Women's arcon Vol. IX. No. 75- l!I\IVERSITY OF CHICAG<? FRIDAY.·JANUARY 27, 1911. Edition , I 'Price FiYC Ceats w. A. A. BOLDS FIRST TRY-OUT CHICAGO WOMEN SEND SPECIAL FROM STETSON Sixteen Women Chosen For Final Trail in ., A Midway Local" - Vaude_ ville Stunts Satirize University Seal and Japanese Trip. Edith Sextoa Writes of OraDges, Peaahll ... Sommer Dresses at , �rida U Diversity. IIIGITY EXPLOITS OF BUNTERS As a result of an unusally large amount (Jf good material, the tryouts for parts in the W. A. A. skit "A Mid­ way local," Wednesday afternoon were not final, and second trails will be held next Monday at 5 o'clock in J'pellman house. �The following people arc asked to try-out the second time: Ettie Hewitt, Jane Graff, Paula Burke, Altha Mantague, Ino Perigo, Olive Davis, Josephine Kern, Irene .Hastjngs, Mary Phister, Lily May Reulinger, Lydia Lee, Zillah Shep­ herd, Anita Baily, Marie Rogers, :\gusta Swawite and Mary Titzel. Two of the authors, Miss \Vayman and Miss Ortrnaycr, and the general chairman, Miss Perry, will act as judges, Practice to Begin. Chorus try-outs will be held this afternoon at 4 in Spellman, and on Monday at' the same hour there, and after these and the final try-outs for principal parts the rehearsing will be­ gin. The dramatic coaching will be in charge of Miss Agnes Wayman, one of the authors, while the musical dr illing will be directed by Eligabeth Isurke, Edith Hemingway and Emily Orcutt. Miss Catherine Mering, a pu­ pil of the Hinman Normal school, and for some time an assistant of Miss Hinman, will drill the dancing chor­ uses. The music which is to be used in the skit is the composition of Eliza­ beth Burke and Miss Winifred Pearce ')f the gymnasim faculty. If possible there will be scores containing this and such musical numbers as are used in the stunts, on sale the night of the performance. Story of the Play. The play turns around the condi, nons in the woman's gymnasium and incidentally depicits Chicago more tightly than ever in the clutches of the honor system. \Vork has has be­ come so strenuous that study and athletics together, are impossible, and in order to make a basketball team possible to play against Wellesley, a corporation has been formed by girls to do the studying for the members of the team, and at last. of course \Vclleslcy'is defeated. ' The plot is further complicated by the theft of the skeleton from the of­ lice of the gumnasium. The search for this continues through the play and its discovery at the end is the denouncement, The characters are largely "take­ offs" on well known Lexington cele­ hrities and the dignitaries of the women's physical culture institution. The play is written by Marie Ort­ meycr, :\gnes \Vayman, Elizabeth r.urke. \Vinifrcd Pcarce, Olive Davis ;:nel Helen Parker. Tn addition to the skit, there will J.l, fnnr or fh·c �tunts, The exact t!aturc of the�e intcrhulcs has not hnn r","l'alcd as yet, but it is rumored th;lt �on1l" tah'ntccl people arc at work. when they pn�s on the cnmpus. Even It is intimatcd that Alice Lce Her­ l"ick :111el Jo�cphinc Kern will present Ple of thcir popnlar faw'rites, an·1 I" at Eli7aheth Rurke and. Florence Catlin arc plannin� a surprise which \\i�1 �C)h·", th� (','cr pre!;!!nt and trou- (Continued on page 6.) Chic:aao Cheer Leader Heads Party W�C:h Shoots Two Quails and a Half. By Edith Sexton, Florida Corres­ pondent. Here we are in the sunny South­ land and it really is sunny and the birds do sing. As I write this, I am sitting on the broad veranda of Chau­ doin Hall. our "Foster" home. Palm trees', peach .reees, and live oaks covered with gray moss are every­ where. The grapefruit and oranges are now ripe. Across the street in front of the new gymnasium, Mary Ann Whitley and Ruth Agar are playing tennis. The new gym, I said. Yes, it is for the men and the little old ,wooden one which they have re­ cently abandoned, is now for the girls. Was it ever thus. But then, the Stetson girls have one consolation, for .gymnasium is not required, There are ten in our party: Mary Ann Whitely, Lorraine Cleary, Eliza­ beth Rider, Ruth Agar and Edith Sexton, Paul Gardner, Lorraine Northrup Howard Keefe, Marcus Stearns and Bob Abbott. �te�on Social Rules Now, . let me take you to dinner with me. Weare entering' a long marrow dining room, seating three hundred people, at long narrow ta­ LIes. We Chicagoans have a stand-in with the colored cook, because, as she sa-ys,. "we freed her!' The men and girls all' eat together and there are gay times at the table. But once out­ side the dining room, they are not allowed to speak to each other, even at the very door of the dining room there is a woman stationed to watch and to report. Don't the men and girls ever meet except at the table? Oh, yes indeed; a girl may have a caller once a week for one hour, providing the same man does not call more than once in two weeks. And then, every Friday night is social hour; after supper, which is at 5:30, the men and girls gather in the big parlor. Scattered about the room are couples in interesting con­ versation and passing back and forth through the room every few minutes is ,the head of the house. At eight o'clock a large bell is rung, request­ ing the callers to depart. The Chicago party in envied by all other students because the president has granted us 50 many privileges. Weare practic- 211y free to do whatever we want and have to go through the formality of aetting permission only when we their week-end trips. Kow about the University itself, rather then Chaudoin. "And how large is the student body here?" ask­ (,(I the languid cheer-leader of Chica­ go, l('aning back in his chair. "Four hundred." WQ!' the reply, and that in­ dudes kinoergarten, primary gradcs, grammar school, academy and col­ I��e, besiedes the busincss collcge and school of music. The senior class of this year is almost douhle the dass of last year, and wh.en you know that there were four in the class f\:Olltinued ')n paac 3) ENTE,R W. A. A.-EXIT BLACK FRIAR SUPREMACY LARGE BASK!TB� SQUAD OUT mer NEl6BBORlOOD COIJItCIlS . : I.. . . � '�id-Winter Championship Games Hold Lexington Interest-Date Set FOl' Gymnasium Contest-W. A. A. Pins and Letters to Be Awarded. Four Off-Campus Clubs Choose Ez­ ecutive Bodies for Year-FacUli¥ Party . to Be Held in Lexington iD February. Contrary to the usual custom, the .women's basketball games for the Junior-Senior college championship will be played in the winter instead of the spring quarter this year and the fact that the teams are ;0 be chosen within two weeks necessiates hard work from the candidates. Miss \\ ayman, the coach, stated yesterday, that. on account of the unusual am­ ount of good material, it was going to be hard to pick the teams. Both Seniors and Junior squads are so good that hard games-·are-expec:ted. Ca�didate for positions on the Sen, ior team are; for forward; Laura Verhoven, Louise Robinson, Mary Chaney, Jillah Shepherd, for guards: l�ose. Marie Moore. Irene Hastings, Harriet Sagar, Dorothy Hinman Jea­ nette McKean, Jane Graff, and Edith Love; for center: Margaret Sullivan Zillah Shepherd, Elizabeth Halsey, The Junior candidates for forward: J ospehine Kern, Virginia Hinkins, J'\ugusta Swawite, Eva Goldstein Ef­ fie Shambaugh, Flore�-c�· 'Fairieigh, Edna Bell, for guard: Mildred Moore J.�)Uise Thornbury, Lillian SwaWlte: Myra Paine. Marguerite Watson Lynne Sullivan, Phoebe' Clover, Sus� anna Fisher, Marjorie Miller; for center: Anna Coleman. Edith Brad­ ·J<'Y: • Helen Magee. Cornelia IBeaQc Letitia Fyffe and Susanna Fisher. The baseball games will come, as usual, in the spring quarter. Many 'women are trying for positions and their number is increased' by th;' fact tl-at basketball players 'can also go in for baseball, provided that they have- played baseball in the fall quar­ ter. With the new officers, elected at the last meeting of last quarter. the Neighborhood club councils for the coming year will be presented' 'to their clubs by the out-going· officers: at the first social' meetings of the Neighborhood clubs 'for . this' quarter, • which are to be held in the N eigh­ borhood room on different days' of next week. The council of each club' consists of eight women of the c1ub� These are the three club officers; the· two . members of the general house committee which belong to that' club' ;,.rid three other women cho�en" b; the club president. As they now stand the four councils for the next year are: Council Members, For the Southeast club: Miriam.; Cole, President; Annie Louise Ford, I treasurer ; Edith Coonley secretary' -!'gnes McDowell . and' Katherin;:: French members of the house com­ mine; Mamie Pollard, Hortense Jones and Margaret Chaney.: For the Southwest club: Minna De Vries, president; Margaret Camp­ bell, secretary; Ethel Dow, treasurer' Marion Gunn and Daisy Cressey of· the house committ-ee; Donna May Messengel-, Irma Koblens, and Miss' Sears. For the Nonhest club: Zillah Shep­ herd, president; Marjorie Nind, see-. retary: Ethel Lawler, treasurer; Ger­ trude Fish arid Allys Boyle. of the house committee; Emmat Clark \\,inifred Munroe, and Ruth Buzby.'. For the Northwest club: Dorothy Fox. president; Norma Pfeiffer, treas­ urer; Ruth Crawford, secretary; Ruth Russell;' and Zinna Bragg,' of the, house committee; Frances Steere, Is­ abel Janis and Ellen McNeish. Faculty Party PIanDed. The question now be£ore··the Neigh.­ borhood cluhs is the "Faculty party" fur t1:i� quarter. The tirst plan, to have two parties, one given by ·cluhs �outh and ont' hy those north of the :'1 iclway has heen adand ned. and the four clubs will unite resources in one hig celebration to be held Saturday night, F�hruary 25. The proposed costume party has been given up for fear the faculty will be scared away if· tht'y nre nsked to come in cos­ tume. nnd the Reynolds club, once engaged, has been forsaken on the ground that no dccor�tions. �d frap- (Continuecl on p.agf' 3) Gymnasium Contest Set. Another new 'featu�� thi� year is regular practice in • class for the events which will take place in the ;lnnnal gymnasium contest on Feb­ ruary 18. An advance of the interest taken in this department is the large :o-ize of this class, which numbers :11 en:t :;0. Thue nre to he tW:l chl�ses of event .. in the meet. The first. class .\. in ,\ hich there !'hall' be at least I�\'e (,ont.:!'tants in each event, horse, parallel rings flying and trave11ing d\!h�. r(lpes, �nd high jump. Tn clas� n, there !'hall he at least seven con­ h'"tants in each e"ent, and includes, Loom, hor::c, rings, flying, clubs. lad­ der, travelling, hop, skip and jump. \Vinners of class A ennts, if other- (Continued OD page 2) E4ltwa. Bed C'ftu lana u4 0rPn � ... WUI Appear ill BIJall., I 1<1" ,,! , .• Club." ... ,�IIDG� BpYS- UNIQUI PRIZIS '�lec:t Uneeda and Box Seats as ! Suitable PlUell for Most Grace­ ful Lady. "Harkl hark! the dogs do bark. ,T�e beggars are coming to town, Some 'in· rags . , And some in tags . . , Aria - some in velvet gowns." 'If you want to se� thcm go to the �eynol�s' dub tonight and see for yoiirself- whether there is any truth i� . :�h'e-· statement that poor are al­ ways' with 'us. Didn't know that Esther Taylor' 'arid Maynard Symonds wert" p�upers, did you? Didn't strike you th�i' ':Margaret . Mitchell and' Elmer �e�tty� I�ok'ed: down and out, did it? Most of your friends have managed tb keep up - appearances. Some of them have worn pony coats. A few h�ve iiiv"ested heavily at Lexington ahd the Commons, but it's all off now. HardIuck will out. Never mind, ,,;e're· ·all··poor together, and "Who's \Vit'o .iD' Bankruptcy' is to be pub­ lislu:d' at' the Hard Times party to­ nhi�L l : ',. , Prizes . Bought. "The po��er' the' . better" says Roy Dald'n.dge, . 'and he ought to know. He'�-' tli� man who buys the prizes Yesterday' he hailed a feminine 're­ �rt�r; and asked desperately. "What . �otild you want, yourself, if you had s��i 'y�ur last. dollar and licked your , _ jr. _ ,_ (J ,"., • last. sta�p, 'honest now? "News," she nnl�'ure(f, and 'left him to his own dev,ce�:- �\fier that, he went shopping fbr' ��te� of Uneedas, just in case a Fos't�i--· �rl should be the paupest pa·up�r. 'a' season . ticket for :Madam Kaynor, '�nd a box seat for the Rus­ siandancers, .. D,ance the Dip. And speaki�g of' 'Mordkin reminds us of Reno Reeve. It is whispered that after a patient diet of dip car­ amels aU' \Veel,-ail week, mind you­ ibis first! pQblic contesf iwith 'PauJ. MacClint�ck will take place tonight. : bead . br�e but dancing still,-not Palm Bea'ch, vs, Atlantic City offers fuo�e even betting on the ocean wave, , I\'s 'for other attractions, didn't you 'Want to see' the tender-hearted Viola leWis trYing to make· a ·1iving as a Red Cross nurse, and doing her best tf) cheer up Donald Breed, the latest en�iste,d soldier boy? Would you miss a chance to help a good thing along when' Effie Hewitt, poor little orphan, plays· -oia Gray 'Bonnet" on her �rind organ, and passes the hat? Could you, as our faithful subscrib­ er afford to miss a sight of Ruth Ret­ icker in her other dress, marquisette '""··C'r Daily �aroons� and her friend Gavin. our own print('r's devil? Foreigners Too. \Vonldn't you pawn your jewels to !"ee Dorothy Fox, "da' lectle hatia,'" waltzing the last c.f her �hahhy soles away. and h<",'itching thc puhlic with her impr,rtr <1 garlic nccklace? Of course you wO\:I<1. You'lI he there. Everybody will he there h'at Helen Magee. But it isn't hecause she hasn't heard the wolf at the door. . (CoAtinued on, page 6.) .. � .i THE DAILY MAROON FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1911. THE DAILY IIAROOII ".. 0IImal Itaamt - PubUeatioa ., 'I'M OIllYenlt7 01 0IJap. rClrlDld;r 'I'be Oll1nnltJ of 0aIeap WeekJ7 ro-.s.s ".. W eekle7 • � •••••••••••••• 0ct0IMir 1. 1111 !IiIe D&U7 October 1. 1101 'j I Pubu.bed DaJl7. taept ....,.. ... ..,. aDd bolldaTa d ..... tbne-q.n.. 01 tbe .ainralQ' ,.,. .t.nd.. 8eeoDd-cI.M mall al tbe W. .... p� Cb1cqo. 1lliDo", MarcIl 11. Ie .... UDder ... � 01 IIarcb I. 117L The SCaff. : · '. ," '! , .t ,� Mary Titzel Elizabeth Halsey. Men's Department. R. J. Daly, Editor Nathaniel Pfeffer, Reporter. Three months ago the Women's de­ partment of The Daily Maroon began work in its Lexington By Way Of office. Since that time Explanation novelty and self-con­ sciousness has perhaps worn away sufficiently to let us see va-lues correctly. In the first place, women reporters and even women editors have been comparatively com­ mon on the Maroon staff in the past, 50' that the spirit of the thing is not new. A Women's editor was even elected in the spring of 'og, but the staff, did not hold together long enough to get a permanent footing. ?;he Women's department of the present is of somewhat wider scope and greater stability. It has an office in Lexington and it has regular af­ fice hours. It numbers at present five women on the regular staff and two "cubs." Equally important to the economy of The Maroon it has a .business manager. Perhaps its &reat value, is the fact that it supplies news of the women to the Maroon with some degree of reg­ ularity instead of the "steady by j�rks" method of the past; and that it places the responsibility of the truth and point of view of that news on detinitely appointed persons, who are fairly conversant with University life and details. Considering this end to be ap­ proached. as we are optimists enough to believe it is, we consider the ex­ istence of the Women!s department justified and. its value in the scheme of things demonstrated. . i I I' j ! r· i · [ T : 1 · l ! 'j l t i. �. r._ I' r j. t· f i. f: i' . t··:--. , . , '. t .:� ." . - �; 'P- . r :; ( t �: " . f 1 t seems to be only in fiction that the masculine staff of a paper pre­ pares -for the com- In The Office .. . ing of the women with blue bow s, muslin curtains, and . chocolates. No such welcome awaited us yesterday. Cigar ashes capered about on floor and table, cigarette stumps lurked in every pigeonhole; paste oozed over the News Editor's desk, scarred with the scrapings of many uplifted boots; scraps of killed copy flowed from the waste basket: exchanges groveled on the desks; the powder from a recent flashlight sur­ mounted the accumulations of dust Yesterday .; I .. r' • ------------- Established 1875 by E. J. Lehmann. since the last Women's edition. Not even the gladsome prospect of today's triumph :�ould rouge up that dingy Ellis office. The valient staff of 26 produced feather dusters magically and rouied dust and disorder. Bounteous contri­ butions of violets, fruit and candy cheered us to the task. Afte? the startled, inquisitive Ellisites had de­ parted, and the regular staff had ceased its helpful suggestions, the Women's Edition came forth in all its glory. The managing editor will find his messy belongings Soc. S2 notes and unmolested Arcadian mixture in­ cluded-in the lower right hand drawer. The stub pencil in the comer we left tied to the spindle-we think it is Mr. Breed's. The News Editor will find a mint drop in his upper left­ hand drawer as a reward for keeping the neatest desk. We trust that the new order and cleanliness will not seem too strange, and we announce -iur willingness to give the staff in­ strutcions in office-hold administra­ tion at any date. DAILY BULLETIN crson today at 4. Reynolds Club Hard times Party will take place Friday night at 8:30. No one will be admitted without a cos- tume, MasuDS are invited to attend Dama­ scus Lodge. Meet in Cobb today at 7. ANNOUNCEMENTS State, Adams and Dearborn Streets. Telephone Private Exchan,e 3 Our January clearance in this secticn has given the women of Chica­ go an opportuntiy to a great deal of real money on wearing apparel and furs These R�DUCTIONS onwomen's tailored suits are very radi­ cal. Not� the savings on each garment. Come tomorrow and get the sui you want-prices can't go much lower. Stylish & snappy coats of black broadcloth, roll collar and deep cuffs, Saltz plush with long roll collar. 14.75 Women's lancy dresses in a varie- ty of colors, suitable for afternoon wear, $2-1.75 value. 13.75 Girls' coats, u to q years, colored cheviost, a variety of colorings, re­ duced from $5 and $6.75, to 3.95 Misses' serge dresses, in brown, blue and red, yoke of fancy net, satin and button trimmc-l, $12,75 value for 7.50 SAVE ON GLOVES Women's Tailored suits, all high grade mixtures, broadcloth, serges 1.50 and 2.00 Traveler's and fancy weavcs, regular $19.75 \'al- ue, special at 9.75 Women's S19.75 tailored suits, 19.75 Junior Skating Party, Wednesday Feb. IS, at 8 p. m., Mandel halt, under the auspices of the Cosmopolitan Free Interpretation lecture on Mon (:ay, January 30, at 4 p. m., in Mandel for the Thomas Orchestra concert. Theodore Thomas Orchestra will give a concert on Tuesday January 3�, at 4 p. m. in Mandel. . University Dames Club wilt meet on Saturday at 3 in Lexington. Wives of University students are asked to attend. ; Theological Club wilt meet Monday at 8 p. m. in Haskell. "Psychology of the! Mystics God Consciousness." Assistnat Professor Ames . Fena"bles meeting Tuesday morning :it 10:30 in Cobb 3A. : Merriam Meeting on Saturday at 8:30 in Rosali hall. LARGE BASKETBALL SQUAD IS OUT wise eligible, will receive pins, Class B winners receive their ICC." The fcncing contests will be held �t the same time that the gymnastic con test is carried on A class of women are now taking fencing. All die Dewl of the Camp1l1 in The DaDy lIarooa. fancy suits, broad- Tailored and clothe , worsteds and mixtures, desir., able style, $2-1.i5 value. for 14.75 Coats, of serviceable quality, Skin- ncr lined, full length, $19.75 value, 9.75 VEILS NECKWEAR SHOP This is a rare opportunity to secure really high grad�. garment�at extreme­ ly low prices. Marjorie- Hill ManagingEditor Helene Edwards • .News Editor Florence Catlin • • Athletic Editor Helen Edwards • Business Manager Associate Editors. Margaret Campbell Ernestine Evans Alma Lichty Myra Reed Mollie Ray Carroll Gertrude Emerson Reporters. Mary Chaney Regina Strauss Effie Hewitt Mona Quayle Mary Bert Elsa Henzel Ruth Russell Ethel Kawin Sophomore class picture will be Margaret Mitchell Ruth Whitfield taken in front of Wall�er Friday at Victoria McAlmon 10:30 Marguerite Swawite Pen Club election, Cobb 3A today Edith O'Rear at 10:30. Freshman class executive commit­ tiee will meet today at 10:30 in Kent theater. Special Meeting of the School of Education Council at 10:30 room 214- Meeting of all W. A. A. Play com- mittees chairmen, Neighborhood room at 1:15. Law-Freshman basketball game to­ uay at 3:15 in Bartlett- "Das Passionspiel in Oberammer; gau" will be the subject of the Ger­ man club meeting in Lexington hall today at 4- Theory of series with positive terms will be discussed by Professor Moore at the Mathematics club in Ry_ for Our buyer of wools and wonderful purchasing The l' air surely demonstrated: its neckwear is determined to power when BETTER SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY. LET US SHOW YOU make the 1911 his banner we secured the gloves offered in this year as far as volume of sale, In each instance the price you I. • His disre, uusmess goes. '"' pay is actually less than wholesale garding' profits as you can cost. plainly sec by the tempting bargains offered in this sale. Skin Gloves, "Fownes" Women's Mannist Cape kinds, New Co-ed Veils (as cut Winter Fabric Gloves" SOC and 75c Weare displaying the values, pair, 29c 1911 Lord Byron Collars in r.ncw shapes, at each 15c blacks and tans, pair, shades, pair, "Kayser's" shows] a very handsome 95c nil made of chiffon cloth, 2 yards 101lg, I yard wide, hemstitched border, black, white and all colors, regu­ lar 1.25 value. Priced at 78c 79<: s.eo French Lace Veils. a veery attractive imported lace veil in the fashionable Mystic style, black, white and colors, 2.00 veil for, 48c 139 RANDOLPH ST. HOTEL SHERMAN (t )pp()�ite City Ham 231-:133 DEARBORN ST. GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL (Opposite Postoffice) Phone Hyde Park Ig6g Samples each J. H. MCNEILLY, WELLS CLOTHES CLEARANCESALE� . - / SUITS and OVERCOATS at $17--$22--$26 CATERER FLOWERS FOR THE DANCES Ice Cream, Ices, Sherbets, Frappe, Punches and Frozen Puddings. Punch Bowls, Glasses, Tables and Chairs to Rent OUR CANDIES ARE ALWAYS FRESH MEDICAL SERVICE J 753 E. 63rd St. CHICAGO -jABs ADOULPIS- 1174 E. 63rd St .. GROCERY and DELICATESSEN Rcfurnish-d and Redecorated, ready to serve you with cvervthing per, taining to the business, Your Patronage Appreciated . A. J. UNGER President. TWO SHOPS. Tel. 43.15 H. P. Res. Tel. 8294 H. P DR. EMORY M. LOTTS. DE�TIST 0ffice X. W. Cor. 6.�d St. & Kirnbark An. Suite 14. Tel. H. P.4345 Res. Tel Oak GEO W. I. BROWN, M. D. Practice limited to diseases of the EYE, 1\05£ and THROAT lIour,,:!1 to 12 A. m'l 2 to a p. m. i:.nll!Dp aD. �und:lY by appointmeftt. Oflic�. Suite U. 12:10 Foast &3d Street. If. W. Cor. Kimbark Ave., CbicalO. 'Patronize Maroon Advertisers. Send in your lubscrilltio. for The Daily Uarooa. today Chicago. THE DAILY MAROON FRIDAY. JANUAlt'V 27, t()if. It. I;. I. 1 • SF ILLINOIS Chas. Frohman Presents The FantaStical MU8ical Comedy. THE ARCADIANS BLACKSTONE H"baard Place, between Mieb. and Wabash Avenue. Sensation of the Musical World Andreers BALALAIKA ORCHESTRA LVRIC Wm. A. Brady presents Holbrook Blinn in THE BOSS poWERS Henry B. Harris Presenta COUNTRY BOY THE GARRICK Forbes-Robertson in ORAND Margaret Anglin GREEN STOCKINGS STUDEBAKER HENRIETTA CROSSMAN in ANTI-MATRIMONY C'ORT Comedy Ten Strike Henry W. Savace Ollen Henry Kolker in "THE GREAT HAilE" pRINCESS Mr. Albert Chevalier in DADDY DUFORD Oae Balcony-No .at � .. SALLE THE SWEETEST GIRL IN PARIS "The Best Comic Opera' in the City." WHITNEY Henry B. Harris presents Helen Ware in THE DESERTERS COLONIAL Victor Moore in The New Musical Play "THE HAPPIEST NIGHT 0'" HIS LIFE," McVICKERS \VIll. A. Brady Announces Mr. Louis Mann THE CHEATER E:MPRESS ..... httaI. en" Aft. TeL -.J '. VAUDEVILLE �-.--:..-, ... - • - Plans Life i� a matter of limitation�," TW('llty-one men go to E\'an!'ton :-;iid Prof. E. C. �foore in his addre�s t,'night for a �wi111111ing mcet with t() the junior collegc chapel yestcrday. :'-:orthwe�tcrn. These men arc; J. F. "Gn'at men arc what they arc, be- :\feag-her. K. Lind�ay. K. Chandler, ca\1�C of an(l not in spite of their Suffragisfs Plan Entertainment. . E. \V. Eisendrath, D. H. Holling�- limitation,;. The hahits formed bYI. The l�(lII('g ... Equal Suffr�gt' Lt'a;_!tlC worth. H. L. Kra111er� R. J. Rosenthal, in\"ali(l lifc may make worth more 1; pl:"lnmn; to haH' !\tr:-. l'orh6 I'"h· F. P. Rundell. \V. S. Kas�a\11ker. C. tllal1 the 11I0�t rohu�t health. I.'rtsol1 Ifal('. the noted anrt'';';, a:, .. i-t· P. Sawyer. T. E. Scofieltl. P. H.Da- Tn tho..;c or yO\1 who are here thr' ill the cnt('rtail111H'nt the c1nh i� t)1 \'i�, J. T. \\'ilson. H. R. Kern. :\1. H. ough harcbhip� and thn�e you who�e gi':(' thi. quarter. The program wi 1 Kamerman. G. L. :\lc\Vhortcr. P. F. ot:tlook i� hard �)n (,Hry hanel. 1 �ay pr.lhably include bl·:-i<1e,;. the lahk-I S\"ain. I�. F. Fonger and E. E. Fore]. ne\'cr mind. But to those who ha"e �,nx of i:\1l1nu� women which w('re rl·-I This is the team'� first ,meet this pasts of ('asc and look forw:ud to a'�I·c("ntlY �i\'('n in ?\('\\' York t111d('r II:e� year an� according to Coach \Vhite, ca�y life. I say. tae yourseli in h:l11!!. :'t:'pin',. oj the :\Jr:-. 1�(·111l"1l1 all.l\ it �tands a good chance of \Vinning. Limitations only, br�,ng succes_�.'':_ :\Ir�. Howard Gould. __ 1-----------------1 CHICAGO WOMEN SEND rRENCH CLUB HAS ELECTION - SP:ECIAL FROM STETSON "THE PASSING OF THE ner of the quarter. A large number of THIRD FLOOR BACK" the old men were back. Skull and lID'S DEPARTMENT s Continued from pag.: I) Committees Appointed and Made for This Quarter. (.11 ,Ia�l year, why, almost double that Equality ha'i been and ever shall is seven, of course. I sahel Jarvis was elected president be the watchword of The Daily Ma- Five Hunters-Three Birds. A the French club ill the meeting in roon, With this noble sentiment in The tive men are all living in a �pellllan house yc-rcrduy aft eruoon. ;nind. could we eliminate utterly cottage ncar the college, with one of The other officers cl cc t e r were vicc­ from the columns of the Maroon all men's mother watching over the 1lI_ IJrt·�i<1eIl1, Ina l'erigo. -cc retary ; St,· items of men's news even if our own The. otl'cr day, there were going' zaune Morin, and Tr ca surer. Floren-I • • fl' • I· hunting and so they as kerl us over cc Knight. I IS ID mte y superiorj The answer is . plain-We could not. True we have t') dinner at which quail Oil toast was Thc new president app .. int cd a prll_ had to wri f h' to he the "piece de resistance." nut it gl'am commit tee, con,;i:-ting of Jean- i 0 write most 0 t e news of the Men's department ourselves. true al, was necessary to get special before e t t e Tandy. chairman. Regina Stra- ha ' \H' could accept the invitation, so all u-«, \\ inifn'd Monroe. Suzanne �I .. r., so, W t news our Men's staff has b • d . five men trooped over to Chaudoin in. and l!1anche Mason. and a re , su mnte , IS, mildly speaking, cap- b with a little notc, asking for the de- Fr c sluncut cornmit t ce, Ina Per ie (I, a le of improvement. Neverthc1es�, � a few more Women's editions, a few sired permission. The next day they c ha ir nmn. Sybil \Vright. Geisert more Men's departments. and wo went hunting and returned at night I (Iowa rd. Anna Louise Ford. and hope to see reportorial genius radia, wit�1 their game-thr.ee birds, one ofl �m'a�lIle Fi:-her. �Ianche Masun was ting from this as from the other col. which was shot to pieces because ail :1))I)ollItl'll a Cll1111111ttee of UIIC to care iive cf the boys tired at it. As III for the posters. ums of our paper.- The Editor. . ... write this.the hunters have returned The dub decided during the quar- trom a trip with fort y-six ducks and t c r tu invite member-s of the Ro_ OUR MEN'S EDITOR there were only two in the party this mance faculty to speak on subjects WROTE THIS STORY time. FAIR N'EST -CE PAS?: I)f 1.!eneral interest. Chicago womcn are well represen- ted in the activities of Stetson. Eliz, \VOME�-I'S GLEE CLUBS ACTIVE Last night at 6:30 p. m, by the clock abeth Rider and Mary Ann Whitely; in the Reynolds clubthe Skull and are on the basketball team. I�uthl Riv al Campus Glee Clubs Preparing Crescent started to eat its first din- .\gar and Lorraine Cleary arc to hel for Spring Concerts. I in a production of "Strong.heart 'I and l\liss Cleary has the leading' rOle'l The w.uucus Glee club ha s added Crescent will hold another dinner ill E\'eQ' afternoon we devote to trav : v, Cl new mcrubc r s to its rank, My ra the ncar future. The dinner la-t; e l and seeing Florida. DeLat:II is a l�l')'l1()ld,; a nd Frances Sluuubaugh. night was eaten in the private dining );(·a.ntiful little town with mall)' pOil1tsi rra�·ticall.Y �I:I, .PI:�C�,s in tl�e club arc room of the Commons. of interest ncar by. There is the old 11. \\ lull. exr cpt mg for an altu or Stetson home a chain of several little t wo. The club is now practicing every lakes and th� Ponce de Leon Springs. 2\1 c u day in the School of Education I· I I f theater under the direction of Mrs, REPORTER'S FIRST TRY \\' IIC 1. as we a I now ror.. our hist., d b I � KolIsuat. These Monday afternoon AT IT. NOW COMPAR� ory, were suppose to e tne "Foun- , t;:in of Youth:' \Ve have taken many practices promise well for thc con- autornobile drives, horseback rides cert which the club is planning to The Pen xx c1?ub had a meeting at and moonlight walks to these various give in the sprin� quarter. The club Iojooclock yesterday. mr! pfeffer who places, and Saturday the Chicago hopes that the concert will be given is ! president and has beenxb since party is going on a picnic to the de in l\landel. fi last year resideo at the, meetinxg Lt:on SiJrings. ilesides, we are }>lan- which was a good! one? Mr.pfefftr . t. • tIle coast, to Daniel Prothero, choirmaster for mng to ta,,(' a tnp to said th:1t there would be a dinner Or. GlInsaulu� at the Central Church Cuha, to St. Augustine and to Jack- some time next t 0 mr? fitch who is '11 . 1 S J I' ha� heell en�age<1 to lead thc Green- �on\'1 c, via t Ie t. 0 Ins fiver. a author from peoria X ? ) there were Altogether, we are spending a most wood Glee club for the rest of the some (nominations made for elec4 delightful winter and only wish that ycar. The cluh which is compo�ed of t ion but i forgot which wete nomin- more of you were dOWI1 here with us. ;t1)()ut thirty-fi,'c resident� of the hall ated) ? has reorganized, and will practic\'e C\'ery Tuesday e\'ening under the di­ rc.:ction .:>f Mr. Prothero. The Grecn­ wood songsters plan to entertain their friends with serenades, inform­ a! concerts at their aftcrnoon recep­ tions, and later in thc year wi�h some 'nore pretentious public concert on THIS IS THE CUB Mr. pfefe r t he (men? 5 de- FIVE-MAROON ELECT NE!GHBORHOOD council parxxmcnt. (Coatinuecl from p •• e I) THE SECOND VERSION AFTER WE TOLD HIM JUST HOW TO DO IT pe on the stairs is altogether to() tame' for the Neighborhood clubs. Lexington Changes Appearance. The party will be held in Lexing· ton, hut in a Lexington so tran�­ formed that some of the women are bt-ginning tf) worry lest their party may be the innocent means of con­ vincing the faculty that Lexington is an attracti\'e enough place for all future gencration of Uni\'ersity wom­ cn-notwithstan(ling its usual barn­ like character. The �!tort Story club held an ex- . 11' • . I cqll10na y mterestmg meetmg yes-\ tt·rday afternoon .. Today the first at-I tempt at original work by Miss Swcat, :\[155 \\,hitncy. l\Ii�s l\Iaynard�: :\lrs. :, i.::1wh;on, 1\1 iss Sterling, anrl 1\iis:, Swawitc. For the next meteing,l nn Fehruary 5. which will be open to I ';i:-it()r�. l\Iis� Edith 1\1. Colson I I known to }{ecord- Her"lfi readers as . d . I h00k-t'c\,lewcr. poct. an story- wrltcr I will hc t!�c chief �peaker. For another, meeting �J rs. Louis nctt�. wife of the: noted portrait POltn!er. will speak on' the malll�er of gathering mfttcrial fnri efiecti\"t. hackgrounds. She is espcc-I iuJ1y tit tnl to sp('a k on this �uhject I .. ince she has niilccl her hl1�han<l in' this way for hi, pict\1re�. the campus. George Fitch, the humorus writer 0: conege stories in the Saturday Evening Post, will be the guest of the Pen club at its dinner \Vednesday c\'cning, Fet)ruary 8. The Pen club has been corresponding with Mr., Fitch for some time time but no date for the dinner was set until yester­ day. CLUB INVITES VISITORS Miss Colson and Mrs. Betts Address Short Story. 'X ominations were also made for' election of officers which will be held At a mceting hcld at I :30 last next week. Roy Baldridge, Elmer Be· \\'ednesday. :\Iiss Edith Coonley wai aUy and \Valter Foute will submit 111ade general chairm;ln of the com­ the nominations to the club. The el- mittees in charge ot thc entertain­ cction will take place Sunday morn· mente At a meeting to be held at the ing. February 5. at II o'clock at �(;l11e hour today final arrangemenB Roofs studio where the club wiil will be made. meet to havc its picture taken for the ----- LIMITATIONS ARE PRAISED Cap and Gown. Junior College Speakers Says Ab· sence of Limitations is Danger­ ous. VARSITY SWIMS AGAINST NORTHWESTERN THIS EVENING i A GA IN Our Semi-Annual Special Blue, Black and Gray Serge or Cheviot Suit, w:th extra Trousers of same or Outing materiaL $30.00 {/� Tailor for Y oun� Mell Two Stores: 131 La Saile Street.: 44 Jackson 90ule,·ard. tUnON, 2ft in.. high BEDFORD. 21 iLlIiP A TheN'ew . RROW Nbtch' COLLARS Sit snu�ty to the neck�the-t(;pnneet in front and there is ample space for the cravat, Lk.,2 for 25c. C�uett. Peabody &: Co_Mak.en \Boston Garte:- - Fits smoothly and keeps up the sock with neatness and 1 sccwity. It is comfortable be .. cause its w�arer doesn't fee! it. The Bos1on Garter keeps its fuengthandex cels in wea .... value. Fully guarantee Newpc!lr free if you find an im..�iIiIlhilifiiiiI perfeetion. &mpl.Pa1r. Colton. :ZlIc •• SUk., GOc:.. )!"i1·.1 ,'. ""f'�i,lt f·f ,.,"i"�. CEORC� FR03T CO., MAKERS, � · .. ·nn. U.<;_A. Established 1877 L. H. Prenti(e Co. for Hot-Water' Engineers and Steam ud Contractors Hutinc Hot Blast and Heating and Mechanical Ventilating Ventilation Apparatus i'ewer Plants and Power Piping 24-�6 SHERMAN STREET :\ r:1r floard of Trade CHICAGO Pr"h,.I.I)' Ih,. Jarll""d firm of thisUnd ill thewodd. viz,: udoJai .. dy HNlina A�,. .... S-­ ar.d Hot WalCfIMI Beata. ! . . i , �.T.-.1 • ' �! ,j , THE DAILY MAROON I I Et-;-���TTES!J TO SOCIAL CAUDAl After all. you see a GargoyleUe al- ways was a lady gargoyle. We know ---- ....;. that. because the Managing editor's fit" ·innin n x k . dictionary says "ette," Frencli . g .g e t wee a series of feminine ending. So today, We are Judge parties are to be given by the only coming into our own in the Young Women's Christian League Gargoyletn, column. . " * * * * ev ery Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock University of Chi' d . ago. mcorporate In the League room. Thirty-six worn, Tht; staff of the Women's Edition en, divided equally among the grad- submits the nam.e of Merle Reese for l' • the Board of Directors, out of grati- 1 ate, the active and the prospective tude to him for letting us use his nice members will be asked \0 each one. Maroon Oftice today. * * * * One of our cub report.ers asks why she should 110t mcJude 10 her Junior chapel story the numbers of the hymns and psalms. * * * * ary 31 at 6: 30 p. m. Those who will 0, Fudge! We can do that too he present: are Hazel Stillman, Mar- We've wondered many times befo�e, '·::ret Mitchell Nathaniel Pfeffer R Just why that certain classes are; ." , , C'" Is to grve us a chance no }{ec\'e, Vallee O. Appel, Raymond To see Professor Frederick Starr? Daly, Richard Teichgraeber, Kent . " .* * * * ( 'h dl J D I I crrucs Wise find Shakespeare's I . an .. er, ames onovan,. Dana plays Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. David Allan Just literature, as we were taught. l\(Ooertson will chaperon. And let philology go hang , 0, Why does Thomas Albert Knott? * * * * The Reynolds club annual Hard Gleaned from the Editor's diction- Times party will take place this eve. ary. . h Degrce.n, a cumulative tuition re- ningt and t e dancing will start ceipt. promptly at half past eight. Some of Honor scholarship, n,· a malicious. II h'l . Machiavelian machination designed: t lose w 0 WI I attend expect to Wlt- to stigmatize the holder as' a dig, and �--------------�-----.------�---� ness the fird half of the baskdbaU sak guard ag�n� all Prom hld� II game between the University Fresh- . Pass.n, a free ticket of transporta­ tion usually marked C- no assurance ��-�-----���-�-���----���-�---��� �en and �organ Park Academ� be ag�nst delay. accident; or "flunks� fore going to the dance. Coach Ray; Senior.n, a patient who has swal; croft has kindly consented to admit Iowerl the last dose. and is cured. Ser-vice scholar'shiprr, an mgenious device used for occupying the stu­ dent's time so that he shall be in no Miss Sarah Martin and Miss Tern, danger of an Honor scholarship. Sec Honor scholarship. pic will leave next week for a six Zero.n, from Hindoo Ze, meaning weeks' vacation in New York. They easy, and ro meaning row. The back \· v ill be entertained Saturday by the or last row of ",cla;s �oo� seats. I Senior kindergartners of the Schod \Ve admit we have -some doubt con- I cf Education with a luncheon at cerning how long the Freshman >Field's. whose English .40 yellow b?ok is . quoted below will remain with us. * * * * .. A good example of ballad meter is these two lines which is Milton's, The Rape and the Locke "When that Aprille' with his show­ ers soote, The droghte of March hath verced to the R oote." * * * * From a letter sent special to the The faculty of the School of Edu- W. A. A. editor of this edition, it ap; cation will receive informally in the pears that James Davies Lightbody art rooms of Emmons Blaine hall sometime sprinter for this institution, I is fully equipped for matrimony. He tomorrow evening, at eight o'clock. has won, in the course of his wander- The reception will be followed by ings abroad, 23 cups of various sizes and shapes. silver and gold lined I silver knife, fork and spoon in a case. 2 flower vases, metal and Ger­ man silver. I handbag for travelling, and 2 pieces of statuary, one of a marathon runner, the other of Liber­ ty or Justice holding a pair of scales, I fruit-stand of silver to say nothing of match-safes, cigaret cases. Mer­ schaurn pipes and steins. Anyone in­ tcrested? * * * * Pat Page suggests that we run a special matrimonial agency for ath­ letes. That Japan trip must have been fairly uninteresting for some. * * '" * > \ r , t I I �I . ' � ..: t ' ; � r �: /' . � ,. � " DO YOU LIVE? If you reside in the district boun dcd by 57th and 63d streets and Cottace Grove ave. and the La �:e, you can get The Daily Maroon delivered to you for the b allance of the college year, before breakfast, every morning. SPECIAL OFFER The price is SI,75. If you take advantage of this offer before February IS, you will receive as a prenuim II IS FREE A $2.0,) fountain pen-the kind that carries with it a years guarantee-THE DIAMOND POIN r FOUNTAIN PEN. This offer is for a limited time only. Take =dvantage of it now-THE DAILY MAROON. M iss Alice Garnett is not in college Real Conversation. Freshman to Sophisticated Senior- this quarter, "Ethel. how many times l!ave you he en kissed hy a man?" Senior. dazed hut with dignity­ Edward Pietsch has been pledged. Kitty. my mind is on other things Peta Theta Pi. than the counting, and and, _" Freshman, interupting very freshly -"\Vhy not wear a speedometer? There will be a Reynlds club * * * * -moker on Friday evening, February A.D .T. Boy on steps of Foster- 1. X'one of the details are available "Sav is this Foster hall?" 1.iaid- _ .. y es." hut Roy Baldridge says that the en- A. D. T. bov much relieved-"What tcrtainrne nt provided will be up to floor is the University of Chicago the usual standard. on?" * * * * The Undergraduate Council will held a dinner for its members at the Chicago Beach Hotel, Tuesday, Janu, * * * * STORE NO.2 750 E. 63RD STREET TEL. NORMAL 5915 Hatter �nd Furnisher A complete line of MEN'S WINTER WEAR AT POPULAR PRICES OPEN EVENINGS We respectfully solicit your p&troD&ge them to the game in costume. * * * * Tickets were mailed today to th one hundred and fifty men who have -ignitied their intention of attending the Senior Prom. * * * * MALT MARROW "The Tonic �hat Strengthens." Malt Marrow is a 6 :eat brain builder -it is recommended by physicians. A �I Druggists sell it. Produced by the manufncturcrs of "ALMA MATER" McAvoy Ma1t Marrow Department, 2340-8 South Park Ave. Phone Calumet 1064. * * • • .-\ J l1nir.r class dance to he givcn in th(· l<cynolds cluh has heen announ_ '('d for Friday, February J. * • • * FOR A GOOD LUNCHEON OR DINNER Go to 1015 E. 61at St. NEAR ELLIS AVENUE. Luncheon, 11:30 A. M.;2:30 P. M .. Dinner, 5:00 P. M., ;:zo P. M., 2S Cents. , . uancmg. • * * * The Phi Delta Theta fraternity en­ tcrtained at dinn·er after the Score club dance Saturday, January 14 at the DeI Prado hotel. • * * • The Chi Rho Sigma's informal dancing party nolrls club, Saturday f:;urth of February. wilJ give an at the Rey, evening the! Hats of Distinction and Character THE IMPERVIOUS $3.00 I. -- i. the Hat they are all raving about. I . * • * * • • * * We carry a complete line of Stetscn Hats. • • * • • • • • February 8 has been named by the Pen Club for their dinner at the Commons, • * • • Ther(' wil he a Junior class dance ;11 the Reynolds Club, Friday. Fcl:­ n�ary .1, If the ice is good the Junior <:Ias� \'jlJ ha\'e a �katin� p�rty on the Jack ,on I'ark I�goo�, Tuesday, Feh�\1ary • r I from � \0 6 o'clock, B. L. AMES HAT CO. Tribune Bldg. Establbhed 1173 90 E. MADISON ST Mi� ... T:tlhct- The women of thisj University need more rccrea:",n'l more p:trtJ('�. :\'j.,. Dt"(IJ,,··· Y('". I thil�k th('y :lre «11 o\'cr\Vorkin� in the �ymnasittn,.1 T"m �oing to insist on less work * * * * Tonsilitis on the campus and the __ ----- • "Gargle if' column in the Maroon hroke out at the same time. * * * * * * * * Imaginary Conversation. The women-What do you of our edition of the Maroon? The men-Honestly. it's the paper we've had since the last you edited it. ::: � * '" think CUT 1'HIS OUT. This Ad. Is Good for SI.OO Call us up and we will send one of our expert Piano Tuners. who will ac­ cept this coupon as $1.00 discount. TIle regular price is $2.5C.· This is a bona fide offer. 111is ;\,d. must be presented, if you desire the reduction Louis Lowenthal Pianos that please. 112 West Madison Street Telephone Monroe 2511. WE ALSO RENT PIANOS. A. G, SPALDING & BROS. THE SPALDING re the largest Manufacturers . n the world of JO COl .-.,. . 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PhoneHyde Park 5529 JOSEPH'S CANDY SHOP Cor. 63rd St and Kimbark Ave. Chicago. THE DAilY 'MAROON FRIDAY, JANUARY 2'1, 1911. MADAM BUTTERF'L Y GIVEN' BY FOSTER INITIATES THE eagerness of our customers to take advantage of the remarkable bargains we're now offering warrants us in doing it; it's a wholesale clearance of Hart Schaffner & Marx finest goods. at 30, 40, 50 per Cent reductions. OVERCOA TS, Silk lined, of richest mater­ ials, of best styles; $37.50, $40, $45, $50 "allies. NOW CLEARING AT $25 FI NE trousers, Hart Schaffner & Marx best \ goods : $5, $6, $6·50, $7.5°, $8 values; many fine suit weaves among them. NOW CI·EARING AT $3.90 Maurice L Rothschild FANCY waist coat, in all the favored weaves, colors, patterns, smart new stuff, $4, $5" $6, $6.50 waist coats. NOW $2.50 Monev ,refunded cheerfully The home of Hart. Schaffner a IIarz Clothes. Stetson hats, IlaDhattan shirts. Johnson a: Murray Shoes Specialists in good clothes; and nothiDc else SOUTHWEST CORNER JACKSON AND STATE Chicago Minneapou. St. Paul Noble· B. SOPfj' TAILOR Telephou Ceatnl 1444 American WrItIng MaC/line Co. Established more than 20 yean I.-torence Fairleigh Stars in Japanese Opera-Mary Garden Witness- es Play From Box. Two scenes from Madam Butterfly in true Japanese daintyness were giv­ en last night by the new house memo bers of Foster hall as the finale of their initiation. Florence Fairleigh as Madam llutterfly and the chorus-or' chestra, playing ravishing airs on combs ana bowing to the depth of Japanese courtesy, mac.le charming anc.l realistic oriental maic.lens. The second act was prefaced, ac, cording to the human librettos, Mar­ jor ie Wilson. and Olive Bickle, by the :.rraval of Pinkerton, usually known as Florence 1-1 unn, anc.l his American wife, Helen Brooks. To relieve the situation, Sally Thompson, the consul woos M adam Butterfly and she prorn., i-es to wed him. The poor abandoned babyboy siezes his Grandfather's dagger and crying "My Paw has married another maw: my maw has married another paw," stabs himself. A quick curtain robbed Mary Gar­ den, Victoria and the rest of the au­ dience of a dainty funeral march which ended all that the unitiated were permitted to see of the Foster initiation. The human liberetto came back to explain that the baby was only a Freshman, Isabel Hendricks' and the dagger, Foster's c.lull breadknife. WOMEN'S GYMNASIUM AND CLUB ROOM DISCUSSED President Judson Tells New York Alumni That Women's Building I is Expected Soon. J n a talk before the Eastern alum­ ni of the University of Chicago in New York this week, President J ud­ son discussed the question of new buildings for the University. "There is still need of further con­ tributions, or at least a desire for t(.lem.,"· said J,:lersident Judson, �'irr order that Mr. Rockefeller's millions may be put aside for endowment. We hope to have half a dozen new build­ ings within a few years, one for the department of geology, a gymnasium and club house for women, a build­ ing for the classical departments and a stadium for the athletic field." The only building planned from the Rockefeler money, he said, was a Gothic chapel costing $1,500,000. "The question now before the board of trustees," he continued, "in­ volve not only adquate buildings, but also a pian of retiring allowances for the faculty, care of the new library and largely increased funds for the books and scientific department. It is also a necessary part of the Uni­ versity plan to have a medical school oi high standard. Definite plans for it will be made, in the near future." STAFF HAS UNSOUGHT AID Editors Are too Wise for Reynolds Club Jokers. "Hello, is the The Daily Maroon? Ycs? Well, I want the sporting edi­ tor this is a sporting proposition. P.ello? Sporting cditor? Say, this is the University Fakir's association, \\·hat? Yes. a new student activity. "We have a story for you. Did you know that Julius Englehart is going til take Dean Vinccnt's place when h· lcavcs r Dead !'ccrct-he only re· ve a led it when told that it would be f'f �reat interest to the women who read thc Maroon tomorrow." The above is only a small sample d the stories that came in over the wires. to The Maroon yesterday. Who shalt say that the women work­ �(1 hard in getting out their edition than did myriads of self'.appointed reporters? 175 Dearbom Street. Comer M .... oe WHAT IT MEANS .. American Factory Rebuilt" meaaa a cla.. of typewriters, 81Ieb _ no other concem does or caD rebaild a.� we do. It is an ideatifJiAI tenD used t., diatincuiab our machiaea frem the Kt'e&t mass of typewI'iten which �re oltered aDder the name "RelJuilt." It means that if you buy an .. 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These stunts should be � ubmittcl by" the end of the next I week, at the latest, as work on them must begin very 50011. Many on Committee. The \ arious committees in charge of -the vaudeville have been at work during the past \\ cek. The commit­ I tees are composed of: I Stunt committee: Florence Catlin. I chairman; Elizabeth Burke, Ruth U�ll:-I'II, Florence Hunn, Ernestine Eva n s, Alice Lee Herrick, and Cath­ crinc Lee. Advcrusing committee: Effie Hew­ itt, chairman; Elizabeth Courtright ;I"U Margaret Rhodes. Fiuanace committee: Mary Phister, .vugusta Swawite and Edith Love. Rcirc_,;hment committee: Olive Da­ vis, chairman; Marjorie Preston, and Dorothy Fox. _ Program committe: Ruth Reticker, c h�irlllan; Juliette Griffin and Ger­ trude fish. The general chairman will meet the chnirrncn of all the committee today at one-thirty in the Neighborhood room. The vaude vi lle will probably be :�i\cl� in Mandel, this year, a iact which is greatly to the advantage of all concerned, as that place accomo­ �I:t t c s a larger number of people, both (,L t: l' stage and in the audience. It i, }!. .ped that the association will 1'::!1,l' more than twice the money, as in iormer years, The date of the pcr­ jllrmallcc is February z.uh. I!ARD TIMES PARTY DRAWS WIERD CROWD '-I',"c (Continued from page 1) __ heard him all rigl�0\'hat I didn\ hear y;a'" some old tramp say­ iTer-: !lv'li en_ioy his h;\I1cl,)ut more if 1 \\�, (.n hand tf, see him cat it:' TOil bacl. i"n·t? And thc handout i,. �I,illg' to he that time hOll0ured Illcal !ltr the s:an-in� Cuhan and the O\-cr­ i(d ncw:,hoy, cider and doughnuts. Subscribe for The Baily Maroo •. CARSOri PIRIE SCOTT & en '. 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Telephone Douglas 524. / I You will feel like a child again when looking over the VALENTINES at THE LITTLE BOOK "SHOP ; " / 1147 East 55th Street. EMBOSSED ST ATIONERY FOR THE VVOlWEN'§ HALLS POST CARDS - Latest novelties, Comics, Mottoes, etc. Best City, Park ann University Views - - - - 10 for 5 cts. VA LENTIES - Art Mottoes, Han�.':'ainted placques, choice comics, new 191 I Novelties. STATIONERY for School House and Office Magazines, Boob, Sheet. Music. Sporting Goods, Cigars and Tobacco. THE STAR LIBRARY, ,361 Fast 63rd Street. ---------------------------------- PATRONIZE MAROON ADVERTISERS. ... • I ., lard 11mes Party Tatters of Cam] CIt JEST �OSTUME Makeups VJ.ry Genteel Crack�r. Fumishes A large crowd ta�ticaJ1y ul:ck(.'(i flocked to the "I; Times Party :lIld the Reynolc!- ch floors were throv the ba�emcllt htl" busy all ("\'ellil1�-!"" numerous hard k carefree hours. TI joyments, also: in ous kegs filled wi mention the "'dip' grand march inr The hard time ting out their �p Maroon was titti Ruth Reticker ' costume artisticnl of the Maroons. Eight prizes wr tumes worn. four four entries, T Mo�t artistic-I MirY Phister; -"N. crick Peattie anc Most genteel-H Bessie Shumach Arthur Volmer The four patrone Laing, Mr�, W. I Robert A. Millil; A. Robertson, ac Rivalry There was kecr dance contest. A all had their try nounced, The 10' first and second man contestants, and small dippe from their bca wrappings, Paul Margaret Haass ners of these pr Every feature to remind the d lious precarious Hoxes and kegs provided. Th(: p' h'ely a hard tinu "rapping paper. and on the hack ot a joyful hobo rations. The drav "ey" Baldrid�e. Montana h:\s Costing $TO"C,::Jc. indiana r-ccutl of Phi P,ct� Ka Indiana g'c.( bu 000 they as ked tIre. .Purdll� rC("ci,' of $100,000 (.-) b brary, from the