.:1 VOL. VIII-No. 65. mailp aroon UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1910. Price Five Cents. COM.mEES SUFFRAGmE CAST IS CHOSEN SENIOR CLASS VOTES FOR PROM IN SPRING "President \Vhiting of the Freshman The final selection of those who class has announced the appointments SUB-COMMlTIEES ALSO NAMED will don the sock and' buskin in the to the Freshman executive committee cause of equal suffrage was announced as follows: Joseph Lawlor, Robert after the trials for parts in "How the Hoffman, Herbert Wellington, Earl All Connected with Dance Will Meet Vote 'Vas Won" yesterday afternoon. Me Knight, Donald Hollingsworth, Next Monday Afternoon with Rehearsals will begin at once for the John Fry, George Kuh, Merle Reese, Mrs. Vincent. play, which will be presented on Feb- Howard Keefe, Dorothy Seyfarth, ruary 11. The following were chosen Bessie Schumacker, Margaret Mit- Bradford GiIl has been appointed to take part in the play: Agitation for change in the estab- cheIl. chairman of the fi�ance committee of Horace Cole-:\Ir. 'V. P. Gorsuch. lishcd manner of running the formal The members of the athletic com- the Settlement dance, to take the Ethel. his wife-Harriet Grim. promenades at the University reached mittee are Thomas Kimball, Charles place of \ViIliam' Crawley, who re- Agatha. his sister-Helen :\IcGee. a climax yesterday with the action of Pierre Sawyer, Ray Sherman, Nor- !oigned. Acting on the suggestion of :\IoIlie. his niece-Laura Wilder, the Senior, class in formally recorn- man Paine, Harry Springer, Paul the general chairmen of the dance Mandie Sparks-Phoebe Bell. mending to the Undergraduate Coun- Karsten. committees, the committee, consist- Madam Christine. distant relative cil that the Senior promenade be held There will be a meeting of class ing of Miss Stillman, Latham and and fashionable modiste-Jeanette late in the spring quarter instead of id 1 b officers and the executive committee Fridstein, which appointed GiII, has B tt in Februarv. as heretofore. The infiuence of English I ea s e- arne . .1 Y .� duri at 2:30 o'clock today in Cobb 6A. The also subdivided the important finance 'I' L' . \" ki C I • At the rneetina of the Senior class came increasingly dominant urmg .\ ISS IZZle at ems, 0 e s aunt- ,., H ' first class meeting is to be in Kent committee as follows: H . t B k yesterday the following recommcnda- the later years of President arper s arne a rer, .1 J .. f . next Tuesday at 10:30 o'clock. There Bradford Gill, chairman. \,,0 ifrer E h I· . E I· tion was passed almost without oppo- administration, and this plan �rL';_m- Il1I reu, . t e s srster-s- ve me ...... :0 will also be a meeting of the exccu- General sub-committee-e-Wm. L. Philli .. dependent college quadrangle�; �>as I IpS. srtron : ,_:.--z tive and athletic committees in Cobb Crawle ... o, John W. Mc Neish, Laura Lilli r , 'I' B "The Undergraduate Council: one of its manifestations. "(!1<g •• �;js, .1 I ie, malu-.\ mnette aum. u 6:\ at 10:30 o'clock Friday, for the Wilder, Elizabeth Fogg, Esmond 'The Senior class has voted in fa- of course, no valid objection to -t�e Mrs. Thomas Lectures Today. , . purpose of consulting with Dr. Ray- Long. Nathaniel Pfeffer, S. E. Earle, vor of a recommendation that the introduction of aey foreign customs The ardent workers in the cause of . d croft on the plans for the interclass :\Iamie LiIIy. Mollie Carroll, Boyn- Senior promenade be held at or near which can be profitably acclimated, contests. equal suffrage have secured ::\Irs. 'Vo ton Rogers. Herman Felsenthal, Rob- the end of the spring quarter, and that only we have to look out that we do There wil] be two informal Fresh- crt \V. Baird, Alfred Straube, Lina I. Thomas. who is well known for her not get gyps"'o moths and sparrows . ork ] h iti . th' . the Junior promenade or some sub- with them. 1\1 an ,,0 of our best educa- man dances held on Friday after- Gould, Dorothy Buckley, Pearl Bar- w . ltl C an res ltl e city. to grve stitute he held at the time usuaIIy set .1 noons in the Reynolds club, accord- ker, Effie Hewitt, Alice Kanterowitz, an open lecture on the general sub-. for the Senior promenade. tional policies were made i.nhGermh�ny ing to present plans. The dates of L. H. Whiting, Albert Brokaw, H. G. jcct of social work and the relation "The Senior Class. and we imported them Wit not mg h that legislation hy women has with t ese functions have not as yet been Moulton. ,I "By Caroline Dickey, Sec'y." worse than beer. England gave U[·:"· d such acnvmes, in Cobb 6A at 4 athletics, but could not give us thei:" I ecided upon, but will be taken up Law school sub-comrnittee-e-Wil- Suggest Interclass Hop. later. It has already been agreed, li�m P. :\IacCrackei;, Dewitt Light- o'clock today. palliative, the true spirit of amateur however, that quarterly dues should ner, Heber P. Hostetter, Harry Har- :\1 rs. Thomas spoke last year at Considerable discussion preceded sport. At present Princeton, Har- G h II the passing of the Senior class reso- vard and to a lesser exent, Chicago serve as a means of defraying the ex- riman.. . reen a and later at SneII and Mid- . ' h E l' h • iti pense of the dances. l,' Iedical school sub-committee- dIe Divinity. and her lecture today lution and many opinions were ex- are taking t e ngns umverst res "W . . . . C"�" • __ •• • '11' f h . pressed. The suggestion was made' , M. hi d J hns e want to make the actrvities Carhe B. �Jli .... , Wilham Hewitt, WI give urt er opportunity to those .. ' . for, �odelfs, as I IC Igkan hanG 0 ns� of -the Freshman class," said Presi- Wilson Hobart, Gerard Krost. interested to learn of the work in that the function which is to take the- Hopkins orrner y too t e erman. d, t ig· " � DO init '_ h ,I � ,:t � c mmitt which sh h t k h . 'place of t, he: S, enior ir_��_�n;ade�,' I,·n, ", • _h' " ,te •. ��!\�,... en . � me�, rs.. .I.':��I s. .... :!!>� ,.Qo.......-e.l.cIv���,0�m;r"li4��e�e-;;:i1p�a�r·i.�. :...::::.::e::.. ......... ,;;�,�.�.;;s:Iii�Sii3�n;;s��_:�_?4 •. ...Ip�r�o!,�m�mQ:�n�t_=f •• ���� .. ;;���"_I.IiII��N�i����il� _ �q_e;!.�.�. ��� � .. ��" �� =:?MEtaJ·, ery �%t1iruni""�i11ip G. VanZandt, Clifford'Groov- � ........ 4. . .kl!:: �� We borrowed from the German UnI- • -'_ • J h B P 11 .;:al dance. which sha �lnanage " versities their. educational ideals, to partake 111 all that the class sug- er, Albert Saunders,. 0 n . eng.e yo It was announced yesterday -that "";by all the four classes. It was also. which were those of freedom and gests andkfurthermore do all that he School .�f Education �b-�ommOI��ee the \Vomen's Glee club will co-oper- suggested that this affair be. made less' . . W b can to ma e the year's program stand -Mary Nichols, Helen ug es, Ive ate with the women's minstrels. which elaborate than the proms have been� eq�htYfand mhdusEtrY·I.� h e �re .t�r- out strongly. It is desired that every Bickell. are to precede the presentation of m t e ng IS UnlverSI les eliminating the supper and lessening rowmg. ro .' member of the class attend the meet- The purpose of this subdivision is "How the Vote 'Vas 'Von." An add- th . . 1 . daIs hlch are those of . the amount of decoration, thus mate- elr socIa Ie, w ing to be held in Kent ne t Tu d " to make the work of selling tickets ed attraction has been provided for 1 . and aristocracy and x es aYe rially reducing the expense. exc uSlveness Th . 1 th' more thorough, it being thought that the evening in the person of ':\Iiss Jo- The Council will meet again this- leisureliness. e partlcu ar mg GOOD SCORES ARE MADE the members of the various sub-com- sephine Baum; a student of a Chicago th t mo�t anxious to get from morning and some action will .doubt- a we are IN BOWLING CONTESTS mittees will cam'ass their sections dancing' school. who will mve a fancy O f d d C b I·dge their separ o· le�s be taken on the prom question. x or an am r, - more thoroughly than the members Spanish dance between the acts. ·d t· I II . what the The Maroon secured interviews from ate resl en la co eges, IS Delta Tau Delta WInS from Psi Upsi- of one great general committee. :\[iss Baum has been well received reformers in these universities are lon-Phi Gams Run Ahead h h a number of students on the campus most anxious to break up. They fear Heads of Committees Meet Friday. w ere\·er s e has appeared. rda"tive to the proposed changes on of Debs. that if they do not succeed in . getting The heads of all the committees the Univer!ity proms. Some idea of it very materially modified before Delta Tau will meet with the general chairmen GETTING INTO SHAPE FOR the student sentiment on the matter Delta proved that they . , 1 k' C bb fl· long, a parliamen'tary commission will Friday afternoon at 3 0 c oc m 0 NORTHWESTERN GAME can be obained from the 01 oWll1g were better than Psi Upsilon yester- . f h . do it 'by force. The younger Eng- 3A. The chairmcn 0 t e various quotations: day afternoon when they took two lish universities, like London, l\{an- committees wiII be asked to make re- Expressed Opinions. out of the three games away from Sch W king Bask ball Sq d chester and Leeds, envy their vener- ports on their work and to make sug- ommer or et ua Alvin Kramer-CIT am not in favor them. The high scores of the after- t Ob • S� B f F· able rivals many things. but they are gestions to be incorporated in the 0 tam t""""U e ore 1I'St of making an"" change in the pres- noon game. were 192 and 187, both G Satu da .1 glad to be free from the college sys- F plans for the dance. arne r y. c:it system. The same people attend made by onger. There will be a change in the han- The scores were: h.:.th proms and T do not thing that , Delta Tau Delta. dIing of the finances this year. It Speed wa� the main consideration oi;pensing with one would add great­ has been decided that no money shall in last night"s basketball practice. ly to the othero I personally like the- 'Villett 1� I� 1� be spent without the authorization of The fa�t Freshman team put up a i�l:1 of continuing to hold the Wash- W lk ·118 the chairman of the finance commit- stiff game against the regulars and ington prom in the winter quarter. a ocr 161 105 .tee. and that no cash shall be used I'n d f C were only scored on a few times in ] .hink that with efficient an care uf atron 178 130 102 makl·ng pa"'·ments. Checks "·1'11 be h f fi • G f' d 62 .1 t e course of 45 minutes. management the success ul nanclng T o.tt �Ie 1 162 132 used in all cases. These checks are The coaching of Coach Schommer of both affairs is possible, and it nm Ie 0 ••••• 182 167 150 to be sl'gned onl,,· b ... • Gill, the hcad . . d .1 .1 and Dr. Raycroft is gradually round- seems to be that the UnIversity oes of the finance committee, or by one ing the team into shape. Hubble is not have a surplus of social func- of the general chairmen. It is hoped playing a much 'Jetter game at center tions." that in this way expenses can be and is speedier than he was at the' Bill :\[acCracken-"£ither concen- kept down, as one man will know ap- heginning of the :;:eason. Sauer, who trate upon one elaborate affair by proximately just what has been done. is also trying out at center. has shown putting the Senior prom near the end This will also be a sort of check upon 0 h· f of the SprlOng quarter with a series of Inlpro\'{'ment over IS ormer play- all expenditures. ing. but his berth ,m the team seems social affairs, fraternity receptions, Will Have Tag Day. to he at forwardo Kelley's all.around glee and mandolin club recitals and As .:>utlined in yesterday·s :\[aroon. work. and especialIy his basket shoot- :"0 on immediately preceding the great the plan for selling tickets this year ing. make his a strong contender for function and generaI1y make the oc- i!' to ha\'e a tag day like that last one of the fonnrd positions. There casion worth while. or continue the year. The people tagged, howe\"Cr. can he little impro\'ement made up. present system." wiI1 not be asked to pay for their tag. on the playing of Page and Hoffman Harry Latham-UDo away with the as it will be attached merely to show at guard. Junior prom and make the Senior that a person has been requested to prom something out of the ordinary, It is reported that the lineup for purchase a ticket. This is don(' so a !'ocial affair for the Unh'ersity tv Saturday·s game against Xorthwest- that the same people will not be ap- be proud of. 'belie\·c that ,,·ith one ern will be a!' follows: Page and proachcd twice. TT ,.." nrom �"rt th;!t C0!n!!1f: nc�:- the do.;.: .'.c!rm:m. gU:'ri,:; Hubble at center . The next step in the preparations of the !'pring qt�arter the attendancc ff· ·11 b aN! Saner :md '-lark as fonvards. for this annual a aIr WI e a meet- and intere!'t would be greatly in- The uncertain part of the makeup ing �'onday afternoon for all the va- crca!'ed and the prom �econd to none r('� in the forwar.k It is likely that riou!' committees and their chairmen in the colIege worldo" K(.lley ",iII he gnoen a chance during at the residence of :\f rs. Vincent. 5i37 Bradford GilI-'" believe that onr: t;e �:.mc. and Sauer and Hubble may ('xC'h:l1 ge places. (Continued on Page 2.) DECLARES SEGREGATION HAS BEEN A FAILURE 'SIoaoa Takes Up QaestiOD of Coed.­ catioD ill Article OD Uaiftr- aitJ of Chicaao. "STUDENTS WORK HARDER HERE" Says Honor Point System Has In­ creased Scholastic Standards De­ manded of Undergraduates. By DR. E. E. SLOSSON. This is the fifth installment of an article written in the Independent magazine by Dr. E E. Slosson on the University of Chicago. The next in­ stallment will appear in tomorrow's issue of The Daily Maroon. tern. The undergraduate body in our great universities has become so large that some new form of social group­ ing is necessary. and this is likely to he based on the house-unit. The fra­ ternities have so far been must suc­ cessful in solving this question by their chapter houses containing a small but diversified groupo In the University of Chicago fraternities are aHowed. but not sororities, a curious discrimination since, as I have shown in previous articles. 'the �ororities have been mostly free from the rec­ ognized evils of the fraternities. The Unhoersity at the start estab­ lished residential halls or houses in !'pite of the prejudice against them at that time prevaHing in the west. on the ground that they mere medieval. British :md aristocratic institution�. These houses have gone through many viciS!'itudes, but on the whole have justified their existence and proved themselws valuahle. even in­ dispensable factors in university liFe. The svstem might h�vf" hf"CT1 extend­ ed and many more of them have been now in successful opcration if the proposal had not been made to apply to instruction as well as residence, and (Continued on Paste 3.) NAIIE FRESHMAN GILL MADE CHAIRMAN OFANANCECOMIDTTEE Class of 1913 Makes Preliminary Plans for Year's Activities-First Meeting to Be Held Next Tuesday ,Morning. W. P. Gorsuch of Public Speaking Department to Take Leading Part -Mrs. W. I. Thomas Will Give Suffrage Lecture Today. Is Appoiated to S.cceed Crawley u Head of Settlemeat Duce eo..ittee. Pau Resohdioa Reco .. eadiq to Coucil Seaior Pro .. be Gina ill Mayor Jue. INTER-CLASS DANCE PROPOSED Students Interviewed on Proposed Change-Council to Take Action. at Meeting Today. 766 766 625 2 3 159 131 131 131 139 112 154 157 107 Hs7 690 718 Psi Upsilon. 1 Kern 123 Lindsay 0 •••••• 127 Orchard 0 •••••• Hunter •.......... 123 Adams 0 ••••••• 158 Fonger 192 i23 Phi Gamma Dclta and Delta Kap­ pa Epsilon roIled an unfinished game in the evening. One man is. still to roll for each side. As far as com­ pleted the Phi Gams have two of the three games. Today Sigma Alpha Epsilon will meet Chi Psi at the same time Beta Theta Pi is roIling against Phi Delta Theta. Tomorrow's schedule is Phi Kappa Sigma vs. Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma vs. .-\ Ipha Tau Omega. (Cont!nued on Page 4.) " �. t- iA: I�: IF .. t� I': ·;k ,1 :� �( �' : J I t· r�: .�. " :' " (, , , \ " t ' . I'. ':. :1: , I i THE DAILY MAROON, THURSDAY, JANUARY 13,1910. THE MAROON Fast Trains . DAILY The Official Student Publication of the University of Chicago. Formed", The UDiyady ol Chicago Weekly FoUDded The Weekly_._ .•• .. _ ... October 1. 1892 fbe Daily--_ ..• - •.... _ •... _ .. __ October 1. 1902 F.ataed as Secood-c:Lua Mail at the Chica&o POIID&ice. Chicago. lUiaoia. March 18. 1903. UDder Ad. of March 3. 1873. Publiabed daily. except Suodaya. MoodaYI aod holidays during three.quarters of the UDi­ yenity year. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier. $2.50 per year. $1.00 per quarter City mail $1.2S· perquarter. $3.00 per year iD aciYaDc:e. News COatributioDi may be leh at Ellis Hall 0 Faculty Euhaoge. ac:ldreaed to The Daily Ma rooD. STAFF A. LEO FRIDSTElN. . M . Edito . N. A. PFEFFER . . . . � Edito A Go WHITFIELD. • • • Athletic: Edito CHAS. L SUWV AN. JR. Buaioeaa Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS HargrayC A. LoIl8. H. F daeothal. R J. Daly. H. C. Burke. W. J. Foute. REPORTERS Mia l..iDa M. Gould. H. R Baukhage. J. M. Houabland D. L Breed. I>aul D. Kanten. J. H. GUt. C. W. Houghlaod. Elroy M. Philli H. G WCllia&tOD. Pre. 01 McElmy & Cbambcdaia. 6236 Cot t.aaeGroye. Tdcpbooe WCDlworth 7761. Any activity which tends towa healthy, good-natured and harml rivalry between the clas Interclass will foster that mysteri Athletics. something which so rna of us are constantly ask for-class spirit. Along with the cial and administrative reform of colleges and classes the possibility intercollegiate games and teams eliminated and the new system of terclss athletics has been drawn u Thc:':.h.J:$tit_Uti�.,�..jUost �ud one and .:.iIfWserve a good purp If the classes all take part in the c petition's as they should, a keen healthy rivalry and interest will suit. 'Besides the promotion of class it the new system of interclass te will give an opportunity to many of enjoying the pleasures and b fits of athletic games, who have snfficient ability to make the Va squads. . • The only possible evil IS that w accompanies so many well mean deavors namely, that it will fall lack of support. It is up to members of the various classes t that their class does its share 0 work of making the scheme a cess. DAILY BULLETIN Equal Suffrage League mee Cobb lecture hall today at 4 p. Short Story Club ,,·ill :e day in Lexington hall, roo 4 p. rn. . Le Cerc1e de Conversatlon . . Spelman Ho eaise WIll meet ID day at 4:30. Church History C�ub dinne he held in Hutchm50n ca day at 6 o'clock. ANNOUNCEMENTS cils of sch ools in Cobb Tick ba sketb 10 :30 to tic kets sale. S OPH P Decide mero The work \ cxccuti at the yesterd r The n . of Mis ed last class r time. r The r ing th be hel aftern to ha on Ole' dance until nounc It cards pa. two speak of th - ('very be gi quart hold rd ess Jo ses the ous Gow ny year. ing by t so- been the fer of syst was' sam in- Cc r �. .., 2l>1e.. o'lU� �:J lear om- wnr and .. !"1'1 re- \\ �I clc .. spir- tow ams cia men an ene- wh .not �ity ne mi hich t en- from the F osee f the sue- k a h 0 ts in t m. t a et to- ti 15, at a Fran- a use to- c r will . fe to- \ morr ow lmitt ee� in Co bb s stu dio o'cl ock � � tom or- ical lab- be held hom e of German Club will llwct to at 4 in Lexin�toll hall. Chairmen oi all dance con \ ... ill meet tomorrow at 10:30 3:-\. Blackfriar Picture at Root' Sunday, January 16, at 10:30 sharp. Mathematical Club meets row at 4 in the Ryerson phys oratory, room 32. Neighborhood Party \vill tomorrow from 4 to 6 at the :Miss MacNeish, S630 Drexel. Class Ezecutive Committees, coun- SCHQOL Medical, Law and Divinity will meet tomorrow 'at 10:� 6A. eta for Northwestern-Chicago all game are on sale daily, 2 in the gymnasium. Season for indoor season are now on SENIOR CLASS VOTES FOR PROM IN SPRING Nico8'. Way of Keeping Their Good T ailon Busy. Day and N i g h t on the (Continued from Page 1.) That'. tlae Priaaar7 ReuoD for tIaia offer There's twice the wear in a suit if you have an extra pair of trousers. Make the experiment -find. out for yourself. Here's your opportunity-A Suit and Extra Pair of Trousers for the price of .uit alone. Trousers of the same material, or different, just as you prefer. This offer holds good on OUf entire stock. Prices S25 to SSO for suit and extra trousers. Made to/it_you perfectly-A T OUR RISK. NICOLL The Tailor • ��ZIIllZM5" SOMa c.LAR.lC. AND ADAMS STS. Headquarters lor the NicoU System Clark & Adams Sta. Branches iD all Large Cities. big prom would be preferable to two small ones. This of course from the standpoint of a Senior. I should like to see the big prom of the year as the culminating affair of the Senior year." Hargrave A. Long-"Personally I think we should have one prom-a Senior prom instead of a Junior prom. It should take place some time in April or early in May at the latest. There is certainly a growing senti­ ment in this direction." Paul Davis-"I am in favor of con­ tinuing our past custom of holding two proms. I think. however, that by doing away with the banquet, which is usually a feature, a much de­ sired change would be effected. I believe there .is at present a decided sentiment in favor of this move," Joy Clarke-'"The two proms should be continued by all means. I am in­ clined to thing that the student body in general favors holding the Junior prom in the winter and the Senior prom in the spring." Esmond Long-" I , am not in favor of abolishing either prom, but I think that it would perhaps improve things if the Junior prom were made a sim­ pler and less expensive affair and added emphasis were placed upon the Washington prom, which I believe should be held in th� spring quarter." --------- OMORES PLAN GOOD ROGRA'M FOR QUARTER Best Service to Hold Two Dances and Nll­ us Entertai91ments-To Have Class Tickecs. B� CHICAGO, LAFAYETTE, INDIANAPOLIS, CINCIN­ NATI, WEST BADEN and FRENCH LICK SPRINGS, LOUISVILLE FRANK J. REED Gen. Pass. Agt. B. E. TAYLOR. GeD. Mgr. 202 Custom' House Place, Chicago. Sophomore r lass passed or. the vhich has been planncu hy the ve cornrnictee for this quarter. first meeting of the year held ay at 10:30 in Kent theater. ew officer s , with � he excp.ptnn s Helen Foster, who were elect­ quarter, took the affairs of the mto their hands for the first Clothes for Formal Wear--- class ,.\';11 give two dance" <!'J!'­ e quarter. The second one will d in the Reynolds club Friday oon, February 25. The first was ve taken place January 21, but count of the Juniors having a on that date, it was postponed later. The date will be an- ed Friday in The Maroon. was also decided to have class printed with the date of the dances and the names of the ers and the dates and subjects e class entertainments to be held two weeks. These cards will ven out upon the payment of the erly dues, and will entitle the er to attend the dances. Want Cap and Gown Men. y Clark explained the situation business managers of the Cap and n have found themselves in every They are usually handicapped otal ignorance of how things have done in the past and have to suf­ accordingly. He urged that the em be put upon somewhat of the e basis that it is at Princeto�. neon and 'Michigan, where certam the Sophomores' work as assist­ htt�ines� ",mariagers in order to n the workin'gs thoroughly. The k of each man is taken into con­ eranon and at the end of the lear cn the Sophomore class mee+s r-: -r buviness managers for the �\)�- -ing � ear, a report is made to ':l'! ss by the old business rnanager s. d the class usually selects the r.:t'r. L' rave done the best work. This matter will be taken up at the xt meeting of the executive com- ttee. are now a serious consideration for all college men. The de­ mands of the winter sociaf ,season are rapidly increasing. We are eminently capable of making that �ull dress suit for you in a manner satisfactory in every respect. FRENCH 42 Madison Street. 208 Heyworth Bldg. Unlverslt7 Repre.entatlv_Wm. P. MacCracken. PRACTICE SHOWING UP GOOD WORK IN HIGH JUMP Menaul Clears Bar at 5 Feet 8Ya Inch­ es-Crawley, Hubble and Sun­ derland Strong. Hungary" To-Night Visit "Little HuapriaD Cafe aDd ReatallJ'aDt South_eat CorDer Clark aDd Monroe Street. MaiD EDtraDce 184 Clark Street TelepboDe ,CeDtraI 1029 Famous HuqariaD Gyp.,. Band CoDceita 5 p.m. till 1 LID. aIaoSUDda,. MatiDee D. L.FRANK, Manag.r &..dl.a· So..".nlra .tt.r Th.at,.. Uttl. Hungal7 Catering Co. 5 .. cl.1 R.t •• for Partl •• Of all the track events, work on the high jump is perhaps progressing the most phenomenally. Last night Austin Menaul cleared the bar at S feet 10 inches on the standards. This is a net height of at least five eight and a half. Menan! is a new man at the high jump, and has been working on the event this year. The showing that he has' been making has been most encouraging to' Director Stagg. Hubble has been doing good work in the jump and will compete for the Varsity this quarter. but after that time will be graduated. "Bill" Craw­ ley is working out here also. He can be counted on for a good leap, and with the addition of' Sunderland, who is doing creditable work in the event, Chicago should give Illinois a strong pull for places in' the coming meets. 7'1' THE PARENT�THE· BOY-THE minoisTrost& �� ''fr� O���:�_�d�tF!�!! I No. 421--Va- SEASON TICKETS ON SALE ew Sold on First DaJ'-Ezpect Big­ ger Demand Today. Sale of the season tickets for bas­ etball and track opened yesterday nd a few were sold. The number, owe ves, was below the expectations f those behind the movement, but his was accredited to the fact that he innovation was not given sufficient dvertisement. The sale will be con­ nued today in both the gymnasium nd the Information office. Plans are under way now to make systematic campaign on the tickets. The winter games, next to football, are the most popular of the year, and �Ir. Stagg expects a big ticket sale �'hen the new plan has gotten started. La Salle Street aod jacboa BouIeYard.. Chicap This Bank Loans Exclusively on Collateral and is Conservative in its Methocla. tic:.I File .... �fw 20 •• 000 Idle... Co.­ ItnIdPd eattiR­ lyuSOLID OAK. &.iabed either CoIcIea Of W�Price $13.25� Bad. Mahatu7 $15.50. Write fw c:a&aJo. ··C' Of lee JOG' Ita­ bo.r. No' 555 $22.00 DEUVERED. 1Nn:REST ---Allowed Oft Current Accounts, Certificate of Depa.it. SaYings Deposits. SCENERY FOR CLUB THEATER Boad. FOre9s ExchaD� and Trust Departments Stage Improved by Garden View and New Lighting Effects. CORRESPONDENCE INVITED. WNOIS TRUST SAFETY DEPOSIT co. SAfE DEPOSIT VAULTS No. 421. Solid 0ak$13.2S Dd�. _ The Reynolds club theater has been greatly impro\'('d by the addition of �ome very attractive scenery, appro­ priately illuminated by a modern the­ atrical lighting system. The scene portrayed is of a garden. the back drop curtain representing the terraces of a French chateau. The painting was done by �fr. Bartlett, a nephew of the donor of the gymnasium. and through him the scenery was secur.ed at a greatly reduced rate. Otherw1se 5ou�h scenery would ha"e been ah<lve The � Manufacturing Company QUAYLE co. CHICAGO Steel Engravers Mauufacturing Jewelr�men 714 • 716 ScbiIIer Baildi .... Cau-Society Pins, �, InYitationa. Etc.. Etc. 98 Union Street. MONROE, MICHIGAN. WILLSON & HARVEY PAINTERS AND DECORATORS Full Line Wan Paper, Gla •• and Palnte .. ' Supplle. T elepboDe H,de p_ �7. 1141 East .... Street, Chl_ ... Subscribe NOW for the Maroon. I - eaer :U8 :llCIf ::..c.. 1Y - - �y ..... :::» .n •• ... THE DAtLY MAROON, THURSDAY, JANUARY 13,1910. to involve the segregation of the women on a separate quadrangle. As originally presented the propo­ sal read: "Will the Senate advise the trus­ tees of the University to accept a gift of a million or a million and a half of dollars. to be used in erecting. on a separate block of land. dormitories, gymnasium. clubhouse. assembly hall. recitation halls and laboratories. to be used exclusively for women. and, as concerns recitation halls and lab­ ortories, by women in the Junior col­ leges?" The financial part of the proposi­ tion was subsequently eliminated be­ cause the president and trustees came to the conclusion "that a mistake had been made in coupling the question of a gift with a question of so much educational importance, inasmuch as it was feared that some might actual­ ly believe that the University had permitted the decision of an educa­ tional question to be influenced by the probability of a gift for that purpose. which might not be secured for an­ other purpose." It must be con­ fessed though that co-educationalists were rather illogical in resenting the form of the question. The women had to buy their way into Cornell and Johns Hopkins Medical, and there was no reason for them to be offended. even though. as they too hastily assumed. this hypothetical proposition were an -attempt to buy them out of Chicago. After a hot discussion and several reversals and . reconsiderations, such as faculties everywhere are prone to indulge in, it was finally voted to have mascu­ line, feminine and mixed sections in the Junior college courses. The plan has been in operation now for five years. and probably both par­ . ties wonder why they got so excited over it. The ardent young misogyn­ . ists from the east, who supported the movement in the hope of soon free­ ing the' campus from the taint of ��ence_baYe ;.,_�cu.4isap'­ pointed. So have the champions of woman's rights in education. who feared that this was the entering wedge which would split the Univer­ sity in .two. The segregation move­ <merit has made no progress. In fact, the . proportion of segregated wo�k has declined from year to year. N either the young men nor the young women show any marked tendency to avoid or to seek the mixed classes. They take what studies they want without much regard to who are in ��=�=��=�======�, the recitation rooms. Only about five per cent of the Junior college stu­ dents have all three of their courses segregated. About one-half of the first-year students and a very much smaller proportion of the second-year students are affected by the system. These take from one-third to all of with the Ara-Notch in place of the bothersome buttonhole 15c. each-2 for 25c. Cluett. Peabody & Co •• Makers ARROW CUFFS. 25c. a Pair SAVES TIME TO BUY OR SELL THE BOSTO GARTER liDWI TO EYFRYBDDY WORN ALL OVER THE WORLD _W1TK � ;P:._..-_ CLASP IF lIT BElLEI, IIIIIEIE ....... h .• O"" ... a1I. .... MaDe4 oa B.ecIIIl of PrIce GEORGE FROST CO. r: IIAICU8. B08TOH OVER 30 YEARS THE STANDAR�. ... ALWAyS EASY • .� .. ; 1, BIIong to the Holiday Season and· �are appropriate as gifts. Made 'in. :�I styles .. to fit aU purses. . . Full value in every pair. You'll need some lood ones to use in, ,tbe new rink. 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At the top of the class. as at the bottom, the women. stand higher than the men. getting twice the hon­ ors to which their numbers entitle them. This was formerly accounted for by saying that the few women who went to college were superior in ambition and ability, while the young men were the average run, but since President Harper, in his argument against co-education in the Junior col­ lege (1903, vii. 1, c), said that condi­ tions had changed in this respect, some other explanation should be sought. One often proffered by pro­ fessors, that the grades do not really indicate the proficiency of the stu­ dents, is interesting as a confession, but hardly adequate as an explana- I tion. An ingenious system of marking has just been adopted at Chicago for the purpose of raising the standards of scholarship. Although the students probably work harder here than at most eastern universities it is felt that they were not doing what they should, especially in the College of Arts and Literature. Hereafter a student will have to do more than passable work in his studies in order to pass. He must accumulate "honor points" to double the number of his courses. That is, 36 majors and 72 honor points are required for graduation. The scale is as follows: Grade, Significance. Points. A. Excellent... 6 B. Good 4 C. Fair ' .. _........... 2 D. Barely passable....... 0 :E. Conditioned -1 F. Failed _ -2 This is in accordance with the scrip­ tural principle that "unto everyone tebat hath shall be given, but from him that hath not shall be taken away even uhat which he hath." If a stu­ dent : does not do fair work on the· average he will find himself a minus quantity, being automatically gradu­ ated out of the University at the bot­ tom. One effort in the same direc­ tion is the greater strictness in en­ forcing the requirement of making up all Junor college work before enter­ ing the Senior college, or "the rule against ehe forward pass," as it is called in st�dent vernacular. ' There has been a continuous tendency from the beginning to curtail freedom of election until now a student who wishes to make a professional school in the shortest time has practically to follow a rigidly prescribed course. The University, of Chicago was for­ tunate in starting unencumbered with -the student customs of our boyish grandfathers There has been practi­ cally no hazing, class-fighting, face­ painting, hair-cutting. kidnapping, . stealing of chapel. bell clapper, mob­ bing of professors or similar student activities, and there are. I believe, no organized associations for the culti­ vation of hard drinking an-d the pro­ motion of vice. Nevertheless the students seem to be as contented and happy as anywhere, so perhaps these things are not so essential to colle­ giate life as they are elsewhere sup­ posed to be. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB MEETS Will Hold Informal Meeting Satur­ day Evening in Snell Members of the Cosmopolitan club will get together for the first time this quarter Saturday evening in the Snell hall club rooms. President J. Y. Lee completed arrangements for the meeting yesterday and will send notices to a11 members of the club to­ day. The meeting will be informal. X 0 program has been arranged, but some impromptu numbers will ·be ginn by different members. Considerable business will be trans­ acted at this time, as it is the first business meeting for several months. The subject of giving more national nights on the order of the recent Chi­ nese night will be taken up. Some important committees may also be named at this time. Patronize Maroon advertisers. CLUB TO CONTINUE TRIP TO LOCAL. INSTITUTIONS Sociologists to Visit Places of Socia­ " logical Interest-To Hear Talk by Mr. Hawkes The Sociology club met yesterday afternoon to discuss business mat­ ters and to arrange the plans for the ·quarter. .It was decided to continue' to make trips to those places of soci­ ological interest. The llunicipal Lodging House, the Illinois steel works and the state prison at Joliet are to he visited in the near future. The idea of the club is to learn. the real life of the people and not to get the mere visitor s' impressions. I t was announced during the meet­ ing that ::\Ir. Arthur Hawkes, a com­ missiouer oi immigration in Canada and correspondent for the' London Times as well as several continental papers, will speak Friday, February 4, on the subject, "The Man with Two Countries." It is the immigration problems that he will deal with, and one that he is particularly well in­ formed upon. It was also given out that Professor Small would give a series of lectures on the "Relation of Social Sciences" in the near future. E • D • MELMAN 1012 E. 63rd St. LADIES TAILORING During our dull season we will make $45.00 man tai­ lored suits for $30.00 and up 1400 Samples to Select from Tel Midway 2539. St. Alban's School For Boys. Knoxville, Illinois, Prepalf!l for Buaioea or College. Diploma of Graduation acc.epted by leadio.l_ CoUqes and Universities. Athletics. Manual Training, Indi­ vidual Atteutioo. Winter Term bqioa January 6th. 1910. Send _ for Catalogue. Lucien F. Sennett, Head Muter. Save all the Trouble and Discomfort of Travel by our SpeCial Service. We will DeliYer to your Home or to the Cam­ pus Without Extra Owie your Through Bag­ � Chech. with Railway and Sleeping Car TICkets oyer Eyety Road out of Chicago. We Traoafer s.. to all Parts of theCity. Taicabs, Cabs and c.maps for Hire. Phooe any South Side Ofbce or our Maio � Huri.oa 482. 43rd St. 1. Co Station Pboae Oaklaod 414. 53rd St. I. C. &.boa Pbeee Hyde � 3548. 63rd St. L Co SIatioa Pboae Hyde Park 3549. 63rd aod WerdwoIth. EagIewoOd Station Phoae Weotwodb 3741 63rd aDd Wallace. C. and W. I. Phooe Weat­ worth 922. Frank E. Scott Transfer Company BEGIN the New Year RIGHT PEN CLUB ELECTS TWO ADDITIONAL MEMBERS Keefer and Breed Elected Under the "Almost" Unanimous Ballot. Karl F Keefer and Don L. Breed were elected to membership in the Pen club yesterday at its special busi­ ness meeting in Cobb hall. On ac­ count of not being eligible by the qualifications for majorjty vote these two 'men came up for consideration under a ballot which required that all but two. of the votes cast must be in favor of the applicants. . Other names \\;11 be taken up at some future ses­ sion and anyone may hand his name to a member of the club before such session. Besides the first quarterly banquet, which will take place next Wednes­ day evening at 6:30 in the private din­ ing room of Hutchinson Commons, there will probably be another ban­ quet in the same place two weeks aft­ er on February 2. No speaker has been engaged for that evening, but President Owen intends to have some­ one there who will speak on the mod­ ern novel. The picture of the club for the cap 'and Gown will be taken next Saturday morning at 9:45 in Es­ moer's studio on 55th street. ' FIRST REHEARSAL OF "GOLIATH" THIS AFTERNOON Cast for Drama··c Club Wmter Pr0- duction Will Be Completed at Rehearsal. The first rehearsal of "Goliath," the play chosen Tuesday by the Dramatic club for winter quarter production. will take place this afternoon at 4 o'clock in Kent theater. Both the temporary cast announced in yester­ day's l[aroon and those who tried for the various parts are expected to at­ tend this rehearsal. when the play will be read. "Goliath" calls for an extremely va­ ried range of acting, but presents types familiar in everyday life. Be­ cause of this fact it has been impos­ sible to make a definite choice of play­ ers until a few trials in line reading have been held. Tn speaking of the staging of "Go­ liath," �Ianager Davis said last even­ ing: "While it will not be necessary to put as much money into the scen­ ery of this playas was used last spring for 'The Fan.' this year's play requires an even more complicated setting, and we expect to begin an ad­ vertising campaign immediately that will assure box office returns that will justify the expense of putting on a first class production." Advertise in the Maroon. .--0- By Sublcribing for THE DAILY MAROON . -0- All the news of the Campus hot from the press before breakfast. One Dollar the Quarter. A. McADAMS The StUdent's Florist. 53rd St. and Klmbark Ave Phon. H�. PIIrk 18 Bryant & Stratton Business College. E.tabliahed 1856 Business and Stenographic Courses ••••• OAY AID liGHT SCHOOL ••.• their work in classes divided on sex lines. Above the second year there is no segregation, except such as re­ sults naturally. from vocational elec­ tion. As the matter stands now the student, who has usually been pre­ pared for the University in co-educa­ tional schools from the kindergarten up, has for part of the first two years some classes from which the opposite sex is excluded, and then passes on to the Senior college, where no such dis­ tinction is drawn. It is questionable whether this small break in training is worth the trouble and embarrass­ ment it causes, and whether it does not create the evil it is supposed to relieve, that is. sex-consciousness and constraint. I was told by one of his close friends that Dr. Harper shortly hefore hi!' death expressed his deep regret as haying been persuaded to take up the segregation policy, and said that it had caused him more trou­ hle and annoyance than any other act of his official career. The character of the work done in the segregated and mixed sections shows no important differences, though there is the same difference between the sexes in the quality of work done, as there is everywhere. In the Junior college. as a whole. the s.-... .. y eala 8l uy time. Write for cat­ elope. 11-13 RANDOLPH STREET. 0pp0.iIe Public I..ibary. THE DAILY MAROON. THURSD.\ Y, JAXUARY 13. 1910. AMUSEMENTS "WHAT WILL YOU WEAR?" IS QUERY AT REYNOLDS CLUB LA W PETITION GRANTED Friction Bearings or Ball Bearings­ Which? Law School Freshman Examinations Postponed to January 24. ILLINOIS Blunt CoIMdJ bit Ia T.m, Years ! 7 DAYS SpeciII cast IDd PndIIcIioa. Rumors of Imported Costumes to Make Hard Times Party More Cosmopolitan. The petition of the first year law class to have the examination in torts postponed from January 22 to Janu­ ary 24 has been granted by the fac­ ulty of the Law school. The reason for the petition was the fact that four men on the debating team would have had to take' the examination on the day following their contest, and that two members of the class are on the basketball team, which is scheduled to play I ndiana the evening before the examination. Seventy-six members out of the class of 90 signed the peti­ tion. Professor Clarke Butler Whittier of the Law school. who has been ill, will leave Friday for the south, where he will remain the rest of the winter. He expects to return before the be­ ginning of the spring quarter. The Freshmen of the Law school have taken up a collection and will pre­ sent . Professor Whittier with some gift as a testimonial. )Ir. Whittier's class in contracts will be continued under Professor Pound, his class in Equity I I will be taken up by )Ir. H. P. Chandler. former debating coach, and the equity pleading class win be continued under }. 'V. Simonton, who received his LL. D. here in 1967. "\Vhat are you going to wear Fri­ day night to the hard times party?" is the query heard on. every side in the Reynolds club this week. Since the club librarian has discontinued sub­ scribing for the Delineator and the Pictorial Review, interest in costumes has waned considerably among th e "rough neck" contingent, but since the announcement of the old-clothes dance, interest has picked up consid­ erably, and from the fireplace in the pool room to the bowling atJey noth­ ing is heard but excited discussions of the latest in beggar garb. While the majority of the costumes which will vie for the prizes Friday night are being kept secret, good clues as to quite a number have been re­ vealed, It is rumored upon good authority that Ralph Cleary wilt be gracefully attired in a genuine Turk­ ish beggar's costume procured at con­ siderable expense from the far east. Lest there should be Imitators. Joy Clark has practically announced that he wilt appear as an Egyptian chim­ ney sweep of the sixteenth cl_Y'I<isty. "Bob" Baird had Juliu:, finish cutting his J:aid today and will bossorn out as Number 9009 from Joliet. "Jimmie" )fc)liJtan has consented to make quite a concession to the character of the affair and will appear wearing a collar of the vintage of 1{)()6 and a bow tie. Hal Latham was extremely reticent about giving the Maroon re­ porter any information about his makeup. but it is reported upon good authority that he witJ come as a )[a­ roon rooter after the Mmncsotn game. :\Iany other interesting and varied habiliments of poverty w;11 he displayed tomorr rw right at the dance, so that the partr bids fair t') be even more successful than its predecessors. , LA SALLE THE FLIRTING PRINCESS I I i The ordinary friction bearing will wear loose. Each revolution or vibration grinds out a small portion of the bearing surface. After a while it wabbles-adjustment permanently ruined. COLONIAL Theatre Beautiful ANNA HELD - - ·111 "MISS INNOCENCE." STUDEBAKER . H. B. WARNER "Alias Jimmy Valentine" GARRICK Hello People, People Hello! ! J A S. T. POW E R S IN HAVANA. The New �odel L C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter is fitted with Ball Bear­ ings thrcughout. Every vital wearing part-type­ bar joints, carriage, and typebar segment-has the kind of bearings that thousands of operations cause to run even smoother than at first. AJlthe Writiq­ Alway. iDSiahl Send for tile Free Book GRAND OPERA HOUSE THE GREAT PLAY THE FOURTH ESTATE McVICKER'S IN OLD KENTUCKY 6000 Times in America Friday, Jan. 14, Souvenirs for the ladies. ALFRED EAST OF ENGLAND VISITS THE UNIVERSITY L C. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER. CO. Chicago, Ills. 143 Wabash Avenue, President of the Royal Society of British Artists Here Yesterday. Alfred East. :\. R. .. \. 1899, R. E., a famous landscape artist of England and president of the Royal Society of British Artists. paid a visit to the University yesterday. escorted by Mr. Ira N. )Iorris, head of the packing firm of )Iorris & Company, and Mrs. Morris. )Ir. East is a cavalier of the Order of the Crown of Italy. honorary associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects, associe de la So­ ciete National des Beaux Arts of France and honorary member of Meiji Bijutsu Kai of Japan. The artist is an author as well, having written "The Art of Land­ scape Painting in Oil Color." Mr. East's visit to the University was merely one of sight seeing, and with Mr. and Mrs. Morris and others he visited most of the buildings on the campus. The Most Convenient, the Cheapest, and the Best Place to Eat is the UniverSity Men'sCorrimons . ( . Special Attention . ) . to Private Parties . � �' ��-- .. OLYMPIC THE FORTUNE HUNTER WHITNEY They Loved a Lassie C�bASSIFIED . �enmRTJSING FOR RENT-Two good rooms on first floor at 6024 Woodlawn. .' CORT "THE KISSING GIRL." FOR RENT-New residence for one to two years. Call 5730 Kimbark Ave. WILL PAY ten cents each for Daily Maroon, issues of Dec. 7, 1906, and Feb. 6, 1907. The University of Chicago Press (H. L. Leupp). The University Buildings GILL MADE CHAIRMAN OF FINANCE COMMITTEE CONTINUOUS VAUDMUL Virginia Hamed & Co.' R. C. Herz Imogene Comer Hyams & McIaIyre Apes Scott & Co. AJtois Broa. World & Kiaptoa Soler & RoRer. The McCr.dJs. Muoa. WiIbar & Jordan. Lucille LaagdOa. Prices IS-25-50-75c. Pboae CeutraI 6480 AUDITORIUM BOSTON OPERA CO. Ia. FortIIiPt of Grand Opera NOiiiiERM P::��L MARIE DRESSLER .N U Tillie's Nighbnare" AMERICAN MUSIC HAll II.u.. ....,. 4 Headliners. Festival of Laughter Brausby Williams. Four Mortons. Sidney Drew & Co. Cenaro & Bailey Polo Team. Sharp & Mo.mery. Five Other Stars. FOR RENT-Single room in Hitch­ cock. Splendid location. Inquire Registrar. (Contmued from Page 1.) Lexington avenue. This witt be the. first meeting of an the students who have been appointed to assist in mak­ ing the dance a success. General plans are to be discussed and the lead­ ers of the movement win tell what they expect to do and what they ex­ pect the various committee members to do. FOR RENT-New residence, 5730 Kimbark Ave., after April. 1, for' one to two years. are built of .. Old Hoos�ei;' Sto, from the celebrated "Hoosier" Quarry, of the Bedford Quarries Company, the largest and best quarry of Oolitic lime­ stone in the world. A century .hence _/"- . they will still be a monument to those I .' / under .whose direction . they have been erected. LOST -A Phi Beta Kappa key. Highly prized. Return to business manager, Maroon. WANTED-Candidates for assistant business manager of The Daily Ma­ roon. Apply at Maroon office. Short Story Club to Organize. The Short Story club will meet for permanent organization and election of officers this afternoon at 4 o'clock in the League room, Lexington. Miss Ruth Reticker, who is active in pro­ moting the club. has issued a request to alJ interested women to be pres­ ent at this meeting. BOARD AND ROOM suitable for two. 6102 Ingleside Ave., 1st flat; )Iidway 2228. FOR RENT-Two furnished modem rooms. 5704 J ackson Ave., flat 1. FOR RENT-2 pleasant rooms, steam heat, electric light; private family. Near 1. C. and Elevated. $2.50 and $2. Call 6522 Monroe Ave., Apt. 3, or 'phone H. P. 5296. PICTURE FRAMING-Pictures, col­ lege posters, art craft goods, art novelties of every description at The Dudley Shop, 1130 E. 63rd St. -: THAT EXTRA PAIR OF TROUSERS The Bedford Quarries Company A Black or Blue Serge or Cheviot Suit with Extra Trousers of the $30 same or stripe material.: :: . pRINCESS The GODDESS OF LIBERTY GLOBE THEATER. Wabash Av. and Hubbard Ct. YAUGHAN GLASER I'll "ST. ELMO." Chicago Office: 204 Dearborn St. New York Office: No.1 Madison Ave. Cleveland Office: 818 Euclid Ave. Quarries and Mills: Oolitic Indiana I. ," Patronize Maroon Advertisers.. TAILOR FOR TWO STORE: YOUNG MEN 131 La Salle Street 44 Jackson B •• d. Advertise in the Maroon. J