ID r lIaily _arnnn BASEBALL GAilE The �nivenit7 of Iowa' and Chicago will meet in a baseball game on Marshall Field this afternoon. SCORE CLUB DANCE . The Score Club wiD ciYe the first dance of the Spring quarter at 2:30 this afternoon in Rosalie ·HaD. VOL. X. NO. 125. TRANSFER LIBRARY JUNE 1 UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, SATURDAY, APRIL 20,1912. PRICE FIVE CENTS. CAST OF GENEVA PLAY IS REHEARSING DAILY Miss Herrick Is Manager for Pro­ duction of League, "Much Ado About Something." FOLLO\'� S DINNER F.!ONDAY Plot Concerns Difficulties Arising Out .of Canoeing Party After "Lights Out." Under the direction of Miss Alice Lee Herrick, the rehearsals of "Much Ado .\!H)Iot S,)JI'l'�hin'.!:' �!'l' Gt'ne\·:t play to be put on by the Young Wo­ men's Christian League Monday night, go merrily on in Lexington hall. L:tcltly r;ool}dl'llo\\' has lcarrnd to adore, the moon and boating with Mary, and to twaddle his paddle rea­ listically. The crushes are learning to weep and cm hracr- according to the newest and most proper theatrical convention. Mihoy Oolong; the Chi­ nese student. minces as if her feet were still bound. Harmony Chant has acquired the impersonal attitude of the true self-effacing Y. M. C. A. secretary, and the President of the Chicago delegation knew offhand how to scold the offending monitor, for that monitor happened to be her own young sister. Vera Sane and Dora Mann are fitted to present the time-honored conflict of Sense and Sensibility.' for they just live up to their names. Scenery Has �ved. , The scenery for the production, which has been arrivin� recently, is so realistic that the Lexingtonites ask, "Is the Circus coming again?" But these are not circus tents, only the proper out-of-door setting for the conference, skit. The prize Geneva banner -is up, and the To Lake sign has assumed its proper place. The trunks of the latest arrivals are still on the floor of the tent, in the true Geneva fashion, and Geneva devotees of several �ears' experience have de­ clared that the effect is perfectly natural. White middy suits and all the proper summer resort costume have been in great demand among the play laddies, but now it 'is ru­ mored that all the properties and wardrobes have been found, even to the boatman's inevitable paddles. Mary Canoes After �ights Out.­ The play. ":\ruch Ado About Some- , thing," as has been announced, cell­ ters about that boatman, Mary Smites, a charming Chicago girl, the rules of the conference. and the moon. Mary has gone out canoeing with Laddy after the "Lights out" ben. although she. as monitor." i� supposed to see that all the girls are ahed when the ben rings. The play begins the morning after the escapade>Vith Mary and Laddy happy in the fun they have had. and in the fun they wi11 have going again. They are both quite certain that no one knows of the lark. But Dora Mann saw them. and because Mary had interfered when she had tried to break rules. is jealous. and would have �fary pub­ licly exposed. Ucie Head. the Presi­ dent of the Chicago delegation. knows. too. and would help Mary out of the scrape. Immediatelv everyone begins to make much ado, excepting Mary. who is quite imper­ vious to reproach and argument. Mary and Laddy Apologize. In the second scene. the defiant and nappy Mary becomes properly re­ pentant, and Laddy warned by Vera (CoDtinued OD page 3) General Library Will Be Installed in Harper Ten Days Before Dedica­ tion on June 10-To Hold Exer­ cises in Harpe.r Court. Students will probably be able to <ce the new Harper Library by June I, accordine to a statement made yes=-, terday by .Professor Burton, head of the Univer-sity libraries. Although the dedication will not take place un­ til June 10, it is probable that the general library will he tr:>!I"fl"!"red to its new quarters by the first. At least 12.000 invitations will be sent out for the dedication. and it is likely that the number witI exceed 15.000. A particular effort wilt 'be made to get alumni to attend, but in­ vitations wilt also 'be sent to others prominent in civic and political life. The dedicatory exercises will be held in Harper court, hounded hy the new Library building on the south. Has­ kell on the west. and the Law library on the east. Building Will Be Completed. Although the building was again delayed by the recent strike of the carpenters, and the plasters. and lath­ ers, the building will undoubtedly be ready for occupation at the latest on dedication day. A carload of furni­ ture has already arrived, consisting mostly of chairs, which are at pres­ ent stored on the main floor. The tables, catalogues, anu other furniture are expected to arrive in the next two weeks. , The reading roarn-' 'Is�' practically .­ completed, and although work in the west tower seems backward, there is little doubt that it IS progressing sat­ rsfactorily, The main entrance. to the reading room will be from the west tower. For the next few years, at least. the first floor will be used for class rooms. The entire second floor will be for the administrative branch of the library, and will include, besides offices, a large cataloging room, and rest rooms for the library employes. On the first floor will be the Har­ per assembly room. considerably larg­ er than the assembly room in Has­ kell. It will be used for meetings and lectures. being too large for a class room and too small for Leon �Iandel assembly hall. Fi� Floor Temporary. In time, -the entire first floor will be utilized for stack rooms. When the capacity of 'the present stacks will have been exceeded, the partitions on the first floor will be torn out, and stacks put in. The building is so ar­ ranged that the ·stacks are supported independently of the building. Views of the building will be take. by a firm of photographers who spe­ cialize in architectural photography, and will be published in The Daily Maroon at an early date. The convocation reception, which will be held Monday. June 10. will be more elaborate than any that have ever been held. A special musical program will be arranged. The an­ nouncement of the convocation orator is expected in the near future. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB MEMBERS WILL MEET A.T SMOKER TONIGHT The Cosmopolitan club will give a smoker at 8 tonight in Ellis hall. Cos­ mopolitanism in the University will be discussed with a view to the en­ largement of the organization next year. Refreshments will be served. Chicago will meet Iowa this after- After the first four men there was noon at 3:30 in the third conference nothing to the second race but Psi U. baseball game. Although Iowa has . Ward obtained a lead of nearly forty won no games this season the team yards in the fifth relay, and Lanyon has tied Illinois in a fierce thirteen loafed across the finish line in 2:39. inning 'battle. The squad is in good Had he been pushed he could have trim and will put up a hard battle. easily beaten the best time made in Chicago's lineup will be essentially the first race. Phi Gamma Delta was the same as in the Wisconsin game. a poor second. Phi K�lppa Ps i, Delta Hruda will twirl and is expected to Tau Delta. and Phi Kappa Sigma pitch airtight ball. �lann, catch; Nor , were the other teams in this heat. gren, first base; O. Roberts, second Kappa Sigma won the third heat base; Baird, short stop; Captain by ten yards over Chi Psi. This race Boyle, third base; Catron, Teichgrae- was the most evenly contested of the ber and Libonati, outfielders, will lot, and the result was in doubt until complete the lineup. the finish. , :r.he .Hawkeyes. Wll(\- are-making the-- - -''!he-first twP-1'ecrms-in each' race trip are: Von Lackun and Hauth, qualified for the finals, which will be catchers; Zimmer, Baird and J. Han- held next week. It has been decided son, pitchers;' H. Hanson, first base; that there will be no semi-finals. Mosier, second; Berry, shortstop; Strickler, third; Curry, Moulton and Patterson, outfielders; and Loudin, utility. PLAY HA WKEYES TODAY ON MARSHALL FIELD Baseball Team Will Meet Iowa This Afternoon In Third Con­ ference Game of Season. �tE RELAY TEAM LEAVES Five Men Left Last Night for Des Moines to Compete in the Drake Games. Conference Baseball Standing. W L Lllinois 1 0 Wisconsin 1 Q Chicago 1 Lndiana 0 X or th we ster n 0 IO"'a 0 Purdue 0 ).Iinncsota 0 1 o o o Relay Team Leaves, Coach Page left for Des Moines, Iowa, last night with the relay team which will compete in the Drake games today. Five quarter-railers were taken along, Captain Da ven­ port, Menaul, Matthews, Baird, and Chandler making the trip. The first four of these will compete in the mile relay. Kansas, Ames, Oberlin, Grinnell and many other Western colleges will compete in the mile relay. Illinois and Missouri, who were counted on to enter the fast teams, will be un­ able to compete as a dual meet is scheduled for today between these two institutions. Little is known of' the speed of the teams entered, but on the strength of Chicago's victory last year it is possible to predict victory for Chicago today. Expects to Win. U\Ve are going to win today," said Captain Davenport yesterday, "and 1 think that it is only a question of how big a' margin we wilt win by. \Ve ought to run the mile in about 3 :26. \V c are not over-confident, but we claim that we have the best team and we will show it today." Chicago won the race last year with a team composed of Davenport, �Ienaul. Straube, and Skinner. The race was won from ).lissouri by a margin of fifty yards. Davenport set­ ting a record of :49 for the quarter. Two of last year's team, Davenport and �Ienaul, will compete today, while Baird has also had experience on the relay team. He competed at Omaha last year. Matthews is the only runner who bas had no experi­ ence in Varsity relay competition. but he is a fast, heady runner and wiIJ (Continued on page 4) Pet. 1.000 1.000 .500 .000 .000. .000 .000 .000 QUALIFY 'FOR FINAL RACE Six Fraternity Relay Teams Will Compete in Contest on Marshall. Field May I-Alpha Delta Phi Makes Fastest Time. As a result oi ),csterda,Y's prelim­ inaries six teams qualified for the fi­ nals in the I ntcr-iratcrnity relay race. Owing to the withdrawal of the Sigma Nu's and the Phi Delta Theta's, only three preliminary races were run. Four teams competed in the first race and five in the other two. Alpha Delta Phi won the first race easily in the fastest time of the day. Delta Kappa Epsilon was second, Breathed- their, last man, not being quite able to make up a long lead which the Alpha Delta's held. The S. A. E.'s and the Delta U.'s finished a poor third and fourth. Psi U Easy Winner. SOPHOMORE SOCIETIES ANNOUNCE PLEDGE-MEN Thirty-Nine Freshmen Pledged to Rival Sophomore Societies - Have Bidding System. UPPER CLASSMEN PRESENT Fifteen-Minute Talks Given Men On Whom Societies Conflict·- Rey-' nolds Club Scene of Excitement. �,"nre club and �kt:ll and '- rt'sc�nt, the Sophomore '<ocicric-. yesterday pledged the Freshmen who will com­ pr iso their membership next year. Score club pleuged twenty men and Skull and Crescent nineteen. The latter society will take another man later. Thursday the societies ex­ changed lists of the Freshmen each had elected to membership. Two names were on both lists and invita­ tions were extended to the men in question at the Reynolds club ves­ terday, About fifty men, active. - up­ per-class and pledged, represented each society. Each of the organiza­ tions had fifteen minutes in which to talk to the men who then had fifteen minutes in which to make up their minds which society to chose. Score Club Pledges. The men elected to Score club are as follows: Lee Harker. Harry Bogg, Kilbourn n:-own. Ralph Gardners WilIia� Owen. Fritz Borman. Reginald Robinson. Albert Lindquest. Carl Fisher. Francis Sherwin. John Henderson. Edward Keller. Harold Moore. �enwood Sudduth. Xorman McCready. Emil Bickley. Lawrence Harpole. Edson Finney, John Baker. Donald Delaney, Skull and Crescent. Skull and Crescent's pledged men are: Alfred Eddy. George Lyman. Carl Stephan. Kenneth Coutchie, Lauriston Gray. Stanwood Baumgartn(;r. Frank O'Hara .• Clyde \Vatkins. Joiln Burtt. Harold ).fcMulten. Joshua Stephenson. �arston Smith. Paul Des Jardien. Raymond Bohnen. H arry Gorgas. Thomas Hoitingsworth. Francis Ward. Sam Wells. H olgcr Loltesgard. The Teams.. The teams were made up as fol- lows: Psi Upsilon-Hunter, Painter, Fon­ ger, Cummings, Ward, Lanyon. Delta Kappa Epsilon-Breathed, Zeddis, Wright, Bennett Brown Griffin. • ' , Phi Gamma Delta-Bell, Kennedy, Fitzpatrick, Stevenson, Taechgraeb­ er, Perlee. Chi Psi-·Goodman. �Iurra)·. Fish­ er, Pierce, Cole, Henderson. Phi Kappa Sigma-Tatge. Soulter, Choisser, Dean, Savier, London. Kappa Sigma-Skinner, Thomas, Fassett, Morri�on, Peterson, Black­ el Beta Theta Pi-Sponsel, Sellers, Pietsch, Stapp, Harrison, Coulter. Alpha Delta Phi-Lane, Dymond, MacClintock, Owen, Croll, Keefe. Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Chaney, Kixrniller. Gray. Delaney, Ramser, Field. Sigma Chi-McCready, Stansbury, Campbell. Bradburn, Stevers, Bick­ ley. Delta Tau Delta-Westcott. Sco­ field, lfiese, Lockerby, Catron. Alpha Tau Omega-Lunde, Lunee, Presnal, Delta Upsilon-D. Hollingsworth, T. Hollingsworth. The summaries follo\\': The Summaries. First heat-Won by Alpha Delta Phi; Delta Kappa Epsilon, second. Time-2:�9. Second heat-Won by Ps] Upsilon; Phi Gamma Delta, second. Time- 2:39. Third heat-Won by Kappa Sig­ ma; Chi Psi, second. Time-2:41. Michigan-:-Ele\"ent !'tnd{'nt:, of .the Cni\'ersit)' 0; :\fichi�an were injured in a wreck oi two interurban trains near Chelsea, Monday afternoon. None of the injuries i� fatal. ELEMENTS, WOMEN. AND STAGG COMBINE TO PREVENT RALLY Bad weather, chapel assembly for all women, and the inahility oi Mr. St:t�g tf) be present all conspired to make it impracticable to hold the first Spring mass meeting Thursday morning. T f the weather permits an outdoor mass meeting for the pur­ pose of stirring up entiausiasm for the Arkansas baseball game "ill probably be called by Chester Helt next week, .. THE DAIL� MAROON, SATURDAY, A,PRIL 20. 1912. The Official Student Newspaper of the Univ�fsity of Chicago. Founded October r. 1902. Formerly The UniversitY of Chicago Weekly Founded October I. 1892. Published daily except Sundays, Xl on­ days and Holidays during three quarters of t·he University year. Entered as Second-class mail at the Chicago Post Office. Chicago. Illi­ nois. :\1 arch 18, 19m�. under Act of March 3, 18i3. � .. .,. McElroy Pub. Co. �z:e88, 6219 Cottage Grove THE STAFF \V. J. Fonte :\lanaging Editor H. L. Kennicott News Editor Associate Editors D. L. "Breed W. H. Lyman G. \V. Cottingham Leon Stolz B. W. Vinissky C. S. Dunham Reporters H. S. Gorgas ),1. S. l�rt,,·tin!"i,J�..!:· H. :\. Lo1!6garcl .. E_ \\ ;Ill.;:,:� \\'. g. Cruwf ord G. S. Lyman F. L. l l uts lcr Women's Editor Sarah Reinwald Women Reporters Grace Hotchkiss Lillian Swawitc Augusta Swawite Dorothy Williston Subscription Rates By Carrier. $2.50 per year; $1.00 per quarter. City mail, $1.25 per quar­ ter; �3.00 per year in advance. , News contributions may he left in Ellis Hall or Faculty Exchange. ad­ dressed to The Daily Maroon. EDITORIAL The Daily Maroon congratulates the Freshmen who have been pledged to the two Sophomore societies. It matters little which of Sophomore the organizations claims Societies a Sophomore's allegi­ ance - in either he can find a splendid chance to serve his Alma �Iater. One can have nothing hut praise for societies so high in tone and pur­ pose as the Score club and Skull and Crescent. I t is a pleasure to sec men working as hard and as unself­ ishly for the good of their college as the men in these organizations work. To those who see in class societies anything that is undemocratic, The Daily Maroon points to the Sopho­ more societies at Chicago. They have demonstrated their utility and worth, and their democracy as well (for their members are chosen solely on a 'basis of merit). and The Daily Ma­ roon wishes them success. SOCIALISM TO BE STUDIED BY LOWER SENIOR SPEAKERS Lower Seniors who arc going to compete in the Lower Senior public speaking contest Tuesday are given the following references on their sub­ ject: Fabian's Essays in Socialism. Skeltan-"Socialism: A Critical An­ alysis," Chapters 2. 3, and 9. Helquit-"History of Socialism in thc Cnited States:' Part T, Introduc­ ·tion; Chapter IV.- Hoxie-"Journal of Political Econ­ omy" for October, 1911, and for �hrch. 1912. These book� are on reserve in the librarv. The following books may be fo;md at thc Crerar lihrary in the 'Marshall Field- huilding: Commnnis· Manifesto. Thompson .;..,."The Constitutional Progrcss of Socialism." • Chapel Assembly-The Divinity School, \Vednesday at 10:30 in Has­ kell asscmbly room. Bulletin and Announcements The Faculty and Conference of the Divinity School-Haskell oriental mu­ seum at g:30 today. General Conference of Academies and High Schools -10:30 today in llandel. Address of welcome by the President of the Uuiver sity. Baseball-Iowa vs. Chicago. on �1arshall �ield, today. Score Club Dance today at 2:30 in Ros alie hall. Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Commis­ sion meets at Xl r. Bickham's office in Cobb at 3 today. Dramatic Club Dinner today at 6 in the Commons. Cosmopolitan Club Smoker -S:OO today. in Ellis 18. Dramatic Club Plays-8:30 today in the Reynolds club theater. Open to ,.;tt,dl'nts anrl faculty. Fr'eshrr an Debate - (_'hi":lg�1 v -. :\ or rhwe stcrn. tonight in Mandel. Que�ti()n: The Initiative and Reier­ endum. University Religious Service tornor­ row at 11 :00. Leon Mandel assembly hall. The Reverend Lyman Abbott, D.D., LL.D .. University preacher. Executive Committee Common­ wealth Club meets Xl onday at 4 in Eltis IH. Chapel Assembly-The Juniur col­ leges. Men : 10:30. Mo nday Leon ).Iandel assembly hall. Geneva Dinner and Play-":\Iuch Ado About Something," Monday, at 5, in Lexington. Price 35 cents. Blackfriar Tickets-On sale �I on­ day and Tuesday in corr idor of Man­ del. After Tuesday in Cobb. Tick­ ets will -he reserved until- Friday, Ap ril, 27, for all three performances. Upper Senior Contest-Contestants register with the dean of the Senior colleges he fore �Ionday noon. Ora­ tions to be handed in before Monday noon of the fifth week. Chapel Assemblies - Tuesday at 10:30. The Senior colleges. Leon Mandel assembly hall. The College of Education. Room 214, Emmons Blaine hall. Professor Breasted will speak. Sophomore Executive and Social Committees will meet Tuesday at 10:30 in Kent theater. Young Women's Christian League meets Tuesday at 4 in Lexington. Miss �Iargery \Velcher will speak on "The World-Wide Need for Trained Women.' Open Lecture-�I r, Charles E. Kremer of the Chicago Bar will give the· fourth of a series oi six lectures on "Admiralty Law" Tuesday at 4:10 in North lecture room, Law building. - Botanical Club-Illustrated lecture on ":\ Botanical Excursion in Xcw Zealand" at 4:30 Tuesday in Room 13, Botany building. Work of the New Municipal Tu­ berculosis Sanitarium-Dr. James A. Harvey will speak Tuesday at 8:00 at Lincoln center, Oakwood boule­ var d and Lang ley avenue. under the au:o;pin .. of the Chicago Tuberculosis institute. Student Volunteer Band-Lexing­ ton hail. i:15 Tucsday. The YOUDC Women's Christian League-Miss' Margery Welcher will speak at 10:30 Wednesday in Lexing­ tun hall on "Can \\' e Know the \ViII of God?" University Baseball Game-Chicago vs. Lake Forest, �larsha11 Field, 3:30 Wednesday, Commercial Club Banquet-Wed­ nesday at 6 in Commons. Chapel Assembly-The Junior col­ leges. Women: Leon Mandel as­ sembly hall, 10:30 Thursday. Dramatic Club Tryout-Thursday at 3:00. All students eligible . Appl) at once at faculty exchange. Box 34�, for application blanks. Le Cerc1e de Conversation Fran­ caise-s-Spelman house, 4 p. m .. Thurs­ day. Open Lecture-e-M r. Charles E. K rc tncr oi llll- '-- _.Il-:lgl_' Bar will �i\"l; • .1"; lo"n., '" a �erJl'S oi six lcctur e­ on "Admiralty Law" Thursday at �:lO in .'ort.. lecture room. Law __ building. Graduate History Club-l'wi\:'ssul Hr easted will .. peak at 8 Thur suay in . Ke lly hall. Sociology Club=-Associau- Proit':'­ sor Leavitt will g ive thc nr st of a ser ies of lectures in Social S c icnce in Cobb lecture hall at 4:CU Fr iday on "1 ndustr ial Education:' Mathematical Club-e-Associate Pro­ Iessor Laves will speak on .. ,lie .-rcs­ cnt State of the Theory oi Saturn's Sateltites," at 4::)0 Friday in 1<_00111 3i of Ryerson physical laboratory, Graduate - Women's Club-.-\:;:'oistant Professor Breckinridge will speak on "Problems on the Border Line or Solution" ;1't 5 Friday in Lexington 15. Kent Chemical Society-.-\nnual banquet Friday at the V endome notel. Varsity and Freshman Track Men report daily. Track candidatv-, report daily at 11 or 12 to Coach J�agc on Marshall Field. -Political Work-Will the students who were employed 'by the fraud de­ partment of the county court on Tuesday, April 9, leave the number of hours they workcd, ward, precinct, etc., at the Information desk at once s Housing Bureau-Rooms for sum­ mer rental must be listed before June 1st. Lists for mailing are made up by May 15. Senior Hats-Ready now. Get them at Schlossman's, 1008 East 63rd street. Price $1.00. -The American Board is particuraly anxious to secure live unmarried men to go out this summer as tutors to the following schools: Peking college, China. Bithynia high school, Bardczag, Turkey, St. Paul's institute, Turkey. High school, Mardin, Eastern . Turkey. High school. .-\hmcdnager, India. Men oi winning personality, bal­ anced judgment, self-reliance. and ca­ pacity ior leadership in student ac­ tivities are desired, Each oi thcse positions offcr:o; splendid opportunity for a high order of Christian !'icrvice, as wcll as an opportunity for study­ ing the situation in thc diffcrent coun­ tries with a "ie,,' to future work in that field . Three positions are still open whcre college men with busi­ ness ability will find amplc scope for all thcir talents. before and after. Sparkling with life, tingling with vigor, thirst-quenching to the Nth power­ good for you mentally and physically. Delicious-Refreshing- Thirst-Qaenching 5c Everywhere THE COCA-COLA co. Our new free book­ let, telling of Coca-Cola vin­ dication at Chat­ tanooga, for ft.,. - ' '-'-. Whenever you see an Anow-think of Coca - Cola Cover Good Common Sense with a Knapp- Felt Hat $4.00 Crofut Special $3.00 SENIOR HATS A BIG SUCCESS _ Would be pleGlsed to make class hats for - ali occasions. 63RD and Ews AVE. 1 il P fE gi I.iJ PI di al V ( s f ARROW Nolch COLLAR Easy to put on and take off ARRow - SHIRTS Fit perfectly and are � fat. $1.51 and $2." ('ln�, PfSbod7 & Co .. l\�.kera. "I'rv7.1I. Y. GERMANS FROM MUNICH SEE CAMPUS AND MUSEUM Express Surprise at Size and Beauty of New Library-Think Cur­ riculum Strange. Representatives of the German Mu­ seum of Modern Inventions and In­ dustrial Arts in Munich visited the Field museum Thursday in the inter­ est of their museum, which was re­ cently enlarged. The museum col­ lects apparatus used in scientific dis­ covery, as well as inventions of a more practical nature. The visitors were shown the -new Harper Memorial library and ex­ pressed surprise at the size and beauty of the reading room particu­ larly. The nature of the University curriculum was of �reat interest, par­ ticularly the fact that examinations • are held at the end of each quarter instead of at the end of four years. Among the professors who were in the party were the Lord -Mayor of Munich. Dr. Wiltiarn von Borscht: Herr Alex Shirrnann. Director of the Munich Iibrary : nr_ \V. von Dyck, Herr l ngcnieur Tr.mtwcin. C. E.; Herr l ngcnieur Ort h, Dr. Oskar von �fi11cr. mcmhcr of the Bavarian Home of Lords. and former Privy Councillor of navaria: Dr. Franz Fuchs. professor of physics and mathematics in thc mllseum, and Dr. von Podc,,·ile Durni,;. Privy Conn­ cillor of navaria. Beside the ne\\' lihrary. thc visitors wcre shown the - tower group of huilclinJts. the Law library, and Has­ kell museum. They were the guests of the QuadranJtle club for luncheon. Frat Novelties_ in China Tobacco Jars, Tankards, Mug� Vases, Ashtrays. The Fraternity Shop 1157 E. FIFTY-FIFTH STREET Phone Midway 1252. Phones Hyde Park 3iO and 371 Day and Night Service. Midway Motor Livery- HIGH GRADE AUTOMOBILES FOR HIRE At special flat rates to Students 5429 WOODLAWN AVE. Chicago. PATRONIZE MAROON ADVERTiSERS TE CL YC KJ! A'I ST _A As yeM fo Or: ODI Yc Co 11 oi B 6( S v c a v I ' THE DAILY MAROON. SATURUAY, A,PRIL 3l, 1912. e=-. 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On ODe 01 the DeW Quadruple aud T wiD Screw ODe cIaa (II) cabin steamcn aailiag from New York OD Satunlays direct to HAVRE - PARIS. CoaIpaay's OffIce. 139 Nortb Deabom Street The Madison Ave. Laundry offers the students of the University of Chicago A Special Student's List Best work 'Best service Best prices 6018 MADISON AV. Tel. H. P. 1009 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS START INTER - HOUSE GAME Washington Defeats Lincoln by 12 to 8 ---:- Score Yesterday. . \Vashin·gton House won from Lin­ coln House in the first game of their annual baseball series yesterday by the score of 12 to 8. The game, which was played in the mud in Washington park, went only seven innings, when it was stopped on account of dark­ ness. The lineup follow!': Lincoln House. Stein pitcher Jennings .........••......... catcher Gilbert first base F. Roberts second base 14• Roberts shortstop Savidge :............. third base Sikes center field Roc •.•........•......... right field Cable leit field Washington House. H ughes catcher Ford pitcher G. Kuh first base Molander shortstop Lillis second base Merriam third base W. Kuh left field Duncan center field Canning ........•........• right field Loeb ..............•.... center field BLACKFRIARS SEAT SALE BEGINS MONDAY MORNING Expect Record Crowds to Witness Play - Capacity House Greets . the Haresfoot Actors. Scats for the Blackfriars annual comic opera, "The Pursuit of Portia," will be placed on sale for the· first time )londay morning in the booth in �Iand(.·l corridor at 10:30. The box office will he open in the corridor )'Ionday and Tuesday until 3 in the afternoon, Beginning with \V ednesday the tickets can be purchased at the usual place in Cobb hall entrance from 10:3Q to 3. until the production, May 2, 3. and 4. Everything points to a heavy sale this year and the prospects for capacity houses arc satisfactory to the management. The announcement that the play is to he ginn three nights this year instead of two and a matinee. as last year, meets with general favor, as many people do not care to go to an afternoon performance. On account of thc increased interest the manrurc­ ment feels justified in going to a greatl'r expense in producing the play this year. "The scenery i" going to he mOH' elaborate than ever:' said Property Man ),1 urray, yesterday. "partly be­ cause the setting in the play affords excellent opportunities for scenic .ef-. fects and partly because of the pos­ sibility of presenting the play down town. For the same reasons more atten­ tion is given to. the costumes. There will he changes for each chorus and. according- to Matthews, the chief cos­ tumer, they will be "snappier than ever." Miss Hinman meets her special 'choruses daily and drills thc men in the intricate steps of the dances that. h:t,·e made the Blackfriar she ... vs in the past 50 popular. The priests for "The Dance of the Senses" were chosen yesterday and )Iiss Hinman coached them with .Parker ·and Rog­ ers. the principles in the dance. for the first time in Mandel yesterday afternoon. The whole dance was re­ ·hearsed before an appreciative audi­ ence of visiting high school students. A packed house witnessed the pro­ duction of "The Fairy Godfather," by the Haresfoot club of the University of Wisconsin, at the Ziegfeld theater last night. Wisconsin alumni were out in force' and several hundreds of people from the University of Chi­ cago attended the performance. "Burgulars." and "1 Relieve in Fair­ ies" were the most popular musical numbers en a long score of interest­ ing lyrics. fitted with tuneful mel­ odies. The last performance of the year will he given ,by the Harcsfoot aggregation at the Pabst theater. )Iilwaukee, tonight. Besides the Chi­ cago performance, the show was put on at Rockford. Illinois. and was played three times at the Fuller Op­ era house. Madison. Herbert Stot­ hart, coach of- this year's Blackir iar show, wrote the music for "The Fairy Godfather" and was director of the production. SOPHOMORES MAKE ARRANGEMENTSFD-R QUADRANGLE BOOTH The Sophomore fete committee held a meeting yesterday afternoon to make final arrangements for the Sophomore booth which witt he the middle booth on the north side of the hollow. The Greenwood women on the committee will give a tea on \V cdncsday, when all of the decora­ tions used on the booth wilt he made. Every member of the committee was present at the meeting and each promised to collect either. four pounds of candy or one dollar from differ­ ent members of the Sophomore class. Great enthusiasm is being shown by thc committees and the Sophomore booth is expected to be better than that of last year. CAST OF GENEVA PLAY IS REHEARSING DAILY (Continued rrour page I) Sane that Mary is in danger of dis­ grace in her delegation, is more than properly scared. They both apolo­ gize. but their versions of, the lark harmonize so little, and they are both so repentant, that the secretary de­ cides to have some fun at their ex­ pense. Again there is much ado about something, and this time Mary is more excited than anyone else. Everything ends happily when Har­ mony sends the culprits out canoeing in the unromantic light of day. This story is set upon the back­ .ground of Geneva life, in which sev­ eral minor characters figure pic­ turesquely. Lotta Bluff and Saida l\uff are pathetic in their futile crushes on the two busy secretaries at the conference, and Rowena Golf, the chairman of the recreation com­ mittee, introduces an element of or­ ganized fun at the conference when she leads the girls in their prepara­ tions for stunt day and for the Fac­ ulty-Scrub basketball game. The Chi­ nese student gives the proper cosmo­ politan touch to the Geneva group. The cast of the play is as follows: The Cast. Laddy Goodefellow. a youn; collczc man. boatman at the conference · •. . .. . ... . .. . . . . .. Charlotte Viall ::\Iary Smile s. Dora )'lan11. Vera Sane-Chicago gir l- who live up to their names Cora Hinkins. Mona Quayle. Clara Allen Lotta Bluff, Saida Nuff - who :11- way� have crushes .............• · ..... Gracia Alling. Arline Brown C de H cad. president of the Chi­ cago Y. W. C. L ... Virginia Hinkins Harmony Chant. "V. \V. C. A. Sec­ rctary of Chicago ..... ::\1 uriel Bent Rowena 'Golf. chairman of the re­ ception committee at the confer- ence Anna )'[oifett llihoy Oolorig , a Chinese girt. studying at an American college · . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Martha Green Dinner to Precede Play. Preparations have been completed for the dinner which will precede the play. Tickets have been sold to 200 University women. Miss Margaret Burton, the secretary of the league, will act as toastmistress, and Miss Margery Melchoir, who is the guest of the league next week, will speak at the dinner. Miss Melchior has been at Geneva for some years past, and has 'been a favorite of the Chi­ cago delegation. Miss Margaret Rhodes will present the plans of the league for next year in an after-din­ ner speech. The dinner will be in charge of the Geneva committee. consisting of :\[is5 Mollie Ray Carroll. chairman; Cora Hinkins, Hazel Hoff. Arline Brown. Marie Dye. Margarct Chaney, Nellie Henry, Clara Allen. Helen Cross, Harriet Sager, Ruth Sager, Susanne Fisher, Mona Quayle, Ruth Whitfield. Harriet Sheets, Estelle Grant. and Ruth Reticker. RIBBONS BLOSSOM OU,...AT SCORE CLUB DANCE GIVEN TODAY A special interest is taken in the Score club dance to he held this aft­ ernoon at 2:30 in Rosalie hall he­ cause of the fact that the pledges to the women's clubs and the pledges to thc Score club will he present. Anr­ achcr 's orchestra will start the music ior the first dance promptly at 2:30. The officers have planned every de­ tail carefully as they want this to he the he .. t dance of the sea .. on. ..\ large number (If tickct s have been solei so far anti many more .. tudcnt­ will probably decide to come at the la .. t minute. To Discuss Movements. :\ meeting of the executive com­ mittcc of the Commonwealth club will he held ).�onday afternoon at 4 in Ellis 18 to consjder ways and means of prornot ing political and so­ cial movements in the University. Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Men's F aney Blue ,Suits at $25 Smart in appearance­ They are serviceable, and extra well made and tailored English and conservative models in the new shades of light and dark blue, in fancy weaves and the popular striped effects for spring wear. Some have soft roll lapels and nar­ row natural shoulders. Those suits were all made specially for us. 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Mat., "As You Like It"; Wed. eve., "King Lear"; Thurs. cve., "Jul­ ius Caesar"; Friday Night, "The Mer­ chant of Venice"; Saturday ::\Iatinee, "Hamlet." . CORT "READY MONEY" , STUt?EBAKER HOLBROOK BLINN In A ROMANCE OF THE UNDERWORLD I L L··.·I NO IS .... BIn. � IIcIIipa An. CHARLES FROHMAN Presents WHEN IT COMES HOME OLYMPIC THOS. W. ROSS In "THE ONLY SON" pOWERS JOHN DREW In His Great Comedy Success, " A SINGLE MAN" CO LO N I A L LAST WEEK Klaw & Erlanger Present the Musical Comedy de Luxe THE PINK LADY AMERICAN MUSIC HALL Gentlemen May Smoke. THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER Classified Ads. TO RENT-$IOO for the s<,ason-:\ beautiiul Island on :\Iainc coast, near Squirrel hland, 100 acres. 30 acres in field and orchard; fishing, boating. swimming, etc. Address C. S. Tarbox, 2300 N. ilst Court. Chicago. THE DA�LY MAROON, SATl.jRDAY, APRIL 20, 1912. JEFFERSON 55th St. and Lake Ave. NOVELTY PHOTOPLAY Four reels nightly of the latest moving pictures. High class songs. Best of music by high c1a:;s a�t_j_st_s_. _ TONIGHT Jimmie's Misfortune (Comedy) The Jocular Winds of Fate (Drama) A�D OTHERS SUNDAY The Insurgent Senator <. Drama) Hello Central! (Comedy) Lonesome Robert (Drama) Admission 5c Never Higher Every Friday �J.!�l�!! Every Friday PLAY HAWKEYES TODAY ON MARSHALL FIELD (Continued from page 1) make fast time today. Alumni Make Preparations. Preparations ior a larg'c attendance arc being IlI:lUC by the Drake nuthori­ tics. The Iollowing is taken irom The Daily Delphic: "Chicago alumni in the city are en­ thusiastic oyer the assured appearance oi Coach Stag-g'� crack mile team. Five hoxcs have been taken by local Maroon sttpportcr� and these will be decorated with the colors of the Mid­ way school." OSCAR W AGENKNIGHT AND MISS SPITZ ARE WINNERS Representatives of Appleton and Lyons High Schools Victors in Declamation Contest. Miriam Spitz, of the Appleton (Wisconsin) high school, won the declamation contest for girls last night in Mandel, and Oscar Wagen­ knight, from Lyons Township, won the boys' contest. Both speakers were unanimously selected wrnners by the judges. :\Iiss Mary A. Blood, Mr. Arthur E. Phillips, and Assocci­ ate Professor S. H. Clark of the University .: Miss Spitz read from Tennyson's "Lady of Shalott," while Mr. Wagen­ knight .gave O'Connell's "Repeal of the Union." Each of the winners will receive a scholarship for one year: Twenty boys and fifteen girls were entered. Of these, five boys and five girls were chosen to enter the final contest at the preliminaries held yesterday afternoon. The girls who were selected in the semi-finals are are follows: Mar­ jorie Bowles, De Kalb high school; Kathleen Colpitts, Hyde Park high school; Laura Hagey, South Bend high scho,ol; Edna O'Hara, Whiting high school; Miriam Spitz. Appleton high school. The winners of the preliminaries for boys are as follows: George Brady, South Bend high school; Benjamin Rosenberg, Medill high school; Lawrence Smith, Whit­ ing high school; Harry Wiseman, Salem high school: and the winner, Oscar Wagenknight, from Lyons Township. Examinations in other subjects were held from 2 to 5. The visitors were taken to luncheon in the Com­ mons before the examination, and the men were again taken there by the committee of thirty men ap­ pointed by the Undergraduate coun­ cil. "The reading, especially of the girls, was exceedingly good," was the comment made on the contest by Associate Professor Clark. "I will speak tomorrow morning in Mandel on a new plan which the unin'rc;ity intends to employ in future contests. The girls· held their books in their hands, and showed well how to speak without the gestures that used to mark declamation contests." Contestants Must Register Monday. Students intending to compete in the Upper Senior contest in oratory must register with the dean of ·the Senior colleges by noon Monday. Orations must 'be handed in befor� Monday of the fifth week. FRESHMEN WILL DEBATE N0RJ;HWESTERN TON�GHT Amlual Clash Between Rival Fresh­ man Teams to Be Held in Mandel Auemb1y Han. Chicago Freshmen will meet the Xorthwestern Freshmen in the an­ nual debate at � tonight in Man­ del: The quest ion to be debated is : ,. Resolved. That the le�i:;- lative initiative and referendum should be adopted by all our state governments." Clark Dewey, \Vil­ liam Chapman, and Hugo Swan will represent the Chicago Freshmen on the negative side of the question, while Northwestern, supporting the affirmative side, is represented by William C. Kelly, .-\. :\L Wickman, II and R. )1. Mc Kcrchar. Professor Charles Edward l\1er- .1 riarn will preside at the debate, and I the judges will be Mr. Maurice Dar­ ling, l\lr. H. J. Laesch, and Mr. I Spencer L. Adam. The judges are all attorneys of Chicago. The Chicago Freshmen have been coached by Lew McDonald, member of the Varsity Debating team of 1910-1911, which won from North­ western, and at present student in the Law school. Northwestern is coached by Mr. J. L. Lardner, a mem­ ber of the department of elocution at Northwestern. The Chicago Freshmen have had only three weeks in which to prepare for the debate, while the Northwestern Freshmen have had more time, and have also had more experience than the Chi­ cago men. The original Freshman team this year resigned after the Sophomore debate, and it was neces­ sary to elect a new team. Despite the fact that this Freshman team has had no official debating in the University, they are all members of the Pow \Vow and have had -ex­ perience in high school debating. Chapman was a member of the Chi­ cago Championship Debating team in 1910. Swan was a member of the Sioux City team in the Northwestern league, and Dewey was a contestant in the Northwestern Interscholastic High Schol contest in 1911. Fred B. Hubenthal is the Chicago' alternate, and Arthur C. Burch, the N orthwe,st­ ern alternate. "Our men have good voices, and are in reasonably good shape consid­ ering the difficulties that they have had to contend with," said Coach McDonald yesterday. "While I will not predict a victory, I think our, men will do creditable work. No ad­ mission will be charged, and every one that possibly can is urged to at­ tend the. debate, and give the Fresh­ men a large audience. The question is one which naturally attracts the attention of political science students, and such students will be materially benefited by the debate." Sigma Chi Has Promenade. The Sigma Chi fraternity gave a promenade last night in the Floren­ tine room of the Congress hotel. Miss Edith Roae and Harold F. Lindley, a ... sistcd by Miss Frances Staehle and. 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Wrlte or call for furtMr partleulan. American Writiag MachiDe Co. 437 S. Dearborn St. TeL Harrison 406 Syracuse-The Senior council of Syracuse university passed a set of laws regarding customs of the uni­ versity. Among these it is stated that no Freshman may attend the Senior prom. Cornell-Edward C. Mercer, the noted college temperance worker, is now visiting Cornell university, where he is holding a series of con­ sultations and meetings with the un­ dergraduates. Mr. :\[ercer, who is working for the betterme-nt of uni­ versities in this country, has visited and held meetings in 396 fraternity houses and has addressed over 40.000 undergraduates in 'various universities in the country. Nonhwestern-Over 400 North­ western students, about half of whom are from the law department, have been enrolled to take part in a mock com·ention which will take place in Pattcn :;:ynasium April 26. Ca1i£ornia-&JOO.()(() h:1:' recently he en conated to the University of California hy :\frs. J. K. Sather for the erection of the new 300 foot tower. The comtruction will be of granite and will contain an observa­ tion balcony and a set of chimes. Phone Midway 2564 DR. CHARLES LYLE DANIELS DENTIST 805 E. 63d St., Cor. Cottage Grove Av. Office Hours: 9 a. m. to 12; 1 to 5 p. m. Eve. and Sun. by appointment Princeton-\Vork on the erection of the new dormitory at Princeton is actively under way. The new build­ ing will be erected at a cost of $150,- 000 and is the gift of the alumni to the university.