, ; : ," .. '3 � '� , � .r, , , • k •• ,' .,' " -., � !. :��:'\__:'��',:: J, .r� ',� ·.aron" -, t ',. ',: � VOL X. NO • .'52. Price Five Cents , EV AMSTON LOSES IN' BASnTBALL UNIVE�SITY OF CHICAGO, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, '1911. HOLD CONVOCATION RECEPTION FRESHMAN TEAM TAKES MEET FROM VARSITY Special EditioD Appeariq T aada, WiD HaYe Coyer of Heayy Paper iD Colon. The opening basketball game of More than fifty candidates for de- FOUR TEAM the preliminary practice season held grl'CS at the approaching Eighty-first S IN EACH DIVISION last night in Bartlett resulted in a CUTS OF, ME,W CHICAGO PROJECT University convocation attended the victory for the Varsity over Evanston reception held by President and Mrs. Academy. The score was 26 to 9. Christmas Edition of The Daily'Ma- Judson at the President's house yes- Lack of team play prevented a roon Will Have Sixteen Pages terday afternoon. larger score. The Chicago men of Features. Convocation Sunday will be ob- seemed unable to work up a consist- served by a Convocation Prayer Serv- Divisions in the Interfraternity ent scoring machine and only in flash- The Christmas edition of The Daily icc at 10:30 in the Reynolds club and Bowling league, and the schedule for es, especially toward the last, did they Maroon will have a colored cover of the Convocation Religious Service at the annual tournament were -an- give hint of their real capabilities. extra heavy paper. This is the first 11:00 in :\fandel hall. The convoca- nounced yesterday by the committee First Half Even. time in the ten years' existence of the tion sermon will be delivered by the in charge of the event. There will The first half was evenly contest- daily student publication of the Uni- Reverend James Bayard Mitchell, D. again be four divisions of four frater- ed with the score 9 to 6 at its close vers ity of Chicago that a special edi- D., of St. James's Methodist Epis­ nities each. Each team is "to play in Chicago's favor. The Evanston tion of this character has been at- copal church, Chicago. every other twice, and the winners players started well and outplayed tempted. :\11 students and friends of the Uni­ in each division will enter the semi- their opponents at times. Their play The Christmas edition will appear ver sity will be welcomed at the Con­ finals. was featured by team work and indi- Tuesday, in place of the last regular .vocation reception Monday night The tournament will commence vidual dribbling. In the second half edition, of the paper for the quarter. without special invitation. The con­ January 10 and will close February Chicago braced. Several changes in It wil! contain sixteen pages and will vocation orator, Professor Inazo Ni- 15th. the lineup were made and this helped. contain as much reading matter as is tobe, Imperial University, Tokyo, and The divisions are as follows: A clever basket thrown by Paine as included in four regular issues of The :\1 r. and Mrs. :\Iartin A. Ryerson will First Division. the game ended was not counted. Maroon. The first page inside the be guests of honor at the reception, Alpha Delta Phi, Pat Page after the game said cover. which will be made in coiors which will be held in Hutchinson com- Chi Psi. there was several weak spots shown from an original and tasteful design, mons from 8:30 to 10:30 Monday Delta Tau Delta. in the Varsity's play. The basket will contain the customary news ar- night. The Junior college final chapel Psi Upsilon. shooting was inaccurate, and there tides. The remaining pages will be exercises will be held in Mandel MOll- Second Division. 'was a sacrifice of team work on .the devoted to special articles and feat- clay at 10:30. Phi Kappa Sigma. part of several players who were too ures, The special articles will include Convocation Tuesday. Sigma Nu. intent upon getting field goals to their reviews of the season in different On Tuesday at 3:00 the Eighty-first Sigma Chi. personal' credit: He sees the material, sports, accounts of other undergrad- � convocation witl be held in Mandel Alpha Tau Omega.. however, for a successful team. uate activities, such as debating, hall. Following the procession, Pro- Third Division. Next Game Open. Blackfriars, Dramatic club produc- fessor Nitobe wilt deliver the eonvo- Delta Kappa Epsilon. The, next game will be held with tions and so on, and feature stories, cation address. Then the degrees and Phi Delta Theta, Lane Tech on Monday afternoon. about new and .projected buildings at t, titles will be conferred. Sigma Alph4�Epsil-on; .. - ..... - ... --- .... -� ��-will-be, ·open· to- all"-·University·, .-tD�_Univer.sity ... -._, •.. _..., . ," \.' ,A" • -; ._ "" � :, Reserved- .�at� on·"the-ft:am- RoO&' Phi Kappa Psi. ' students. At last night's contest a The features which have proved so and in the boxes can be .secured only Fourth Division.: good crowd was present. The all- popular during the quarter in The' by application to the president's of- Kappa' Sigm>. " .. ' star high school football players were Daily Maron will .be in evidence in fice. Tickets for admission to seats Phi Gamma Delta. on hand. The starting of the gaine this special edition. A column will in the balcony will not be required. Beta Theta Pi. ' was delayed on account of the Skull be devoted to the comments of Gar- Delta Upsilon. and 'Crescent banquet 'to' the high goyle and another to the philosophy school men. exploited under tlie well known cap- Th� ',d�!ed::Ch�ec;een ar- ' The Lineup. tion "R, Jay's." Another column will ' d "' • Chi4:ago--Norgren "and, Sauer, right be devoted to a review of the fall 'range will be seiit to the competing" quarter's society events. f t iti 'M d A f f forward·, Goldstein, Brooks and Leis- ra erm res on on aye eature 0 Pictures of BoUlevaa-ds. th hi h h b d ure, left forward; Paine and Pollak, e program w IC as een arrange One of the. most interesting stories . th t th '11 b center; 'Molander and Nett, right IS a ere WI e no games rolled will be th,'!·. article on the proposed on either M d F id . bts guard; Bell and Boyle, left guard. '. on ay or rr ay nlg boulevard extending without interrnp- . d t t B' • h f • Evanston-Glaser, right : forward; 10 or er no 0 con ret Wit raterm- tion from Lincoln. Park to Jackson t t· d' I Hansen, left forward; McWilliams, y mee mgs an SOCia, engagements. Park along the lake shore. This plan The schedul hich h b d center; Tower and Schneider, right e w I as een arrange ' for a "Chicago Beau, tiful" is, of espe- 1• as folIo guard; Hingeley, left guard. s ws: cial significance to University of Chi- J Officials-Wanzer, referee; Scruby,' anuary 10, at 3:00. cago people in that It-means that the AI h D umpire; Robert Willett, scorer. p a elta Phi versus Chi Psi. University will be situated on a boule- Delta Tau Delta versus Psi Upsilon. ' vard, the Mid�ay, which will be one JUuaIY 10, at 7.30. JUNIORS DANCE TOMORROW of the most beaUtiful links in a chain Phi Kappa Sigma versus Sigma N u. --- . of boulevards' encircling 'the city's Sigma Chi versus Alpha Tau Committees)leet Today to Complete business section. Omega. Plans For Mair. A number' of large illustrations of January 11, at 3:00. this proposed lake front boulevard Delta Kappa Epsilon versus Phi The Junior class will have its first will be reproduced from drawings by Delta Theta. r dance of the year tomorrow from 4 to ,the landscape artists planning the Sigma Alpha Epsilon versus Phi 6 in the Reynolds club. Tbe women projects. Other pictures will be of Kappa Psi. will meet in Lexington at 3 :45 and g(t the various athletic teams, the now January 11, at 7:30. over to the dance in a body. After finished' Harper Memorial library and Kappa Sigma versus' Phi Gamma the dance, the Neighborhood elub other things .of interest to University Delta. members will meet in corresponding people. The Christmas edition will Beta Theta Pi versus Delta Upsi-: ,corners of the room and escorts will be delivered free of extra charge to Ion. be provided for all of them. An in- regular subscribers and will be sold January 15, at 3:00. formal reception will precede the to others at 10 cents a copy. Alpha Delta Phi versus Delta Tau dancing, which will commence at 4:30 Delta. and will include nine numbers. The Chi Psi versus Psi Upsilon. Iollowingwill act as chaperones': Dean January 16, at 3:00. and Mrs. MitJer, Dean and Mrs. Mar­ shall, Miss Myra Reynolds and Mr. Phi Kappa Sigma , versus Sigma Chi. C. H. Walker. . , �TERN1TY BOWLING PLANS ARE ANNOUNCED Collllllittee Giyes �t Arraqe.�Dt of DiYisiou ad Schedule of hater­ fratel'llitJ Boww., Leape. Results in SCore of 26 to 9-Chicago Braced In Second Half by Change In Lineup-Delay in Starting Due to Skull and Crescent Banquet. No Games Monday or Friday Even­ ings to Avoid Confticta-Start January 10. Sigma Nu versus Alpha Tau 0me­ ga. GLEE CLUB PLAN'S EXTENSIVE PROGRAM FOR NEXT QUARTER January 16, at 7:30. Delta Kappa Epsilon versus Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Phi Delta Theta versus Phi Kappa Psi. ' JUl1W7 17, at 3:00. Kappa Sigma versus Beta Theta Pi. Phi Gamma Delta' versus Delta Up. silon. The Glee .club has plannerl cln ex­ ten�ive program for next quarter. On J=-nuary i the men will sing at the Wnodlawn Masonic temple for the lndre before which they appeared about ,two months ago. On January lR they wm render a pt'OgI'&DI at the South Shore Country club. The clab . wm have a rehearsal tonight at 8:15. (CoDtillaed OD pqe 4) PLAN COLORED COVER OF CHRISTMAS MAROON Candidates for Titles and Degrees Received By President - Rev. Charles Balrd Mitchell Will Deliver Convocation Sermon. First Year Swimllien' Are Victors With 34 to 24 Score-WiD Polo Game. FORTY YARD RECORD IS BROKEN Mallen For Freshmen Lowers Na­ tional Swimming Mark From :192-5 to :184-5. The Freshmen swimmers defeated the Varsity team in their annual swimming meet held yesterday in Bartlett, by 34 to 24, and also won the polo game by 10 to 5. 'Mallen, of the Freshmen, was the individual star of the meet, securing first in the 40, 100 and 220-yard swims. I n all of these events he won by a good margin. He made the 4O-yard swim. 'in :184-5, which is 3-5 seconds below the national record held jointly by Daniels of the New York, A. C. and H uszagh of the Chicago A. A. Thi:; record wilt not stand as it was not made according to A. A. U. rules. Freshmen Take Lead. The Freshmen started by winning the first two places in the 4O-yard swim. Wadhams secured second in this race, -while Scofield finished last. The Freshmea repeated in the 100- yard. breast stroke, Gorgas, Gardner and Clark finishing in' the order named. Mallen won the next race, the tOO-yard swim, with a big lead. while Keefe and Wadhams finished in, I, � _E�h .... B.1pl��IL.pl�l!ged,. the. length of the tank in :352-5. Run­ dell won the conference plunge last year, and is making better time now. ·1 n the tOO-yard back stroke the' Var­ sity secured the first 'two places when 1;>. Hollingsworth and' Kramer fin­ ished first and second, while T. Hil­ Iingsworth was a' pOor third. , Mallen' secured his 'third score in" the 22O-yard swim. Goodman anel Wenoda fought hard for second, but Goodman finallywon by a.few yards. The relay race, closed the program of events. The Varsity 'took the leact. early in this race' and kept increasing it until the last ulan. When ManeD started he was abdut 15 yards behind Scofield, He made up about 12 yardsp but could not' b'eat Scofield. ' Polo o.me i. Close. The water polo game, which foT­ lowed the swimming events, was the first game played under the new con­ ference rules. T·he game was cleaner and faster than' most polo games. Clark scored the . first goal for the Varsity in :45, taking the' Freshmen by. surprise. They tightened up. however, and no more scores were made until the third quarter, when ��allen secured 5 points. The game was exciting throughout this quarter, Twice the Varsity had the ball with­ in several in'ches of the goal, but they could not score. In the last quarter Mallen scored the winning goal. After the Freshmen had got­ ten the 'ball within an inch of the goal, and had lost it, Mallen grabbed and made the score. SnmIN'Y of Events. 40 yard swim-Won by ManeB (Freshmen); Wadhams (Freshmen) second; Scofield (Varsity), third� Time :184-5. 100 yard breast stroke-Won by Gorgas (Freshmen): Gardner (Frc!'h­ men), second; Clark (Varsity). Time 1:24. ' 100 yard swim-Won by MalleT) (Freshmen); Keefe (Varsity), an" Wadbams (Freshmen), tied for sec­ ond. Time 1 :041-5. Place for distance-Won by Run­ den (Vanity); White (Fresbmen),. (Colltinaed .. pace 3) 111GH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STARS ARE ENTERTAINED SkUll and CresCent' Host 'at Dinner In Honor "f Prep School Ath­ letes. Twenty-one high school football -stars were entertained at a dinner in' the cafe of the Commons last night by Skull and Crescent. The Sopho­ more honor society had as its guests the high school. men who were picked on all-county teams. Thirty alumni members of the organization assisted in entertaining tbe visitors. Coach Stagg was toastmaster at the dinner and speeches were made by Captain Rademacher of the 1911 foot­ baIt team, Captain-Elect Whiting of the 1912 football team, Captain Dav­ enport of, the track team, Captain Boyle of the baseball team, and Cap­ tain Sauer of the basketball team. ' The dinner was for the purpose of getting the high school men acquaint­ ed with Chicago and to give them a knowledge of. Chicago teams and Chi­ cago athletes. A similar dinn�r to winners of firsts in ,the. Cook County indoor track championsbips last win­ ter was given by SkuU and Crescent. The high school men present last night included Alberts of Wendell Phillips; Bachman of Englewood; Stuart and Corey of Univenity High; A. Vinnedge, F. Vinnedge, L Hart, Shank and R Smith of Hyde Park; Pollard, MacDonald, Delaney and Presnell of Lane; and Rice, Russel, Cotter, Macomber, Carolin, Gill, Bar­ rett and \Vanzer of the championship Oak Park eleven.' . SPECIAL Minouri-Students at the Univer­ sity or'Missouri are publishing an ath­ letic book, containing piCtares of all football teams, scores of"p1tlt., and individual pictures of prominent ath­ letes. CHRISTIIAS EDITION OF THE DAILY MAROON An effective souvenir of the Uni­ versity for you and your friends. A Limited IMUe. Order Now! . tOe per copy Clip and mail to Faculty Exchange The Daily Maroon, Box 0, Faculty Exchange. r will call at your office for • • • . •• copies of tbe Xmas Edition. . ......•.............. .", .- f �-�. . � ; � ",' , ... . • J �, .; ..... .. .. " . ... " , .. '" '"""',, ....... I -r ,', . , ..... ' .... ";.,..', . .... :.r' .: / ,; .. ,�.�.::.& .. �.:...:,.A . ·�.i··�t" .: "' .. '�,'4 ""ft'>' .... "f·" "',.��.; " . ' ... - , , ·THE DAILY MAROON" THURSDAY. DECEMB�R 14, 1911. THE DAILY MAROON· Church HistoIy Club meets today at 7:30 in Haskell assembly room. TIle 0fIicia1 StDdeDt N�·.of the Uaiyenit7 of Cbicqo. Founded October I, 1902. Formerly TIle. UDiYenity of Chicaco WceJdy Founded October I, 1892. Published daily except Sundays. Mon­ days . and Holidays during three quarters of the University year. Entered as Second-class mail at the Chieago Post Office, Chicago, Illi- • nois, March 18, 1908, under Act of March 3, 1873. � .. ., The Staff W. J. Foute •....... Managing Editor H. L. l5_ennicott •••.•..•. News Editor Business Managers E. R. Hutton R. J. Rosenthal Associate Editors D. L. Breed Drama and Music M. D. Stevers .........••• City Papers C. F. Dunham .•..... Public Speaking W. H. Lyman Campus Leon Stolz ... Periodicals and Lectures B. W. Vinissky Minor Sports Women's Editor Margaret Campbell Reporter: Marguerite Swawite Subscription Rates By Carrier, $2.50 per year; $1.00 per quarter. City Mail, $1.25 per quar­ ter; $3.00 per year in advance. Bulletin. and Announc�ments Junior CoUece :Chapel, at 10:30: in Mandel hall for wo��n,. today. Dnmatic Club lleeting today at 10:30 in Cobb 3A: Cro .. COUDtry Men have picture taken today at I :30. at Martyn's stu­ dio, 5714 Madison avenue. Rehearsal of "Press Cuttings" at 4 today in Cobb 3A. A Meeting of the Men's French Club will be held today at 4 in Hitch­ cock club rooms. Le \ Cercle de Conversation Fran­ caise will meet in Spelman house to­ day. 4 to 6. Glee Club Meeting at 4:15 in the Reynolds club. . Kent Chemical Society meets to­ day in Hutchinson cafe. Dinner at 6:15. Mr. A. D. Brokaw witt read a paper on "Recent Studies in Physical Crystallography." Mandolin Club has final rehearsal of the quarter in Hutchinson club roOJ'IlS at i. BROOKS BROTHERS BROADWAY, NEW YORK Religious Educ:atioaal Club· meets in Room 26 of Haskell museum tod-ay at .7:30. Junior lieD meet tomorrow at 10:30 in Cobb 158. . Representative, Mr. Lanzer, at the Congress Annex, December 11th· to 14th inclusive with latest - suits, overcoats, riding and motor garments, English Haberdashery, Hats,. Shoes and London novelties appropriate for Christmas gifts. Geology and Geocraphy Depart­ mental Club meets tomorrow in \Valker museum at 4. German Club meets tomorrow at 4 in Lexington hall. "Weihnachtsfieir." Classes in conversation in Rooms 3 and 4. Junior Mathematical Club meets to­ morrow at 4:30 in Room 36 of Ryer­ son. A choice Lot -of Christmas Cards and Booklets The Latest Fiction and Gift Books Christmas Wrappings: Tags, seals, enclosure cards, tissue paper, twines and etc, Sociology. Club meets in Cobb 16C tomorrow. Junior Class Dance tomorrow in the Reynolds club from 4 to 6. "�omen will meet at 3 :45 in Lexing­ ton hall and go to the dance in a body. Sophomore Dance Saturday in the Reynolds Club from 3 to 5. WOODWORTH'S BOOK STORE 1302 East Fafty-aneatla Street, Ileal' liaNrk Open eveninp December 18th to 23rd News contributions may be left in Ellis Hall or Faculty Exchange, ad­ dressed to The Daily Maroon. EDITORIAL In the days of registration iti�ll to consider an adjustment of courses with a view to the time requirements of each. No greater The folly is ever committed Days of· than that of registering Registration for three reading cours- es, . for it is perfectly conceivable that all of these will re- ' quire from six to eight hours a day on the reading alone. Language courses seem to be hard to the average student, but the work required is less than that required for most reading courses. It is not our cofltention that reading courses are not to be desired, but that they be balanced by one or even two subjects which do not require: extensive read­ ing in the .libraries, It is a preponderance of work due' in the main to the reading courses which causes students to conclude that their studies are beyond their possibilities to accomplish. It remains true, 'however, that read­ ing courses are hard to avoid and that Gn 'an average .of two a quarter are impossible to avoid if the student is working for a desired degree. They do not advertise themselves. and come upon us before we are aware. Is it too much to say that some courses require too much outside reading? Judged from themselves as the sole basis, perhaps not. In re­ lation to other reading courses, as­ suredly yes. . Most of the courses re­ quire not only reading in the libraries. but also study of the text. This means that with six hours spent on' . the reading and at least five on the text and three in the class room that one day of study consumes fourteen' hours. Pow Wow Plans Year's Work. The Pow \Vow held its regular meeting yesterday afternoon in Cobb 6A. Those present were Clyde Wat­ kins, Charles Levin. Hugo Swan, Emanuel Parnass, Merrill Dakin, Ka­ than Fine, Benjamin Cohen, and Mor­ ris Aronson. Plans were made for the next year and the members pre­ dict that it will be the most success­ ful in the history of the society. 1 t was decided to welcome women to the meetings. The question of pins was brought up and there seemed to be a strong sen'timent in favor of get­ ting them; Each member spoke on some phase of bis scbool career. News of the. Colleges Dartmouth-e-With the authorization of the Board of Trustees, the depart­ ment of oratory at Dartmouth has offered a cup to be given the high school winning the debating champ­ ionship of Xew Hampshire each year. Northwestern-President Harris �f X orthwestcrn university has institut­ ed a new system of obtaining male at­ tendance at Northwestern. At a re­ cent chapel service held exclusively for .women, the president asked those present to flirt with their masculine friends in order to increase the at­ tendance and to reduce the ratio of women to men. Dartmouth_As the result of a speech recently delivered to the un­ dergraduates at Dartmouth, an equal suffrage league has been organized. Washington-Harry S. Knox, a Freshman at the University of Wash­ ington, has set a new world's record for respiration, registering some 423 cubic inches, as· against a former rec­ ord of 390 cubic inches. The average WOMEN WILL PLAY LAST CHAMPIONSHIP HOCKEY GAJlE TODAY The last championship hockey game will be played today on the Midway at I :20. This game will decide the championship. for the Seniors ana the Juniors each have one game to their credit. The first game was won by the Juniors with a score of 3 to I, the Seniors taking the second with four goals to one. Both teams have been working hard and the game will he closely contested. This will. be the first time that the championship hockey games have been played off in the autumn Quarter. In previous ycar s the women played in the spring. Scovill Returns to Home in Ohio. Clyde N. Scovill. the law student who has been in the hospital since the latter part of November, will return to his home in Ravenna. Ohio, to re­ cuperate. He will probably resume his work in the law school in the ;;pring quarter. \ for an ordinary man is 258 cubic inches. Very Important for Ladies! Michigan-Fired with enthusiasm hy a speech, men and women of a Michigan audience formed a Michigan equal suffrage club. In order to obtain your patronage, we will' make you a special offer for a limited time only. A suit, silk­ lined, perfect in fit, fabric and work­ manship for $35.00; or a skirt for $15.00. We have been established for 15 years. M. CHIMBEROFF University Ladies Tailor sa53 ICDlBARK AVE.. N_r F"afbo ....... tIa Sl. T_.bad hIocb En. the Tower] u.. P'-e HJde Park 3283 A -r!��UJ �OW 'NOtch.'COLLAR Lots �f tiespace, easy to put on or take off. IS �2for25 aiIfI ChIett. PeUod� • Co. 1Iaftn.�. N. T. Cornell-The Cornell Glee club will make a trip to ten principal cities of the east during the Christmas holi­ days. Ohio--Xine western governors vis­ ited Ohio State' campus recently. Ohio--A chapter of a veterinary fraternity was recently installed at Ohio State. -MOSSLER CO •. 19 Jackson Blvd.-East Wisconsin-The. chair in which Dickens sat while writing many of his novels is owned by the Edwin Booth Dramatic club at the University of \Visconsin. . You should have 0 usetuher coat! Water-Shedding Coats . forColdandWetDays The Mossier �'Raglans" and .. "'Gabardines" are in smart . rough English If mixtures and \.Jf!.2? _..,l w h' i p cords _ :' I the yre r oi n- � t ' " proofed in . the I ';) I· , . �;:';" English U i 11�" :=���:' u 1 : ;1; _� . �� a tt r act ive in -- me dill man d heavy fabrics. "Conservative" and "English" sack SUItS m the stunning silk hair line brown cheviots--plain and fancy,' grays and plain staples, black and blue. Price range: $20, $25, $30, $35. $40, $45, and $50. Every size to 50. CHRIST·MAS NEW YEAR'S Pittsburg-At the University of Pittsburg the 'students of journalism will have an opportunity to associate themselves with the large Pittsburg dailies. will call you home. Even 88 you think of it 'now ,�the pleasure of a few days' visit with the "folks" again,-rem�mber that the Heat Regulation /ILLINOIS CENTRAL . THE JOHNSON PNEUMATIC SYSTEM railroad offers the best of train service to the SOU'lll and WBS'1' SOUTHWEST and NORTHWEST touching such. cities en route as K:ankakee, . -- Gilman, Champaign, 1\Iattoon, Centralia, Cairo, Fulton, Memphis, Jackson, Vicksburg, and .New . Orleans. Springfield, St. Louis, Rockford, Freeport, Du­ buque, Waterloo, Ft. Dodge, Oma­ ha, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minne­ apolis ·and St. Paul. . If going south, board Illinois Central trains at The Recognized Standard Installed in the University of Chicago BuildinlS Complete Systems for all Methods of Heatinl STEAM CONTROL OF HUMIDITY REDUCING VALVES FOR AIR, WATER,. HOT ,WATER TANK REGULATORS Today! Special $25 Values at • • 53rd or 63rd Streets Silk Waistcoats-$5 and up. Y Oil cannot give him anything more ac-. ccptoble. DRESS aOTHES SPECIAL I f going west, jump on I. C -. Sub­ urban, get off at Park Row, pur­ chase tickets to destination, board . train and settle back to meditate on your "Welcome nome." Tickets, train time, fares, sleeping car reservations, ete., can be se­ cured of agents of Illinois Central or by addressing . R. J. CABMICRABL, D. P. A., 76 West Adams St. - Phones- , Central 6270. Automatic 64472. Model C-newest design. for 'Joullg men-Dress Suit, $35; '4dth Tux­ edo Coat, $55. Ask for Model C. Johnson Service Co� Mossier Co. H ••• nus ....... g-.=. 111 N. DORioRN ST •. 19 Jackson . Blvd., East i ' " ' THE DAILY MAROON. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 14. 1911. ..... . "The Xmas Store /�'r Men" YOUR Ethic's course teaches you' what the util­ itarians stand for. Ap­ ply their teachings to your' gift giving. - In other words give gifts that will afford the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of days. You can do this by purchas­ ing practical gifts­ gifts that will cause you to be remembered every day the recipient wears the article-not on Christmas morning only. A BATH ROBE, dressing gown or a smoking jacket' would prove an ideal gift. Whether your room mate, 'friend or parent has one makes no difference. . He can' always use another. Very few men have all three. You can get them in hundreds of designs. Bath robes 53 to 512; smoking coats 55 to 515; Dressing gowns 58 to 522. These suggestions may help you out 0/ your di­ lemma as to' what to gifJe. Silk knitted neckwear �.:_ 52, 52.50 and 53;'silk �, four-in-hands SOc to 52.50; fancy waistcoats 52.50 to 56; gloves 51 to 512; muff­ lers SOc to 510; silk hosiery in boxes of three pairs, 51.50 to 57.SO. U.1JreIIu Men's umbrellas with ad French stag hom, Cues ivory and plain, and silver and gold trim­ med handles 53.50 to 56; folding umbrellas $1.50 to $6; folding and regular umbrellas and cane sets 510 to 516.50; folding canes 51.50 to $6; regular canes in all new curves and straight handle effects $1 to $16.50. Leather Collar bags $1 to $2.50; traveling sets Goods $3 to $12; tie rings SOc to. $3; dressing cases $2 to $22.50; shoe bags $1.75 and $2; combinatiori handkerchiefs and tie cases .$3 to $5; military brushes $3 $7 .50;- pu� and biD folds SOc to $5. CONCLUDE FOUR SERIES AT ASSOCIATION CENTERS lloultoa, Atwood, Iko,m. aDd Goode Will Deliver FiDal' Lectures Nest Week. Four of the lecture series at pres­ ent conducted in the centers under the auspices of the University Lec­ ture association, will be concluded . next week. . Other series will be be­ gun after the Christmas vacations. Monday night, December 18. Pro­ lessor F. R. Moulton will conclude his series of six lectures on "Other Worlds Than Ours:' with a lecture on "The Sidereal Universe," in the Presbyterian church. corner Fullerton avenue and Hamilton court. Monday, December 18, in Scoville institute, corner Lake street and Grove avenue, Oak Park, Professor Wallace W. At­ wood will conclude his course of lec­ tures on "Scenic Features of North America from the' Geological Point of View," with a lecture on "The Yel­ lowstone National Park." Tuesday night, December 19, at Abraham Lincoln center, corner Oak­ wood boulevard and Langley a venue, �1 r. Alfred Brown will conclude his series of lectures on "The Founda­ tions of Moral Practice," with a lec­ ture on "The Eternal Feminine."1 Thursday night, December '21, at As­ sociation center. 19 South La Salle street, Professor J. Paul Goode will conclude his series of six lectures on "Our Natural Resources," with a .lec­ ture on "When Coal Is Gone; \Vhat Then?" CHILDREN. GAIN BY CHRISTMAS PARTY GIVEN BY WOMEN Christmas stockings for children at the Negro Boys' Settlement were . filled with nuts, candy, fruit, and toys at the Christmas party given by the 'V. A. A., the Y. W. C. L. and the Neighborhood clubs in Lexington hall yesterday afternoon. The stock­ ings will be distributed Christmas day from a tree furnished by the Y. W. C. L. After the stockings had b'een filled, the women adjourned to lunch­ eoi-t - - in Lexington commons. MEN'� FRENCH CLUB , PLANS PRODUCTION FOR NEXT QUARTER Members of the Men's French- club will commence rehearsing e�rly next quarter for the production of the French play, "La Poudre awe Yeux," to be given some time in February. Assistant Professor David of the French department, will coach the actors. Activities for the last quar- - ter have included a number of meet­ ings addressed by, members of the de­ partment and a dinner with Le Cercle Francaise, A constitution has been drawn up and the club put upon a permanent basis. FRESHMAN TEAM TAKES MEET FROM VARSITY (Continued from page 1) second; Gardner (Freshmen), third. Distance, 60 feet. Time :352-5. 100 yani back stroke-Won by D. Hollingsworth (Varsity); Kramer (Varsity), second; T. Hollingsworth (Freshmen), third. Time 1 :33. 220 yard Swim-Won by Mallen (Freshmen); Goodman (Varsity), sec­ ond; Wenoda (Freshmen), third. Time 2:422-5. Relay raee-s-Won by Varsity (Fon­ ger, Poague, Keefe, Scofield); Fresh­ men (Warzewski, Bellerue, Wadhams, Ma11en), second. Time 1 :31 2-5. Polo Lineup. Lineup of polo game: Varsit,Y (5) Freshjncn (10) Hollingsworth G.. .. .. ..• Bennett H ruda R. F.. Gorgas, Self- . ridge, Mailen' Scruby L. F ...• Des Jardiens Clark C.. . . . . . . . . • White Chandler R. G.. . . . . . . . • II iller Scofield .•...... L. G.. . . . . . .. Tolman Goals-Ma11en, White, Clark. Time of quarters--4 minutes. YOURinterestsasa buyer are the basis of the careful development and organization :. of the Maurice L'Rothschild stores and headquarters for good quality. Every hour in the day, every day in the year, we are eliminating buying per.plexities for men and young men, and parents of boys; satisfaction assurance. 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Friday, December 22, 8 :30 to 11 :30. . 12:00 classes, Wednesday, Decem­ ber 20, 2:00 to 5 :00. 2:00 classes, Thursday, December 21,2:00 to 5:00. 3:00 classes, Friday, December 22, 2:00 to 5:00. TYPEWRITERS OF ALL MAKES For Rent, Sale aDd Exchange It .. DO langer aeeeaar:r to JJa7 .. ,­ where near �oo.OO. for a IltaDclard t7pe­ writer of an, mate.. We operate a Jar .. taC!tol'1 where we make OTero with Dew parts, typewriters ot an standard mabe and are able to Bell them at 40 per ceDt to 15 per cent leu than the manu�C!turen' lI�frrl=hlnes are tnoW'D througbout the eountl'1 tor the high standard of work· manshlp and the completeness with which the rebuOt work I. dODe. No pain. or expenlle are spared to make theae t7pe­ writers Tery elO88I, approach the braDd new' ones, ID faet, they wDl give the ame Benlce as Dew machine&. Our plan� equlpmeDt aDd force of expert upewrlter meehanlC8 are equal to thoBe of manJ' of the faC!torin where new t7pe­ writera are maDufaC!tured. 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President Scruby said yesterday that .comparatively few Sophomores had paid' their dues as yet. but that. he expected a large sale of class tickets today and tomorrow in anticipation of the dance Saturday aft­ ernoon. FRATERNITY BOWLING PLANS ARE' ANNOUNCED (Continued from page 1) January 17, at '7:30. Alpha Delta Phi versus Psi Upsi­ lon. Chi Psi versus Delta Tau Deita. January. 18, at 3:00. Phi Kappa Sigma versus Alpha Tau Omega. Sigma K u versus Sigma Chi. January 18, at 7:30. Delta Kappa Epsilon versus Phi Kappa Psi. , Phi Delta Thcta versus Sigma Al­ pha Epsilon. January 19, at 3:00. Kappa Sigma versus Delta Upsi­ Ion. Phi Gamma Oelta versus 'Beta Theta Pi. Constitution Prepared. A constitution is 'being drawn up hy the recently appointed committee to govern similar contests in the future. The constitution is to be submitted to the fraternities early next week. iApproval by the majority of fraternities in the league will make the rulings of the constitution bind­ ing. A prize will be offered for the high man in the tournament and a banner is to. be given to the winning team. The committee which was recently appointed by the Interfraternity coun­ cil and which has the tournament in charge consists of A. C. Goodrich, chairman, William Warriner, Milton Morse, and Eugene For�. , � . '" " Classified Ads. ' . ,THE' �MOOTHEST' TOBAC� STENOGRAPHIC WORK quickly and neatly done. Special attention tt) term papers and, theses, Work guaranteed. One block west of Hitchcock. W. L. Allred. 911 E. 57th street. The Smith-Goodyear Co. SHOEMAKERS AND REPAIRERS PUSH it along-shoot it overl Velvet-so-called because exceedingly smooth -smooth because aged over two )'e<!.IS, in which time all harshness disap� from the leaf leaving the goodness that we all crave for our pipe. Velvet is a tobacco mellowness hitherto tmknown-too smooth to harbor a "bite," It's just the sort of a to­ bl.CCO you would make for your­ self. Mallions of men cheer for it. 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