BASKETBALL GAilE lliDnesota and Chicago meet in the laat basketball game of the season tonight in Bartlett gymnasium. VOL X. NO. 107. !larnnn UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. FRIDAY. MARCH 15. 1912. MEET PURPLE TEAll TOMORROW Track Team Will Meet Evanston In­ stitution·. Team at Patten Gymna­ sium - Coach Page Pays Attention to Second String Men. Final preparations are being made for the Northwestern track meet, which will be held tomorrow night in Patten gymnasium. The result of the meet is somewhat in doubt, although Northwestern looks stronger on pa­ per. Coach Page is endeavoring to strengthen the weak spots in' the team, the distance' runs. Donovan and Leisure have been showing up well in practice this week and may p lace. There are no other fast men on 'the squad since the withdrawal of Bishop. Coach Page is spending most of his time this week in coach­ ing the second-string men. Coach Second String Men. Chandler will run with Davenport in the half mile. Davenport, without doubt, will win this race from Thor­ sen, but Chandler will try to pick up the remaining point. In the quarter mile, Sloan and Chandler will run. The meet in a large measure will de­ pend on the ability of the second string men. Matthews will in all prob­ ability not be able to make better than second or third in the dash as the Purple entrants are fast men. Lawler, in the 'Pole vault, Cox in bhe high jump, and Lunde, in the two­ mile, .are some, of the men on whom Coach Page is pinning his hopes. George Kuh will run in the hurdles for the first time this year. Kuh has made fast time in this event, but his late appearance on the squad may handicap him. Miller and Leach are the otner good - men' m triis - event. Miller has taken second place in this race in the Illinois and Purdue meets. The relay race will be hotly contest­ ed. Duncan, Chandler, Matthews, Menaul :;ild Davenport will run against the fast Purdue squad. If the meet is safely won or lost by the time the relay is run, Coach Page may change and put different men in this race. The Chicago Freshmen entries fol­ low: 50 Yard Dash. Coutchie, Scanlon, Parker, Vru­ wink, Smith. 50 Yard High Hurdles. Parker, Smith, Vruwink One Mile Run. Bohnen, Byerly, Chapman, Levin­ son, Mead. 440 Yard Run. Beckwith, Campbell, Parker, Smith, �IcArthur. �6 Pound Shot Put. Bennett, Vruwink, Parker, Des Jar­ dien. Running High jump,' Des Jardien, Gorgas, Baumgartner. 880 Yard Run. Byerly, Beckwith, C-ampbell" Lev­ inson. Pole Vault. Thomas, Boroff, Des Jardien, Retay. Beckwith, Byerly, Campbell, Cout­ chic, Parker, Smith, Thomas, Vru­ wink. CHANTICLEER AND AUTHOR DISCUSSED 'IN FRENCH CIRCLE "Chanticleer," and its author, Ros­ trand, one of the' greatest liying French dramatists, were discussed by M. Guyer, of the Romance depart­ ment, at the meeting of Le Cercle Francais yesterday afternoon. Ivan Caryll's "J' aime mon Amour" was sung by Miss Phyllis Fay, accom­ panied by Miss Ina Perigo. Miss Oan De Roque had charge of the refreshments. FINISH CONFERENCE BASKETBALL TONIGHT Team Meets Miuaota ill Bartlett to Decide Third Place Stud- iDe ill Co.fereace. GOLDSTEIN PLAYS IN LAST GAME Forward Finishes the Competition­ Freshmen Will Play Game With the Evanston Reds at 7 :30. Chicago will meet Minnesota to­ night at i:30 in Bartlett in the last basketball game of the season. The Freshmen will play the Evanston Y. :M. C. A. Reds in the preliminary contest. The final standing of both Chicago and Minnesota will be deter­ mined by the result of the game. As both teams complete their sched­ ules tonight, a victory will put Chi­ cago in third place, while a defeat will -give Xl innesotn the third posi­ tion. Hold Another Scrimmage. Although the last regular practice had ended Coach Page allowed the Varsity and Freshmen to have one more scrimmage as the Varsity hoped to avenge their defeat of the night before. The men were unwilling to end the practice with a defeat by . the Freshmen and played rings around their opponents, winning 25 to 6. After the first few minutes of ,the game, the Freshmen had no chance. The showing made by the Varsity squad in this scrimmage brightens ,the outlook for the game tonight. Coach Page, however, is unwilling to concede more than a fighting chance for victory. 'i'he men are �onfident and are more optimistic than their coach. ALL UNIVERSITY TEAM SELECTED WeDemeyer. Senior Center, Chosen Captain and Center of First Team - Two Fives Picked by The Daily Maroon. The Daily Maroon All University Basketball Team. FIRST TEAll Kixmiller, Freshmen, right for­ ward. Young, Law. left forward. Wellemeyer, Seniors, center (cap­ tain). )'Iiller, Freshmen, right guard. Goddard, Juniors, left guard. SECOXD TE.UI Catron, Juniors, right forward. Radnitzer, Juniors, left forward. Holm, Sophomores, center. Le V ene, Freshmen, right guard. Levy, Sophomores. left guard. Competition Close. The competition this year ior 'places on the .:\11 I ntrn-Uuiver sity basketball team has been extremely close. The Sophomores, who won the championship, had a well bal­ anced team, but individual stars, and consequently none. of them is in­ cluded on the first team. The Fresh­ men 'had a larger number of stars than any other team in the league, but they did not work together with the same smoothness exhibited by the Sophomores, and consequently went down to defeat when' they met the second year men in the deciding game \Vednesday. \V' ellemeyer, the captain of the Seniors, is the unanimous choice for center and captain of the first team. Although handicapped by playing with a poor team Wellemeyer was the -star of every-game ,he:: played in, and it was due to his efforts that the Seniors did not finish at the bottom of the league. \Vellemeyer is strong (Continued OD page 3) SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE MEETS WITH DEAN ANGELL Loan Fund and Fountain for Guad­ rangle Suggested-Latter Proposi- . tion Will Be investigated. At a meeting of the Senior class gift committee held yesterday after­ noon with Dean Angell several plans for the appropriation of' the Senior fund were discussed, Among other suggestions Dean Angell proposed the establishment of a loan fund which would be used for the benefit of "high class students on their up­ pers." Such a proposition would de­ mand the continuance by classes in the future and, according to the chairman, it will probably not be ac­ cepted on account of the hesitancy of some members of the class in giv­ ing for a future project of such an uncertain nature. Among other suggestions was one for a fountain for the quadrangle sur­ rounded by Law, Haskell, and the new library building and the walk to the north. Investigations into the matter will be made in the vacation and active preparation begun if the plan proves to be advisable. The giving of the money for a tablet or some similar expression of the mere existence of the class will probably be rejected by the committee. The quadrangle for which it is sug­ gested to erect a fountain is expected to become the center of student in­ terest after the. completion of the new library, and it has been selected by the committee ,as a strategic spot for the erection of some object of com­ memoration. A circular walk will probably be laid in the square con­ nected with the main walk to the north of it. TRACK IlEET Northwestern and Chicago. compete in a track meet tomorrow night in Patten gymnasium, Evanston. PRICE FIVE CENTS� PROGRESSIVE LEADERS OUTLINE BIG ISSUES • Seaton Joaa ... IIqiIl Address Stadeats ill Meetiq Held ia Keat 1'Iaeatre. MERRIAM IS UNABLE TO AnEND Meeting Is Under joint Auspices of Progressive Republican and Com­ monwealth Clubs. Senator Walter S. Jones and State Senator Hugh S. �Iagill spoke before a large crowd of men and women in Kent theater yesterday at 4. Most of the audience were Progressive Re­ publicans although men of" other parties were scattered here and there. The meeting was ]1eld under. the joint auspices of the Progressive Republican' and the Commonwealth clubs. Professor Charles E. Mer riam was unable to attend because of con­ flicts with two speeches that he had to deliver down town. The platform was decorated with a large American flag.' The recep­ tion committee passed out campaign literature at the door, and acted as ushers. President O'Xeill of the Progressive Republican club intro­ duced Senator Jones, who outlined the state issues. After this speech Senator Magill took up some of the national issues. Accessories to the meeting were cheers led by Camp­ bell Marvin and piano playing by D. Harry Hammer, while the audience was gathering. Movement Began In 1897. "Our 'progressive movement in this state began about fifteen years ago, when Robert LaFolette first began his fight in Wisconsin," said 'Senator Jones. "in.a Republic the only place whatever where a private citizen can exercise any influence over the gov­ ernment in which he lives is at the 'ballot box. There are five self gov­ ernment weapons that can be used by the ordinary' citizen. They are the direct primary, which destroys the convention of delegates, which can be bought up by the big business interests; the direct election of sen­ ators which is designed to put a stop to the purchasing of seats in legis­ latures by such men as Lorimer; the referendum, which is a veto power in the hands of the people at the ballot 'box-the power of people un­ der certain circumstances to veto any law passed by the legislature which are possibly controlled by the big and moneyed interests; the initiative and the recall." Shows Specific Workings. He took up specific: instances, showing 'how these measures worked in . California, New Hampshire, Ore­ gon, and Illinois. Then Senator Jones took up the matters that he had accomplished in the past. His principal work has been in fighting the Deneen-Busse faction, which op­ j)osed his direct primary law by the Shanahan make-shift bill, which claimed that jones's direct primary law was an attempt at mob rule, and in figh.ting the Lincoln-Lorimer league. He also fought the Wayman tactics, saying that under Wayman Cook County has had three of the worst scandals that it has had to date; the Lorimer scandal, the Mer­ riam investigation, and the Bartzen fraud. Senator Jones said that he expect­ ed to be elected governor. and that when he was he would fight with all the means that are lawful to put the five principles that have been mentioned into practice. In conclu­ sion he said that it was our duty to (Coatinaed on paa-e 4) Plays �st Game. Goldstein will complete his career as a Varsity basketball player tonight. He has been. on the squad for three years. He has been a steady and reliable player at forward, although not a star. During the last games with Wi;'consin and I11inois, Gold­ stein starred and ought to make a fine showing tonight if he plays as he has in practice this week. He is the only member of the squad who will graduate this year. The teams look to be about equal, although Minnesota .has already de­ feated Chicago. This will be offset by -the fact that the Gophers will h'e playing on a strange floor and will be without the services of their star guard. The team is stronger offens­ ively than defensively. With Gold­ stein and Xorgrcn at forwards Chi­ cago ought to be able, to 'take ad­ vantage of this fact. Gopher Lineup. Captain Lawler and Frank arc: the Gopher forwards. Both ate star men on the offensive, Lawler being last year's all-star forward. In the last Chicago game, the, Gopher captain secured seven baskets. 'He will have to be at his best to score as much tonight. In addition,. Lawler takes care of the free throws. He is an accurate man and will be sure to take advantage oi all chances for scores via the free throw route. This is another way in which Minnesota has the advantage over Chicago, as there is no accurate free thrower on the Chicago squad. Gocttler will line up at center against Whipperman. These men are about evenly matched, although Whipperman is the better on the jump. The fight between these two players should be one of the features of the game. Johnson, Sawyer and Giltinan will be the Gopher guards. (Continued on page 4) CATERER OF PROM MAY CONDUCT THE COMMONS Cuapu PatroD Are LookiDc Forward to Senjce of &pert Willa Great Pleuare. FAVORABLE COMMENTS GIVEN The Daily Maroon Office Has Been Called Since Prom by Patrons Wishing Further Service. It is rumored on the campus that the man who furnished the. catering service for the Senior prom will con­ duct the Hutchinson commons next quarter. If this he true. the patrons of the Commons may look For-ward to it with great pleasure. according to one of the students interviewed yesterday, "for anyone who can fur­ nish a supper of the quality of that served at the Senior prom ior the price charged can manage our popular dining hall efficiently and to the maxi­ mum satisfaction of all concerned." The success of the supper at the prom was so general that several 'parties who attended have since called the office of The Daily Maroon in order to find out where they might come in touch with the 'caterer tor further service. All Comments Favorable. The favorable comments have been general on the campus, and satisfac­ tion has been expressed by all who have given an opinion-a fzct of greater significance in view of the ex­ perience of last year. That the com­ mittee had been successful in secur­ ing the best service possible seems evident. _ ", .. __ .�' __ ,_...,.._ "Our men's commons performs an almost indispensible . service," said a prominent Senior yesterday. "We do­ not realize th� extent to which we should miss it. That there are. some just criticisms lodged against certain features of the Commons is true, but so far as we have been able to ob- serve and find out, much of the ob- jection is not well founded. but is merely that of the chronic knocker, and from him nothing can expect con- sideration. However this may be, it is welcome news _ to hear that the prom caterer will conduct the COIl1- J_Dons . next quarter." ,'. PRESS ISSUES BOOK BY CASE.. Faculty Man Writes on "The Histor­ icity of Jesus," "The Historicity of Jesus," by Hir­ ley Jackson Case, assistant professor of New Testament interpretation" was issned yesterday by the Univer­ sity Press. Dr. Case's book is a dis­ cussion as to the actual historic ex­ istence of Jesus of Nazareth. The book is particularly impartial and broad-minded, and it is believed that it will be in some sense the' final snm-> ming up of the Question. On April 1, the Press will publish "The Sociological Study of the Bible," by Louis Wallis, and "Agri­ cultural Education in the Public Schools," by Benjamin M. Davis. On May 1. the Press will issue "Railway Economics: A collective catalogue of 'books in fourteen American li­ braries, prepared by the Bureau of Railway Economics, Washington, D. C." Mathematical Club Meets Today. Mr. Curwin Henry Gingrich of the department of astronomy, wil lecture to the members of the Junior Mathe­ matical club this afternoon at 4:3Q on "Addition Formula for Elliptic' Integ­ rals of the Second Kind." The meet­ ing will be held in Room' 36. Ryerson physical laboratory:"; '.' :. .... . ',' .•.. }. �. '. t· : , " t, THE DAILY MAROON, FRIDAY, )·IARCH IS, 1912. \THE ,DAD.Y MAROON ; The Official Student Newspaper of the U Diversity of Chicago. Founded October I, 1902. Formerly The University of Chicago Weekly Founded October I, 1892. Published daily except Sundays, Mon­ days and Holidays during three quarters of the University year. Entered as Second-class mail at the Chicago Post Office, Chicago, Illi­ nois, March 18, 1908, under Act of :\ldrch 3, 1873. .... 2 • ., McElroy Pub. Co. l·resa, 6219 Cottaze GroTe The, Staff W. J. Foute Managing Editor H. L. Ke�nicott News Editor Business Manager E. R. Hutton Associate Editors D. L Breed W. H. Lyman ,Y. D. Stevers Leon Stolz B. W. Vinissky Reporters G. W. Cottingham H. A. Lollesgard H. S. Gorgas T. \V. Prosser H. S. Rhett Women's Editor Sarah Reinwald Women Reporters Grace Hotchkiss Lillian Swawite Edith O'Rear Dorothy W:lIiston Augusta Swawite Subscription Rates By Carrier, $2.50 per year; $1.00 per quarter. City Mail, $1.25 per quar­ ter; $3.00 per year in advance. News contributions may be left in Ellis Hall or Faculty Exchange, ad­ dressed to The Daily Maroon. EDITORIAL The Daily Maroon recently heard several points raised against exami­ nations which really merit' attention. In the first place it Examinations is alleged that exam- inations in such sub-' jects as English composition, public speaking or foreign language con­ versation, can at best be nothing more than exercises in the subject in question; from that point of view, is -it just to grade a student for the quarter on the results of one exercise, just because that exercise is labeled "Examination"? Another poi n t raised was the old familiar one, viz., that examinations necessitate cram­ ming and loss of sleep. which muddle the mind and tire the body more than the test is worth. Like other old platitudes, there may be something in this. The Daily Maroon is, at present, non-commital, but it wishes its read­ ers to talk through its columns on this snoiect that is of importance to us all. As a suggestion, it is well to remember that because examina­ tions have for centuries been linked with scholastic pursuits is no sign that their place is assured. Perhaps anot-ber generation will laugh at our examinations as we laugh at the la'borious memory work our fathers did at school. Pedagogy is far from being a dead science. HASKELL HALL IS TRANSFORMED INTO , THE CAMPUS QUEEN A nickel show was the form of en­ tertainment provided by several members of the Divinity school to their friends last night at 8 in Has­ kell assembly room. The room was decorated to resemble a picture thea­ tCT-"The Campus Queen." The actors were John McDonald, and Miss Annie Buzzell. Russian songs, recitations, and a burlesque on Jap­ aneze life were among the numbers After the program, refreshments were served, ,Bulletin and Announcements Women's Athletic: Contest today in Track Meet-Chicago vs. X orth- Lexington gymnasium at 2:3�).. western, tomorrow at X in Patten University Marshals and Aids meet today at 1O:3U in Cobb 3:\·. Junior College Final Chapel Ex­ ercises today :11 10:30 in Xlaudel hall. Men and women. At rcndauce re­ quircd. Junior Mathematical Club mce t s til· day at 4:30 in Ryer-son, Room 36. �I r. Gingrich w ill speak on ., Arldi­ tion Formula fur Ellipt ic l ntcurul­ (If the Second Kind." Freshman Dance today at J ill"tl':!(l of 4 as announced. Basketbafl-e-Minnesota v -; Chicago. in Bartlett gymnasium at 7:45 to· night. Woodrow Wilson Club meets today in the south room oi the Law build­ ing at 10:30. Class Basketball-a-Medics \'S, Law. at 3 today, Examinaticns for advanced stand­ ing in English will he held tomorrow in Cobb 12D at 9. gymuasium. Reynolds Club Smoker tl uuor row Ili".dlt. Blackfriar Rehearsal lintll'r )1 r. Srothart 011 Xl onriny. Chorus at 2. cast at 4, Council Meeting will hl' held 011 :\Iontlay. Brownson Club party po- tp one d to �Ionday from 4 to (,. Senior Class Pins-c-Order- will Ill' taken every clay t his week in Cohb ':lall from 10:30 to 11 aml irom 1 to 2. Brownson Club St. Patr ick's party :\1 »uday from 4 to 6. Physical Culture - Xo applications for excuse from or modification oi the physical culture requirement win be considered after the fir st two weeks of the spring quarter. (Signed) Dudley B. Reed. Medical Examiner. ..... �.�+.�+++++� . ; . OF INTEREST TO THE : • • • • : Properly Groomed Student : .� . -:. MRS. GERVAISE GRAHAM, : : the welt known toilet goods specialist, has just .. .� opened a Salon de Beaute for both LADIES AND • t GENTLEMEN. where immediate attention can : � be given, or appointments made for - • : Hair Dressing Shampooing Manicuring : �: Chiropody J."acial Treatments, Etc:. : � All or Mrs. Grabllw's F;lmou8 PreparnUou8 OD ole at tbe : <- SALON DE BEAurE i : (Venetian Bldg.) 15 E. Washington St. <- _ • +++ ••••••••••• +++ •• +++++.++ •• ++++++++++.++.+.�+.++++ .. �ANTEDI Six or eight A Number One Men for sum­ mer work. Cash advanced for3railroad and hotel expenses. Men with [some teaching experience preferred. Inquire in Daily Maroon office, 3:30 to 5:30 p. m. t+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .. ++ .... + ..... • • + + + + i Malt Marrow i + + + + + -:. : "The Tonic that Strengthens." : + + * : + + + + : MALT MABROW IS A GREAT BRAIN BUILDER : + ' + + -it, is recommended by physicians. All druggists sell it. + + + + + + + + • + + : Produced by the manufacturers of : + + : "ALMA MATER" i + + : + + • i McAvoy Malt Marrow Department i : 2340-8 SOUTH PARK AVENUE. : + • : PhoDea: CALUMET MOl-ail departmeDta. i i AUTOMATIC 73-602. : •••••••••••••••••••••••••• ++++++++++++++++++++++++ .... WOMEN TO HOLD TWELFTH ANNUAL ATHLETIC MEET Over Sixty Entered f"lr Events to Be Run Off In Lexington at 2:30 Today. The women of the University will hold their twelfth gymnastic contest today in Lexington gymnasium at 2:30. Announcements have been distributed today and it is the object of the athletic department to have a large University attendance. The work which will be displayed is, ac­ cording to the circular, "not exhibi­ tion work-simply a demonstration of the work done in the department during the year. The high jump will be the first event. Several of the women who have entered are the Iviisses Waldine Schneider, Alice Lee Herrick, Pearl llcGimsie, ,Lynne Sullivan, Cornelia Beall, and Margaret Sullivan. Those who have entered the ladders for form are Misses Lillian Swawite, Irene Taylor, Ruth Morse, Rhoda Pfeiffer, Phoebe Clover and Augusta Swawite. . The next feature on the program ,will be tactic marching, foot exer­ cises by the 9:30 gymnasium class. Indian club swinging will follow, with the advanced class performing first, and the elementary second. Six exercises will then be performed on the .borse, five on the parallel bars. Dancing will follow. After the fly­ ing rings and the basketball game, several ridiculous races will be- run. first race will be a shuttle race; the second, an obstacle race, and the third a walking race. Over sixty women will be entered in the meet. The judges will be the llisses Margery Bell, Theodora Burnham, and Marion Hazelett. A spread will follow the contest. ... FRESHMAN CLASS TO HAVE DANCE TODAY IN' REYNOLDS CLUB The last Freshman dance of the winter quarter wilt be held this.nftcr; noon at 3 in the Reynolds club. Stapp and Harper will provide the music and frappe witt be served during the intermissions. The program will con- . sist of sixteen dances and four extras, and is planned to last until 6. Dlinois-President J:lmes, of the University of Illinois, has issued a call for a mass meeting of members I of the university to discuss the ad­ visability of Illinois withdrawing from the Western Conference. Hoos, Hoots, and Sighs . TO PASS OR TO �"ASS AW.\Y IS THE Ql:ESTIOX. Chicago is noted for its prominent tailors. A ROUNDER IS SELDO�l O� THE SQUARE. 'T. and T. (Teddy and Taft) are simply teasing U. S. Watson, my gum shoes, quickly! THERE SHOULD BE .-\ LAW .'-GAI NST EM BAR R ASS I N G QVESTIOXS. Late Editions for Spring Readers. A Melody of Love-By Davy. Bears, I have Cleared-By F. Coyle. Life's Sweet Dream-By Sauer. BE GLAD TO WORK BUT �OT TO BE WORKED. It was unprofessional of Shutt to get peeved when the. fair members did a giggling act at the Dramatic dub picture. He should have remem­ bered that only the brainless giggle. INDIFFERENCE IN CLASS :\IAKES A DIFFERENCE IN MARKS. I have 'been requested to ask, "What is it, Py. Harms?" WHEN IT IS UP TO YOU, WRITE IT DOWN. Brains arc resources. Lack of them is bankruptcy. Are you in­ solvent? \VEDL, I-JERE'S A's FOR ALL OF YOU. SOM'E MORE OF THE SAllE, WAITER. Stanford-The Freshman class of Leland Stanford university pledged $2,000 in five minutes recently for the Standard Union building. California-The editor of the Uni­ versity of California annual has been awarded 'a gift of $100 by his class. A surplus of $210 was turned in by the manager of the publication, Kansas-Three university . profes­ sors are visiting the various cities of the state of Kansas, giving scientific advice in sanitarY engineering. >++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++ ' + • I Our Spring Tweeds are Now Ready I :}. i i � i : Tailor for Young Men i : . + Two Sto .... : 7 N. La Sail. Street 25 E. Jackson BIYd. • A' • +++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++"+< . McElroy Publishing Co. 6219 COTTAGE GROVE AVE. Everything in Pril;lling WE SPECIALIZE PUBLICATIONS 'HH TELEPHONE IIIDWAY 3935 COMMERCIAL PRINTING THE COMMONS Club Breakfasts-Cafeteria for Luncheon See �hat you pt Get what you want Pay for what you pt Come ill, aDd b7 it CHAMBERS STUDIO 150 BAST 63RD ST. 0tIidal Pbotopapben for TIle Cap aDd GowD, 1912- Special Prices to the University Students. _---_,,-�-----�--:--�---:--�.....-:---,,--:",T� ------. THE DAILY.MAR90!\, FRIDAY. �I:\RCH 15, 1912. The hll the .,. eD .wua1: it iD. CftIUeI their baa. tiaa: �caa . tbJow _ accu. raid, ud it ia easier 10 Iwde. The Spalding a "Official \'3' National League" Cork Center A.dopted by the Natiooal Leaaue ud win be used nduaiveiy b, theLeaneaod iDthe World Series fer the DeuZO,.,.. Base Ball A. G. Spalding� & Bros. 28-30 S. Wabash Aye:. Cblcaio "A Bank for Everybody" IS A MOTTO WE TRY TO REALIZE \Ve have an equipment complete in every detail; our financial strength is unquestioned. To have and to hold the confidence of our regular patrons and to secure new ones by efficient serv­ ice is our earnest endeavor. WOODLAWN TRUST AND SAVINGs BANK 1204 East Sixty-third Street A.McADAMS THE UNIVERSITY FLORIST CORSAGE BOUQUETS A SPECIALTY Phone H. P. 18 53rd Street and Kimbark Avenue PLAN PRESENTATION OF PRIZES AT CLUB .SMOKER BOWling, Pool, and Billiard Tourna­ ment Winners Will Receive Awards Tomorrow Night. Prizes "Von in the inter-fraternity bowling tournament, and the prizes won in the recent billiard and pool tournaments will be distributed at the Reynolds club smoker tomorrow night. The bowling prizes and the winners follow: 1. Delta Kappa Epsilon will re­ ceive a banner from the Inter-Frater­ nity council for winning the tourna­ ment. 2. Frank Coyle will receive a bag and ball for being high average man for the tournament. . 3. Delta Upsilon will receive a box of cigars for high team game. 4. Frank Coyle will receive a pair of bowling shoes for high single game. 5. Delta Tau Delta will receive a box of cigars for having high average for three games. 6. Storrs Baldwin will receive a box of cigars for having the high in- . dividual average for three games. 7. Each man of the winning team will receive a pair of bowling shoes. The winners of the pool and bil­ liard tournaments will each be given a cue. Storrs Baldwin won the ·bil­ liard tournament, and Maurice Hel­ ler won the pool tournament. This smoker will be the last event given thy the present administration, as well as the last social e'-ent of the club for the \Vinter quarter. A·s has becn thc practice of the club in the past, few of the vaudeville stunts will be made public. President Tcich­ graeber, however, said yesterday that several musical, athletic, and dramatic numbers had already been definitely arranged. Comell-Acth'e work on the new $140,000 VeteTinary Clinic and Hos­ pital at Comell will be started in the next few weeks. "THE ANCHOR OF HOPE" IS SUBJECT OF SE�MON Dr. Henderson Will Preach On Con­ vocation Sunday-Elaborate Musi­ cal Program Arranged. "The Anchor of Hope" will he the subject of Dr. i1e'nderso�'� convoca­ -tion sermon tl) ·be delivered Sunday morning in Mandel. The Sf rvice will be held following the convocat ion prayer service at 10:30 in the Rl'Y­ nolds club. An elaborate musical program has been prepared hy Di­ rector Stevens in which the women's choir will join with the me n, Direct­ or Stevens was well pleased with t h e rehearsal held yesterday, . The musical program iollo\\"�: Organ Prc:lude- "Fantasie' , Bach "Choral and Invocation' .. Stainer "Adoration' Gaul Processiol� - "The Church's One Foundation" , \Veslt'Y Hymn-"jl':ot1� Calls U�", .. , .. ,Jul!e Anthem - "Rerue mher Xow Thy Creator' , ,.. Bartlett Solo- Albert Lindque st. Offertcry-"Jc�u" Only" .... Rotllli Hymn=-t'Watchman TeltU s oi the Night' �la�on Hymn-e-t' For .\11 t:1e Saints". ... .................... Ilar nhy Recessional -"U Mother Dear. Jerusalem'· \\'artl Organ Post lude - Concerto ( ... \1- legro) Handel SWIMMING MEET GOES TO CENTRAL Y. M. C. A. TEAM Chicago Men Beaten by Score of 43 to 2l-Wbite and McClung First and Second in Plunge. . Chicago lost the swimming meet to Central Y. 1\1. C. A. in the Central tank. White and McClung starred in the meet by winning first and sec­ ond places in the plunge, both cov­ ering over sixty feet in the allotted one minute. Hanson, as usual, proved to be the mainstay-of the Cen­ tral team. At the last minute the polo 'game was postponed. Accord­ ing to Coach White, Chicago made a much better showing than he ex­ pected, and he expressed himself as entirely satisfied with the outcome of the meet. The summary: Plunge for distance-White (Chi­ cago, first, 61 feet; McClung (Chi­ cago) Hanson (Cer"��\ 1IIf4O-yard swim-Han5lln (Central) Froom (Central), Poague (Chicago). Time-25 4-5. . lOO-yard breast stroke-Shannon (Central), Seidel (Central), Tatge (Chicago. Time-I:25 2-5. lOO-yard swim-Hanson (Central), . Vi tach (Central), White (Chicago). Time-l:06 4-5. lOO-yard back stroke-Gaede (Cen­ tral), Shannon (Central), T. Hol­ lingsworth (Chicago). Time-I:25� 22O-yard swim-Hanson (Central), Goodman (Chicago), Miller (Cen­ tral).· Timc-2:53 3-5. Relay race- \Von by Central in 2 minutes, 49 seconds. Central team -Shannon, Gaede, Froom, and Han­ son. Chicago team-Fonger, Poague, Scofieldy an�d White. GYMNASTS MEET BADGERS AT MADISON TOMORROW Six Members of Gym Team,' Two Wrestlers. and Two Fencers, to Compete In � Contest. Chi�ago meets \Vis(.onsin in the an­ nual gymnastic meet tomorrow aft­ ernoon at �'ac1ison. ChicaRo will send si:'lt members of the gym team. two wrestlers. ant! two fencers. :\11 hut two of thesc men appeared in thc Il­ linois dnal meet two weeks ago and arc in mnC'h better trim than at that time. .The final practice of ·t,he gym team was held yesterday afternoon. "As I know nothing about \Viscon­ son's men, I am unable to say ,much ahout our chances," said Coach Hof­ fer yesterday. "However, I under­ stand that l1linois was about the strongest team we have to go up ......................................................... ••• • : crrABUSHED 18. i i �� I . ' . i �-,=(f-WN __ � if ! ftntlnutiiiJf\imi."in9"'o�s. : : . 8R�'m COIt.1WEIITY-SEc;otIO ST. • • �w YORK. •. • • • • • .Representative l\Ir. Lanzer, at the Congress Annex, + : Chicago, March 30th to April 3rd, inclusive, .: • + • With latest Spring suits and overcoats, + • • • Riding and Motor garments, English hats, shoes, + + • : Haberdashery and Leather goods. : : SEND FOR IU..USTRATED CATALOGUE : · ' . ................. '" � ... , .................................• , . : : : A Complete Representative stock i • M • : . I Victor Talking Machines I • • i AND COLUMBIA GRAFONOLAS I • • • • ! Over Two Thousand Records In Stock : • • • • • • ! B. F. Carr & Sons' Piano Co. ! · : i 848 E. SIXTY-THIRD ST. 1 Block East of Cottap GroVI' i i OPEN EVENINGS : .................................................... � against, and since the meet with Illi­ nois our men have shown improve­ ment. Therefore, 1 think that, while we may not will. we will come out with a much better score." Coach Levinson (Ii the fencing tr am predicts a victory for Chicago. "In )terrill and Eberle 1 am sending lip the very best material that we have." he sai(I, "and oi course they will win. \\' e arc not very strong in the broadsword hut I think we will do good i 11 t :ll' f oil s.' Coach Crcy �ay'" Easter Vacation UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Students homeward bou'nd or on vacation bent can quickly and comfortably reach their de.tlnatlon by through fast and effiolent train .ervlce of the· that Chicag-o wrr srler s han' a gOIle! chance to win. He k now s liut« about t:1e \\'isconsin men. hut ex pcc t-, :\ngl·1 and \\'"ood to show up. Ill' ,..ay� that Wood i,.. in much better iorm than in the Illinois nrcet. Thl' Illinois ·Central w ill lea ve tomorrow team morning nt �:31) from the Xorthwe st­ er n station, The meet will be held at 2:30 and the t ea m will leave M adi­ son at 5:30 in t he aitl'rnoon, T'he official ent rie ... ior Chicago iol­ low : 8 Trains SOU thbound--8 3 Trains Southwest--3 6 Trains West& North--6 Gymnastic Entries. l l or izontal har- Parkinson. Kay- ton. SPOil scI. Par allel har,.-I'arkin ... on. Rouert�, Kay ton. Side hor,..e - Parkin-on. Squair, Kay ton. to and from such cities as Champaign, Mattoon, Centralia, Cairo, Memphis, New Orleans, Springfield, S1. Louis, Rockford, Freeport, Dubuque, Waterloo. Ft. Dodge, 0 maha, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Flor­ ida, Hot Springs. Ark., Texas or California. Ring .. -Itarkill!'ollll. ton. Ttnub liug-c-Squa ir. inson. Rober t s, Kay- Park- Tickets, fares, sleeping car re servations, etc. of agents of the Illinois Central Railroad or at Kay ton. CluJ, swinging-e-Squair. Fencing Entries. Foils=-Merr i]! and Eberle. Broadsword=-Eberte. Wrestling Entries. Light weight-c-W oorl. 139 pounds, �I iddleweight-c-Angel. 164 'Pounds. City Ticket Office: 76· W. Adams St. R. J. CARMICHAEL, Div. Pass. Agt. Phone: Cent. 6270; �uto. 64412 DECORATE YOUR DEN with college posters and other attractive pictures. CENTRAL CAMERA CO. ALL UNIVERSITY TEAM SELECTED. (Continued f�om page I) AlSO IlEADQUAUDS FOR �ODAI.s AND PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPUES 124 S. WABASH AVE in all around playing, with his spe­ cialty in playing the floor. He was in the game every minute, and was especially . good in breaking up .his opponents' plays. Wellemeyer shot more baskets than any man in the league, and made a record of nine baskets in one of the games he played. Captain Holm of the Soph­ omores is picked as center on the second team because of his steady work rather than on account of his brilliance in playing. He played his best game of the season when the Sophomores defeated the Freshmen in the final game. Kixmiller and Young Forwards. Kixmiller of the Freshmen. and Young of the Law team are undoubt­ edly the best forwards in the league. Both men are hard players and starred in basket throwing. Catron and Radnitzer were two other good forwards, and' Frank of the Sopho­ mores also deserves mention. The guard material was scarce this year and consequently a center has been shifted to guard. :\Iiller of the Freshmen was undoubtedly the best guard in the league. ·�{i11er is a heavy, rough player, who puts up an aggressive game. He is a good bas­ ket shooter, and will be Varsity ma­ terial next vear, Gnc1d�r:l, who was captain of the Juni<?rs. is a strong aggressive player. Goddard was not a star basket shooter, but he played a strong game and always held down his oponents well. LeVene and Levy on Second. Patronize Maroon Advertisers LeVene of the Freshmen and Lcvy of the Sop.homores are picked on the second team. LeVene is a good bas­ ket thrower, who was 'handicapped hy his lack of weight. Lc,'y is a hard fighter anel was in the game all the time, but he could not hit the basket The Laws and thc Medics will meet this afternoon at 3 to decide the 'Championship of the professional teams. Both teams are out for blood, and a hard fight is expected. The Law team ,has won one game this year from the Medics by a few points. , , t , , l • THE DAILY MAROON. FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 1912. All tickets for this theatre for sale in box office. LYRIC _. CHICAGO THEATRE SOCIETY SEASON The Drama Players THIS WEEK Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, and Saturday Nights and \Vcdncsday and Saturday Matinees- "THE PASSING OF THE TORCH" Thursday Night- "THE LEARNED LADIES" Friday Night- "THE LADY FROM THE SEA" pRINCESS FIRST TIME IN CHICAGO BUNTY PULLS TllE STRINGS A Comedy of the Highlands MAJESTIC MABEL TALIAFERRO & CO. In "TAKEN ON CREDIT" First Appearance in Vaudeville. JOHN & EMMA RAY In a New Farce, "THE BAND­ MASTER." MR. & MRS. JACK McGREEVY The Rube :\1 usical Comedians Mack & Orth, Miss Robbie Gor­ done, Wilbur :\Iack & Nella Walker, The Nelson Family, The Arlington Four, Patty & Desperado. GARRICK WINTHROP AMES Presents The Wordless Play 'With Music, "SUMURUN" CORT MARGARET ILLINGTON In " KINDLING" ST,UDEBAKER , RALPH HERZ IN DR DE LUXE. s ANNA HELD IN MLLE. INNOCENCE OLYMPIC Charles Frohman Presents MAUDE ADAMS In CHANTECLER pOWERS 'Henry B. Harris Presents HELEN WARE In the Intensely Human Drama, THE PRICE COLONIAL Klaw & Erlanger Present the Musical Comedy de Luxe THE PINK LADY AMERICAN MUSIC HAll Gentlemen May Smoke. ANNETTE KELLERMANN and Company IN "UNDINE" In addition to THE ROSE OF PANAMA PATRONIZE MAROON ADVERTISERS JEFFERSON· 55th St. aDd Lake Ave. NOVELTY PHOTOPLAY Four reels nightly of the latest moving pictures. High class songs. Best of music by high class artists. TONIGHT Children Who Labor (Drama) PATHE WEEKLY AXD TWO OTHERS Special - SUNDAY - Special' Captain Rivera's Reward (Drama) HAPPY HARRY HYNES Sing ing X ow. Admission 5c lever Hleher Every Friday � � Every Friday o Majestic Announces Good Bill. The enormous success of Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth at the lfajestic theater, - Chicago, earlier in the season, which resulted in turning away from the theater more people than were admitted, made it neces­ sary to bring them back for one other week in order to satisfy the demands of their admirers. They will conse­ qucntly be the attraction at the lfa­ jestic for the week of March 18th. brjng ing with them their big com­ pany and that beautiful act unlike anything eyer seen in vaudeville, and proclaimed the very apex of all that could Ibc done in the way of a vaude­ ville entertainment. These remarkable players not only' receive the highest honorarium paid to anyone in vaudeville the world over, but unlike some of the other high-priced people, always succeed in entertaining their audiences and in making good. Aside from their most attractive numbers, already fa­ miliar, they witt present several new songs, which - they have composed since their former visit. The impor­ tance of this act, which is literally a whole show in itself, is such that in most theatres the contributing bilt would be cut down accordingly, but this is not the policy of the Majestic, and consequently the supporting ar­ tists will be of the very highest c:lass. Helen Grantley, one of the most ef­ fective temperamental actresses in the country, will appear with her company in a brilllant dramatic sketch, which is of sufficient impor- -tance to be considered one of the headline features. Young Pat Rooney and Marion Bent, among the best or the singing and dancing people, will offer a very amusing comedy sketch called "The Busy Bell Boy." n�lCalion will ap­ pear in a sensational ladder novelty of the highest class: Henry & Fran­ cis are comedy singing, talking and dancing artists: Chas. F. Semon, the comedy mUSICIan of international fame. will present his remarkably en­ tertaining act, which is full of fun from beginning to end; Abbott & White are among the best of the pianists and singers, and Kennedy & Melrose are comedy acrobats of the highest class. Class(j/ed Ads. WHAT DOES IT COST your self­ respect 10 ask for a loan? I can make you financially independent. Aluminum ware offers the best proposition for summer vacation work. Write me at once and I will put the proof in your posses­ sion. P.:\r. Guiney. Batavia, 111. WE HA VE A PROPOSITION whereby several students can se­ cure their clothes free by intro­ ducing our representative. � 0 soliciting. Address S, care The Daily llaroon. GIRL STUDENT WANTED - To direct lady around University a few hours a day. No qualifications. Good remuneration. Address X I, Daily Maroon office. Patronize Maroon Advertisers. ,DISTRIBUTE WILSON C�s. Membe�p Application Blanks IIay Be Had Today. Circulars and cards relative to membership in the Woodrow Wilson club of the University are being dis­ tributed on the campus and maY' be had in the information office in Cobb hall, at the Reynolds club, and at the office of The Daily Maroon. On the reverse of the card, which is a private post card, are the words: "I am in sympathy with the gen­ eral movement to simplify politics and put government on a scientific basis. To this end I favor the nom­ ination of Woodrow Wilson as Democratic candidate for President. Please consider my application for membership in the Woodrow Wilson club." FINISH CONFERENCE BASKETBALL TONIGHT (Continued from page 1) Johnson and Sawyer will start the game. with Giltinan in reserve. Following the custom established at the Indiana game, an informal dance will be held after the game. The dance. which will start about 9:30, will last until 11. Probable Lineup. The probable lineup ior the game Iollows: ... Chicago :\Iinnesota Xorgren R. F Lawler Goldstein L. F.. Frank Goettler : .. c.. . .. Whipperrnan Paine R. G.. . . . . .. Sawyer Bell L. G.. . . . . .. Johnson PROGRESSIVE LEADERS OUTLINE BIG ISSUES (Continued from page 1) fight for representative government for ourselves and our children, and that we should fight as hard as our fore-fathers who got our liberty, and our fathers, who maintained the na­ tion in the face of the Civil war. Senator. lIagill said that Jones had cornered all the state issues and that he would deal with' the national is­ sues. 'Movement for Principle. "The progressive movem-ent," he said, "is a movement which has grad­ ually been developed in this country for years, It stands for a definite principle. I t is sure to win, as pop­ ular government is to live because its fundamental principles stand for the widest development of popular government." Senator ::\[agill believes in the three forms of government, namely the ex­ ecutive, judicial, and legislative. The people can be trusted to give the best form of government through the bal­ lot box. He respected judges but believed that they should be recalled when they had proven that they were inefficient. As an example of an un­ f!lir decision given out by a judge, Senator :\Iagill cited the famous Dred Scott decision. Quay says, "Let mc do the nominating and I will let you do the electing." "This is what Lorimer and Roger Sullivan believe," said :\(agill. "Each puts up an unfit candidate, and the people have to choose between the "devil and the deep sea." La Fol­ lette and Cummins have put through bills in their states to supplant the Sherman anti-trust act in their re­ spective states, but these beneficial measures can not get through Con­ gress because of the men holding seats controlled by the corporations." . Dr. Frederick F. Molt DENTIST TelepbOlie HJde Park 2410 Houri: 1 to 5 p. m. THE DEL PRADO 59th Street _d WabiqtoD AftD1Ie z So tood to Kef /JacK /rome Everything looh good. tastes good. Is good-cxactly like Fatima Cigarettes. 20 for 15 cents BIRDWOOD Fadol'J OrpuizatioD ud traiaed open­ ton are eueatial m the muafacbu'e .f ,ood mer L1�'J Braad ColIanare ch·ncIise. �� .. deader these coaditioas ad are pod coDan. Sold Ill' LeHlng H .... rd.ah.ra. 2 FOR 25 CENTS ...... ..,.. EARL cI: WII30N The Madison Ave. Laundry offers the students of the University of Chicago A Special Student's List Best work Best service Best prices 6018 MADISON AV. Tel. H. P. 10(1) THE BEST OF MATERIALS form only a part of the coat of glasses we make. The other part represents ezpert "workmaDsbip. That is ,my we inVite comparison. N. WATRY & CO., OPticius: Established 1883 ' 56 west Randolp". lear Dearborn DANCING PUMPS A SPECIALTY SHOES FOR EVERY OCCASION Unusual Reductions in All Regular Lines SCHILLER W. FRAMIIEIN 1012 E. a ... 51. The Com Exchange National Bank OF CHICAGO Capital • • SapIa • • U.dirided PmIi .. , . $ 6SO.00u.OO OFFlCERS , ERNEST A. HAMIll.. Presideu CHARL EO; L HlITCHlNSON. Vice.Paaidaat CHAUI'I\.£Y J. BLAIR. VICIe-PRIideat D. A. MOULTON. Vic:e.PInideat B- C. SAMMONS. Vroa:-Presideu JOHN C. NEELY.5ec:mu'J' FRANK W. SMITH. Cashier J. EDWARD MAASS, Ass'. Cadaier JAMES G. W AKEFlELD. Ass'l c..Lier DIRECTORS Osades H. W.c:ka- MartiD A. R� CbaIlDCleY J. Blair Edwanl B.8atJer Cbadea H. Halbatd a.- Backi .... • �F� ��� •• Charla L H� Edwanl A. Shedd FmIaic:k W. C-b,. Emsa A. Ha.iU A TRIP TO EUROPE AND RETURN As Cheap as a Vacation in America Why spead your Yac:aboD in this coUDtry wbeo you C&D go to Europe via the FRENCH LINE for $45.00 to $70.00 (meals and berth included). 00 ODe of the DeW Quadruple aod Twin Saew ODe c:lus (II) aha. steamen sailing from New York OD Saturdays direct to CoaIPIIIJ'S Office, 139 IIoItb ........ StnIt Phones Hyde Park 370 and 371 ,0' Day and Night Service. Midway Motor Livery HIGH GRADE AUTOMOBILES FOR HIRE At special flat rates to Students 5429 WOODLAWN AVE. 'Chicago. : C URKISH BATHS Plain Baths 2S' Ceata 75 Cents. Open Day and Night. SARATOGA BARBER SHOP J. H. Hepp, P!"op. , 29 South Dearbom Street Expert Manicurist. Scientific Masseurs Expert Chiropoditt PATRONIZE MAROON ADVERTISBRS 0,..