OJ.' ,I' .J _.:' ... ,,-- VOLUME.·nc. .No.. .. l4- \' : �." t ,."� " -" "."- UNiVERSITY OF CHICAGO, SATt:RDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1.91.�v _ .. _o' Price Five Cents. mALIY MAROON'·'ANI) . PURPLE: 1 MEEt tHiS' AFTERNOON 1 ' � �Thifd Cu.e of the, Season on WlIi·' field :APinst Inviders from _ .EvaDlton .w·,iDBifl{jjS ,TO.: "-.,�, ' . \UBRARY DEPARTMENTS . ,,=.; .. lOyl ;' ..... \t �. ("-; • tr: ... ,. .. .. ����.·�or :-1Ir� Ban_JI, 01 Library 01 CieDPus, A&SOCiat •• " . __ TIOI ANNUAL· OVERFLOW m KENT AT BIGGEST MASS MEETING Fieumen 'aDd sOPhomores Med:. in AilDuAl Ite;DOlda Club smoker • With 'RCSalta SHgbtly' .. Favoring fo'i'cSbiDai-Vaudeville Stunts. ·l(cCam Leaves Place of Aasistant . Literary Editor of Cap and Gown Vac:ant- Editors Have Office in Reom 14 in Ellis. Much EnthUMum DevelOped lor To­ day's Game. ' 5taU and Crawley: Talk. I (, _ __._;_ Davis H. McCarn, appointed assist- Through douds of smoke, a crowd EbGE' tATIt8GUE DIYISIOIt . ant literary editor of the Cap and - of about three hundred Freshmen and ., • -e v-» ,,-,_._.. _ Gown, has resigned on account· of THREE QUARTERS FURNISH fUN Sophs witnessed the partial defeat. of :CLOSE GAME IS PROPHESIED I . -- - excessive wurk ill cotlege, His place - the second-year men in the program " ", - _. -_._' T�e�tY.-five�::�dcrod:. 'in �reparation has been filled. McCarn was selected' Song Practice Held is Best of Sea- �endered at the first smoker of the for 'lnstalHng Complete Catalogue last· year because of his excellent son - Baldridge; Gardner and season at the Reynolds club last . in Hall)eK�lteiiicirW Library. work in English, especially in "the Erickson in Charge. night. � .,. classes of the University. - From the start the "Frosh' -took \ --- Professor', Enist. DeWitt· Burton, . The work of the book has been Wet weather and lost games not- the lead. 'The program commenced : Tociay·s Lineup. he�d' of the' department of Biblical materially advanced. by the securing withstanding, the largest crowd yet, with piano selections by Earle Bowl- Chicago. NC?rthwestern� and l'atr'iiltic -Greek: and Mr. James of roc.m 14 in Ellis hall as an office. n lled Kent at the mas:'; meeting yes- by. Baldridge called for cheers for Paine. 151 L. E •. Wandrack, 159 C. :1.1: Hanson, head of the catalogue Lt.is room is the one formerly used certlay morning, overflowed into the Stagg and the crowd responded Kassulker, 166 L. T •. · .. Young, 192 . divisi:on of the library of Congress in by the deans, and opens onto the aisles and down in',front, and backed heartily. ;Rademacher. 183.L. G ... Atwood, 165 Washington, have been added to the north and south hall of the building,: up several yards deep in the A rustic 'm·' us ical and monologue 'Whiti C P k . ' : ng, 174..... •...... ar er, 1.80 .. , administiative��sfafCof 'the University ncar the Fifty-eighth street entrance: c ntrance. As the frequent and spir- sketch by Donn, Atkins and Antler- \It'reeman. 176 R. G Ward • .IJ5� libraty. ,Abouf twenty-five ·additi�ns Anyone who wishes to' consult the ired outbursts showed, foot-ball en- son called forth applause. ,Atkins as [Carpenter, 183 .. R. T Peifer, . .196" ha�e :also beeri:�ade to the catalogue editors has been asked to call at the t husiasm and loyalty were mostly the book agent, and later in the role :Sauer, 167 R. E •.. McPheri"n; '1..69 ' division in' preparation for the instal- othce any time in the afternoon. rcspousiblc for the great outpouring, of the musician, was a favorite. Donn 'G. Kuh, 152 Q. B ..... Johnson. '166 latio� of�a, complete �list of all' the l'rospective contributors can in this yet there is no doubt that .the known and Anderson were also well re- !Davetiport, 159 L. H. B •.. Manley, 186 . bo�k� as' '�oon 'as -!hey 'are placed in t1i�nn�r learn more of the nature of presence of the Three-Quarters 'club ceived. (Crawley, '177 . R..H� B.: .. : Lamke, 162·· the new liar-per :.MemOrial library. the desired material; initiates induced many to attend. The second event was the heavy- iFonger, 149· .. � :F.' B •...... Pell, 180 Professor Burton; from the foun- The committee of 'the· school of The "Old Man,"· of course, spoke w�lght boxing match between Nelson .: Totai"Weight. daticn ofr the- .University .a member "medicine is still without a head. first. Arter all yells, songs, cheers, Norgren and Charles Brown, in three Chicago, '1827' Average, 166 I_II oftilie lib�ry4,;'ard,�arid 'for -the ·past' . � 'dther committees are now in work- and shuffling of feet had subsided, rounds of two minutes each, which i� Northwestern. .'1937; Aver. .. '76 I-II. eight years chairman of the faculty ing order tor the advancement of, he said: . wis· 'declared' a draw' by "the referee, ! ., Weigbt"of' Line, coinmittee-·,on-Univtrsity - buildings;' . their 'respective duties. Photographs "When Walter Camp was here Waliie Stefieii" "because of the state � ·Chi�o:· I� Av�rage�' 171 3:7· ha·s_.bc-:C:n .. appOinted director of the . of.:-tue .:University and students will the other day he remarked, "If Yale hi\¥' regarding boxing matches," Paul I NorthWestern; i243" Ave�.; 177 4-7· University ·libiaries.·, ·Mr. ,-James-·Cr· , 'be 'welcomed ·by the editors. Draw- does lose this year it will probably Davis and Phil. Comstock :h'cted as Weight of the' Backft:ld� Hanson, ,has been elected associate ings .have ben asked for from among be a pretty good thing for foot ball.' tim�lC:ee.;ers" The' bout was fast.· Nor; Chicago�· 633� Ayemg�.: 158: l::'4� dd-ector. ·Mr. Burton's, duties will be the classes. All contributions may -Now some people' �lay say··tIie same gren 'woo, the popular verdict. ' Ncrthw�m;_'694· Aver .. 172 1..3. . edtirely in the' field 'of general ad- be handed in at the office or at box U.ing about Chicago, hut we cau·t KeUDey wiias WrestliJig. Bout. !, ,..;, " " _: -' _... : . " . nfinistration and - will not involve 280 in the Faculty Exchange. 'see it . that way. We feel that the l� was annoJ,Inced that 'J.>hil Kear- , -Student 'tickets ·�ili' ·be -on: 's�le �t tde- surrf!nder of his position as pro- To Extend &de. 'game would go: on' anyhow. Ifs all lie": 'i�', ch'allenged any :'13 �an :B�rtlet�' this� m�rriing betwe·cn 9: and' � .. !+}!� and head of the department of The. two . business managers are: right to say that. aft�r all is· lost, ",�iglilng" i40, pounds. �o- a 'wrestling' i10:30 o'clock:' ·--:Blb�anson, who . cnn.aLlprinD' lin:mcial changes'so as to' but ifs a' poor .thing"to say before �juL' By':the Jnanimous consent· of 1 -�ith' a 'crippled 'lineup, Chicago' ., h,s.�,�gaged "exciusi;�iy�;It;:,Ji_- ,��,��.-, '--;it- . L 'tlie"-Lln--�"�'�s'" blr (t"Lty<'"� .. ,. , -...., I', .. . I • , .,' '.,' t���.4. �r�le' of the boo and In-=] '82 e;---' t, :'t e'-;, � ,.' �� �e>.c J.4-:� . .:'''';';__'',':''-'_J..i.-;.I· _':n ill:����ins�fhet�ea .. �.!r0a:l,.f�a�st brary,work for twenty y:e-ars,and h� duce greater advertising. Other ad- to \\'�ri every gaine they possibly ,"�et t!i��Fres1in;an�. ·b��·piie, th�=:fatt 'thIS' afternoon:. "The' .game;,: 'wh ,ac:hie\'ed a position of distinctio� vance:; ar; expected· in all depart-; can." that '&:e··;�� .tlot;iri. ·traininu�· Taylor ;w�r ��o���t! :�f' �fth.e, ��,��i1ing o£ a'.bong.'the librarians of the country, ments as·��n as work is well under; ,., stagg :Proud of T� pUf·:up;.a'go<)(t:�hibitioll o£.de�ei1sive \tHc--season'as· a'practice'contest,' has �ll d.evote himself entirely to the way. � . "I· felt proud last Saturday that in wo�:: �LD(r':W.S.'pU't 'oiI 'the.' mat· ·in. �no�; ·a�sunied:;'illiuStiaHahpbrta�c�·'iri" �ork of developi�g and administer- "We want everyone to come and: ·the: s�cond ·half Chicago me� came 'eJevc'n· minutest·ih' an exciting.· cC?n-' iview of. the inci-ea�ed strength" of'the': iJg the library system of .the Uni- �ee what we want them to do for tis:': ba�k and �ve Illinois ail they coUld test. ,Kearney tried the, full Nelson iNorthwestein ;.tea�. arid ·the:;ro�s �,�f J v�rsity:.· . .. . said. Lester Wheeler yesterday.: 'h�ndl� :to ke�p them away from. the sei;�r:al' times' beio�e: it was' �iii�es'S: LWilson: ana' sev·eral oth�r"pl�y�r�.'to 1 Mr. Hanson Wep ,Qualified.;! "', :,'Many of the students can draw pie-' ·goal." ful. Nemo Young rcfereed· the con- l:Hicago.�· The :Ptii-ple·- team :regaTd� : : Mr. Hanson j,ns,�Orn;=jn�orwaj�� �.tui-es l..:"incr'!-Write'�-,�tories. Perhaps "The game of Saturday" I bow test. The bit of the evening 'was the lthis· ·afternoon as the chan-ce oE'ei' lifc"::; i� 186S;��tlt 'r��ed hi;:eduiaii'ori', i11'7 :�th�Y:;h�v�"':iilen:tes�" con�erning the n�thing about. Northwestern has singing of:a,selection'.from,·the "Pri- 'time 'to beat an old-tiine riv�l; and' this co_try. Having been gradu- ,University which are interesti�g. only played tw'�' games; we had DO ��:.:D�.����� ·by ,E���tt Be��h .. _ :wilt spare no efforts to come: out; at . ated from 'college in 1882, he pursued There will always be a 'place for any-; man a� ,t�e first 'on�� ,and in the see- ,·The' lightweight boxing contest 'the :right end of the score;' gbduate studies from\I�2; to ,I� ,,;one, man or woman who wants; to' ond ,one they only used a few simple �� �is� -a dra�. i�:-th�: �ig1}t.�f many I There is -n�: d�ubt that •. unless the �e 'was � teacher in' Chicago from't I �()rk On- ahy r�committee, as mbst· plays.', But' they . have: got the. best �(.��:...�pe�t;at�i:�.: _' .'�Jj��i�·; Dono- ;Northwestern· team falls· far, belo\v I� to 1888,..,�nd a graduate, student everything in which any student: is, t�m �nd c�ach they have· ha4 in six van� for ��: Sopholllo�es, was pitted 'the strength with- which it is credit- i� Hist�ry, Economics and Romance interested is taken care of by the: years.'" : against.·'Terry·" Lipsky, a Freshman. �ed,. ·thc game ·wilt be,: hard-fought �nguages at t:omell Unive��ity Cap and Gown." , . "Weare �ot in as good shape 'as .�he· ��t � i: seri�s. or' clinches in 'froni start to finish. No one at .Chi-, from 1888 to IS9O, and .. for� part� of:, . - " :: .', ' " .. :; we were Saturday and r don·t; know the first . round, , but be!=ame .fast and ;cago. feels_'.th�tc the riv�l team· is I� He �ega�, �is �re�r,:at!�e., _'FACULTY MEN:.IN LECTU�I' ;c�l!�th�,\!.�,�.�!.::hr.';C?���ti�n to ,�� fViou� in.th�'� following rounds. ;;stro!,g�r;' and ,it, i� :gr�t1y' ,to be N,ewberry LIbrary 10 ChIcago under ___. n �r not.· . -Y;l�.a�. not In 'good, m.m Botb:��'re ftOc;r�d 'sev�ral·times. Don_ ,q�estiQne�: if' ,tlte Northwestern .. stu-; .�.'. �T .• �. Poole-i1,1 1890- In 18g3 he ProfeSflOr Bensley Will Speak Nifl ��.·fO�.�� .• �Ii��e.�,,�:��!-,i�,.,�.�. o��,:w�� th�,p�pula� v�rdi·ct�.· :de�.ts:have_: ��ch: r�al confidence in wa� InVIted to take charge of t�e._.. Tuesday Aftemoon. I � �m w!!' W1���. t.o, make· np m' the .,' SOpba wiD �'Thg 'of W��. �the .,ability of.. �eir player:s to win. ' �taloifue department' of the librart � ;_ � i 1 �ibigo .. gnr, � -_�a�d· arid ·:fight:,· for A q�e'�' assisted . by' Gardner, :There is; however, Just enough: �n.- o(.the::Universit�'of Wisconsin"and . Professor. Robert R. Bensley of ihe! w�icli,we·ar�,!�\ed·.th�oukhout the gave:,twO .. seledio�s whi�h'�ere well sertainty arising from the weaken��g . in; '1897 was .. n:t��e,hea� of the �ta-:. botany dep3rtment, will give a lec- west." ';'! l� �,-: � ... _'- _. r��;ed.:'-This,�as rolto�eci by·.th�, o(ib�' Ch�c�go:'t���':.th���gb,":in,:, logue d,h;�i«?� o( the JibrcalY,. o( Con:". ,ture on. the .. History of the: Vacuole Captain· Cr.;,,;leY waS:�ef'a�d' to . F�h�ph'.·. Tug-of�War. :Weight ju�es t() a�use �o small amount of : gress .. :nis' • position: ;he lh�S= occU,,;· 'ill Ahim�i arid' piant Cell;, i·n Botany the point. in rcmarking:: "It -I�b ;,aJid .e�perience counted against the 3�.xiety "Over the game in the minds pied for thirteen:: yea�. and: has: .i3next ·Tue�ciay-'at 4:30'0'dock. iIt J!:loomy�but' not'�:man';�n-:-tiie,team Freshme'u··in this part'of the pr:ogram bf: t�e:'l.'":hicag() rooret:s. a�ieved a stan�ing, as a �taloguer; , .. is ,said thaf.the leetUre will be of es- has given up. If we were, licked 0 , a \ and 'th'e' second->:��i _men succeeded ' ,L�euP, Sbifted.._ ' unsurpassed by that" -:>f .�nf· me�b�r" pecial.inter-est to all botany stu- dozen. times we wouldn"t give u�; in, keeping-,the ,mark in· ,their terri- , :I'he,l��e�p .that: was given o,ut�by : o� the profession in :this -'countrY or: . dent�' a�' Dr.'" Bensley will give the i-e- fot: we know you're behin� us: WeYre � tor; �,ali' . th� 'time: ,.of' the cOlltest. Mr., Stagg last, night differs in· no, . abroad. �ult of numerous researches, which going to fight hard tomo,,"ow.".. : Those - particiPating. were: Sopho.;. less than . four· positions· from the .. one Mr. Hanson has been a member of he has made in this field of WO!k. ,Three-Quarters· lien ,H�ble i �O!'e�ark, B�own. �h�ndl-';r. Hol_ that started tl'!e game against . Illli- ": th1e American qbra..y Association Illustrated charts, showing the cell In the midst of 'all the :��rriment : lingsworth and Bell.' Fres1tmen-. nois; George Kuh' has 'taken Wil- since 189.3. From 1900-'9Q8, ...... "� :c�ai�-· foimatr�ns will be used in the l�c- the Three-Quarters canciidat�s; �af- 'I' Rei�h�an. Coo�ley�. Harger, �yman son's place at quarter, and Fonger is man of its C<lmmittee ,on catalogue' tur�: ,'. - - : forded· humor, more by their,. atti- and Huey. -' !'cheduled to start' at fullback ,in place ruJes, he conducted the negotiations Proiessor Coulter, director of thc tude of ·ltUmiliat�on than· by 'a�'fitel- 1 The· finale of'the progTam was the . of. Ralph Young. Da\'enpon is given "ith the British Library Association. bctany department,. returned today Jar acts o£ asininity.· They' marched I pie-eating cont�st. in which', "Fat" kogers' position at left h·alf, and, in He 'also compiled and edited the cata- from a t�p, t� Iowa City, la., where into Kcnt in lockstep formation. as ; Lyma� _,�,.�a ... beating last year's time the line, Frecma" goes in' in' place o£ lo&u�. rules published in -i908 � ,�o he deliveftd lectures before the Iowa go thc convicts of the shaven, polls, by almost three-quarters of a minute. Whiteside. editions •. an Ainerican edition by th�, St�te Univcrsity and the iow� Prcs- an(l then :-tnod facjng the wall upon . A, feature of the evcning·s pro_ Ralph Young is· being kept out on Publishing hoard' o£' ·thtr, American byterian Synod. On \Vedncsday the stage. Thcy immediately· :as- :gra� '�� the trying of the new yell. accoum ,of a bruised shouldcr, ac- Library' Association. and British edi- me ming D!'. Coulter dc1h'ercd an act- �ttlned a· kneeling posture. and - thus, ,b,.� the Three-Quarters club. The yell (luir�d against Illinois. while \Vhite- tion by the Library Association of ,Iress to th� students of thc statc uni- like (le\'otc(''' heforc a shrine., they !£ollows: "iric is suffering from an infection in Grcat Crilain. He has been a con- ycrsity on "�cw Equipmcnt:' an(l humhly �pent thc half hoor. - : ��. Chi-ca-�'O. 1 will. ):i-;. farc. The In�s of hoth of thc:,c tributor te various library and hiblio- laler in the evening he gave a talk One act of divcrsion was allotted i ·Chi_ca-go. 1 will. r'-'�ulars undouht(;dly weakens the gr�phic journals. hefore the Synod on "Plans for l�i- thcm. I'airing ofT as thc Chicago Rah, Rah. Rah! Il'am. Fonger's lack of weight makes Among Mr. Hanson's qualifications nancial ImprO\.cment:" Dr. Coulter. :10,1 �()rthwcstern foothall· teams. Ra·h. Rah, Rah! him far less formidable a� a line- for the new position is a working as a memher of the National As:,cm- they indulgerl in onc· grand· center I will, I will. [ will. plunger than Young, and Freeman knowledg(" o£ fifteen languages,: fo� _ : 'bly of Pl'e�hyterian�. was sent to the rt1�h in thc ('cnter of the stage. piling Chicago! i:-, ·IIOt as heavy as \Vhite�idc, Hmnc of which he writes and �peaks, as Iowa synod to represcnt thc r\ational up in :J great mass of- heads, legs �nd Young. Mcnanl. Rogcrs and Sauer well as reads. The University counts body. £eet.· Chicago won· the down: Poor support last year c�\1sed a ma)� he sent in later in the game. itseli fortunate in securing the ser- The hest song practice of the :sea- track deficit at Williams of $484 .. �" . Weaker Than Last Week. vices of a man so eminent in his A sophomore at Brown was:drown- son' was heM at this mee,ing. Go1'- There�is no question that the cl('v-, profession, cspe<'ial1y in \'iew of the .ed despite the efforts o£ friends to don Erickson lead, thc singing; and Credit for work on student pl1hli- en, .which i� sent against Northwe�t- . _' (Continued o�. �3) " _ _ 5a,:_e him. (Continned on page 4) .. " " �abolls: is to be given at Michig:an. Northwestern· Has' Advantage'· of Weight in· Line and Backfield­ Hammett's· Plays Hidden. " .;:... " , .; .... !' I'> There -is one Chicago tradition that The Physics .Club wilt �eet in is now being most 'flagrantly tram- Ryerson Physical laboratory at 4 pled upon. It is the o'clock Monday. "The Limitations Respect for Alma Mater. It has of Stoke's Law of Motion of a Sphere The Alma Mater always been the cus; ,Through a Resisting. Medium/' by. tom for the students Mr. H. D. Arnold. " , , to rise and bare their heads when the Vesper Services' in . Haskell tomor­ University hymn is being played. It row at 4 o'clock. '.'The Friends of. is in this respect that the discourtesy College Days." Leader, Millington has of late been shown. Carpenter. Since the beginning of the college , Reorganization of the Common- year, the Alice Freeman Palmer': .. wealth club will take place on Tues-' chimes have pealed forth the "Alma day at 6 p. m. in the Commons' Mater" at 10 o'clock every night. .It . private dining room. [s entirely fitting' and proper that Physical EzaJDinatioD' Appoint­ U niversity men and women in dormi; menta for Men may be made at the tories, the Reynolds club, the librar- . office of the Medical Examiner in ies or the street, should show their . BartIett"Gymnasium. respect for the hymn by 'doing 'the , .. Nomiliations. .for class- officers on usual courtesies, hi the last week Wednesday, October 26, at 10:30- several instances have been noted Upper Seniors in Cobb 6A, Lower in which this has not been done. .This Seniors in east Kent, Upper Juniors is tru�' especially iri tl��-"Rey�old�" i in west Kent, Lower' Juniors in Kent club .and the Law libraries. ; theater. !t-wili ,interfere .very 'little with<jn;_' �� Meeting of the' Brownson Club on tellectual', progress, if the stude�ts � iri- lTuesday at 4 in Cobb lOB. the :Law 'library . cease their lab�rs i . ' for a� minute and rise while the' �'.Al- , .. COMMUNICATIONS. ma Mater" is being rung. The loss I � To of time could very e�sily' be '��de up the Editor-It was a . surprise' . to . me that ·"M. W. R!' thought it by curtailing the time usually. given necessary to give such a Caustic re, over :to gossip. ply to my criticism of the way the choir sat during chapel, . , . I am very sorry indeed . that' I misjudged Mr. Lash and 1 hope that he will accept my sincere apologies. As to the rest+what I said was true. From the improve ... ment in their attitude and attention today I do not regret that they re­ ceived a "jolt" to their pride. As to the suggested women's choir, it .is a fine idea, Start the ball �1- Jin'g! It would' . help many a 'giri who is struggiing to pay her o� -,. way through college. , 'Miss R. _ .. �o •• I)AILY .IIAROON . .' Jroaaer17 '0':' . TIle Oalftll'8lo ol CbSeqo We1k17 ' J'ou4ed ' The Wee1t17 •••••••••••••••• October 1. 1£12 The Dall7 ••••••••••••••••• ()etobel"1. 1J02 Eutered .. Sec:oud-clau JDA1l at tbe CIll­ �o Poet01lke. Chleaso.,IlHnol8. .ll.ucla 18. 1103. 'uuder' .Act of Mareh. a. '.�; � TBB STAFF N. A. PFUFER •• • AlaDqlDs Editor Ii J. DALY .• ..0. � . . . N ... EcIitoI' ll. "'. CARPENTER. • Athlet1c Edltor HEN .... NEWMAN AtU:lugA'l'E EDI'l'OW:J w. J. "'out; C. Y. TD,lor H. L. Kezmlcott 11. W. Beese C. W. Ho�hland D. L. Breed REPORTERS Uuth BeUcker MaJorJe Hili J. K. Beebe M. D. Steven SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 117 Currier. $2.:iO per year. fLOO per quarter. Cit)' mall. f1.25 per q uarter �OO per Jear In adVAnce. Ne ... contrlbuUons IWl7 be left at El1l8 Hall or Facult7 Exchange. addl'eaed to The D4117 M.aroOD. 0 The following' editorial is clipped from -)he Kansas City Star: "No charge is made For R T; Crane for reproducing the to Ponder On. following' advertisea ment of a volum� by an enterprising Chicago business man: : A Live Wire on Higher Schooling: R. T. Crane's New Book: . (331 Pages.) : Showing the Fallacy of all Kinds , of Higher Schooling. ror Sale o.by· all Book Stores. ••••••• : •••• .; •• e ••••••••••• � . 0., "That's the stuff! Stop' this higher schooling. Shut up the colleges. Turn 0 the universities into factories. What's the use of education, any­ way? 'All that people are on earth for is to add a few trimmings -to the inevitable bread and butter, and to set up a Iit�le furniture in the cave which their ancestors made their home. So why study "Of course a man needs enough arithmetic to figure the interest on his note for' sixty days. He should be able to spell the common words of business. Some knowledge of geography would not come amiss. But this business of wasting years in studying history, economics, phil­ osophy, biology, Latin, Greek or what not-absurd! "What difference does it make whether the sun goes around the earth or the earth around the sun? You go to work at the same time every 0 morning, no mattcr which goes Professor Scott of Illinois Writes Article in Independent on "Col_ lege Training in Joumalism..'· • -- .:;-_ ..... #, •••• fOl . fack drivers' strike, a party of . men was .. organized ' by one of the stu- .dents, who, went down to act as strike�reakers. o�t another time, oae �f .the . student reporters of ; the Examiner organized, on his own ini­ tiative, a band of men from his, and another, fraternity, and made a dem­ onstration" in order to intimidate the strikers. In both of these cir­ cumstances, the employment bureau had nothing to do whatever in se­ curing the help, and I thought it only justice to Mr. Bowers to inform you of this fact.' Yours very truly, Alfred C. Kelly, Jr, around. Why waste time JeariUDc how the planets were fo��l., .... �t won't help you sell aoocls.:· :Theil. : there.-is �Jo:wl\ole'��I'o(�D��naie" : in' �ollege �s�ulation .. o�i�·:.and " destiny and eternal life and the coD- :stitution of matt_er: What's the use! Some chap has said that his idea of happiness ,was, to go out in the fields with a friend, lie on his back, look at the sky 'and talk:abOiit' God. That's about as far as 'these imprac� tical liigher education fol� 'get:' If a oman wasn't talking about GOd he _!1light be planning' som�thiDg really worth wbiJe-how- to malie of' pile in wheat or how to.' get- rid 0 'of 's-ome common stock to advantage. "You can never get anywhere by 'going' to ,college.' Most· millionaires don't know Latin and never looked inside a book of philosophy. What this country needs is more million­ aires. Put every boy and girl to work at 14. Then you would see the United States of America begin to SAYS COLLEGE liEN MAKE GOOD IN NEWSPAPER WORLD hum." "College - Training in Journalism," is the subject of an article in the In­ dependent Magazine by Professor F. 'W. Scott of the English depart­ ment of the University of Illinois. Professor Scott maintains that the colleges of jourrialism have already made their influence felt in the news­ paper world, and that a majority of newspaper men are now college trained men. There is also, he says, an increasing demand for educated men. "Courses of instruction especially planned for students who expect to enter journalism as a business or a profession," he writes, "are now be­ ing offered by at least a dozen col­ leges or universities in this country. More than four hundred students are enrolled in these courses, some­ thing between two and three score graduated irom them last year, and one, professor reports that he has re­ quests for more graduates in' jour­ ,lJalistic courses than he can recom- �end. \ Journalists Favor' College Men. 1 j ':JGumalisi •. themselves have rec-' �. 4gn�edO the . increasing readiness of f <)<>lleges to meet the demands of busi; *ss and professional life, have seen the newspaper offices gradually fill- ,iog ,�th college graduates, and have suspected that. in journalism as else­ where: 'specialization may make for efficiency. Twenty-five or thirty years ago. a college training was a . handicap to the young man applying for � job as a reporter. A Yale gradu­ ate, now the oldest reporter on a . great, Chicago daily,. secured his pres; ent, job he asserts, only by con, cealing the blot on his educational 'scrutcheon. He was the only col­ lege.man in the reporters' room then; now there are but two in the room who are not college men, and neither of these is city editor. Men w�o have seen this cha�ge come : about have perceived diat the col� leges now provide aD education that ca� be put to use by �e' editor, and have reasoned that if some adaption has; been done, more t adaption can do o ELECTRICITY Like bodies repel, While the unlike at­ tra�t. Whichaccounts for the magnetic quali­ ties of Fatima Ciga­ rettes-theyare totally Unlike any others. . They generate a current of favor. pOwedUi in its at­ traction of college ·students. Some Jag. some UJorJ ro;ll be coined 10 Jexnbe them. ,I ;4, PrQcrastiriatifi ... ... � IS A 'BIG WORD PAr NOW 52.50 PER fEAR DAILY BULLETIN� Football Game with Northwestern this afternoon at 2:30, at Marshall field. ANNOUNCEMENTS. more. 'Editor Daily Maroon.�Tbe·re was a '. communiCation in your paper, signed by 0 IIr. Cameron' T. Latter, which, to say the least, was not a fa­ vorable advertisement for the em­ ployment bureau, although it did not reflect upon me personally. I happen to have an'inside know­ ledge of the facts stated, and thought tbat 0 perhaps you would like to recti- fy the statement made. ' . . Sometime ago, at, the time of the Graduates lIake Good. "The first proof of the efficacy of tbis sort of training for journalism is 'in the readiness with which the grad�,�s find positions, keep them and 'p� In this respect they are 'undoubtecPy justifying themselves and their training, although certain Kansas editors' are already blaming 'college .. journalists' for' all the wind in Kansas journalism. 'The graduates are securing' gOod Positions, are ris- I ing rapidly, and in many instances are successfally running papers of ; their own.' 0 The courses fit them for o country papers or minor positions on larger papers. In both places there is a growing' demand for college­ trained newspapermen. In Illinois, . where two years ago a state press association listened with good hu­ mored incredulity to an explanation of what the courses in journalism , were tl')ing to do, the editorial asso­ ciation has recently volunteered to use its influence in securing for the state university the equipment of a complete newspaper plant for the work." GLOVES Ask for the best and aee bow quick they'D bring you FOWNES ,----------------------------------------------------� � great internat, .. anal social meet­ jng will be held a week from next Fri.day, :by the Cosmopolitan club to welcome 'members and' start things moving for the year. The program committee, composed of Messrs. N. Sa�dow��Y. D.' J. Kasai, and F. Young, is busy working out the dc- :, taiI:{ of 'the affairs, and announces that more detailed information will .� appea'i- during the week, ' The personnel of the program com, mittee indicates the vaned nationali­ ties of the members, Russia, Japan and China, are only a few of the countries represented, as the club has nearly a hundred .members, 'only one- , ,third of wh�!D _ are Americans. Mr; A McADA��'!� ��S'�#'����t interest in the club' � • - • IS high, and that a very successful , THE season is at hand. Student's 'Florist c:UriOJ( Zt� liP. 1If.DfOD. 21 � .... � � .' -'" TheM'&J, ' ARKow ?{btchCOLLARS Sit mUafy to the neck. the tOp. meet ' In front and there is ample apace f� the eravat.. l:c..Z for25c. C!uett.Peabody & Co..MMera A. fi. 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The Southwcst Ncighborhood club will hold the first mccting of the sca-· son Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, � Lexington hall. The entertain­ "menr committee and members of the council are working on the arrange­ : . ments, and it's success is promised. - ,'The details arc being kept secret, but the plan in general is to offer a college , cour�e. Lexington library wilt be converted into miniature classrooms. Each woman will be ex­ pected to go through the entire col­ lege course of four years in one af­ ternoon. All girls who live south of the Mid-way and west of Lcxington a�nue are urged to come and learn "how to get a Phi Beta Kappa kcy in two short hours. Refreshments will be' served. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB : , t IN BIG SOCIAL MEETING Intcrnational Affair is to be Pulled Off Next Friday Night in, Ncw , , Chapter House, ' CUTTING SPEAKS ':BEiloIiE -: ' .-: �BB GERMAN CLUB . ,� --, STYLISH UP:JQ�DATE T AILORlNG� -- . FOR yeUNG 'MEN AT SENSIBLE PRICES , .. : .. ' :' John R. Verhoef! .2£11.00 AND UP Roy E. France GREENWOOD ,HAS MUSIC Head. of GenDaD 'DePartmeat Spe8b at Weekly 'Mectin& of the -: I Club. " Over 90 students' interested in Ger­ man appeared yesterday-in Lex­ ington to attend the mcctiDg of the German club. As usual, the members· were divided into depart-' ments, one for Junior college aDd: the other for Senior college -students. After about one-half, hour of practi- 'cal German conversation, both sec­ tions of the club assembled to hear Professor Cutting.' Following thc introduction by Mr�' Grcnow, Profes­ sor Cutting spoke, on the value of German conversation. -He : referred- . to the fact that, there arc about -A-! COO,OOO people in the United States who have Teutonic, blood, so that an interest in the German language is but natural. PETITIONS COMING SLOWLY Cou�cil Iss�cs Call. for Pctitions for Classification. As yet but few petitions for chang­ es in classification have been prc- 'sen ted to the council. The list is now posted, and blanks for petitions may be obtained at the information office. The council will receive and consider any petition up to the time of the elections. The council, how­ ever, is anxious to have the pctiti­ tio�s presented early in order that 'thcir claims may be .investigated and acted upon without confusion. Any student who finds his; .name classified among those. of .any class- other than that with which he ,.altcred college, is privileged to petition for a change in' classification. ._ ',- MISS GILMAN WILL TALK ON ,SUFFRAGE_ N�X-:r ','�EDNESDA:Y _'_'_'_' �- • ':f�; ! Mrs. Charlotte 'Perkins Gilman wit IODLI AN �cwsm UNI 0' - _ Gauaateed Fahric:a. Abo Other' Very AttracIi •• u.... Both . OUR GUARANTEE We Guarantee every Garment made frOID our Stock to give absolute satisfaction. If it fades, shrinks or loses shape or any other fault develops eithcr in the Fabric or the making, at any time, briDg Itback and we'll make it good. � GIvE US A TRIAL. No -B.tte.. Fabrics. Better Tailom. or Better Val ... CaD Be Had, ADywhent JOliN R. IIERHOEFF a co. . - ---TAl LORS,--- .... COL IlADISOR (, . cuusrs. CHICA�O. m, Thlnl floor Straus �. 014 At.o6d IIdg. nleplleae JUIN 5331 WICLOSI AT 6:31 r ... Women in Greenwood Hall PI8n to Serenade WOg1en'� aaus. -: \ ':,-ih�',,�����;� GI�c �Iub has a rival �' �'o�-the �ampus sincc thc organization' last,' night of thc Greenwood chorus b�, ;JS �csidc';ts' of 'that hall. - The clUb will be unc!er thc managcmcnt of a board of dircctors, consisting' of Miss Slining, Florcncc :Portcr. Mary Dickcrson and Dorothy Goodrow, , ���: will, be ',accompanied by� Martha , \\Th,ittemorc.piano; Elsa Dudcnhocfcr : and' . Charlotte Bicrbowcr. violin, and Gena Thompson. mandolin. Thc Grcenwood orcncstra has al­ rCfl"y had somc expericncc iii cntcr­ talning thc gucsts of _thc hall. and thc . Glcc, club is expectcd to be evcn a grcatcr innovation in Qnivcrsity dr­ ,d�s. Grccnwood' hall is 'uniquc iD thc �, p_o�scssion {If this �rchcstra and glcc club. and thc rcsidcnts have warn cd '. their: sistcrs on the Quadranglc that th�y 'will soon' be ablc to' cntcnain thcm with midnight scrcnades. COMPLETE LIST OF ,', THREE-QUARTERS CLUB'S' PLEDGES will speak 'on' "Worrtan's:' Suffragc" .next Wednesday at 4' in"Cobb - 4A. Th� lecture is open' to : a u J It is IUD_ dcr thc auspices of,thc Collcge EqUal Suffragc Leaguc. ': "i·' ',- - , ].r�s. Gilman is ide'fitified with' thc �uftrage movement' in �Etiropc for sc�­ cr�1 years. She has also 'bcen' inler-· estcd in the 'solution of labor prob­ icm�, and' is thc author 'of-: scvenl works on womcn and, economic� and on children in thc hoinc. MAKE ADDITIONS TO . LIBRARY DEPARTMENTS (Co.ntin'lcd from pagc I) ---- : lar�e and, responsible work'.of- rcor- : ganization and cataloguing, which thc 'library must carry�through within ,the 'ncxt ,fcw ycars. :�,:.:-..:.: ":_ •. ;. ..,' '�1 �� A 4 ;".�-.;:r .�!: � • Thomas Coleman PJedgeCl·'cm Psi. i Chi Psi announccs thc -plcdging of Thomas ��lcmanl � Chic;ago. His i' �amc. through an ovcrsight, was DOt· j included in, the _list publishcd Thurs- : day. A coursc in lifc saving has beeD addcd to the curriculum at Syracuse Univcrsity. , INWOOD '�WOOD BASSWOOD a.A.TWOOD JPEaNWOOD 'l'EA.KWOOD JlAPLEWOOD ETC. YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOUAREHUNTlNGro� i, �.". C 0' L L A R. S 2 FOR 25 CENTS TRitT Aalt I .. Ga ..... OX.' M.de by EARL at WILSON F __ .. cSrr 0IDan , , iCOLLEGE MEN! The four remaining pledgcs to thc Thrce-Quartcr.s Club wcrc announccd i ycstc�day as follo1f's: � [ . Delta Kappa- 'Epsilon.:._ Comstock. i MacDonald, Northrup. Phi Kappa Psi-Foster, Corpcr, Richardson. Sigma Alpha Epsilon--5hilton. Phi Kappa Sigma-Schoen. Thc announcemcnt of thesc namcs make complcte thc list of pledges to thc Freshman organization. '., An award of $100 has heen offered thc best plays submitted before Jan­ uary 17th at Yale. All undergraduates are cligible for.­ thc monthly swimming meets that will be held at Syracusc University in November. You are Invited. to Inspect Our Suits. and ,:Overcoats Before Making Your' Purchase , , w-- 'EmGiAntosh,oW oUr Koods, for ilia, meaDs � to us. WELLS CLOTHES SHOP 231-233 DEARBORN ST. ·Ketallers 01 ,Finest. �,BEAJ)y TO WEAR" Clo� -, __ - � ".;� .. f l "j_' -"'-------------'-------------------.- {Subscri.,e fo� ·The DailY'Maroon.' :.1 " ,i :sui;scij� for, �.c ,Dolily Maroon". Sh�es 1- :��! • •• • .... ..s � :.� .', ;_Esl> _ ",:7��')- .. :�.i : ::�\��t. I . . AT .'. $3.11." a .4."11' - , -_ .�';wATcH THIS SPACE,�,F"', : T"�'*��" OPE��Na OF OUI SHOE DEPT. 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BRANC�-1304 EAST 57th STREET (<;:onti�'f� from page I) - v I b l . , 1 � .1 "_ .r: • IIAllOON -AND' PUJtPJ&-' ._­ , 1IBBT''"T!DS'''Ai i&aH0T' - . ;. �� .-:; �, n., � .. r'i . � __ '(to!���f(9'� 1t '; e� �. n� • �iJ:!.' �t _hi faced Illinois. The absence of • SOD' OI:I�e is a serious w���ss.' Its: punting was of. iinmeDSe ,5C.niC:C in keeping both Illinois 'an4 .�.,� out '�f range·�f the qu�go .,�, !!d � increasing the chances 9.(;.Ai:C!tg�'s; scorinc by means of a fUaible oa the; . _ part of its oPpOneDts.· . . . . . , In practice. �. who. is' tp tako, ROUN" ...... the place of the ctisa� q��ack. , has shown considerable ability i� running the team, and in getting: away for quarterbaekruns, In scrim­ mage against the Freshman te�. Wednesday, he broke away for o�e CASTS' run of over 7S. Y,�r:cJs: �� i�. P!l, the: • • • � • • •. whole, a speedier 'man' than Wilson, and runs the team faster. He also uses better head-�ork i:D: �c: selec­ tion of plays . Ralph Young was an important cog in the machine at Cl)at;1!1�i�. He broke through the ��C?�watJ·, line of the IIIini for two 'gains of over ten yards, and was strong rin OVERFLOvi'IN KENT AT defense. His shoulder, however, I:t.as BIGGEST KASS MEETING: not recovered sufficiently to. warrant risking his loss for future games by starting him today. . �ortlnreste� Has. s.t:a� Northwestern has several' str�ng men. Ward and Manley were men­ tioned favorably by many critics' at the dose of last season. "l)usty" Parker, the negro ce��, b� ba4 a good deal of experiien�· aDCI-. i� a dangerous foe. He is a former Hxde Park . player, and werlt one year; to the University of Illinois before 'he went to N orthwestem. The players . on the whole, are far more expeip­ eneed than those who made up. file 1909 team.. '- , The' PUl'Ple.. ��,� Qb\Weigbs ihe Maroons, both in the line and in the backfield� This will prove a sevin I D ." BEe K Y S H A. B P." handicap, alth�ugb t� diSadvant;(gc . will DOt. be, so er� iD._ tbc. w .. :�s. was the case last Saturday: Neither are the N orthwestem backs reguded as being the. equals of the Illinois quintet. r.ittl� is' 'imo�,' '1i�ier, of their general styJe· of play_ . Only . . very simple tactics. were used agaulSt - ..... WAIlA£E - � Iowa, while 'tlie w�rk aPi�st' :W� Jeyan. was crude. in the. extraru:._ .IJ is not believed, however, that the team is noW as poorly equippelt. in the'-matfci'or pJa:rs. ¥ �mmett��� F��C; r��n�y: �IDflRed the, School �ganled' as a· very cleva- coac:h- .. I� of, Mipe5 at. NoJ14: X>akota. " the week ��ee� t1J�. W��F'an� I' ' .. , ... ,. '. _'._ .. _ . .'_'. . ! Iowa games ht;. �����4. tli� :�d� Chinese st�!!�rii�. �t Co!umbia Uni­ �ents of foot�1 .1I?�q; _ the ,��ds oJ. versity are �c1!iP.g, Eng,ish to their �IS players and b���h.t, ��� a brac, COUD�eD. in� New York Gty. that had been considen:d, imPossible ' ... - '. -. - . . . . by a�1 �ritics. It. is no� ��!P'�4i'�. A farm ,o£.. �,.aF.r��.is the natural he. has been r�.sbn� OD hl� 13:D.r�1s I. laboratory 'at the Coliege of Agricul- the past fortnl�t. hire of: MissoUri, University. • COLONI�� Tll£ATEa KAUTD.VL BRIGHT EYES pOWERS MARIE - TEMPEST . STUDEBAKER. ELSII JANIS THE SLIM PRINCESS GARRICK The £boeolate SolcUer LYRIC The GAMBLERS- With GEORGE NII5H GRAND· MRS. FISKE OLYM:PIC TIle AVIATOR CORT THE AfRO GIRL MAJESTIC n....m. of ae .... Speci� ...•... - . ", 'ELBERT HU�_'JlRD NIGHT' BIRD GIRLS And, Many Others LA SAL�� -THE- Sweetest Girl ia'Pari$; WHITNEY lOWDl BDlTB 13 AMERICAN IIUSlCIIALL fUTURITY WINNfR GEOIGE PRIMROSE. JIMMY GALLAIIB pRINCESS THE DEEP PURPLE MCVICKERS Robert HiDard "A Fool There Wa" Turkish &=Russian ·75c PLAIN BATH_S Z5c TEXT 'BOOKS· . ,. he injected new life and speed into l.he perfo ... mance, The Glee club and the members. 'of last year's Black­ rrlir ���� "we� lined up in front, ��'d, aided by their.' united volume, the ·'�'ij,eU.o'! :aeUoi'; song and several 'others were gone over with great ·-"1 ' •. ,. . ' spirit.' The bilnd will be out today 't� .fu�l.sh .. �� music for these songs. M� . fOlJr c.��t:.lea�rs assisted. yester­ ��y a�4' ;:Iii,.: �I oj�� i� front today. . .. . .�� 3f. eJ1a .�ted. The a ripounsc;ni��� was made that some more 'diicago y�lI& were want­ ed, especially sh�rt and snappy ones. Anybody whq: h.as, an,y; .ideas are re­ quested. to. pIOase:.wi4e them 'down �'4rqp'�'��- iAtQ: the Faculty Ex­ change,.hatidressec\, ,to Paul, Gardner. Th�,' Iast. i w9i'dl .of Cheerleader q��.49F.rr w.er�::.:·, ."Although North­ �e_ste.�, h:ts. �a�,a.,�u� team the last six ,years, arid·,their first game. was •• , . j' t • - !." .. ' rathel' rag�cI. ·they, will certainly. put ';p �� str��g fi�it .. thi�. time, Every­ ��y.:��� �t: .tp. be .there . Saturday, and sliow the. te� that we're right v4�:;�;"" ,-' . . ' �OIOlONWEALTII tLA$S�l&n, ..' AIYIIl1StJIM'S ( .. _.'... '.' . \ FOR ·RBJi1'-A suit· of rooms com­ I "ple�� for.·,I�l· housekeeping;, also I otlter toomS'; Ra'soDable ·rate. 6044 Woodlawn ave., second floor. . , - . '!liD Attempt Reo�; of Sta+ deat Po6tica1'�. ' . Mr. F. D. Bramb�1I of· the . political science department has �n reor­ ganizing the Commonwealth"; �lub.Th� first meeting win be held Tuesda� evening at 6' o'clock in the· Com; mons. A banquet will precede th� business part of the ·meeting. . Th� purpose of this meeting- is- to 'fane over and arrange the pla�s fo� the coming year. This club was organized 'five years ago for the purpose of giving its members an insight into pracdc:al politics. The founders belined t�t the college student should. � tajlgh� that public business was 0':'. 1fo�. be his business and that be· ought � take enough int�rest in it to set that it was justly and honestly ad­ ministered. They saw no, reasoJi why a business man could not alsp be practical enough to put. his hands to some part of the machine a� make his work count for some- thing. ! All of those who have an interest . in such work and would like -to have the work of the club further explain­ ed, are to hand in their names to Mr. Bramhall before Tuesday. . . ... . . .-. I i;9���q,!ch., of '��y� �ear tennis i courts,' souti of RyersoD Pbysics 1 Laborato. ry. Finder please . leave at of&ee-of-Daily Maroon. . '._ - .. -�'. . : ..... _- -.'"' FOR: ·�T.�. fmnshed front roOili'S�at.-:,lasonabJe rate for two 1 ladi�·or. gntlemea. 5823 Drexel I :\ ve., 2nd Boor. . ! ; l LOST-Lost watch fob. Finder ! p�ease. return to Daily Maroon of- I 6ee. , lORE double,.u·d one' �iDgle- fumish­ ! ed room; $12 and $9 per month : �I� : �2 Ellis ave., 2nd flat. TO: "RENT'::""'Fot':' �i'�m'ity house, 10 . room .sto.ne· residence, 5623 Dre�}., ���. panly fumished. See -owner-· thete:- . , .... WA�IDJ.>-J"�o \ yo�g men to oc­ cupy tY.O, .l"QOm. with, two others; large sleeping porch attached. 5640 Kiiab�k . aveDue. NEW AND SECOND HAND ALL KINDS Of STUDfNT SI!.PPLlfS High Class Stationery .loose leaf Note' Books ,'r.. • - Card·ftles Pennants . ;-:! .. SoulI�n;rs THf UN'llfRSIFY·OfC""A.6Q�PRfS RETAIL· DEPARTMENT ... ' �. � -J'" �. ", .... _ ••• J \ �. '"lL tm'a��,' RfSfJftJliJfNt .. " '-(OMBiIIMWN JlfAIc'f"S"� to Itl25i (eilB ,flo". i 6. tql_0;,31[�! _iri�� iunclieon and dinner;. 25 cellls.· . I Special. attention to sfuclenf.'lrad� � 10J5� £� 6f.st� St.· :Near Corner' £lIis {161St. Sf; .. Estal»lisbed 1877 ' / Engi�cen and Steam and i . Contractors Hot Water I' � for :aearin. , ., i Hot Blast _ ! I and I j Heating and Mechanical Ventilating Ventilation Apparatus Power Plants and Power Pipuig 24-26 SHERMAN STREET N ear no�.«!._of Trade CHICAGO � tt.e Ia� firm at thia iir.d in tt.e wadel. .u.: ncIa.iftIJ Hea ·APCJUa_ s.-.. ucI Hoe w*' Heab.. Patronize Maroon Adv�rtis�r!;. Barber Shop Saratoga Hotel Open Day and Nigbt.. 161 Dearborn· Street.