternational Woman's Organizationto Hold Second Session.��SPEED UP!"lo 6Q ininata an ,...,6y � tIte ��griNI"V'..7 aatOl�1./ AND.".,.! For here at last is the masterm&cbu;e that makes:it eay for any stenog­rapher to. tmn rot MORE �tters' with LESSeffort in· the ordiNuy woiidng day. '!be newRoyal M.ter-Model "10" speeds Up·the dSy'swork' and sets the pace tlult pays I,. 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