I' , '� ., .J .. "�I-:""" ..... � - , arocn I I uNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, ?'LTESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 191-1�, . Price' Five Cents Specialiater-Ciau Atlaletic eo..ittee to Take Charge �f Prep AtWetes for C:»ok � udJ. M� PRELIMINARIES F�RUAllY 2S! --- '1': Will Be Shewn About the 'U�verSity and Will Be Put Up at Differ­ erent Fraternities, large Crowd Attends Cosmopolitan Club EnterWnment s,.iurdQ Iraght - M;anj�.iai=· 'Num�n Gi.en. , _'. j." ." ; --- .'\ 11 en te�aining and varied pro­ traI,) was� presented by the members o! the Co�inopolitan :club at Mandel hall �aturday evening'in their Inter •. llati"llal Night performance. The at­ tend:u:ce was large a,!�' the ,members' elf, he club are hi�ly pleased with Ih(, <lccess of the affair. Talks, muse i .. ;,: Illtmhers, 'fencing and cartoon dra\', ings made up the program. 1.( ,llis P. Lochner, general secre' tary of the Cosmopolitan club assoc­ iati, '11, delivered' t�� address. �\Il(.ther talk was 'giv,cn by Miss M.,ry MacDowell, head: resident of the University SettlemeIJt.i· Some of Ih(' feature acts were the �orwegian b1!:>.ds, sung by' Mi�s Hdegson and Mj�s Meyer, the Europc:;)01 dances in, ("-!\tllle, Chinese and J.lpanese car- 't()('I1:', and the Japanese sword dance. The Cosmopolitan Choru� ir. costume dnsed the program. MEMBERs OF THIS YEAR'S GLEE CLUB, l ROOSEVELT MEETING. I. ----. - . WILL. GIVE, _CQ��E�1" .. TOMORROW AFTERNOON AT 'TONOIUNATEFO�C�UBTODAY . . �eynolds Club Caucus Today at 3 p. m. in Reynolds Theater-Only Three Can Be Nominated for' Each of Five Offices. .;- _'_,'_ A plan is being put under way ·by t1 e III ter-class Athletic committee wlcre l-y the high school men who . Cl mpe te in the Cook' .county. meets are to be entertained by the Univer­ :,ity and the fraternjties ,w��le' they arc here. Letters 'have been sent to all the managers of the teams who are to be in tbe finals inviting them 10 be the guests' of the University. The plan is to quarter the teams on the various fraternities for entertain-­ ment for a portion of the time th'ey arc here; the whole purpose of' the scheme being to give, the athletes such an alluring picture of the Uni· versity that they will not be 'able- to slay away. . Prelims Feb. 25. The preliminaries start February :;j, and from that time on it is plan. lied tf) keep the University continual­ ly before the minds 0'( die high school men. 1 n the past it has been claimed that the men who h�\'<: competed in the Cuok County have gained no idea ci the University of Chicago except hy accident, and 'thus "that a' part of ,--..,.-- ___ - the purpose of the meet has been de- . The caucus nominating officers eatc'(!: � T11e'�ltY-:meri"'''are· -tq'<. , lor 'thc-' i�eYriOJds'. club;,. will' be'-i1eld "talk 'up" the. University to the ath- lhis afternoon .at 3 'o'clock in the club letes with th� )dea' 'o{ g��ti.1}g them jheater. Names are to be presented 'to come, and it is expected that IJtr the !ior' the offices of President, Vice' 'time of the finals the men will be so president, S�c�etary.i a'D..a...:tibrarian. ;imbued with - the idea of becoming Those;,whose terms expiretwith the ,(htcal-!!' men that the dinner to be close of the c·urfe�t .. quar�er are Roy given those who survive the final fin: 'Baldridge, president, \V� Phillips als will clinch ·the matter in th�, .:comstock, vice-president, Collings, minds of all of them. secretary and E. H. Bowlby, Iibrari- Expecs Plan to Succeed. an and \V. P. Harms, treasurer. The, , Williant Kuh the - eliainlt�\ri'�if the new officers, when elected will begin' committee said: "Th.ipla,!l' ��t to -their duties, the- first-oLthe__spr�ng, he very, successruit'::Q'iMi �,r.e9iJtt in a quarter and hold office for one year. .great many, men -'��tering college Restriction Upon Nominations. here. Of course the whole matter necaus� of a rctstri§tion. placed: up' 'rests with the cooperation of the fra- on nomination. �y, th� c;�nstiiution of iemities.T-The Univer-sity, will most the club' only_ �hr�e James � ��ac' probably provide a dinner to be, given cepted)y the)nominclting·caucus. An -after t he finals and if the 'fi-ate�itie�' .nlimited number may be presented come up to the st�ndard �'bf loyalty hat the vot�r will this afternoon sel· 'which we expect of them there is no ect the tbree to b,e, voted on at the ;p�sihle dou'bt of the out�ome." an'nual 'eJ�ction. The same instl)l' j ., ment provides, that new na�es may � INTERNATIONAL NIGHT be'added by p�titidn within a limited !ime after the 'caucus up' to 'the pre- PROGRAM PLEASES MANY ccribed namber., . 'Out of the present - member'ship of the· ,club - of ,five -. hundred. men only ilfty need to' be . present to constitute a quorum for tlte �nsacti�n of busi­ ness. "Enry m�n ought' to come out to the meeting today," said' Roy Bald­ ridge yesterday. <CIt is practically. the only important business meeting of the year and every man member !'Iluuld show his interest by attending. Furthermore it is a duty' to be pres­ �nt to sec to it that the best mtn are nominat�d to run for election to ser\'c the comin� year," Boys Club to Give Entertainment. The California noy'!' dull ,,·m i;!i\"C' an entertainment at the llnh"'t'r�ity Settlenlent at 8 o'clock toni�ht. The club has travelled extensively through Ihc country and has appeared many I times in vaude"ille, It has heen or' 1 ganized as an athletic and musical �o'l riety. All students .0£ the University have been invited to atte�,d the en' terainmt:nt. Admission is free, TO SING AT REGIMENT ARMORY COUNT APPONYI TO BE AT UNIVERSITY FRIDAY Glee Club and First Regiment Band Noted Hungarian, Formerly Minister I ' to Provivde Musical Program at " of Public Education to Lecture Meeting of,' Foreign Voters Tomor. Here on Universal' Peace. row-Roosevelt, ApPonyi to Speak. Count Albert Apponyi, the Hungar- The University Glee club has ac- - ia�atc!sJDan_·who is..J),o.\V_tour:_ing_the -cepted im'.::..jDvitation - to !'Sing iD- ,the country under the auspices of the First Regiment Armory tomorrow af. Civic Forum, . will lectare here in 'temoon before a meeting' of the vo; Mandel hall.at 4 o'clock Tursday on: ters of ioreign: nations. Theodore "Universal Peace." -He will also Roosevelt, Count Apponyi. and Jane speak, with Th�odore Roosevelt and Addams are ,three of the principal Ja�le Addams, tomorrow in the First speakers at the meeting which is un- k egimeht Armory der the auspices of the Union League, Count Apponyi had been Hungari- 'The invitation came from Mr. AI- an Minister of Public Education since exander McCormick" who has charge 1 (t.16. He was born in 1846 and is the of the affair. The full membership son (If Count George Appony� late of the club of sixty men will sing. chief. justice of the kingdom of 'Hun- Two Organizations Furnish Music. gary'. He is married ip Countess " Only two organizations will be pre- : ":lotilde Mensdorff.. � • to furnish music throughout the 1 Coun't Apponyi received his educa- "�.� , program; between the speeches; the 'tirn at the College of the Jesuits at Glee ciu,,- -!ond the First Regiment �l��l�burg;' the -University of Vienna, .Band. noth�U take part in the pre- 11n<l the Unive!sity of Budapest. He I iiminary concert'-�oD,sisting of the na­ : has been a member of the House of .tional airs, regular mbers from the : C' . si nce : 1872' and speaker . ; cm,mo�::. I •.. Glee c1ub'� concert pro�am and pos. :fwm �9112 to 1904. Most ?f hIS parh- . sibly the Soldiers Chorus 'Will -be-sung :"It.ntary carc('r has b�en JD the �arty : to the accompaniment of the' band. " �of the ,Opposition. He has pubhshed . " ; .• 1 . t' of Hungan'an In the latter numbers DIrector Er�_ ; arne es cn qaes Ion ..' I : pl�blic 'law in Hungarian, French, : Ickson WIll' �ke the ,baton and ea,d • ro . En I' h nd Amen"can Mag. both the. Band an4 Glee club. ThIS II.Jcrman, g IS , a ' "f f h " was proposed at a' con erence 0 t e : azines. I d 'd' . d I , He has delivered several lectures ea ers yester ay an generous y ac' . ' . ceded to by the 'di«ctor of the First : in Amcrican on his pr_esent tour, Tht , h . Regiment_ Ba·nd. ' : ccunt is a well known aut onty on . To Ac:c:omodate Five Thousand. ; t"le subject of international peace. He ; ,,·ilI also address the Twentieth Cen- Preparations are being made at the tury club on Thursday. Free tickets Armory, to accomodate at least five to the lecture Friday may be obtained thousand p�opl� It being a' national at �he office of the President. , holiday and the prominence of the I speakers both tend to promise a rec' ord attendance The meeting will be ANNUAL RECEPTION ,. 3 d 530 beld between the hours of an : TO THE PRESIDENT I p. ID. SATURDAY NIGHT Sc\eral dubs with wl.om the l'ni· Hr�ity • organization has !'che<luled .- t' :crt;; :In.' �cndin� represcntatives to tumorrow's mceti�b to ·get a line (n the calibre of their talent, Also a large Ilumber oi people from places in Chicago where the .::ub has pre' viously sung are planning to attend to hear mor� of the work of the Uni- T: (.' ;�!�TH:11 r(�-c�ti n t'\ T'r!"·:(icnl ;Incl :\lr�, Jud�(in in the Reynold� club will he l::iHn Saturday evening in the cld,. :\11 Unh'er�ity member�. both !"l\tdent� and faculty. have been iO\+ ted, The Pr(,·de1ent's reception was ini' liateel :lS a cushtom seY�r"ll years ago) ;; .... cI 11:1 .. heen 11('ld in the winter quar­ ter ("cr �ince. The recepti( n this "car will he conducted as in previous years. A iter the reccption there will he dancing. versify singers. OycraJl, star pitcher of the Chicago Cubs. will coach the baseball team '1t the University of California this Spring. BARTLETI' READY FOR ·tHE 'EIGHTEENtH PROM s. Edwia Earle ud Mia GearaIdi.e ' Bra ... to Lead Crud Marcia Tom,lat. DANCING BEGINS AT NlNESHARP Supper to Be Served at Midnight­ 'Elaborate Booths for Alumni and Patronesses, Tonight the Eigtheenth Annual Washington Promenade will blaze forth ill all its splendor. Promptly at nine, the opening strains of the grand . march will be played by the orches­ tra, and the dancers will form in line, led by S. Edwin Earle and Miss Ger­ aldine Gunsaulus Brown, and Cyrus I.eRay Baldridge and Miss Mollie Ray Carroll. Nearly two hundred couples will participate in the grand march, if all the dancers are at Bart­ lett on time. The plan of beginning a; nine sharp will be strictly adhered to. and the dancing will closa at three. Shortly before midnight the promen., aders will adjourn to Hutchinson hall to partake of the Prom supper, The £c:;lJowing menu has been prepared: Tomato Bouillon Olives Pickles Sweetbreads Strawberry Bisque Cakes Coffee Bonbons There will be thirty regular dances and a supper extra, The supper will probably be 'served after the fifteenth dance; ,. -, The Decorating committee, led by ,:A]ec�", "Whitfield, -invaded Bartlett - "i"Y�lIiasium yesterday ,afternoon;', an�-, _, according to the, latest reports, were still in.possession at five this morning. The. scheme of decorations planned ... by the committee is simple but. taste- . ful. The ceiling will be hidden from view' by a canopy of white bunting, hung with flowers and incandescent lights. The flowers to be used for the" canopy are cherry blossoms, and were. kindly donated by Carson Pirie S'�ott and Company. The running track will be decorated with flags and greenery, and a large Chicago bann�r will hang behind the platform occu­ pied by the musicians. The two booths at either end of the hall, one for the patronesses, and one for the alumni, will be most elaborate. They wilt be thirty feet long and twenty feet deep, 'and will be fronted with lattice work, flags, palms, and Chica- gn banners, At the �ntrance to each 'bo_otb 'will be two bay trees. Inside tb�re . will be' palms, chairs, rugs, tab1"�s, and comfortable divans; pill­ ows"ind even magizines and standard' fiction will be provided to insure the complete comfort of the patronesses and visiting aluumi. Two bay trees will also be stationed at the entrance to the gymnasium, and a large num­ ber of palms will filt the lower hall. The decorations in the supper�rOom will abo be simple, but attractive. Smi!ax and white roses will be on .cvery rtable where the palTones�cs and committee chairmen will be �catcd. Fcllowing is a list of the commit· tees who will officiate tonight. General Chairman-So Edwin Ear:e, Finar.ce Committee-Roy Bald­ ridge, Chairman, Vallee O. Appel, ){. E\'er�tt Robinson," E�mond R. Long, Arrangements Conllllittee-Ha'zcl Stillmal'. c1,:t:rman, Elmer 'V. Beatty. :\fay C:lrcy. Leno Reeve. ReceJ,t;on Committl e-Harold C. Gifford. chairman 11 ilmar Baukl:a�e, W. Phillips Comstock, DOT"Othy Buck· ley. Mary Phistcr. Decorations Committee-Aleck G. \ LOliunueCl on pa��, 4 J 'I ,i 1 ,i i I " :1 i ! 'I :1 I j 'f I' :1 '1 'I :j I :! 'I I 4 � ! , --- -' TBK DAILY MAROON. i Tit. OtHclal Student l"ublleaUoa .t The t;nlver.1tl of Ch1�o.:: ;. � I Formerl, The Ullh'enltl ot Cblcaso Week17 Founded Tit. Weekly .••••••••••• October I, 1892 ,Tire ·Dully •••••••••••••• October I, 1802 Publlsbed Dull.r, except :sunda, .. Kou· d.,. uml laollduys durlnc tbree·quarterti .t tlae UUh'cndty yeur. Eoteretl us �econd·clat .. wall at the Chi· l"ugu l'olltoUke, Clalcugo, lI11no ... ldarcb lW, iuos, under Act ot Marcb 3, 1873, '1'I1E STA,,'F � A:-"1·I.'.t.:l H�':U • • AlanaclDC Editor B. -l. ll.\L\: • H. .... CAUI'EN°I'Eft • New. Editor AthleUc EdItor AlSSOCIATE .E�170Il:�' W. J. J.·'oute H. L. Kennlcott c, 1:'. °J.'uylor .u. W. Rean C. W. llou.,blantl u, L. Breed J. K.llcclJe UEI·ORTEB8 1I. D, Steverlil lJun,)' Cower Alax Euclu\\' 1:). l�llvlan W. l.YWt111 s. L. ::iuyre U. W. \"lulssky u. 1,'. Dunham .1::. L. lIarrl. 1·. Kearnel J. B. I'erl" L. Stolz W� Wellman · . " : WOMEN'S DEPABTIlEN'r .. li.ujorie Uill. Editor. . __ .: ..... l:ulu Iteticker�. ��a�. r,r' UE�Ul\�U8, M. Cuwvllell Alma LJehtJ l"!Ul'cure l;aULu lSUBSCIUI·TION RATES B� Carricr, $�.50 vcr )'ear; $1.00 per �r. C1.t.r mull, $1.:.m peL" 'Iuarler; $3.oq per, yeur In udvunce. New8 contrllmtion8 WilY l>;� let1l.t,·.l!Il­ l1a Hull or ,l1'uculty ·E1euJl'.nse, .• ��� to The Dally lIaroon ' ! ' A weck from to®T. the. voters of Chicago \vill St:t�t, their, caDdidates fro�. ea��;'�rty for:' the ��yor�l�y _ election this Merriam. spr'�Jl�·· Associate Profes:- s�r Charles Edward Mer' ri:mt will be one of the candidates f9r. th.:: H,cpublican nomination_ The best intercsts of Chicago and of good governmcnt, as well as of the Uni­ Hrsity of Chicago, demand that Mr. Merriam not only receive' the nomin­ ation-be elccted. For Mr. � .t · . The managers of Mr. Merriam's campaign haye sent out ';1. call for voluntt:cr workers ()n prhnary day, Success may, dcpend vcry fargely on the numbcr of hclpcrs ou� .tllat day and the cunscicntiousness w'�th which . they do thcir work. University s�u­ den'ts han through the Merriam' club an 'cxccilcnt medium' for' enli�ti.�g tli�m:,ch'cs in the work: ���rT��s'?�!�" TJ1� :\!;truoll hopes tb-?! the, c��ll oj.. Mr. �Icrralll's COJ':,mjtt('�: '\�i.l�l. r�:' • .... .. ,,4 , die. response of � h���·�' .. ��? • : _, •• J � • � � �tu<Icnts. - : '; : , _C­ .- � ... -.' Y' �(XLLETIN. DAILY . t. , . SO{lh"'�more Play committee i� "Cobb ;�:" at 10;30 today. Cha'/cl Assembly, Senior College mf!I.\ and women, Mandel at 10:30, _'_ \ \ . • L � , I '­ .' lL'"�� . , \ . . sharp, .J Editor __ . -aM' .. THt�·'-i>AI� y:: ¥��90N,·. TtJl!SPAV, .FEBRUARY at, i --'--. --::.....�...!_.__LS_:;__. _ Prom' committees:� except decora' " .:::. L.. ', ...; -- -". - ..: .. ----- lion. )l'leet ,at 2;45 p.� m, . ;: '" GAR. GOY L E'T T Eo S � W. �:·A.:�eservauons must he paid .. � ... - -_ ..... _ •• ... :J,. for by Wednesday. Mr� Robertson's Classes Start Plan of H��ing Authors Speak Be, £Rr.e. Them-e-Others to- Comc. "Absence makes thc heart grow fonder" ( Somewhere in some book J read. Stayed away from class to wander Over to the club instead: 13ut the absence from the class, Teddy says I cannot pass. Absence makes the--face grow longer, University of Chicago, incoJP.)rate4. . SUllle expression of the apprecia­ uon of tile student body is due the Delta Ups ilon fraternity for allowing .SO· (nan), ,oitts,iders to have parts ill 'the Dramatic club's casts . j:,u, D{Jcior Johnson, official pees­ �UI'C 113,. 'not been brought to bear OD us. We . have left ycur' name out lately' because too much - publitity · somte times defeats its end. OUf' 01'­ : iginal aim ' .. as mildly to rebuke- you, 'II' It · ... �p�(;it you. . .1 �. , * * * .. ANNO·:UNCEMENTS. , University holiday Wednesday. . Chapel Assembly, Junior.' Collezc . I � men and women Mandel' at ' lO:jl}, Thursday. Le CercIe de Conversation. F-ran­ caise meets in Lexington 8, to 4 p. fll. Thursday. . Count Albert AI? PQoyi,. formcrly H urig arian Minister of education will -peak In Mandel on University. Peace at 4 p, Ill. Thursday. . Masonic Smoker in Hitchcock club rr-orns, Thursday evening. Sophomore Dance postponed from Fri4�Y next to Saturday. Ttac Score Club dance which was ; ori�inally scheduled for March 4 has . l)ecn postponed until Saturday March 11, on account of conflicting dates. Blackfriars dancing class, Thursday, .. ;45·8 ;45. ins ted of Wednesday, Reyn­ olds club theater, i9Jf: FOR' THE:. :�PROM .. FLOVvERS .. Violets, Orebids, . LOy of tbe Valley,· Roses Special Corsage. Boquets rmest arrangements. Most Reasonable price for finest flowers. * * * * . · .-\,s· to the Bui lding and Grounds ,Jcpartment's reward for the best plan i for building sidewalks, we" may say · .: l >t hat 'our 'plan .is to abolish the depart: l'llcnt. :�c ate instit�tionally in ���r ���������������������������������� : of such a move under all circum. r. tan- , l'CS, .anyway. . ENGLISH 40 TO HEAR ,: ) ....... - .r . 1Ii:'* * * /' MR. HAMLIN GARLAND' i.�t"��e'C�p�;md Gown have. it plcaa. r' \V alt�r:' -Kennedy, handi ng R�er� .Long a-Ieft-over cigar-4'Have 'OIM;Qft · these cigars,',RogY' . I' i H.oget.;�::}·Thanks� Looks like, a, saw I · log, though:" - \Valt.":':'··WeU it' is Three. O.uartcrs Club." .... . Pi- S.�lf Gargoyl.ett� WOD'\ use this pass �it' aJong to:Cap and. Gown. . . -: : H.A, L. Assistant Professor: Robertson';' · English 40 class is going to give ,� oanquet some Tuesday o£ next month, and have as the guest' of the evening, Mr. Han'din Garland,' the noted Chi- * * * * cago author.. He will not only �d- From an English I 'Theme. dn"s!i the members of the class, but The shaggy, gray_ eyebrows" the dffjrt will: bc made to have the iri- . \\'iue. '. Lcnc\-olent mouth, and tht".; · c'.h-idual members. of the class meet. ...qucar chin, all contributed to ma� lJinl l,tc!sonally. If the affair proves iug his' features' look stroDg a.ad_l :'\l�,essful, other notcd literary men hlocky. His- light, 'blue eyes n!ll!!lll#. I ceased .' to bl! able to shoc't fire:.; _d. I J)f Cbicago win be invited to address . ralh, . He ha� rte.ver attended" �l; I · and to mect the .members of the .class� IJUt :fil\'c (lr SIX wm�ers., be CO�lmYe. . In ('rdcr to let those who atre not "thc :'nallle, capital and chief. �w:s, 'of going to spccialize in English .mect eYery country o( tlle g!�.: .. The .• h�ppi�st hours.?r' his ,ol�h ag�: :were the mcn hi��er �p in the departmen{, I "1*'nt. 'with l1is most. ��:i·servant, . :\ssi�ta�t }!ro{(ssor Robertson h�s �i;... Li� \�i((r.s�.. �h; gav�':�e;1ior�e .gra� sued in"itations to many of thcm to 1m1111Y "t1U1(!S a day.:tUc1 'spent,· sleepless !-peak to the class. Profe,:ssor Hcr' l:ours in curryi{lg:·'.off:.-t�e '3Jiimat " :,ric� is I going. to addrcss the cJas'S 'On Friday, March. 3, and Professor Man" iy has also signified his intentions. '0£ :-peaking. . " NO BLACKFRIAR DECISION The tI.;,.tlon s,��gest!dli� ·�te'atiolnrii :t ··Sl..tp'�r-professoI':! . Faint recol� ic:r�� of :·high·,· ·scl1t\�\ latin tell\ 'U! ··5.up.er':··means '�bov�'! "more -aatb The' !\ation's, sugge�on: is imDOs- "'i.b!�, ..' Xn. we do not need '. honor .mnts. '''Capturing Calypso" Music Is Not • * *.'. .,' Yet Chosen by Judges. _. The foll�wing: 'sl\OW� h0v! 'ther�., j 1lJ:lY he w�\'s an�� ways of gettmg ou J Thc lllusic r.ommittce is still unable nf it: ' J' . to n!akc a final s.�leclio .. n of the songs )f'�ISS lkcc':,er.;_Are you going \0 for this year's. Blackfr.jar s.how frou:. Y' .Ie 'Pront, �'iS5 Green? :,1110ng the many submit.tcd. Muctl '<�i . �liss Grcc-n--No. You �'!ekm�'aunt !11e matcrial submittedl bas, be�p . ;;.; ·"i\·in� :t week-end at Labe . harest . ,clilll- . ;- 1 promised long ago to e t ere. :l1:ltCtl from the C1.lm�': atl(l ... k d :titcrc still rcmaiu:'\ u�te .' .lion, but ?f:s'" Dcechel"-\Vell, I wasr� t as(,e. 'from whic,h tp �n'�� . tl:al� cno�ttl; (lther. * * *.... ) ;.Iatc f�'I'I th� I!!i-� . th\! c.,Olce. .L mitts:c l,a� 1P;-' • meetir.g of the com- i Th�'��: k- • "'ct been fixed. I . l'1'" ,J d (�1';�' : • till a chance for a goo � � So�fY to win a place in thc. �.0 "'I'lng .to the menibcrs ot JW. accor< . hc committce. .ve "Thcrc i:-; a lack of good Chica;;) 'd D . d AHan Robcrt.,(\n, er of "on�:-;:' sal aVI . .&) .' k' f the mattcr ycslerda), In spea 'mg (I / . d' ne to the com- .- n(1 we wI�l a 1ntt 0 l�:ti�ion cvcn though submittcd at ,. d H wc do not tnlS late ate. owe\'cr, f,""otbal1 '>leacher song, but a \"ant a 'J meets goOod. typical Chicago marching ni<;c()\'(�ry of t11c meanest man and 'oman nIl the campus have been Te­ �ort�{l t(\ u<;. He �ho does �ot "m(\ke hut who filled hIS pockets with . t the Reynolds club smokcr, cI�d"\r:,,: who repairs to the English �i�)r�� .... ' (';lrly ;n the afteI'!10on, takes i�11t . or nine hooke; and SIts on the: �'�e rc�t (If tlle. day, are those w 0 'l,'a1�fy fnr the utle. * • • • �ong." Tn Contributors. fo; our c:;ake. TlO mo�e puns! 'Pk���. * * * *. . To Jimmy TuohY� philosopher " Doc<:n't it al�o "hate t�e Dut�lh , .. d vent' a- hr.\'.' lecturec:; on ',ousJn� an h t ;;, :1 arc �i\'('n in lec��lre TOO�S td�' ";, ,.(' not 1)('en '\'e�t..t1�,ted r .:tlle- :111£1 £c;1 ccnturu�s. :\ n('W woman's dormitory whic�1 will make. it possible for Corncll �01- \'crs;t\, to furni�h rooms fnr practical­ lyall- the \\"0111('n taking CO\1r�cs hcr� ""', heen made po:-�ible hy .a gltt ot ... � � $�\IO,Ot)O frOI11 2\lr:;. Ru",<;cl1 �a�c. '; * * * '1- ,'I' �p('l tiP-an.... an rumors that to I f th pur' Ih;� ('(,I�':�lIl i, p\1hli .. h('� .01' e fe� 10-C ()£ inrni"hin!! puhhC1ty to.a • �(,llior�. wc llcrehy hal' mention h: thi, colmnn for the ne'Xt month t followin�: '.1 N. c.J Earle. Aleck �('\' H:lhlrt(J�e. 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Spalding tl Bros_\ THE SP ALDING are the largest Trade Mark Manufacturers n the world of 50_36 Is Score of Varsity Track Meet at Urbana-Freshman Score .7 __ The lllini proved too strong for Chicago Jast Saturday. Both the Var· :"ity and track teams went down to REHEARSE W. A. A. PLAY defeat at the track at Urbana. the WITH THE QRCHESTRA Varsity score being 50·36 and the Freshman score 47.22. Illinois' su- Mias Florence HUDD in :part-Dif(er- perior strength in second and thirds . ent Vaudeville Stunta ·Roundin& was decisive. Davenport won the Into Shape-BiC Ticket Sale. quarter. Kuh, the hurdles and Menaul the shot put. Captain Rogers and "A Midway Local." and the stunts Coyle tied with Murphy of Illinois which make up the W .. A. A. vaude­ Ior first in the pole vault. The relay \·ill� performance were rehearsed 'went to Chicago. yesterday with the Depew orchestra The summaries: tor the first time. Florence Hunn Summaries of the Meet. was assigned the part- of Miss Spurn- - --- :l5 yard Varsity dash. first heat- em in the play, but. otherwise no Won by Earle. Chicago; Yapp, III i- changes. will be made in the cast. nois, second. Time-04 3_5. Some local touches were worked. into Second heat-Won by Seiler. Llli- the jymnasium office scene over Sun­ nois ; Earle. Chicago. second; Yapp, day and came out" well at practice. Illinois, third. Time-:04 3·5. The stunts rehearsed seem to stand 40 yard Varsity high hurdles. first a.. good chance of taking with a Chi­ heat-Won by Kuh, Chicago; Drake. cago audie�ce. Three of them are l ilinois, second. Time-:06 1_5. farces of .U:lin.:rsity life seen on the Second heat-Won by Whiting. Chi 'campus at Northwestern and in Jap- cago ; Merriman. Illinois. second. an. ··A Tokio Two·bagger'· will be Time-:05 4..5. put 011 by . Marguerite .Swawite. illus­ Final heat-Won by Kuh, Chicago; tr�tillg 'the amazing versatility of Chi­ Merriman. Illinois. second; Drake. c�·gC; baseball players abroad. Irene Illinois, third. Time-:05 4-5. Hastings, Paula Burke, AugUsta Swa: 440 yard Varsity run-Won by Dav- wite and ·Anita Bailey wilt' = in 'this en port. Chicago; Cortis, Illinois. sec- !;kit. ond; Hunter, Illinois. third. Time- "The Compact Sealed," listed as a ;5:l 2.5. !>t.-rio-comic tragedy. was rehearsed 1 mile Varsity run-Won by Cope, y¢sterd�y by Florence C�tlin �nd P�u­ Illinois; Rohrer, Illinois, second; la Burke. This proved to be a mIX- Long. Chiago, third. Time-4:41. 't�re of songs; dance imitations and. M80 yard Varsity run-Won by Bar- good advice as the design of, 2; �ni­ ron. Illinois; Timblin. Chicago. sec- versity seal. This stum was l\-ntten ond; Herrick, Illinois, third. 'Time-« by Miss Catlin al\1 Belly Burke, . 2;03 1·5. A Spanish dance glVl;1l by Bess Shot put. Varsity-Won by Menanl. Courtright and a Blackfriar Terpsic­ Chicago. distance 42 fed � Inches ; horean :· .: take·�ff by ·G�rtrude Perry Belting. llinois, second 40 feet 4 in-, �'cre. also tri�d out o� the �.13ndel ches, Sprin, Illino�s, hi rd .. 39 ��eMt. ,�l:\gc;.�,�-A do dance i'_l .w�c:. C�r- \. Hig� j�mv Varslty-:-�o.�:�r .. _., <;>"-, .\o�te�.g��s. R th .�er�dl, .: y:a e. m, 11hn01s; Bebb. IllinoIs! .. �nC!. M.�n-, .Harriett �age.. V lr�nl1a Huddn�, and aut. Chieago,' tied.for se'�oiia.i\lieikllt,' C(:;i�-Rinkins':b�ay�:: tiee·,. trainee!· by . oj feet 9 1_4 inches." ' �� ...... _ ' ).,isl,!tlub·an ,.�� ·also practic�d. The Two mile Varsity run-WOB, .QY ... \ixth .unt onjthe program Will be an Bulard. Illinois; Burw�h. llin?is. ElI8{�sh song lui4 �a��� ,by Josephine �c;.cund; Carpenter •. q����,., .th��d.;� $.p�nd Janf Graft':' . Tlm�O:08_. : � .. ;,.� .�_; l- � '.i'tJ.'ht ,.printed, scores. ·of the musrc of Varsity relay rac�Won by Cblca- .:"'t�nt$. 'and playlets.·were far enough go, - . �'.'"'.:-: :-- r, I . d:van'ced today to be· w;ed by the or- Pole vauIt-WOJil· by. Murphy. Illin- ;hestra:·. In addition to the music ois, Roarers anci_Coyle, Chicago� tiede, ... nti,.candy ·which win be sold at the Height-ll feet 4 ���. .v.\\ldeville Frid�y night it has been FraJunan . _�ummarieL �"anged to have cn sahi: pesters. of 40 yard Freshman high hurdles-:- . the central figure of the posters whIch Won Costard, Illinois; Harrison, 1111- il::!ve advertis�d the show- This fig­ nais. second. Time-:06• ure will be done in red on tan and 60 yard Freshma� dash- W �n by �epia background. Matthews, Chicago; Forbes, ChIcago, . The sale·,of seats has been excellent, second. Time-:04�. -a.��ihk·: to Effie Hewitt, advertis- 1 mile Freshman run-Wo� �Y; .ir.i����ger. and the W. _A. A. feels Wright, lllinois; BelkPal." 11hnols, � <ertalD of coming out With a large second. Time-4:49 2-5.. balance JAits favor. 440 yard Freshman run-Won by ltkr .. R�bertson. who watched the Sanders, Illinois; Maxwell, Chicago. rehearsal of the �how yesterday said �econd. �ime-:54. thai"the prettiness of the play and the. �80 y,hl Freshman: ��Won b!. Kra.c�ful. dances !iceined to him to be Hendedotl. Illinois; SpItznagel, 1111- the most emphatic feature of the play. nois, second. Time-2:09 2·5. _ Mr: Robertson was also m�ch please� Shot pat, Freshman-Won by.Scru with the �Chicago Marching .SOng� by. Chicago; and Nor�en: Chicago. n the last act and expresse� his bebef second; distance, 41 feet 4 lDches. . that tbe audience on the night of the High pump, Freshman��ri�ce, 1,,11- pl�y would find it to their liking. nds. and Cheney, illinOIs, tied. . Height--5 jed 6 inches. I DRAMATIC CLUB REHEARSAL Pole vault-Won by Harrison. ll1i· AT FOUR THIS.APTERNOON nois; Norgren, Chicago. second- Height-9 feet 10 inches- Freshman relay race-Won by Illi- OFFICIAL EQUIPMENT ... � is known throu, for all Athletic ghout the world as a. Guarantee of Quality. 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American Factory Rebuilt" meana a cJau· of Qpcwritera. Acia _ no other. coocem does or caD nbaild L� we d •. It is Ullclatibiaa tenD used tf) . cliatiDpiab our mac:hiDa from the creat mua of Qpcwrit .. wbida He ottered aDder the DUDe ARndt._" It meua that if �11 bQ aD ., �CUl Rebuilt Tnewritr' of U7 make.. �11 wiD· &et • FACTORY nl;lIilt machlD.. nbailt with __ �nta; Dot ODe tbat. baa heeD � repaired aDd bed .;. ill aD ordi­ nary aboP. bat OM. equal to Dew in �ca1 q.alit7. We paruatee· every machiDe we..o for ODe year, aDd alao pat_ antee the title.. Steam C(Jntrol of Humidity. Reducing Valves for Air, Water, i inl Watc.:r Tank Regulators, \ JObn:.O: E�e:. Ce. Chicago Office, 93 Lake Street Chicago Kent College of LAW 1·.(' a la�Y4'r. (:00<1 la'llf)'f'T'!I a� h. �t Ih·ml1nl1. lIijtht':Ct ral.1 rror�lon. �inlt Cf1I1TS(·". Ot';=T('t' 1 •. I •• n. in thrff ,. ...... "Lars. I',t an<1 h�t l'quippffi �·f'nhoC La. SchOf\l :t, thr worlil. WI' finti l>OlIitionl' In la. of· (,,·r;l lor hunllrrll!1 or stutit'ntfl Yf'arl,. .0 thl'" may urn f'ltJ'4'n!l� while workinc' for :l .ll'::rrl'. It:aft' ('loRnN' ror amhitions ,.oUDtt TTl!'n. !'orn,l f.lf FrN' �.t.IOInIf'. "ti1f1?le CHICAGO KENT COLLEGE OF LAW. 1f\O! 140 Ol'arhnrn �trf'f't. I �··'!lre R" ,m'. :); E. VaG Bllrco St.., CbicalO nois. URGES STUDENTS TO T��NK The Dramatic club will meet this afteriioon at four o'clock for the first rehearsal of Shaw's "You Never Can Tell':' . �hich the club is to produce 'n ah8ut a month .. Two of the memo hers �f the cast are unable to take I'art, onc because of sickness: and one because of ineligibility. It IS un­ ('erstood that new performers wi�l be �e1ected at this afternoon's meetlDg: "Everyone must be on time," saId Pr�sirlent . Baukhage. ··Coach Sted­ man's time is limited, and we can ac­ complish nothing unless we are prompt. The rehearsal will be at £Cur o'clock. All members of the ca .. t and \inderstudies must be pres- cot." Dr. Hendenon TeUa Junior lien Not to Act Hastil7. American W rltl"g MaC/line Co. Established more tha. ., y .... The Original Type" riter Exchange .... ,.UQ>-..kor ... L .'''� .. te __ aILIIF'I3_ � '9 Dnrbom Strert. Chicago Telephoae Hurl,o. ... "The longest way round is the be�t way after all," said Dr. Henderson 10 alldressing the Junior college �n' yesterday morning at chapel exercls· es. He urged the men not to ma�e: and carry out plans that are made 1n a hurry •. because this reason of�en orevents young men from secunng �esponsible positions. . � "TCl make plans in a hurry IS a SIgn of a feeble mind." said Dr. Hender' sr.n, ··and it is often best to follow the old saying that if you have Ave I!!!! UTILE ART CORNER 1528 E. Slat ST. I Arts and Crafts Goods THE ... LAC E TO BUY YOUR GIFTS Patronize Maroon Advertisers. The Daily Maroon is your college paper. Support it. J. D. 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FLOWERS- We have been fortunate in secur­ ing Lubliner and Trintz, the famous downtown florists to seek University of Chicago patronage. We recom­ mend them heartily to you. They are located at 44 E. Randolph st., next to Marshall Field's. You all know Mc­ Adams, 53rd and Kimbark ave., handles only flowers of rare beauty. Don't forget him. These two florists should do all the Prom business. They merit your patronage. KID GLOVES. TIES, SHIRTS, HOSE, etc.,-Silverman and Son 1125 E. (:lrd st., AI. Schlossman 1008 Eo 6�rd st., and M. Rothschild and .Co., Jackson blvd. and State st., will sup' rty your wants in this particular. PATENT LEATHER BOOTS and PUMPS-Carson Pirie Scott and Co., State and Madison ·Sts., are of­ fering them at reduced prices now. President Judson Will Preside at Meeting in Mandel. ILLINOIS:- .:: WILLIAM GILL�TTE in his four act drama "SECRET SERVICE" Unequaled Fountain Drinks. The Christian League of the Uni­ \ crsity announces Vespers, to be held I'';''t Sunday at oj o'clock in Mandel ha ll. President Judson will preside at this meeting and music will be fur­ nished by : the quartet �·h.:il' of the Hyde Park Baptist church. The address of the occasion will be g. vcn by Charles Whitney Gilkey, Pastor of the Hyde Park . Baptist cimrch on the subject: "The Religion of Students." He is a graduate of Harvard, and after three years at Un­ ien Theological Seminary in New York City spent two years in .Ger·. many. He is a profound student of the difficulties that college men meet in their thinking upon religious sub­ jects, and he will discuss the subject in all its phases. Mr. Gilkey has come to this pastor­ ate only recently. EMPRESS. 63reS aneS C�-�:!:I?:�h! {-:e�-;1t'4Te1. Normal '53 Direction .SulIivan lie Conwiae. L. I. l\tontaillC", Manaan Direct From Drury Lane Theater -London. THE SALAMBOS "The Wonders of the Scientfic World." 2 Shows Ni£htly. Daily Mrtinec:s 1000 Reserved Sea:. at 10 and.7o cents 6-Capttvating Featuro Aet&-6 Percent- lost age. 2 .1';S 2 .667 1 .6G1 4 .500 3 .500 7 4 ORDERS FILI;ED BY PHONE 4 3 SHIPPED ANYWHERE .429 4 3 .2:iO • 143 4 2 T59 State St. 184 Michigan Ave . 179 La Salle Street. 6 1 Peft'atin� Minnesota by the score "i 22 to I;: last Saturday in Bartlett, the :\1;.roo11:; came up to a tie for rourth place in the Conference stand­ ;I�;';. The last week has been one of gn�at surprises to the followers of the ;..:-ame. To begin with. Northwestern, con- <idcrcd the weakest team in the Con­ icrcnce, in a complete reversal ot :'( •• 111 won over Minnesota by the -r ore -of 21 to 18. Minnesota then journeyed to Lafayette where they achieved the distinction of being the tirst team to stop the Purdue cham­ !:ions. Then the following night, the -Ifcct of the hard trip was seen in Chicago's victory, superior speed and t ca 111 \ v ork being t.ne decisive factor. Meanwhile Illinois was being beat­ '_'I} by Indiana. Then Purdue met the -ccond defeat by losing to Illinois. : . .wa found little trouble in winning over Northwestern, in spite of the latter's defeat of Minnesota. The rapid succcssion of victories and de­ i(.·ats left the dopesters completely 'ba llcd up." 1 t now looks like Wis­ r onsin will have more than 3 fighting chance for the Conference champion' -hip. Incidentally, it may please some . .)i the Chicago rooters to figure out i hc Maroon's chances. Maroons Will Win. BLACKSTONE !)A VID BELASCO Presents DAVID WARFIELD -IN- The Return of Peter Grimm ,'.i I .. Flowers for the Prom I I, Corsages of Orchids Corsages of Lny of the VaIley Corsages of Violets CorsageS of Sweet Peas LYRIC URGES KILLING OF FLY Sam and Lee Schubert, Inc. announces LULU GLASER in the greatest operatic success of her artistic career "THE GIRL AND THE KAISER" Professor Hodge Has Device for Ex­ ·tennination of Pest. A. McADAMS The "vacuum cleaner" method as opposed to the "feather duster" -cheme for exterminating flies was presented by Professor C. T. Hodge "j Clark University, in his lecture yesterday on, "The Extermination of the House Fly." Professor Hodge staled that there are over 500,000 cases of intestinal diseases, and GO,OOO deaths resulting irom them annually, the existence of: which must be blamed upon the house' fly, As a means of exterminating the pest, Professor Hodge presented two' plans: a fly trap which he has inven­ red and the use of poisons. 'The de-: ·:ice invented by him is attachable to - windows and garbarge cans and the number of flies it can catch is limi­ te d only by the number of flies in the neighborhood, he says. I .. Poisons are an excellent extermin­ ator of flies," he stated, "especially in dry weather, when you can covet a barn floor. with a carpet of dea�,' .lies:' I NEW ART 'CLUB TO BE FORMED i I University Art Students Will Or�L ize At Meeting Toclay. ! . I i An Art club has been organized. A meeting of women stude�ts wa� held recently at the School o'f Edu­ cation .. For some time the art stu­ dents have been desirous of forming such a. club, its object will be the i'urtheril�g of social iriter�otirse and of informal discussion 'between all those interested in art, as wel! as the arrangement of group visits to vari, r-us places of artistic' importance. it' was not until this week that definite plans were made. The movement has gained the cooperation an:<i appr�val 'If Dr. Sargent, head· of the Art de­ partment anr the rest of flu: art f�c­ I1lty. ! ' All students taking courses in eith­ er Fine Arts or Industrial Arts are t'rged to be present and -are eligible �r, �1tggcst any idea which might :be ,-,f assistance in organizing the clul). 53rd St. and Kimbark Ave, Phone H. P. 18 � , .' , GARRICK Forbes-Robertson in THE PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK ------- -- - - - POVVER�.· T��ANY OU'f-DOOR SPORT Don't you feel there would be greater enjoyment i:l the game if you could seo .. �ily and more clearly than now? Perhaps your vision couldn't be im­ pi-ovecL There's satisfac­ tion in luiowing that. Per­ haps tinted lenses are to be w:orn only during out­ . do�r. ,life to. protect yoUr eye. and prevent those .. headache .. " Charles Frohman Present KYRLE BELLEW in the best of c�! detective plays RAFFLES 1'1 GRAND Chicago meets Illinois next Fri- ·<lay in Bartlett. 1£ a victory is scored, the Maroons hope for a final spurt with chances e v en for winning most of the concluding games. Wis­ con sm plays in Bartlett, March 4. Minnesota follows a week later; the last game is with Northwestern.' If the Maroons win these last four Fames, Purdue loses the three more tn play, and \Visconsin loses to Chi­ cag o, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana, the Maroons will be awarded the Conference charnpiorixhip for the iourth consecutive year.' How irn- probable, this is, however. is readily seen. But because Wisconsin's t.:'amcs arc largely away from home, lurduc's away from home, and Chi­ c:.g-o·s on the Bartlett floor, the prob­ ;"Lilities for f�rther complication are strong, . . I 'Chicago Defeats Minnesota. 1 The game with Minnesota Satur- day was featured by the speed and team work . of the Chicago team. (lose guarding prevented the visitors from getting in effective work. The :\iaroons smothered their. opponents time after time, and worked together .r; winning spirit. Minnesota seemed unable to solve the. Chicago defense. This had been prepared especially to meet Minneso­ ta', style of play and proved success­ ful. The Gophers put up a plucky g;&mc, tired a:, they were from the t\\"o gruelling contests in two pre­ ccdjng nights, and are to be praised fO)r the war the team stuck to the ia�t. lighting to win. At one time they appro�chcd wihin a few points (,f the :\faroon lead in the se0nd half hut a :-I'urt by Sauer and Paine drew the score way from dan�er. Lawler, j, ,r the yi:-;it(Jrs played a hard game, I'!lt obtained only one out of ten free t);row�. For the Maroons, Sauer played his 1l,t1:d heady. con�islcnt game. He ,h-opped the fuul baskets with regul· :: � ,ert:l.inity. Illi:-;sing hut one. Painc -0---- L YM P C ----- I :d<:.o played a great game, ohtaining I I :(lnr tield baskets. In the second half, Geo. M. Cohans I :hrl\l'zh injurecl, he gamely played on, GET.RICH-QUICK l ;..:ctting a clever basket just before WALLINGFORD t17;1e was called. MR. GEORGE ARLISS in the new comedy of intrigue "DISRAELI" in Louis N. Pareker. STUDEBAKER N. Watry·tl Co. OPTICIANS. 99-101 Randolpb Street RUTH ST. DENIS and -19 other dancers. Orchestra of 30. '., r For the Prom EIGHT DOLLAR OPERA HAT CORT -: " : .1 I ; ;' $5.00 Comedy Ten Strike Henry W. Savage Offers Henry Kolker in "THE GREAT NAME" j ;'" : ! , 1 � . . � � : CLASSIFIED ; .. . ADVDlTlSEMEN'IS I I RatH-- Three lines for 25 cents. I Silt words to the line. I �i"� ��rtions for the price o� four .. No advertisement taken fOf leu I than 25 cent&. . Cub must accompany order. I· ! : , .I ! i .: i i ! i �; . ( � � I' • I i � p. f �. ; . f .:. · , f • · . · . LA SALLE THE GIRL I LOVE "The Best Comic Opera in the City." WHITNEY DAVE .LEWIS I i Wanted-University women to do i Stenography work during spare I time after classes. Call at W. c.1 Kern and Co., l:nh'ersity of Chi-· cag<' Branch, 1304 E. 5ith St. sf 17. IS. 21. 22. This hat cannot be equaled for less than $8.00. Latest style Ot­ t;..a..aC:' Opera hats for young mm "Our Price, $5.00 Arthur's Hat Store 183 Dearborn Street. 76 Madison Street I 8t E. Van Buren Street. ------------------------1 in "DONT LIE TO YOUR WIFE" Thursday, Shoppers Matinee. Entire House Soc. All seats reserved. CO LON IAi ... ---- : ' I � . JOS. M. GAITES ! ' presents The mUfoical and humorous treat of � • to A 11. the news of the campus in The Daily Maroon. BARTLETT READY FOR THE EIGHTEENTH PROM I I , . the season. "KATIE DID'" '. :� : . : I � C It; � . '. ,Continuecl frolll'paae t> MEDICAL SERVICE McVICKERS Whitlicld, chairman, Herb�rt G. Hop­ kin�, Donald T. Grey, Ethel Kawin, :\Iary Louise, Nena \Vilson. Print!ng Committee-R. Boynton r:ogers, chairman, \Villiam K uh, Ed· ith Prinde"ille, Herman R. Kern. There will be a meeting of al1 the c(.mmittces in Bartlett at 2:45 this aftt'rnoon. lmportant matters will he (!io:tI��ecl. 1',,1. n. I· ... � .. :;. I:M'. Tel Onk :!!):.:, GEO. W. I. BROWN, M. D. '·r;,..t!,'i' IImlt,'cl to cll�e:l�(''' of 11;(, J-;n,;. :SOloiF. ,\:SO TIIRO,\T n ... u� !l h 12 :1. m.. 2 to r. p. ':1. f�\'(,IlII1S:!I :111,1 �lIl1'I:l�'" hy nppolntnll';.I. 'In.·f'. �llil(' H. ,��o K f" .. 1r� �t. :So \Y. ('"r. J,llllh:lrk .\'·fl .• �'llrllJ:o. T.I.· 4.'145 R. P. Rn. Tf'I. � R. P. DR. EMORY M. LOTTS THURSTON DJI!:STt�T The Great Magician. omre :So W. Cor. G.1rlt St. nn,l "Imbnrk A\"e. SuIte H. ClJIrngo. pRINCESS : . ", . ERNEST VON POSSART GERMAN REPERTOIRE '. ... The American and Chinese cotlege :-fudcnt:; in Pekin recently formed The American College Men's Club of l"orth China. Re a loyal !tudent and subscnbe ,r T",. f'1ily �hr"('T!