CLUB ELECTION Election of officers for the Reynolds Club will be held 'today. The polls will be open from 9 to s. ' maily !larnnn DRAMATIC CLUB· Tickets for the Dramatic Club plays to be produced tonight and tomorrow night are now on sale. VOL. X. NO. 97. PRICE FIVE CENTS. IWNOIS GYMNASTS MEET CHICAGO HERE No AdaiuioD will Be Charged to Meet' Held ID Bartlett Gyauwiam ToDicht. OUTCOME IS ''CALLED DOUBTFUL Illinois Wrestlers Gymnasts, and Fencers Are M�r(; Experienced Than Chicago Men. Coach Gray oi the wr es tling team announced his entries yesterday for, . the combination wr est l ing', gymnas­ tic, 'and f enc ing meet with Illinois. The meet will take place tonight in Bartlett. � 0 admission will be charged . The events are sure to be closely contested, and the coaches hope that a large crowd will turn out. Little is known as to the ability of Chicago's wrestlers. The men have never had any experience in intercol­ legiate wrestling, and in that respect will he at a disadvantage against Il­ linois' veteran team. "The men have had little experience," said Coach Gray yesterday, "but they are strong and aggressive. They will be sure to fight hard and this is one of, the most essential requirements of good wrestling. We will give Illinois a hard light if we do not win by a small margin." The Chicago fencing and gymnastic teams are likewise composed of mea who have had little or' no experience in intercollegiate athletics. It is im­ possible to make any prediction as to the outcome of the .fencing match­ es - as',' .. he: strength of toth 'teams i3 unknown. Illinois Experienced. Illinois is sending up a team of experienced men in the gymnastic', events. The team won the Confer­ ence gymnastic championship last year and all of the old men are back. Led by Captain Stiles; the team looks strong and is the favorite over Chicago. . Coach Hoffer depends on Captain Kay ton and Parkinson to do most of the scoring for Chicago. They" are good men and, if they were assisted by a first class teammate, might be able to win. The rest of Chicago's gymnasts are new men who. have never had allY experience in open competition. The entries follow: Entries for Meet. GYMNASTIC EVENTS Horizontal Bar-Chicago, Parkin- son, Sponsel, Kayton, Illinois, Stiles, Holman, Geist. Parallel Bars-Chicago, Parkinson, Kay ton, Donovan . Illinois, Stiles, Holman, Geist. Side Horse-Chicago, Parkinson, Kay ton, Squair.· Hlinois=-Stiles, Holman, Geist. Flying Rings-Chicago, Parkinson, Kay ton, Roberts- Illinois, Stiles, Holman, Mann. Tumbling - Chicago, Parkinson, Kay ton, Donovan, Squair, Illinois­ Stiles, Holman, Mann. Club Swinging - Chicago, Squair. Illinois, Holman. FENCI�� ENTRIES (Foil teams only). Chicago-Merril, Ottosen, Teninga. Illinois - Beebe, Captain, Sager, Penigilly. WRESTLING ENTRIES Illinois-Mathews, beavy; Cutler, middle; Schroeder, light., Chicago-Angell, beavy; Ullman, middle; Wood, light; Smith, ligb·t. WRITES ABOUT FRATERNITY UFE UNIVER.SITY OF CHICAGO. FRIDAY. MARCH 1. 1912. . Clayton Sedgwick Cooper, in A!:!_:: in "Century" on American Under­ . graduates, Says Fraternities T c�u to Distract Students. "The College Campus" is the title of Clayton Sedgwick Cooper's third." article on "The Arncr ican Under grad­ nate' in The Century for March. Frutcr nity life and college honor arc treated at length by the writer. ,. A real danger of the modern col­ lege fraternity," he writes, "lies in its distraction from the real wcrk of the. college-study and intellectual liie­ t hr oug h ila!)il, oi indifference, laziness or immorality. The chapter house tends to suggest that college work is optional, not imperative. 'Thou shalt not loaf!' as an eleventh hour commandment, written across the doorpost of a fraternity club house in the Middle West, is no inappro­ priate injunction. The undue and distressing waste oi time in inconse­ quent and foolish play, the inevit­ able interruptions, the dissipations of social events, the inane profligacy, the autocracy of athletics, the 'feeble conversations that skim like a swal­ low oyer the surface of reality-all these are too often the doubtful com­ pensations received by the college man as fraternity privileges." Fraternities Helpful. Mr. Cooper also offers miore opti­ mistic views of the fraternities. That college dramatics and college spirit receives a great impetus from the organizations is his contention. Their inclination to assume the responsi­ bility for the morals. of their mern­ bers he commends particularly, but "he favors waiting until the - end 'O'J: the' year before pledging Freshmen, in order to give them time to see which body they may desire to join, as well as to give the fraternities a more ac­ curate knowledge of the men whom they choose, That student honor is the chief characteristic of American under­ graduate. life is another of Mr. Cooper's contentions. Mr. Cooper also holds that the American under­ graduate's philosophy of life may be summed up in the word Service. He supports his point with the statement that "unpaid and -.¥oluntary service for college publications, musical or­ ganizations, debating organizations, and athletics lead one to define the American Undergraduate's philoso­ phy of life as one of service." JUNIOR CLASS M�TS TODAY " ---, Plans for Activities wm Be Dis­ cussed. Members of the Junior class will meet today at 10:30 in Kent 20, for the purpose of discussing plans for the futu;e activities of the class and of completing plans for activities al­ ready announced. Class tickets will be sold at the meeting and all those desiring them have been especially requested to be present. "Many complaints have been made in the past by those who claim that tbey have had no opportunity to pur­ cbase tickets," said President Donald Breed yesterday. "It is for this rea­ son that we are placing the tickets on sale today. After the meeting no one will have a chance to say that he or she has any excuse for not hav­ ing secured one." SocioloD Club Meets Today. The Sociology club will bold an open meeting tbis afternoon at .. in Haskel1 assembly room. Mr. Teller will give an i1Iustrated lecture on "Small Parks of Cbicago." READY FOR ELECTION; TO VOTE IN UBRARY Five Offices of Reynolds Cluh Will Be Filled Today - Polls OpeD From 9 to s. WORK OF COMMISSION ASSIGNED In Spite of Lack of Solicitations hy Candidates An Unusually Large Vote Is Expected. The annual election for the pur­ pose of tilling the live offices of the Reynolds club will be held in the library 011 the first floor from 9 to 5 today, The following men are can­ didates either as a result of nomina­ tion by the club members at the caucus, or by nomination. by petition oyer the signatures of twenty-five qualified voters: For President. Kent Chandler. Harold E. Goettler. \Val!er W. Goddard. For Vice-President. Paul �!. Hunter. For Secretary, Martin D. Stovers. :\1 ilton �1. :\Iorse. Howard P/Roe. For Treasurer. Varner W. Bowers. James A. DoilOvan. George D. Parkinson. For Librarian. Harold H. Wright. \Villiam H. Lyman. The election commission, composed c.f Howard Keefe, pres; '�nt, Horace Fitzpatrjck, Paul O'Dea, Frank Coyle. John Burtt and Howard Ellis. will have charge of the polls during the election. The men have been a3- signed as follows: 9 to IO-Fitzpatrick, Burtt. O'Dea, Keefe. 10 to II-Fitzpatr;Ck. Coyle, Burtt, O'Dea. 11 to 12-Coyle, Keefe. Ellis, Burtt. 12 to I-Ellis, Keefe, Coyle, Fitz­ patrick. 1 to 2-Fitzpatrick, Burtt. O'Dea, Keefe. 2 to 3-Ellis, O'Dea, Burtt, Fitz­ patrick. 3 to 4-Fitzpatrick, Burtt, Keefe, Ellis. 4 to 5-The entire commission. Ballots Printed. The ballots, already printed. are exact duplicates in style of those used at the election last year. On the left side is a list of the candidates nominated at the caucus, and on the right side the list of those nominated by petition. The voting will be se­ cret. The present officers, Ricbard Tei�h­ graeber, president: Ralph Rosenthal, vice-president; Arthur O'Neill, secre­ tary; Paul Hunter. treasurer; and, Kent Chandler. librarian, will hold of- . fice for the remainder of the quarter. They will probably turn over their offices at a banquet to be given toward the end of the quarter. In spite of the lack of solicitation of votes on the part of. the candi­ dates a large number of ballots is expected to be cast. The men are running solely on their merits this year and it is hoped that the election will be a clean one. Cutting to Addre.. German Club. Professor Starr Willard Cutting will address the German club at its regular meeting tbis afternoon at 4' in Lexington. Conversation classes will meet in Rooms 3 and 4. WISCONSIN PREP ARES FOR 2,000 Large Numbel' Expected to Attend Basketball Game With Chicago To­ morrow Night-Badger Team Sets New Local Record. Preparations for the accormnorla­ tion oi 2.000 spccrat or , ior t he has- ket ha ll g-alJle t omorr ow niuh ; ar e being- made ;t the L;ni,·crsity ui \\,i�­ cousin. Sears for about l,�)() per­ �OJJS arc heinz cr ec t crl. The bleach­ ers at each end of the floor will a,"", commodate l.CCO and about 740 r c­ -crvcd scat tickets will be sold. "Coach �lean\\"el1 is show injr the basketball team no mercy." accor diuz to The Daily Cardinal, "roundiug them into condition fur the Chica�() contest. The Wiscons in rooters can expect to see an entirely different team t omor.row night from the one which has faced Low a, Indiana and �orthwcstern. The liyc has not been going at its 'best s ince the Minnesota game here over a month ago. as no hard games have been played the last month. The Chicago team is the only Conference team that has at all given Wiscons in a close game. The Badgers narrowly escaped de­ feat at Chicago. winning- by an 18 to 15 score." Badger Team Sets Record. Wisconsin will fight hard, accordinjr , to reports, to hold .hcr place at the double tie position in the conference standing, H er cisrht consecutive vic­ tories this season sets a new record f or a Badger basketball team. De­ feat. will practically mean the cham­ pionship for Purdue, who have won nine straight games. Coach Page is working hard with the team," especially in the depart­ ment of basket-shooting, in which the team has slumped since the be- (Continued on page 4) CHICAGO AQUATIC TEAMS MEET WISCONSIN TONIGHT Goodman and Hollingsworth Slated to Win - Outcome of .. Other Events' Uncertain. --'_ Chicago and Wisconsin polo and swimming teams will meet. tonight. in Madison in the second meet of the year. Wisconsin has already defeat­ ed Chicago by 37 to 21. but Coach White expects to reverse matters tonight. The 4O-yard swim has been omitted from the schedule and as this is Chicago's weak event it may change the result of the meet. Goodman ought to have no trou­ ble in winning .the 220-yard swim. He defeated Wood and Hickox by a large margin in the last meet. H ol­ lingsworth is 'better than either Aus­ tin or Heise in the lOO-yard back stroke. Aside from these events it is impossible to forecast any of the results. The polo team will make a strong bid for victory and may win, as Pierce the Badgers' star man. is in­ e1igibl� for competition. Captain Chandler, Scruby, Hruda, and Rade­ macher are experienced men. Hardt. Brown, and Leach have never played polo before, and this may interfere with the playing ability of the squad. Th� Chicago entries follow: Plunge-Goodman, Brown- 100 Yard Breast Stroke-Tatge, Fonger. Chandler. 100 Yard Swim - Scofield, Poague, Brown. 100 Yard Back Stroke - Hollings­ worth, Tatge, Hruda. 220 Yard Swim-Goodman, Shull. Relay-Scofield, Fonger, Goodman, Hollirttswortb. Polo-Chandler (Captain), Scruby, Rademacher, Hruda, Leach, Hardt, Brown. DRAMATIC CLUB GIVES TWO PLAYS TONIGHT Club Will Present Galsworthy's "Joy" and Shaw's "Press Cuttings" In Maudel Hall. ENTERTAIN NOTABLES THIS NOON \ Miss Allgood and Mr. O'Donovan of the Irish Players' Company, ' Will Speak. Th« Dru mat ic club wil l present at Mandel t ouiuht and tomorrow night, Ga lswort hy's "Jov" and George Ber­ nard Shaw'« "L'r es s Cuttings." The plays will b c gi\ en after short prepa­ ration, but the management and coach assert that the productions .will be more pretentious than usual. Dress rehearsals were held yesterday afternoon and night, and the plays are ready to be produced.. Both plays are written by two of the fore­ most writers of the age. who are well known and liked. The fact that the seat sale is much greater than that of last year indi­ cates that the plays will be well re­ ceived. The final sale before the box office is opened at the door tonight will be held in Cobb corridor this morning from 9:30 to 1. The casts for the two plays arc as iollows: Joy, a Comedy in Three Act .. , by J ohn Galsworthy, Col. Hope Lander MacClintock Mrs. Hope Cornelia Beall Miss Beach Beryl Gilbert Ernest ., Frank O'Hara Letty '" '�'. _ .. _ .. _ . _ France s. A. Rose joy Winifred Cutting Dick Donald L. Breed Maurice Lever Henry C. Shull :\lrs. Gwyn Alice Lee Herrick Rose Emma A. Clark "Press Cuttings," a Topical Sketch, In One Act, by Bernard Shaw. :\Iitchener Barrett Clar-k Balsquith ...•.. Lander MacCJtntock The Orderly .. Frank Parker Mrs. Banger Alice Lee 'Herrick Lady Corinthia Fanshawe ' . . . . . . . •• . . . . .. Frances A. Ross Mrs. Farrell Winifred Cutting This noon thle club will entertain at luncheon, Miss Allgood and Mr. O'Donovan, of the Irish Players' company, which is at present playing in Chicago. Tbe other guests of the club will be Professors Robert Her­ rick, author of "The Maternal In­ stinct," and Percy HOlmes Boynton, both of the English department, Mr. O'Donovan, who 'is the cre­ at-or of the title role of "The Play Boy of the Western World,". will probably talk about the play itself, while Miss Allgood will speak of the Irish drama. SENIOR DINNER AND THEATER PARTY TO BE HELD MARCH 12 The date of the Senior stag and theater party has been changed from March 6 to �Iarch 12. All who in­ tend to go have been asked to sign up today in order that s.ufficient prep­ aration may be made for the accom­ modation oi all. The dinner will be held at Kuntz-Remmlcr, and the theater party at the Illinois, where Anna Held is playing Ml1e. Innocent. Michigan-Authorities at MiChigan arc discussing the award of "M's" in track. . An agree that the emblems are too hard to oMain, but trouble has been caused by the desire not to cheapen the insignia. THE DAILY MAROON. FRIDAY. M.�RCH 1. 1912. THE DAILY MAROON The Official, Student Newspaper of the University of Chicago. Founded October 1. 1902. For mer ly The University of Chicago Weekly Founded October 1. 1892. I' , . �: Published daily except Sundays. Mon­ days and Holidays during three quarters of the University year. ". -:_: :, Entered as Second-class mail at the Chicago Post Office, Chicago. llli­ nois,' March 18. 1908, under Act oi March 3. 1873. ..... .....,2.7 McElroy PUh. Co. l'reMs, G219 Cottuxe Grove , . .: The Staff' ,\V. ]. -Foute Managing' Editor H. L. Kennicott News Editor Business Manager E. R. Hutton Associate Editors D. L. Breed W. H. Lyman M. D. Stevers Leon Stolz B. \V. Viui s s ky Reporters G. W. Cottingham II. ."\. Lollesgard H. S. Gorgas T. \\'. Prosser H. S. Rhett Women's Editor Sarah Reinwald Women Reporters 'Grace Hotchkiss Lillian Swawite -Edith O'Rear Dorothy Williston Augusta Swawire Subscription Rates Bv Carrier. $2.50 per year t $1.00 per quarter, City Mail, $1.25 per quar tel'; $3.00 per year in advance. ,": . News contributions may be left in Ellis Hal1 or Faculty Exchange, ad -dressed to The Daily Maroon. . EDITORIAL �'." To attend the productions of th Dramatic club ton;�ht i� tr. spend a evening in the fittest sort of enter tainrncnt. Fro m • , Joy" and the records of th ,;� Press Cuttings" past we certainl must expect cred itable performances 'by well traine amateur actors and actresses. While the plays have been arrange on short notice and rehearsed a rel 'lively few number of times, we mu not expect anything short of tl greatest success in the presentation The members of the club ha\'e show themselves capable of hanci:ing pJa of this nature, and, in f=tcl, have a ready '�resented with satisfaction 0 ()f'the playlets. . Why not every seat filled at t performance tonight and tomorro night? .We cannot all have other e gagements for both nights and w ·have no eight to substitute other e gagements not already made. Wh we 2lave an organization inside 0 doors willing and capable in ent 'tainment it seems rather disloyal a foolish to seek entertainment in oth ,quarters. ! ' Are we all satisfied with eve thing? Have we no fault to find? are we unaware of the fact that T Daily Maroon Communications long since ado ed the custom printing communications by stude who find things going wrong. and oniy' that, but communications on tOpic of current interest entertain or instructive? The department is still in runn order but lacking in the necess copy. We solicit your contribut "nd witt' print them gladly, reser the right to judge of their fitnes Q newspaper such as The Daily roon. If the communication is companied by a nquest that the n � a�t publis�ed, we will with hoI but'we must know it ourselves. There must be Students who have ideas -.abo�t student interests wanting to F Iron R held J ill 1 D j'la D ui "1 'r nigl arc LuI G illg - S ass spe IlIO "Sf l n- En \\"11 tOI in 7.0 of - at - an ni he l' cl n - h e ·la y - - d s d is 0 a- 5t C 1e is, n VI: . - 1- ne f he s w n- t e n- i en ur er- nd er ry- Or he has pt- of nts not any ing ing ary ions ving s in Ma- ac- ame d it, Bulletin and Announcements reshman Class Dance postponed 1 today to March 15. eynolds Club Election will be today from. 9 to 5. unior Class Meeting today at 10:30 'l'llt 20. ramatic Club Dinner to 1 r ish ver s today at 12. ramatic Club double presentation Gals worthy's "Joy" and Shaw's ess Cuttings" in Xl amlel hall to­ II and tomorrow night. Tickets on sale daily from 9:30 to 1 in Jh corr idor . errnan Club meet- t oday in Lex­ tUII hail at 4. ociology Club 111�l't� in l l askcll cmbly room at 4. Mr. Teller will ak. Class Basketball Today - Sopho­ res v s. Law at 3:15. Professor Sargent \\)11 "peak on line l mpor tant Pictures in the Art titutc" at � today in Room 214. 1!1l0nS nbine hall. Neighborhood Clubs will hold a Iter picnic today at 5 iu Lcx iug- 1 gyn�:�:!s:u:n. Cosmopolitan Club busincs- meet­ g will be held tonitrht at�. Zunt­ on Zee will talk on "Some Phases Chinese Life:' Walker Party will be held tonight � in Lexington hall. Chicago-Illinois fencing, -wrcstfinp d g,}Jmnastic meet will be held to­ ght at S. Admission free. Three Quarters Club Dance will he -Id tonight at 8:30 in the Reynolds ub. Law Seniors' pictures should be anded in to the Cap and Gown not ter than 4 today. Japanese Club Meeting tomorrow night at 8 in .MidJle Diviuizy parlor. Kato ai1d Kasai will speak. Reynolds Club Informal Dance to­ morrow night at �:30. Neighborhood Clubs will �i\'c:t joiut party ill Lexington. Mouday at 4. Undergraduate Council \\ ill meet ':\londay at 4 ill Cobb 151:' Championship Basketball Game ;)c:­ tween junior and Senior college w o­ men next Tuesday at 4:15 in Lex­ ington. Junior Women meet Xl on day at 3 in Le xingj'on to make f:l\'or;; for da�" cot il lion Friday, Students with [rom LJ to 12 major s will rcui stcr tlti:-; wc ek ; those with Il':-;" than () major-s will .reg istcr next week and those who iail to register in the above sl'l'tiolb will r eg is t er after Xl arch 11. made which yo� fellows here in droves tomorrow. Slip-ons worth $18 to 13 .75 $30, now FOR the March winds and April showers you'll need slip-ons, You'll find here the kind that are particularly for such weather. They're selling at a saving ought to bring Indiana. Alumni at . Chicago will meet at Lincoln' Cr nt e r, Oakwood boulevard and Langley avenue. at 6 :30 Oil :\I:t rc h 9. .\ 11 t hose expect­ ing to at tend will notify Sarah Gar­ rvt son. 3961 Lang ley avenue. Glee Club Concert will he hehl ill Mandel hall on March 9. General ad­ mission tickets may he secured now from members ni the dub and may he exchanucd ior reserved scats on :\fonday. Philosophical Club will mee t next Tuesday :It 7 :31 in t :tl' 'I itchcock lihrnry. Student Volunteer Band will mel': 1111 Tuesday at 7:15 in Lexington hali. E. \\'. Capen will speak. Council Picture will he taken �Ion­ clay at 3 at Chnmbcr s ' studio on Sixty­ third street. Senior Stag and gallery theater party will he held March II, instead of March 6. Seniors sign up today . ec them gain wide publicity. Here means offered - send them in at nee, through the faculty exchange. HINESE STUDENT TO SPEAK Zee Wall Address Cosmopolitan Club Tonight. Zuntsoon Zee, an imperial student rom China to the University, will peak or. "Some Phases of Chinese Life" at a meeting of the Cosmopoli­ an club. which will ·be held tonight at 8 in the club room, Ellis 18. Zee s said to be well qualified to handle his subject on account of his acquaint­ ance with the customs of all classes of Chinese society. A definite program for the "Inter­ national Night" entertainment of the club will be discussed. The entertain­ ment will probably be held in Mandel hall on April 13. Representatives of five different nationalities have al­ ready signified their intentions of taking part, and the club expects to present an entertainment better than any ever given by the organization. 3 QUARTERS CLUB TO DANCE TONIGHT IN REYNOLDS CLUB . M-embers of the Three Quarters club will dance tonight in the Rey­ nolds club. Each of the sixteen dances on the program has ,been named after one of the fraternities rept'esented in the clab. Music will be furnished by ·the Harvey orchestra from Oak Park. The chaperones are. ,Profes- I sO.r and Mrs. Ro. b. crt. A. Millikan, Mr. and Mrs. George Eckels, and Mrs. James Parker Hall. REPRESENT UNIVERSITY AT PHILLIPINE MEETINGS Mr. Gorsuch and Professor MacClin­ tock Receive Appointments to Lecture at Baguio. Mr. William Pierce Gorsuch. of the department of public speaking, and Professor \Villiam Darnall lfacCIin­ tock of the department of English literature, will leav.e San Francisco March 9 for the Phillipine Islands, where they will represent the Uni­ versity at the meetings of the Phil- lipine Department of Education. They will remain in' the islands several months, lecturing at the meetings ,at Baguio, the. summer capital of the Phillipines, before the national as­ sembly of educators, supervisors, and superintendents. The commissions are received from the United' States war department. Mr. Gorsuch plans to return by way of southern Asia and Europe, visiting India, Russia, Germany, France, and England. He will go from France to England and will probably sail from Liverpool early in the summer. The University was represented last year by Associate Professor Francis Way­ and Shepherdson, of the department of American history, and Assistant Professor John Paul Goode, of the departmen,t of geography. IDCliaDa-A report recently received at Indiana has it that "Jimmy" Shel­ don wants to spend one more season at that institution: believing that he can develop a wirming team. UNIVERSITY WRESTLERS FAIL TO PLACE IN MEET Cornell Square and Chicago Turgei­ meinde Qualify for Finals to Be Held at Central Six Univcr sity men who compet cd in the prelimiuarics oi. the Cook County Amateur Athletic Federation wrc -t liuz meet la st night at 7:30 in Bartlett gymna;;.iu11l. failed tc, obt ain a place for t:IC iinals. The sc men W(.·,fC Leandro Fe runndes., Leonard Loch, Samuel Cohn. Harry Smith. Harry Davis and Lloyd Le Due. Cornell Square and Chicag o Turgemeinde tic 10r places iu the finals. The meet was refereed by Earnest Keartyje. The finals will be held to­ morrow nig�lt at 7:30 in the Central. Y. M. C. A. The persons winning places for the finals with the organiza­ tion they represent follow: 115 pounds-Cozens. Chicago Tur­ geimeinde; Borse, Cornell Sqaure. 125 pounds-Cook, Cornell S�uare; Canning, Seward Park. 135 pounds-Reuben. Hebrew Insti­ tute; A. Putkonan, Finnish Athletic Club. 145 pounds - Putkonan, Finnish Athletic Club; Trampass, Hull House. 158 pounds - Waltham, Da,'is Square; Banse, Chicago Turgeimeinde. Heavyweight-Diete. Chicago Tur­ geimeinde; Motes, Cornell Square. LEAGUE -TO HEAR CHAPLAIN Dr. Henderson Wall Speak at Y. W. C. L. Dinner. Doctor Henderson will speak at· the eighth annual membershit9 dinner of the Young Women's' Christian league to 'be gh·en on �Ionday at 5:30 in Lexington. Miss Virginia Hinkins will be toastmistress and will speak on "Our League, What It Means," Miss Irene Tufts will speak for the Freshmen, Miss Clara Allen for the Seniors, and Miss Mary Phis­ tel' for the alumni. The menu will be: Tomato soup, roast beef, mashed potatoes, gTeen peas, ice cream, cake, and coffee. After the dinner there will be songs . and speecheS. - The committees are trying to make this one of the best dinners yet given and it is hoped that all the league members will turn out. Those intending to come must buy their ticlCets today as the number must be known in order ·to complete arrangements. Tickets may be 0b­ tained in the League room and from members of the league. BIRDWOOD Fadory organization and trained opera­ ton are essential in the manufacture of good mer � Brand CoHarsare chandise. madeunder these conditions and are good coHan. Sold bJ' Le.dlng H.b.rct •• her •• 2, FOR 2S. CENTS ILde by EARL A: WILSON 75 Cents. Plain Baths 25 Cents Open Day and Night. SARATOGA BARBER SHOP J. H. Hepp, Prop. 29 South. Dearbom Street Expert Manicurist. Scientific Masseurs Expert Chiropodist "I Blnk· for Everybody" IS A MOTTO WE TRY TO REALIZE \Ve have an equipment complete in every detail; our financial strength is ,·unques�ioned. To have and to hold the confidence of our regular patrons and to secure new ones by efficient serv­ ice is our earnest endeavor. WOODLAWITRUST AID SAVilas BAlli 1204: East Sixty-third Street HOLMES' Bakery I: DeIicat_ W .., aD. F , Blab Orade 000dI�. PboDe 0rdIn . ..Belted. . U17 L SIITI·1IIIID S1IEIT ",.. �..,. ..... ., ..... ., y ..... I THE DAILY MAROO�. FRI DA Y. MARCH 1, 1912. . - Youths' Suits, $15 to $30 SPECIAL---Suits with English Lines--high but­ toned vest, etc.--as well as the more conserv­ ative models, are included in our showing of .new and popular shades of oxford blue, also plain light and dark grays, tans and $20 fancy blues, at • SECOND' FLOOR, SOUTH ROOM Committee Announces Program for Annual Walker Party Tonight. FROLIC OF- THE WALKERITES SOPHOMORES tiOLD FIRST DECIDE A TIE IN BiLLIARDS PL�CE IN BASKETB�LL Winner Will Play Baldwin or Gray for Championship. CARSON PIRIE SCOTT & CO' Final arrangements for the Walker party tonight were made at a meet­ ing of the committees yesterday aft­ ernoon. The program was rearranged, since As sistnnt Professor Atwood cannot be present until 10. There will be an informal reception at 7:30 and the program will begin at 8. The program follows: . Quartct_:_� orthrup, Sellers, Mac­ Clintock, and Paine. :Melodrama-\Vritten by Roderick Peattie. "Xoises"-{:\lysterious number). Faculty number. Intcrmission-Dancing. Lantern lecture-Assistant Profes- sor Atwood. Refreshments. Songs-a-Miss Adele Van Horn. College songs. Over a hundred people have signed up for the party and it is expected to be one of the most successful of the yearly affairs ever held. :\11 of the members of the faculties of ge­ ology. geography and paleontology will he present. The party will he held in Lexington. CERCLE FRANCAIS OBSERVES BIRTHDAY OF FRENCH AUTHOR Le Cer cle Francais met yesterday in Spelman house to celebrate Victor Hugo's birthday, Mademoiselle Fav­ ard of the French department of the Hyde Park 1-1 igh School gave an in­ teresting talk on the life and writings of that great author. �liss Zanie Kroger had charge of the refresh­ ments. 'The ball the play­ en want: it in­ creases their bat. tiaa: they caD throw moR accu­ rald,. aDd it is �"!;.!'�:�. The Spalding a "Official � National _-Wi!!'" League': Cork Center Base Ball A. G. Spalding1 & Bros. 28-30 s ....... A .... CIIicIp A.McADAMS THE UNIVERSITY FLORIST CORSAGE BOUQUETS • A SPECIALTY Phone H. P. 18 S3rd Street and Kimbark AftIl1le THE TYPEWRITING OPFICE Basement, Cobb Hall. U you use C1ua Outlines, Circular Letters, BasiDea Porma Our Mimeograph duplication will interest 1'011.;. Phones Hyde Park 3iO and 3il D� and '!raPt Senice. Midway Motor LiYery RIGH GRADE AUTOMOBILES POR HIRE At special flat rates to Students 5429 WOODLAWN AVE. Chicago. MAROON PRESS JOB PRllfTBRa Pablicatloa PII __ Prices Lowest Work tile Bat .... R. P. _I II. &. ... It. �+�)++++<h)+++++++�++++++++++++++�++++++++++.+++""'. + • • • • • i Malt Marrow i · � • + + • : "The Tonic that Strengthens." : • • t : • • • • : MALT MARROW· IS A GREAT BRAIN BUILDER : • • : -it is recommended by physicians. All druggists sell it. : • • • • • • • • : Produced by the manufacturers of : • • : ".A:LIIA MATBR" ! • • • • • • + • i McAvoy Malt Marrow Department : • 2340-8 5011111 PARK. AVENUE • i Phones: CALUMET 5401-aU cleputments. I : AUTOMATIC 73-602,. . ' •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + +++ . Second Year Men Awarded Game From Seniors by Forfeit - Med­ ics Forfeit Also. . --- The tie for first place between God­ dard, 130, and Taylor, 175, in Di­ vision 1, billiard!', of the Reynolds dub billiard and pool tournament will be played off today at 3. The winner of this match will he in the finals and will play the winner of the Baldwin, 140, v s. Gray, 120, match, which takes place Monday at 3 . Yesterday the til' pool game be­ tween Fassett, 160. and Heller, 125 . was played off anti resulted in a victory for lIeller. Heller will play Harris, 150, in the semi-finals at 3 Monday. The winner of this match plays Paul Hunter, 165, for the pool championship. The SCOft' of Yt'sh'r(by'� g-amc fol­ lows: Pool: He11er, 125. defeated Fas­ sett, 160, by a score of 125 to 131. II igh runs-s-Heller 9. H. 6. 6. Fassett 13, 8. 8, R Scorvr-c-Richarrl Gran- 124 S. WABASH AVE Standing of the Teams. \'A{. L. Sophomores 8 1 j unior- ... ,., 7 2 Freshmen 6 2 :'.ledics 2 4 Law 2 4 Seniors 2 7 Divinity 1 8 Find much of interest in this first showing of YOUNG MEN Pet. .865 .77i .750 .333 . 333 .222 • 112 The two. games which were sched­ uled to be played off yesterday in the intra-university basketball series were both forfeited. The Seniors were compelled to forfeit their game with the Sophomores after winning it he­ cause they played ineligible men. Sauer and Boyle have both represent- ed the University on the regular has­ kctball team. and arc not permitted by the rules to play ill the l ntra­ University league. The game· be­ tween the Juniors and the Medics was forfeited by the Xl edics because of their non-appearance. The stand­ ing of the league remains unchanged except that the J unior s �re Ieadiug the Freshmen by .0"27 because they' have won one more game than the Freshmen and lost the same number. The Sophomores made their position in first place more secure hy the for- . Ieiturc of the Seniors and are now leading by a whole game. The Seniors easily defeated the . Sophomores in the practice game be­ tween the two teams yesterday after­ noon. The Seniors. strengthened by the services of Sauer. Boyle. and Kassulker, were easily superior to the sec onrl year men and won by a score of 29 to 3. The Sophomores were overwhelmed by the attack of their opponents and never had a chance of winning. Sauer and Boyle played the feature game for the winners, and had "no difficulty in scoring as they pleased. Kassulker played a strong game at guard and easily 'held down the fast Sophomore forwards. Boyle made several sensational baskets from the center of the field. The Sophomores are scheduled to meet the Law team today .. at 3:15. The Law school has a strong, fast team and should give the leaders a hard fight. Captain Young of the Laws is a good basket shooter and may give the Sophomore guards a great deal of trouble. Lineup of yesterday's game: Seniors (29) Sophomores (3) Sauer R. F Waterhouse MacClintock, Frank, Rogers •....•. L. F Kilner Wellemeyer C .....••....• Holm Kassulker R. G.. . . . . . . . . . Levy Boyle .........• L. G.. . Reichmann, Hurwitz Indiana-The following appears in a recent issue of The Indiana Stu­ dent: "In the basement of the University of Chicago gymnasium is a rubbing room for 'Varsity men. At the foot of the tables, on the wall, is the motto: 'For Chicago, I Will.' The athlete, being rubbed and massaged in preparation for the game, cannot avoid seeing and being inspired by the inscription' on the wall. Even though he inay he filled with the spir­ it of. combat, the words stimulate him to grea\er deeds for his alma mater. Indiana needs a slogan of the sort." DECORATE YOUR DEN with college posters and other attractive pictures. CENTRAL CAMERA CO. SPRING SUITS The better grades, made exclu­ sively for us by leading clothing makers who specialize high, class ready - to - wear clothing, quist. KASAl AND KATO TO SPEAK AT MEETING OF JAPANESE CLUB Xl cmhcr s of the J apancse club will hold their monthly mcetinz in �lid­ dle Divinity parlcr tomorrow night at 8. George j iuji Kasai will speak on "The Dccllnc of the American Mer­ chant Marine and T t s Future," and Katsuji Kat o will speak on "Binet­ Simon Meas uring Scale for Intelli­ gcnce : Its Validity and Limitations." Indiana-c-An epidemic of mumps has broken out at J ndiana University. No serious cases �la ve been reported. lIJebraska-.\nnouncement has been malle at the University of i\ ebraska of the engagement of Sylvester V. Shonka, captain of the football team, a member . of several ,:\11- Western elevens. Michigan-l\lore chess players art: needed at �I ichigan in order to carry on the games in the correspondence tournament with Chicago and Col­ gate. Purdue-s-Mr. J. H. Frost, city for­ ester of Chicago, addressed the stu­ dents of Purdue recently on "Civic Beautification." IN WINTER PICNIC" IS NEIGHBOltHOOD CLUB PARTY HELD TODAY The Neighborhood clubs wilt give a "winter picnic" today at 5:30 in Lexington :'gytnnasium. Each club will furnish a part of the program which will conclude with refresh­ ments, followed by dancing. A hun­ dred women have signed up to at­ tend. The party will adjourn prompt­ ly at 8. Miss Eva Robinson, organ­ izer of the Neighborhood clubs, will be unable to be present and the af­ fair will be in charge of Miss Zillah Shepherd. PATRONIZE MAROON ADVERTISERS Experienced Pressmen Properly Groomed Student MRS. GERVAISE GRAHAM, the well known toilet goods specialist, has just opened a SalOll de BeautC for both LADIES AND GENTLEIIEN, where immediate attention can be given, or appointments made for- Hair DraabIc Shampooing lIanic:ariDI Chiropody Facial Treatments, Etc. All of JIn. Graham'. li"amo1lS PreparaUoIUI on sale at the SALON DE BEAUTE (Vendian Bldg.) 15 Eo WubinltOD St. ARRANGE SIXTEEN DANCES FOR CLUB INFORMAL TOMORROW - The program for the next informal dance o,f the Reynolds club, which will be held tomorrow at 8:30, con­ tains the regular sixteen dances. Ac­ cording to custom ·the membership cards mast be shown at the door • 1\e 1IJcIe, �rk rn. ... c.. -..- .... , .. - 1223 East Fifty-fifth Street Patronize Maroon Advertisen .... THE DAILY MAROO�, FRIDAY, MARCH I, 1912. All tickets for this theatre for sale in box office. LYRIC CHICAGO THEATRE SOCIETY �EASON -.i' The Drama Players THIS WEEK First Half: THE MATERNAL INSTINCT Thurs. and Fri. X ights : THE THUNDERBOLT Sat. Mat. and Night : •• THE LADY FROM THE SEA" .... 'I' .. ' ,.' , ,',I " -. � , , .. , .' , ... pRINCESS FIRST TDIE IX CHICAGO BUNTY PULLS THE STRINGS 'A Comedy of the Highlands MAJESTIC . : IRENE FRANKLIN & BURT GREEN In their Remarkable Character Songs WILLIAM ROCK AND MAUDE FULTON X cw .. \ct with 25 Artists BOWERS. WALTERS AND CROOKER Tl�e Inimitable Rube Comedians Cot. Sam II oldsworth. Stuart Barnes, Caryl Wilbur & Co., Josie Heather, Paulharn Team. Xew motion pictures. .: t GARRICK .f" " LITTLE WOMEN " ! " . , , CORT ." j ::! MARGARET ILLINGTON In .. KINDLING" STUDEBAKER MAY IRWIN IN "SHE KNOWS BETTER NOW." : . i . ::.� .. ANNA HELD IN �ILLE. INNOCENCE ,..,. , .' , . . �. ,. . OLYMPIC David Belasco's Great Telephone Play, THE WOMA'N : .1. pOWERS Charles Frohman Presents MISS BILl-IE BURKE In Her New Play, "THE RUNAWAY" COLONIAL I: I' Klaw & Erlanger Present the :Musical Comedy de Luxe THE PINK LADY c: AMERICAN MUSIC HALL Gentlemen May Smoke. ANNETTE KELLERMANN and Company IN "UNDINE" In addition to THE ROSE OF PANAMA Professor Xathaniel .Hutler. long connected with the University in many departments. will be the preach­ er. at next Sunday's religious services in Mandel hall. In' 18i3 Professor Butler took the degree of A, n. at Colby College and later he became doctor of divinity and doctor of law at the same institution. Following j\ositions at Ferry Hall, River Forest, Professor Butler was elected presi- dent of his alma mater in 1895. He "The Price" Billed for Powers. returned to Chicago in 1901 to become Helen Ware in "The Price" is the profc�"'lIr oi education and director JEFFERSON 55th St. and Lake Ave. �OVELTY' PHOTOPLAY -Four reels nightly of the latest moving pictures. High class songs. Best of music by high class artists. TONIGHT There's Many a Slip (Comedy) PATHE'S WEEKLY , .. \:\:D TWO OTHERS Spcci;.l - SUNDAY - Special FAR FROM ERIN'S ISLE (Drama-) Admission 5c Never Higher Every Friday �.!:. � Every Friday attraction which will he seen at Pow­ ers theater ior two weeks 'ueginning )londay, )larch 4. �Ii:,,.. \\'are is un­ der the mauagc mcnt of l l enry B, l l arr is, who was so we ll pleased with her brilliant creation of the role of .\nnie JdTric,.. in "The Third Degree;' that he he s tow cd upon her last sea­ -on the distinction and honors of stardom. This season, as Ethel Tos­ cani, in "The Price," )1 iss Ware is said to justify dearly her elevation to the head of her own company. "The Price," which opened early in the season at the Hudson theater, New York, has only just started on tour" and will not be' seen in any cities of the )Iidlle West outside ol Chicago. I ts presentation at Powers will be with .t he same cast and pro­ duction that figured in the New York engagement. George Broadhurst, the author of "The Price," chose well when he based its story upon tpe relentless­ ness with which Fate always pursues an erring woman. He paints with the sure touch of a master in stage craft, an easily recognizable picture of a woman who is tortured in heart and soul by the cver-presnt knowledge of her guilt. He shows the constant fear of discovery of he� secret which torments her daily existence, and he brings his principal characters to the crises of their lives slowly but surely, until suddenly they are confronted by the truth in all its nakedness. In the climax of the third act, Miss Ware is said to rise to sublime heights in emotional acting, and at the ending of the play she is always greeted with such demonstrations of approval that she is compelled to take curtain call after curtain call. Prom­ inent in Miss Ware's supporting company are Harrison Hunter, Roy Gorddn, Jessie Ralph, Margaret Mc­ Wade, George \V. Barnum, Gertrude Dalton anrl R. H. Hudson.-Adv. WISCONSIN PREPARES FOR 2.000. (Continued from page 1) ginning of the season. The presence of Norgren in the lineup is expected to more than offset the addition of Youngman to the Wisconsin team. The absence of his services in the other game with \Visconsin is said to be largely responsible for the Badger victory. Lineup Is Uncertain. . In the Chicago lineup Gocttler will play center against Van Gent, and Paine will go to guard or forward. Norgren and Ben will play right for­ ward and guard respectively. Mo­ lander will play at the other posi­ tion, either guard or forward. Van Gent, at center for \Visconsin, is playing his fir5t year of varsity basketball. Captain Scoville and Johnson will fill the forward posi­ tions, and Youngman and Stang �hose of guard . Harper will substi­ tute. Dr. Frederick ,F. Molt DENTIST , TeJepbODe H,de Park 2410 Hour.: 1 to.s p. m. THE DEL PRADO 59th Street aDd WabiDgtoa Avenue PROFESSOR BUTLER WILL . � BE UNIVERSITY PREACHER To Conduct Services jn Mandel Hall Sunday - Musical Program Is Arranged. of co-op c rativc work at the Univcr­ s ity, Professor Butler is now head of the department oi Urriver sity ex- tension. The mus ical program for Sunday iollow:-;: Organ Prelude, Xovcllett e .... "." .. ".,. �lacDo\\'c11 _.\rabe:'<iue .. ,."., .. , .. , .. Schumann Impromptu , Schubert Proccssional-" II ark! \ \"hat )1 can Those II oly Voices ?'. . ..... Dykes Anthem-"Praise the Lord" . Watson Offertory-;'Lead, Kindly Light"..; ' . .. . .. . .. .•. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. 1-Ioldcn Rcccssionnl=-t'Oh! Paradise" ., Smart Organ Postlude-Selections . ...........••............ Guilrnant CONCLUDES SERIES OF THREE LECTURES ON ARCHITECTURE �Ir, Harry F. Jones gave his third and concluding lecture on "Church Architecture" in Haskell yesterday afternoon. He talked on the details of modern churches. such as the doors, windows, aisles. organs. par­ lors, methods of ventilation, and ac­ coustics. He spoke at length on the construction of the baptistrys The lecture was concluded by lantern slides illustrating the important points in each oi the lectures. Among the slides were several showing pro­ posed plans for the new chapel to 'be erected at the University. Classified Ads. DRESS SUIT and Tuxedo coat, practically new, size 38. \Vill sell very chr ap, K. F. Putnam, )It. Carmel, Ill, WANTED-Young lady wants pub­ lic stenography and copy work to do at home. :\Iiss I. M. Cole, 6233 Greenwood avenue. �lidw3Y 5187. TYPEWRITING. Neat work, prompt service. 8 cents per page, carbons 2 cents. Theses and term papers a specialty. W. L. Allred, 911 E. 57th street. Block west of Hitch- cock. THE BEST OF ·MATERIALS form onIy a part of the cost of glasses we make. The other part represents expert �or1ananship. That is why we invite comparitlon. N. WATRY & CO.,Opticiaas Established 1883 5& West Randolph, Near Dearborn The Madison Ave. Laundry offers the students of the University of Chicago A Special Student'. List Best work Best service Best prices 6018 MADISON A V. Tel. H. P. 1009 PATRONIZE MAROON ADVERTISERS It- 8 the strenuous life and the midnight oil. Help the grind with a few Fatima· Cigarettes. 20 for 15cenb lIT 1800 high schools, 3000 business schools, 137 '11 colleges, /8 universities have departments of com- merce. These departments require teachers of bookkeeping, accounting, shorthand, touch typewriting and allied subjects. The demand for teachdrs is far in excess of supply. We can prepare you for one .of these places through our Commercial Teachers Normal Course Under' the personal supervision of Morton Mac Cormac, President of the National Com­ mercial Teachers Federation-Next to the N. E. A. the largest educational association in. America. 'We now are in line with a number of Fall fa­ cancies paying salaries from $75 to $200. You have time to get ready. CALL AND SEE US ABOUT THE WORK MAC CORMAC SCHOOL' Teaching Positions 1208 E. &3nI 51:, Near Woodla .. Aye