'; amen \ i ' .:» :"�"'* -, __ __ '-._ VOL VIII-No. 148. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. �EDNESDAY, 'MAY 25. 1910 , I Price, 5 Cents. .. JW(J EYEtn'S 'FOI ALUIIIO BAt ELECTEXEaritvE BOARD CAP AND GOWN TODAY WIM FRO. 1IOOfESOTA, 3 to 1 lIIIi r Ill" A "IIAIES GREAT , stlEmFlc DISCOVERY t ILAcmwtS ,CHOOSE WIII1l1ELD AS ABBOTr DiDDer ill EveaiDc Is Caned Off ill Favor of LUDCheon at Noon-Base­ ball Game ill Afternoon and Re­ union ill EveniDc. ...... ,1= ...... Sa&W £Iee­ tel PriIr, ScriIIe -&.tit­ _le.,ldiY •. .. Gertr.Ie t:.er.. WiIWn .. F.... ... fer Uterar, LIiIDr­ ....--w.t 0tIIenri.e Sa.e. ---l. ONLY TWO FOI IUSlNESS MANAGER Arrangements for an alumni reun­ ion of considerable size on Convoca­ tion day, June 14, are being made by Frederick Speik, 'OS. chairman of the day. in conjunction with committees from the classes of 1905. 1900 and I�S. and' the secretarv of the Alum­ ni, council, As the laying of the cor­ nerstone of the' new library will l.rir.g to the campus :nany alumni who wl''rld not come otherwise. this day is expected to see the, most im­ portant alumni gathering ever held here, Election cf Rosenthal and HuttOD Already Assured-Voters Must Have 10 to 21 Majors. iaCiDdDIc- BoWlby, the COJDpC)Rr, Six Were Chosen � GD. �int Ballot -Meet Today. The list of candidates for the Cap and Gown election this morning has been changed. Miss Gertrude Emer­ son. who was in the lists for the lit­ erary editorship, has withdrawn from the race. Her intention was not The noon luncheon of the U niver- known in time to have her name Earle H. Bowlby,: =-;t!; ,,�!l be set asicle as the alumni scratched from the' ballot. and so the Paul Davis, luncheon, and for this purpose the names of four candidates for that of- R. S. Milner, dinner of the College Alumni associa- fice will appear. C. O. Smith, tion in 'be evening has been aban- Five of the ten remaining nom- Edward Hall. dcned, The-Iuneheon will, begin at-l inees for the offices on the executive Grover Baumgartner. o'clock, There will be speeches by board will be chosen today between At the annual election of th� Black:" President Judson, guests of the Uni- the hours of 9 and 5 o'clock in the fnars held . yesterday .afternoon the versity and alumni. At 3:30 .o'clock ' Senior offices in the north corridor of following officers for the coming year the annual ball game will be held on Cobb hall. The following officers are were' chosen: Abbott, Aleck G. Whit- Marshall field. and present indica- to be elected: two managing editors. field; prior" M.! E. . Robinson,' Jr.; tions are that the class of 1905' will two business managers and one Iit­ scribe, H. R. Baukhage; hospitaler, challenge all comers on the dia- erary editor. The list of candidates Jun,ius, C. ' Scofield; , and' lay member mond, .' - is as follows: of the executive committee. Raymond �OD in E.ening. IIanaging Editors. (Vote for Two.) Daly. The retiring office'rs are De- The big reu·nion of the day is to A. R. Baar, witt Lightner, Everett Patchen, R. t kIt '130 ' I k I h R a ,e p ace a : 0 c oc 10 t e ey- W. J. Fonte, E, Myers and Jerome Strauss, who nolds club under the direction of the E., H. Leith, have served their-' terms as abbot. pri- College Alumni association, with Alan Loth, or, scribe and· hospitaler, respective- Warren Behan, who is president of L. M. Wheeler. ��. " the College association, and at the BUIIiDess Manacer. (Vote for Two.) _ �_HcW 1Icmbcn. .' same .�ime president of the Alumni E. R. H . ,.!!l�_��n- !�e,��l�on. �f th�" council, as t�e �r.!'sidi�g officer, The R. J. R::�:ha1. orlicers, 'siFlDelr����: �gr.lJ.n;.,...�.���.lDc;J�l_!L��J�� S�Ort. , ': ',... "The 'Pseudo Suflrag�ttes"'. 'were "tal!.s iii· considerable coo�iieni:e to - -:...Lituaty�C'...:0l9W��.��)., chosen .as 'members, of the ollianiza- tile alumni, m�sica. '1ium�s and � J. E. Dymond, - ' tion. It was intended that ·the first play!' hy lTt�nbers" ci the � Chicago H. �ayton, seven beehosen.at this �eeti�g. but '�'iUmi!ae clnb, �i� w�l be followed! D. ·H. Mccarn. two tied . for seventh place, These hy dan·:;q�, while cigars ,will be dis- Tellers elected at the meeting of men were admitted on the first bal- tril,"ied in the. 'alumm. roo� to the, the Sophomore class two weeks. ago lot: Earle H.-Bowlby, the composer men who wish to smoke. � will have charge- of the. polls today. of the 'music of "The Pseudo Suf- A meeting of great imP9ftance to' ThOse on .duty when the polls close fragetteS;"''Paul'Davis'>who'-played' the .a:umni�tensl.·u... .,v.:orli of the· will remain to.count the votes.' The [he part of Professor Kant; R:. S� Mil-' University will take. place at 4 o·c1oc� results a.s soon as they are deter­ . ner, (h� _ ps�4o ,'. su'flragette., Lefty ,in the. alumni r�m., an� ,�il�: be com- mined'. may be learned by' telephon­ . �ogers; C. O. Smith, the costumer. posed,-of delegates from the 'alumni ing to the office of The Daily Ma- Peter Schmidt· -, Ed. Hall, who ap- clubs and the secretaries of the Va- roon. The tellers and their hours - peared' in the' role of �Snap Frazer; rious classes., The: meeting will be are as follows:· 'and Grover Baumgartner, who took presided over by Secretary Hansen. 9. a. m.-n a. m.-Clara Allen 'and the part of Beatrice I.e Boeuff. For who is chairman of �he committee on E. V. Jennings. the seventh place there were two alumni clubs of the Alumni council. 11 a. m.-l p. m.-Florence Gross men for whom at tie vote was cast. At this time a compact organization and F. S. Benson. :£. L. Beach and R. M. Harmon. to extend the interests of the UDi- 1 p. m.-3 p. ro.-A. D. O'Neill and This vote will be decided at the next nrsity and the alumni will . be Orno Ro�rt� �eeting_ . formed. During the last year there 3 p. m.-S p. m.-Alice Kantrowitz The 'order will meet again today at has been unusual activity among the and R. V. Fonger. � o.clock in the Blackfriar room in alumni clubs. and it is expected that A list of eligible voters is posted 'lltichell. tower. At. this meeting the about 26 clubs will enter into the as- in Cobb hall. This comprises all stu- . second and third sevens will be se- sociation. a large number of which dents who have between 10 and 21 lected from the cast and chorus. The will send delegates to this meeting. majors' credit in the University. Last fourth and last seven will be proba:' year a number of voters made mis- bly chosen tomorrow. There will be takes in marking their ballots. as no . proxies allowed at this meeting. PARADERS NOT DISCOURAGED they voted for two literary editors Each Friar who desires to vote must --- where only one is to be elected. It be present. PostpOned C1ua Displays WiD Take was thought necessary to warn the , ·It· has' been definitely decided that' PIKe OD Pardae-W"1KONiu Day. students that by voting for two can- the' annual banquet of the Blackfriars _ ' • didates for this office both botes are will be' held Thursday nigh:. June 2. Purdue-Wisconsin day next. Satur- made, void. at the Gtand Pacific hotel, beginning day will witness the parade and floats -----­ promptly at 6 o'clock. At .this annual of the classes planned for last week. SENIORS WILL HEAR affair the n�wly choseri men are in- The events Saturday on the' field will PRESIDENT JUDSON AT itiated .into the' order, and the new again be a track meet and a baseball MEETING FRIDAY officers are installed. game, but' this time the ·me'et is whh Purdue' and the game witb \Viscon- O&icers.' Abbott-s-A. G. Wbtfield. Prior-Me E. Robinson. Scribe-H. R. Baukhage, Hospitaler- J. C. Scofield. New 1ICDiben. sin. .. -\11 of the class. exhibits will be in the parade as planned. The banner given hy llr. Stagg for the prize float is sti11 to be competed for. and the classes have not been discouraged by the bad weather, but will bring out ,their floats this week. The tickets sold 'for" last Saturday hold good. and the costumes and horns are in storage . waiting,,' u.nti� ; Saturday. It is �ed'�bat ,�� parade wJ11 be,. fully as. long as i it would have �. last weeIc.. �us� there will be more chance to sell the tickets� - _, _ - �", . President Harry Pratt Judson will delh'er an address to the members of the Senior class on Friday at 10:30 o'clock in Cobb 6.-\. President Jud­ son's address will be the next to the last event on the program of Senior .social events for the present quar- 'ter. A week from Friday the Sen­ iors wnt hold a class supper in Lex­ ington. I n addition to this an after­ nOOn dance is being planned for some time in June. The class supper in �Rton flas been decided upon in­ ttead of th� pJan of having the Sen':' iors attend the Wisconsin baseball game in a body, 'as has been p!eviousl ly.' intended. : FRESHMAN TENNIS TEAM' MEETS "HIGH SCHOOL ON FRIDAY The Freshman tennis team has, ar­ ranged to play the team from \Ven­ dell Phillips High school Friday. The team at that time will probably be composed of Green, Baldwin, Sel1ers and Byford. • There is some doubt, about Byford·s eligibility, however. and if he does not.play. his·place will be filled by Wright- or· Williamson. I n the matches already played Green has won from Baldwin, 6-3, 2-6, �.' Vanity NiDe Takes C1eaD Game from Gopbera OD IIardWl Field-Pace ADo .. Oaly Two Hits-Pecues Knocks Out a Homer. h-&te PnLrnr ,.. De,art .. M.e.t S.CII" ia .. \ wm.IuI. I .. HOtbs IT UIDEI OBSERVATION I n a clean fast game with the Var­ sity yesterday Minnesota went down to defeat by a 3 t o I score. The J!ame was practically devoid I of. spectacular plays and periods of sus­ pense. the Varsity scoring first and showing their superiority all the way through. Page had everything his way throughout most of the game. and except for one or two streaks of wildness was invincible. letting the G:phers down with two hits. The first score for Chicago came as a home run in the opening round. Captain Pegues came to the bat and drove out a hard one just inside third, coming over the pan before the out­ fielder could get the ball in. Four ,in­ nings then passed without a runner rounding the bases. Orno Roberts almost scored in the fourth. He got to first on a hit. stealthily stole the farthest bag and on a wild throw scur­ ried to third and started home, but was thrown out at the plate. Boyle Brings in Run. Baird led off with a bingle in the sixth. Pegues sacrificed him to sec­ ond and Boyle kindly landed out a hit that fetched the runner home. The work was repeated the next time Chi­ cago came to bat. Roberts went down when the third baseman juggled his grounder. Sauer pushed him to sec­ ond wtih a sacrifice, and he got third by Peterson failing to reach Page·s fly. Kassulker hit an easy one and Roberts was again shut off in reach .of the. _pan. Page went to third and . brou'gb't 'iiitlie--'Iast- tally- wlien: Cu�_- lings hit. ., . ...." -: The Minnesota score was set down; in the second., Diehl beat a 'bunt to first, was advanced by Marsh and then came' home when 'Hup�s �ounded: to Pegues, the 'ball going too far· out; for the 'shortstop to get a, firm grip on it. The G9phers almost scored in the first." Stockland was walked to firSt. but was' caught at 'seCond' on, Dixbury's grounder. ,Hartney then' got a hit, and before Pettijohn . was caught at first and Page struck out Peterson, Dixbury had got around to third. Page Fans Eight. Eight men went down before ··Pat" Page's southpaw curves, and after the first two innings he had everything his own way. Steinbrecher, caught his first Varsity game and held "ery­ thing that came over; at the same time holding the Gopher' runners off sec- ood. " Kassulker pulled off a good assist in the seventh. He threw out Diehl as he attempted to reach second and dashed the Minnesota's hopes of scor­ ing again. Boyle made a pretty one­ handed catch in the ninth. Stein­ brecher and Sauer furnished amuse­ ment for the crowd in the third when Pro�es Truth of Kinetic Theory of K.tt�ReAdtofFovY� of Research. The ultimate -uuit of electrica charge has been measured by Asso date Professor Robert A� Millikan who announced the results of his in vestigations last night in an address before the, Chicago chapter of Sigma Xi. The existence of ions as carriers of electrical charges was demonstrat ed by Faraday in '1830. but Profess c r Millikan has for the first time sue ceeded in isolating one of these ions. By means of special apparatus Pro­ fessor Millikan bas not only been able' to -isolate one of .. these- ultimate units of electrical charge, but has also proven that an electrically charged body is'-not·homogeneous,. but has a definite, structure. i. e., that a charged body has its charge peppered over its surface. so to speak. He has also computed the value pf the unit itt electrical terms. Professor Millikan's conclusion marks a step in the prog­ ress of science towards the explana­ tion of the nature of electricity. Faraday. in advancing-.the .ionic .the­ ory of electricity. marked the begin­ ning of the modern conception of electricity, which had before been considered as a "fluid" and later as a "strain in the ether." . The. address. •.• ---' d·livered:,iD�' .eonneetion with' the sp;:r.;g�ed1ng o(Sii1iia'Xi� r- �. --;::;:.� the zraduate scientific research soci­ ety, at the Quadrangle club. was in substance' as follows: , Su'blltaDce- of·Addrea.. 'Members:of the' Sigma Xi:' Through the Courtesy" of your ex­ ,ecutive council: I' ,ha�e . the ,privilege of presenting' for the. first time tlie completed, tliough' a� yet unpublished_ s:esult of one' phase of an investiga­ tion . upon which a preliminary repon was made a month ago at the Wash­ ington meeting cf· the American Physical society--an investigation up­ on which I' have been intermittently engaged for the past four years. and upon which Mr. Harvey Fletcher and myself have worked almost uninter­ ruptedly for the past five mo'nths. This investigation differs from most of the equally i�portant ones "'hich are carried out in a physical l�bora­ tory in that the method is so simple and the conclusions follow so direct­ ly and so inevitably from the exp�ri­ men.tal data that even the man on the street can scarcely fail to understand the method and to appreciate the re­ sults. In fact. the idea of the experi­ ment is so simple that it is rather strange that it lias not been hit upon before. ' However. like most of the results of scientific study. it was ap­ proached by a series of more or less elaborate and intricate steps which so certainly demonstrated the feasihility of this simpler and more direct meth­ od of attack that before I had tried any of these recent experiments I had the temerity to tell at least two oi the person!'- in this a\ldiencc that we should ohtain within a f�w months precisely the results which I am pre­ sented tonight. These res\llts may be summarized as follows: Has Isolated Ion. 1. \Ve have succeeded in isolating an individual ion. a�d holding it un­ der obse�ation fo� an indefinite length of time-an hour or more ii desired. 2. \Ve h:n-e heen ahle to gh·e a (Continued on PalrC" 3.) (Continued on hire 3.) �TLING BOUTS STARTED Two Draws Result ill Bouts Fought yaterdayAiteniOOD. Two of the preliminary houts for the wrestling championship resulted in draws yesterday afternoon. Pe­ terson and \Vatkins of the middle­ weight dh'ision wrestled for 25 min­ utes to a draw, and DeGraw and Hall of the welterweight division wrestled for as long. when injury to DeGraw put him out of the match. Both bouts will be ron off tomorrow. The houts listed for tomorrow are: welterweight" Holmes�&:hnering, Ull­ , man-."' ... ;�arron, Saar- J. Barron; light­ ,weight. Price-Lewis, Kayton-Rindes� packer. : , SUBSCRIPTION RATES a, c.aier. $2.50 per Jar. SI.oo pa qtIIIda. CiIy...a SI.25 per qudr:r S3.oo pa Jar ia . 8cIiuCe. STAFF A. LEO FRlDSTEIN. M.....a. EdiIIor N. A. PFEFFER •.• • • • NeW. F.dia A Go WHITFIELD. • • • Athletic F.dia ASSOCIATE EDITORS �A."'" H.FeIIe.daaI: R J. o.a,. H. C. a.ae. J. M. ......... nd. W. J. Foate. REPORTERS KeudIa Beebe. .. D. L s.eed. Paul D. Kaaeea. H. G. WeIIiaatoa. c. W. HoaPIaad '. H. L Kemaicott. Mer! W. Ree.e. RIIIb Retick�. C. Y. T.,Ior. MarjoDe HilL PIal 01 ��bIj.h" Co.. 6219 Cot- taaec.o� Y; , Midway 3935. Harlan' Orville. 'Page, . otherwise known as "Pat," one of Chicago's . greatest ath- Unezpected Tribute. letes, has al- ways. been' rec­ ognized as such at Chicago, and our rivals in athletics have often mar­ veled at the ability and the skill of that little bunch' of grit. But there is one old-time rival of Chicago who has often been accused with more or less justice of being unsportsmanlike or showing signs 'of that ailment at times. Yet there appeared' in a re­ cent issue of the Daily Illini an edi­ torial on the subject of "Pat" Page which reveals a fundamental spirit of real sportsmanlike' appreciation of worth in rivals as well as in the "home team." Doubtless the readers of The Maroon. will . be interested in what the lllini had to say about Page. "Every true blue' lover of sport in the University of Illinois," says the Illini, "has a sincere respect and a warm admiration for "Pat' Page, the 'gamest' athlete who has ever fought under the maroon colors of Chicago. He has been more to Chicago than most people realize. In every college sport in which he has taken part he. has been a leader. He has been, and is, a leader because he 'fights" his best to the last ditch-and across it. "He is a ·striking example of what a man with pluck and determination can make of himself. These qualities, combined with an almost vindictive stick-to-it-iveness, rather than excep­ tional r:ative ability, physical prowess or unusual strength, are responsible for the respect which his opponents feel for him. •• 'Pat' Page has always been a hard fighter. In every game which he has played against the lIlini he has fought with all his strength and skill until the last whistle. In the excite­ ment of the contests he has often been what the llIini fans ha"\'e con­ sidered unnecessarily rough and tricky, but this is hardly a just accu­ sation. "The dark-haired. hard-fighting lit­ tle bunch of muscle who has fought so valiently for Chicago was pitted against the IlIini for the last time in so valiantly for Chicago was pitted hn;3h to the part which 'Pat' Page has played in athletic contests with JI1inois. That famous 17-innin� game will never he forgotten hy the followers of the Orange and th(! Blue. nor will the doughty little athlete. 'Pat' Page. who pitched !'o gamely against them to the finish. "All honor to 'Pat' Page, typical of the best there is in college sport!"' I I· THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDA Y. MAY 25, 1910. ANNOUNCEMENTS' Blacldriar Score on sale at the press. Score Club Thursday at 10:33. in the club. Reynolds Club Informal will be held Friday evening. Mathematical- Club will meet Fri­ day at 4' in Ryerson, room 32. Baseball-Wisconsin vs. Chicago Saturday at 4 on Marshall field. Track Meet-Purdue vs. Chicago Saturday at 1:30 on Marshall field. . K-�3-K Palaver, private dining room. commons, tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Le Cercle de ConvenatioD Fran­ caise will meet Friday at 4 in Spel­ man house. Picnic of the Neighborhood clubs in Palos park postponed from May 28 to J �rie 4. Senior - Class Meeting Friday .it 10:30 in Cobb 6:\. President Jud�on . will give an address. Professor Small will lecture on "The Constructive Phase of Social Science" Friday at 4 in Cobb 6.-\. Moving Picture talk on "Japanese Orphanage" by Mr. Onoda, vice­ president of Okayana orphanage, Fri­ day at 4 in Kent. . Y cning -Men's christian Assoclation business meeting tomorrow from 7 to 8 in ·Haskell. Geneva next year and other subjects. - Interclass Dance COmDnttees­ Printing and publicity committee will meet tomorrow at 2:3J in Cobb 3A. Reception committee will jneet Fri-. . day at 10:30 in Cobb 3A. CLARK AHEAD IN SWIMMING Is 24 ·Points Ahead of Bergerson in University Championships. The first. half of the swimming tournament for the University cham­ pionship was yesterday run off by Coach White in Bartlett. Robert Clark took first place in the. meet yesterday afternoon, with Bergerson running a close second. The events held yesterday were the 4O-yard breast stroke, the plunge for distance and the lOO-yard swim. Only nine men competed, the ball game e,·ident­ Iy interfering with the attendance. The ranking of the nine men so far is as follows: Clark. Bergerson, C. BeniteE. Barton. Neff. Dodson. Kra­ mer. Kern and Hollingsworth. The tables may he completed turned hy tomorrow afternoon. howe,·er. for the second half of the meet has not yet been run off. The scores were as follows: Clark. 20i points; Bergerson. 183 1-2; Beni­ tez, 162; Barton, 136; Neff. 123 1-2; Dodson, 109; Kramer. 102; Kern. lro 3-4; Hollingsworth. 74. The scores are reckoned by the total number of points scoTed in all the e'·ents hy each man. lIarooa ad.enian are the depead­ able 1dDd. We don't .n space to an� other ftI'iet7. The interscholastic commission held" ·its . first- ·meeting last. night in the Reynold� �Iub,·. which was directed by S. E.' Earle, the genera! �hainria�' of the· meet. 'Practically all ·the members of the commission . were present, and freely discussed plans for entertaining the high school men.' Chairman Earle mentioned the .eom­ mittees that. were to be appoipted and the duties of each. He will sub­ mit his appointments to the Under­ graduate council at their meeting this' morning. Plans for Entertainment. The chief' committees are: public­ ity, press, reception, entertainment, board and rooms, banquet, and rush­ ing. The publicity will have charge of advertising the meet on the cam­ pus and securing the fobs, which will be on sale June 9, 10 and 11 in the Reynolds club. While in the city the visitors will be the guests of the. va­ rious fraternity houses. to which they w�ll be assigned by the housing com­ mittee. Some plans of entertainment were decided upon last night. Fri­ day night the prep men will be tak­ en in a body to White City, after which trip they will return to Bart­ lett and view the interclass hop from the balcony. Saturday morning an automobile trip through the City has been arranged. After the meet the big' banquet will' be held in the com­ mons. After dinner the men will re­ tire to Mandel hall, where the lov­ ing cups will· be awarded the point winners of the meet. A short' vaude­ ville sketch will be on the program after these exercises. The annual in­ terscholastic dance at the Reynolds club will be held after the festivities in Mandel. The commission will meet Thurs­ day morning at IO:3a at the "C" bench. The committee win be def­ initely announced and specific plans of 'action will be arranged. The next big meeting will be held in the Rey­ nolds club \Vednesday night, June I, at 3 o'clock. At this meeting the work' of the various committees will be reported. Y. M.. C. A. MEETS TOMORROW TO DISCUSS CONFERENCE Will Try to Arouse Students' Inter­ est in Anitual Summer Meeting at�Lake Geneva. To interest the men of the Univer­ sity in attending the annual. student 'conference at Lake Geneva, Wis., June 17-27, is the chief purpose of the business meeting which' has been caned by the Y. M. c.' A. for tomor­ row 'evening at 7 o'clock in Haskell. A program has been completed. It consists of several talks by students who.have attended former gatherings of the conference. "The University of Chicago at the Conference" will be the main subject .• "If the evening. The summer conference at Geneva has been held annually for the last 20 years. The published records show a remarkable growth, 550 men representing seven states being last yearYs attendance. Among the students who attended last year ·were C. E. .Brown, C. H. Hamilton, Sanford' Sellers, Edward Jennings, Roy Baumann, Albert D. Henderson, Millington F. Carpenter: and Roy XelsQn. The association has issued an appeal to all men of the t.:'nh'ersity who expect to take up the work during their college career, or who are in any way interested, to come to the meeting tomorrow. Be­ sides the conference. topic a number of other subjects of great importance to' the association will be disnssed. Dr. Charles HacIcIea Parker DENTIST 4002 Co1tqe �.� DiIcoaDt to StaClea� Telephoae AIdiae 703 : ... _ .Wo.D't y_� come in. � let US mow y�-? Noble D. S()�r ., ..•• TA·IL·OR •••••• 17S··Dearbom Street-Comer Moaroe ...... !;ec:oad � ...... . i I I I I I I I THE DAILY MAROON:.·. . D�Jl' B�Z!.Jif' ii. »: ·INTERScilo:LASric';�o"- '._ _________ ........ """ ................... ' .... : -'�- .... : ._ :.'!_� .. ' .:': '.-!-f:;.,·::·:-. 1IISSI0000BOLD& IIBBTIHO; The. Oflicia�.: Stu��t ��oD_��f' ,: .. �. ,;,v. c.:, �.::will m�:-' ��y,'. ,." S!<' v. . t '.� t�;'_' .1: .r . The University of Ch.i� •. ' .. at·tl�:30 in �o�' �';- .:: �: Auembles iD�1ite7Doldli·:ChIb.:to l)ia-� Glee Chab '.Rei.eanal, w.ll· W 'he1cf '�'JO cuas PlanS:· of S8t�� ,� n. �� W� t0d3y at 3 in the Reynolds club.' -. . Hicb ��. M�:.' .�. � w� F-.w. -�·i.le92 Cap -aDd Gcnm 'election tod�y Be o.a;. . 0cIaI.er I •. 1902 9 to 5, in Cobb for Junior offices: E - _, Sew cwd _. M.a .•. 1Iw: Oaictco Bladdriara-Elections of' second, . P � ... M-::a .. I3. 1903. and' third 'sevens today at '3 o'clock _.. Act 01 M.Ic:Ia 3. 1m.;. . ,.. in the club. . Sophomores will meet today at P.Wi.Md �. � si.d.,.. 'Maada,. 1030' K "'''T· ud . ....,.. � ... pRlfen .01 1M VIIi- : an ent, n ireless," by Pro- geIIIIJ ,_. . fessor Mann. Skull aDd Cre.ceat dinDCr this even­ ing at 6 in the private dining room of the commons. Exhibit of work of the School of Education today from 10 to 4 News .... jI ........ , � left .. £Ilia lid c. in Blaine hall, rooms 400 and 404. � Fzch ••. � k» '!be DaiIJ Ma- John A. Earl. D.D., will lecture on "The Organization of an Evangelistic Campaign" today at 4 . in Has­ kell assembly room. Mr. W. lII. Salter will lecture on "Nietzsche's Second Period-Social a-tAS.: L. SUUJV AN. JR.. a--.. Maaeca and Political Views" today at 4 in the Law building, west room. PRINTINC AND DEVELOPING WOODWORTH'S BOOK STORE Work done by C. A. Rice formerly of University studio JOHN E. ROCKEFELLOW, Painter's Supplies. 4321 Cottage Grove Aye. PhODe 0aIdaDcI 409 HE··L:LO! Highest price paid for Men's cast.off clothing and shoes Special price .for heavy .weight overcoats. . Drop me a postal and Lwill call. . H. LEVIN, . 927 Marshfield Ave�ue, Chicago. CHENEY ART"'STODIO .\ 1141 . East 63rd.S&eet" Pictures and Picture Frames. Hand Painted China Developing, Printing· and� T ooing done promptly. .. - __ .. _ •...• ; .•. �_IIIi , •. •. �. I I I / M �L� :�L!St'A� p - - � SUMMER VACATIONS r l Suggest SOft Shirts. Fea- � i • turing the new French Cuff. � Prices $1.50 to $2.50. .. - 63rd AND ELLIS AVENUE BRANDT METAL CRAFTERS 1229 East 63n1 St., Near Kimbark -----�. '. : i ." :....: We make and design �d-wTouaht Jewelry of eveq' , desqiption iDc:I�diag ;: .. Fratemity � Zodiac . Emhlema,·.M� in plcI, atemua silver and broaze.·7' ... . »:: .' - . . . .... .': I ,/ - i "/::. y' :. _": JEWELERY REP� Of.EVu�.:�QNl , '" {Ii. _ " .. !. . Acl.eni. iD The IIarooa. Ad,e,1iw ID TIle IIarooa. . :jOi.uUiflu&ElfrG�T-:-I�t;r· �bove �)/� clirectiy' deduc�· .� . . :'���FIC? - 9��Y Baa W0dre4 8eftn1 years. • '" __ -_ ... " . . .�.. Professor Millikan's .resnlts are the fruit of. several ·years of research. Previo�s . to the announcement of -the present conclusion. he delivered an address some time' ago befort'. an­ other scientific soCiety in which' the ionic theory was· discussed and which was' issued in print;' The present an-: nouneement concerns the same sub­ ject, but is the result' of more recent experiments and different methods. Professor Millikan is well known as c (C�n�ued from Page L) I.' . very tangible demonstration of the correctness .of the view advanced many years' ago that an electric charge is not a homogeneous some­ thing-a "strain in the ether" or '.an ._ ," ',"imponderable ftuid·'-spr:ead unifo�m- oo...� �A.NS1p� ,�ly over the . .:surface of the charged THE NEW' .'. . . body, but that it has a definite granu- Ann �O��' '-' lar structure, consisting, in fact, of a �U� ," . definite number of specks or atoms of COLLARS . _. electricity, exactly alike, peppered . - . over the surface of the charged body. JIOR StJIOIEIL BleIl eaailjfa fOr It follows, of course, that an electric Ioab low�foI'COIBfort'" current, which is simply a charge in pIeaQ' ofmciaafoir'tbe tie to .... m.. ... �.,.tIO. __.... motion, consists of a movement of a.M.. t Z.c.- � ,' .. .6ftMrc.a;.� . these 'atoms ;�f electricity th��ugh or oyer the conducting body. This is . . . not asserting anything about the ulti- Why Stay·HOIIie? EUD10P.E. mate nature of electricity, but is mere- y. CAl • .TO ft Iy pushing the unknown down into these ultimate electric units or atoms. OD the . aew Iaqe twiIHaew oae-cJ.. cabiD -..ea 01 the As a matter of fact, we are pretty cer- tain that all materiat atoms contain as constituents these ultimate elee­ .trical atoms, and it is the vogue now 'to surmise that these electrical atoms are the ultimate units 'out of which all matter is. built -up. lIeasurement Taken. 3. W e bave succeeded in making a very prtci��·.m:�astit:ement of the value of this -ultirnate or elementary elec­ trical �harge and'. find it to be 5.13x10 -of our .absoh,lte electrostatic units. We thinl(-::tbjs' value cannot be in er­ ror by' Diiire:- than one-half of one per cent. . 4 -. w_ e have been able to bring for­ ward new, direct' and' most convinc­ Ing evidence' of the' correctness of the kinetic theory of matter.. ftir we' have "�ot only shown di'rc;ctly that a mole­ . �1:l!e_ of air is in rapid motion, but we have measured the order of. magni­ tude of � its' energy of agitation and �·.find· it to agre'e'with·the· (£omput�tioDS­ ..,based upqn the kinetic theory. . . 5. We have been' '�ble to prove • �·that"-�e :greal -majority-of '-the ,ions .'. .0(.1n ieJlizFcl·�-Qi. 'b� p�itive a�d .. I't . '.o.lo. -.......--;-,--..........,.--.. _, I I -:.':" '.- •••. ;; .: .. � ..... i_ '. . ,.�" .���.!��_?:,,��>�. �n_e Sl�g e e e- .. - .' :.:, .. �: ;���;'�l���;�u�we have \t?�-:S:'i.�.:.: 'C'. ." • ·: .. ,?1"".�.,.:· .,s�� cYidenccr�that :'some .of these: __ .<� �.,.t-�. a,�,��6L-'E��: '����1��:;;·i�� '--:'�''''::'' :-':"'''�''. ;.' ..... : is co��ide�bly"Jriore ��bil� th3n is SAVES, ·TI M E 'the poSitive' iOD�.:�This m�ans that its: ·}6'.-_d' ·-··�SELi. 'VeIOcity···at· :a8ib.ti��,· is:�greater and' . �:�.�.�,.:,::�; .. ::;�._�,:��.t� '_.'_ . .that it tmove6·�f8St�;un�r· the inftu-: .. _ _ _._" " .. : ei'tce . �f.'in· �I��f field. .; �:� 1111' 0 ; 'Our,- mults:- ibow: that, the law of �;� - ·1: : . faU �'a:·dr.�p�� a. resisting: t�;I'f-'(�'I�:"I: '�'�E""'-B" . ::��i;m., �����t!�o�!t;,I:� s!��ess�.: t :.. '. radius is' le's�.·than-.OOOi6· centimeters.: ... . . Th� results further show in just what ." " way ibis . law breaks down. . $45 TO $62.50 Meals ad batb �'. U JOII wut tD pal �_� ..,. abe' �_. . CANTIC TWIN-SCREW Fi .. YERS. . M. W. KOZMINSICI.· Ceaaal w�.;;... 71 De.boaa 51. . PaaionPlayatObel'allllileqaD, May 16' � Sept.. 2$;. '. .' 'The'Method Used.: . : -: In" brief, the method by which aU: ... t��e reSul� ba�e .bedl· 'Obtained is as; . foliows: We' blow a cloud of fine oi" . or mercury drops by means of an at­ omizer �and introduce one of these' · '. ftrops tbr�gh a pinh'ole intQ·tlt� space · be�een the plat�;' �f a horiZoiltal air • lIT IDlEI, .IOREIl -;QndeI!S�: The droplet there catches: ...... Ie..-...:..... . one' or more of the ions which nor� . '���"�"- . 'malty exist in 'air or which have been . .-r CI. .... produced· in' the �space between th� ") . -. ..... . pl.tes by any of the usual ionizing OVER __ ftA_ THE _A"D'U";' agents, like radium or X-rays. Tbe � . 7'�:,.' , . q:trMr. -�- .... r "j .��e � 'fall ()f' this drOp1�.t1ll'_Ough � measured distance is observed when IIarooa •• eiliwlS ' •• the iepe.s.: , rio' electrical· ·field eXists 'between tbe able kimL . We dOD't leD .,.a' to plates. '.' Then a field of strength be-' � otber �. '.' - ._. . . , . 'tween' 3,000 .and 8,000 volts per' centi- meter is thrown on and tbe time of rise of the droplet. ander, the'" ;�ftu­ ence of this field through the 'same 4istance is again measured. This op- · .' eratfun 'i�. r��ated' �hd the speeds '. cliecked: an. indefinite number of times, or until the droplet catches' a . 1................. new ion, whe'n its speed under the in- IUWUftIIUll ", ITIOIS, lIED- . ����ce of the. field instantly changes, ALS, l'ItIIIIES, ETC., ETC. t.ougb the spe� under' gra\'ity re- .. ' . 'mains ·-constant.· From tbe sign and. �_�� ... �.���. ��. �. ,�.�. �. �.�.�. �, .� .. �.�. n:��it�d�. of the cha�g� in speed�the 1_.1 •• ,:t:&.i··· ': s_''''. and exa�t value o�"� charge .'._ __,,� carned -by a captured Ion IS deter- AI ..... � ........ _ . ...; mined. The error in a single obsern- �1 • \.' .�.� �- ·tion need not-·exceed one-third ,of one MAQIINE' <»MPANY. 1M T� Ea- per cent.. From. the nlues of tile ........... 3191o-t.. Sa.. 0aiCIp, �p�eds oblOen,;ed aft of the conclu�ions . '.� .. ;.� a physicist. Learn the· Automobile" Basineu_ o.e lIOII � fi I . b· wadd • 'ihiI'Gfered to the A..1IIIiIe � _ ,.. IO · _ .. �. " We�,.. wl 01· ......... · ...... · " .. CMR�U1'OIIORE �_aU7 ��. G� A� MORNINGS AFI'ERNOONS . EVENINcs -. . � . . . ��:- Be'� _·aad Well E. A. WRIGHT "COo_I'; 'Engrayer PIIIITEI_STITlOllEI RED-BLOODED HEALTH." VIGOR. STRENGTH AND' SUCCESs-an yours for the··: exp�diture of te� . �inutes a day.., . : ___ SEND NO MONEY •. Simply send for free printecl matter con­ cerniDC 'my method. which has· restored 30.000 run·down per-' I 1005 to VIGOROUS. RED­ BLOODED HEALTH. My System tells women how to become more beautiful in face aDd figure. more graceful in car­ riage and repose. It aids men successward by showing them '-how ·to deftlop Dene force and brain. power. T� .. out this ad. aDd write your. name and ad­ dress on 'the marcia' and mail to . .. me.' and I will be Clad to send you a complete statement of my SYS�YLVEST:.m J .. DON. - 16 Qainq Street; Cbbp DlllClllllitatllDsaad Proarams .�, Class PiDs, . Fratnity Inserts and StatioaQ, WedIIinI � aad 1aYitat*Is, VisitiDI CanIs. Etc. Etc. WIN FROM IIINNESOTA, 3 TO 1 (Continued from Page 1.) Samples CIIeerfuIIJ sent In RIIIIIISt- both went out after Stockland's foul. The ball escaped' in the ensuing col­ lision, but it gave Page an opportun­ ity to register another strike-out. Sutton pitched a steady game and except in one or two. instances was given perfect support by his team­ mates. Hickory batted for Marsh in the ninth. Score of the Game. Chcago. R. H. P. A. E. Baird, rf ••..•.••.•...• l 1 2 0 0 Pegues; ss ( 1 2 2 2 Steinbrecher. c .......• 0 0 8 0 0 Boyle, 3b •............ 0 1 1 2 0 Boyle. 3b 0 1 1 2 0 Roberts, 2b � .. 0 2 1 6-0 Sauer, Ib 0 0 12 0 0 Page, p .•......... " 1 1 0 2 0 Kassulker, lf •......... 0 . 0 0 1 0 Collings, cf ••••• _ •..•. O 1 . 1 0 0 jWRIGHT &DITSON • CATALOGUE OF IllinoisTrost& SIiriiiIls� CAPITAL AND SURPLUS : $13,400.000.00 . • ..... '1' .... Athletic Goods Is 0111. au s"tndd be la '''e "aads 01 ef1�e laluested la s,.rls. Wright & Ditson Base Ball. La'flJ1l Tennis. Field . Hockey. Golf and Track Supplies are official. Mllde "1' ill '''e best 'models' 11,,4 bestst«k. EVeryoIIe ,,4,.its ,",,' tIJe Wrlg'" 6- Ditsoll SVJeDters. Jerseys. S"irts. Tig"ls 11114 SluJes "re SII/Jerlor ill every ""y. OrIr goods lire gotte1l rip by experts .,"0 k1lfn17 "0fD to lise . them. . CATALOGUE FREE. 3 7 27 13 2 Minnesota. R. H. P. A. E. Stockland. ss � .0 0 1 4 0 Duxbury, 3b .......••. 0 0 0 4 1 Hartney. 2b :.0 1 0 2 0 Pettijohn, Ib 0 0 11 0 0 Peterson, If 0 0 2 0 0 Diehl, c . _ ' 1 1 8 0 . 0 . Marsh, rf 0 0 0 0 0 Hughes, cf ••••••••••.. 0 .0 2 0 0 Sutton. p .- 0 0 0 4 0 Hckory _ o 0 0 0 0 -': H .•. :R"0;�;;n�: ,,=_ ..... -,. f�Ii�!rrffllfll��� �.;:.;' La Salle Sbcd aad·J.cbOD � que.. �. This BaDk LOa... &elUsivelY. ;0..:, CoUatend ...... �is CO_sn'iltive-Da -itS· -MetIlodL WRIGHT & �ITSON 344 WDSIIla6tOll St. 359 Mand St. BosIoJl. ."'ass. SIUI FrlUlcUt:O. CDL . 22 WarT_ St. 76 We;,60ssd St • New Yori Cit;, Prtn1id_ce. R.I. 84 WDbDs" Af1eJ1ae HarTHJrd Sqaare Cldca60. Ill. Ca_lwUl6e. Ma.s. - .. .-. . � �,-, __ . .'" ... INTEREST-Allowed oa CmraIt � 0rtiIicaIe �.�. �� Deposib. Boad.l"� � ....l�T� �eaII 1 2 24'14 1 Score .by: innirigs: R.H.E. Chicago' . ' .. 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 O' *-3 7 2 Minnesota .0 l' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 2 1 Sacrifice hits-Marsh, Baird; Diehl, PegUes and .Sauer.. Stolen bases­ Roberts. and Kassulker. S�ck out -By Page, 8; by Sutton, 6. Base on balls-Off Page, . 2; off Sutton� 1. Time-l :49. .l!mpire-McGum . IIarooD advertisers are tile: dcpeDd­ able ldaeL We doo't sc11'space to 'any other variety. WNOIS.,t8UIT SAfEly. DEPmIT co. � . --." . ...... ..:. f' , SIft: DIN5IT ·YAlJl.1S •• 1 ' -- •. " :.� •. : .' r : Fast Trains Day and N i g ht OD the GOOD_'FOR Over.-Stady, Uader-StadY,···_ NO-study CCm! ill� De&c .... " "Wholname _ Bread aDcI Batter" FOR SALE ON THE-GROUNDS---" _ ... - . . : MaNON ROUTE -------�--- - - , T .............. � _: nL 11I ••• ;.,I ...... �.� •. IIfIrI ... IfIIr till SIIIw-.et ,.. staJIIIts:: -; � r�' ..... frtI8IIs ...... :-- '.-"-��-�--'- - Beta_ CHIcAGO, . LAFAYBi 18, nmlAHAPO� ClRCDI-.· NAT!, WEST BADER· ... PRENCH LICK SPRIHGS, LOUISVILLE PRANK J- REED Gia. P-. A&t. B. Eo TAYLOR. OeD. liar. 202 c.tom Ba.e PIKe, CbIcap. Fort -. , Dearborn: <...-.,.. 1: • ...., _ � .. '- . Restaurant. a.IJ�, .. Caf�·"�· � lIVE us A TRIAL QU .. EEN CAFE r .. 1IIcb East If ..,..IJI CIIII. 1320 Eat Fiftr-SInd St. LUICH 2Oc. alliER 25c. .... - Class CItIrIIII -ta' ..... " ... ' " •. : . FlllIilltt P.u.s., " : I.EISTEI & E.I., ............. 134 E. Street · •• w.Cw.CIutt ..... F. H. R...... Pwaide& H. H. TOWIll, Sead.y .. T�. E. A. K_ Maucer THE IWNOIS WAREHOUSE AND STORAGE COMPANY 06ce ... w..-..e N. E. Cor • Fdty-Sidla -s.-. ad Kiaab.k Aft. TeIephc.e H,de P"- 510 _ . 571. s-.. Mo!iIII -;:c T ..... 10 - r.o. .. cIepob. We C8IIJ • WI_ of pec:a. bOas .. BoOb _ Fa..wbicIa .. 1or _III U L : .. bIe .... ' c-":_t III- _.. am- to u--,....... '. � IIarooa ad ....... tile depeacI able' IdDd. We dOD't leD IPIICe to _, otber ftriety. ..... , �, .� , , : ..... . ...... ;_" .�.�t»��_���� ... �o�;�,:�����o�� � .!:t.lt:.t��!:�: .. --.� Weekly sight-Seeing excursions to points of interest· .. arouad. Chicap,_ will be a new feature to the. c�miDg summer. session of the University�. The series' of eight excursions will be conducted by: Albert Frederick P;obst. Ph. M., of the University, as­ sisted by Otba B. Staples of the graduate schools.. . i The union stock yards and the great packing houses will be visited June 27. Over SO students visited the yards last year. ; . The boat excursion to Milwaukee on Saturday, July 2, will.�" made on the 'Christopher .. Columbus,", said to be one ot tile finest boats on the lake. It -is equipped with a fine orchestra, wireless telegraph and �eelphone, the operation of which will be demon­ strated to' the excursionists. Ar­ rangements have been made to visit the great Pabst brewery, the largest of its kind in the world. . The 4O-mi�e auto excursion over the principal boulevards and through the most beautiful parks of Chicago wiil be another trip. A visit. will be made to the Bridewell, one of the largest of city prisons, and also to the John Worthy school, the city's juven­ ile reformatory. A view .will be had of the finest and most costly resi­ dences of the city. This will be auto­ mobile day at the University. wiit Go to Lake Geneva. The great trip of the course, sche­ duled for July 16, is the excursion to Lake Geneva, the Yerkes observatory and the Y. M. C. A. summer school, . The excursion party will leave Chica­ . go Saturday morning by special train over. the Northwestern, and on arriv­ ing at the lake. will be given a 20- mile; boat ride around "beautiful' Lake . Geneva" within view of the numerous palatial: summer homes of some of ChiCago's - most wealthy' people.'. A visit will be made-to-the great Yerkes observatory, .where 'Director Edwin Brant Frost .will demonstrate the working .of the big 4O-inch. telescope. This telescope is -one of the largest in the. world and is. of. spec�l inter­ est in that the object glass alone cost '�9Q9� . , . The � .t���_ .�f .. th��. �eat in­ strainent. is 72 fed long and weighs ��. to�.� whiie the whol� .re .• rolving' a_w.aratus :weighs -�.·tons. . Halley"s comet will be visible about midnight on iDly. 16 and accommodations have been .secured for all who: may wish to s� over till the' following' day. "Ple"Lake Genev� Y. M� c, A. sum­ mer school will be 'in session and an , . 'op.,ortiiititY· will be' g;ven to visit classes in any of the departments. To Fort SberidaD. . -The boat trip to Fort Sheridan July 25, ",11 offer· an opportunity for a most delightful, balf:day_ outing for , University. students,". .Thc. "5.. S. United States" carries an orchestra, and there will be plenty of good mu­ . sic. A 'special attraction of the boat 'OF'f'IClll -� BOOKS is a-large· wood. map ·of.·the United . . States, each state being represented ft.� � • • - . ",by its typical woOd. Fort SheJidan • -� �. StIlI.... is one 'of Uncle Sa'm's largest military Sllqllll .1IaYI posts, and the' spacious grounds pre- Offtclal' Handbook' of - th.· sent a scene of unusual interest, both Inter- Coli ...... A..... geograpbical and bistory. The fed- olatlon of Amateu. eral soldiers :Win give' an exhibition Athlete. of Am... . drill' fo� the' University party. lea, 1 91 0.· The trip to Michigan City, Ind., August 1· on the big steel steamship. '·Theodore Roosevelt," will also be a most enjoyable afternoon outing, it is thought. To en Through Sean, Roebuc:k. The visit to the Sears, R�buck & Co. plant August 8 will be instructive. as well as recreative. Special trains on the South Side and Metropolitan "L's" have.been provided for, and the numerous special guides at the plant will explain the operation of the va­ riou� departments of the largest mail­ order hou�e and mercantile establish- ments in the world. . , An students or the U.niversity will be greatly interest�d in the trip t'; GarY, 'Ind�' August H. This trip of­ fers three special attractions,' name- , �, :�!i:v·n .. "'''''T·.�- II �/'-l91': ��. .. .. =: .I. . ... . � ,. f ,/ __ hfw' .• .t: ....... i TIIEDIRiflEIBEE , '. ." �: � , .. ' . ',Ia • NeW PIaj. . . .n._¥--"� ��" ._. ·Am. a II . w-.c." .�·Gbe. 'A��Hat F_ HaDowa,. . EeL' LPiae - '��'�'M�'" au,., -:.-' . p::c. MMDii ' ...... u- .... 1Se. . r.-.a.tIIII ... -rVI cYICKER'S AborD 8raad Opera c.paOJ ... 1 '�FAUST." OLYMPIC .• THE·.,FO.RTUNE HUNTER .. ;-W��!��" , .; ...... IIarris In I.Y::CINDERELLA····6IRL ,STUDEBAiC:ER , - Richard' : Carle In': T H.E E C H 0 -, Z_�,���ELq· ;�; --�: 1_� ·AB.ISIOCliACY � =t ��.tt�'tt.t�'t�11 . , r. ��'_. .. The Trevett --Orchestra Iiish-Americ::in Trio·' 'De RoWs .. a�d 'Valoria' Mr.. �nd. Mts. O'Brien' :.MjsS .·;Florence· - MOdena"':. Joh� "\a�d Bertha. Glee�ii and Fred .H�1ihan . G�e :·Wilson The Four" Lincolns Potter-Hartwell Trio Trevettscope -2$ and 50 � CORT.·. �SiII�" Drew •• i ' ...... n- '. PR ICE 10 CENTS. SpaulctiD&'. ollicl .. Athletic Alman­ ac for 1910 contaiDs • complete list of amateur .�-OD-�; in�rconeai­ aley .. swimminC, intencbolatic, £ac­ � lrisb, ScOtch, Swedish; Continea­ tal, S� Africm; AatraliaD; 1I1IIIIeI'­ oas 'photos of indmdual athletes &ad . . teadiDc athletic teaIDL' '.. ' . . J'�C� l_q \CE� A. G. S ldlnl & 8 .... u1·W &w..� . . . '. \ '.' r . TRACK liEN EXPECT EASY ::TIIIB . WITH. BOILERIIAKERS - ...-- IIarooaa Look J'oirward to' Good Ileet-TiPt Races ill IIiJe aDd Two IIile. The Varsity track squad will meet Coach Jones' Purdue team next Sat­ urday afternoon on MarsJtall field i.n the last dual meet of the year. Di­ rector Stagg is looking forward to an easy time· for his' athletes, as the Boilermakers were decisively defeat- ed by the lllini last week. .' Straube should be able to win both the 100 yard dash and the 220, � Hench the. crack dasb man of Pur­ due, is' not in the best of shape this spring. Earle has a good chance for second in each of these races, and Kuh . may also be able to n�se Hench out at the finish. . Davenport has both the 440 and 880 cinched. Gif­ ford wilt probably be able to get sec­ ond in the half from Demare� of Pur­ due who is also entered in the 440. Tw� Good Distance Races Pro� . Two good races ,are iikel_y. to' .. be pulled off in, the .mile an� �wo. mjle, Long and Gray of Chicago wtll be pitted against l\{cWayne. who won the mile at Champaign in 4:37 last Friday. Stophlet will have the race of his life against Wasson of Pur­ due. Carpenter will be out of the two mile on account of a severe at­ tack of neuralgia. Wasson won the intercollegiate cross country run here last fall and has made the two mile in 9:57 this year. In the weights and hurdles Chicago has a fine chance for a big majority of the points . PROFITS OF·FETE . ARB $50; WILL BE, GIVEN TO Y.· W. C. L • NearlY'$50:will be- handed over to the Y. W. C. L. as the net profit of the . Quadrangle fete last Friday evening. It was said. yesterday by. Frances Herrick, ,manager· of .: the fete, that." this ... amount represented only. -about .one-third of the money actually taken-in. About $160 was: made ·by the fete, bet- the greater part: of this amount -was used to defray the . unusual expenses involved. .' . : This 'mon�y will be used by the y.: W .. C. L. to send delegates' to the an­ nual Y. W. C.' A. convention at Wil­ liams Bay. Lake Geneva, this sum­ mer. Thirty-seven' University women were in attendance at the conference last year and the league expects to se�d ?O representatives this summer. W ANTE�A live young man to take the management and half in­ terest in a well known and estab­ lished' business; $25.000 required; salary, . $5.000 per year. Address . Secretary of Daily 'Maroon. FOR PICTURE FRAIIIHG try the Dudley Soop, 1130 E. 63rd, near �exington Ave. PRINTING and developing, Kodaks and supplies. The Dudley Shop, 1130 E. 63d!St •. U:-:"--='=-= ViiI W ...... AIIs- ........ ...... '. - - ·1 ViiI W SpI.IiII s..- SernDI' 0a1, tllle ant tllle Jlarbt A ..... ....... Oa. 1_". CII7 Dol4 Your Fntenllt7 .114 . . A11I1II" 01 ..... &ere 1-11.117 Ra •• oh." St ... et , - .�. .. J .' ,' .. " .. _ .�-." -.-: ',' .... " .. :. , ... -, . ,'. ' � , _'_,:'. . .,=;:: � .. � ','..:.' .:.::.:,....: ., .»: �::'J���;:� �. . I, . ' . . , for • J . /' ,: / -':..: -;�>::�\ ··.:...�·l j j. � THE WOODLAWN· CAFE 83 ... ST. AND COTTAGE GROVE AVENUE. HIGH-CLASS BILL OF FARE POPULAR PRICES • I. the Fln.at .nd moat Co",pl"l� Appointed R ••• .Ulur.nt on the South Sid.. = a.ELECTED ORCHtsTRAL .PROGR.. EVERY DUII'G • Patroain .&rOOD acJ.ad1eaw. Adftftise iD TIle .U'OGIL