VuL. XI. 1'0.20. UNIVERSITY OF 'CHICAGO. $ATURDAV" O�� ,26, �912. PRICE FIVE CENTS. Meeting Closses ��_!)��_. TWELV� MEN SUR�VE 'DWtiNlt TAW'oiI'� DETECTIvE BEt.IEVES. HE This meeting will .close the .. pro- DEBATE TEAM PRELIMS'. .' _ : . . FOUND STOLEN AMULET . . h' 'Th ' 'Hon ..... I. Not Invariably the Best ". � -' . gressh'c campaign on t e campus. e ,-·1 Go Into Finals Three W-'-- From' Policy, Bat. it ,Pap in the Lone'Run, :Imorma60n'Selit in.' Ano!!ym.ous Let.;. men at the head of the movement ex- � . . He DecIarea. ' .ter Gives Clue to'Hi�C'Ptace of Coach Stagg: pcct the turnout to be a fitting close .Monday-To Be Grouped in, ,� . ,.;, . ..:: ,., . , "I think that Purdue will put up a . ': '. ,.�.". . -. Stolen Gold Plate. of the ca.m�aign, as they believe that Team� '.. �onesty is .not. always, t�e . be�� ,.; ; ,___ �uch better g�� to��� the �ea� -: .�,_: . __ .. the attraction of speeches by mem- , poliCY accordlDK to. Dean Linn who � __ __.._ ..... __ �-Iul�k;---r-a:m .;tIlI dissatisfied bcrs of )ile..."\(a��l�y' w\U .. au�ci a', s� ... '- . Tw�l�e .� :were- c�osa.�t� :�m.-:- aadre�d;:the' ,fiDl' 'ffPe'�]fte�ui�"l'):: ��:a"r'� �"���'. "a��'��teaec�tivr ,��. ':J.te" �lay of 'our' team. '. T�e men '. h '11' K' t pete 111 the final tryouts for 'the de- the Honor Sentiment assiociation m' ,wlio has been worlCingtoD' the case 0' wiIl'bave to play 'bard to WID_ dell t turnout t at WI Jam en , , I • h • h h' '. 'IlL' .. , I" , I' -. f" : �1' k II I ' .. ' . . . hate team ast DIg t, wit out t e ne- Kent theater yesterda7 at 12:15- In toe amu et: sto en rom flU east Captain Carpenter of Chicago: t lu-acr, regardless of the poht�cal af-. cessity of going' through their explanation of tbis .statement he said Fe��rY; thinks he has �Ocated it. : "Men win play hard to win as a filiations of those attending. speeches. The twelve were the on�y that a large number' of people achieve' "Acc�rding to the st�rY f�atured in victory today means the right to play The \ Vilson and Taft forces have men to show up at the time scheduled success in small'things by' dishonestY.: '3.; ';ne�s.,aper -yesterday m��ing, the for the championship of the Confer­ not. announced their plans for final f�r 'the preliminary tryouts, and" The question of pOlicy, bad 'therefore' �ter ofihe 'mysterious' let;�r is the eaee," demonstrations hefore election day, in smce twelve were to be chosen for the better be left out of th� subject of I tliief� and - not John c. Hartzell" who .. Coach .Herr: answer to the final shot of the Pro- fin�!�. the twelve were �lected auto- honesty '. _ .•• '. . ���_'c:o�v,i�ted'o� ��e t�e�t. _Gri�n'_fo�-. "Purdue has the best materiel in matlcally.. '. "As an mdn'luual each of ·US, has. an lowed the directions and found the yean. In spite of our defeat by Wis- gressives, ',It is expected that they , .... h ld Chi The men were paired into two af- ; ideal, a training, and e"ucational op- "amulef lUl'cler a stone' near Fifty':.siXth consin we mean to 0 rcago, will present their final arguments im- firmative and two negative teams and portunities," said Dean Linn. "Op- street' arid Lexington' avenue. . Captain Hutchinson of Purdue: mediately after the Bun. Moose dem- will meet three weeks from Monday portunity spells responsilaility, �nd the ' "We have had· several men injured C . ..r I ,.,. ' '. , .. ' �hursday, night the detective ,m·, - .' .. p' ra' -CU-cA, .thlS- ,week, but despite this for the. final trials. oach .ro.ou ton responsibilities' of a coUege student b .... h I h U' .' ... _ declaredthat what the men lacked in " rouaut t e amu et to t e mversrty :tbe men are in fair condition �nd will :ue very : great.. He. might be dis-: :�;,;e identified. by P�ofessor, �reasted . . , honest ,a�d yet .,obtaln �. r�sults ,Owin 'to Dr. Breasted' absence in the Pl!Y a bard game to�ay.! for a short time but in �he. lon� run' '£as' ... 't .Khl·s ..... :�ta·nt- Thoma� Allen, -.-----.---:---- -- Chicago meets Purdue to(l:.y at 2:30 honesty is much �tter_ Thi!! associ&-.· ��t�: that t�� matter would. h;ave t� on M�rshall field with both tt.'ams '-'X. (Continu� 0.: paae 4) rest until Profe.�r Breasted's return • PROGRESSIVES, PLAN HUGE RALLY IN mT Hope to Close Cuapu c.·pait. Wida Record-Breakiac Meetiq Ned nllt'lda, FACULTY MEMBERS WILL SPEAl To Make Addresses on the "Why I Became a Bull Moose." Bull Moose supporters plan to hold the "ig-gl."st political mass meeting of t he campaign next Thursday at 4 in KCIll theater, surpassing any' similar :.!athering ill the history of the Uni� \ cr sity, Plans arc being made to have the meeting addressed by a score of members of the faculty. "Wh)' 1 Became a Bun Moose," the g-clleral subject of the meeting. Four deans' of the University, and many pro iesaors. will make five minute speeches on this topic. None but faculty members will address meet ing. onstration. Maroon Supplements Calnpaicn;. qua�tity, they made up in quality. � The'DailY"Maroon wiU supplement The twelve men who wilt compcte ::'the �i'n,al a�'pcals of the difrc;i�nt or- in the finals are as follows': . gani7;lt,iqns, .. by printing �r.t�ements (Continued on page 4/· from thc' "arlous party 'organizations llt�xt \\·�ck.· Each of the three princi­ pal parties will be given half a col- 'lIl11n' in' which to present claims. The Progressives wiU be invit�d' to present their case in the Wednesday morning issue, the \Vitson forces. Thursday, and the Taft forces Friday. Other · part�· or�ani7.ati�ns will he given a · chance to (lresel�t th'cir ,arguments1 ,i�JJowillJ.! the statemcn,ts of the th,ree · principal parties. . The final stcps of the campaign will afford many who have not dcclared · their party affiliations .to state their prcf('rcnces. An attcmpt will be made at the tinal meetings '0 determine the sentiments of toose. attending. in nnlcr to dctermine as far as possible, the political complexion of the cam- pus, _ Thos(' who havc alrcady promised to speak at the Bull Moose meeting a r(' as fo 110\\'S : J)(,:1n �l11al1: Dean Matthews. Dean Linn. ne-an Rrcckinridge. Professor Stag-�. Professor Rutler. Professor COI11t('r, Assodate Professor Hoben. ;\ssistant p. ofessor Blanchard. and Mr. MerrifieM, of the Divinity school. THE PROBABLE" LlNEUP·FOR:'TODAY'S�l.GAME: ; .... • l _.,1 t. :. O�-Ilo N' BKk. o· Captaia HatcIIin8oiI-l. Ouaner Back PURDUE. 'Oliphant-IS6 R. Half Back HUlia-161; L Half' Back o o O. G�177 Cen'ter �..,: Het'4IrIck-.., Street-16l- Left' Guard ' Uft 'Tackle Left End 0' 0 0 0 ---------------- ..... ------ ..... ------ ..... --------------- ----------------- ------------ ------------ ---------- o 0 ,0 0 BaU'17S Winston-lIs Roath-III • Right End Right Tackle Right Guard 0 0 0 0 0 0 Left End Left Tackle Ldt Guard Vnnrink'167 Sellen-I 72 Whiteside-I" CHICAGO <:enter Right Guard Right Tackle Rieht End Des Jardien-IP HIirria-17S CarpenteNI7 H1IIltiDaton-Ifio Captain o Quarter Back Paiae-16i '0 R. Ha�f Back Noqrea-171 " - .. .,. • o L. Half Back' , Coatchie-161 o PaD Back. .: �I"" Total Wei,ht Weitht' of Uae. Purdue. '946: average 'n Puprdue. 1281: avenge, 18J. Chicago. '9'7: average, '74 Chicago. 1247: avenge� l,s' OBiciaJs-Rcferee: 1Iamma, West Point; Umpire: PIe8a*, Honhiues'tem; moatJi. . '! i Weiaht of BlICk Pield Purdue. 665; average, 164 �i��go. 670; �ve� 167 'Head Linesman: HeDDeap,. PLAY PURDUE TODAY IN CRUCIAL CONTEST ON MARSHALL FIELD Oapite neir Disastrous Defeat by Wis­ co ... Coach Sfagg Fun Out­ COIBe of Game With Boilermakers OIICAGO MEN OUTWEIGHED Coach Herr Has Given Team Series of Intricate Formations-Expec.t Nine Hundred Rooters. �-------------------- Chicago-Purdue Scores, Scores of previous Chicago-Purdue . games. 18g2-Chicago, 0; Purdue, 38. I8g3-Chicago, 10; Puzdue, 20 1lJ94-Chicago, 6; Purdue, 10 ISg8-Chicago, 17; Purdue, o. ISgg-Chicago, 44: Purdue, 0 Igoo-Chicago, 17; Purdue, 5 190I-Chicago, s; Purdue, 0 1902-Chicago, 33; Purdue, o. 1903-Chicago; 22; Purdue, 0 I904-Chicago, 20; Purdue, 0 I 90s-Chicago, 19; Purdue, o. Ig06-Chicago, 39; Purdue, 0 I907-Chicago, S6; Purdue, 0 Ig08-Chicago, 39: Purdue, 0 19o9--Ci:ic=!go, 40; Purdue, 0 I9Io--Chicago, rb ; Purduec g I9n-Chicago, II; Purdue, 3 �c'ti�g,' 'a 'hard fought gamc. Con­ sist��t improvement has hel."n Illltict.'d in Chkago's team play since the 111- di��a �nd Iowa games but Cc)ach Stagg is stili. dissatislied with the pl�yi�g of the'team. For this reason he' fcars Purdue. There is Illllch at si�ke' in the game and he has avoid­ ed' the risk of overcontidcn'ce on th� Part 'of the' men by instiHing a fcar of P�rdue in them. Although the Badgers decisively de' feated Purduc' last week by the s"rore of 41 to 0, stiH Assistant Coache� Page and Sauer who saw the pme declare that the Boilermakers have a strong team and wilt call"c plenty of trouhle today. Thl'ir �rcat­ est. fault in the \Visconsin g-ame was the' propensity to fumhle at critical moments. This. rathl'r th,111 the st�enltth of the Badgers lost the �al11e for them. Play Open Game . Purdue has two styles of play 'lutl has always been noted for the trick pl�ys which the t11l'n have !'prllng- "Il Chic��o. Chica�o's !'pc('1) :1IHI he-ad' work havc always hcen ahll' to hrcak (Contiimcd on page (ocr) ,0. To the Editor.: Unfortunately do not know to what extent the Hitchcock Blanket has fig­ ured in song and story, and conse­ quently this communication may be a plagiarism. A� a matter of fact it seems to me wholly inconceivable that so many generations of Hitchcock inhabitants hould have come and gone without voicing some such protest as is wrung from me. In any event. I can see no harm in reviving the sub­ ject. . T(\ put the whole .situation briefly. the Hitchcock Blanket is too small bold. ZO.OOO letten or papera .�zll Inche». bOlid. .ub.tanUal. Golden. Natural .,r Weatbered anlsn. are dust­ proof and on roller hearlnCL Frelcbt paid. (See nete.) '1:1.9. Get CatlllllC show­ Inc mlln: hRntt)'. In. expensiVe omce 4e­ ,'Ices and g.'cUon:,' bookcluJe .. , Booklet . "Flllnc SuClCelltlon .. •• al80 tree. NOTE.-Freleht or Expreu paid all quoted to point. eatot of Alontana. \V)'om_ Inc. Colorado. Okla. boma and Tezl\s. SUehtl;r bleher be. ),ond. ·:··-·B· 1'1' .�. :.� .. ' . 'd �"'��:� :f.:�:l!';(· � f.;t � � .. ��� U tetm an �: .. ���g����� •. ........ ,. "'" '.,. � � ....... ,. '.. .. � I, Football Game-Chicago .. vs. Put' BotaniCal Club-Tuesday, 4:30, due. 2:30, Marshall field..L Botany, IJ. University Relicious Servi�Bis1i� Student' . Vol�teer . BaDd�Deacon- op Williams of Michigan, II, ·.tomor'; .. ess' Goodwin Tuesday, i:15, Lexing- row, Mandel. . ,. .. ton: Junior Chapei7""Meji:;. Bi�hop�: Wil- Menorah Socie.ty·- Tuesday, Cobb Iiams, 12:15 �ondaY:. A4rid�. ,::i .,. 6.(· •. �. Physics C1U"_:_4;·M�naaY; R�rson Divinit,. Chapel-Bishop Williams. 32•. . :.... :.:� ". WJdnesday; 12:15, Haskell assembly Household Administration:' Club- room.' !\feeting·.for-.organizatiOn, '4£l$ �Mon- Y. W. C. L.-Wednesday, 12:15, da, Green hall � � Lexington. Zoological' Clu�4�J5".' . Monday; .o.tchesri RehQrsal-Wednesday, Zool�gy.:·zI. ',. i r ['\..,_,,' t ., . , 'M· ··....:..1-.." ,. . . . �" . .: .i !:15, anUII;. Seni�r : YJape1":"'B�shop . \Vi!liams, . . C b-'. lor ' Education lu Wednesday, 7 :30, 12:15 Tuesday, MandeL ; �:' Belfield 159. . . : .• ' . Qlee Club--.Mfeting for candidates, i e • • 4. Tuedi�! �y�lds dub theit�r. !.�or �hapel-\Vomen Bishop (O.fin41 �h,�#ut �#lU.'4'#<& Publi CenT d . t .• 5 W illiams, Thursday, ,12:15,. Mandel . c onc - ues ay, . 4.1 ,. . . ... . • .;r •. Mandel. .. �.,.. :.. Le Cerde Francaise-Thursday, 4. I'he University 01 Chicagc Weekly �. L' 8 • < •• Univusit)t.1PuIalk.��R.ev. J.. exmgton . Formerly " �. Peters, .:;r��s® .. Ar 1 iii • ...ija��l1. as- Philharmonic.' Society- Thursda,., sembly roo� ......•. " 'i;·.· }:15. Mandel -, . . ". -r" ..... ".. 'to. k·'!·',) 1"" J . Maroon :buildin'gs : are specifically' for this and like purposes. In the interest of readers themselves it is hoped that these bridges will not be used simply to enable ia student to make. a short cut to some point which he wishes to reach. but students having occasion to pass from one library to another in the prosecution of their studies are permitted to do so freely. Very truly yours Ernest D. Burton, Director of the Libraries. keep. enouch .taUon('r,.· at hand for ('urr";" use, Solid Quartel't'tl Oak. handllolnt"ly IID­ (abed. Po ... Its ....... raieL (Sec note.) SOLID OAK LETTER FILE - ·fhe Daily Editorial-Business offices, Ellis 2 Telephone Midway Boo. Mail Box ·'0" Faculty Exchange. one's person, this strikes me as a "ital defect. Moreover, there seems to be absolutefy no, �ogical reason for .such a conditio.n. What possible mo- FILING DESKS Founded October I, .i�.2. .. �; �o,;..;;�i�':':;':· subsequent letter from Mr. Ulrich. I ... ', ..... t� � ... ."..m hope that 'there is among the students The c:clitor u not n--8Pondble for .,u.c. u- . t .. of the University such, a demand for for even a man of average stature. vrc •• cd here. Comm"ntclltiotu _,., be . . .• some co-operative scheme that the of- Now considering a blanket as an :slulI�tl' G.a. an ericlence of 1I0od fa4tJt. .�. ; : . ficers of the Olicag'o Grand Opera 'article intended primaricy to cover nois, March 18, 1908, under Act.o.f .• LfI'. • J'.od..�. m � c:p-mpa. ny will be interested in i plans . . • ... I( �.. � 'U -q"L'1I It r _� March 3 1873 .. -�.: .. '. . '.1. ._t,' ... " :; . for reduced.crates to students. If . , . � Your editorial Tuesday on" the re- . '.' students of the Unhtersity!will in suf- lation of the University· to; ,grand ': { . fident number indicate their present opera 'is a:wor«hm �::'lthe ma�ter interest· in opera, . .ah interest which is it seems to ine, should not be allowed. . � a guara�tee 'Of a 10"t of ·Opera and fu- to rest here. The educatronal"value f ···h; .• , ' . �:': .. �d - '; t·· ture patronage of grand· opera es�ec- o t e .tlpera . .to. tlV; �t� ejlls IS. 60 .. ' • . • _. . .• •. ;- . " ! •.. '_' tally ID Chlcago� I'.beheve ·fhat some Jmportant and the·· support .�O.f�' th�. ... - " I .' ... d d . b ,I • t:; . h ·.assoclatlon eould··bJJ 'agreed upOn for un ergra uate Ouy IS 00 �muc. . .. . . �� h· . h'l .e" .. � .. �{J' if . b: mutual benefit. SmCtt·-:the· Maroon has could. have been an attempt to econ- wort �w Ie..., t O�/'" e ,j to e .. • ! . IV!anaging Editor • Hiram KennJc:4)tt disreg�rded. i i,. \ � \ � � : �a�en .t.he le�d�rsh,p!"m tbis' mattes: I omize seems out oi the question when News Editor. • •• Leon St8Iz h·" h � . .lt � fh Lk:. itself. suppose' that jt� will continue to�sound we consider how generously our Uni· A thletic Editor • • Bernard Vmissky mubc wl.ort wd de ro e oy�. � , :jtudCtru::"-pini rdor Ui�' purpOse bf dis- Versity has been endowed. Revenge, to e (Isregar e . I ; I 11 .·f. � t •• f ,., - "7 ...• ...L.. ; . .' h· f Business Manager ••• Burdette Mast I h d t th . t" 'th covetnfJ! a - genrsm�· Imerest· ,whIch hatred, love, jealousy-t at any. 0 t as occurre 0 me "t EI er ' . . ".: .. . '. " . i �.t., can be adequately put before the these could have actuated the purc.�as- .. Associate Editors. through the medn� J:'f the; r�nt . . i r.. • • • • I "Droper a�thont��s. •... -, cr is m.mfcstJy impossible. From an \\'alter Foute Maron S�vers; ol'chesl�1 assocratloo,_some fl � J� :,11.;, �;Id. '·S· �.I(11 ·":1 ! ' '. . , . ... . . -'. .• . . ... � : '.. mcere y yours, I aesthetic: st�ndpoint. a. sho� U1�nk.e� \\ Ilham Lyman·.' � .... Joltn PdrfI. ltnent .. c.ftOld be madeaar fOCjJflg the D 'd ARb _1 ':';',. " . . : •. _. . �'?1 : aVI • 0 el"lson 'is' no· 'iuore to 'be commended �an a Samuel Kaplan ..•.. Harry Gorgas mterest of the studenfs and culty, i_. �:. . . ... .. ...,. Secretary to the Pre�i1dent. 10Dg�r one; from the u.tilitarian :stand- HalgcrLolle.sgard ••• George.LY.mail and�alfll1g:.J,.�M'sslble"'ft .. �sec!1, .. seats .... � v+·f ;;'�.'J'._.") � - : .: ... ' " . • point, the latter is infi��t�ly' to be pre- Clyue Watkms • - George Cotboghcin rc:guI�dr�ati reduced "tes.:, :.There To the Editor: I , ", 'fe�ed_ Consider th'e case �f the Grace Hotchkiss .. Sarah Reinwal must be in the· undergraduC\t� �'pdy -"1 �' .... ····d····�· . .. -'. . .. ,. . d H h· t . and among the fac1l.M::f'. �fai�ly': l�.ge ._lIave r�a Wnll .sY��h.etlC: I�ter- Hitchcock .. �tu. ent. .. e as pu ID a "Even the reporter bas an office h h P 'd' �h � ::- .. j< t .�st 7�'?' t{1mhiudtbail���.lJs morn- hard day at hIS studIes, of course. He - num er w 0 atten t e oyera· "'.. •.. .., . . '. and with clear eyes and honest ,laD ,;·fi f . th��'· '.�.;'..:i:. � �ng�ij�ar09� r��·ng..cADditions in returns from one of the vanous . ••• _ vot sor::e requency, �re ;m . ....,.,r.---.. .,. � .... ..' �'.' :.J!'l'!:U7T. •• • • . guage, may unveillDJustice and po�t a very much larger num1le* who t�,e"I�I�,:,r��s �o.�; t e i UDlvers!ty� .. !�� !��!.Ol�e� .. at .. ��u� .. ;��� .w�tchm� hour. • . the way to progress. "-R. L.:�h .,'::; �Woiit¥.�like i7c"'�' . they.f�lt t�at ;O�.�.lt��al:?�'�� ��� .�IDt. w:�U: ,�f:I .. � .. ;.:and; ��� � ;s}gh �(. rel�f �n the _, lomb to unscmr. ---------- ........ -. _ ......... _ r h· .' .... '.:.1� Idl t. ft�\: th � t"b" )"'dtl!permlt me' a wo� ·oi-·two of con»- . dally scho1astl� StIDt, he prepares to 4� .. �ed,�..,.I ..... w_·. Lal. '·rin: .. ,) loy llaroon Press. G:ill Couap Grove. t ey cou 'a or . , er� toUS e ; .. ,,� .'.-:r '. • '.: :.. ... . . . f" - .... 1 h· h ;. 1 'meift;:·' ........ � .", ,�,.!� .. ,.�. kmt up the raveled c1eeve 0 care .... d .. __ at ............ wiILaat .a.a.. .. some at east w 0 WIt out any specla .,... • ..,; � . " .'. . '.. . . " :. f" -1- .'. . h' td b' . '11' Thosc�m eha�e of the are ·home he has always looked forward .. -I willa - ..a law •. ee 109 10 t e matter wou e 'WI 109 . ,. . .: ••.. '. , .. , . . '. .. ........... � elf ... f.wee The Western football championship t h . .. t t' ._ �;'t�h" 5'r well 'aware;1 p'aWutly' aWare'! indeed, to this with a large measure of pleas- pa� ao':'W •• lo.e.-:!. 01 ord .... o s ow an meres In ope ... · D el.. . .. .. . . ' .,. . • this year is a m�y-legged creature . II d h at � f:t - tflbt the CCItalo�ej�fof ·tha library are utable .anticipat�Qn; at HItchcock he ,� ............ ,.. -- ....... diflicul attention was ca e to t e v � 0 •• r • .., •. ,- .. .' . , .. ; ...•. � h d d H E"'I� pea ....-L t to capture. . TI .. h t . � ·t:n-...::t; lar. � complete.and. f. ar. .. from. satlS- regard!! t�e .P��sp��t Wlt rea, . e Champion- Each leg must be grab- h Ie... questIOn IS h o� °h ge;f' :»k :tf;,t' 1SC?Orl' rri"'7>1h�� ·'e;pe�is:·· Nm only dispos�s of his �rson in such fashion _ .. tree groups tGget .,. tIl·1 e qu es ..' � . ,,, ': .• ' . .. . . '" . • . : ship. bed and hel. d tJ&ht be- . d L � • ht�·. e-�. 1��$IS;�j teC!atalog1Jmg the as to attaID the m��lmum of comfort, _ ...:' wayan ·tg··tHe.-:IDost purpose.. Ig ..... �. ". . .' � . . fore the animal ma,. be.. ' ... : �. '.""-'-.::� . d " entJ,re COile. c. tJO. n of .bookS. ID tho e Uni- and, reachmg down attempts to draw said to be caught. And each·.leg is ��t.a �omun'u�l�+. ppomte � cafi n-: .. ..,..ecsfi- lia.$t!ei;·1W( w�'are ;.� un- .QV.t'·�nd about·bimsol$.the blanket. In . . vas • tne nlve 'It at once t 10 ".... V . . ..... . � - . " . . likely to be more wriggly anel. � slip- .;. ; ''';''':.'''�l:�� •. i4! . ..It 'i .der'· �he: neceSsity �f .. construc.-. ting a vain, for he and the .Blanket part • ....., out wm�r'���_o terest IS S wn. . . .' pery than the preceding. C1aic;agos S -h '.':-�.J. h h ft' temporar:y.·ca�logue made up of no company some degrees north of the . h h • sm·· .... ,. . ., uc·z c;o··:::�t� 0 t to a. ome I --:I f:..L.· '. fis. '''"'-,.'.. .. 1 -:c. ! - - I' d'· • f F h gnp on t e c amplon p IS as yet � .. �� '.� dJ.....l.: t . k h..:..:-i t:swo Ulan vervr SIX'·cata ogues ong- waISt me. 1m memones 0 re, man '. .... •. spe9,uC yT pu�1t n rna e,. �,ever. . . . ;;', ... ' pretty sbgbt, but the team· has dis- S ... '_ .. '" Ii·· '':' . .1-.. b f dr� th mally dlmne .. ;: and each const,mcted ·Math. snggest that the hypotht.nuse. . •• . uppose t ere cou e oun . I!I e • .' .. . ... ' .. � ,�. • h h ba at . played conS1derable skill ID the dif-. U ... ' ...._ .. -L..._ .... ........_;,.. Id u�··B. ddre'renn�y�tem. In thIS tran- IS ·Ionger than elt er t e se or tt· . •• nnerslty h..-ee nDnuleu -w-l1Ul. ,,"OU .'-... . �.. ...' h h· h ficult art of captunn& a ch;mJp1onshlp., '11- t d h : . al I't -sft;ort ·petJO-d:· whlth' we cannot :at tude� .. actmg upon t e mt,. e en� . • �e WI mg to.�a ten t e. opera a .. ; eas "" .-' ." . . .. ... .' ". d f Now With the struggle waxing harder �' .. ,' '·":-'1' iii I .... -u�r . J.t ollC'e.;'lose, we deSIre to de.avors \0 quarter across, an a ter . • . SIX urnes I I tne1 �oUl.:secure! son' or' '� .. ... .. • • week by week, ·It IS for the students bl d f . ; • �. serve to �t�utmost the faclilty .and several mIDutes of more or less frantIC a y goo scats or, say sev1= -I,ve . .. ' • .. ... . � . .'. . . to stand behind the team, never let- .. _]: J. •. :il"t·' I I. i..l ·b .... !f� ,�riidints 'Of' th��nlv. �"'slty aA'd m.u·st cfforr, �e. presents an appearance cents apiece. IS a toget.,er flf a 1.; . 1I ",'., ... . ... . ting it think for a minute that defeat .. h ii' .' .j" -' : ••.• ··v ..... b....n.� ,-OIL h b�g"'h'l!irlcoop'eTadon·in_.otir efforts to which may best be de:cribed as that i� possible. And there is no reason t at t e.,. �ul�dmess manage�te�t�� � ht�,f_' ��t¥e 'them:;1 'Wish', tlierefor� to ex- of a yourlg man who has been tryin� opera w()u cooperate WI. II,.. a _ ... �. t. I. .... .. _. . 1 htl�hle clod as I think some poet or ... ·Jhy defeat should enter into the .. , .� "; • ...... �........ '� •• r..",. ,J i :. L4L: press my appr4!aatlon "of ,tbe letter Of. to cov�r him:l4'lf with a b anket of in otllcr has renlarke,l. '\lld I ')elieve body .. I{c;,gular UDlverslty se.ts�ould . . .�. • • u schedule at alL The team is ,GOd, .... :':1 d' __ "',Iij" h b.!-"" your cOITCS})ondent, whosc IdentIty IS adequate proportionr., and who can the other I'nhabl'tants of Hitchcock • )C prov�ue at •. say, t res:. f''I(; .. orlll'- • . , '. I' f The season thus far has been eOll-· . - "':"k··'·· ·;'�d: h' ,. ,'Ijj·:".Il.l �.' h� 1- unknown to· me, add the hope that the hardly be said !,; hav,� achieved more hall will J'oin me in sayinfY' that when . ances.a .wee an t ose 'Y.l1v ........ s e( . 4 '. .. • - - 0 �ntly successful and best of all-" .. f·" 'f � . �:'l:- ., •• '4;,' .10. h '\ �i l. .. , students 'of the University will read than an indifferent succes� Finally I'n the course of Iluman events the . . . • to go or any .partlcu!ar perlurmance . .. ..' ., . there IS a sptnt of pluck and ·fight lD . -1'1 ·fI·· I .. · .. ··�·) f;"� ,�..!�. ) •. �'I f hiS COmmtlDlcatlon 'and confirm to hIS he docs one or two things. He folds • cou ( ID( out rom some centra ") - , the men that ought to mean VICtOry.,. . 1-;· .. 1:· k' "')d-o.� w,,:; 'b"l� ;_� .suggestions.._ .. { . ,. . . hOOdf up like the Arabs, and seeks nce W!at tIC ets were avalla e:,or II. � .. ". . Nothing will be lacking if the team .,' d···· .. , I·.": ,�j�-.r .,,q'''k'''I:· :ha' '.--',' . S\lggestions as to ways in which his natural rest in a position which t. oes not se�m Uilil e Y. t t SU)- . gets the kind of support that ought ". . .• ; 'f"'� . ,?, :1!"!""'" rt! the libraries can be nlade more ser- would cramp a blacksnake, or else he . .. sCrJPtl(\n.�, or I�ftl,�r. suppo o�.,a..... •.... . : .. tCl be charactenstlc of ChIcago. Every- . h .. ··f' .: I· .' -� ,�l 't'·l f·b· . _'.i.:. ,<; �"'J(ea1)le," or reporls ,.on I. defects that aris�s and dons a pair of knitted slip· . . • . sc eme o. t 115 sort. cou (J e ,ccUTea' . . thmg POints to the fact that the n,ht f .. ". ·d· ··�(··h·' 'U.-!' 't' J..- can hc ':,emedled. arc alw�ysrwc1com- pers, sweater, coat, bathrobe and kind of support is forthcoming. The rQ� trlen � 0 tl e y·I:·,;.fi"· . '�'d:4 "".'�':". . '. . .. . over coat, into ·one of the pockets of mculate actIOn, lowever, IS 'p am y .' •.. _ .• crowd at yesterday's rally was large ,I • t· I ···D- T-h· M··! .. d��·· !,\Y.ltb"-re'Spccrl0 the cntitlsm cour- which he carefully tucks the blanket, ueSlra ) e. oes e aroon, ()r o('s and enthusiastic enough to pfease the h O· I' at .. '. d . tcously made. in. your editorial, there and blissfully unconscious 'Of the . . I t e rc lestr asSOCiatIOn, or .'. �es.. �'>'"I", • .' • .••. .'. most critical The crowds at the n- ,;,' 5t �. 'to t\ k th tt' is' �\'idently some misapprehension. many wrinkles which the mornmg sun '. . .a r. e .. ens ·ta e·, o· ta e e rna er·,.. ,.,.t·' , . �. ,_' .', . R W·U Be H me. diana and Iowa games were excellent tl" -.... J t' .. .. '-t:·· .�.. . rth d' •. , : ·l'bf', no .rule .forbidding a student will show in his garments, gets his obertson I. at 0 • . I' seems 0; � wo omg. . .. \. P f d M"'" Roll it'! size and rousinc In character. Now ' '. . �. S. .' I passing from the Harper reading wen earned rest.. ,sslstant ro essor an ' OJ. - .. . '. IDcere y yours,· I t Hitch for tomorrow-everybod,. out and at. ....:". J W be :L' ." 'room to !tire Law·schOol reading room Now, Mr. Editor, I am no Sybarite. ertson will he at lOme a - . . .. ames cr· Inn . .. 6 'em, and don't let the rootel'S_ f��cet '. .. ... '.� __ ' and back' again to'·N:u-per· if· he 'has A bed of roses may have its crumpled cock tomorrow from 4 to , tn get their rooting hats-anythmc .10·,th� ·Ed·itor. i' I occasion.}? .. �.o so in the use :of the leaf, with never a complaint from me. -- that unifies the. rootinc �on wi� � at_" very much intere�ted tin the �ib:-aries. Th�; brid:�s. connecti�� the t I� is really n�t so much the present The Daily Maroon is now on sale make for entha .. � VidOI7'! edItorial of Tuesday �.� ADd the Ha�r 1ibrary , ... tli· the ad,Jaceat discomfort which compels me to send �t the Prea. Published daily except Sundays, �on days and Holidays during three quarters of the University year. Entered as Second-class mail at the Chicago Post Office, Chicago, lUi· Subscription Rates. By carrier, $2.50 a year; $1.00 a quar tcr. By mail $3.00 a year; $1.25 combine dmwt'n In hanll!.ome dt'lIk. The Dies 70U want at your ftnct.·r tlplC. See 0"., at )'our dealerL Freight paid �S.OO. (See note). tives can have impelled the presum- THE.��MANUFACTURING CO. ably. humane person who selected 87 Union St. MONROE, MICH these blankets towards the choice of .,Chicago DispIaY-SlJ·IS S. Wabash the overgrown chest pro�e��ors with -' which we .are provided? That this quarter. <ifbitotial .' DAILY MAROON Single Copies-Five Cents Ellis or Press. you this letter, as the fact that we are approaching with alanning steadiness that season of the year when the Hitchcock student will either have to pf'()\'ide himself with a set of arctic sleeping bags, or freeze-go and be a brother to the sluggish rock and the murcury snuggles cozily down some­ where in the bottom of the hulh, we, the aforesaid resid�nts of Hitchcock hall, should be granted suflicient cov­ ering to make possihle life,liherty, and the pursuit of happiness. . . Sincerely. ·H. D. , .... Wi ; •• • r - ::=c: ,THE· DAILY IlAROO., SATURDAY .. OCT. � !gt2. i TIIat'a -- -' pat .u ... bowl&dce into buyinc the right sort of I WANTED-The DaiI¥. Maroon de- fabrics and .n our Mill iDto makine them properly. • sires. copies of its Juac 01 October AAI.._ .... d... .oft.OO to $60.00 I Eight Sophomores who tried out V� a" � I, 1912. � complete ita 6leL for the position of assistant cheerlead- Three Stons: • er at the rally yesterday noon. will be FOR JIJUIT":'O:-- ...... iron 7 N. La Salle St.�, . TAILOR FOR i given a chance to lead the yelli�g a. iQ priYato lao.. Saleable f!r r:� 2S E. Jacboa Blycl. YOUNG MEN • the game today, The final decision - _ d AU od 71 E. ... ·a�: .. oD St. • . . er one 01" ._v stu eDb. m ern .a QUI , • of the Undergraduate council on the • :. Wuhia . ; A. N. JERREIIS. lIanacer• ' ����gi�����=���, ���� t judged on the performances of the aspirants at the game this afternoon: - Yesterday's rally was the first ODe PO� RBII!-�ble, aUDD� of the year at which the women were qUiet room JD pnvate ,.l1li17. �f tw� present. Coach Stagg in his address �ult.. Mode,... Opea for .mapa:­ to the crowd said that he was not! tion at aD,. tbDc. GIIO lWis Aye. ··Come and inspect the weest liDe pleased with last Saturday's perform- 4th .partlDa.&' $5 00 I. Thr M h I of foreign and domestic woolens dis- anee, and that he would look to the.......... • IOr ee ont s played in Hyde Park. Our clothes are men today to redeem themselves in WAKTED-Koaopamias and ini- . perfection' in material. style. and his eyes. Assistant Coach Page ,spoke tialin& OD 'lineD; aIIo me .. ding and workmanship. more cheerfully saying that" although plain sewing £Or ladie. or gentlemen. . B� ..,.mpe caaranteed to be in fine working order, and will be • BENEDICT W A L D the Purdue-Wisconsin 'game was in- . Phone Midway 46Js. kept ao dariIac tam of rental. MAKER OF S c-"RI flaenced to a great extent by luck, and -..- . .... • U s: � OR CLOTHES , . FOR RENT-Five room apartment". We daIiYer the maCUlne and call for It at the end of the rental term. that Purdue should have run up a' . b. h th ht th Chi completely funUshed .. 4· all out- !. � w. aIao baft for ale a &De line of Factory Rebuilt machines of all 19ger score, e oug e lea· . _ '. . go would be able to win today.' con- Side rOODIB. M�nem con.enien�es. . � ..... OR which 'rou can- Save 50 to 75 per cent, flict, ' Captain Carpenter mentioned 3rd apartment WIth elevator servrce, ' Julius Is Your Barber his regret for Mr. Stagg's attitude, but Martin, 1379. E. 57th Street, S. w. � admitted that it was justified. He Comer MadIson allel 57th. Phone spoke for the team, saying that they Midway 971. ..:! .. would do their best to regain the con- ' -...... fidence of Director Stagg. . WANTBD-A liye, capable and in- " Rooters Sq.tecI in SectiozL dustrious·.;youaar JD&D, who has spent· at :Iealt a _-.. or -0 in the ,'� 431 loath Dearbom St. The same' arrangements for the ",_." � massing of the rooters that was em- UDiYeraity, for .�rk in our Ad- THE TYPEWRITING OFFICE ployed last Saturday will' be in ef- vertiaing, aDd Sale. clepartment. feet today. All students are requested . Here is. an exceptional opportunity .for the right IDUl to Jeam sales and advertisiag in a buaiaeu with a fu· ture. Phone,W. K.·Page"Haymar- MALT ket 800, for interview. Ari�:"" ruuoJW SHIRTS The makers depend on their good qual­ i ties to sell you another bearing the same label. S1.50up Cluett. rcabOOr I:. CompGDY. )bken 1445 E. 55th Street. Tel Hyde Park 2860 Sanitary Shop - Three Chain One-Day Laundry Service. Agency Sanitex Brushes : Shoe Shining Parlor. . 1003 � East 55th Street. Basement of Cobb '�� t JOSEPH scmoD:r Stationery. Toilet Articles Fine Line of Candies 956 E. 55th Street.. Chicaco, IU Imponed and Domestic Line' of Ci&us and Ci�e�� , SHOE REPAIRING I.' You can not _ �e, a mistake in Sendiq your work here. Only the most skilled work· men employed. I I SMITH-GOODYEAlt 1134 East 631'd Street. Oppositc Postofficc. CHINA STUDIO Lillian Wood 5710 Madison avenue. -------- C URKISH BATHS �EI CANDIDATES WOIl 'CL' £55 ft .'" , � ..,." �1I1·JIAI)E c10tbes IDCIa �e comfort style and general sat- Eicbt .. \spirants for Job of � AI�' .' �0Il thaD you will Cd &om the ordinary kind. CbeeriDC Chosen Yesterday�Wall . I ...... �.� be civen cbaDce to Perform at Game Today. .TYPEWRITERS RENTED is prepared to copy all kinds of manu to come to the game and . occupy script; to handle correspondence by seats in the special student rooters' . stenography; to· fur�isb 'copies of section which will be reserved exclus­ circulars, etc. ively for them. ,The maroon' rooters' If· you are new on the ca�pus. we hats will be on sale at the Reynolds should be glad to' become acquainted; club alt morning as well as at the : if not, you probably know uS .. �nd we game. where a committee of ten men 'I; should be glau to see you ap�. will selle them. The men on the com- IOO� aDd 1001* Bast 55tIa Streit. . '. . . �'. _:. _: ... ; ": '; .. :.;. i. ,', mittee areas follows; ���old�Wright.· . ... _ ,,- , .' o . . ,. .. , Horace Fitzpatrick, Duane' ·Mann, pen until MIDNIG�'l1 Rudy M�tthews, Wifiiam 'Dicke�son, . � ... " ., Rollin ·H,:�ge'r. Earlie 'Shilton, Howell Greenwood. Cate Murray, and Toomas Coleman. Dora- 1357 E. 55th Street.·· . ty L1ewe. llyn, ch�innan '. of . the wo-1 &� . Silt. if, Ow" ia tile . .,' ! man·s hat comrrsttee wlll have 1111'0- ..... ,_ . ' .. " . $"' .... Chinese: cooking, Amez:ican' �oldnK men's �.ats on sale all �y. B� ... to.. I The 'Drexel 'raitors' Janas Coo1Ier �' THE UNiVBRsITY TAILOR CLEANERS ANI) DYERS The kind aU Chempioaa __ SpalcIiDc'.· Trade-liarked impIe­ menta. Beat -.terial aDd wodl- 1IWIUip. SPALDING'S NO.,Js OFFICIAL FOOT BALL The official . Foot BaD of the I came. Uaed in aU important matches played throuahoat the ANDDW McADAMS country. Eftr7tbiDc Dec lllar, for the pille. 1 norlst' all. Decerater I Send. for our . Fall and Winter I PiftrtIdnl,1t. ad 10.". A_ Catalogue. ' , is CentL Plain Batha SIS CeIlta Spaldinc'a OBicial Foot BaD TelL H,.. Park 1& Clah:1P\, .. Open nay and Night. Gaide, 191L Edited by Walter: Telephone R7de .._ .117 SARATOGA BAR B E R S R 0 P Cmnp. CODtaiDiDc the oIIidal J. H. Hepp. Prop. I ruJea. recon._ �twa of""'1 � ...... aIaaIe copies. he 29 South Dearbom Street aada of playen. etc. Price, I, eta. ceata. BIlla 01' Prea . Expert Manicurist. a Q. Spaid. bu •• _ ...__. I _ Scientific Masseurs .... -----D at .D.IVII Expert Chiropodilt 28'30 So. Wabash Ave. Chicaso, III IIAROON ADS PAT .lAS •. E.' CO\VIIEy , . '903 East 55th. Street. A lterinc etc. of Ladies aad' Gents , Garments. RepaIrlnc aDd 'Preaiac at Moderate Plica rhone llidway sl7fi Telephone Harrison 6388-6399 Union Made. We also d�j high grade repairins ud preuing at 'WeI')" low pri� WoodlaWn Tnst. • Savina Ba.1I 1204 E. 63nI Street. a.icap. AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE COMPANY " A. loseuhine Graham , .1329 � Fifty-Fifth atreet. A STATE BAlIK . (INCORPORATED) Chicago, III ---- DEPOSITORY· PO. UNITED STATES POSTAL SA VDlGS JI'UIID8 - TIle Iarpat ad ... to tbe Vai ". AI:- coaata of prof___ .. __ deata IIOIicite4. Checlrinc Accoaats of $SD.oo and Saviag5 Accoa.b . . I MARROW .. � '" Td "��,., "It Strengthens" . . TBB 'l(.)NIC OF. THE AGE IIal\ Marrow is a graat brain builder- . it is recommeDded by physicians . , ".r ... r. t'mt t Druggists Sell It. Producers 'of ALMA MATER IcAvo, lalt larrow Department 23M-8 Souih. Park Avenue. . Phone Calmnet 5401 t __ � __ � -----------------t .�------------�------------------------------- ------, , \ IIBW YORK • ..... ..,- caq fraaa Graa4 Ceatral , Depot. I ...... A.- c.. from Pelmayl- i . .... Stadoa. ! Kept � • CeIep .... &om Vermont i B ·,_ � StadeDta i IpeciII for CoDep Teams • Tea 1!ralk to TIdrty TbeaIrea I It __ with BatIa, so aad ap. : , .N .. , ad Fireproof ' HI..RY P. STIllSON. IIANAGER i .8 •• I ... t •• for Cbicap lieD � --��---_-- __ --_i Botel C..-Iod �HICAGG. ... �OIM.&""" \ . THE DAILY 'M:��OONt �;\ 1;URDA Y. Ocr • .26. 1912. � P,LA Y PURDUE TODAY ing players. Tbey get down the field big things are e�J>cded of them Pennsylvania "5. Lafayette at Phila- , . TrIE' EMPRESS BILL IN CRUCIAL CONTEST fast on punts and are adept �n receiv- against Chicago, St�eet is one of the delphia. At the Empress, starting tomorrow ON MARSHALL FIELD ing forward passes. At tackle, Set, best ends the Boilermakers have had Lehigh vs. Ursinus at South Bethle- matinee, The Peerless Karno Comedy --- lers and Captain Carpenter seem to be for some time. He is a hard sure ham. Co. will head a bill of five rousing (Continued from page one) the most likely players. They have tackler and is possessed of a good \VUiams vs, New York at Xew numbers, "The Wow Wows" is the been playing welt. Sellers in addition football head. Oliphant is very fast York. rirle of the creation which the Karno's lip these plays before they caused will d� the place kicking if the team a. nd clever iu open field running and I Penn, State vs. Gettysher.r at Penn. Co, will present and it has been wide' much damage, however. Two 'years � is gi\'en an opportunity to score by IS depended on to do the drop kick- State. lv heralded as a feast of lauuhter anti ;.:-!'v. Chicago nearly lost the game ... ... this method. ing, The line is heavi and can he . \ f f I 1. 'II because uf the startling formations ... enjoyment. : eature part u tIe. lJl which Coach Herr had taught his Rieht Guard Uncertain. . depended' on to .hold > consistently AWARDS FIVE SCHOLARSHIPS will be Geor�l' Leonard ant! Margar- 1 . I Ii f 'Vhiteside is certain to be a fixture against Chicago's backfield. --- itt.' Merdirh, Iormcr lv 4,j Zie eticld's men. 'racHcal y the same me 0 U J ... plays is being used again by Purdue at left guard. while the other guard Two excursions, one over the Mo- President Judson Announces H. F. Follies." in a comedy l·lIlith·tl "Till' t his year. position is more unsettled. Harris I non and one over the Big Four. will Strone Scholarship List. Man and the l\h'tltller," Pierce a nd Chicago on the other hand. wilt seems to he the most likely candidate I carry the Purdue supporters to the -- Mazl'c will sillg anti (lance and Lc - p lay the same kind of a game that although Freeman and Scanlo� may I J.{ame. About eight or nine hundred •.. Scholarships provided by the Henry Adlers will do some of the thrilliuj; was used against Iowa. In all prob- get into the game, Des Jardien is t arc expected to make the .trip. F. Strong fund have been awarded feats that han' 1113tll' them among till' ahility no startling formations or certain to I) lay center. The big Sopho- - this year to Martha Green Donald woorhl's Illo:-.t !':lIllOUS equilihri st«. (iil- trick plays witt be shown unless it is more has been playing a fast game at . Foot Ball Games Toc!a • Breed, Leroy Campbell, Roht.'rt Pres" be r t Losee, the "tr iplc-voiced vocal- al)�ullltdy necessary. The forward center. He is an accurate passer and. Chicago vs. Purdue at Marshall nell. and \\'iltiam Shirley. $1.000 e)i ist" will so some wonderful sill).,!'illl-! pass plays proved the undoing of is a sure tackler. field. I this iund has been set aside for the and t he Emprcsscop« will Ill' last hut l o wa last week and will be great Lafayette. Ind., October 25.-Special Minnesoota vs. Iowa at Minneapolis. University, the money to he J,!rallted not least 1111 the pro�ralll,-,\tl\'t.,rti:-;l·- --Th� Purdue coaches .ha,"c been Indiana "5. Northwestern at' Bloom" annually in the form of at lea-st ment. working hard all week to 1t11prove. the. ington, I four scholarships. The backfield will be the same that weak spots brought to. light in Sat' Wabash vs, Notre Dame at South I General Strong in his wilt directed STRAW BALLOT WILL BE raced Iowa in the latter part of the urday's game, and there will, proh- Bend. -. I that not only scholarship hut charac- HELD EARLY NEXT WEEK game. Pierce will be relied upon to- ably he several shifts in the line-up St. Louis \'5. Miami at St. Louis. ter and the l>�e of high character _ Jay tu make consistent gains against during the Chicago game, Captain. MichiJ.{an Aggie vs. De Pauw at sould hc determining features as well Questions in Regard to Reasons for the Purdue line. Although the Pur- Huthinson has improved rapidly diu' Lansing. as financial need. The scholarships Choice Expected to Make Vote due line is considerably heavier that ing the pas' few days and will he in Beloit "5, Cornelll at Mt, Vernon may be withdrawn 'for unsatisfactory Significant. Chicago, the plunging full back has much better condition to play than Case ,·S. Ohio Wesleyan at Dela- work in the University or any other __ shown that he is a brilliant player and he was a week ago, O'Brien and \(·are." cause. \\'hll IS your cau-lidatv j"r pre si- usualty manages to gain the required Purdy are rapidly recovering from Drake "5. Simpson at Des Moines. dent? distance. Norgren, at right bali, and their injuries although the latter witt Earlham vs. Butler at Indianapolis. TWELVE MEN SURVIVE \\'hy are )�I ,-otin).,!' for this caudi- Paille. at quarter, are the other vet' in all probability not be in the line- De Paul vs, Loyala at De Paul. DEBATE TEAM PREJ .. IMS date? . . up tomorrow. McConnell was added \\'1 I" I rl' . vraus III the backfield. Paine is playing � Michigan vs. Syracuse at Syracuse. '_.__ rat were your JlO Itlca a tu lall":1� to the hospital squad Wednesday I ' f I I I' his third year of Varsity football and Missouri vs, Oklahoma at Norman. (Continued from page one) at tit.· t nne II tIt' ast (. cct ion ? I 1 - I H a severe ankle sprain, This will pre- A . G' I A I The:o't' qut.·stillns will hI..' :l:o'kl'cl oj the las )cen a consIstent payer. e runs . mes VS. nnne at mles. Affirlna • T I . II I N \"ent him getting into the game for VI' bve eams: llIen alHI women students of tltt' l'lli, t Ie tcam Jll ex�e ent stye. orgren 'J a c vs, \Vashm�on and Jefferson C K' \ II 11 'l..I' I , Ii lid . f some time. Rufner has been showing 'T H' I .Icorge asal.: rno l aar, � Irsc 1 versit\., and also' of f.'lClllt), nl .. lnhl·r ..... · . '11 IS a. Irst c ass payer an IS one 0 at .:.,ew avena Soble. ... - ..., tl I d· th up strong in practic� and wiN proh- �'I d B C b'd either Monda," or Tuestla\.' (If nn" Ie Jest groun gamers on e team. r arvar vs. rown at am n ge. . SI C 1 G H \V'I J In addition he takes care of the punt' ahly take Berns' place at guard, Tay' Army ,'s, Colgate at 'Vest Point. 1erman onral, ary unto '1" wel·k. The straw ,"ote is 'heing' ('till' lor has heen used at tackle most of bur Hamm .... m. ;n!!. His kicks have been averaging Navy \'s. Pittsburg at ',lA.nnapotis. Illlct�(1 hy ::\fr, Bramhall of the politi- C.\-l'r tifty yards and are handled in the week and niay heat out Herdrick Princeton'vs, Dartmouth at Princc- Negative Teams: cal Science department. at left tackle Glossup is putting up a Cornelius Teninga, Newton Knapp. ·J"lrc .. (1I'tT"r"tlt l'I'n(l.: of I),·lllc)t.� ,'lr'" gllod shape enabling the ends to get' ton. Kathan Fine. .... � � "J '''' d.lwn the field, Coutchie is playing classy article of footb�lt-'at c�te.r an� Cornell "s: Buck·neU· at Ithaca. I his first year of Varsity football. He the contest between him,-_;md Des Amlt'erst·.\�: Trinity at Amherst. played in the Iowa ga� and showed Jardien will be an inte'resting one. Bowdoin vs, . Colby at New fair: ahility. Oliphant Is Star. wick. Illlntington and Vruwink will play Street and Oliphant Were the stars Carlisle -vs. Georget&wn at ('11£1. These Sophomores are promis- for Purdue in the Wisonsin game and ington. grvulltl g:liners today. Use Same Backfield. Lee Starling. Lorn Cook. BrunS-I waSh-I. The Daily Maroon at the Press. , Peters heing prcpared, one ior the men. olle King ior the women. and one fOI' the faculty members. The ohject in askinJ,! ahout pre\'ious political atliliations is to lind is now on sale out whether the major part of '�, 'osc' ,'cit's support comes from the "C' puhlican party or whether all apprcci- . AMUSEMENTS .. .:"__ AMUSEMENTS. � .' ': ···,jAt.n}SEMENTS AMUSEMENTS. J , n .... EMPRESS JEFFERSON 1Vl��,e:'!�� ssth Sueet and JAke Avenue. .' Daruel'Pr s .. ,. ··DIAMOND NECKl.ACE" NOVELTY PHOTOP:bAY I (\IOUNTAIN ASH MALE CHOIR Five Reels nightly of the latest mov- ., � -: Froril Wales. iog pictures. High class songs. . Best DINKELSPIEL'S CHRISTMAS of music by high class orchestra.]-, . . '-A ·Humorous _ Classic: , Come and hear the new $7,500 �!pe #�war� c1: Sn'c;w;'Six I�;'� organ.' , . Lester; Herbcrt·:& GoldsDiith; Rfaiph TONIGHT Errolle; E�. O'Neil . '/! Martin ChuzZl�t (drama-:3 re�ls) .�� -� � • - - .------------ AND ,OTHERS SUNDAY THEATER 63rd Street and Cottqc Grove Av. Week Starting SDD.llatOGt 27 , SULLIVAN c1: CONSIDINE' PRODUCING DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCE PEERLESS KARNO·S COMEDY CO. "A Night in a London Secret Society'" With Charles Chapin (Who Playccl the Fully Souce Last Y car) aDd Fif· teen Brilliant Fun-Mtlters. . GEORGE LEONARD AND MARGARET MEREDITH (Formerly of Ziegfie1d·s "Follies,,) in Their Merry Comedy THE MAID AND THE MEDDLER LES ADLERS Equilibrists in Novel Exploits PIERCE AND KAZEE Timely Sonp and Clever Dances. GILBERT LOSEE The Triple- Voiced Vocalist. 7:30 and 9:15 PRICES I Oc-2Oc-3Oc ILLINOIS OTIS SKINNER In KISMET GAR�·�CK THE BLUE BIRD The Wamine Hand (drama): His Life (drama) AND OTHERS Pathe Weekly Every Friday, Current Events. ADMISSION Main Floor, all seats •••••• IC:C; A U�I�ORIU� Balcony. all seats. .' •••••••• .sc Mats. W�· �ri. and Saturday. ahle number of Democrats intt'ncl to vote for hirtL ---------------: Mr. Bramhall hopes that thc answers to the question of previous afiiliations and the answers giving the reasons· for \'oting for certain candi, date in Jlrefcrence to others will makt' this haUot re:llly siJ.{nificant :lIlcl will make it mean somethin!=! tllore than the orclinary straw \'ote. BLACKST�NE Klaw & 'ErJan2er' preseaat 1860 �ILESTONES LASALLE THE GIRL AT THE GATE pRINCESS Wm. A. Brady PresentS The First Chicaeo Performance of BOUGHT AND PAID FOR By Geo. Broadhurst. An American Play of To-day ! ;. THE GARDEN OF ALLAH "The Eighth \yonder o(the �ir1d." CHICAGQ WOODLAWN TBEAIIE. ·SStla·St. ... W ...... A� • The only fie Show in Hyde Park Good Music and Good Pictures ..... r ........ a.. .... GAUllOIIT WEEkLT ·EVERT TRUaSDAT Ctrtrn'nnb MD OTBEIl PlCTUaU CtlAn ,un ' Raymond Hitchcock ill 'l:H� .. RED \!IDOW ... COLONIAL �: " ! ORCHESTRA BALL pALACE MUSIC BAU BURTON HO��ES Traveloaucs, Colored Vi4!'ws and Mo- Clark & Hamilton; Great Lester; tion Pictures. Sherman, Van & Hyman; Wanalow • INDIA. Bombay to Delhi Stryker; Hany Breen; Klutiac'. Ea- ' OLV��� Matintee� Wed. and Sat. THE MAN HI.GHER U� Has Climbed to Popalarity. 2SC to'SI.SO THE WINSOME WIDOW . ' .... f Real Ice Skatinc . trrtainers. F.ngagement Extended-FiDal· Week THE ETERNAL WALTZ' . Wed. Eve., Oct 23, at las. . Pri. Eve., Oct. 2S, at las , 'sat. .�t., Oct. :z6, at 2 :15-. A .ElltAlIIIJSI( l1li' LEAN AND HOLBROOK THE IIILITARY GIRL .CORT PINE FEATHERS Dramatic Seaaatioa. Richard Carle-Hattie Williams Sl'\"eral "iolin sdections hy �fiss THE GIRL PROII MONTMARTRE Walker anel a \,oeal SlltO hy Mr. 'Iacludinc J .... Barrie'. Burlesque \VnrlhinJ.{ton feature ,Ithc proJ,!ram 0f til .. (;crman dllh in Lcxll1J,!tlln yestcr­ clay, �'iss \Valkt-r playect three IIriJ,!" rcading thc' -constitution of the as' f)(':tfflncss f'.Jf)odwin. national �('cr('­ sO('iation. and allllouDcing that honor t.lry of Ih(' Episcopal church. will slips would be used as usual in the �peak at a meetin'J,{ of the Episcopal examinations. Florence Rothennd \\�Olllcn's dull Tucsday at ,L�o in � followed Dean Linn and appealed to LexinJ,!ton. .1\11 who arc intacsted every woman tOi back the assocIation. have been mVlted to attend. OPERA HOUSE ANNOUNCE CHANGE IN TIME SET FOR COUNCIL MEETINGS l�eJ.{ular mectitlJ,!s of the l�nclerJ,!rot), uatc council will he helt) ht'rl'aitt'r �lt ,�:I:; Monday in Cn),h r:;B. accortlinJ,! to a statement made hy Prcsitll'nt Paine yesterday, The Council has :o'l'\" ('ral important matters under cl)n�i,l­ eration, and it is exp('ctl'cl :hat the re­ ports of the i",·csti ... ratin� cOlllmittees will he puhlished next week ahcr Ihe Council meeting, German Club Hears Violin Solos. illal sl'1l,(,tinns . Glee Club to Attend Game. :\11 (;Icl' cluh men. old ancl lle\\". arc rC'lllcsh-,110 asselllhie in Ihe R('ynolcls cl,.h al 2 t(lday. "The March (,f the Maroons." witt he tri(',1 out, then the ciuh will J,!O 10 the gamc in a hody. Episcopal Deaconess To Be Here. problem play. A SUCR OF LIFE DEAN LINN TALKS ON HONES (Continued from page one) - tion hacks up the ideals oi hOllesty and if you are strong. here is your chance to use your strength, and if you arc weak to o\'ercome yc...ur weak· ness." 'Muriel llent opened the meetin� Ity