laily_arnnttVol XII. Ko. 159.UNIVBBSrrY OF omCAGO. TUESDAY, JUNJ: 9" 1914.Ai ARB THIRTEEN rsTO VARSITY RUNNERSWill Lay Cornerstone of ClauicaBuilding aDd of JuliusRosenwald HaDSENIORSPRESENTPLAY DmlCATION OF TWOBUILDINGS, PROGIWIFOR THIS MORNINGMANY A TrEND RECEPTION SENIORS CELEB�TEDr. Francke is Gue!Ol of Honor At CLASS DAY EXERCISES Thrilling Melodrama in ReynoldsEntertainment in Hutchinson -- I Club Theater Keeps AudienceGroup Last Night-Seven Hun- Program of Orations T�ea Up in Constant Terror Until "Jimd ed A P t Day From Early MornlDg Bartlett" Saves Dayr re resen Till NightDirector Stagg Dedarea ThisYear'. Team to be Beat All.Around Squad Since 1905Dr. Kuno Francke of Harvard, the Nelson Norgren in the role of "JimConvocation orator, was a &ruest of JUNIORS REPLY TO SPEECHES Rartlett" arr'ived upon the scene just ,.nuv�&lnON EXCERCISES &Ir 3honor at the Convocation reception in tillle to save "Nancy Foster," who \"UI1y� , Alust niuht from 9 to 11, in Hutchinson Seniors celebrated iheir last actin} I was represented by Isabel Kenelrick,hall and court. Other honorary guests day 011 the e:Ln1pUS with e lasscduy ox' from the vile ehithes of "Tommy �1X BDndred and rortJ'.� Candt­were �Ir. and Mrs. Julius Boseuwald, ere ises, from the flag raising in tho 8n('II," at the Senior class play yester-and llr. and Mrs. Andrew MacLei�h. zuornlng until 11 at night at the reo (!ay in the Reynolds club. Lane Behm, dates wm Beceive Degrees aDd.�rr. Rosenwald is a trustee of the Uni eeption in Hutchinson. At 9 in the who took ts part of "Snell," was the. fitleP.veraitv, and the donor of Rosenwald morning, the class flag, made by terrible villain of the thrilling, blood-hnll, which will be dedicated today. Lynne Sullivan, was hoisted to the top curdliug melodrama, written by Rod- rJNO FRAKCn�Ir. M:u·Leish is the first, vice pre�i- of the flag'pole amid thc cheers of the erick Peattie anel Leon Stolz, Henry.1<'lIt of the board of trustees. seniors. Shull as "Charlie Hitchcock," was the Over one thousand tickets for theActing Vice-presielent Angell and I Gt'orge Leisure gnve the flag ora- handsome hero, and i ended the per- Convoeation exercises today at 3 have�Ir�. Angell headed the line of the ret tion, comparinrr the departure of the formanca by winning the love of ben distributed through the Preai;ceptton committee, which Included dass to the leaving of a battleship, "Nancy" and defeating the cruel. dent's ofiice, and plans are being maeleJ!ucsts of honor and members of thc completed after the iron WaH put to- plans of "Snell." to seat fourtepn : hundred, people infaculty. Twenty newly appointed gether piece by piece, and glicling out The play( opened! with. "Charlie case of emergency.' The exeeesslve de­aides and marshals made their first into the waters to the cheers of the Hitchcock" raving over the disappear- mand for admission to the graduatingnppearnnee, Seven hundred seniors. crew. nnee of his trousers, which he must cerremonies is explaind by the adelressparents and friends of the Universlty Dean Boynton's Address. haVe to attend the Foster dance. of Dr, Kuno Franeke of Harvard, whoattended the function. Deane Boynton, following Leisure, "S.nell" is elelighted �ver Charlie's is recognized as. one of the greatestH1ItchInson Group Tbrown O�n. told how the raising of the flag signi- phght. announces he, WIll go to the livin� authorities on German classics.Hutchinson hall, eorridor and court f'ied the passing of another group of elaDl'� ,inst�acl. Great hat�ecl �nsues,. Prefessor Franeke will speak onwere thrown open for the oeeasion. men and women who had completed but Snell 18 unsuccessful 10. hIS pur- "The Unpopularitv of German writ­Palms and flowering plants decorated four years' of work at the University, suit of the maiden. After hIS refusal, ings to the Amerlean mind .. emphasizethe interior, while Japanese lanterns and it was an emblem of the flight of the v�nain "Snell" prepares to kill the ing the causes which account for theanel carpets furnished the ornamenta- time. In picturing the possibilites of heroine, but the abrupt entranee of lack of favor of mooerDI GennBlJ. liter,tion for the court. Refreshments were the class of '1� he described the ae- ".Jim Bartlett" and "Charlie' Hitc�- .ature in foreign countries.served in the hollow and along the tivities of some of the class' prominent cock" balks his plot; and the curtam . Conter 643 fi�es.sldes of the J.r8.rden. The Uni\"ersity members, imagining Norgren in the descends, relievinl! the minds of the, Ilowi D Fra· k 'band, seated on the steps of the Bot, terrified audience I Fo OWIng r. nc e s address,. "Old Man's" boots, and Mabel De La. ... 'p_1 .. "� --'th- Vi--....... ..... - "Y hl.lilC.l red .and forty-th, ree dePT'p.PfJany building; provided music, '1 t the" t d t h' t A........,.. w.a. �-�"l a er, s u en W 0 IS no sorry The oreat feature of the affair WIU' and tItles \V1ll be conferred .U'DOn stu-U � BAR'R1lATT 'DA� to leave," as oceupying the position of '" , ..:II t h h leted th e-PSI "�D'A .ua.n.n� thp arrival of President �heW'S. flt'� s w 0 ave comp., e1• rdean of 'Women. He suggested "Carpe Alexaneler Squair anel several other .q�lrecl amonnt of work for. the c 'nlo­Def'ea.ta Phi � 10-4, in Dec:lding Diem"-"seize the elay"-for the class prominent senior; with a laige supply maS� After t�e ele2l'eC8 hu\"e h�n�t7 Ga.mIB. motto. of frl'sh ';"eooetables obtainecl at the vi.ven out: Dr. Francke. pnll. A"h"ft• • J • • ,FoJlo:winJr Dean Boynton's speech,.. V de t Angell w1l1 lead thePSI {j�lon defea�ed PhI Kappa. PSI Mirinm Baldwin presented the class nearest groecry. These were carefully ,ce_�resl n , 'for the InterfraterDlty baseball cham· prophecy in the Reynolds club theater. kept from the sight of the actors �d ,reee881on ..Tlionshin' on' St� field _y�te�c1ay', "a.:.h( •. forccWlt� w�ju. the nature _of. a ���nee:until "Rube" Rehm appeared .;= __ Can�i.dates .. �� meet ��:-:.B-:�tJ'tt_·10-4: The:game was�won In th� eIghth trike_off on LeWis Carroll's "Alice in On the stage as a target: then' the veg_ eymnasmm "t -, where plat!eq WI heinninS!' when Psi U drove in SIX. runs. Wonderlanel." Members of the class ctables elro\"e the stage'.men to cover. assigned in the �r1k!e8Sion ... Academicbreaking a 4.4 tie. Blackburn pltc>hetl were view.ed . "through. the looking Cabbage beets, and turnips broke up ('ap and goVTI Wl11 be reqwred.a star game for Psi UpsilOn strikinJr glass." the play for several minutes. '!1Ie DrdicaUOD Ceremonies.nnt 18 men and clrivinir in a c?upl.e of Barger Presents Hammer. The cast of the "melodrrama" fo1-. Professor Hale, heael of the Latintn iii es. Moulton hurled for PhI Psi., lows: .department. will be the speaker at theThe I!ame see-sawed for the fi�t Rolbn �rger pr�sented the hammer Charlie Hitccock, the handsome law. layinft ,of the cornerstone of the C��e"en inninR'S, each team taking the to .,the . JunIOrs, say1Og: stuelent, ..•••• • .••.••• Henry Shull ics bui1din� at 11 this morning_ Dr.lena at \"arious times. The line-up: It IS my du!y �oday to present too Tommy Snell, the campus villain Hale will t<'ll the signifie.anee of thePsi Upsilon Phi Kanpa Psi. the class of 191., thiS hammer, �ymboh, •• • .•• ' ..•••... ' ••..•• Lane Behm new builruJlC! in relation to the pro-Marum ..•••• : ••. C :. Schafer cal, of t,he elefen�e of traditions at .the .lim Bartlett, protecor of the weaker 2I'CSS of th� University. An invocation.Blnckburn •.••.• p Moulton Um,'erslty of ChIcago. �om the tIme sex, , Nelson Norgren by Dr. Her:.·erson. ancl a few remarksTt tt lb.. Stryker Theodore Roose,·elt used It to lay the Miss Beecher, the campus idol by ActinJ! Yiee-President Angell willR· n pe�ornt't'h""" 2b .••• 'D' onnhoe f!ornerstone of the Law library in 1912 Ruth &_n el th lavi of th cornerstone• ,..I.� a ews. . ", I b h b I f th 't •• ...•.. •• _. .. •. • • •• ""'6- preee e (' - nir ..R. J). 'Matthews.. 88. •••• Stan�hurry 1t 13S een. t e sym 0 0 au orl � l\Iiss Kelly, the athletic co-ed by Professor Tarbell of the History ofC'n 3b Tavlor for the semor class, and thus to a gr�:&.. • .' •. '.. •••• •. •• Miriam Baldwin the Art department.�;n�ml � •.•.• it' li�re extent of the University as a whole. Miss Green, the Varsity mrltragette.. The address at the layin2" of the cor_�r- nornnal..2 ...• , ",:f········· W· h'lt'lnoo Precctlin!! classes have used th, eir au' Harriet "'-'thl'll _I th J j' R Id hall�':lC� 0 II" ,.... • • •• •••• • ••• '. • • • .&. II. nemone \).L e \' IU!, osenwan: Cornweli .:: ... rf: :::::: .. G<lrgns thority wisely anll well, doing �he�r club porter· Harold WrigJ;at Will be gi\"n by ProfeS80r Chamber-SBftL1?� TBAOlIBR WILL Umpire-Libo''';ati. u�most to �r.otect and. foster all JUStl' Mr. Haskell, the illustrious preaeher lin, head of the tlep:lrtmcnt of Geol-�-AD CLASSES AT GENEVA l'�i Upsilon ...• 0 0 1 00:1 0 6 0-)0 �lable �radllbons .. h�t hIS our hOtP�_ thatt ••••.••••• : .••••••• John Greehe ogy. Dr. ClIamberlin will outline thePh' Kap P . 0 0 0 2 0 0 C) 0 0-- 4 ID passlDg (own t IS ammer ocaay 0 Middle Divinity ..••.••• John Cleary ri!1e of his elepartment from its begin.1 pa 81.. - th(' el:u�s of 1915, succeeding Senion1 South Divinity ••••.. William. L� niuS!' until today. Mr. .Tulius Rosen-Pla.y far Golf Title ,,,ill spare no eff'ortts in preserving the North hall • _ ••••.•. ' Thomas Coleman wald, a trustee of the Universit;v andChnrlf's F. Grimes, Western Tflter_ traelitions which ha,'c beeome so dear ManelelI hall ..•••• Margaret Bbodes the dODOr of the' new buildinft.will layr.olle:!in.te Golf Champion, anel Ray- to t.he past dnsses." Mitchell tower •...•• , •• Cornelia Beall the cornerstone. Au introdudoryrr.onel .T. Dally. present holder of th(> Geoffrey Leyinson, in acceptinl!' Hutchin�on commons .. Erlinft Lunde statement will be made by Dean An_lli�� MontfPnmery, \"O('ntional (lire .. , • • h • h' '11 t h I th I of 1911:: .... ; l'-..... T'!""I\'cr�lf:\" c amplons Ip. W1 mee anuner loor 0 c a.� Y, OQ.&e. Nanc"· Foster ...•.• Isabel K_e.ndrirek �ell, and the offieial records will hetor at tl.o Uni\"ersity Settlement. will h J k �� k 'W th 1: f 1914 � I th t" -,..this Irominsr on t e • ac �on ,ar • c, c cas.." 0 , a we Greenw0041 hall .. 1.. Suzanne Fisher plaeed within the stJOne by lIr. :1.etlneiuct 'a class at the Y. M. C. A. link,. to (lecide the Unive=�ity chnll�' are pleelsrin� onTSe}\'cs to unc1ertakl' Mother Kent Helen Street Sn4!nC'f'r Dickerson, Re<'retary of the... ·mrner conference. She will l�ad c1is_ h' . t k' ept' th's h" t'",.... l,ion� 'p. �erlous as s 10 ace In(! 1 .. m' .board of tru"t�. Chaplain Her..1.,.'P'_en�ion9 on the problems ot young mfu.�'. U = $WW mer �ncl all it stanc1s for_ If this" e'rC' WILL .I,DMlT EX STUDEN'.rJ by off-W'orkinfP mrls at Lake Genc,,:\. Dr. B n tin- h' 1" 1 t r !lon will clol'tp. th(' ceremony... e' Q e � merely up olelmg p aglanzee • rDA I, TO ALUMNJ ASSOCL"TION erin,:!' n bcnedietion.II('nclenon will also �ve a ledure on J1i,,-!SC�;; �!&Ii "'--��"����. �,Q��<�,�Z �,,�:��'�, ti('ns, as our traelitions ha\'l� bcen"Phases of Family Life.' TODAY. calleel our work wouM he cas,". If itFortv women ha\"e made app1i .. ation CornerstoDe ce:nIIIODl� 11 .T�..!Jus is necessary to USe this ha�mer tofor plAees in the University womcn'� Rosen.?ald haIL hreak elown evi) customs. we will onl�'I't('dion tit tho camp. OUler re!4Cr\'n- CornerstoDe cenmo� 11, C!usi'!8 Use it with more ('>arnestne!'s to buil,1tions will be honored, if sent before buDdlIur. un that which ,,-ill he. an,l uphoM thatAlIJ!1l�t 15 to Leona Coons, chairman A�atf"U "r Doct01'8 or Philoso!)hy whi .. h i�, essentially tho true spirit ofof the eonfere�e committcc. �t 1511 l'Dl'eJJeon. 12, Qa.adrallde dub. Chic8l!'0."}'irst strret, Louis\"ille, Kentncky. Unlvend.tY'1uDcheon, 12:30, Hut;ohin_ Fitzpatrick Presents Bench.The Chic�o fle1t�Jra� will hc Ruth SO!! eommODll. "Thc history of the care of tho Ren·8h('ech,-. lTel('n Bcc-klcy. Margnret N1nety,Jlnt University OoaTocation, ior hl'nch C'ontains mnn" int('r�tin�O,,('('n. 'F..lna Winch, Hcl('n Pl'rry. A1t:l 3. lfut(blnson eonrt. f�t9." �aitl Hora .. o Fitzpatrick in.'j,.·h('r. lfar:!nrC't. Groh}l(on. Blanch(' Senior men's dbm .. , 6, Hyde Park prcsentinl! the Senior bench. "�fnnyAllple. ('nryl �ly. I�oni�c St('nholl�(', b(\tp!. �t.lIel('r.t�. hoth ml'n nn.1 \\'ol11('n. han !Oi!!on. NAME "LIB" RANDSOXBS'l' IIAXF.1l>fi(' .Tohn!'. 'If:U'lle ROll!'lollch. H('l('n !enfor women's dinner, 6:30, LeX' h('l'n (,"jctl'll from tl1(' �('l"lt, Honornhl(' Or;(' hnnllr('.l nnel �e\'ent.y Ahlmna('Knil:ht, I.olli�(' A"('r�·. Mnrl!l1C'ritC' in"'""1'l eoJlllllOD& m('ntion i!' I:,,'en to Shorty I.eonarll nn.l �('nior women were rre�nt at thc Seniors Vote 8lrah '1'hcJoft� theUNn ('n ,,'n,·. f,orine Hnhn('T', If('llwi� W-omen's reeeptiOD, 5 to 7, Wc=�n's for th(' fin(' work he ,li.l in ":1rit1� 1'(\,. hr('akfn�t. at 11 :1;; in I .. exington com- Fairest Woman In C'...aa.Th R 1 \11 fl· ... l'''''nnh ·l,'rl'n" m", .. l'''.·''Ilnn. In .'\J" mon�. Thc nffair was ,1t'e1nrc,1 h�'nrolt�it.. Rut;1 omn�. lit I J 1''1. Onr.�ranqle ',. ,.. .. '" '." 10 1 I'} . d h� h . " , . TO". fO�"R'I)W, r,'l hc e\'in,tA� fh'': Inllinn:t !O .. hool Clmirmnn nl'len T. Snnny. 'OS, to h(' A ftcr nl! I e I )eratlon nn'l R.n��l. AliC'c Tng(l"art.Tri� •. po 11':l " ,,11 " f I th b'.,. l'nncr .1('lmte F.llio.lor Libonati yc."terllayRllt" • "_nr, v.,'nl.,·n Ruehan. Ellith "I'I .... -In .. w-. or 8:15 �l9�. 9:15. f .... :I .... f'r!'4 who "'('r(' pO�in!! for th('ir flll1�' n!' l'tl"eel'S u ns e I,.. C I '.I""" r., �A�ou.' "''''VAoIIG ",ns name.l the most hnnclMme man inSm'lth, "I.. fnr,'on �ole 'l. r"n· An('Jl, F.tlw1 Examtn.a.�- or 11:45 .... ""- 2. ni('hlrl' on the h('lm'cl] h('n .. h. Rol>C'rt In!"t •. "".nr " I.:l " 'WN'II'" .,-� I' 'f C k ()!) :n the ('ln�� of 191-1. "Lib" was prc�Rrl·,.ht. If ..... l .. n �I·m('!'. F.�th('r H:lrp,'r.. TntTR�DAY. �ri11"r h�� nl�o nielC'.l in fr('('inc th" ".lhnm.l n .. raC'. en. . ,wns �In' hll- N,.; ,.,' � 1 h t f f'rem D1� ,. h:-r,l for thn honor hy Nelson! orgrenEl""no- Weft. n"r. Rnt,h Pro�l'('r, Ell,· --�na:�0IUI or 9:15 "la� 9:.15. ,twn .. h from lIn.lcrdn�ltm('n. To tholt" mo1t�" (' o�('n mil." ('r o. (', 0.. .- ... � ... '" ,. �.Aa.ul" '.... h I 1 1 ht I D1 prC''' an.l Ern('st Rl'i('hmann. hut finally won'lor Do tv. E,·nn..,.1in� St�nhon�'�. l .. c·'� EDJIlfnatfoDS of 1:30 C'�8ge8. 2. whrm T ofT('n.l('.1. T mn!lt �:J" thnt 1 .li,ll tlit' two tlr.. rce an' elJr ,a um 1·'. out on the clelica('y of his complexion.r,rn.kc. Chnrl()f.te Vian. Clnrn Thrn'!:1. ''0'' cUDner. 6'30 B'ntehinsor. han. �o onh' in ('on�('i('ntioll� P1\r�l1it. of nl\' I ('nt nt t"'" �t� anfl c-nbaret Snhtrf:1', FR' mO. A·Y. ,I ,1 .... " . TonI", t-f'Tl ..... thnt th(' �l1C'(,(,cl1inl! I :It f> in thl' I'(\mmonl'. Rowlanll G('o')r:...... Sarah Thompl'on W'ft!' nameel "the fair-Emmn R(lhin�on, Vi .. torin Rrn.i .. •. )frtr , , ". 1 f th h't ( tl,. ('!'t of thto {:tir" in the ela�.�(\rip Mn,!n, 'F..lnn 'Ronficltl. A.l ... lni.l,. J!n:mfnattoDS or 10:45 tf!'.PrefI. 9:15. �("T1ior d:t�" ",ill he mor(' �('I'('�l'rt11 in �:tnc �e"('rn 0 e !'on� 1 s " I • h 11"n.v, Ninn O'Neil. � .. Otli:q �ri .. k. \� '!:mn �amfDatt� � 2:SO �uaes. 2. k('('rinrr th ... h('n�h fr('e from oth('r� "Stll.l('nt. Sllnerior." Ah"n�. Krnm�r lTel�n .8trM't wn." pl('kOObeM t e • r::- TURDAY ". " ·O!l. np'Jl('nr('.l n� an or�an grlnel('r. :lud ,\\"(,"I1nn In the .-1R."!' to marne.ClanC'y ancI FrnnC!is 8<'ott. SA. t nn sentoT'�,. r' 1 t t 'th '" t • "'11 Thercupon h,· common con8ent .JohnM':..trIcu'JltUnt aDd nglstntfon or In· I, 1T,"�o �", .. '1 r('ph(',J (or th ... ",l:t.,� n put nn, !'(', ('r:t co lIn It ,"'I' llt rrlln p . I f h "1 d'1�1;; "We ha,'c h('('n nnxion:qh' W'nit- mnnk('\". A 1l1\r�qn(' on th� pr",,"'nt .. rl('c wa� n:lmee or t (0. lnml ar IS-J(omIn� OIuses to Xeet. eo""fnJt Bt1IdaDtII. • I "b • g,I" ' .-- mM1iation prOC'M'elings at Ninga Fall� tinetion amonsr the men wIthout. see·�:15 :lnd 9:]5 t'la� will meet to- !'lie tllfrtefJatJ\ ann""_ ntcrs. 0_' I (Contia-.2 on pa"e oil J _1__ t _...:II J ODd ballot,tic ___. I:4&, .._ .... , cu.,' W33 iU:!V It a,t1l'!'U.daTe - ..... .,ELEer CAPTAIN TODAY AT 5:30Thirtecn members of the Varsitytruck team were awarded the "C" forwork clone tluring the past season ycs­terday, Thc official team picture wastaken. hut owing to a deadlock ill the\'utillJ! for next year's captain thelender will not be elected uutil today.The men recch'illl! the Varsity letterthis year will meet today at 5:30 inthe 1!YIll to complete the elecfion,Director Stagg declared yesterdaythHt this year's track team had beenthe strongest all-around squad thathnd represented the Univeraity sincethe 1905 team, which captured theW�8tl'rn championship by scoringBft�- six points in the Conference meet.Tbe follo,,·ing men were awarded theofTicial letter: Baraneik, Knight,\Vard� Stegeman. Leisure, Campbell,Goodwin. Stout. Thomas, Gorgas, Boyd,Norgren and Des Jardien. After nineballots had been taken no conclusioncould b(' reached in the election ofnext yem's captain. The vote resultedin a deulock between Baraneik, Wartland KniJ:ht...Lo� But Two IreD.But tw'o Yarsity men will be lost tothe team next year ancl Director Stagglooks fonrnrel to a successful season.NorJ,.'l'cn :'nel Thomas are the men whofinish their competition. This year'sycnrlinl! team is not particubrlystrong. hut will furnish a few starmt'n. Fi�her in the polo "nult wil� 1.>e- relicel "flnn· to.:�e -the place -left va­cant b,· ThomaS, while Agar in thesprints- nnel Core in the low hurdles,dJ] be "aluable aclditions.Illinoi!":s \"ictory in the ConferenceDlcet S:,,�urtlay was expected. but itso"erwh�lming' nature came as a Rur,pri�e. Th(' nlini cnntured seyen fi�tnlaces, pilin2" up, forty·five poinb.Stanfor.l was a poor sccontl withtwt'nty·four poi n t.". while Chica�obarely heat ont Wisconsin for thirtlposition. Two records were hrok�n.H('neler!'.on of Illinois llreakinl! Da\"en'port's r('l'ord in tho halt mile, whil('Captnin Wahl of Wi�on�in won th ..hiJ!h ju,.. n with a leap of six feet OOl'an(l one·half inehes.OBA'rO£tIS'ro Direct Dlsc1UIsioD8 on Problems ofYC1Ing WorIdD!: Girls; FortyWomen Sign U'p.A c1all!te pro\'ielins: for the aclmissionof former �tuelents to the Alumni R."80-dation was :t.Ce('ptecl Saturday. Thepropo�ition to atlmit ·'ex'8" was theprineip:tl .. hnng� embocliecl in the newe'on:,titution allopteel at a husines.4m('('tin,:!' in t.he Alumni ofl'i('e in Ellis,1h(, ('(lnstit,ution pa.�(l without, OPPf)'Senior men will dine together to­night at 6 at the Hyde Park hotel. Themen will gather in the Reynolds club.The women will give a dinner tonightat 6:30 in l..exington commons. All tilen('w gradu3tes arp exp«ted to attend.Tickets �11 for fifty cents eaeh.TheD ail,U STATE is in the Name, Safety Is in tbe Bank. j�,.THE DAILY MAROON,Mar 0 0 D SENIORS DEFEAT JUNIORSIN IN'l\EROLASS STRUGGLESerge With aRepolation !(lttklal Student Ne"'spllper of the UnI­versity of Chka,,:o.l'lIbllslH�d morutngs, except SUDdar and\londay. durin; tbe Autumn. WIDter andSllrln;; quar-ters, by Tb� Dally �aroon.tafr.b ,,'. CotUD�ba.II. S. Go a�II. p tN�w. EdJtol'Athlftle. &cUw».I'a .. I" )laaa«u!::uter.4 .. MCOU(J-c:l1Ull mall at tb,Cblu.o Poatol!lee. Cbleaco. Ill.. Mareb 11.1101. aDd.r Act or lI.reb I. lin.a;VWiClllrTION aAT�.B) carrl.r: '%.iO • )'ear; '1.00 a Quart.r.I" lIIall: 13.00 a ,ear; 1l.:L 1& Quart.r.�ltorl.I-Du.ID(," omee, EIII. : •.T.I�pboD. Witl.a, 1100. Att.r 10 It III.ftJ'd.. Park til'.".moD l'ret;l<. :;:;11 Cotta;;t' Grove At''"'Promises of neXt year, at the pres­ent moment, can be only Y:lla'"lle nudillllefinit(·,- but the new l'taff 11:18 cer­tniu ideas which it intend!" to carryout. In the first place, every effortwill be mmlo to improve the papert�·I'():!raphically. Efforts wiII be made,1':1 rr iculur ly, to represent fairly allllhnses of campus act.ivity, especiallydepartments. such as tho Ln.'\y- andlfe.lic schools, which hitherto. throughlae k of men in the llaroon office. havebeen neglected, All news will he han­dled more directlv under one man next. year and it is b�pcd that the utmostfnirness will be use I} in discretion ofspace. The news will he covered, to nlarl!"(' extent b�' more expcr ienced men,:lnll promises to he aecurnto and fair,:11111 better written than heretofore.Fentures, such as Prominent Men andthp Plnvs of the Week. which 'Werest:utell . t lti� year anll �ere well reo('..('h·eel" w.iII - be continued, :1Od a.t_tempts to secure more of tllCm willbe made. The eclitorinl policy in allprolln bility, will be along- tIle linesInill 11m\'"n this yenr, with such ('bangesas ar(' nC<'essnry to meet cha.nging con­mtion�_ It is plannefl to buill} up nn('(litorial writing' sta1l', anel probablythN{, "It"ill be a greater variety in theetlitorials.But to crown all. the business man­:u!ers ha,'c promiseel a siX"-p:1:!e paper,whidl will allow room for nll thesto!'if'!'l. :lIIcl no on(' will lrn ,-(' occasiont(, eomplnill :lbont hn,-ill[! lel!itimatenew� ('rnwclf'4l out hyf. alh'ertisin�.Amon!!" incidental thinl!"s plann('cl,is 311exc·hange with che Ganr Trihnne. suchas that effected this year, 3m} it is ex­p('derl the W {'stern CoUege Press, also.will be in good workin!! on1cr.'.WOBJt WITHOU'r GLORY.'1'J'rolll!hont th{' year. :IS far as th('pnhlil' knew. three m('J1 on.l�- 'workedon tIle Dnily Maroon-th(_> mf'n who�en�ml's anne:lT :It th,.. hearl of t'le elll­torial column. Bnt there wer" a. num­he'r of men who ba'-e work",l I13.�i1 a.�af:titllfnllv for th(' Ntp,.. .... nnll WIth h�.­tle' ert"'f1it :ttt�'lchC'fl to their ,york_ Tt ISto �('kJ1owleill!� the heln thl'l=o mf��lln"\'"e' f!h-en os. anll to thank the�tl.,..i ... "Work fll:tt. this lin{' i� wrltte�­All nnh('rnhlcrl :J� h:J� hrn t1H�i ... WO�l�tl,A hn,,(' h('('n mo!=t llC(,C'SS:JTV foY' �•. \'" '.. tlte D:tlh-l'nnl'.... :mtl WIthout them ' .. .1 h - hN'n imp��lhl('.1fn ... oon WOll' a' (' .APPOINT cHAIBlrlEN FORNEIGHBO� col\{MIT'rEESNina. O'Neil and Florence JIea,cOCkHead Bodies OrganiZed UnderNew C(.\un� Rules.�. O'Neill :1l1l1 Florence Heacock• ma. . f thc 1'l1h-11:1"c ben chosen chairmen 0 . oflil·ity anll memherlihip comnuttees bthe reorJr:l.nizl'll �ei;:hhorhoflll �IU s'1 Phoehe Baker was appomtellcounCl .' I' rv• t:trv of tho l�ounei1. An a.1 '"1S0 •scerc. � '11 1 an.hoar4l of fh'e l1l('lIlhcr� \\"1 l�' �.pointcll to m('ct with the council, to­gether wit.h Dl!an Ta.lbot, Denn Wal­lace nllil J)ean Rreckenrillge anel ap_penr in the receiving line a. clubfunctions.The e'lnh� will �h'c their firstnext ve:lr \\�('dllc!"d:lY. October i_tca. �llC'hllell hy tho lea.gue forelate ha.'4 hecn call('('I('I], anll with thcni,1 of tho ul'Pcrdnss conn!'ellors all... fTort will hc' fln'.de to ;,!('t, Ollt eyery]!lJ� ,,"onm". Indh·i.lual pnrti('� an,lhlOl'k t.(,:1� "'ill Itl' �ontinuell next yearn.q h ... foro, hut:111 fUl1c·tionfof of thc.. lllh� wi}) he r('ci:'\tcrcu "'ith thc coun­I'il ancl Mi�s Talhot.The personnel of the committec.q fol·lows:Puhlil'ity: Nina O'Xei11. chairmnn;E\,f'lvn Pcr�c'-:t1. �rfll1ie N('uman, Vir·1!'ini� Clnrk, If:LTion Rrcl!'lforcl, VeraEdwnrtl�n, n.nrl {h-e freshmen to bea.Jlpoi nterI next yenr.Memhership: :norcn�c Hf'�('l"ock,�hnirm:ln; Rnth Swnn. �farJ!:lr('t H:m­('('ck, Alma. Parmalf'e. lTf'J"'n P:lttf'r·C'11 ... rit(' TTe"ritt., Emma' Low_ Rut', Yif'­tor�en. Kathf'rine Ch:lmllf'rli!l. TTnft'cnf'r"�tf'!n •• Toy �r('Cmek('n nntl �InryAllen.Heavy Hitting and Reticker's ErrOl'S The high quality andResponsible tor V1ctory-Des Jar-dion Hit Otten. I �.?W pric� of "N i coil� .. n i or L:IlI players handed a clefc3tl Standard Serge do notto till' thir.l-year men in Sleepy HoI·' harmonize,low �·I':'ft'nla�·. ]2 to 9. Henvy hittingh v �1:lttht'\\"s. F'i tzpnt ric k alld 1:l'itm,nid(,,1 1.\· iuuumcrublo errors 011 t.heparr of 'l:l'til'k(�r, WOIl the duy for thegra.luatt·s. "Shorty" Des .lnrdlenpitl·lll·d fur tho -Ju niors, hut fn iled toli v e up to his conference rcputnt iou,tlll' �1'lIillrS Jlittin� him at will. Clcarvhurh-il for the Seniors, nu.I nrunag(',l Nl· colI the Tal-lort o pitt'll 011(' .out of th roo hall:'! over- _1':11,,1 without any ol,jt'dioll I'roru tilt'umpire.F'it xunt rh-k and Bverlv cnptn iuo.ltil,.. t enms. which hall from ten totwcut v JJJ(,11 each, the number vn ry i ni;HnordiJl:! to the number of women f!0';JI� :111.1 coming, Bill Lyrnn n rro,·e.lIds nhilit�· ns an nthlcto bv catchinna l-nll ill the fifth Inning, much to theplr-asur» of the ladies prese nt , Har­vov Harris at.tcmpto.l to �Illok(' a pip ..n nd e'it!nrette at the same whill.� hewas plnyill� ball, wi tlh tho result heswallowed a. perfccfly g-ood Omar.Stc'l!('lllnn and Hamilton collided intht· fourtlt attempting to catch a flyball. hut no one was injured,Th(' lineup:-Iuuiors, Seniors .�t(':!enrnn. __ .. '" c _ HnrgersDes -Iardien .••..• p , Cle-arySclfr idgo . _... Ib NorgrenLyman _ " 2b ....•. PitzpatrtckDelaney . _ .. _ . • • 3b .....•. • HarrisHamilton. __ •• , •. SSe • _ • • • • • • LvmanRyan .....•.....• If. .. _, _. .• PerlecRct ickcr •.....•• cf •.. _.,... RehmB.'-erly .. . • • . • . •• rf. ...••... MannE(�kels. _ ..•. Any tIling , ••. DicltcrSOllUmpire-Whiteside.o It's. the greatest valuewe know --- rich, fine,e x a ctl y right. Veryspecial at $25.00j\!Clark and AdaJUR Streets. ChieaJ[oThe TIME The PLACE and The BANKnC\�O':7-!:".;'�'� �. � r:�r. fH1� non"",� �.""""''_'''''J�,,;'' v \) '- .. 'vl..:u ....3(J(. on SavingsG�; en Real �statc :MortgagcsREDMAN2 For 25 Cents.Ear I '&. W i I sonACCOU!1ts of P?C:i'ESSORS :md STUDENTS invited.OPEN SATURDAY BV3�n�G3.HYDE PARK STATE BANKCO�NEA OF �3 � ST. l> I_AKE AVEiThe COTner, near l. C. 1>1'1'1, t.).I0R:."I A. CARROLr40 Prl.'l1l.!'"ll! �nm�ra ... 1·.:lDlI:-':GS. VJoe-�ldeD&.11. A. H,\ n\lO�. • Cash:, r.THESMOOTHESTTOBACOO1\ (-,.- ... --,r .. ?MATE. I-I \, ....... r. !:,�.� I to Y0!lt $TIlolte?\. lb-::t biles and bums! V clvt:t-theC'::;C::'�2� �c::dcr middle I�f.- q�c,l in the��:-i CYC-!f t\':o �'�ars-producir:z a mC�O"\"';1es!lthalC;;!'j i..:: mc,x;ured pace of lime can e::compasa.A �i).v�,r ad c..-noothnes! trcmc;:.dousI�! goodlP:;:c ,;no�:;n6 �ith Velvet is a re,:dation"':'";-,'; .. :1.,� tha� lime cnty can m:tkc toba;co whaa-.'tc..; ·'t·"JJ ali have it-smooth .."Your Movel'·.f1. � �q dcaIe:s.�'(� q:./I(ru ��t�.r.;o a,.;MISS WAYMAN AGAINELECTED PRESIDENT OFALUMNI ASSOCIATIONMAKE};::; OFTroy's Best Productllaree leasons Why you �Ilould Eat at thelen's Cornmels1st. Good Food Proper)' Cooked.2nd. Cleanliness cur Motto. Inspect the R itchen3rd. A Minimum Price for High Quality FcoclCIU. BftaIdast IDe up fafrtcria at LunchOlDer .l LaCaI1e IIUSIC Come IDAgnes R. Wayman, '03, was a�:lin�lectell president of the ChicagoAlumni nssociation, in the mnil hallotwhich lws just been completed. Theother officers named are:Firl'lt Yil·e-"pres. -.Hugo M. Friend, '06Seeonll ,·ice-pres Alice Green!lcrc, OSThircl Yiee-pres Charles F. Alex-son, '07_..Members of exeeutiv� committee:Marie G. Ortmayer, '06; :Mary C_ Phis­ter, '11, and Samuel MacClintock, '!)(tMay Buy ''Grid1ron GUde."Sheet musie of the "Gricliron Glicle,"the hit of this year's Bladdrinr show,Dlny bc purchased at the Press toda.yfor� twenty-fivc ccnts a. copy.WANTED-To rcnt a furnished clin'ing room in fraternity house by aWODlan chef. A(ldrcsS 25X, care ofThe Daily in Fra-t.crnicy Tennis IDonkcr an·l \Yri;.;ht of Ph, :;:11111. aDcolta 110feated Murray nnll Hops ofChi P!'Ii in the semi-finuls of int'!1 fra­terllit)' tennis douhles YC:;tIH'(lay, ,).�,4-6, 1;-2. Collier of Si�lJI:r : 'hi 'l�'fented Gross of Delta KapI}a Epsilonin th� semi-finals in singles, G-l, G-4.Collier will meet Coulter of the Beta'sin the finals for the cha.mpionship in�ingles, and Phi Gamma Delta :11111Bct� Theta Pi will meet in the douhles�----LOST-A small, black seal'purse, eon­taining money and jewelry. Finderkindly return article to Maroon office,Ellis 12, and receive liberal reward.LOST-Chi Psi fraternity bndge, oncampus. Finller plea.'ie return to:U aroon office X222. Rowarcl.Simplicity-The Secrr,t of OLU5 S��erl�rltyTHE fint la?,cr of com.f():t,:5 "your undcrwe.:.l'. Jt:s:::1 t!,nbrol.;cn,smooth-sctt:ng byer If I: s an Olua Looac-Fittmcr Co:.t CutUnion Suit ,,·ith r;osc(1 b::rk :md pcrm:mcnt!y clo:;c<l rrdch,protecting the hody at c"ery r'l:nt. Only one thickn.es5 ,of clothar.ywhere. Made in sixteen ph:n and bncy wovcn fabncs, alsopiain and mesh knitted. Price $1.00 to $3.00.OWS one-piece PAJAMA i:; m:ltlc on the same prin­ciple as the OLUS Union Suit-co:1t cut, close(l crotch,dosed hack, and only 0:-.:: b::;cl' of material aDywhere.Being one-piece, tllcre is no wor!:insr-up, .1idiae-down annoy­ance-t,O atring nuis.,�rc ocr:lme OLUS PAJAMAS ha\'e noatrinp to tiihten 01' come locse. Price. $1.50 1o $8.50.WI,en you buy Undcrw�1' or Pa,iamu, think of OLUS, iDaiaton OLUS at your dealer.To DeaJen--'�v:�=t!eh�� r...I Ce.pany, �bkns D�f 348 an-hraJ, .. , ...•DEPT. C.ncmembcr! It it isn't cu� it isn't OLV8., j�... . , � .. < ",�;",.' .tHE DAILY MAROON, hBSDAY,.tmiB 9, 1914.. ".How About That Summer Sui·t?Come "up" and give these new, arrivals the "Once Over."Hildreth Basket Weaves.Waldorf Homespuns.Blackstone Tartans.and the much favoredHenley Tweeds.English Models with patch pockets, quar­ter lined, silk sleeves and. athletic vests.W e also have a corking goodline 'of Raincoats and Balmacaans.Concerning Haberda·shery· Everything from hosiery to collars.Silk shirts our specialty.Remember this:---."When you go . up the price 'comes down.",1}ROGERS l:J MAY CLOTHES SHOPSUITE 1204· 5REPUBLIC BUILDING209 South State Street(Comer €:I State and Adams)I'THE DAlLY MAROON, ft1B8DAY, ZU2IOB t, 111�SENIOBSJerrems TailoringMeans clothes that give youindividual good style.Prices $30.00 to $60.00(Continued from }19ge 1)------in:! fur three years to ha"e the prh •. 1ilege of occupying the Senior bench:'said Swan. "and we promise to care forit ,,-ith the It('st of our abilitv."Hand Do.wn Cap and oOcl1l'D..Snrnh Thompson tendered the capun.l ;.r0WII to tho (·lnstJ of 1915. '"Thecap :1Il11 gown earrlee with it one o�011 r �r(':tt ('�t trw li t io 1lI�:' she sald, ,.) ti� n symbol of the honor and truthof tilt- �ll('('(�('I1ing elasses, 'Ve deJ:�othat it� next owners "iU clo mort' thant'\"c'r tu mnko its value eheriahed.",,�,r? necopt the ('ap and gown, fullyT('nh7.lIl!! of what it is symbolie, anll\\"(' honr- to ('nrn' out its illpnlK to thobest of our abllltv," Rail} llar\' 1I1Il'_Donald ill n. speech of :Ic('('ptm.('e fortho .TuniorRMatthew!' and BelcblM·n Speak.President Rudy 1\latthe,,'s explainedtho mixed f('t'lin!!s fIlf jo�' and ROrrO\\"r-xpr-rloneed h�" the �f>nior W}lO is aboutto !!rncluate. He told of the pl&'lQu"owhich tho �racluate felt at necomplish­jill! fonr vears' wnrk , and tbe sorrowwhich- f'nm('! with Ienvine the �nrro"ncl­in{!'!t whieh had become clear to himafter the end of a eolleee career,"P.rn(,pt Reichman. the clnss orator.state(] that seniors had onlv one cl�dnv, and that it was onlv fittinp revi('lW' of +1.,. C'1:l��' :If'th;tiM Rhou111� made, ''We have studied the in,�f'rio(o of the f'arlh'� surfnee, the tn.hnbitnnts of the elobe, and the Ianzu­nae :,"d ideals of the human rnee,"�� i,l Reiebmnn. ''We have W'ork('d to­eofher and plav(-'d toaether, 'Ve havefelt. th(' ('xu1tation of a eomDlon bonda� wpll as ('ollE'l!e and class spirit, ofwhich fhf' claM of P14 is a n&ted cr.nmple. The friendships we have tmE­tiYnted will be' ultrLvaluable memories in later life. The sentent"e in ourAlma Yater, 'Her faith and truthshall make men free," expresses thegoal for which '14 has aiT"Pc1.'Class History Uneuthed."The-Miracle" was the title of theI AGGRESSIVE COLLEGE Ml:N WITH cla!ls history presented by DorotheaA PERSONALITY AND PUSH: Washburne. The events which occur­OVER 21 Y,3ARS OLD N e ,red durinsr the college days of the Clns.CII . 0 XPer:L of '14 were set forth in the form ofonce nece&la.ty. OALLING ON DEAL-! the .discoveries .of aD! eminent archae-EmS, sma.U towns with Trade Journal olo�st who unearths the fossils andsitio v: hierol�"llbics wh;ch &Jame the promi-prcpc n. c;ry a.ttractive, beco.ase nent men and women of the' class tell-subscribers are enabled to meet any in!!' What they have accompli8h�d inprice quoted by mail order houses on c�)] Remai� of the Honor com-. .' . nnSSlon, the Semor women's honor so-an yarticle. Here s a reaJ. opportunity ciety, the Undergradu.nt(-' council, andto travel. MAke $15 daily and h2ve numeroos other orlr:lnizationB. are duO'your money every Die-ht. Territory up on the scientists' excal"ations. Bone';of leading Chic�o men were foonelfor only 25 men, so act quick. Univer nnd were taken to $how the ad'"aneedsity Sales Companw, Iowa. City, Iowa. ctage of Cbica�o's cil"iJization.Loan Fond is Pre,ented.Tn presenting the Senior class stiftof a student loan funlL Earle Shiltondescribetl the moVe as one in keepingwith the re("or(l of the ("lass for (Ie­m�cracv. "Fon«lly, perhaps with eon'CClt, We feel that our class is excep_tional in that We ha"e been hi�hlvdemocratic-a]} anI} not a few haveta ken part. Our gift is not in mater,ia� form. NelVComers to the eampusWl.Jl not kDOW of our existence Ourgift, a l?an funcl will ha"e for its pur.pose neIther to pauperize nor to givemoney away, but to make fonds at in­�rest a.vailable to students. This willbe handled on a loan basis."Sh.ilton said students w.ould becbarged low interest fOlf loans, anelpredicted that the fund would breedcharacter.DeaD ADge!! Accepts Gift.Dean AJ1gell praised the class forclcparting from custom in presentingAGENTS TAKE NOTICE; The well the Joan fund B8 tho Senior gift. ··TheJmcnrn Sima Seed Corn Dryer which loan fund is a thing ind.istr"etible"was sold last Ye£z' at $1,50 will sen he said, and it will represent the b�therly love and sentiment of the class5c per line. No ad\'erdaementa reo this Jear at $1.00, capacity 200 ears. of ]914, try tea.ehin2 students in needceil-ed for lea thaD 25e. AU cIuIIIed '1'bis reduced price makes it retail at tr, turn for aid to the gift of yourclass.' In closing, Dean Angen read aadvertisements must be paid ID ad- one-halt the price of any other dryer ('ll hl('gram from a remote village in thev:uace. on the DlU'ket per capacity. This is a itlt('rior of China, signed by Presidentpractical necessity that fazmers buy .ru!bon. whieh read, ""Greetings to the. grnlluates."GARRICK TBBATBB-Olg:l Petro\':t in halt and dozen lots. Good for $50 I ----+----in a sen�"ltional play, ··I�anthea." J>i- weekly in Northern corn groWing t�r. "'PRE�O NI���: FOBr('�t. from ten ,,"eekg at Rooth th('atcr, rttory. SamJlle !llelUng outfit free, OBLBBB.A.nON FB.IDA.YN(!W York. Coupon� giving rehatc� Investigate quick. Fanners' Specia'tyon all J)(!rCormancc� may be oht. ... inccl Co., Iowa. City, Iowa. EARN ENOUGHat the Maroon officc. I MONEY 'l'BIS SUMMER SO THAT__ YOU WGN'T HAVE TO CALL ONLOST-Toclny, an ('m'clope tontaining DAD OR � DISHES NEXTamber b('atls. Jlrohnhly nt �in� "'ri- YBAB. YOU OAN DO IT WITHday night. Return to 59, F�ter hrul. '1'HIS PROPOSITION.A Speeialyof 001'8;.r •.I,I�Standisk-a NewARROWCOLLARfor8ummerAn ultra smart stylewhich correctly ex­presses the fashionBfor!J6t:CLvrtTT. PEABODY 4CO .. Iac. .....CLASSIFIEDADVERmEIDMSExa,mjn,tfon SdledII1e.8:15 cla.ttses: Wednesday, 9:1512:15.9:15 elasses: Thursday, 9:15,12:15.10:45 dK.tl8ell: Friday, 9:15-12:15.11 :45 clD&J�: Wednellclay, 2·5.I ::W c'lasses: Thursclay, 2·5.:!:JO dalUlClI: }'ricJay, 2-5.DocnitCIQ Heads to BeceiveHeads of tho women's dormitorleswill form the reeeh'iug line at the au­nual reception by members of thehatls tOlia.y frorm 5 to i, on the lawnin front of Foster.Kra. mtchcocJt is Guest.Mrs. Charles llih·hoock was theguest of honor at an informal reeep­t ion hy Mr. and Mrs. Robertson to thereroilleuts of llitchcock Suudav from 6 in the hall library. •Deke WiDa I'nterD1ty �layDelta K31lpa l';l,sil'J!l won the iutcr;fraternity relay championship on Stagg field. Alpha Tau Ome�a� seeond and Kappa Sigma third,PSI Upsilon \\'a8 disqualified when thesecond runner dropped the st iek, The,men runnin� on the winning team wereAI-":l.r, Maxwell. Georg e , Russell, Gor­don, and Cory.Pamsylania Avenue.11th and H StreetsTo lCCken or • botel whereblxwiOISS quarters may be se­cured. wheft charm .tld eee­ami&! atmosph�re yrnail, and,where excdl�D� 0 auYJCe i:tparamOWlt. tbe Hotel PowhatAno&en jut aacb iDcluccmcab._ _th detadaed bath'ID&T ... obtaiued at '1.50. II 00aad D.P.: Rooms with prifttlt��.p.�_tl.OO aD4 •C'��.-='�Write fer bookl�t with map •.CLIFFORD II. LEWIS,)I:maicr.,SellYourPRED.CLAIUtB"rPJ IIJcise aJeIfI 6all­p1� 10 � Tazed.. rJo, � r�o/raooIlrd loIHu:«I IItGI 6tw. tlaeSIJlis/aclJon 11,,11 TllzetloJoa."University Text BooksLaw Books-Medical BooksCollege Text BooksWoodworth's Book Store130 E. 57th StreetNear Kimbark Ave.TIe Per/«l T o6oa:o Jar PI:>e tmJ OgtWlleTuxedo is made from the finest,mildest, leaves of high-grade Burley JIlIMY ARCHERtobacco, • s� treated under the fa- �r: I� ::.-:.;:­mous original "Tuxedo Process" cooIMU, miltlneu, �that it burns slow and cool with a TuxcJo is II 1IJi".,.."delightful ftavor and aroma: c:J.Z""P�The" Tuxedo Process" makes itimpossible for this perfect tobaccoto bite or sting the most delicatethroat or tongue.Tuxedo has many imitators-inoutward appearance. It has no equal·in the pipe or cigarette.YOU CAN BUY TUXEDO EVERYWHEREc.a III p •• c •• 5 F--.as_� IIa. 10i r.II " wltlt C with .... lett...... C• I 1 001.... ar...t .. fit pocbt". CIa. II £ •• � SOc GItII9Oc:FREE Smd us 2 emts in stamps for post·age and we will mail you a MKI.enirtin of TUXEDO tobacco to anypoint in the Uniml Stata. AddftllTHE AMERICAN TOBACCO COJIPANYROODI18 In PJftbA...... NewYoda:Tj{'ket� for the "Prep Night" �ele­"r�tjon F'rill:l�' in Manllel may be ob­faln('cl from tho Information office.flit' Reynolc1� dull or from Merriam's.. fTi("c in Bartlett. Students have beenllr�('ll to �et their ti�kets early lUI thenllmh('r j� limited. Tho pri;.e" forpoint winn('TS in the Intersehola!JtieWill he awnrflt'll to th� athlet� SAt·Ilmlny ni�ht in HtJtf'hin�on (!ourt, a de-TO R('nt-T .. arlre, cool Cront room. ftlr- Profits from Hop .Are $103. part.ure of the oM custom. •nishetl in mah�ny, "ith Pullnmn Genern) Chairman Jj.:tr'·�v Hatri.::I or I SUbscrlben �� -00da,'eport; tonneding bed if desired, nc Int(-'rcln.q� Hop "ommltt('(' "('!-01('!"j rt· f th C pia.P' . (1' 1 h' C· l' ." "oJHe� 0 e np nnd Gown notlano. Also 5,room flat, mutable for ny I�snel I� IDa fmanNnl rf'port ('nne 1 for b h'be bsevern) girl� Hyde Park 4924. ]<)�6 sho\\'ing a profit of 102.70 :,},O\'(> nil �or�in� wih "� :�I c; y tomorrow)_. I "xJlPns('�. The reccipb amollntell to ,. n ,e On S!'encr.lEaQ 6Ist Street. �6; 50 and e�DSS to �64 80 . ":lJe at the Cap and {H)wn oft'iee E!.. ., -11:'-'....... )j� 14. 'Tuxedo -A - Hit withthe Hit-Makers� HUNDREDS of the snappiestball players in the country­the clean-cut athletes who provideAmericans with their greatest out­door relaxation-enthusiastically en­dorse Tuxedo. This is the kind ofendorsement that carries a convinc­ing punch.These men know that Tuxedo isa mild, pure tobacco, which can besmoked all�ay -w:ith pleasure. Tux­edo co""ot "it� the tongue; it burnsfreely and smoothly, giving a cool,sweet smoke.-PROFILE·Scarfsllde �and lock fiOn�f&!�1JNITED SHlR.T'rc mUAJt 00. 'l"Rcn(N.'"£-_-- __ a-VOlFRJ1:LJtth'UtonUI"oUcl,1(\'Ill'satto·1!IreselldOlth:lonex1_ .. {Jr(frcCoTha ItheDrdu}.toThCoclutiuen1bean'V:)wiIh,heen,)('IIiBeoriJl,uJlOlitc....Tothinllerlnoh('re:artm:ittalth,anpuenctb:(le'ot''!o'f>:plr�'olit:!