JIlaity!llrnntt,�,VoL xu. No. 35 ••.. 'i"1Backed by 250' FrantiC StudentsChicago Defeats Minne­sota by 13-7 Score"1,".,;,worked so suecessfully in the Cornellgame two years ago, and holdlug thoGophers to three first downs in thefirst half were tho factors In Chicago'svictory.Every man on the Chicago teamplayed the game of his life, and itis almost impossible to pick the stars.Captai n N orgren played the game ofhis life, his punts wero consistently ov­er fifty yards and he carried the ballnearly every other play. His buckswere almost impossible .to 'stop andho picked holes fuulflessly, DollyGray ,,'as saved 'as much as possible NOVEKBD NDMBER OF 'lHB. .ALUMNI MAGAZINE I8 OUT,EUllNATE GOPHERS I ALUMNI BANQUET T� WOIEffS 'CWBS PLEDGE MANY T9.� CONCERTFROM TITLE RUNNING F ootball Men Will Be Guem At t ·FORTY -NINE -FRFSHIEN Glee <;:Iub AnooUl¥:eS Largest SaleAnnual D�wn-lowD' Dinaer To- ." \ - ' 'Of Tickets In Its History-Wis-morrow NIght-Senior Men Are Announce New Members.Lad -consin Mtm to Take Part in Fri- Defeat of Baqen Saturday ToAlso Invited. .: " ' ,Saturday, the FJnt�rlDle an 'i day S:ng. Clinch rlnl: ConfereaceCham-the FaD Quarter pionahip Since 1908----ROOTERS OUTYELL OPPONENTS I ,Captnin X orgren and the members, ot the football team will 1.0 the guestsBae ked by t�1I1r�d and fifty nt the anuuul dinner of the Chicagof'rnut.ie Chit'ago rooters, who outyelle.l _\Iullllli dub tomorrow at 6:30 at th ..twenty thousand lliuuesota. fans, Chi- Grand Pat'ific hotel, Jackson Boule­t'ago outplayed �l inuesota, in three' vard :1Il11 Clark street. All alumni,Cillartl'rs :11111 elimiuuted the Gophers Ntulleuts und former students of thefrom tho Conferei ... ·o champiouship Uuiversity are iuvited. Tho speakersrunning hy a 1:1-; score, Gettiug tho for the c\'ellillg will be Mark Catlin,jump at the start of the b"3Jlle, seor; member of the '05 team and Walliejug nfter fi ve minutes of play on Nor- Stefl'en, star in '08, and Professor Oii­greu's seventy yard kick and the old ver .J. Thatcher, forult!rly with the Un­fake forward pass play, which was Iveraity,as h.. wa." not in tho best of condLtion� but whenever called upon ,he----' ... t'!am .... ---Ollirongn-wl a' giun.Pierce aDd :auaen Star.Pierco played a ,!onderful ot!'ensivean(l clefcnRi\"o game. He ploughedthrough tho heavy Minnesota line like'a locomotivo and seored the firsttoueh(lown on a terrific plunge. HoWIlS in nearly every play on the de,fonse anel backed up the line fault­lessly. Not one of tho few runnel'"'ho reachef) the becond:uy c1et't:nSc'1-38sed him. Onc time, wholl runningintorfercllec, he hit Mctte!'n, the Iigi.thairt.>a whirlwintl so ha.rel, lbnt th·GOph�l flicl not fet'O\'('r for t!cv�r31,n' ":Itcs ancl was reDlo\'e,: from th .. ,.... :lltll t,'.ortly after, I"ett', l:n8.,--11 r:mthe ten", perCet'tly a.nt: his jU1lglllt'n,of ,.la, 8 was faultl�� He mOOt> th··tlf"it :;-,111 hllown possihlJ hy hiR twen,ty yard run to the one yard line, andonco �t(\Jlped Shauglu:('sRY, whtm : h.,,11I:'J.;ing fullba�k ha·. gotte.: de:ar.. nf. waR racing for r. ,ouci:clown. l1i,�running back of punts ",,':as ;\ marvc'pus events. The frontispiece,'iews of the dedieatioa of tile"1�, I..j.,tt:(.: ,'f' "-" i'11 .JifIr'". -J •I'.1\ :1ti (:"1, l'I,(,t'1\\c_t'I.��'•to the Minnesota erowd.Line is Strong.Many WUl Atteud.Alrea,ly many have notified the eom,mittee In charge that they will bepresent, and it is expected that theattendance �ilI exce� all former ree­ords, Senior men es�ially have beeninvited, and Harold Swift, '08, has an.nounced that he will pay the· sum of$10 towards the class gift if the Ben­ior men 'to the number of fifty willattend. A tilleda! rate of $1.50 hasbf'en offered the Seniors, the regulartickets being sold at $2.00 a plate.AD 'A.Julllni address by WlllbmSeott Bond, '97,' aiDd newa notes ofmembers of. his I elau, which enMredthe University jut twenty leva ...,are amoDg tile; features of the Al1UODimagazine far' N .... ber just iaued.In hiJo �'�!t: m ...... opec­ial m�"O(��, .,;: .. ,',.opment ofathleti� �liIa1ti�":.ee the op4tIL.ing of tJae" t1�versity, and pays a �b­ute to Coach Stagg Whose "_rgylargely is r«:sponsible, he says" for tileacquisition of tho athletic fieltl and,gymnasium.Other features' of the number are &roprint of the Summer Convoeatio. ,a­dress on "Our RelatiODa with .Japa.,delh'ered in laIaadIl Auaat . 21 byProfessor Lata.ne of J�:' �unil'ersity; notes on undergradaMe __tivities, and a r�ord of retell' �-, Acftfl'flBS WM!',,_*AT\'.WISCONSIN IS LASTFOE BmYEEN TITLE�he Seore club aJumm, dance Satur_day. ,.The pledgee are. aa tollow.:.IIortiar BoardXatheril1e. Chudler,Theo Gri1riths,Theodoaea Haskell,Mary Knoedler,Lili Lieber;Margaret' M'oliroc_-�Helen Adams,Elsa Freeman.Katherine Hinton ..Elizabeth MacClintock,Josephine Starr,Virginia Titus..q�.Martha Barker,;Genevie"e -EdmOlltls,Alice Kiuhell, "l\finllesota.. ..•..... _ •• 11,0100Purduo..........•. _.112500Wh:\,O:I:,;ill............ 111iO\ITndiana...... _ ••••••• 230401'OhioSt3te••... __ • _.020000Northwestern••• _ ••.. 050000Re('c!pts at the box otr�ce in CobhWEAR RIBBONS AI, ,INFORMAL �eflteri:ay 'fr'''m the s91t' of Glee clu1,tiekets for the Chicago-Wisconsin Gle ...}'orty�nine' women. were pledged to clubs in Mandel Frielay night wer";.'!the _omeu'" club. Saturday morniDg�P�eviou •. to this lear the pledge dayWILL BE 11IE HARDEST BATILEConferenCe Standfn«.grea�er than any other flJ'st day',s sale W. L. T. P"L'Of tit keta to a Glee club concert Oil Chicago .. , _ ..••.••.•• 6 0 0 1,000,for women'. club. lui. been held in the cnmpua Nearly as mnny tickc,t:J Illinois _ .. _ " ...•. _ .. ,2 1 1 666the Spring q,:,-arter. Women wore th� to the eoncert have h .. en sold as fn- Iowa. •.. _ ....•....•.. 2 1 0 666ribbons and Gower. of ·,their clubs at the home·coming concert last Spring.More tbsn eighty. men will be onI the stage l'f one time Ir, the programFrtday night. The. Wisconsin elub. will' number forty men while abontforty,thrp.� men will !'t'}'i'csent Chir.a-�o. Befor� the concert m Mandel, tile,mcllli:ers of, both clubs will - occupy With tho Minnesota game safely outi.pecial tables at the l'nity 'banquet, of the w�y and the Gophers eliminatedwhere thoy will sing their eolleg» as championship contenders" Direct >ri'ootbaU 801lg& Stagg will start working on his of ..Announce BeservatioD& fenRo ana defense for the' BadgecThe program has been' eompleted and game, Tho coaches expeet the Wis­only Deeds the finishing touches of consin game to be ,the hardest, of theI another reheareal, 'All the Wiseonfiin y�ar, not' excepting Saturday's greatalumni IIX the city have been notified Icontest. Tho one thought at,Madisonof th'e entertainment and a reunion is to beat Chicago, and the Badgersot Wisconsin as well as Chicago alum- will be backed by thousands of atu­ni' will be held. One half of Mandel dents and alumni, when they run onthe field.will: . be resorTed for Vljseonsin men,. whil� the other Bitlo will be open toChieag� - supporters.To establish a clear claim to thQ90nferenc� title ChicagoJri''W=,aaJ'f .,' � . ..._::�;:..:�yZi ..., ' .r�..;ma.�1 BMtian.LllUul, �I, ., �""l.e' Bogert,H�� 'toJaDsioD;'"'KeO� ,'-_ - .... � Konohan.. -pea.:EW_ Doty,• >- •�e Latimer,...... llaeD01Hllcl,.. 8IaeeIly,"IaeS�,'�' .. Jtwel1..m aad.' Chieago ·�tbalJ 7ii1s eD �t tJae �Diversity ·ele�e. U .tQ.,���.'by u. .. respeetive'elubs; wWr _� '� � �Ite' �e8,:�. haa"noCJ_',big- ud;:.<domag"BODg_bY botIL'elahs �9R1'U�aee, "'fJeaa, �'yje""'rW->.toaeaer: Both clubs mU:also presel!t nee� :i�l" &It. UDdispated ·eIafa· Weome specialty numbers· �d vaudevilh the. ;��;..;� beat' w- ..... uStunts by their eomedians. and '.� won from MiIlJleeota, b.,'!'eama wm Auad., �, .�d tII!e, Badgers defeat· Chieaco -Since the tiekets will be on sale ,at' :�ple tie "ould result. On the othel:�he popular, priee, of fittY', een� it bJ -"aa4 if Di�tor 81111'a men aD beaaexpected that the hou� win be erowd- the �dge� ,then -woUld be no team'to dispute the dampionslaip, and thefirst Conferenee 'footb8,11 title ala ..1908 will come to. the llidwQ'.WIscoDSID fa FamddMle.ed and will assume the atmoephere ofa large mass-meeting of, students andalumni before the big game Saturda.y.Both football teams, their c�hes :u1l1traine� have been invit4td to be pre9�ent.The Glee elub is rehearsing daily �norder to eompare favorably with th�The Wisconsin game will be f.from a walkover. According to tilereports of tho experts M!uneeota "...really not any better than the,�-1. ' ftI ... »e:,-.�te' Hewitt,"i '�.a..ter,JIariaa mea..,....... _Parker.GIll ....... 'l .. �-- AJIbriPt,��,:a.... .... t,..... -..mo....... �k..ft ..... 1Id.�1Ia7,lfI O'N� ..::w:.!' ......c.ae- .....lI� .. rt .......J' --�._.-----• S .... !MY .....i ' ,)Qea: ... .,. ........ ifddecl - �... i. �e U'tatioa , __ � - :am;=r= CIa� �.t1,I.� �,_�" •• 1.... : ....... , 01, ........ � tlab 7fIIto 'l'Ite -.ding of til. Bomue. el1lb� �b � .• ,_. oa aDDoueed for today h .. been post-JI�,. � •• .;' Ia Cobb poDed �_ week, Oil aeewnt of a eOD·,,: tielb ••• eetiDC of tile Oenwde el1lb._" _.stronger organization fnm' Madison. gers. Doc Williams men were behindAs eeveral good eomediana and men three to nothing at the end ot the'ologists have been diaeovered nmong first half and were outplayed eomplete­I this' year's Glee elub membership, th,' Iy in this, period. It was only in tile'program will present more eomedy aUll seeond period after Bellows and Cap­amaaemeDt thaD i. previous years. A tain Tandberg, the oft'enslve stan, Iaad.. mher of iDstnameDtal soloists have been removed from the game beeaultaIBo beea .eared,' and will eo.tribute of injuries, that Wiaeonain WeDt &088TeraI Dumbers • the program. pil"<'es and the Gophers acored tlareetouchdowns..BOLD LOWBB mlUOB8PB&JDlIG :n:1fAJ.8 OH Captain, Tandberg is the best gnM1l1el!WIDAY; P.OV8 OOMPB'fB gainer on the Wiaeonsin team aDelhbremo,,·al in the: eeeond half, when Ile-Final. in the Lower Junior e%tem- was hurt, completely discouraged ...poranew.a publie speaking eoatest will team. Bellows, the fteet little qu�_� held Fridayat' 10:15 in Kent the, terbaek, whoso drop kieking and punt­ing ability makes him a mainstay of,'"('-;�.- 'aw. Contestants will reeeive thl"ir_bjeeta at 10:15 Th1lma,., thus be­g ,allGwed twea\7-f.u laOGh forpreparatioa. Tlae time of ..ell epeee�will be limited to 8ve lIliDlltee.Tile ',foar students eompeUDg are:Adriu Ke.Parluc1, Badolpla Moritz.Swan WalsIa &ltd KadeU .. Wood .... .the team, was :-.1so injured and his piauwas taken by Kessenich, who e ,071'generalship and inosperif'nee w"",, tilemaiD l'cuon for Wiseon!dll's downfall'JBoth of tiJ� men _ill be ill pert-phnp(' Ratnrday, aDd WiaeoniD root·('� look for a reversal of fona. )(ore_(),- .. r Wi!":�on"in will have 1aad twoweeks of r08t., _nee the (!OIhparatiVft',.H."1. Ohio game, aDel �he team willprofit immensel,. by aI •.ftIB DAILY MA'ROOK.The DailyMaroon ;;=--. BulletiaIt1&i1'�niti! IIf ��it'''9''CDftici41 �h,�cut �CUS.p"pl�FormC'rlyUnivenity of CbicaKo Weekly..�nA�inc Editor .••••••••••• Martin Stever.II CWI £Chor ••••••••••••• Geor�e Cottin&bamAtalelics Editor •.•.••••••••••• Harry Gor&a5.llli:1eu Manai:er •••••.•••••• Burdette MastClrc;.1latioll lo1allolli:er •••••••••• William LJ�Puhli!'hcd dail; except Sundays, Mondays�,j holidays dur ing thr ee-quarter s of the:Ulli,'er!o;t,. year.Enlt"recl as secoud-class mail at the: ChicagoPostornce, (,hical:o. Ill .. March 11.\, lll08, un­dt:r Act of .Marcil 3, lli.:S.Athletics Bmities--=SUBSCRIPTION RATES.1:,. car r ier, $:!,r.O � year; $1.00 a cluarte:r.J;,. mail. $;$,UO a year: $l.:!a a quarter,Etiitor:lll,llusillcss Ul:ico.:, Ellis :!-l,'j'ei('I,hnne .Midway SOO,(iCbitorialTODAY. ,JawC!:! lI. Sheldon of lnwana willJunior Chapel. ,\!omen--l0:15, lbn_ ,.ri\'e up coaching at' the enel of thisNext Monelay will witness the for·mal opeuiug of the basketball seasonCommltte0-2:30, at WiseouKiu. The squad has alreadyTigers Head-10:1S, Cobb 6A.Senior Women's I.I1Dc:beon-Hutehin-son cafe. 12:15.JUnior ExecutiveCoLL UB.Biological Club-;:45, Botany Lee;taro Hall.Botanical Olub-4:30, Botany 13.c':lfe, 12 :45.MathematicalClUb-RyersonMandOlin Club-4:30, Reynolds club. painters, paint, brushes and all, wereTOMORROW. preeipitated into the water as the re-Ch:tpel AssemblY-Senior colleges suit of a break in the scnft'old. Swim­and tho College of Commerce and Ad- ming classes have been postponed amiuistratiou, Mandel 10:15. week.Sophomore Luncheon.-Hutehinsou·1:25.The Cllicago..Minnesota game of last Scandinavian Club-Ellis 14 and 15,S�turc.ay is new a part of footba.U his- S P. M.tory. But in lookingback upon it, one thingstands out significantly,even above the fact Chicago VB. Harvard? Now that tho talk of Michigan re-that it was 011e of the greatest foot- To t.he Editor ; turning to tho Conference has boonb�!l games in the west in recent years r n order to settle, for the time be- dropped for a year or two, we' will-c�eu above the fact that it probably ing at least, the much disputed ques- 'bear from Nebraska. The Missourisc:.t!ed the western title. . Tho grcat tion of eastern football vs, western Valley 'Conference is modeled after:tl!ing is the spirit shown by Chicago football, why not let the champions tho "Big Nine", 80 that as far asa.I:.�� Minnesota. Not o� by the of the west meet the champions of irules are concerned, the Cornhuskers'are perfectly eligible. Nebr�ka, fur­thermore has won the championship ofhe Missouri Valley Confer�nc�' forthe last four years, and they defeateel,genius by coaches; the wonderful dis- Tho Stadium of Syrae.Jse Univer- Minnesota this year.li!.�J" was by the rooters. A scant sity would bo an ideal battle ground.tl!:"'ee hundred Chicago men were as- It is the largest of its kind in tb3sczabled in a section on ,the north country, exceeding even Harvard's fa­b!�ac!!crs-three hundred lost in a sea. mous stadium. While not exactly mill­of twenty thousand Gopher fans. No way between Cambridg .. � and Chicago,ono expected that Chicago cheers it is near enough to both to make itcould be heard for an instant. Then possible for each University to attend.C[ptain Norgren came on the field. There would be a battle royaL Canleading his team..mates at a dead run. you think of any game you woulclAr.d what a roar went UP! Members rather see?of tilo team say it sounded like 1 three Why not have such a game on Sat-th0urand men. Chicago alumni on the urday, November 29, 1913?other side of the field declared it bet- Thomas A. Goodwin.",t'Rt trospec­ttvoCOMMUNICATION.who saw the game the east? Aside from the question �f,ne7er a "hold them" was heard. Itw=.:; tU=en for granted that the fel­loe:;:; 011 the field would hold. Ifnc�so is any indication of spirit, ChL�,�o spirit surely was vindicated. ButDC �o �J,S not all. . Throughout thetr::J, all day in Minneapolis, the Chi·ca::o :�ters were gentlemen. TheyC1UCd ::lli�lllesota men, to be sure; butIt was in fricndly spirit, and nevera n:ean or nasty dig was heard. Andin tId!; connc�tio�, it is only plain dutytv :,,(..k!low1edgc the sportsmanship ofM;;mcsota. The huge Gopher mobcc�;I<l hJ-';o crushed the little handfulof Chicago men, captured tho banner,a&J broken up tho crowd. But nevera ,voru was heard suggesting this. Af­ter the game, when the three hundredvera snako..dancing on the field, sur_thousands of Minnesotatc�Ins--ever,yoneeca testify that never was there agreater spirit and determination andl1Eht shown by football teams, andtc:.· than any cheer ever heard onMnshall Field in recent years. ThenC'l!:=!O Millnesc� and the thunder oftho Minnesota "Ski-U-Rah" rolled outacross the field. And what was thatot:!(;:i:' yell? "Chicago, Chicago, Chica_ito-GO!", cutting into the Gopher "10-ecmottve' as :l. ship whistles throughth ..... ; air. Minnesota was thunderstruck.Al:d so on throughout the game •. Nosupremacy, it would 00 valuable forboth teams to encounter other tac,Li�rary Obtains Ancient Tablets.(Special to Daily .u arooJJ.)Urbana, nl, Nov. 17.-The Classicalmuseum of the university of Illinoishas just acquired a collection of 1000inscribed Babylonian clay tablets. Thetablets date from 240u to 2100 B. C.'he collection fnrnishes fino examplesof the cuneiform writing of 4000 yearsmr_i;te= what the noise, no matter how ago. This valuable collection was se,fr::l!tically the Minnesota crowd yeU- cured from Dr. E. J. Banks of Green­ed. that little haJldful of three bun- field, l\[ass.dr.:(� could be heard all over the fidd.ALd they never quit. Rudy ,:Matthews Masquers WUl Have Party.r..70 tlle fellows tina" to breathe, and Tho Masqucrs will give a party to-th�n called for more. And when Chi- morrow afternoon in Le::r:ington 14caco was in danger, the yelling was from 3:30 to 5:30. Jessie Brown hasto',lder than ev� And best of all, charge of tho f!ntertainment.rot;.nded byme:1, tho onlY demonstration was wav­Ing Minnesota banners, and smiling.' _ tulations. AU about the dtycO··fr",�greeted the Chicagoand a heartY.we takeJIi�mesota menfe!!ows with a smile�o beSt team won;Zoological Club JIeets.:\Iiss Hyman spoke on the ,cTheol'�of Xarcosis" at the Meeting of thoZoological club yesterday afternoon inZoology 24. Mr. Green also addressedtho club on a review of Nachtsheim's"Cytologischc Studein uber die Ges­{'hlcchtshestimmung bei der Honig_hienc·'.our hats off to �01l �lows! No (%Oft. oo1ll4 ev.. loBemore gncefUlly, or show better feel­ing. The entire dty of JllDneapoUsfelt ,a, duty of hospitality to ChiC&llomen. Knots of Goph .. rooters �veChicago yells when they saw menwearing the mal'OOD rooters hatL nwas this spirit on the pU't of �so13 aDd Chicuo, added. to tile COD­test itself, that made Jut SaturdU'Bgame one of the neatest plQe4 inthe west in recent JeUB. ft. D1Qeis a tribute to ev�, �players, students, and dq, COD.CeR'De4in the contest.season to praetfee law in Chicago.!hCCli. cut to sixteen men.While working in. the swimming1'001 at Wisconsin last week, threeFor tho first time in a Western Con,3; � ference game, tho Northwestern play _ers were numbered last Saturelay.I t is expected that twenty-five ormore Michigan scrubs will be awarded'he official sweater and insignia thi!t'Season.Governor Dunne, who, witnessed· th�'Illinois-Purdue game laSt Saturday,was entertained all day by the Uni·'versity Club in Champaigu, as well as-I'The Schooland CollegePen inRegular,Safety andSelf-FillingTypes$2.50'raraountainPenThe Waterman's Ideal that is suited to your hand will doneater, more uniform and quicker work than any other writingimplement. Such efficiency is of the greatest benefit in studentlife where writing is a part of every study. The c ntinuoususe of one pen develops character of handwriting. The sameWaterman's Ideal will last for years and is always ready. Buythe genuine, the pen with the famous Spoon Feed and Clip­Cap. In many sizes, scientific shapes and points of every degree.Sold by All the Best DealersL. E. Waterman Company, 173 Broadway, New Yorkvarious fraternities.. In numbering the players at, North .... r ,western, last Saturday,·' the ' numb6 �"13" was �i�'>,:,-. ...... ,:_ - .. ;-;.: ': �; -, <'The Big Nin� sehedul� 'i:n�ting :;;m:-:'be held in the Auditorium. hotel De-cember 6.'; � .'The Wisconsin special - will leav:�M.adison for the Chicago game at sev­en-twenty Saturday morning and wlilleave Chicago, on the return trip aboutmidnight.\ -:MAROON ADVS BRING RESULTSA clipping from the Minnesota Daily'of Saturday:Today at 10:45, despite all offort.·d:oprevent it, the ra�ing crazy Chicago"Seout, who owes his unfortunate COil'clition to a glance at "Doe." Williarursmachine will endeavor to commit sui�­dde. He will hurl himself from, th�highest pinnacle· at the west end of,Folwell Hall and attempt to dash hisbrains out upon the eold hard stonesteps below. An appropriate hospitalambulanee will be waiting below (Sb.shrouded in seer«y) to aearela for theremnants of the Scout's mangled form.f3hould the Scout live after his lr�pfor life, Chieago will be expeeted toseore on Minnesota othenriae not. 'thosenior class is said to be taldDg charg-Jof the suieidal entertainmeDt and willhave psychologists and alieni.· rea.lyto make a post _mortem examination ofthe miiad of tho dead lunatie.-\VifIConsin expects its line to begrealy strengthened for the game withthe Maroons. "GcrmallY" Schultz, the1IcCam, '12, to 'hUt ill Bltdlcock.Davis McCarn, '12, will speak at thoTuC!tday Ten tOcloek in Hiteheoek to.­night. With the idea of helping any�cn wbo contemplate going abroadn_.%t Spring, be will teU of his ex�perienc88 during a four months' tripthrough Europe. 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An c' • ."fted.1'a4yC� muat be Jat4 ill &4.�COLLAR V&II<e.' ICliett. P_"� a Co. ..... II....... FOUND--Watch fobo Inqw.re ruom 25,Zoology buildiDg..1-'0& S;.\LE a& bargatD...-one aui& ofclothea-TUedo .tyle, original coet$55-tu&de by 'be tailor-Suit 1asmall ; siz6--EDquue Buabieaa manac­er of MuOoD.Arrau�eUleuts for the taking of theSeuior pictures for tho 1914 Cap andGown have been made with W. L.Koehne, official photographer for theauuual. J II order to expedite thowork of the Look the editors urge thatScuiol"''' arrango for having their pie­tures taken as soon as possible antibring tho proofs to tho Cap and Gownoffieo iu Ellis. The cost of the proofsis one dollar, which amount will beappfied on auy further pictures or­dered, for which �p('('ial rntes are of­fl'rell. �t r. Koehne iM Ioented on thefiftl�lIth floor of the Monroe building,corner of Monroe street and Michigan.-...;...."IIOW to work -your ·way through -eol­lege," Mailed free to students. 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Phone.LOST-A Boston Safety· FountainPen at the University of Chicago Ath­letic Field, Thursday afternoon, Nov.13th� Finder .. please retum. to Infor­mation office tn Cobb.PICK: TENTATIVE JlJNlOBAND SENIOB HOCKEY TEAMSLarge Number of Women Will TryOut for Places on Squads ofTwo Colleges.Sold by all Loop Department StoresJOSEPH SCHWEITZERAND,,'OK HAL.t: very eheap, Washburnguitar; tun elfesa' coat, Tuxedo andPrince: Aibert, ilJ:e 86-38. H. P. 220;;,!'i46S.*�gton.Ave_,.2Bd Apt. ,ThOm�D.li,�!eY • Son \a8 . ,POr -Gent.temen !��.-m. �-�Aifts 01' \IflflI aOLLBCm " JIA]f I.� aIM 13, up31 W.: IIODiOe strei\ . 0laICaC0� • • j ' ••Tentative Junior and Senior hockeyaqualls have been chosen for tho sea,Bon.' Tho Junior squad is exception­ally Iarge, but will be cut down after'a few practice games have been play­('1(1, tho poor material Qeing dropped.The women who have made the squadarc: Hellwig Brasseit, Julia Dodge,Kathleen Colpitts, Alma Parmele, Ire­no Taylor, Ellna Bonfield, CatherineBosson, Willa Sultzer� Helen Timber­la)te, Gladys Greenman, Eilith Smith.Margaret Walker, Dorothy Edwards,Jeannette Regent, Laura Walter, VeraLund Dorothea Bunge, Isabel Mac­Mu;ay, Eva Hulson, Dorothy Collins,Anna. McGuire and Grace Nairin8.Sixteen women were put on the Sen­ior squad. They are: Juliet Ames,Ruth :Morse, Ellna Stolz, Lillian Swa­wite Augusta Swa.wite, Grace Hoteh­kiS� Margaret Hammett, VirginiaJo'olkes, Effie Shambaugh, Louise Mick.�'riecla Zeeb� Patty Newbold, � ancyMiller, Lorene Kitch, and DorothyA. D. ADAMS177 N. STATE ST.Present this Ad. at Joseph Schwelt.-ser's and receive samplebottle.FOR MENO'SLY aD 10 __tra ted booket de-8crlblns a. newtreatment for all_fety ruzor bladea, making one blade lasta Il4ettme and be be-t t e r than when ·pur­chused, Sent on rece.pt of %S cents.CLAUDE WOLFE,Boward City, lIIich.MAROON xnsBRING RESULTS.... · "iH'.· ...... I.OS'PB�Sf,mP.»T. "o-rA�OlQQLY. �"JLa .. AB�PINE LDm Of' CANDIES968 JI. D5tIl:A, ... - .matcar. ·m� M4�. .*. LIaa'oI' .. - .. ..'. <:lOAM �'CI) CIOA�Two special trains are to be run ••• " •••••• t .•••••••• - •• +++++from Lafayette to Bloomington Sai-unia.y to carry the Purdue rooters"421._ __il!lll�IIJIIIII'..uwho are going to witness the Purdue- STETSON.... UN,VERSITY.1 ndiana game.r.....·u.-.. =�.� ... D.t1 .. � .. a.ltqo.row- eoU ........... �·.n bUI:4!lnp. DOn ra�If'7: tl C�·QD:I. NQ'i1rNl to enter.. '011.11- of �'-ArZ .. , Lane! OJr .b: tie US ..«nmm,r ."tW. Get 01 dOur r--cn-atlon .11,,·IDI.'_ eolt .I.nc!. froaI t)Wo .... and Ule maldo·,r au�kl. blrode In tb. on� C10�'" '_IIIaIa..­-.t col: .... �....... .P.s,OI' cataJ08.Th(' two squads will pradi�e Tues­flay, \Veclnesclay and Thur8(lay at 3:30of this week and on Monltay, Tucsda.yand Wedncsclay of next week. It isdoubtful if one of the championshipgames will be played before Thanks-'giving.Iowa had the largest homecomingcelebration in. its history in connee,tion with tho Iowa-Ames game Satur­day, Onc thouMnd alumni were pres-, .. 'I .... I ", ..... ,I,. ,,:tI IDoe Tormey, Wil4eon:-;in's star half-�'hack, may not be able to play in thoChicago·Wisconsin game_ lIis anklo"'as badly injurecl in a. scrimmago andhe may be layed op for ten clay ..Neighborhood Clubs Plan Pantes.:Members of the four NeighborhOOtllubs will give a joint Thanksgivingc .party \Voone�tay, Nnvember 26 1llLexington- FA\('h �lub will give a par­ty in December, when it will electotfi�ers for the �oming year_Dr. Biddle Will Talk on Ses."Studies on the Nature, Basis nndExperimental Control of Sex" is thesuhject of Dr_ Oscar Ril1tlle's talk tobo given tonight at 7:45 beforo theBiologieal club.Alumni wm Rebuild Church.Divinitv nlumni of the Universityhave undertakon to raise $-10,000 toTChuild the Centrnl Baptist Taber­nado in Tokyo, Japan. Several thous·and flolla'M' ha'"o already been sob.'bed_ Tho church was rccently de-�n -nl'troyed hy fire_ Tho new building Wl':he In.rger an 11 botter in overy waythan the old one.Announce Results of Test 1'ridaJ'.Results �f tho modern language ef­fidenl'Y t�ts heM Saturllay will . bennnoun�ec1 the lattcr part of this week.probably Fri(lay. N oticc8 of the dateof the oral tests will be given at the8c ... 'me time. 166 stuc.lents took Satur·day's examination.Women of Kelly Ban to Bntertai& 8peab. �n Bergson's PhilosophJ'.New women of Kelly Hall will on- ''Tho Thcological Significanco oftertain o1c1cr J'Cl'iflents with a vaude- P-el'9on's Philosophy" was the subjectville stont Saturday night. The com- of the discussion of the TheologieaI,mittco in charge is Eva Hud80D, club last night. Tho discussion w"I chairman, Edith Craft and Ella Pratt. led by Professor Smith.ITHESMOOTHESTTOBACOO( l •'- (A CHE:CKM A iE to your smo�ethat biiC:i 3!'<"! bmnsl Velvet-theselected tender �idcH� leaf--aged in theleaf over two yeare+-producing a mellowness thaionly the measured pace of time can encompass.A 8avor and smoothness tremendously goodlPipe smoking with 'V' elver is a revelation­proving thai lime only can make tobacco wha&we would all have it�ooth. ."y our �lo'!er·Atd1dea!�FaDI0eZ az. lasSUB8cBmE FOB '.rHE DAILY MAROON_ .. _._ ... _ .. _--_ ... _----_ ..""anted At Once!ada IIWl at the UDivenity to come in and investigate ourSpecialOlfer. to CoUege Men··HERZKA BROTHERS:-: Tailors :-:1545 East 53rd Street- 're1ephone He P. 1037. Open Evenings and Sunday Momlng..� ... -�.-----.- .. --.----- .... ,... . .,.�HICAGG.THEof�1ASTER-MODELRoyal is a stand­machinea�dwithout anytheard correspondencedoes condensed billingspecial affachments.ftIB DAILY MAB�, DB8DAY, BOVJlM'BBllI8, 1913.1m :-:-:-: :-: --:-:-:-:-:-:- - :-:-:-: :-:.:-:-��n.YOU ARE INVITED... ,�'�.:..�. .... - " - .. �.. . . ... --_._--...TO USE this Bank for all yourlegitimate Banking needs. Ithas all the facilities and all the safetyand protection of the down-town Banks--is moreconvenient in its hours and location, and gives per­sonal, pains-taking attention to its patrons.3,000 Hyde Park residents now have accountshere. Resources have increased to almost $1,000-000.00 in a little over one year.The savings and checking accounts of Professorsand Students invited.Keep Your Savings In Hyde Park3% interest paid on SavingsOpen Saturday EveningsHYDE PARK STATE BANKC n �fV �� 0 F' �:3 A....? ST. CSt LAt< r:- "''' ....OFFICERS DIRECTORSJOH::-: A. CARROLL. Prcst-Ient,nOUERT F. CL'lDlIXGS, Vlce.Pre-sldent.TllOlIAS JAXSEX, Cashier.11. A. RARlIOX. Assistant Caahlcr,Robert F. CumminS!! Frank W. HowesCharles R. Rorrle James J. CarrollHenry L. Stout Thomas ,JansenDaniel F. Burke Thomas A. OolllnaJohn A. Carroll.i;�I,I: �( ,IA New CollarIII to excel in any sport is rendered eaBle:I by being properly equipped.I A. G. Spalding & Bros. are outfitters: to champio.ns, whose implements mustbe invariably right. Quality counu ..IIII Tennis, . Golf, Baseball, Cricket, FOjt-ball, Basketball, Athletic Equipment.AmbitionSpalding's Catalogue is nowready-free f� the asking.Lang cn Geed PointsBy the M�ers ofTroy's Best Product28 S. Wabash Av.�Tailoring 'meansthatgive you distinction and in­dilidual gocd style. Prices $30to$60.TAILOR FOR YOUNG MENTHREE STon 'ES: 7 K La Salle St.2.') F .. ,T:tcbon Bh·d. 71 E. Monroe st..-- --.- �Patronize Maroon Advertisers,.:\:illl&.C�ota cheers wore iufnut ile in lIr. Steiner said that put.rlotism i�«ompurlson. Tho members of tho "Miu·�mr._-- -----......_--_....----•ET.DIINAH OOPJIBBSFROII ft-rLE BUNNING(CUl!tillllelt,lrolll },.IiM;';I! ;, •Out-Yell Minnesota..Tho root.ing of the 250 Cbit'agl' root­ers, ::roulw,l ill till> north stand, wastilt' ft':Iture' of the day, Every fan wasprovided with a IIlt�l.phone and putc·'·('r�·thillg be had ill him into tho�· .. lls, Even the players on tho fieldb .. n.rll the «h ee rs and declared that tho,11l':;ota band who sat on the fiel� weret'ollll'lailling be .... ause the Chicago root,ers were outyelliug Minnesl'ta.. Not aSAYS JAP.AlfB8B HAVE OOOD t .AMUS�s.t8Y8'l'BII OF EDUCATION iSteiner TeUs U;t-;i Weatcm SChOOli onClmSTRA HALLMethods on Schools of theOrient.BURTON ·HOLMESJAPAN IN KOREAWedllesday eve. 8:15. Friday eve, 8:15.'I'hat the dream of tho -Jupanese to. ISaturday Mat. 2:15.,Iay it" to demoustrato that they hun'l, P AN A 1\1 A AGA.INshaken otl' the shuekles of superst.i-£ullday afternoon at 3:30tlou :UHl barbarism, was the stut e-j 'upular I'rin's, :!:il' to $l.OO-NOWmeut made by Mr. J. P, Steiner be;fore tho Edueutiou dub last night.GARRICKMR. WM. iiODG E intho aim of the entiro educat.ioual sys­t(.;111 in Japan Tho'st.·hopl is fully a."satisfactory, and hundreds l'f years Iolder than thut of tho West. Uutil.a.ho\·e' a whisper when tho game wa.'{ Westeru world, its educatiouul system0\"(''', and the lack of noise on the was crude, comprising only tho thre«train limy be accounted for by this "n's". J1M policy is "There shall notfad. he a village with all lguoraut family,Tho trip was the best Minnosota -llor. a family with all ignorant mem-COHAN'S GRANDTHE ROAD TO IlAPPINESS.man ill the rooters section could speak -Iapan eame iuto eoutaet with tho ··r.tHluille· SU""c'ssnr til ··TIIE MANtrip ever stnged, and everyone who Ler," Another Cohan & Harris Succeeswont ,,:iIl remember it for years. The Mr •. Steiner show ed a chart which RAY M 0 N D HIT C H COO Ittrain reached Minneapolis about 9 and Illustrated tho eurrlculum of J apunese III a :\ ew Xl usien! Comedytho crowd pnraded along Hennepin schools. Only six years of school are "'1' II E B J.: AUT Y SlIP Pstreet to the Hotel Itaatings" cheering eompulsory ; the remainder is opt.ion-nnd singing; Tho Old llan came out al, 'I'he boy enters industrial schooland predicted that ttl': boys would at tho age of fourteen, and begins to AUDITORIUMcome through. After the game a prepare for his life work at seven,snake cla·flce was held on the field, and teen. Pollccnrau' AUllual Benefit.in the Winter quarter on "T.he Boy's WISCONSIN IS LASTReligion", by Professor 'Ane�,�. Ho· FOE'.BB�EN T17LEhen, and another in the Spring on"The Old Testament for, the JuniorMr. Merrilleld Declares Nobody Shouldnois showecl, great impro\'(�ment alllijustifiea Zuppke's adherents by hOlll.,ing tho strong PurlIlle cleven to a IThat the spirit l'f aggressiveness and drawn game. Tho Ulini fought likc' ifight for freedom of thought and re clemonK before tho gtl'llt home comir1i! :ligion is tho spirit of the University, crowd antl played :he Bl'ilermalwrswas the statement of Mr. Merrifield at to a sta.ntl�till. The PUI'J,lc were b .. at-tho rooters took possession of tho citySaturday evening.'l'IRST OF IUVINIfiSCHOOL LECTlJBESGIVEN TONIGHTThe first of a course fJf lectures byProfessor Theodore G. Soares on "Thl!Principles of Sunday School Teaching.,with Special Reference to the Life of.Iesus' will be given tonight at 7:00o'clock, ill Haskell assemblyThis course will be followed by oneand Intermediate Departments",lliss Georgia Chamberlin.SAYS FBBEDOM OF THOUGH'J!IS SPIBIT OF CHICAGO'be Ashamed of Religion. at, �pel YesterdQ'. ,:.room..T oyce Speaks on Persla.ns.Mr. A. C. Joyce spoko briefly 011"THE PA:::SING SHOW OF 1912".runior chapel yesterllay. He said that cn by their failure to kick one of HI'! AGO 0 D LIT T LED E V I LIll' man should be ashamed to be :fo�ln alter a touelllll'wn, altlLoughreligious, fl'r his religion is the ideals th�' tzlcorecl the SalaH! number ofancl the Pl'wer of. his inner self.· touchllowns'as Inclia"a, nntl really out_A� G� Spalding & Bros I cd th H .• JUDGB BROWN' WILL p ay e ooslers.Send for our Catalogue +---- CORF'T'ADDBBSS BBOWNSONS. Will E%plalD Forest Service. I •Dr. De Forest will speak on "TheJudgo Edward O. Brown of the Ap· Work of tho }'orest Servico" this af· JOliN HYAMS & LEILA Mc:nrrYBBpellato court will address the Brown· ternoon at 4:30 be foro the Bot."lny In a Ncw Military Musical Oomecl7.son club at a dinner Monday at 6:15 dub in room 13 :Botany Building. llr.in Hutchinson cafe. Arrangements 'De Forest' wa.s ro�r:;rly conneetecl "W HEN L 0 VEl S YO UHawero also made for a dance to be with the Forestry ,service.heM Friday, December 5, in the Reyn·.-.-.-.� .. -.-- •• -.. olds club. Various other social func_ Will Lecture on·Shakespeare. STUDEBAKERtions will be held throughout the year. . Shak�pearo's "As You Like It" willCatJIolie Btudents jnterested in 'th('\ . be the subject of a Jeeturo by Mr.dothesedueat ion in 'Persia. "From the A'n':!' .13," he said, "Wo know that early etl·l ----------....;...-'ueation in Persia was entirely religl; L A SALLEous. The Koran and its tradit ions .form tho basis of the education. There Musical Comedy for Young and Oldare special schools for the training ofpriests. Until ten years ago it '\\':1-<;not considered worth while to educate Iwomon. The position of women in IIPersia is a total obstacle to the prog- A l\ItER leAN MUSICf . '1' . . P ." HALLross 0 CIVI lzah�n 111 ersra, ALICE LLOYD & CO. OF 75Illcludin2 Frank Fogarty"Dance Mad" & 'Jardien De Danse"ATRIP TO WASHINGTONILLINOIS:(Co�tinued :from page 1.)by"is PIa; Ti Klaw & Erlanger's MU!.ical 'lrlumpla: . � ¥S � I 0 HI 0 HI DEL P H.I N B, The Hlmoia.Purdue, 0·0 tie, and In- •.... _------------------diana's 21·20 victory over the hard- Ho�ard'8 Theatreluck Northwestern team were tho! oth-:er Conference results Baturdny, Illi- ---.bROADW A Y HONEYMOON __withEMMA CARlJS.JOE HOW ARD--MABEL McCANBP'O'V\t' ERSDA \-lD BELASCO PresentsA Fairy P_ay for Grown Ups"Laughs, Sougs and Beauties"club have been urged to leave their John Cowper Powis at Lincoln Cen­names in box 156 Faculty Exchange. ter Library, Oakwood Boulevard anclI.angley avenue, this e\'ening at 8o'doek. This is the second of a serie�Students 8ee PrOtective Bureau at of six lectures by Mr.. Pl'wi� onWork, on Y. II. O. A. Trip. Shakf'�penre'8 eomeclies.FINE ARTSSixty-three students 1"'ent through 'l'iger's HeIr&d. WID '1'17 New Songs. It E PER TOR Y S BAR 0 Ntho "Safety First" department of the Tig�r's Head will meet t()(lay at I B. IDEN PAYNEIllinois steel mills Io."t Saturday, whil.? 10:Hi in Cobb 12A to try tho ncw' "The �'n!'t('r of the "Oll�C," 8t!lnlcy. . .. Houghton. 'Pltipp�" Ant.hor of llindleon tho Y. M. C. A.·Y. W. W. C. L. 80ngs pIcked for tho Um\'erslty song Wakes' A floT(,lltine Tmgeely, �arfielcl trip to South Cbit:ngo •. The pnr· . book. It is planned to havo the cluh WilclC', Pre:-;!t Ctltting�, George Berardty inspeeted· .the entir,' plant of 40l sing the ncw songs at the next mas�. Rhnw.acres. They later v,i�ited the Soutb : meetiDg..Ene1 center.Tho fieM trip party will visit tb(' IIisa LaDatey to '1'alk at Lundleon.Colored M'�L'S Y. M' '.!. A. Satur,lay. Miss l..a.ngley will speak at thAThey will l�ave the "C" beDeh at 'luncbeon of Senior women at 12:4:'�:30 today in Hutchinson cafe.DEW 0 I. F1I0PP"�Rin MISS CAPRICBROMANC.princessDORRIS KBANEIn Edward S1:clclou's Love Drama.'