'- . • ; •• _ ... t .. ; If, , . ., " .�.����� ,,-fl' t lI.ally tlarnntt , ' INTERC�HOP wm Be HeJ4 At 1:15 ToaiPt. IN BARTLETT GYM '/ voli x. ; NO. 151:' ',: PRICE FIVE CENTS. In the, Pennsylvania relay games last 'year. Kuh took third place in the high hurdles, running third to N'ich­ olson of llissouri and Case of Illi- 1. Be there promptly at 8:15 for noise ' . He took fourth place in the the !S&z.nd march will begin at that same event' in the Conference meet, , time. being beaten by Nicholson. Case, and ,'2. N 0 carriages 'and no flowers will Beeson of California. be' allowed in spite of the fact that He played quarterback on the l�lC the dance, is one. of the three big football team and was catcher on the . University, dances of the 'Year.. 1911 baseball team: He was prevent- .' i The men will wea'r' dark blue ed from trying' for either of' these 'coats' and light flannel' trousers. teams the last season .because of his ".:. :4.,' The women 'will ,wear informal. illness. In his Freshman year; Kuli 'dre��� ,�ut;h as. tJio� ,worn �t �eY-1 was on the t�ack. footbal�. ��d l�:t�\!, , ' DoJCIS.Gab, daDces.� ,.-, �,� ':;: . ball teams. " ��. ,--:��.::"��_··!iA a�nda,{��..pl4W : ·t:(,; _ ,". Ileat��V� .>,:, .' uPon thf��ce�cl.9si�gca� -o�e. � .-' - " ->-TbT �ellowing 'm� :-vdted--:-::t�- ·th� . 6. Stubs of ticJtel5" .Will' be 'taken electlo�.· R W. �alrd •. J. S. Bishop. at' tJ�e·.dOOr. : > � ,�. :': ;' � _ K. Chandler. H. H. Cox. F. J. Coyle. , . - . . _ I. N: Davenport, G.' E. Kuh, R. D. Matthews. J. A. lIenaul, N. H. �or­ gren.·c. ll. Rademacher. H. F SCnt· by: ·THREE iUNDiED WJi.L . DANCE AT ClASS HOP 0baiIman ,In 1DstnIcti0DS .... ftM' onad JIRch wm' Begin Promj,uy At 8 :1&� lID WILL DBBSS RBGLI�BB White Leather Programs With Large Maroon "C" Have Been Secured For Both Men and Wo� A grand march of '150 ,couples. ted bY' "Pa�l' Mac Clintock and Lorraine Cleary for the Seniors; .Donald Hol- . Iingsworth and Effie Hewitt for the Juniors; Rudy Matthews and Ruth Wood f�r the Sophomores; and John Baker and ':Mary Cameron for the Freshmen, will . start the, Interclass Hop to�ighi - in Bartlett gymnasium. . The chairman of the- Prom has given .0Ut the following instructions to those 'expecting .to attend': . 'Gives Out InatiuctioDS. ., , , . IMiss Rolf Is Dec�tiOIl cbaimum. . . . • C6nsiderable'. work : has , mead;' .�D 'done by the ci«-�rati�D cOmJnit� tei �- iiDder ': tbe-' au-ectioD' - of' 'a" ioCai firm ud .. Baze1 Hoff.' Ten of Depew's �i-chestra, under t.he·l�ader's personal supervision, have'been secured to fur­ nish the �usic for :the twenty�four regular dances and the {our extr.lS. The orchestra stand will probably be erected in the center. of the Boor. White . leather ,programs. much on 1he· same order as the old Reynolds' club progr3ms� although more elab-­ orate, will be' used for both'men and women. They will be in 'the shape . of pennants with a large maroon "c" in the center of the front cover: The Committees. . • The committees as announced some time ago follow: . . Reception committee-Clara Allen. chairman; Ira' Davenpon, D�nald Breed. Willard Dickerson. and Ken­ neth Coutchie. Decosation committee-H�ul Hoff, chairnlan; Franct"s Meigs, Mona Quayle, Rose Marie .Moore. Ruth Whitfield, Robert Simond, X orman Elmstrom, �tanWood Baimlgartner, Horace Fitzpatrick, Helen Brooks, Albert Heath, Margaret Rhodes. Dor­ othy Fox. Arthur O'Neill, 'Floyd Cox, Erling Lunde, Glenn Roberts, William Thomas. Hugo Swan. Finance committee - Rudy Mat_ thews, chairman; June Scofield, Har­ old Kramer, Ralph Stansbury,' David Murray. Publicity committe�John Baker, chairman; Edward E. Rogerson, Hi­ ram Kennicott, Harry Gorgas, Rob' en Allais, Alice Lee Herick. Helen Gross. Arrangements committee-Donald Hollingswonh, chairman; Curtis Rogers, Effie Hewitt, Harold Wright, Ruth Agar, Dorothy Llewelyn, Hu­ bert Granquist, Paul Tatge, Sandford Sellers, Jr. Every room in' the. central quad- OAMB TO OBIOAGO IN 1866 rangle will he illuminated at the Con- 1IA!IY'l'BAIIS HA VB.AltBIVBD vocation reception Monday night. Strc amers of Japanese lanterns and- Funeral Services Will· Be Conducted Boat Ride Will � F:_' V_'__'_:'_ electric lights will encircle many of 'VUei' &AD" .DD"�. the quadrangles. :\f usic will be pro- 'mmt-High School Men to Re- vided by all the University' musical port at Club.. organizations. as well as' by the Alice H 1-1 I B-'lfi Id d of Freeman Palmer chimes. and an octet enry 0 mes e e , ean the Practically all arrangements hav� technological course of the Univer-. of Thomas orchestra musicians. been completed for the 'eleventh '-an-' sity High sch=ol until 1908. and one Two bronze clocks, the' gift of the nual Interscholastic meet which will" f th 1 d f h . class of 1910 to the University. were 'IL h - o .e ear y ( ucators 0 t e city 'lie eld tomorrow at 1 :45 on Mar-· of. Chicago, . died \Vellnesday. or' 'an- placed in the stone work at either end shall Field. 'Four hundred and gina pect or is, with which he had been' of the library recently. The clocks thirty-six athletes from 102 schools ill for the,l::st few weeks. �fr. Bel- are said to he of a particularly at- will line up at 1:45. awaiting-the start ,'�'� field landed in' New York May 14 of tractive design. and are identical.' of the l�yard dash.' , :'�, :: {� this year after an extended trip in 'No ·Tickets Needed. ' The first entertainment. that will.-be fro �(7� Europe with his wiie, and his two Tickets for the convocation will not furnished the visitors will ,be a boat '. f� daughters. Ada �I. and �I ar garet Bel- r'ide tons·ght.· The 'Inter hola ti· . ..-1,:;;. be issued unless the weather will .not . . sc s C:. . . ";",J field. . and University men _bave"�en asked' ' "<:·.i';,.� m��h:a<lp�:�:usin to h�:: re:�:nt�� t:��� :�:g!�:�I��:�e:�£:!:::::� !�4;e:;a� :':"i:t:;���S:! :� ' ,::��.�.·:·.t"-'r.�':'�"�:�'�t:":lI-:.th.�?·. America and on his wav to Chicago .::'1_' .. d . ..' ", go in a body to' the bOat.' It IS: nee- � � J •. trcket, an associates will not receive- visited �i,; son. T. .B. Belfield. in ' ' F ,essary that everybody be�on-tlme tor any. , or; the outdoor convocation no' . -'.,.-4,; Philadelphia, and his daughter. �1rs. --tickets will be required, as Harper: an early start. asthe' retuni trip .must , "�':�.�;_;' . H. �1. Bates, in Ann Arbor. )Iichi- I court �ill seat at leas. t 4.000' pe_ople be over by 10. All University men . . ... .:,/"'6 gan. have been. invited :to . make 'this 'trip '. : .. ��� . Wu Graduated from 1'- l- comfortably, . , free. . . ,- '. ·::"'/.l1� .... ""- .. , Guides appointed recently are :ex-· - , ,.', ')lany Teams 'Arrift: .•. - �, , " � )h-. Bclfiel�l received his A.B. de- 'peeted to meet tomorrow at 7:50 'in . . , .::�'�' .. grce from 1'0\\·;1 college. in 1858. an(I' Haskell. They will be shown the new' Many of the out��towD �teams:-ar':" ':": ':._:� ...• _.�< •. :,;.;;,�.::,' his A.:\1. ',:intl·Ph.D; degrees from the library and will be expected'to guide rived yesterday,. and : were· taken care- .'. � same institufibn in rsss and 1878. re- parties through the'. building on. the of. at the assignment' desk· in ih� Rey":: ,.' , '.-� nolds club'as' soon' as::tliey- ariiVed:./ ,_-.' .r-. " . spectively. "He �was also given 'an night of the' rec,eption. ·When. at least . T .. .. : .... :-��,:� ..... �.��'.'i',:J-.,..� ..• A.M. tlq"rrce hyGris\\'c1tl coll�e. in-. lC.OOO are expected. Each of >ihe �. he men. are being BouSed- ilt:-tbe·T.F--� .: ;'�....., 1��" H,:_ l ���as t,utor "in. �tin, ,and marshals and aides will .h;a,v�';;t .... num- _ ,�!��s _:_�"""��_,',' ,�_ • .:-es-· .:·_�t� .11._.1., ,_'_, ) .. ��L· .... :Je •• !,,'_�, '/,: ... ';"_ .:.'- :,,: III1:J(-.., .�u,ix,X .. tt' .' ��- ( pected t��t ���test .part oLthe, '-, _., :;::;:0S - ... � -.�':--... _ .. '-'-'� ,.� :visitors"�iIl.·�iwe.:��'. ::', :,.�=.: ... �:. '�'_�-����� . , .' " ". ' ' The entries in . the' 'triu:i events· foJ:.. :.' ',,}''':r/ Jows: ,-., . �:��j� 100- Yard. Da.h.: ' t • 1 .. " 'f('>� l� �. �U:=:-,'�.!:�: .',J .,.'. _·_;.r�.� 13. J. Foran,· Bement. .. .... � .,�,� !f � ��. G=::� �=: - :�/.:{.�.l.: 22., D. Stewart, Hillsdale. Mich.· : .... � 28. Cortrigh�' Hillsdale, Mich. ?)� 44. J. Pearl Clinton. . 54. F. Burke. W est Aur�ra. . 62. H. Mernll West High,' Des' Moines. Iowa. 64. ,A. St. John. Paris. 67. A. Henke. Lane Technical High. Chicago. 68. H. Hotchkin. Lane Technic:at High, ChiCago. . 84. B. Dunn. Fon Collins. Col. 85. \Vm. Sisson, Bradley Poly-­ technic Institute, Peoria. 106. F. 'Dunlap. Proviso Town-· ship. Maywood. 112. D. ·McGregor. Proviso Town;... ship. Maywood • 121. P. Stiles. Cul\"Cr Military Academy. Culver. Ind. 122. P. Salverson; Culver Military' Academy, Culver, Ind. 125. Borders. Culver Academy. Culver. Ind. 128. E. Vail.' Ceutral High, To. lcdo. Ohio. 129. J. Fluhrer. Central High, To­ ledo. Ohio. 130. ,H. Tracy. Central High, To­ ledo. Ohio. 140. J. Ballentine. South High, Minneapolis, Minn. 143. D. F.migh. Batavia. 145. H. �lcDonald, Batavia. 155. L. Ayres .. Oak Park High, Oak Park. 171. H. Snyder. Bradley Poly-: technic Institute, Peoria. 182. F. Koch West Division High, 'Milwaukee, Wis. 186. S. Schwenger, West Divisiolf' High. Milwaukee, Wis. ·189 .. B. Trotter, West Division' High. Milwaukee, WIS. 195. E. Hauser, Anaconda. Mont. 198. W. Rust, Elgin • �_oP CHICAGO.; PRiDAY, JUNE 7,1912. By Dr. Henderson' In Hyde Park. Presbyterian Church Today. I WILL ILLUllIRAft OAllP1J8 HENRY H. BELFJELD, EX­ U. m� DEAl, IS DEAD I .. ChoaCn to Lead • 1913 Track Team At, Time ,Pic:ture Is Tum _ EleveD lien Receiv� Emblems' One of· Chicago '. Barly Educators and Vote. Succnmiba to Attack of AD- - giD& Pectoris. Every Window . In Central . Quad­ rangle wm Be J.icbted-ClaU Gift In Form of Bronze Clocks 'and Stone Screens Placed In Li�. George Edwin Kuh, '13, was yes­ terday elected to lead the 1913 track team at the meeting- held when the picture of the. team was taken, . Elev­ en. men who had been given their emblems last �[onday voted at the election. Kuh has' had two years' experience on the team. He runs' in the 120 yard high hurdles . and 220 yard low hurdles. Last 'year he won many points in these events but was late in reporting for work this year. be­ Cause of lack of condition. He was attacked by typhoid last Summer and was prevented from competing in ath­ letics until the opening af the outdoor track season. Takes Third. " ROSENBERG'_1'AKES CONTEST "._'-.--. GroSsman.wbia Second-Ilia F�o V�. In Reading. . Harry C. "R��nberg won first place and Philip Grossman second place ·in· the Upper Senior contest in oratory last night in·llandel. The Juiius Ros­ enwald prize will be divided between them. The judges at this contest were Professor Lovett, Professor Phillips and Mr. lloulton. By agreement between the contest- . ants in the artistic reading contest, it was· 'decided to award the Florence James Adams prize to Miss Ina Perc­ 'go and Hirsch Soble. The judges in this contest were Professor Lovett, Associate Professor Oark, and Mr. H. G. Fiske. Associa'te Professor Clark presidtd at the contest. PLAN FOR INTERCLASS MEET EDtria WiD Be lIade On Field At 9 Toda,. The Interclass meet will begin at 9 this morning and all the regular field c'\'ents will be run off. All of , the classes have been busy and prom_ ise to h<&ve a large number of con­ testants in the e,\·.et'ts. Regular track men hair e been barred from compet­ ing in their regular events so that no class may have any advantage. The entries will be made on the field this morning. A women's hockey game has been promised for one of the events as the game last year was a decided succes� It is not known as -yet how the teams will line up. After the meet the' Ivy exercises wm be held. Carlos Hall for tbe Freshmen wm receive the spade from William Lyman for the Sophomores. c.oo� !Mll8m��r�'. INTERCLASS HOP LEADERS. Greek in Iowa college in 1858. and tutor in Latin. Griswold coltege, fro in 1860 to 1861. her of Jtuides under him. Members ,of the faculties. graduated marshals and aide�. and the 'officers of the li­ : b'raries "'ilI also he in. the new library : to show it to the visitors. The library officers will be sta­ tioned in the different rooms of the new building to explain the more technical features of the building. For four years, 1859-60. 1861..J.· . 1865-6. he was. principal or superin­ tt"ndent of public schools in Dubuque,. Iowa. and in 1866 he came to Chi· (Coatmllecl 011 pap 2) INTERSCHownc MEN READY' FOR BIG MEET 102 Schools Will Be ltepreaented. When AWek. Line Up At. 1:4& 'lODlOftOw. . " .• � '. ... : ....... ) .... ' � : .' Military (Continued 011 pace 2) �: ',', 1'1' ' PubJishecl daily except Sundays. Mon- . da)'!! and Holidays d�ring three qwJters ',bf' the Uni�ersity year. , ;: ...... , ''.:'', :,' .... " Entered 'as Second-class mail at the Chicago Post Office. Chicago, I1Ii� ,- n'otS,' March, 18, 1908, under Act of .�arch' 3, '1813. ,: .. ��.7, �7 Pub. ��,PJ:e-. � .�o�� Groft __ T H"E._ S.TA F F \V. ;. Foutc , � � .... ., �fanagillg Editor H. L. Kennicott ..•..... News Editor Associate, Editors� D. L. Breed Leon Stolz W. H. Lyman B., W. Vjnissky G. W. Cottingham C.' S. Dunham J. B. Perlee, Reporters lI'. S. Gorgas M. S. Breckinridge ;H. A. LoJlesgard C;. E. Watkins W. B. Crawford G. S. Lyman F. L. Hutsler . i' Women·s Editor , Sarah Reinwald . . .. , .. �_ f 1:: News corrtributions may, be left in Eliis 'Hall 'or Faculty Exchange, ad­ dressed 'to The ':Daily' Maroon. ... : . � • ..,. r » EDITORIAL. , , I j .... :� '.: :: .' "'" . �;. ' . " ' The editors and managers of The Cap and Gown for 1912 are to be heartily congratulated on as hand­ some as interesting. and as compre­ hensi�'e an annual ,a_s ever appear�d at ChicagQ. From one maroon cover to another it presents. in a clever way �terial of enchanting interest' to us all. For a few hours the staff will hhave its day." And Tichly the men who have put hundreds of hours of tha?k­ Jess hard work into the perfection of the book deserve such congratul�­ tion and commendation as they Will get. But there is something t.hat editors of a college annual. appreciate more than praise, . (and, �el�g hu�an. they enjoy praise). It IS Imposslbl.e . that "something" to this t� gave' . . year's editors. Their "'ork is done. But it can be given to the men who I t""d to take up the "'ork for are se ec ... next year. far That "something" that me.ans. than Praise to the edltor� of more . . , Ca and Gown IS <:o-operatlOr.. The p 1 now that Let every student, re�o vc ..... r he will spare no effort to next y� . 913 C nd hel the' editors of The 1 . ap a p k' a hard job a httle less Gown ma e d h t h d Let every student 0, w a arl•· asked of him well and litt e IS k I If pictures are ta en prompt y. scheduled' and write- when they are ' d handed in when they are ue. ups are . h't is d ·nformation gIVen w en 1 an 1 •• f The Cap ked for the publication 0 . as Gow� will be a pleasure to the and ook will reflect. staB that the b Intencholaatic Boat Ride tonight at i- Meet in Reynolds club at 6:45.' - .' ,-� �or Women·. LUncheon tomor- row in Carson. 'Pirie. Scott's lunch room. Eleventh Annual Interscholastic Meet tomorrow at I :45 on Marshall Field. Interscholastic Entertainment 7:30 tomorrow in :\Iandel. Mandolin Club Rehearsal today at 4 in Hitchcock'; tomorrow at 7 in Mandel. .cents .. Bagple TrP.sfer-.Baggage may be 'checked to and- [rom all railroads. at till" I nformation office. - All Marshals and Aides meet Sun- day at 3 in Haskell. at Absences in, Physical Culture may he made up the first. four days of ex­ amination week if permission is first obtained from the medical examiner, X 0 work may he made up after Thursday. )une, 13, AlI make-up work must he reported promptly to the office of the medical examiner. TO HOLD OLYMPIC TRTAT,S Davenport. Skinner. and Coyle Are Entered In Try'outs Tomorrow On Northwestern Field-Track Captain to Compete In 800 Meter Run- The I nterscholastic season is again with us" and after weeks of prepara­ tion those connected with it anxiou�­ ly await the res�lt� Intencholastic of their labor. The Eatenainment final success depends now on the !'pirit with 'which the t;'nh'ersity public re­ ceive!' the "isiting athletes. Because . in the past the public has not shown its appreciation for these games by corning OUt in large numhers, a great deal of off-campus advertising has been' done. This should assure a crowd at the m'eet. but the e"ening entertainment must depend upon the students for its chief support. The progTam has been carefully arranged. and the ath­ letic de-partment hears all the ex­ penses. Let us show our interest in the high school men, and. at the !'3me time, see a good show in Man­ del tomorrow night at 7 :30. University High sehoul; F. L. Holmes Chicago; Leslie Byrd Adrian college; F. Fletcher. Xotre Dame. Running high jump-s-E. W. Nixon; H. F Porter. R. Palmer, C. A. A.: G. W. Philbrook. Xotre Dame; W. I French. University of Kansas; A. I Richards. Provo, Utah; H. L, Cheney, University 'of Illinois; J. P. Xichol­ son. University of :\Iissouri, Running hop, step and jump=-K, Rockne. Xotre Dame: J. G. Loomis, F. L. Holmes, Chicago; D, L. Holmes. I Russe llvifle, Ky.; E. Collins, Hills- I boro, 111., and H. J. Radican, St. Louis univer sity. Standing high: jump-F. Fletcher. Xorre Dame ; H. L. Holmes; Chicago; Leslil" Byrd. Adrian college; F. Y. Belote and R Palmer C. A. A. Pole.jump ior distance-e-K. Rockne. Xotre Dame; F� J. Coyle, University of Chicago; \V.· Schroeder, Wilmette. III.; Paul �faxon, Detroit: F. D._ :\h.rphy. L"niv,f!rs!ty 'of -Illinois. Running broad jump-Co H. Ayer; Chic-ago: J. '-Vas SOil. Xotre Dame; D. 14. Hoimr s, Russellville, Ky.; C. C. Cooke, Cleveland A9 C� J. 'H. Carroll, Gaelic ':\. A.; H. J. Radican, St; Louis university; F. C. Irons, 'C. A'. A.; J. P. Xicholson, Unh·�rsity' of Mis- souri, -. Throwing the hammer-We Schroe­ der. Wilmette� 111.; C. 'Beach and, A. L. Fletched, Northwestern university; J� Hooker. C. A_ A. - Throwing javelin-Leslie Byrd, Ad­ rian <:ollege; A, Brundage, C. A. A. Throwing discus-G. W: Philbrook, Notre Dame; Leslie Byrd, Adrian college; H. J. Cole. Kansas Kormal; A. Brundage and A. 1\1 ucks, C. A. A.; H. K. Thatcher, University of illi­ nois, Throwing weight (right and left hand)-G. W. Philbrook, Notre Dame: A. Brundage and A. Mucks, C. A.A. .. PRESENT EMBLEMS AT W. A. A. BANQUE� HELD IN LEXINGTON W. A. A. pins and f�l)s, the tennis cuP. the basketball cup, ani! baseball and hockey banners w�e' presented at the annual \V. A. A. banquet he1<l in Lexington last night. The tennis cup was presented by �Iiss Cornelia Beall. the hasketball cup by �Iis� Gertrude Dudley. and the baseball and hockey hanners by �Iis� Mar­ garet Sulli\·an. Talks were gh'en by President judson. :\fiss Reticker. Dean Angell, :\(is� Henderson. and �fiss Hertha lIes. :\Iiss Alice Lce Herrick acted as toa:-;tmistress. NURSES SEE CAMPUS ON AFTERNOON TOUR, WOllEN ARE GUIDES Four hundred accredited delegates to the annual convention of the Na­ tional Association of �urses, now be­ ing held at Orchestra hall. were guests of Miss Talb;t and �fis� Breckinridge at the University. Three - University men arc entered , 'Y0� R�oi1:ers in the trials for the Olympic team Grace Hotchkiss LiJlian Swawite which will be . held romorrow on Augusta .�,wawit¢·, Dorothy Williston Xorthwestern Field. Davenport and --------------- Skinner were entered in the partial Subscription Rates list of entries which was announced �y ,Carrier, $2.50 per year; $),00 per yesterday. Coyle is also entered in .quarter, City mail. $125 .per quar- the poole jump for distance. , ter; $3.00 per year in advance. Davenport will run only in the SUO meter run although he is entered in the 400 meters as well. tie figures that he can make his best time in the longer race. - The entries in that .event have not been announced yet and wiJl 'be ginn out today. Stars to Compete.. , . " , '. '_ . r • - The best stars in this section of the: , Once inore4.'he, Cap-and- Go ",n"has � -. country a� 7nt:r;J � the tr ials. appea�ed. 'There .has . been the ,peer- Xicholson •. who won' the individual iog-down fhe street to catch the first honors 'at. the"��nfe�ence �eet. !�t , 1"'-· f t'h I d . Saturday J5 entered' ID the high Jum. p , g Impse '0 e a en-. . ,_. ' . . , .. ..' and, broad ,'Jump. He will compete' The eap down' dr�y winch brings - agai�5t. 'son:.e'" of the best' men in the and Go1irD � , ��e books'to the <:ampus; country"and wi Ii be forced to do his· , there 'has been the .3!&Ae best:to ,,ria ' fTantic rush' to Cobb to buy them; and -A_', Richards of Brigha!D Young d - university of Pro\'o, Utah, has been the" 'same. groUJlS gathered un er � practicing in the high jump on Mar- caDlj)us trees'to share t1�e fun of con- shall, Field.' He is a natural 'high ning the pages Of the' annual for the jumper and goes 6 feet without the first time. least difficulty. He will probably push Nicholson and will surprise no one if he ftnishes among the leaders.­ List of Entries. The followi"ng 'list· of entrants was announced last night: 400 meter run-F. B. Cortis. Uni­ versity of lJ1inois; T. L. Hoover. Texas university; G. E. Reed, Unh'er­ . sity of Nebraska; Ira Da"'enport, G. Skinner. Unh�ersity of Chicago; P. H. Bro�e, E. F. Lindberg, C. A. A.; C. C. Cooke, aevel�nd A. ., and G. R. Ewald, Louisville. Standing broad jump-D. HOWelt, • ," .' 204. S. Jackson. ,Citrus Union High. Azusa, Cal. 205. J. Agar, University- -High •• : 206. R. Hurley, University High. 2JJ7. B. Young. University High. 244. R. Solum, Tuley High. 247. W. Hart,' Benton. - 250. R. Aiken, Benton. 252. T. Farquhar, Central High, I St. Paul, Minn. 255. C. Fuller, Central High, St. Paul. Minn. 259. W. Allen, Momence. 260. L. Crimes, Momence. 263. ,C. 'Hayden, Momence. .. 265. c, Neilson, Ardmore, ous, Zl3. A. )Iillar; West .High. Des Moines, Iowa. - 281. C. \Veise, Crane Technical High, Chicago. 282. Croutch, Crane . Technical High. Chicago. 283. Shiely. Crane Technical High. Chicago. 294. J. Ambruster, Lake View High. Chicago: 297. G. Mattingly. ,CaiTO. 308. 'D. Annan .. Hyde Park High. Chicago. 337 .. N Svrnmes. Gary. "thd. 338. A. Davidson. Gary. Ind. 353. W. Scott. Oregon . 361. L. McMenemy. Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest; 362. G. Irwin. Lake 'Forest Acad­ emy. Lake Forest. 363. O. Kean. Lake Forest Acad­ emy. Lake Forest. 366. H. Altass, Lake Forest Acad- emy. Lake Forest. , 372. R. Boyd. Langdon; N. D . 378. "M. Brooks. Madison. '\Vis. 396. F, Oearson.' �far;sball "'�I�gh •. , " -"" . 1 ,. ". ' -, , Chicago. 398. P., Johnson, Bowen High, Chicago. 399. C. Windrjck, Bowen High. Chicago. " 418. J. Nohle. Indianapolis, Ind., First 440- Yard Run. 3. B. Hill, Kirkwood. 3). E. Lyons, Hi11sdale, Mich. 25� 'F. Comar, Hillsdale, Mich. 34. J. Taylor, Canon -City: Colo. 45. - F. Greenwald, Whiting, Ind. 68. H. Hotchkin, Lane Technical High, Chicago. 70. N. Blueitt, Lane Technical 93. E. Williams, Evanston Acad­ emy, Evanston. 99.' A. O·Meara. Evanston Acad­ emy; Evanston. 107. A. ,Martens, Pro\,j�o Town­ ship, Maywood. 124. Fawcett, Culver Military , Academy: Culver, Ind . 130. H. Tracy, Central'Hig\l, To­ ledo, Ohio. 132. C� Souder, �entral High,. To­ ledo,. Ohio. 140. J. Ballentine. South -High, Minneapolis, Minn. 156. F. Millar. Oak Park. 159. C. Kucara, Oak Park. 171. H. Snyder, Bradley Poly­ technic Institute, Peoria. 173. R. Brooker, Lawrence, ,Kan. 178. G. Anderson West Division High, Milwaukee, Wis. 194. J. :Massey, Albia. Iowa. 195. H. Hauser. Anaconda, Mont. 210. H. Borroff, Cniversity 'High, Chicago. 244. R. Solum. Tuley High, Chi- cago. 247. W. Hart, Benton . 261. F. ConnoiC Jlomence. . Zl3. A. 'Mellor, West High,' Des I Moines, Iowa. 294. J. Ambruster, Lake High, Chicago. 340. P. Hake, Gary, Ind. 361. L. MoMenemy, Lake Academy. Lake Forest. 374. T. Lindsay, Langdon, View Forest N. D. (Continued on. pace 3) . \.' , , " • .1 , ./ DBPO�OBY -po:a mUDD' STABS POsrAL sA VIlIGS riJin)s ". ' , The. largest and. ol� bank'Df!&rest to' the Univer­ 'sity. Accounts of, profes­ sors and students solicited. . Checking Accounts of "$50.00 arid Savings Accounts of $1.00 accepted. R ,�.e --- Tired, Outi' Then take up 'out­ door exercise of some kind. These are Lawn Ten n i s day s.;_;_a bracing sport. . . Make a call at our store and' inspect our 1 9 1 2 Tennis Requisites: Spalding 1912 Catalogue Sent Free A. G. SPALDING" BROS. � ,� -, , .Wabash,: Ave., : Chicago, SPEND YOUR VACAnON ON A Flanders Motorcycle $175 I_I _ .. _to .... Ec CIIItcII. ' W"_� two8el**200s. �f;;::f".--:; �MiIw.J.e_ BUELL AUTO co 8230 COTTAGEUE • GROY': AVE .. TelepboDe �WQ'" " • ........ to ........ ."p BOPP.AB TAILOR �. � r. .... 1IiIS ., w _ �----t. l�� ....... (Rear Aw.) 8peeIaJ .... : 8a1t8 � lie. 1. "''8 P1JBlOBIDRG8 .. 4 /' BILLIARD HALL / �AS •• i:. COWHEY 1001 IIIICl lOOI�' Eat 55th Street S. E. Cor. Ellis Ave. TelePbone Hyde Park 37S� HENRY' H. BELFIELD, EX- U. HIGB :DEAN, IS DEAD /�-�- � (Continued }rom page 1) / i , cago as p,rincipal of the Dore school, Halsted and Harrison streets. He serv� in the- civil war as lieutenant of the Eighth Iowa cavalry and saw acth'e se,rvice in many engagements. From 1876 to 1883 he was prinCipal of the North Dh'ision high school. Directed Academy From 1883. From 1883 to 1903 he was director of the Chicago llanual Training �chool. which, together with the South Side academy, was later reor­ ganized into the University high school. From 1903 to I�, '" hen ,h� was retireu, he. was de4ln Qf the tc�h. nological course of the lTnh'ersity high school. Henry H.>lmes Beltield ilall of the high school is named in hi's honor. Mr. Belfi�ld was 72 years old when he died. The faneral services will be preache,d by Dr. Charles R. H cnder­ son in the Hyde Park Presbyterian church at 2 today. • . ._ '", .. ", \ ;_ ... ' ,��. ft" � �. 4 ' ....... ,_":.. .__ _--Y_� "�.:!-:� .. ;,�:�.J.�L:t?;� -, , i' .: Tim·DAlLY -Ji.AROON. FRIDAy.· jUN'E 7, i912. One-Mile Run. Welling, Lake Forest , ...... � ..... � ..... �at.-A.rcin·�Hi81t,-r!.auroi'a-Sz:. .... :D.;:HUYer.,·S3; '.C. "KitchaiD;($4, F� .� ··ilurke;:·5S�·F."_CraJi� r s8, '·H:·Peusalt : J;����eeh��cal ;'Hi8�:cmcai&-61, .:; �:HeDke; ·:68;.,:H.: HQtch�a.; ,(f:). F� " :'Pc)u&rd:'1O' H •. Biueltt.': r,.:;.'".. ' ,. .' ,. . -� � .. ' . . . ., .,' ( ., ,'" X:u1veh.lIi1ib.�y' ACademy" .. Culver, ._,'. : ::'I;��12(:� �:.,: Stiles; 122/ P. 'S;lver-' »: • • .r. so�';�)23..; o.�'JI(ilJer'; 125/ Borders. .' .:,L. i . .. .. :�.eD��r:Ji�· TOled. 0, .�h.iO-l28, , -7_'" E .. ·Vasl,� il�,: ,.I -. ;Fl�rer, 130, H. .' : .. ' •. I � _' Iraq,;..1. ��;:w:., �I'OwD.;: 132.' C. Soud- Co LLI\ RS er: .1�. �,:Bakest�w; ��S, N. Thurs- v , ton; '139. 'H;::_·,Anderson. ' "Have all featuree . West' Division 'High. Milwaukee- ,tha. 't -"'. '8. ke. :fOr,.i,:vle 182.P:!Kocb·; 186, 5:. Schwenger; 189, • .7' B.' .Tr�tter. ':"-. .' .:' .: .' .' - .: . iind" mdlvid�ty. . . Unive�sity iligh�a)S.· J: Agar; 206, . R.,.,Hurley; 207,. B.<Young; �. W. Carter, :"209. F. Shh-erick. ' BeO:to�247. W�' .Hart; '248, J. Dil- , " ,', ,1. .Ion; 249. T.:.Brow�i�k: ' A TRIP TO'EUROPE AND RETURN Centdl:High.5t: Paul, ·Minn.-252, T. FarqUhar; 253,' H. Cowie;' 254, B. Brightman; 255,< ·C. Fuller; 258, A. Tomasekr, ',: ': � -: :. '':,; ... 'Lake" Foresr .Academy-360, W. Brucker;" '361� � T .. MeMenemy;- 362. . G. Irwin; '363, O::eKan; 366, H. Al­ tass; 367.L�· Wheeler;· 368, A. Clark. St. Ignatius ACademy-427, W. ,MceKoren; 4�, H.' Farrelly; 429, J. Sullivan. 4. ;Po Lor!l, Kirkwood H. 5., Kirk­ wood. 18. . D. .Brooks, Greenfield; Iowa. 20 .. E� '·Lyons. Hillsdale, Mich. , 23. P.·R. Kern� HUlsdale .. Mkh. 25 .. F. 'Comar, Hillsdale, Mich. 32 E. .Powers, Decatur, Ill. 34. J. Taylor, Canon City, Colo. S2. . D. Harvey, West Aurora. 53. C. Ketcham, West. Aurora. 57. L. Winslow, West Aurora. 71. G. Paage, Lane ·Tech. 78. A. Chapeck, Lane Tech. 86. C. Michaels, Marshalltown, Iowa. 91. L. Tower" Evanston Academy. 100. B. Downey, Evanston Acad­ emy. 109. B. Minteer, . Proviso Town­ ship,' Maywood. 117� S .. Smith, Lexington. i ... '132. . :C.' 'SoUder, ·Central High, T 0- . ledo, Ohio. 133. P. Schoenfelt, Central High, Toledo, Ohio. _ 138. J. Pollard. Central High, City, Toledo, Ohio. 144. H. Bone, Batavia. 162. W. Wilson, Oak Park. _ 172. H. Palmer, LaWT�nce, Kan. .174. F. Watson, West High, ·Min­ neapolis. . 179. H. 'Felton, West Division, �ilwaukee. 180.' H. Franke. West Division, MilwaulCee. . . 192.. O. Bushey, Gilman. 264. W. Du Bridge, Momence. 265. C. Nielson, Ardmore, Okla. li2. R. Palmer, Lawrence, .Kan. 2i�. -E. Scroggie, West Divisi9n, 182. P. Koch�' West Division High, Des ·Moines, Iowa.. Milwaukee., Wis. . 2i6. G. Tenny, W.est Ilhision, 190. R. strawn, Jacksonville. Des �Ioines, IoWa., 1%. N. a�ndenning;· Elgin: �2i9 .. W. Adams, Crane Tech. 3M. S. Jackson, . Citrus Union • 288. C. Noll. Deerfield Shields tHigh, Azusa, Cal. High: Highland Park. ·232. M. Burke, Wendell Phillips 295. F. O'Donnell, Racine, Wis. High. Chicago. 310. ·L. Phillis, Hyde Park. 239. G. Cook. Chippewa 'Falls. 332. R. Mills, New Trier High, VIS. ·Kenilworth� , 245. P. Windle. Tuley, High. Chi- 344. R. Mu<:h. Gary, Ind. , . . t 345. L. Townsly, Gary, Ind. 364. T. Hutchinson. Lalce Forest . t As Cheap as' 'a Vacation in America WI-:- spead wac:.boa ia this COUDIry Wbea you caD ao 10 £::; wi. the . FREN.CH LINE for $45.00 to ($70.00 (meals and benb r , - - mCIuded). Oa ODe oI'� DeW �Ie- ad 'Twin Screw ODe daa (II) c:abia' .e.mea ..w.. from New Yad: OD, s.b.da,. direct j, - '.: �. " . ·HAVRE-"'PARI� �.':S Offtce�::131 � .....n. Str8It . nay. a�d Night Service.' Midway .. '.o,tor;�i�EiJ.' HIGH GRAnE'� - AUT·OMOBILE$. FOR H)U::'�'·';:·"·' A l special flat rates to Students 5429 WOODLAWN'AVE. '. Chicago� INTERSCHOLASTIC MEN READY FOR BIG MEET (Continued from page 2) , , 394. J. Carberry, St. Ignatius Academy. Chicago.. , ... >.: , __ :,;.4i8;·j J.:.NOble; "Indianapolis. "Ind> SecoDd 440- Y8rcl RUn. 19. - F. Miller, Hillsdale, Mich. 23. _ P .. Kern, HillsdcJe,' Mich. 33. 'H. Hempel. Decatur. 3S.' ·P. Ragsdale, ,Can!>n Colo. .. :I. 55. F ... Crane. We�t A;urora �igb,. Aurora.' ... , : 92. E. Blair, E�anston Acad�my, Evanston. ' 123.·C. 'Miller,' .Culver M11it.ry Academy, Culver, Ind. 131. W.�rown, Central'Hig� To- ledo Ohio.' " (.'� . 145. R. McDonald, Batavia .. 155. L Ayres, Oak Park. lSi., C. Bingham, Oak' Park. 'r .' ago. 248. J. Dillon, Benton. 258. A. Toma5.ek. Centrai High, St. Paul. Minn. S. C. Neilson Ardmore OJda • 280. N. Vytlacil. Crane Technical High, Chicago. 339. E. Knotts. Gary. Ind. 349� 'H. Swanson, Easts Aurora 'High, Aurora.' 367. L. Wheeler. Lake Ff':est Academy, Lake Forest. .3i5. J. Dove. Madison, Wi!'. Qaarter-llile Relay. Bement-l2, W. Foran; 13, J. Fo- ran: 14, E. 'HilI. I • Hillsdale. Mich.-19. F. 'Miller; 20, I E. Lyons; 21. C �lIen; 22, D. stew-I art; 23. R. Cortright. Academy. 395. J. Saunders. Marshall High. 401. O. Thompson, Thornton Township High School. 422. S. Walter, Cyde High, Cicero, 111. 424. G. Watson, Central High, St. Paul. Minn. 433. Wm, Meyering, St. Cyril Academy. 434. J. Taaffe, St. Cyril Academy. 120- Yard High HardIes. 5. C. Detebar, Kirkwood. 16. C. Hoytt, Greenfield, Iowa. 18. D. Brooks, Greenfield, Iowa. �":';'�'- ... .; -��-'----- " .. ' ��������������� , .. ' '.' � 'you fellows II , ,'who have been � waiting for .the ",last � minute to 'purchase your .In-. � terclass Hop toggery 'should � .come here. O·ur· large', corps � , of tailors can make any alter- � ations necessary and .deliver ".� : . . .. , � your suit in time�·fQ��.t.he .Hop. " I _ l!{� You'll find hei�,:a:;l#�e��ol:t"" " Ij' " .me�t Of. blue $20: &: -$25. � serge SUitS at . . " .. ',' [)! "-":�; You do not need to be, a. clothing .expert.. -. . ::���. to appreciate that they' are worth a lot �1 ' ! �� � 0 UR assortment o�o:hite trousers=-flan- .-JI :, ��ti � " ·nel and serge-sis very complete; \:You/�hduid'�· ,·1iI ' ,:'':.� � not be "without a pair even if you do not ����-�e�":--�" '� . .'� '� Hop. White trousers are' appropriately worn at: ,any "'§I , <'� I :�riunerfrinction. See.them'$4.50 'to $'7�OO" I' "".�I ��aiI�fi����ijl4�IiE�§J_ ;,:� . -' . . . <;.�··;t� KODAKS' d 'CAMERAS' :: ;·.if� 19. F. 'lIiller,' Hillsdale, Mich. . . , an. '., :-. ' ... ,;, .. �;,��� 21. C. Pullen Hillsdale, Mich. " ." ".,.. "l 22. ·D. Stewar�.Hi11sdale;Mich. and a complete 'line, of phot���!J!c.(������ .. _(�, , . �";"l,� .�� ���ft.Z2;·T��� y�� £aTW.AKS�::CO�:�'�;'i"'��·- "',:�I High, Chicago. . , printing and enIargiDg.... 124'·&: WABASH· AVE ... · ,�.�·,t� E�.!=�E�1:�H!I.g�h'" �:':' :::::":0:: :: .. s�� l!� �:V�b��{:��f!:'1r: . \',�,'.:.;�t,,,"_'�� ... :,:_f�:.·:_�.;_<::.�.:,J:� .. :,�·� ..•. �_�",�.':.':.1. 134. N. Bakestraw, Central Ypsilanti. _ _ selling' as a vacati()n· employ�ent. _;� Toledo. Ohio. I TIle majority of the .c:oll�e men 'who 135. N. Tbur�ton, Central High. 52. D. Harvey, .West Aurora, ill. have tried it have no desire for a.sec� Toledo. ,Ohio. .' 53. C. Ketcham; . West Aurora, ond experiment. . They . have' bought '_. .-';:,:�� 136 H P d, C I H' h TIlL' outfits, assumed aU· risks. and found '. '.,' ;__./ • . • on entra Ig,. 0- ., the work Done . too pleasant, w_hile '. \ . �,:� ledo, Ohio. S7. L Winslow. West Aurora, Ill. the remuneration has'; not' been' in ' .�. 146. L Beardsley,. Riverside- 71 G w: Lan T ch proportion to' the energy expended. .�' �.� • ..&age. e e . _ "d h � BrOOkfield' High, Riverside. �If! .'U' "uay,. Lane Tech. I t is Wlse to· be gul �d by t e. ex- ,�'; IV. .-....w. perience of others, but If you assume .;: lSI. J. R�er, Central High, Kan- . 77. J. Anguish. Lane Tech. that because these men ha,,'c, failed at ': sas City. Mo. 86. . C. Michaels. ,Marshalltown, la. the house to house type of canvass.. , -:j 164. E. Riedel, Oak .Park High, 9L'L Tower, EVanston Academy.. they or you would fail when present- . ; Oak Park.' ing a special type of .work'to a def- . '" IIf!f!. W. Am'e� Oak Park H' h I 97. B. Burger, Evanston Academy. inite list of prospects. you are mis-. .. ',j � Ig , LIS. A. Bernstein, Proviso 'l'own- taken. " '. � ". �.� ,Oak Park. D. • . ship, Maywood. I The Neu' Student's Reference \Vork ' _ : .... 177. R. Allbright, \Vest IVlSlon 1117. S. Smith, Lexjngton. , is edited by a 'body of the most emi- A High, Milwaukee, Was. 132. C. Souder, Central High, To- nent educators in the country. It ,', 187. E. Sbawvan, West Division· attracts immediate attention when' ledo. Ohio. pr�sented to the teaching public., We High, Milwaukee, Wis. 133. P. Schoen felt, C�ntral High, have under contract as salesmen 3)2. H. Whitted, Citrus Union Toieio, Ohio. scores·of male teachers and principals High •. Azusa, Cal. 138. J. Pollard, Central Higb, To- of this and neighboring states.· 232. W. Burke.. \Vendell PhilJips \Ve are· not ronning an orphans' ledo. Ohio. home, and hence do riot c.are t_ 0 em- High, Chicago. . P . 262. A Peterson, Momence. 160. R. Kraft, Oak ark. ploy anyone under twenty-one years 161. W. Pierce. Oak Park. of age, but if you are a clean-cut,. 33). F. Legler, Hyde Park High. 174. F. Watson •. West High, Min- vigorous man, ready to study bard Chicago. and work harder under an experienced 338 A David Gary: I d. neapolis, �liDD. manager, we have the following .. son, ,n 183. D. Loomis. West Dh;sion, things to offer you: 341. A. Bennett, Gary, Ind. Milwaukee, Wis. . (1) • Transportation to the field of 358. R. Wade, Oreg°Lan'k 185. E. Roegge, \Vest Dh;sion, work. 359. S. Lyman, e Fore!\t 'Milwaukee, Wis. (2) A free outfit. Academ'l.·, Lake Forest.' (3) A liberal ad"ancc on commis- oJ 192. O. Bushey, Gilman. . 423. F. Strong, Cer.tral High, St. 248� J . .Dillon. Benton Township, s'(4) �c����t�f all, a tine' opp(,rtunity Paul, Minn. Benton. to make a sum far in excess of w ha t 264 \�. D B'd M you can earn at almost any otha 0'::' Two-llile Run. . '. U rI ge, • omence. cupation. \Ve belie\'e in our \\"l .... k. 278. B. Frye. Crane Tech. becau:,e we know from experience 279. \V. Adams. Crane Tech. that our men "make good." 284. W. Will marth, Lake Vie·w. Call Xormal2223 and make ap�oint- 292. V. Evans, Lake View. ment if you wish to investigate thi.:; 295. F. O'Donnell, Racine, Wis. offer. 344 . .R. Yuch, Gary, Ind. - ----.-A-T-R-O-N-I-Z-B---- MAROOB ADVBRTISERS " -,' . . .1.- 5. C. Delebar, Kirkwood H. S., Kirk"Wood. 18. D. Brooks, Greenfield. Iowa. 3). E. Lyons, Hillsdale, 'Mich. 23. P. Kern, Hi11sdale, Mich . 25. F. Comar, HiIlsd.ale,· Mich. 34. J. Taylor, Canon City, Colo. (Continued on p3� 4) INTERSCHOLASTIC ., AT �EE.T ,_, 1:45 TOMORROW----------- f;, I, k I' 1:- I' ! ' i-' I ' [:'. , I, f' f �.� , �' ", r,' ,- �, r r'. t',' , " , t , t· . , � ['.' .. �' : : , , t� ��. , , r.,-�'- - r.,." .. ' ;',' - " r '.,= �' 'I' .- , J .... .. , ... . � I "'" . .. .. - .-.- .......,......._ JtFFERSO'jij'- '�i::' !:,�::!:-��'!";:;I�!t. 55th St.·U4 Lab Aft.' 359. S."� Lyman� 'Lake Forest ,Aca'demy,"Lakfi Forest. NOVELTY PHOTOPLAY, 368 .. A. Gluck. Lake Forest Aead- Four reels niahd,. Of the/lateat mOYiDa ,emy; Lake Forest. ' pictureL � Hich clasS soup. Best of , mUlic by high class artists. 374. B. LindSay,' Langdon, N. D. Firat 110- Yud Ran. 3. B. Hilt, -Kirkwood. 20. E. Lyons, Hillsdale, llich. 31. A. Harry, Decatur. 34. J. Tay:..it, Canon City, Colo. 36. F. Oldt=, �ormal High,' Ypsi- lanti, Mich. 42. R. May. Clinton. 49. ll. Adams. Whiting. Ind. 52. D:" Harvey, West Aurora High. . Aurora, 71. G. 'Waage. Lane Technical High. Chicago. 78. A. Chapeck, Lane Technical High. Chicago. 90. 'V. Kelly. Evanston Academy, Evanston. 96. A. Grant. Evanston Academy, Evanston. 108. "X.:\Iahliot, Proviso TO�'n- ship. Maywood . 131. 'V. Brown. Central High, To- ledo. Ohio. , 141. 'W.' Humphrey. South High, Minneapolis. Minn. 156. L. Hirsch, Hammond, Ind. 159. ,C. Kucera, Oak Park. 172. H. Palmer, Lawrence, Kan. 196. :\1. Clendening, Elgin.' 246. Va.� Kleek., Tuley �igh, Chi­ cago. 265. C. Neilson Ardmore, Okla. ,278. R. Frye. Cra�e 'Technical High, Chicago. , 29R ' L. Roche. Cairo. 313. \Y. Ekstrand, Hyde 'Park High. Chicago. 323" J. Cooper. Hyde Park High, Chicago. 331. E. Lighter, Cedar Rapids, Ia. 333. F. Wooley. New Trier High, Kenilworth. ' 339. H. Knotts. Gary, Ind. 349. H. Swanson.' East Aurora TONIGHT Out of the Nicht (Drama) A Railroad EnciDecr (Drama) PATHE WEEKLY Special - SUNDAY - Special The Picture Idol (Comedy) Adml •• lon 5c .ever Hltb. E.., Frida, � 1:: E.., Frida, AUDI-TORrOM NOW Magnificent Spectacular Revival �'MIDSUMMER NIGHTS - DREAM", • ith MENDELSSOHN'S MUSIC Chicago Gra.nd Opera Orchestra (SO Members) CHORUS AND BALLET, and the BEN GREET PLAYERS Popular Prices. 25c to $1.00. Box , Seats. $1.50. Classified Ads. WELL FURNISHED front room, modern, electric' lights, etc. Can accommodate more than one' per­ son. Mrs. E. Clark, 6054 lladison .avenue, 3rd fiat. Tel. H. P. 5626. 'INTERSCHOLASTIC. MEN READY FOR BIG MEET (Continued from page 3) 34S� , , L Townley, Gar,.. Jnel. , 373. A. Robertson, �gdon, S� D.' 400. R. Maplesd��, Thornton �ownshjp. 22O-Yard Low Hurdles. S. ' Delebar, Kirkwooct , 16. :C.. Hoyt. Greenfield, Iowa. �. ,F. ,Miller, Hillsdale, Mich. 30. F. Milter, Decatur. 45. W. Welker, Ash1and, ws. 64. A. St. John, Paris. W. F. Pollard, Laue Technical High, Chicago. "84. B. Dunn, Fort Collins, Colo. ,85. Wm. Sisson, Bradley Poly­ technic Institutet, Peoria. W. R. Packer, Marshalltown, la. 93. E. Williams, Evanston Acad- 121. ,P. Stiles. Cnlv,." Military Academy, Culver, Ind. 127. Yale, Culber Military Acad­ emy, Culver" Ind. 134. N. Rakestraw, Central' High, Toledo, Ohio. 135. N. Thurston, Centtratl High, Toledo, Ohio. ,136. H. Pond, Central High, To­ ledo, Ohio. 143. D. Emigh. Batavia. 151. J. Reber, Central High, Kan­ �s City. Mo. 153. E. Crumacker, Hammond. InCl. ,164. E. Riedel, Oak Park. ]65. W. Ames, Oak Park. li7. R. Albright, ,West Division HiJ:!h. ).rilwaukee, Wis. ]8i. K. Shaw'·an. \Vest Division High. ).fi1waukee. 'Wis. 202. H. Whitted, Citrus Union Big-h, :\7.usa. Cal. 211. C. Cory, Univer�ity High, Chicago. 212. C. Bent, Unh'ersity High Chicago. 2'l1. J. McCarthy, Wendell Phil­ lip... II ig-h. Chicago, 232. W. Burke. \V cndell Phillips H itrh. Chicag-o. 2.�. R. Zie�kie. Chippewa Fall� .• Wi ... 244. R. Solum. Tuley High. Chi. c:tJ:!o. 2..:;0. R. .-\iken. Benton. 25i. L. Townsend. Central High, St, Paul. ).finn. �2.· A. P�erson. Momence. 265. C. X eilson. A rdmore, Okla. High •• -\uro�a., - 3n. H. Kibbe;' Snflivan. , ; 406.- A. Burtt. Morgan Park Acad­ emy, Morgan Park. . 412� M." Painter, Lewis 'I�stitute, Chicago. Second,' 880- Yard eRma. 18., D. Brooks., Greenfield, Iowa. 23. P. Kern. Hillsdale, Mich. 25. F. Comar, Hillsdale, :Midi. 32. E. Powers,' Decatur. 35. P. Ragedale, Canon City, Colo. 48. ,'G. Benson, Whiting. Ind. 51'. F. Holliday. Whiting, Ind. 53. C. Ketcham. 'Vest Aurora High, Aurora. 79. F. Polard, Lane Technical ,j High, Chicago. 86. C. Michaels, Marshalltown, ta, 92. E. Blair, Evanston Academy, Evanston. ' , 99. A. O'Meara, Evanston Acad­ emy, Evanston. 17. ·S. Smith, Lexington. 132. S. Souder. Central High, To- ledo. Ohio. 144. H. Bone, Batavia. 158. P. Carolan. Oak Park. 184 .. \\�. Nichols, 'Vest Division High. :Milwaukee. Wis. 190. R. Stra\\'n, Jacksom·i11e. 216. P. ,Spink. Uni"er:o'ity High, Chicago. 248. 'I. Dil1on. Benton. 256. R. lferrill. Central, High, St. Paul. llinn. 262. :\ Peterson, llomencc. 2i4. S. SCToggie. West High. Des Moines. 10"':1. 28R H. Cooper, La Grange. 319, C. rfer. Hyd(' Park High, Chicago. 336. H, Cutl('r. Xcw Trier High, Kenilworth. 340. P. Hake, Gary, Ind. 364:.. T. Hutchin .. on, Lake Forest .. \c.-ulemy. Lake Forest. 400. R. lfaplesden, Thornton' Township, Harvey. 410. J. Palmer, Lewis Institute, Chicago. 422. S. Walter, Clyde High, Cicero. 424. G. Wattson. Central High, St. Paul, Minn. 220- Yard Dub. 2. Everett, Kirkwood. 16. C. Hoyt, Greenfield. Iowa. ']i. J. Lane, Grenfield, Iowa. 18. D. Brooks, Greenfield, J owa. , 11'- ,., f .' " 19. L. 'Miller. ,Hillsdale.' Mich. - . ,22� 'D. Stewart, Hillsdale, YicJL .: 28. 'R. Cortr:igbt. Hillsdale, �lich. ',so. N. Xalt:, Whiting, Ind. 54. ' F. Burk�. West 'Aurora. 64. A.' St. John, Paris. 67. .�. Henke, Lane Technical' , High. :Chicago.: . , .' 7C. X. Biuei��. ,'�ne _Technical High, Chicago. ;': _, _ , lIe.' R. Humeland, Proviso Town- ship: llayWood.' "', , 12L P.,' Stiles, Culver, ')filitary Academy. Culver, Ind. t �l 122. P. Salverson, Culver !\{ilitary Academy, Culver, In4 '. , - 123. C. Miller, 'Culver, lli1itary Academy, Culver, Ind • 124. Fawcett, Culver lIi1itary Academy. Culver. Ind. 12S. E. Vail. Central' .High, To- . ledo, Ohio. 129. J. Fluhrer, Central 'High. To· ledo, Ohio. ' 13�. H. Tracy, Central High, To­ ledo. Ohio. 143. D. Smith,' Batavia .. 145. _R. �lcDonald, Batavia. ,171. H. Snyder, Bradley, Poly­ technic Institute, Peoria. 182. p. Koch, \Vest Division High, lnl waukee, 'Vis. 186. S. Schwenger, 'Vest Division High. :\tilwaukee, Wis. 189. B. Trotter. \Vest Division High, llilwaukee, Wis. 190. ,R. Strawn, Jackson,·ilIe. 195. E. Hauser, Anaconda, l[ont. 198. w. Ru�t� Elgin. 199. F. lliller. Decatur. ·204, 'S. Jacksun. Citrus Union High. Azusa, Cal., ,205. 'J. Agar, University High, -Chicago, .208. 'V. Carter, University High, Chicago. 247. ''''I. Hart, Benton. '250. ,R. Aiken, Benton. . 252.. ,T. Farquhar; Centrat..High, St. Paul, Minn. 253. H. Cowie, Central High. St. Paul, :\l_inn. ' 258. A. Tomasek, Central High, St� Paul. llinn� , . ' 259. \V. Allen, Momence. 260. ' L. Grimes, Momence. 263. C. Hayden, llomence� 265. C. Neilson Ardmore Okla. 273. A. llillar, , West ' High, Des Moines, Iowa .. 282. Croutch, ,Crane Technical High, Chicago. 283, Shiebly, Crane Technical High. Chicago. '297. G. Mattingly, Cairo. 309. R. Lovett, Hyde Park High, Chicago. 337. R. Symmes, Gary, Ind. 338. G. Davidson, Gary, Ind.. 352. G. Klapp, East Division High, Milwaukee, Wis. 361. L. Mdlenemy. Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest. 362. G. Irwin. Lake Forest Acad­ emy. Lake Forest. 363. O. Kean, Lake Forest Acad­ erny, Lake Forest. 372. R. B(,yd� Langdon, N. D. 378. xr. Brooks, l[ adison, Wis. '398. P. J ohnson, Bowen High, Chicago. 403. F. Hinkamp, De LaSalle In­ stitute, Chicago. 404. F. Herendeen. lforgan Park :\cademy. Morgan Park. 41i. G. Carll. Indianapolis, Ind. Begin Tennis Tournament. The Inter�cholastic tennis tourna­ ment "'as started yesterday, and by 6 o'clock over sixty matches had been played in the first and second rounds. Today. all of the matches up to the finals will be played off in both sin­ gle!' and doubles. most of the matche!; �tart;"g at 2. All ()1 the courts were in use. and good-�jzed crowds watched the games, l'eyeral of which were well played. The re5ults follo\\": Singles, Fint ROUDd-H. James, E,·anston Academy, beat W. Futter­ ere Chicago Latin School, 6-2, 6-0; F. Olson, Proviso Township, beat H. Rasmusen, Lake High, 6-0, �2: M. Wood, U. High, beat H. Brallde.,Mc­ Kinley High,-6-4, U, 6-3; E. D'An­ cona, Wendell Phillips, won from -C, Spencer� Oak Park, by default; W. Williams, Evanston Academy. beat H. Kulvinsky, Lake High, 6-3, 7-5. 20_ ISceata . Rogers, Evanston T01VDsbip, beat G. Plume. Hyde Park, 6-4, 6-3; J. Weber, Harvard School. won from K. Evans • Brookfield High, 6-1. 6-0; H. Clark, University High, beat F. J. Hruber; Crane, 6-4, 12-10; R_ W -n, Wenden Phmips, beat G. A. Nelson. Evanston Academy, 6-1, 6-2; F. Ball, Clinton, forfeited to A. Hart, Harvard School; E. llacX eal, Clyde. beat JA Pitts, :Morgan Park, ,6-3" 6-3; C. Clark, U�'iversity' High� 'be�t P.' sh�w:' �ke , , ' Forest, 6-4, &0 . R. Lawrence, Englewood, won irom F. Perceny, Whiting W:<h, 6-3. 6-3; C. Grey, Chicago Latin, forfeited to Carr, of Hyde Park; A. Loeb. U. High, de­ feated Underwood. Hyde Park. 6-1" 6-3, and F. Greenbaum, Harvard SChOOl, 6-1.,6-1. L. Callahan, New Trier" beat Suttle, Lewis Institute, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4. ,A. Lindauer, Engle­ wood, beat C. Penders on. 'Vhiting. 6-1, 6-0. Fargo, Evanston Township, beat H. Cudney, Harvard School, 6-3, 6-1. R. !\loses. Wendell Phillips, beat R. Bohn, Evanston Academy, 6-2. 6-4. Steinbrenner, Hyde Park, beat .Scannell, Englewood, 6-2. 6-3. G. Gardner, Lake Forest, beat' K. Fisk, Englewood, 6-1, 6-2. Larkin, Lewis I nstitute, beat A. Sceerey, Whiting. 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. G. Landis. Brookfield, High. won from F. Rosenberg, Mc-. Kinley. 6-1. 6-0. A. May, Wendell Phillips. heat G. Baker, Bement High, 6-0, 6-2. \V. Paepeke, Chicago Latin, won irom H. Blake. Evanston Academy. hy default. J: Rosenberg, Harvard, heat T. Pritikin. Crane. 6-4. 8-6. A. HU1,hle. Morgan Park. beat Tborch, Hyde Park. �. i-5. Butterfield, Evanston Township, beat £. I Fran­ kowski. Whiting. tH). 6-1. W. Becker. Englewood. beat P. Berhrens, Lewis In!i'titute. 6-1. 6-1. Kennedy. U. High. defeated N. Cone, Clyde, High School. 6-4. 6-3. H� Raeder. ltercers­ berg. beat Fife, Lewis. 6-2. 6-4. Sh'ec1d. Evanston Towmhip. won from H. Lesly. Clyde High School, 6-3, 6-0, J n the second round 0' Ancona de­ feated W()od, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3. Rogers beat 'ViIliam!', 6-9.1_�3. \Veber beat Clark, 6-2, �2. Weil beat Hart. :6-2 • 6-1� �lacNeal beat Clark, 7-5. 6-0. Carr beat Lawrence, �2, 6-0. -Calla­ han beat Loeb, 6-1, 6-1. Lindauer' beat Fargo, 6-0, ,6-1; Landis beat May. 6-3, 6-1. Rosenberg defeated Paepcke 6-3 6-1. HubbeD beat But­ terfield, 6-0, 1().8. Kennedy beat Becker, 6-4� 6-1, and Raeder beat Shedd, 6-1, 6-4. In the doubles, firat rond, Carr and CoUier Hyde Park, defeated Loeb and Lyon, U. High, 6-3, 6-4. '", . � . . . . ;: . :-:.".;::L·�I:;�\�;.�(I�"!\.;'�;"J.�"e!.'l·.��'�·: ... · .. · �.'-. c :',' 10.' ... _ '/� i. ,:.-. . :."": 4t ..... - # • 1. } '", ,'" '.; " " I " ' ',. ,t " !f.. , ,..� <::-r�:..."I ... "':: , ''''1 For all C.ollege News And accurate reports on Athletic Events' of the Year. read The Inter Ocean BASEBALL-By HARRY DANIEL . Famous for'lbppY-H�or:" ','":,,, .. Order from your dealer today. 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Lan­ dis aDd Evans, Brookfield" defeated Kennedy and Donker, U. High, 6-1, 7-5. Berhrens and Fife. Lewis In­ stitute, beat Penderson and Per­ ceny, Whiting, 5-2, 6-4. MacNeal and Cone, Qyde, beat James and Williams, 6-1, 2-6, 6-2. Braud ad Rotenberg, McKinley, beat Grey- and Nichols, Chicago Latin by defaall.