PRICE Fl VE CENTS.VOL. XI. No. 84.U.t\IVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WRDNf;SDAY. FEB. 12, 1913.ADD NAME OF-WATKINS CANDIDATES FOR THE'COUNCIL MAY REQUIRE MEN TO--TO -UPPER JUNIOR-USI JUNIORS JOIN UYNOLDS CLUBEmma Clarkclub if an amendment 10 the clubconstitution receives the approval ofthe club members and of the faculty.Every man in tho undergraduatedepartments will be required to payhis club dues at the timp he pays histuition, arid club membership is toremain optional to fll'ftd"�tes. If thescheme is approved, �Ie total - in-come will be increased by $100, butNEED NINE- HUNDRED TO the expenses of the organization wiltCOMPLETE Y.;M. C. A. BUDGET be correspondingly raised.The amendment was posted yes­tcrday in the club and will be votedSeek to Raise $2700 of Necessaryodor Libonati, Stanley Pierce, Bur-dette Mast, Harriet Tuthill, Letitia Money - from Faculty, Students,Lyffe, Walter Lyon, Lane Rehm, Alumni and Chicago People.Ruth Agar, Gladys Leopold, RobertMiller, Paul Pierce, Earle Knight._ To Upper Junior class: FlorenceHeacock Bourke Corcoran, StevensTolman, George Gray, Mabel Becker,�a�erine, Covert _ Harcy Rou. FrankSelfridge, Harold Moore, HaskellRhett, .H elen Carnes, Lydia Pierce,Edward KixmiUer, Roy Crnsen, J. W.the "elections when the - 'result of theelections will be announced. AI�Nine hundred dollars is needed to companies in the United States."complete the part of the Y. M. C. A. tflough the constitution of the clubprovides for an annual meeting thisis the first one which has been heldRldia AIle. ad Pol Des JanIiea Witla­draw._·CoUci1 Recl"sifiesFOI'tJ StadeabSPEAK IN THEIR OWN BEHWClasses Have Meetings to HearCandidates-Announce Tellerstor Friday's Elections.Clyde Watkins was placed amongthe Council candidates in the UppcrJunior class yesterday by petition.Ruth Allen and Paul Des Jardicnwithdlew from the race. No otherthe lists.changes were made inForty-one students were Il"cclassitiedas follows:Reclassifications.- To Lower Senior class: OgdenColeman, Frank Eversull, Della Pat­terson, Gracia Alling, Hanriet Mc­Ca)1, Florence Barrett. Rudy Mat­thews; Herbert Morgan, ErlingLunde, Lyman Weld, Arline Brown,Roderick Peattie, Jack Oleary, Elli-Thomas Coleman.Ruth BOUChWarren -LeonardErliD£ LundeRoderick PeattieRobert SimondRalph StansburyHarold WrightSOrulOMORESDorothy LlewellynGeorge LymanHarold MooreClyde Watkiru;FRESHMENVernon BrownDorothy - FarwellKenneth -MacAllisterRoderick MacPhersonSterner MeekJames SellersLoUis VictorGale Willard'mdget for 1913 which is being raisedin a special campaign among Jaculty,students, alumni and citizens of Chi­::ago in -�narat - Ii' is the desire ofDECORATIONS ARE ELABORATEPlaa Pro,... to Ha .. UtderlradaatesDeco. Mettben WileD TaitiODta, ...DRAMATIC CLUB CAST CHOSEN SETTLEMEftT PROFITSFROM HUGE CARNIV ALCoach Hoyt Selects Players for _"Don"-Believes Play Is WellFifteeD Hudred AtteDd FlorentineChosen and Actors Are Fitted toNight Yesterday iD BartlettParts. Gymnasium---REDUCE DUES TO ONI ooLLARMr. Hoyt, Dramatic club coach haspicked the final cast for the clubs- winter production, Rudolph Besler's Numbers on Program Are Well Re-New Scheme Com"" up at Annual"Don," which will be given at MandelElection - F.eult, Cc:msidersMQVI. February as and March I. Under-studies have also been chosen for....,.,...__All undergraduate men in the Uni- each part and rehearsal is now in fullswing. The cast follows: Itar tlctt gymnasium from 8 till 12Canon llonington..... Dudley DunnMrs. Bonington Martha GreenStephen Bonington, alias Don•. . . . . .. . . • . . . . . .. Donald BreedGeneral Sinclair Henry ShullMrs. Sinclair Emma ClarkAnn Sinclair........... Effie H ewi uAlbert Thompsett.... Ben GoodmanElizabeth Thornpsett .. Beryl GilbertFanny Thompsett .. Harriet TuthillPlay Is Good.ceived-Lorado Taft LendsStatues for Decoration.Fifteen hundred visitors throngedver sity will be required to pay duesof $1.00 a quarter tfl the Reynoldslast night, attending the Florentinecarnival ginn for the ben�fit of theUniversity Settlement. Several hun­dred men and -women spectators infancy costumes and in evening dressdanced, after the introductory scenesrc the entertainment, the masque, theballet and folk dancing, had takenthe year aside from the appropriationfor superintendence were $536.72 forimmigrant work and $335.65 for thehandbook which is published eachyear... One hundred and thirty years ago,place. Masqued dancers, represent-"The Dramatic club has been un- - -ing historical characters, mingledusually fortunate in the choice ofwith the actors of the precedingtheir play," said Mr .. Hoyt recently.s ccnes, in- the fancy dress hall that"While 'Don', has never known a na- concluded the affair.non-wide reputation in this country,I n the four or five h: -tor ical scenesstill it contains striking situations,in the carnival, in which more thanboth of irresistible comedy and oion at the annual meeting the night of .?()U specially drilled actors par tici-tragic intensity and has been success-pared, a feature was the masque,fully produced by one or two stock"L'Allcgro,' taken Ir om Milt orr's,in a number of years.- _ .Reynolds Club- Ruling; --pastoral, and acted out by four or fiveAccording to Mr. Hoyt the) mem- University students, prominent inhers of the c�st, for an amateur or- dramatics.garrization, are unusually well fitted Frank Parker: Scores Hit.and entirely able to create the COl"rect illusion for the parts to whichthey are assigned.Frank Parker, with his solo _ songth� association -to raise $2,700 in Article Eleven of the constitution.his way. and $1,792 has been sub, of the club- which deals with am�nd-scribed already. ments is as follows:Big sources of income for the Y. Amendments to this constitutionM.C.A. have been the immigrant work may be proposed by a three-fourthsThe different nominees spoke be- funds of several corporations and the vote of the - Executive councilor by tions, both - as to the dramatic inter- ham, who was costumed to repre­fore their classes yesterday morning rppropriation of the board of man- petition in writing of thirty active pretatlion and setting of the play. \Vc sent the allegorical figure of Liberty,for their candidacy. Publicity of the eers of the Chicago Y. M. C. A. members of the club. In .. ither case are' pursuing a more aggressive policy I . d I' . I .� ..... ac neve a notable lit, 10 t re rcndi-actions of the Council, conferences From the former source, $850 bas the proposed measure shall be taken all representatives with their classes een pledged and the Chicago 'as- at the next official meeting. A three- .:) '-ior a better understanding of com .ociarion has voted an appropriation fourths vote of all those present shall MISS NAZOR WILL GIVEmon interests and the -systemizatior: of $2000. Of the estimated income ofof the records kept in the Council $6,800 $4,642 has been promised al­chamber were the principal qnestions ready.discussed, The estimated expenditures for theTellers for the elections Friday year are $6,1000, $ioo less than the:have been appointed as follows: amount sought. The extra amountThe Tellers. will be used to reduce the overdraftChivers.Speak for Candidacy.soprano, sang well a number. of� eapolitan songs and simple Italianlove tales. Miss Theodora Burn'lion of several solos.The singing and dancing of sixteencouples who were garbed as Italianbe required for adoption.President Judson and AssistantProfessor Robertson who is the fac­ulty advisor of the club are said tobe heartily in favor of the newSONG GROUP AT CONCERT peasants and villagers. was an actthat took well, and required severalDirector Stevens, Enthusiastic Over encores. J n all fourteen charactersSoprano's Voice, Asks Her for wok the principal parts in the pre-Solo Numbers. liminary part of the pageant. After-Lower Seniors.scheme and it is though that if theclub approves of the scheme, the --- ,of the association which was created ,� ILast faculty will be willing to let it pass. Miss Naomi hazor, t ie soprano) t was first decided to put the new soloist who is to sing in the Spanishopen to those spectators who hadattended the affair in fancy dress inwards, the whole floor was thrownLyman and orior to December 3t, 1911.year the association received $4.i23·6iHarger and and spent $4.483.13. The halance wa� luling in force in the Summer quar­turned into the account of the over- tcr where there has always been ;)Mathews and draft. The chief expenditures during deficit, but it was thought advisablePROFESSOR MOULTONCALCULATES INTEREST ONLOAN TO WASHINGTON :lhle range of voice and her _ high ph ere ginn by the heraldic ensigns,Senior and Freshman Women Com' sustained C. nut the part is scarcely g-;lyly painted hanners, and armouricbat in Basketball Series. fifty me2sures long and we would <in-ices, made the ha11 floor the mostWilliamkeeping with the costume scheme ofcantata "The Legend of Granada,"the feature of the program for the seventeenth century attire.'All of Building Used..vomen's Glee club concert to be siv-en next Tuesday, will probably give The entire gymnasium last nightf • 1 'I' '-� was given up to the charity worker:'.• J..'TOUp 0 songs a so. _n ISS .L'azor_ .'I�g with the Glee club at thc re- The second floor was decorated a, anto start the new scheme working ncx:cuarter when the usual membershipof the club will be on hand to indi-11l;:1:,!'al Monday night :tnd Director .nncr court of an Italian palace. Thecate to the new men the customs ofStevens was most enthusiastic about l,ig indoor stadium, with ill' cucircl-the club.her work. "She has an important ing arcade of boxes, its nooks, andand beautiful part in the cantata," wooded effects, set off by mellowPLAY FOR TITLE TOMORROW I" I -1'1he said. "which displays her remark- :g us, anu wit I the mediaeval atrnos-2:30--3:30: Horace Fitzpatrick andH clen Street.3:30--4:30: Ogden ColemanMargaret Rhodes.Upper JUDiol'l.�:15-9:15: Haskell Rhett ant)Louise Ford.9:15-10:15: Fredmck Griffiths andMadeline MacKinley.10:15-10:45: Edythe SmithDorothy Llewellyn.10:45-1 t :45: Thomas Hollings-worth and Hilda MacClintockand George Washington was given $64.- like to gi\'e her another opportunity:' !'( pttlar �pot in the hui!ding- during3'5.00 to invast. If he had invested Senior and Flreshmen women will Tickets for the concert may be se- l11e fat ter half of the entertainment.this sum at 4 pe,rcent compound inter- clash in basketball tomorrow after- cured from members of the Glee cluh The facuity g'Yl11na ... iutl1, on theh d 11 Id d b h Ie,wer floor, was decorated with stonecsiy eac 0 ar wou to ay e wort noon at 4:35 in Lexington gyrnnas- or the orchestra or from Director$163.80; the whole amount being ium for championship in the inter- Stevens' studio in Mitchell tower. hnche\ g-reens and statues to rcp-$ - If h h d' t d th A h h resellt a Xeapolitan pia7.dta, in which1\),534,797. e a mves e e class series. The lineup follows: mong t OSe W 0 have secured boxessum at ro percent compound interest, SenlOTs Freshmen for the conccrt, are President and lip-ht reireshments wcre dispcnsedand each dollar today would be $240,464.50 Goldstein ...•.. R. F ...••.... Ragains Mrs. Judson, Assistant Profc�or during the earlier part of thc C\"c'and the whole amount would be A. Swawite .... L. F. O'Donell, Baker and MTs. R b D T nil'�, until the demand exC<'cdcd theBingh C S b 0 ertson, ean albot,am ••..• -.. . ...••.••. an CTg 1 f' I$"5.465 • .474.317.50• Professor F. R. Magee ....•..•. R. G ...•..... Prosser Associate Professor Leavitt of the �upp y 0 Jce cream, emonadc andMoulton calculated the foregoing on Juel. L. G .. - Stoppel school of Education, and M:-s. ROb-, ginger ale.5ubstitutes--Hinkins, Foote, Spence, ----------------request of Dean Small. RJanaJrcln. ert W. Stevens. (Continued on page 4-)Lynne Sullivan., 9:15-10:15: RollinSally Thompson10:15-10:45: RudyRuth AJt3r.10:45-11 :45: DuaneIsabel Kendricks., 11 :45-12:45: RobertDella Patterson.MannandMiller and12:45-1 :30: Donaldand --1 :30-2:30: RobertII elene Pollack.HollingsworthSimondand(Continued on page 4)THE DAILY MAROON, WEn�ESDAY. FEB. 12.1913.The Daily Maroon ASK RECRUITS FOR CAVALRYBulletin and Announcements. 'Vacancies Are Open to UniversityStudents in Troop F.Sophomore Clas�Dancc' and co'tillion Friday, 4, Reynolds clubMathematical Club-Frid"lY','4� 15·Ryerson,French Club-Friday, 4:30, Lexing­ton 15.Graduate Women's Club- Friday.S! Lexington 15.Basketball Game-Chicago vs.Minnesota, to mo r r ow, i :30 Bartlett.8. Swimming Meet-Chicago ,·S. Wis-consin, Saturday, i :30, Bart lettapplicants tryouts on Monday eve- Blackfriars- Voice tryouts. Friday, S' S ... ' eruors-· ign up for da:-;:-> pins 'Itnings at the }.)1· ding 11a" 1330 N. z, Reynolds club. 01 • I P''\. \U W, ice Wit 1 111 conunittce.Clark Street between the hours of ----------------- '-----------i and 10. Every applicant must pass STUDENTS FLOCK TOa rigid physical examination and af- BIG MIDWAY FIREYESTERDAY MORNINGUniversity Holiday today.Sophomore Skating Party-4 Jack-son Park. 'Junior College Women-Chapel.tomorrow, 10:15, Mandel.Philharmonic Society-Choral prac­tice, tomorrow, 7:15, Mandel.Menorah Society-Tomorrow i:30,Cobb 6A. •Vacancies are open for placesin Troop F. First Cavalry, UlinoisNational Guard, Those joining willhave an opportunity to go to Wash­ington this year. should a rumorthat the cavalry will attend the pres­ident's inauguration as part of thePresident-elect Wilson's body guardI'cInDId7'lb. Uetvweltr of Cttk:lqo Weekl:r.----Publlillled cta117 � SUDdII.Ta. lIozraye�=,. 4U11ac dlftII Quarter. or ��. prove true.EDtend .. eeooDd-clua mall M the 0b1c:ac0 Captain Walter J. Fisher will give� � IlL. Kazda 18. 1908. UD-4er Aet or X&n:lb .. 18'lI.al1B8CKlnIOlll a& ... UB:r cuner. f2.Wa JeU': ,1.00 & QUUUir'B:r maU. f3.00 & :rear: 'l� & Quan .. r. •EcUtodal-B� Omee_ ]tUs. 2t.Tetepbone 'lCdlwQ' 800.Hyde Park GAOl (after 9 p. m.)Xul Box .'0". FacuJq Eycbeap".ar4�"'Hal�• O'NeW •� ••.... De ObimeoeGeo��LYman WeldGeoqe Gray.&.ucuet& SW&w.1kLUliaA Sw&wi>leAccordinc to its usual custom, theJdAROON will notappear tomorrow, fol-10win& the Universityholida;v. Lincoln'sTh. defeat of our basketball team\i, tho team represen.t:in& Ohio Stateuniversity should provea. Teama. a salntory lesson to allconcerned. We had the... bat we lac:ked the team. N�riI thia the first time that a Chicagoteam has � beaten by teams com­posed of relatively inferior players,but men Who played together to form• real team in every sense of theWord. Our basketball men have allthe skill and endurance individuallythat could be asked. All that is lack­ing .is tt;aID w� esprit du corps. or�hat ever you want 'to c:all that qual­Ity which means all for each and eachfor alL In 1. __ L-..a.baU, than .� more malmost any other came, one playerdepends upon others. The forwardcan stand by the basket aU •• evenm&Without pilinc up any points if histeam-mates do not .. ..;-- the ballt him. -&&&6 upo It does a guard no good towrest the ball from the enemy ifthere is no one handball y to pass theto. The season is not too faradvanced to .pcI1Dit lots of improve-ment. We can win the basketballchampiOnship yet if the1-:__ men. cease""'AU5 players merely and 1.-membel-s ,�ome. of a team. It takes a teamto WIll a -....... Th. ID-e. e track team startsIts. season Saturday Dieht at Cham-paJCll. While team L •sibl • wor.. IS not pos-e III track athletjspirit is disti c:s, yet teamnct1y advantaceous. Letevery man on til C·e hicago squad for-get the lubriguhave been oua prophesies thatmade re,arding Cbir1tao'sprospects • --III track, and .,.... filled--=ththe a .. til ......_.pant at means win if .•possibl a WIn ISJy to e. The track team is very like-acreeably surprise thhave had few ch. ose who__. eermc words for the- OIl It. The awimminetarts ita C tQm, too,IeaSoIl here Saturday Dilht.Here fa anotherteam that needs allthe eac""'-----. __ .t we can give it.Let ftel'yODe who can watch the m�wItIa WiIcolllia �.- .... -- . h_IM& \MIlT 01& t.75 Cents., Plain Baths 25 CentOpen Day and Nigh].SARATOGA }!AR BE R SHOP.J. H. Hepp, Prop.29 South Dearborn StreetExpert Manicurist.Scientific Masseurs The Daily Maroon the balance ofI the, year for $1 soExpert Chiropodis . .RomanceHarper 12.Club-Tomorrow,CLASSIFIEDDVERTISEMENTSter he is admitted to the Troop isgiven the exclusive use of a horseand is taught to ride and to shoot.I I :45 classes were depleted yester­<lay because of the students flockingto the fire on the corner of Sixtiethand Washington, University, Uni ..vcrsity high school, grammar schooland Hyde Park high schoolLOST-�ote book in llarper Feb­ruary 6. Return to Maroon officeand receive reward,Each summer the troop goes on atwo weeks outing. such places asCamp Logan, Fort Sheridan andSpringfield being vdsited, Thetroopers are paid one dollar and students formed the majority of thefifty cents per day while on the out- large cowd. collected along the Mid·ing, A dance each year is Given by way.the troop at some downtown hotel.An annual banquet is held. Gover­nOI" Deneen was among the attend­ants at the last affair. The dues are$2, and the time required one eve-ning in each week. William Hefferan, Ralph Stansbury,Four former "grads" of the Uni- and Paul Russell have announcedversity are now members of the themselves as candidates for the castCompany. They are S. LeRoy Bald- of this year's Blackfriar show "Theridge, "Bunny" Rogers, Gustav Pranks of Paprika." Voice tryoutsLagergrin and Doctor Sherry. will be held Friday at 2 in the Rey-nolds club. The poster contest willWANTED FURNISHED APART­MENT-For Spring quarter. Fourto six rooms. Address Box 185Faculty Exchange. Telephone l\fid­way 5768 .HEFFERAN RUSSELL,AND STANSBURY TOCOMPETE FOR PARTS WANTED-Ten Lawstudents forvacation work. One for permanentposition Must be at least 22 yearsof age. Write R. R Kelly, 30 W.ioth Place. ChicagoTWENTY-TWO MEN HAVEENTERED CLUB CONTESTCarom and Pocket Billiard TourneyIs Scheduled to Start EarlyNcxtWcek.Director and Mrs. Robert W.Twenty.-t.wo men have signed up Stevent will mive a luncheon todayfor the annual Reynolds club bil- for all who are to participate in theIiards and pocket billiards tourna- concert to be given by the Women'sment which will be �tarted next Glee club and the University orches­week. The entries are evenly di- tra Tuesday at their home, 5822vided, eleven men haVTing entered in Woodlawr • .rvenue, from 10 to 2. "Aeach division. The tournament will heavy rehearsal and a light lunch,"be started as soon as the committee is Director Stevens' description ofdecides upon the handicaps for the the affair.contestants.Those entered are as follows: Bil­liards-Rollin Harger, Alfred Eddy,Charles Blim, Ralph Kellogg, PaulRussell, Dan Ogden, Don Vickers.Alan Loth, Walter Goddard, AlbertGreen, Maurice Heller; Pocket Bil­liards-John Brock, Stewart Canby,Joseph Fekete, Paul Russell, MonroeHeath, Howard Adams, GoefIrcyLevinson, Elmer Gruer, Earl Sander­son, Willard Fassett, Earnest Cavin.PROFESSOR FOSTERSPEAKS TONIGHT ATLINCOLN ,JUBILEE'OIRECT TOLittle ROC'k. A, k.BfoUniont. T('xu.Il(.t SI1r:np. Ark.SAn .\ntonlo, Texa..B!.rlllingham. Ala.J,.,.'kaonvllle Florl&l.Io't. Worth. T�lU1""'nco. Teua..HaHo.. Ten ..Charles City. I •.:;11�':.Joll. Iowa.Orne ha, �eob.�t'w Url e odtl8. La.Houston. T�x.81<lux Cl.ty. la.lIempbi •• Tela.Tickets and sleeping car reservations76 W. Adams St .• Phone Central 6270Automatic 64472Dubuque. Iowa.Sopmgftel4. Ill.St. Loul.. Ill.St. l�a ul. ltIAD.DN:at lIr. nt.Dodc'tvlWe, WI •.lUnn�U.. 1I1nn.)ladlaoo. W"E\·a.n ... ·II1�. Ind.Roclllrord. Ill.nloomlncton., n.1.OaJro. III.C...war nap.:Ja. 10,,·Q.Cbuncll Bluffs. Iowa�pon. IU.R J. CARMICHAELDivisicn Passencer Agent.I Simply rerQOve the �p ,and it is ready to fill-noI inky joints to WlSCI'CW.CaD be�edaD7wa,., 8117-. when: ID DDCkd or .... It W_·t Uak.It writes al &at Ibole. witLoat __It writes -r7 wish .. ...a low.It ia i !h. � wa7 of IIae ....part •• aOilaiDa to act oat of ord .Moon". Is a MLlt daat ,.. ....EYer:r pea DDCODditioaal ....-Lhr Stzl,.y'"7)i,lkn 2Wqt;if,.,.,AMERICAN FOUNTAIN PEN 01Udllll.l.rutlitt.JI �FOI�n-. HI1;� �160 DlYONS""l $1 .. B0510N. MAS$..cHICAGCD.• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••Professor Foster will be onc of theSAVE MONEYspeakers at the Lincoln celebrationgiveu in Orchestra hall at 8 today byseveral civic societies to commemor­ate the fiftieth anniversary of theEmancipation. Dean Breckinbridgeis a member of the celebration com­mittee.By SObstribing to Tbe DaBy MaroonSOPHOMORES HAVE DINNERScore Club Has Dance Saturday.The Score club will give a danceSaturday afternoon at 2:30 in RosalieNOWDr. Slaught Will Talk to SophomoreMen Tomorrow Night.hall. As usual Auracher's orchestraAssociate Professor Herbert E. will play. 'President HendersonSlaught will discuss some feature of ;,latrd yesterday that he hoped to getL'niversity life at the Sophomore Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gardnerchaperones for the occasion.$1.50 for the remainderof the collegeMen's dinner at 6 tomorrow inHutchinson commons. The dinner isgiven under the auspices of the Conrad Will Lead Devotions.Sophomore Y. M. C. A. commissl·on.Sherman Conrad will lead"These dinners Will hereafter bef weekly devotional meetl'ng ofortnightly affairs," said Chairman\:11 II Divinity students at 10:15 tomOO'row�y e s of the commission yesterday," d in Haskcll·26.. an we want them to be attended byall SophomOTe men. Last time thereyear.Subscriptions taken atMaroon office, Ellis HallPhi Delta Announce Pledging.were thirty present and there is noreason why we can't beat that this Phi Delta Theta announcestime. Come out and meet your pledging of E1liodor Libona,iclassmates." Arthur Scanlon of Chicago.theandTHE DAILY KAROON, WEDNESDAY, FEB. 12, 1913.rSOMBTllIHG TO UAD.TO TIP'll: FACULTY AND STUDENDof tileUNIVEBSr.ry OF ���AGO:rolled within our ranks, and we wishto be judged by our real product and(Continued from Saturday) not by the number of football} gamesCoaches who can turn out winning that we. win, "-Thc N ortlncrsternteams are eagerly sought, regardless �1 ogazine-of their methods, and gladly paidenormous salaries, In some collegesspecial inducements are given tohigh school players by alumni andorganizations to attend their institu­tion. Large sums of money arelavishod on the game by universityauthorities. A football "machine" ismanufactured at ant. expense-vtheone desired end being success inOnce I was a killdeer who ran, whowinning games, and the consequentincreasing of the university's pres­tige.l:CH Eaa' Ard Stne&. �bIe8... What islb __ =-=:::::::'C:::====:::::I====="U might be expccted,-the great over­emphasis of the secondary. affairs incollege life. To the casual visitor onthq campus of anyone of. OUr largeuniversities in the fall of the year,it would seem that the school wasorganized as a great athletic cluband that its chief aim was to pro­duce a championship football team­T t is not to be wondered at that anational authority on educationalproblems recently 'Said that "themain show has become the side-show. But now I am only a lad who thinksThis bank's well-known reputa­tion for sound management andright dealing baa been pin�through nineteen years of strictadherence to safe methods andconsiderate attention to casto.mers' needs.Your savings account or checldDcaccount is welcome and appreci­ated here.TrustBankWoodlawnil Savinrism!II:III!;jllll:llllllll�!llill;IIII:lm!lIIIII:I!:�li:1ll1;lIlmlll:lillmll1Ill!lI11i1ll111llIlillI111l1111111l11ll1�;.:·SHOE REPAIRINGWe Specialize in:Quality of MaterialExcellency of W orlanaasbipPromptness in execution of ordersand Courtesy.TEST USSMITH-GOODYEARJ 114 Faa, ard street.Opposite Postoflice.�i:mllIlIl!I1!!1II111Illii1illlllllll;llml;lmimlitlimlillmtl!iilmllllllulllllllllUnmmillllllllllilllllllll;DERBYCLUB.6116 Cottage Grove Ave.BILLIARDSONLY .40C Per HourBest Appointed Roomon the South Side8 Full Size TablesA DISTANT DREAMThe lake'li al blue as September's sky;The sky is bluer than iaJ)I)hirc rare;Over the marshes moist and gray,The scent of forest and new-mownhayDrifts ,into the summer air.ran.A flitting shadow along the shore:Once I was a IlUll in the swing of thethe result? Just whatand the sjde show the main show."recto Physical development \"s e�sential to the training of the mindand character, but the former shouldbe subordinated to the latter andgale,Swooping and swirling o'er many asailTill daylight lingered nn more.Once I was a sloop with white shin-ing sailsThat leapt to the kiss of the breeze. IOff into the distance I s!led awayFoam-followed from dark to break of Iday,Seeking sea mysteries.Of by-gone summers, and bass andbait.Herbert T. Lewis.Land Gives Samoa Lecture.� 'I' physically the few men engaged in. vegetation of Samoa at the regu-playing it, incidentally submitting lar meeting of the Botanical club yes­+++++ ••••• ++++++++++++++++ them to the risk of permanent injury terday afternoon. Mr. Land's talk"The primary business of a col ..lege," says David R. Porter, "is to Killdeer and gull and sloop I seemed.r!/=============�" develop mind and character," and we But to tell you the truth It was onlysubmit that this conception is cor- dreamedo days when the dusk comes downlate.never take precedence over it.Assistant Professor Land of theBut inter-collegiate football, 011the one hand greatly over-develops Botany Department lectured on theAUTOMOBILELIVERY. :;.,_._.-New Limosine cara to hire byhour or trip at reasouable rata..Phone Hyde Park 1439Kimbark Garace, 5424 Kimbark- Ave.•• ++f •• + •• + •••• + ••••• �The Cora Exchange NatioDuB&nkDirectol1l.Cahrlea II. Wacker)18"ln A. RYlnonChauncey J. BlairEdward B. BU1I�Charlea 11. Hulbur4Clare-nce UucklnKbamBenjamin CarDent_Clyde )1. CarrEdWin G. FortmaDChalea L. HutchinsonWatson E. BlairEdward A. SbflJdFn-dcr;ck W. cro.b7Ern.. A. HamillMAROON ADS PAY.. - ..IIft)IIIII!.•Patronize Maroon AdvertisersHave you subscribed?and requires of them a greater sac- was illustrated wdth pictures taken onrifice of really essential pursuits than the Island .-----------------------------------a university has a right to ask of itsstudents; and on the other hand, bydetracting attention from the physicaltraining of all the students, it tend­to defeat the real purpose of collegeathletics. It is just as harmful toover-develop men physically as tounder-develop them, and intercol­legiate football is productive of bothevils,Iy to result in commercialization andoveremphasis on w.rong principles.Let it be understood that we arenot in any way belittling the menwho play football, but we deprecatethe whole commercialized system offootball organization that subordin­ates the intellectual and moral pur­suits of our college.s to the victoriesof muscle and brawn; that sacrificesthe physcal development of the manyto that of the few; that makes ouruniversities caterers to the popularpassions for brutal sport, instead ofmoulders of a refined public senti­ment; that produces an attitude ofmind which judges "loyalty" and"college spirit" primarily by abilityto make more noise than youI'neighbor; and fi�ly, that creates awrong impression among many as tothe valuc of the university in our lifeand society.We look forward to the day whenour universities will have enoughFI.renee M. KJersS�«t!.2n � Hyde Park 301377 E. 55th· St.�# Stationery CabinetlSOLID OAK LETTER FILEbold. 10.001 letten or� ''':all Inche!!.afOlld. aubatantlaJ.GoldeD,. Natural or_.uaend ftnillh.Dra.en are duat­proof aad oa rollubeariDa. Frelebt� (See uote.)Get Cataloe abow­IDe man7 band7. la­e:apeaal"e olllee «e­"Ice. and 8ectlOD:\1bookc:uea. Booklet"Tiline Sueeeatlon .. •alao free.NOTB.-Jl"releht or1I:zprne paid ••noted to pointe �at<tof lIontana. W70m.IDe. Colorado, Okla­boma aDd Tezaa.Silebtl7 bieber h­�OD4.•il�J� .-)l .- �l; .. �.� -:-Pre-Eminenceon track or campus depends on the up-to-the­minute fitness of proper training. MakeO£fl�.a part of the system. It'will help over trainin� trials and do you goodbesides. A healthful, delicious beverage-full of life and vigor.Delicious - RefreshingThiirst-Quenching 4Demand the Genuine-Refuse SubstitutesTHE COCA-COLA CO.ATLAl"TA, see anArrow thinkof Coca-Cola.FILING DESKSof Chicaco.Capital • ••• • • • • •• •• • • • •• '3tOOGPOO 00 We do not admit that it is neces­Surplus •••••••••••• 5,000,000 00 sary to have big inter--col1emiate1 con­Undivided Profits •• _.. •• 1.000,000 00 tests in order to keep our universitiesOfficers. alive, but if it is, lc.t al series of con-ER,.EST A. HAlnnLI •• Pre8lc!ent.. -t b d h ·11 bCHARLES L. HUTCHL'IOSO", Vice-Pres. ests e arrange t at W1 e moreCHAU�CE'i" s. BLAIR. VIoe-Prea�Dt. • keeni ·th th 1 fD A. lIOULTO,., Vlce.PresldenL In eepmg W1 e rea purpose or keep eDoDeb ·at&Uouel7 at baad for earn "B. Co SAlUIO,.S, Vlce-PrealdeDt. which universities exist and less like- :'4. 8oW .. Qua�!!..r::.. <>;�7e.)ftLFRA,.K w. SlIlTH. �cn'-taf'J'. --s. EDWARD lIAAa. CUbJer.�A)IES o. W.-\KEJ:o·lEI.O. Cubler.LEWIS E. GARY. A_i_ant CaIotHer.,EOWAR.D F. SCIIO&''IOECK ARt. Caabler.HotelCumberlandNEW YORKBroadway at 54th Street.N ear 50th Street Subway Station and.53rd Street Elevated."Broadway" cars from GrandCentral Depot.Seventh Avenue Cars from Pennsyl­vania Station.1,1:1'7' uv .J. COLf,EGB MANI11;.·I/lQI: • .f.Il7'BJ�S FOR CObLEGB JlBN1:;J'J:(J/.H4 R.U'ES FOR COLLEGB TBAJIBTen Millutes' Walk to Thirty TheatresRooms with Bath, $2.50 and up.New, Modern and FireproofHARRY P.' STIMSON. MANAGERIIF..\DQUAIlTEns FOP. CHICAGO[STASUSHEO 1818Broadway, Cor. Twt:nty·Second St.New York.Our Representative Mr. Lanzer, will be atThe Congress Annex, February 15th to 20th inclusivewith Spring Suits and Overcoats, Riding and Motor GarmentS,English Haberdashery, Hats and Shoes, Trunks, Bags, etc.Send fOl' Illustra trtaed Catalogue.1HairdressineManicurinaCllir ••• bMrs. Gervaise Grall ••15EutW_�'"Vendlaa Bddlq.(Opposite Field'a-aader' Hayt ...... bIDe c1raw.n ID baadHme « .. IE. n.courage to stand up and say, "W. e al .. 70D waat at 70ur ftneer tips. Se. oneat �o.r 4 .. 1.ra. ..... Iebt paid "1.00. (Saeare bending our energ;es toward the DOh).mental, moral, and physical develop- THE' � MANUF ACTURING CO., u.... 8tnet. JlO�ROE. MICH.ment of every man and woman en- Chicago Display-su-IS S. WabaslaPatronize our AdvertisersI,.t1THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, FEB. 12, 1913-noon yesterday. No announcementshave been given out as yet, concern­Matinees. Wed. & Sat, ing the amount realized, for the ac-The Big Com�y Suc:cess counts cannot be' fully compiled for Sophomores Skate This Afternoon.OUR WIVES' IOOTe than a day as yet, but it is ex- Sophomores will give a skatingwith HeDI'Y Kolker pected that the profits from the en- party today on Jackson Park lagoonPrices 50-75-$1.00 & $1.5°. tcrtainment will amount to over between 4 and 6. Skates may be pro­$3,000.A . Week From Saturday andWe'll Be Out of This StoreBut a mightr few days remain .before we move to our new store "just across Statestreef' aDd .those days will be replete with astounding "alues. We open february 21f.SISfor most of our $25 to $30 suits and overcoatsS20now for most of our $32.50 and $37.50 suits and overcoatsThe finest .. 'sporting goods department in the westwi_' �"e .;op�ne� on the subway floor of our new storeAMUSEMENTS. � . - .... .AMUSEMENTSAMUSEMENTS.·EMPIESSGRACE LA RUEJ EFFE R SON iMAJESTIC55th Street and Lake Avenue. .TH��R... Itreet � � � Aveleek Stlrtllf SIm.ll.t.Feb. 9SUl.l.IVAN 4: COHSID_INBrItQDVeING DEPARTIlENTANNOUNCE -NOVELTYPHOTOPLAYin a Charming Musical Novelty.NAT. M. WILLSThe Tramp ComedianSam Chip and Mary Marblein a New Dutch ComedyNat Nazarro Troupe, Morgan, Bailey& Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. GordonWilde, Lewis & Dody, Selma Braatz,Ed Morton.Five Reels nightly of tbe lateat madngpictures. Best of music by blgb classOI'cbestra. Come and bear our new $1.500pipe organ.COMINGCOMINGCOMING4 .WeWq TImCfuJ. liIuical COlD­ed7 ?:abloid. .THE 1IAN�i;U:RE GI�S ..U�'LEB. QUARTETTE�� 'F«�ost' Q��e �t�dJ'- Vocd.� ;IURY �IGEL9W a:. c;0IlP�Y�tina: "lIer :��,,:",!,n ��"OILMOUR 6; LA TOUR '4'AuacteI'. Sinain& and Talkin& Com.­ediaDa.THE OMBRAS -III tWr IIUe-A-Minute Comedy Bars.u.�oa.Exclusive M. & F. FeatureTHE PALACE OF FLAMESIn 3 Tremendous Parts and 80 Sen­sational Sc:enes.Saturday, February 15th.CORTADMISSIONMain Floor, all seats •••••• 10BaI�Qny, all seats. • •••••••• SCGARRICKNew York Winter Garden Co. in PRINCE.§STHE PASSING SHOW OF 1912Biggest Music:al Revue--Star CastWm. A. B�dy PresentaThe Firat Chic:aco Performance ofBOUGHT AND PAID FORBy Geo. Broadhant.An Ameriam PIq of To-day-ILLINOISPRICESI�First Time in ChicagoHENRY MILLER-in-"The Rainbow."with the Original New York CastpOVVE�Maurice Campbell presentsHENRIETTA GROSMANin Her Latest and Most SuccessfalComedy."The Real Thine·"COLONIALThe Bie 1Iusc:ial Success.THE ROSE IlAIDHawthonae of the U. S. A.A IlIR1ClN MOSIC BALL"t Seats: Eves. and Sat. Mat. 'I.SO OLY�PICW�y lIatinee. '1.00 Nora BAYES Jack NORWORTH I .in "THE SUN DODGERS- IHCDI'Y W .. Savqe Offers-wit1a- I "TOP 0' THE MORNIN'"Geo. W. MONROE H. E. FISHERWith an Exceptional Cast, ladudiacGrand Opera FestivalSiC G. CAMPANARIBarytone Met. Opera Co.lime. Lonpri and F. Tanara. . ...BARDEEN The Handcuff Kine•••• I." .'.BLACKSTONE.NAIZMOVA-m­BeDa DoaaaAUDITORIU�Tim Murphy and Gertrude QuinlanTHE DAUGHTER· OF HEAVENwith VIOLA ALLEN and Cast andSTUDEBAKERE.. T�l� ct C�. Phine ct Picks,� _ .�r� _ lIelvine • Higins,as... Olcott, Wood Trio.Company of More Than 200Cosmo Hamilton'. Dariq Iadictment"THE BLINDNESS QF VIR'tUB"COlAN'S GlANDCHICAGO .OPERA HOVSE.tarp VI...... Otren the Bic. liaical GaIety� ... LIT'l'LB BOY BLO1Iessrs.. Cohan. Harris presentDOUGLAS FAIRBANKS inSETTLEMENT PROFITSFROM HUGE CARNIVALADD NAMi OF· WATKINSTO (JPPER JUNIOR LIST(Continued from page VIle), ;I •'I' IJ:1,' ..�IContinued from page r.)Programs Are Sold.Eleven' University women, garbedas. peasant maids, sold programs tothe carnival visitors. A stone foun-11:"'5-1�:45: Kenneth Coutchie andEmily llurry.1.2:45-1 :30: Lawrence Harpole and�1 osalie Emery.. iti 1.'30-2:30'. Marion Skinner andtaini placed in a pronuncnt pOSI Ionoutside the door of the Casa Bel l 'hyllis Fay..2 :30- 3 :30: Sam Leviton and Rob-Respire, along with several boothson the lower floor proved to be one crt Evans.3 :30-4 :30: Stevens Tolman(If the most popular stopping-placesMabel Becker.andfor the visitors to the pageant,Lower Juniors.Many well-known artists of Chica- 8:1.5-9:15: Frederick Burcky andgo aided the women sponsors of last Marjorie Coonley.night's charity project, in fitting out 9:15-10:15: Arthur Teranga andthe rooms for the carnival. Lorado Ruth Manierre.Taft, the sculptor, painted the seven!y _ 10:15--10: ... 5llcraldic shield and Rcnaissnnee 10:-15-11 :"'5: Charles Shively andcrests which ornamented the arches Dorothy Davis.of the palace on the second floor. II :-'l5-1::?45 Harry O'Neill, andMr. Taft also loaned some of his Florence Brooks.staucttes to decorate the lower 1.2:45-1 :30: Cart Defebaugh androoms. Irving K. Pond, the Chicago l sabel Mac Murray,architect. evolved the plan'S which I :30-2:,W: Stewart Canby andwere worked out in transforming EJ:"ic Erickson..2:30-3:303:3G-4:.W: William Goodman andthe exercising room into a' Florentinepalace. Leonard Crunelle, the artII\1(.tlf •.••t:I�I,I'ilII(I\II\ '�.:I.�Rowena \Vebster.connoisseur, lent several of his prizedstatues for the decorating of the car-nival rooms. Dennett Grover painted PRESIDENT JUDSONWILL :rALK BEFOREMEMBERS OF CLUBSthe signs of the carnival restaurant,advertising the "Casa Bel Respire,"which . were themselves eagerlysought after, at the conclusion of thePresident Judson wilt speak onaffair, by' the students, Mr. Francis "Higher Education and Research" atPuckey, and Mr. Charles Francis the Hamilton club dinner, tenderedBrowne aided in arranging the to the members of the Hamilton clubrooms. The stone fountain, outside by the co-operating and affiliatedthe refreshment rroom door, was the clubs of Chicago next Saturday.donation of Mr. Taft. Among the other prominent educat­ors who will be present are PresidentAll Seats Sold.All dati f I Harris of Northwestern universityaccommo anons or t ie carni- ..I Ia t . h' ld b f and Mrs. Ella Flagg Young, superm-va s mg t· were so out e oretendenf of the Chicago publicschools.cured at the warming house,. . �. iI,FOOng Up the RoomThe most appropriate decorationsare the College pennants. Ask anyFatima Smoker.