e Price Five Cents a:I·1 '£'00' n !i :; . '. '1." � , • .. - .'; . . , : . .,'. N '''!- _ ', .... : � .. � ..... �.. ; , • • �I' UXIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, SATuRDAY, 'FEBRUARY'i8;' 1911. MIrfRtWJ4�FJVEHEKtONlGHT. ,.HELSON PRESENTS NEW COLOR THEORIES Minnesota plays the Maroons to­ night in Bartlett. The+game is the first test of strength, between the two teams this season; It will be a hard �(_mght game. The Chicago lineup will be: Sauer and Goettler, forwards; Paine, center; Bell and Fulkerson, guards. Minnesota will' line up with Lawler and, Frank, forwards; Walk­ er. center, and Rosenwald and Robil., liard, guards .. Light practice was ·the order yester­ day, the team' working on basket practice, with a little signal drill. All the men are in good shape and are ready for the game of their lives. H ope and determination has featured the practice. of-the team 'all week. If the men put up tbe· game that they have been playing recently, the con­ test should be' a thrilling one. Gophers Beat: Purdue. Minnesota' comes to Bartlett with the distinction of-having been the first Conference team to break Purdue's 'Winning. streak. In .the game played on Purdue's door Thursday night, the Minnesota team were credited with a victory by four. .points, the score standing 19 to 15.·. -The game was sig­ 'n;tlcant in showing- that Minnesota s"tould not. be judged .on the .merits • of the Northwestern-defeat.. NEW MEMBERS· TAKE SEATS New Council ,Organized-Vote Thanlts for Retiring Members. The seven, ne",ly ele,cted members oi the Undergraduate council took their seats yesterday afternoon at the regular meeting, of the: council. No reorganization of the entire council took place but the J uDior council held a meeting, and elected .. J ames Dono· van chairman, and Cora Hinkins sec- retary. Routine matters were taken up, no new business being brought up, since it was the first meeting in the new administration. The· time for the wt"ekly meetings was unchanged and !he meetings wilI' continue to be held on Friday afternoon at 3 o'colck in Cobb 13B. The newly ele:ted members of the: council are: William A. Warriner, Jr. Robert W. Baird. Adelaide Roe, Gt'or�e Kuh. Cora Hinkins. Ernest ;�eichmann and Leonard Xeighhour. The (lutJ.:oing memhers are Richard Tc.'ic!:;::racher, Kent Chandler and Margaret Mitchell. The council passed a vote of thanks te, the outgoing me�bers for their work in the last ye�r and extended tf) them an invitation to attend any :f the future· meetings. Certain undergraduates _at Brown �re planning to - h'ol�f a' dehate in French. They. expect. to recei\'e hoth oratorical ;i'rid Frenth crcdit for their efforts. S��: -, AT SCIENCE MEETING ! i i ! 1 j ; DECORATION �COMMITTEE WORKING IN EARNEST S�art in .. EuellliYe Work for Senior Pro.... Sclaedaled for Tues­ day·Night.; . Al.L 'COUPONS NOT TURNED IN Stubs Have to Be Turned in Before L:.a.1ce-Grand March Will Start Promptly at Nine. Yesterday the Prom decoration I', -mmittee began work in earne s, and alrvady the gymnasium is beginning to assume a different appearance. ,:\1- cck Whitfield who has charge of the d'surations this year says that thc l'lIllllllittee are all working hard and will have something to show for their dTorts next Tuesday night. l'l« .. ' big feature in the way of deco­ rations this year will be the illumina., tel! Senior pin which will shine forth at one end of the hall over the booth of the patronesses. The pin, which takes the form of an elongated "C' with the numerals .' 11" inside, is wel l :'dapted to such a decorative use, and will be attractive and unusual. Plenty of Decorations. .-\s for the rest of the decorations, the silk canopy, the flags, and the •• rch of flowers, they are beginning to take shape, and promise to justify the must sanguine of the decorative art­ ist». The two booths at either end of the hail will be reserved for the pa­ tronesses and for alumni. Thc deco­ rations for the patronesses' booth will be furnished by the Score club. They have 11::>t begun' their work yet, but have promised to be responsible for the construction of a rather clabo, rate booth. Start Promptly at Nine. Promptly at nine o'clock the grand , march will start, led by S. Edwin Earle and Miss Geraldine Urown, whiit; the left wing will be headcd by Lyrus LeRoy Baldridge and Miss Mollie R. Carroll. The leaders assert emphatically lhdt the march will com' mence at nine o'clock, regardless oi \\ hether or not any dancers are there. It i:. �xpccted, howcver, that the promenaders will be on time, as the Ciuthorities declare that the bi� dance llIust close at three o·c1ock. At mid' night the company will adjourn to H Ulchillson Commons to partake of the supper prepared by Caterer Smiley. The leaders of the dance and �he patronesses will be seated at the hea,J lable. After the supper there will be fifteen more dances, and then the Prom will come to an end. The l'inance committee have an' nounced that the men are slow about handing in t�eir coupons. O,!ly Ninety·Five Stubs in. "Out of the hundred and tifty who !'iglled;' said Xed Earle yesterday, ··(,niy ninety-hve have turned in their (Ouj>ons. The Finance committee are inclined to be wrathy about the mat­ ttT. It was clearly explained that the (.'onpons were to be handed in by Fri­ elay, whetlu!r or not accompanied by Iw'ney. Men who have neglected thi:; nlU�t sel! to the matter at once:' REYNOLDS CLUB CAUCUS WILL COME TUESDAY AFTERNOON \\ ith the nominating caucus Tuesday �itanoon at 3 o'c1ock, the anllual (.·:�Illpa;gn for the Reynolds club clec' til "ns will be begun, and nominations i. ,r all the oOices will be made Tue�' (iay. Th� election will be held in the rIlIh March 3. There arc 52,456 students enrolled in the universities of Germany this ,Year. C�MO?OUTANEVENTTONIGHTT TRACK TEAMS JouINEY: -�- International Entertainment Will Be' I TO CHAMPAIGN t'fODAY Held in Mandel Hall Tonight- .. Norwegian Ballads the Feature- Fre.uw.. ad Vanity, ._., IIIiDoia Japanese and Chinese in Program. TeUII in DuI Co.-.IIeet, Coasidered CritiaL ,nable them to snow the Maroons (·ut the program. nnder as they have been able to do Program. in the last three meets at Champaign. Opening address ... Louis P. Lochner L ncler ordinary circumstances the General Secretary Association of Cos- ,c.'ams :.Iwuld be within five points of Illopt.llitan club. ea.:h other at the close of the meet, \"ung Kum, Chinese harp •...... with th\! chances favoring Illinois fOI •.................... Suychung Ho the wihning side. Hope in Return Meet. J f the team fails to bring home \'ictory from Champaign, the men are ,�nlident oi their ability to get reo Hnge when the Illini come to Bart· lett. The learns seem to be fairly .vl'll balanccd with the advantage of the home track in Illinois' favor. A victory tonight would even the C('nnt en l1l<.;ets won, and the prob' ;.bJc result of the meet at Chicago wouid then be to give Chicago the '(ad on meets won and points taken, which is now held by l11inois. The men are determined to live up to Mr. Stagg's prediction and do the h('�t there is in them. Reports from IUinoi� Seller i!' figured to have the best of It in the dash. but Chicago is con' ceded th(' olher two places. The Ma- n,l11:, arc gi\'en the lirst two place!' in tl,(' 11I1nll('... �'('rrim:1n c()untin� third. LaHIl))I,q i:- cvncl<.h.d )",ti. the <]uartl'r and the half, with Illinois 7'('n J..!('ttin� the majority of the re­ mainin� points. Murphy firq and (�ral am third ill the pole-\'ault look �ooc1 to :m 11Iini. The Orange and To Speak on House Fly. 1:luc expect to take lirsts in hoth the Profes!,(lr C. T. lfo(l�e of Clark I\.il(' an(! two m11(', with good chances t 'niver�ity wi)) he the Cni\'('rsity fer second:,. D('spite the loss of East. lecturer for Monday. He will :,peak C�'ach Gill is well supplied with two on, "A Plan for the Extermination of miters. n\:rwa�h and llu1Jard running thl' HOII,e Fly." The lectllre wlll he I neck and neck in fast time. llarrnn given at .. p. m. in Kent theater. .. Continued on pale 2, Chinese cartoons, songs and dances of different nations, and costume :.ClIgs by the Cosmopolitan chorus ",'i11 he features of International night tl, he gh'en in Mandel hall tonight under the allspices uf the Cosmopoli­ tan club, Chinese and j apanese car­ tc-ons of prominent students and ev­ cuts about the campus by President Tashiro and j. Y. Lee, Norwegian Lallads by native singers, Lithuanian ful!.: songs, a Chinese operatic sclec­ lion, and Montenegran bag-pipe mus­ ic arc among the features promised those who attend. The large seat sale to date, and the success oi Japanesc Xight last quar­ t er, justify the expectation of a crowd that will till Mandel. Tickets will be on sale at the door, at 25 and ;;(1 cents. Norwegian Ballads a Novelty. The .r\ orwegian ballads, sung by Miss Helgeson and Miss Meyer, will be a distinct noverty, as this is the first time they will be sung in Chica­ go by native singers of merit. The music win include Lithuanian folk songs by members of the Lithuanian singing society "Birutc." Another novelty will be European dances in costume, These dances will include 1, Venetian Dances ; ::, Pas de Quane :dHI Pas de Espange ; and 3, Spring dance, The Chinese and Japanese cartoons by Shiro Tashiro and J. Y. Lee also promise to be of interest., A special electrical device with which the pic­ tures can be drawn without contact with the paper will add to the inter­ est of �be pictures themselves. Chin' esc music, including "Cantonese Car­ (,Id," and a Chinese harp, a Japanese sWI)rd dance with features different from those shown Japanese night, ;,I,d bag-pipe music by natives of Montenegro, together with an ad, dress by Miss MacDowell, will round European dances in costume .... . Miles. Gendon and Monassewitz. Aronberg and Company. ')doke Kwai \Va, Oriental Car­ 'toons Shiro, Tashiro, J. Yiubong Lee Lithuanian folk songs " Members of Lithuanian Singing Society ··Birute." .\ddress ... Miss Mary E. MacDowell Head resident of the IV niversity Settlement. !\ orwegian songs .. Miss Helgeson, Miss Meyer "enbu, Japanese Sword Dance .. •.•...•. , .. ' ..•.......... , . G. Jinguji Cantonese Carols K. L. Yen Tachiai. Japanese Athletic Con' tests X ... Miyasaki and G. Jinguji The J�unt of a Cosmopolite in Songs and Pictures The Coslllopnlitan Chorus in cos' tume. The omccr� \)f he c1uh arc: Shiro Ta�hirn. jallan. prc�i(1cnt: \\'ill1an; j'ierstead. Cana(h, vi:::e-pre:-;idcnt: �icholas Sankowsky, Russia. record­ ing' secretary: Claren(.·e J. Primm. l'nitc(l States, treaSUT('r. 'Gophera;Come for·Qame-'ToaiCht Af­ ter Def .. ttof·;Purclue-Wm Be Chl- cago'.� .Firar· Game With' Gophers. -Sa,. Metallic: Colon of Birds and In- This Season.., . , � Are Caued by Surface Films, DOt Pipaentation. - IWNI NOT FULL Of ,.CHEER. Gloom Stories Are Out Frrom Down­ State-Dope Rather Favors IL linois Team. Former l llinois-Chicago Meets: Indoor Place Chicago Illinois HlO:;_Chicag{J 60 26 --Champaign 45 51 H'O-l-Chicago 50 36 -Champaign '" 45 41 HIU;)-Champaign 37 49 -Chicago 41 45 HI06--Champaign '" 25 61 -Chicago 40 1·2 45 1·2' I !lO; - Champaign '" 43 43 -Chicago .. . .. . 38 48 190M-Champaign '" 34 52 -Chicago 55 31 1909-Chicago 44 42 -Champaign '" 36 50 HIl 0- -Champaign .. 33 -I_8 52 2_3 -Chicago...... 53 1_2 33 1·2 . Total number of indoor heets, 14. Won by Chicago: at Champaign, 2; at Chicago 5; total, 7. Won by Illinois: at Champaign, ;); at Chicago, 3. Total S. Tied at Champaign, 1. Score on meets: Chicago, ; ]·2; Illinois, 8 1-2. Total points: Chicago, 682 L3; Il­ linois, Ij�3 2-3. The Varsity and Freshman teams go to Champaign today to meet"the -lUin­ 'lis teams. This will be the decisive meet of the year for the Varsity in determining whether the team will go through the season with a clean slate. The men for the most part are in good shape, and the general belief. is that the meet will be close. :\. good break of luck could win the meet for Chicago, and a similar break vi luck in favor of the IUini would Metallic colors, the glitters in the plumage of birds, scales of buttertiies, and the wing cases of bevt le s and oth· er insects. are caused by the surface films, indistinction to the remaining classes of colors due to pigments, interference, and refraction. This is according to Professor Albert A. Michelson, head of the department of physics, who spoke at the yesterday afternoon session of the Illinois State Academy of Science, on: "Metallic Colors in Birds and j nsects." "The total number of specimens which have been examined." I". said, "is perhaps not so large as it should he to draw general conclusions, but so far the evidence for surface films as the affecting source of the metallic colors in birds and insects is entirely conclusive, Analogous to Aniline Dyes. These films are closely analogous in their optical qualities to the cor­ responding aniline dyes, according to Other Conference. games which are the speaker. I n his work Professor scheduled . .Ior. tonight.rare .. those be- Michelson encountered serious dIli­ tween Iowa, and. Northwestern at J;.v- culties on account of the impossjbili­ anston, and, Jllinois .and , Purdue at ties of dealing with true optical sur­ Lafayette.. Tbel latter. game should faces because the feather, scales, and be an exciting contest: - "Illinols. .will .. wing cases --a� 'so irregular. try to hoost' themselves up .the per- He displayed a collection of insects ccntage standingvas .well as .continue purchased from a native in South Am­ the work begun, by Minnesota. Iowa erica, One butterfly in particular meets Northwestern .for the. second held �t .differcnt angles to the eye time. The Ha.keyes are confident changed _to a new color at l.'ach mo' nf repeating .the: .victocy of the eaI;'ly; tion. Professor Michelson has in his st"ason but the.-showing of the Purple I�boratory an elaborately contrived ap' against Minnesota _ has raised the para�us which has liity thou:-.and col· hopes of their supporters that they, or striaLons to the inch, and in this mCiY be able to pun out of last place. butterfly's surface were shown all the col.ors in every conceivable shade. ,B�t _ Colors Caused by Pigments. ··It has been abundantly proved," of .he .said. "that usual 'Hat,' 'dead' ·uni· form' coloring, brilliant as this can sometimes be in birds, buttertlies, and flowers. finds its simple explanation , in the �xistence of pigment cells; so ,t'hat the same cause, doubtless with many modifications, is here effective as in. the great majority of the cases consid�red. But the lively, variable ,'metallic' glitter of burnished copper ir gold; the reflection from certain aniline. dyes; the colors of certain pig.::ons, peacocks, humming birds, 'as well as a number of butterflies, b«:etles and other insects require this other C?xplanation." Coulter Talks on Plant Breeding. Professor Coulter, pTesident of the a�sociation, in his lecture on ooThe Problems of Plant Breeding," deliv' ered at S o'clock in Mandel hall last night, said: "Practical plant breeding is now on a scientitic ha�is; and bOlany has at 1;:",t attacked the iun(lalllclltal l'rou' _(._·il)S a!HI may he oi �alllc practical �(.·nil·e. i(lr it indtlllc.:, 1'1;1111 brCl:J­ ing." Of the ('xperil11l'nl� ill till' \\·l·�t ior <.:un\'ertin� arid land� i1lto will'at and corn lands, he �ai(l: "Attempts arc being ilIad.: til �ec­ lire fur w; \'al rf)l11hinatillll IIi hardi­ ness to <1r';u1.;.ht. which \\'t' dc,ire. and quality of grain, whid! \\ ': P' -�'c��, 1 see no reason why the \ i,;flll :,ho,.ld not he realized, hut yon need not in' -v('st in· arid land for immcdiate use as wheat lield:-;, I n the ca ... c pi curn as Coultu "Lectures on Plant Breeding, of Importance to Science-Clos­ ing Sessions Today. ; , ! -� ,1 I I 1 i 1 ! I � I f 1 { , ! l ! 1 1 (Continued un page �) ,; THE DAILY MAROON, SATlJIW.\Y. FEBRUARY 18, 1911. TBJ: DAILY MAROON. '1'It. OWdul Student PubllcaUOD of Tbe UniversitY of Cblcaco. 1-'ormerly The Unl\"t�rKlty ot CblcsEo Weekly Founded l'll" W�ldy •••••••••••• October 1, 1892 l·ll., Dally •••••••••••••• October I, 1902 Putillsbed Dully, except :sundIlY" MOD· day» and lJolhluys dU�h�E three:QU��tera II! the U'ul\"ersity year. 'I;llll'rcu liS �cond-cla8. wall.at the -Cbl· "ai:0 Poatotllee, Chleugo, IWDola, llarch l�. 1 uus, under Act ot March a, 1813. :1'11E S'1' .. U·�· x. A. l·FE .. · .. ·EU -'. • HaDacIDC Editor _ - It. d. V.\L\: • • New. Editor U. 1". <:AUl'ENTER Athletic Edltor J\SSO<:lATE EVITOKI:J W. J. Fuute I.". Yo 'l'u,)' lor l·. W. lJullt;illllUd H. L. KeDDlcott AI. W. Reue V. L. Breed UEl'ORTERS .1. K. llcelJe 1I. V. Steven; liuny COI1.lt!1' .\IIIl:. Endow o. Kaplan W. Lyman ti. I •. ::iuYl'e u, }.o'. DUDbam E. L. Uarrla I'. Kearuey J. B. I'erl •• L. Stolz I:. W. \'lulssky W. Wellman WOllEN'S DEPARTMENT ll&rjorie 11 ill, Editor. Itutu Itettcker, Aasoclate Editor UEPUUTER8 M. Cumpbel] Ftorence Catlin Alma Llcbty SUBSCRU'TION RATES By Carrjer, $2.(;0 per year; $1.00 per qr. City mu Il, $1.25 PCI' quurtee ; �.OO per year in advauee, I �, ' :\C\\'8 coutrtbuttous may be left at El- 118 Hull or 1-'llculty ExcbaDKe, addresaed to �'he Vally MarOOD " I' Beca.!sc the following concerns not c...n)y a l�niversity of Chicago profes­ sor but also conditions 'Lectures that obtain at the Uni- Elsewhere \'ersity' of Chicago we quotc the follc.wing edi· turia) irom the Cornell Sun: "\Vhen so great a scholar as Pro­ ic!'sor Breasted comes to Cornell, we (kern it wise to inform each under· graduat;; of the opportunity he is .. hout to miss. His lecture on Egypt thi� cHning will be of vital impor­ tance to cycry engincer, agricultur­ i'l. lawycr or Arts man who attends. I t IS no easy matter, in the rush of th(; collegiate world, to find time from n]('cting.s and studies, and' nickel till'ater:'. at attend a lecture or ad, dre!':", he it on C\'er so timely a topic by cycr so great an authority. But \\·c H'lIture that a conception of effort ill tIll; ilOurs of work. and a morc l ;:rdul flisp!:nsation of the hours of I c:-t w\.lthl re�ult in more undergrad­ l1::!C!' ;ltli'll<ling the important addres' �v "f the college year. The rankling idla that pupular lectures arc akin to c;.rriru1t:m work, and that in such \\'urk there is no pleasurc, is cause i. ,r lllllll rgraduatc ahsence from these l i1iHr:--ity evcnts which arc both cn­ It r!aill;ng and instructive. After all, :. little instruction will not hurt any (.m:. There is no particular reason i. ,r Cf'lbtantly avoiding that which Y. e ha \'e paid fuur ycars of time and :d"IH.y to ohtain. T"llj.�lli·:, lecture is differcnt; reg­ ,�l:l r ;1;( kel theater procluction with i:- ii111-:rati(ln:, of the Xilc cataracb ;.q,i r;lr�\;1n life. And the infotma­ t:"11 t:) h-: ucriH'd from Professor I : r(.'a .... [(l's talk will not greatly dis' (f.Il'Il)f,(le tllc patrons of the Happy llll\lr or thc Star. � ,: k .. \ '\ . DAILY BULLETIN. Minnesota va. Chicago in basket- Bartlett at 8 p. m. To­ ball gamc. night. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Chapel Assembly Junior College n.eu ":" \lanuc.:l at 1U;30. Monday. "A' PIan for the Extermination of the Ho��e Fly:' wrll be discussed by ".l'rufcssor C. H. T. Clark in Kent, ·'tllc.:;!ter at oJ p. m .. Monday. Theological Club meets with As­ sociate . Professor Smith at ;ji:!!1 Madi­ son avenue at S p. Ill. Monday. Chapel Assembly, Senior College .meu and women, Mandel at 10 ;30, Tuesday. Reynolds Club nominations Tues­ day, Reynolds theater 4. . Botanical Club meets in Ilotany 13 at oJ p. m. Tuesday. Senior Promenade, Bartlett, Tucs­ (;ay � p. Ill. University h .. lidav Chapel Assembly: \\. educsday. J uniur College men and women �landl:1 at '10::�(� Thursday. Le Cercle de Covcrsation Fran­ caise meets in Lexing ron S at -1 p. Ill. Thursday. Count Albert Apponyi, Iormallv Hungarian ).linister vf education wiil -peak in Mandel lin Univer sal Peace aL .j p. m. Thursday. The Score Club dance which was <-rig ina lly scheduled fur March -1 has been postponed until Sa t urday, March I i , un account of contl ct ing dates. Meeting of the Sophomore Play committee on Tuesday at 3 p. m. in Cobb :�A. This committee which is composed uf Misses Hinkins, Den­ niston, Fox ; and Hotling sworth, Hef­ feran, Elmstrorn, and Kcnnicott will decide on a play which will he given early in the spring quarter. D. K. E. WINS BOWLING TITLE IN CLOSE MATCH Win out by Capturing Third Game In Exciting Contest -Coy) Gets 244. Delta Kappa Epsilion won the In' tor-fraternity bowling charnpionshipt �3�t night by defeating the Alpha Tau Omega team in the final of three games. Each team won one game in the first two played and thc champ' i(Jnship hinged on thc last game which the lJekes won by the score SJl - i58'1 0) Frak �oY.I was high man getting _·14 011 hiS first g;-,me. He came back with IGli in his :-econd and got 19:; on his third. Harries of the loser� made ]8;;, 17;;, and HiD. The' Sl'ores of the games were' 1 �.' 3. D. K. E ;;j:: .:\. T. U i:!S ioJ!) 7iiS The hanner will he presented to the winner next week. LAWS DEFEAT JUNIORS �N ONE-SIDED GAME Pull Themselves Back Into Tie for Second Place-Baar Injured in Collision With Stand. The Law school team defeated the J 11l1ior:, yc�terclay a fternoon by the score of � 1 to G. This victory puts the lawy('rs closc to thc Freshmen in lh(' ra('e ior the intra-Cni\'crsity championship. Thc game was a onl'­ �ided affair with all the a<"'antage on the si<ll' of the winners. Young sec­ ured 10 ha�kl't:' and a free throw. !"('curing on:r two·thirds ilf the point� madc hy his team. Baar \\"a" injured hy colliding with :t stand and was c('mpelled to lea\"e the game. :\ grand jury im"C:,t igation recently un('arthcd twenty :'}H1ril1u" diploma .. of the Cllllcgl' (,f the City "j Xc\\" lork, If you like to wear your Ilove. long, wear FOWNES GLOVES 13 TRACK TEAMS JOURNEY TO CHAMPAIGN TODAY \. (;ouunued truDl paae 1 � and Rohrer arc being counted on in tile mile, and shuuld score one. two. The high jump is all Chicago, while the weig ht s are a tuss up. The chauccs uf the lIIini in the Saturday indoor dual meet with the Lhicagu track team ill the local gym' ua sium have nut improved since the first ui the week. The meet will be l;eathly close, with the relay race pro­ hably deciding the result, but the 10· cal rooters can figure little but the .l\Jaroons. Uf the ineligibles, Morrell in the high jump is the only one that has a chance to get back, He takes a special Saturday morning in thc hope that he will pass it and be c lig ib le fur the meet. He is the I1lini s only chance in the high jump. :I:' liebh, the only other man entered, has no mark. . Morrell is good whcn he is right. and, if he call settle it with the faculty all r ig ht, Illinois will have mure of a show in this event. 1 f the unexpected dues noj happen. the meet should be undecisivc until the last event, the relay, is run uff. Chicago is thought to have a strong relay team in Davenport, Skinner. Straube, and the others, hut Illinois boasts of one almost as guud. if not tltc equal of the Maroons, in Herrick, Rohrer, Cope. Barron, Hunter, or Curtis. The exact personnel uf the rclay team has not yet been made public by Coach Gill, but it is certain t o contain four of the men named. Expect lllini Freshmen to Win. Xothing has occurred to disturb 'the early he lief that the local year­ lings will have little trouble in tak­ ing. their end of the meet from the Maroon youngsters. From perform­ ances in past meets and the marks made by the 111ini in the tryouts, there should be little doubt as to the r.ut-corne. The Midway Freshmen will capture the pole vault with one, two, hut the competition in the other c\'Cnts will be close. Students Run a Dining-Room. 8;;] :\ student commons managed by ,ttalcllts for studcnts has been estab­ :i�hed at Cornell. The largc room in dle Cascadilla building, long used as .l student dining-hall, has heen se­ cured fc...r thc purpose. One student of arts has b:!en employed as pastry .:ook for thc new entcrprise and a �tudcnt or" agriculture will officiate as J�\ltchcr. All but three of the' persons elllployed hy the commons will bc l:h<lcrg r;Hh.ates. Freshmen who apply for pOSItIons \\·ill he employed in the kitchen or waiting on table and will all of them hc entered in the eithcr bookkeeper competition of. or head waiter. Lluring the year of competition the ircshl1len will receive their board \'.·ithout charge. The two who secure positions as head waiter and hook­ keeper \ .. rill receivc a percentage of Ihe prolit�. and wil1 competc for the position of junior manager. to be­ come senior manager the following year. it is estimated that thirty student!: ,'. ill be required to prepare and serve tl (' common meals. Thc seating ca­ il:.· oi II.c dining-room i� 125· NEWS OF THE COLLEGES \Va�hington and Jefferson College (kclined a heqnc:,t of $.10.000 hecau:,c :he heir .. (If the donqr ncccled the moncy more. The :,um of S.�.O()o.()()O is to he ex-' l'cIHled at Ihe lnlumhia l"niH'r�ity ,1I1 thc collcgc of phy:,kian:, and �\Ir- geon�. The l"nin'rsity of Calcutta. the larg-e"t eclucafional corporation in thc ,,"orIel. examines annually ]0.000 sttl- dents: FOR THE PROM FLOWERS .. Violets, Orchids, LOy 01 the Valley, Roses Special Corsage- Boquets Finest arrangements. Most Reasonable price for finest flowers. �4 'East Randolph Street, Next Door to Marshall Fi�lds. Phones Central 614. Central 3906. J. 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No pool was played because the number of billiard contests that are scheduled are so. I many more than the pool game that the billiards are being run off to even up the number of games. DIRECTOR STAGG UNABLE TO ATTEND ILLINOIS MEET Director Stagg was called away from the University by the death of his neice at Albion. New York. The length of his absence is not known. He will not be with the track team at IlJinois tonight, but the team will be given over to the charge of As­ sis tant Coach Page. This is the sec­ ond of the track meets which Mr. Stagg has been prevented from at­ tending. Professor James Henry Breasted. professor of Egyptology and Orient­ al History, lias been in the east where he delivered a lecture at Cornell on "Through the Cataracts of the Nile, or Camp and Caravan Life in Eth­ iopa." He spoke under the auspices of the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell, It was the experiences met with and discoveries made while on his re­ cent trip up the Nile into Soudan that furnished Professor Breasted with the material for his talk. He has made a lifetime study of the Nile country, is author of a wen known history of . Egypt, and is much in demand as a lecturer on the subjects in which his reputation is international. Harvard Course in London. . I'he summer school of Harvard an­ nounces an innovation in the teach­ ing 0; tine arts, namely a course on Turner and the landscape painting ..,f his time to be given in London next summer by Professor Arthur Pope. The course will begin on Wed, nesday, July 5, and end on Tuesday, . vugust 15. and will be open to wom­ en as well as men. It will be conducted by means of lectures, conferences. visits to galler, -�--------- -II ics and report!'. The chief aim witl he a study of the works of Turner in the galleries in and near London. together with a study of his environ­ ment and development. in order to learn as much as possible of the men­ tal procc .. ses involved in the produc­ rion of �reat imacinativc wprk:-; f'f art. The J:!reat rna:,s of drawing. ketchc:, :l1l(1 pail1tin� now in the Tur- I TilE LmLE ART CORNER ncr \\'in� of the Tate Gallery make it - possihle to do thi.. in the C'a�e of 1528 E. Slat ST. Turner in a manner not p()s!'ihle in , Arts and Crafts Goods the case of any other of the greater I I ma�tel's of paintinJ:!", I THE I-'L.A.CE TO Eli'Y YOUR elF rs Prizes of $::!�iO arc offered at the I Girl .. at :'\chra4a workcll a tag' Univer:,ity of Kanc:ac: for ess:w .. on! 'chcnle to hent'iit the daily paper at the suhject "Appliefl Chri!'tianit}·:' CWTOM, Zt iL .... BEDFORD. 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", Sam and Lee Schubert, Inc. announccs LULU GLASER ill the greatest operatic success of her artistic career "1' HE GIRL AND THE KAISER" � , pOWERS FRANCIS WILSON -IN- "THE BACHELOR'S BABY" II, GRAND MR. GEORGE ARLISS in the new comedy of intrigue "DISRAELI" in Louis N. Parckcr. STUDEBAKER DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS -IN- THE CUB '�. ...... CORT Comedy Ten Strike Henry W. Savace O�ct. Henry Kolker in ··THE GREAT NAME" '. ' r LA SALLE THE GIRL I LOVE "The Best Comic Opera in the City!' " , WHITNEY DAVE LEWIS in "DONT LIE TO YOUR WIFE" Tbursday, Shoppers Matinee. Entirc House Soc. All seats reserved. 'I I'., : '!" COLONIAL JOS. M. GAITES presents 'lbe musical and humorous trcat of the season. "KATIE DID" McVICKERS I , THE ROUND UP \ l, .. pRINCESS IAN ROBERTSON in , HiE PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK' CHICAGO OPERA HOUSE WHEN SWEET SIXTEEN •. A Song Play." Supurb Music by Victor Herbert GA.RRICK " , ; F orbes--RobertliloD in CLEVER HITS AT CLUB SMOKER Gargoylette Quartet Begins and As­ sociatc Professor Mann's "Shakcs­ pcrian" Readings Close Smokcr­ Feature Program of Rich Satirc. The reurmg officers of the Reyn­ olds club exercised their most talent­ ed 'ingenuity in putting on a smoker last night. This, which was not their maiden but their last effort, attracted a crowd which filled the theater and vigorously applauded every act set forth. .:\ regular Majcctic program of twelve numbers furnished the enter­ tainment, which was entirely satis­ factory from the Helva Chorus, sung by the club members, to Associate Professor Mann's "selections' frum Shakespeare, Several of the numbers were fea­ ture acts not only for the quality con­ rained but also for novelty. One of -chese consisted' of Hilmar Baukhage and Paul Davis, in a musical extrava­ tianza (t hey claimed the authorship) cnritlcd: .. /\ Phony Graft." The graft was on the record of a phonograph. ,\ large phonograph was placed out »cfore the audience and two records containing song and monologue stunts by the, aforesaid artists were run off. Interpolated into the rec­ ords were piano tinklings by Dick Myers, along with humorous remarks by Baldridge, Don Hollingsworth and others. Then the Gargoylette quartet came in lor 111l1h applause. With voices of .uarvclous cadence and exquisite har­ mon v of blending they sang in flutelike lone·s. ··1 Go to lled Early Because I Lome in Late;' and others. The ap­ plause was vociferous. The four were, Savidge, MacCliutock, Baldwin, and ':::cllers. Another vocal number was iurnished by Baldwin and Gun ton in a "Catarrhal Duct." Out-Shakespeare's Shakespeare. Professor Mann brought the pro­ gram to a fitting climax with selec . tions from Shakespeare which the bard Hmself did not write. From a Gothic lower and beiore the theater's classic curtain he ga\'e some disappearing farce,; which made distinctive hits. Among the other headliners was Al Sabath in an original comedy entitled, .. Pianofiend," Al impersonated the en­ lire musical family from Papa Sharp down to the Sharp dog, presenting each character by means of a quick change of manner-not costume. Also Senor Emmet Sandy Beach gave a clever impersonation of Albert Chev­ alier doing "The Fallcn Star." This act was programmed as the "jetzt :"ommt the piece de rcsistance." Roy l3aldridge wrote the French. Several other numbers filled out an ::lI-star program. One of these was H uey, )\Iaxwdl and Hill, the magic trio, who entertained as prestidigita­ teurs. Kenneth ,:\1 urphy, came for­ ward with a "Mortifying Monstrous :\fastodonic Malevolent Musical ;\f ess." Adams and Morse presented a clever mind reading act under the title, ··Black Art \Vhitewashed, or Anna Eva Fay." Phil Comstock and Bob Harris, heavyweights, fought a Iwo-rotmd draw with eight-ounce gloves. One of the best numbers on the program was the program itself, which was decorated with a great number of jokes including a "scoop," j(l�h thcal<:r ads, and other bits of humor. The last of these was the (!irge of thc retiring club officers. It rca,i: "Thc llaldridge·Comstock-Coll­ illbs-Harrlls-Bowlby Administration :lcr�by sing its Swan Song in an­ nOllJll'ill!; the Annual Caucus for :'\ (lmination, Fcbruary �I, 3 p. lll.; in thi;o; place, the Annual Elcction, �larch 3. The LniHr:-ity of .:\Iichigan is the lir�t �t;tte ,1IliHr:,-ity to cstablish a dc· partmcllt of education . The Yale J)ram:llic association now ha� a fund of $10.629 for the purpose of building a new theatre. MICHELSON PRESENTS NEW COLOR THEORIES Our Suggestion to Prom Goers of wheat, we are not breeding it for drought resistance alone, and it will take many plant generations of the: highest type of scientific' plant breeding to determine whether we can combine the drought-resistant structure with the high grade quality and yield we have obtained already in our cultures. Breeding Important to Science, "In presenting the problems and accomplishments of plant- breeding I would emphasize not only its funda­ mental importance to both biological science and agricultural practice, but also the inextricable entanglement of the two. Any result of scientific plant-breeding, representing as it must, additional knowledge of the processes of evolution and of heredi­ ty, may become of practical service, and any result of practical plant­ breeding involving as it docs cxten , sive experiments w it h plants, may prove to be of great scientific irnpor­ tance." 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Rothschild, PATENT LEATHER BOOTS and Jackson blvd. and State st. A. Bishop; PUMPS-Carson Pirie Scott and and Co.. 156 State st., Ames Hat Co., State and Madison Sts., arc of­ Co., so E. Madison st., and Arthur. fering them at reduced prices now. scum. The morning program will consist ·:)f a paper read by T. C. Chamberlain r.n Radio Activity and Geological phenomena; The Principal proper­ ties of Radium, by Hcnry Crew; Ra­ dium in Relation to Celeqtial Bodies, hy E. B. Frost; Radio-Chemistry, by "' V. A. Noyes; and the Biological Ef­ f('cts of Radium, by W. A. Pusey; and an address on the Relation of Soils to Plants by H. C. Cowles. In the final session at 2 o'clock there will be a presentation of papers :lnd an inspection of the Field Muse· um. The program for the meeting is as follows: Preliminary List of the :\nts of Illinois, by M_ C. Tanquary, The Channahon and the Essex Lime­ 'stone, by T. E. Savage; Occurrence �If Gloetaenium in Illinois, by E. N. Transeau; Ecological Studies of the rrairie and Forest of rninois, by C. C. Adams: Hand Book of Students of Ecology, by the same speaker; Re­ production of Layering in the Bal­ sam and other Conifers, by W. S_ Cooper; Evaporation and Plant Suc­ �ession on the Sand Dunes of Lake M ic1l1gan, by George D. Fuller; Struc­ ture of Adult Cyad Stem, C. J. Cham­ herlaill. and An American Lepidos­ troous by J. M. Coulter and W_ J- G. Land. TO CHOOSE BLACKFRIAR MUSIC MONDAY NIGHT Sevcn Men Still in Racc-Harcsfoot Production "Thc Manicurc Shop," Herc April 28. The music for "Capturing Calypso," the Blackiriar show, will be chosen a: :, meeting of the music committee t( he held ncxt Monday night in the i�cvnolds ciub. The following men ha�'e been asked to appear for a fur­ ther tryout of their music: Bowlby, �fyers, Enc1ow, Mayer, Stapp, C. O. Smith. and Sahath. Great satisfaction has bccn cxprcs­ �c<1 ah(lut the quality of music sub­ mitt('d. "I am immcnsely plea�ed with the finc showing of music, and J !::I\'c done my best in writing lyrics for the show," said Hilmar Dauk' hag('. one of the authors of the play. Since 1R6? Waltcr Camp has placed 150 Harvard men. i.� Yale men. ·H Princeton 111 en. anfl .�1 Pcnnsyh'ania I'layers on his :\11, :\merican foothall tcams. (Continued from pagc I) Mr. A. H. Cole, instructor in biolo­ gy it: the Chicago Normal School, g:,,'C a lecture illustrating the per­ mention of sap through leaves and plants. He put a red fluid in a leaf and Ly throwing the highly magni­ fied picture upon the screen showed I he fluid creeping through the plant cells at the rate of two inches per minute. Clo�ing Sessions Today. The sessions of the meting today will he held at 9 o'clock in Mandel han and at 2 o'clock in the Field Mu- MEDICAL SERVICE Tel. II. 1'.434:;. itt'S. Tel Oak :::1::4 Ttl. 4345 II. P. �8. T.I. s:ro.a II. P. 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