expenses . of 'that body, which here- , �Ofore have been meet either by a haphazard assessment of its members or have not been met before. It is ' � also thought probable ,tha� future' . '" � ct�ssc:_s, ,���uld;ef�!���_�_ ��-�Il.!:.--. ",�.,._:__ ......... �-:-i:: ". ple. and . the, -eouncil would be- put· in' ' , , ',' • possession of a :ha�dsome., ' income;'� The expense accounts' of the i couneri':' ' include. such Items �!, the J)rillting "of programs. and songs for football mass, meetings. the printing' of ballots and the purchase 'of stationery. . Up . to the present it has been hampered at every point by lack of funds. . . President ': Barker �f' the, 'Senior. class, who is also the new vice-chair":' man of the Senior council" was in- clined to favor the en�owment - plan, �\'hich . he discussed with a Maroon c. v latty !larnnlt 124· '. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 1908. . Price ,Two Cents ;.iLS TO BE HEUr FOR - NO CROWDING At DANCES INOTED AUTHORITY ON COMPARATIVE LITERATURE WHOI SEIIOR' CLASS MAY ElBOW �PEMICARMIVALTOB1Y ��_m_u��_cr_u_RE_A_T_C_�_�_RI�D_�_T_H_�_W_M_M_�����_ �lmROO��OOUCL n n A .Reynolds Club Informals to Lo� • , "Grsnd Rush" Aft�r Last Dance, Says DiDe-New Fumitur� Is Bought. Varsity and Prep Relay Teams WiD Be Chosen-Field Athletes Get Tests. Committee to Lay Proposition for Giving Council Income Before Class Wednesday. prtIiminary Tryout for Freshmen carded for tbis Morning-Large s,!uad Is Expected. " Give $500� Netting Annual Income of $25. to Pay Council's Incidental Expenses •. The Senior class' may endow the Senior College council. The class notice" posted in and men's dressing rooms at tomor­ row evening's club dance will, ac­ cording to President Dille, mark a new system in the running of the Rey­ nolds c1�b dances. Hitherto the after­ dance rush for the check rooms has always blocked the stairways and re­ sulted in general discomfort. The' . new plan. according to Dille, will do • a way with all of this.' "A number of plans have been worked out to do away with over­ crowding at the club dances," said Dille yesterday. "and the executive committee have decided to try this .me as the best solution of the diffi-I cnlty, "Saturday evening the men check their things in the Mandel hall lobby, while the girls will leave their wraps in the women's dressing room on the third floor. The second floor rooms � ��I� .. ��,_u���� �s . � ���.t �OQeJg�: • ' the girls.. After the 'dance � ;��,�,' ,-;.. the girls will meet their e�c��t�:.�� . ,;;�: .: >�:" � ...... : ... l.,t'i ',� .>. the first floor. This, it is believed, ... : . Professor - RicJW..f' Green. MoultoD., " � , , , will obviate the difficulty" which �.�as A'�:f' . ". .' . '" . . PROM'I'NENT' place arriong�" th� nieeting 'this 'ye�r' will begin attended previous dances in' the club. .." . " . '. hi h' ·11 b" • the<lecturers : at the coming two weeks :ea�I,ier 'than it :.has. in pre- ' •. Another' innovation w IC . WI � e of general convenience win be the 10- sumni�r . meeting of the Uri i- vious years .the�·i���1 \��ture' by , .,' ,.6 versity ot r"�b";""";' has h .... n Q-:ven";'7.)1 ",.,10',::;:: -; , .-": . ,! '�" '.- cation of another frappe t�ble at'Jhe v :.-�- •• - . ,.' .• ��. � :t.h,� :������! .o,t .Trinity; :c�ii�g� being • h fi st floor, to Professor �Ich�rd ,·G.···l\{ou1ton,�- �.�-f .: ,�. ,Y" ' , •• foot of . the stairs on t e r " .",,,.r.;:!"� ,' •.•..•. " ., ,-onl the,:@�m for noon Saturday . II' . th sec' ond floor Iand-. hea, d C?f.' the 'U�lve. rstty s . department ... : .,.':;c·.·" " , as we as on e , . . ' . . . ". s " " I " 8 " " '. , ' ",. . . ,', of�general,titerature:: He wiU give a' Ju Y I ..... L. ,. -. • ing." , .. , . .. , . . ,... . ., . . , '. h d ed d II s of the club's course of seven lectures on "Ancie, nt ' . Professor M�u1t�n '�as been on the Five un roar " .. '. . . ." ." ' '. funds hav�, according to Treasurer Tr�gedy for ��?dern Aud�e��es." �e . fa��It� .. sin�e .. �h�·,}oun�i�g ,o,f the ·'Ed" McBride, been spent on ,new' lectures ar.e gl�en under �he au_s�l�es University .. He came, to .Chicag� in • .. be· - t lied of ·the Umverslty ExtenSIOn socletles �" - , . , �' furmture which IS now mg IRS a .: ,."..." . 1892 as . professor of literature" and 1 k ading table will of' Oxford, Cambridge' and London, ' .' . ' '. . . A new ong oa re . . , . \\"CiS made head: of � the: depa'rtm�nt of be installed in the reading room on .un�versltles, The meetmgs rotate' be- h h • t't' t' b . general Hteiatu�e: in: ·IMI.· He has the' first ftoor. as well as six Russi�n tween t es.e tree IRS I U IOns, elRg 7" h Id' d h' . f C mbr'd' e fY!Iined considerable' note, throughout. leatber reading cbairs. The addition e un er t e auspices 0 a I g f'>� h· . Th' d t' th fa' the United S,tates by his lectures un- f h d• room conveniences t IS year. ey raw oge er - o t ese rea IRg . ' '. f U. . ffi b r ·n do away with' ,mous lecturers from allover the der the auspices 0 the DIversity the 0 cers e leve, WI , . . \ Extension� the crowding which has occasionany _w_o_r_ld_. ..;... ....:.., _ existed. particularly at the 10:30 SIUDENtS IN'SPRING Rl YlNG D.LINOIS' BE A t S . BADGERS period. Trvol1ts which witt do much to � a decision as to which athletes rill accompany Director Stagg when � leaves for the Pennsylvania games IItxt Thursday arc scheduled for to­ day, morning and afternoon, This morning, along with the &tSbman preliminary tryouts, Com­ stoCk Garrett and Timblin will take a tim at the Quarter mile in an at- i- �Pt to do 0:522-5 or better. The �: ,;.;pose of this race is to determine i wfkther or not one of the three ath­ :/. Ws is to get another chance to take ',V iot:rth place on the relay team from .;� tin'gle, who, through his victory over !> Comstock and Garrett earlier in the 't '. wed: has at present the best claim 1 to the berth. Maddigan, Steffen an.d �". Jicobs will a�so tryout in their �. mots. ,:"; -·1t·�:30 o'clock this afternoon seven '\,' ,. �� �h s�hool relay teams will run for ��� .�-';�tT t���t;.:tlle ·West .in 1;,. � Penn , ga-kes� 'next sit�rd�y. These r�� �',Wende1I·.plii11ips, Oak Park, Uni. l �ity Hi8-h, Englewood, Lake For­ r:i!' �"academy, Armour academy, and ii �:, 'It is conceded that the fight '�i'" t�Wh� honors is be�ween Wendell l =-p�, Oak Park and University II' �: These. schools finished in the 'crier named in thc:.�·.Cook county iais:' gift committee is considering this dis- position of the class assessment, and also the presentation to the Uni-j versity of a bronze tablet of Presi­ dent 'Harper, to be placed in the Har­ per Memorial library. The two al- ternatives will be presented for the consideration of the class at a meet­ ing to be held W ednesday at 10:30 in Cobb hall. The' plan being considered by the committee is to invest $500 in bonds from which the income, amounting' to about $25 a year, will be turned over to the council. This sum will go far toward paying the incidental .�Freshman athletes will have a dDoce to show what· they· can do � morning when they will have a trJout, the first of the outdoor season. The men have been working steadily, �gh the weather has kept them &om doing any strenuous training. Consequently they are no� thought to � . in the best condit�on. Director Stagg has whipped the baseball into shape, and will put: much of his atten­ tion on the track men from now on. W'rth Coach Russell, he will bave �rge of both t�e varsity and fresb­ ian teams; Hugo Friend, who han­ ied the freshmen last year, has fin- � isbed his, law' work, and is no longer "''', oa the coachina- squad . . , Mr. Stagg said yesterday. that he does not know what the chances of ,� tlae freshmen' are outdoors, as he has IIOt watched them work enough. to reporter last night. "'The .council _. :f. shouM consider, the students first,· he. said. •• A tablet would be a present to the University, but an endowme�t of the council would be a gi.ft. to the whole student body. I hope the idea will take. The council is going to �ake an active campaign to ,get a good design for an official seal. It needs stationery for it, �ut it hasn't any money. ·Then when there are Down-state Nine T-.kes 0peuiDg athletic rallies it could get songs Game. 13 to �Henricbon. Pitches printed and not have to call on The Perfect Bal1�Ovitz Left Behind on Maroon. It's a great idea." Trip. To the same class meeting which will consider the report of the gift Amid the strain_; of ';Go, Chicago,") Madison, Wis., April 17·-Illinois committee the social committee will ·Alma Mater;' and various and varied, opened its intercollegiate baseball announce the dates of the two big selectic ns from nume�ous light ope- season here today by walloping class affairs. A dinner dance is on ratic production�, past and pre�nt. Knight and Johns of the Badger team the program ,for April 24. and an the microbe of the dread "spripg- h;ml and winning the game, 13 to 3. afternoon dance for \Vednesday, May fever" germ produced a state of "'ild The contest was easy all the way, IJ. (Idirium in a group of some t,,·o and would havc resulted in a shutout The printing committee will report score Uni\'crsity men yesterday. for the Ttlini had Henrickson pitched on the price of the programs and an­ Seated on the "e" bench in bare- throughout. nouncements, and announce that headed. light hearted, soul· inspired Illinois began the game by slug- members of thc class may procute :lI1d inspiring ravings, the band of ging the curves of Knight unmerci- ..:opies of the pre-Convocation pro­ s,>11g-venting victims of the bright fully, piling up six runs before being gram and announcements by giving sunshine anel the call of spring wind retired in the opening inning. their names and the number nceded chirped in more or less !1armony The score: to the chairman of the committee. throughout the 10:30 chapel hour. Illinois 6 0 0 0 3 2 0 2 0-13 The song, play and pin commit- Among tIle lusty, shone conspicu, Wisconsin 0 0 (, 0 0 0 1 2 0- 3 tees will each make short reports on . R.'-- Plans Unsettled. ously "Germany" Schommer, "Polly·' the progress of their work. Fratemity ,-z P II "F " F "J - \Vith only one pitcher of class to h The plans for the semi-finals of the �we:.: cr.g:: . crguson, . ��n.� dep�nd on, the. Illinois baseball team T e Seniors have, broken all rec- inter-fraternity relay will not be given I Dille, J Imlllie Lightbody," \\ IDS is making a trip with three games ords in their response to the Cap and out until Dr. Raycroft's return to the .' Gown's call for pictures. Over 230 ci�y on Monday." (CC\ntmued on page 4) (Continued on page 4) of them have sent in photographs. , " Rttwccn thirty and forty tenni!' en­ tbusi�sts ha\'c manifested their in­ ltrtst in the game this season by handing their names to Acting Cap­ tain Ross. The preliminary trials 1IiIJ bcgin Monrlay, at "'hich time the entry list ,,·m be closed. ',,:Practice has been going on for sev­ tAl days. and it is expected that there .... 11 be a keen competition for the lQm next weck. The exact dates for the games, which are promised for th� latter part of the Quarter, bave - as yet been decided upon. �' '1, I ELECTS COUNCIL Spring Fever Germ Inspires Song in Chapel Hour Crowd, 'Which Gives Vent to Emotion in Collection of Campus Favorites. DIVINITY Ollic:ers Cho8en at lleetiop Held Yestentq in Huke11. - The Divinity Council bel4 a meet­ ing in Haskell yesterday moming at rO:30 for the election of officers. Bruce E. Jackson was elected presi­ dent of the council, and Daniel M. Simmons treasurer. Harvey A. \Vheeler was elected chai,rman of the devotion committee Allie Pend grass chairman' of the athletic committee. and J. Bradford Pengally, chairman of the social committee. A committee W.:lS appointed to draw up resolutions from the Divinity scho()1 in regard to the death of Rev. Chas. Cuthbert Hall, D. D. Itt a good line on them. to be able to form an tlltir strcngth from the make this morning. He expects estimate of marks they :� f I I. ':'� . �::� • THE DAILY ILAROON, SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 1908. :'i�. �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ..: � II-'f..:' .. ·• ,', CHURCH JlUST ADOPT· anyone? 'Supply 'and demand' is the- ·t, . -p' �.UB, BrllIItt NEW SOCIAL STANDARD oretically our method for division. IF OBLIGED' TO ·.DROP But. practically we know that this is TIM Omdal Bt1lCJeDt �� �. � P,ofesaor J. H.·Tufts Explains How often interfered with by legislation OUT OF' R.J::·SI.D�NCE; ·.VDlYenlq of Chlca&o. . Church lIust' �e to Meet for special interests, and by combina- �RRESPONDENCE-STlJDY COlJRSES Present Conditions. tions for the benefit of certain groups. The ethical point is that we are com- That religion must assume a new ing to be no longer satisfied to ad- "ft-_ L_'. ... � [II] of the 36 Malon required for .raduatioD •• , be social attitude is the con�lusion reach- just our conceptions of justice to fit doGe b7 cou_poa .... ce. flOw. 300 cJau.�OOID coureea are thua , PabUIIIe4 daI._. � .• ' �" BaacJap. IIoD.. ed bv Professor ]. H. Tufts, head of the workings of a supposed economic off .... '7 .... ben of the UDiYenit7, hcultiea. qBeaides the I'e�- ..J uIu'l!iCh Scbool aDd CoIJqe Counea. are lDaD7 that appeaJ to �. �'.� � ....... tbneqautena the University, philosophy depart- law or of an 'economic law manipu- tboee lD differeat Yoc:atiooa-DOtab17 to teachen. qWodllD67 of, __ OalftaaQ, �. ment, in the current issue of the lated for a class. We are determined h� at aD7 tim� JIIDquire &loftiee of American Journal of Theology, rather to take advantage of our THE CORRESP�NDENCE-STUDY DEPARTMENT . �. T��M�a�Mili�� Prok�M �ow�d��«�omkbws�o�« � . �I�,:: TIle ODlnnlQ of CJaleqo Weekl�. The University 0�9licaco '_ _ - - _ Cobb Hall, 7A .. 0aD4e4 Tufts, "two lines of activity most to secure greater· justice. Our Su- The Weekl7. Oct. 1. 1892. chara�teristic of our time: First, the preme court, in extending the po1i�� MINISTER WU TO' ADDREss organization of mcn for industry and power to include whatever is for the The DaU�, Oct. 1. 1902. " U. OF I. COMM�.,CEMENT business, ana, second, the promotion 'welfare' of the public, however much and application of science and educa- this may conflict with 'freedom of tion. Instead of the. political, 'the contract' or �vested rights,. has given economic and scientific-educational recognition to this new and far more interests are in the center. Family thoroughgoing meaning of justice. Re­ relations keep the place as a part of ligion must stand. as' broadly and yet Wu Ting Fang. envoy extraordi­ life, but they are certainly not all:' 1S ,,;hole-heartedly for this � it has nary and minister plenipotentiary "Now if the preacher is to present stood for chastity and for charity. from 'China to the United States, will religious tnith as something vital, he "This is not to take sides between deliver the Commencement address at must make it mean something for socialism and individualism. For. the Illinois on June 10. Wu Ting Fang, these two fields in' relation to which democratic individualist as for the en- who has been minister to this coun­ it is now essentially -an onlooker. To lightened socialist, the exact program try since I�, is one of the world's make it mean something to these two to be followed is subordinate to the greatest diplomats. 'He has held of­ fields, it must 'identify itself- � with great aim of justice. lice in China ever since 1882,. build­ principles and c�nceptions,which rep- "Jnqu'iry- the open mind joined ing the first railroad in that coun­ resent in these fields the life of the to the resolute use of all the means try. spirit. In doing this, it must enlarge for reaching truth-this, too, is a our conceptions of God and of re- familiar name. But today the demand ligions experience, just as they have of the scientific spirit is that reason, been taken up into religion. What, inquiry, patient investigation, care­ then, are the conceptions and princi- iully planned experiment, shall take More Seniors wear Foreman qual­ ples which have such ethical signifi- the place of unreasoned advocacy or ity clothes than Juniors; more Ju�iors cance and generality that religion may hasty fervor in all these fields. The than Sophomores; more Sophomores use them as centers of crystalization, preacher must inform his message or as characteristic notes in genuine with this scientific spirit. He must types of religious experience? They encourage the attitude of honest are simply the conceptions of per- doubt toward the whole problem of sonal worth, of justice, and �f in- life. To be either indifferent or un­ quiry. The words are indeed fainili�r candid is sin, from the .standpoint of enough, but the actual ideas behlnd science; it should be ,no less sin from the w�rds are, ge��i�ng new e�phasis the standpoint of religion. N,... �b-u,at1� mQ'� \�. at BIlla 'from ·'p'���oriditi�ns .. "" - .:. -.-'� ,"The pulpit may intrepidly pro- Bail. or, I'aculq.' BxdaaDp, a4draR4 to, tile �rofessor'" Tufts :. then considers claim inquiry, rather than complacent . . .' ". these' thr�e� p�i�t� . �t:' �i�ngth_ ,"P�r-' a'cquiescence or partisan dogt11ati�i'':'g� DalI�,.1Iarooa. . ,'- ' . . sonal worth," he says, "1� - now to be "'the religious duty." , threatened by the collective economic "Faith· would then mean 'the reso­ organi�tion, " a�d.· by the' ma�hine lute . venture of the soul into the process" And the peculiar feature -of search��uJ:ldaunted by tQe possible re­ this coilectivism is that no individual constrUction required. Unbelief would can effect much alone. The individ- meat( s.��h. fea�, th�t this is not really ual merchant, employer, labor union- a 51�;r.i,tu�l. universe, or such apathy as ist, is forced to act �bout as others to w�ther it be. 01 not, that there do, or go un�er_ What is .needed, wou,ld� be;.I�o �ffort· to enter into, the then, � general and united effort. Just larg�r ,po�sibilities of the as-y_et-un- r ....... IISIII"'''a''Ill'':IIQ.4111; .. ; • .; .. ,.; •• , ,1;1'.i!l,i: ,1;_ as the political triumph of democracy traveled· world." was wr,n under the religious concep-. tions of divine sovereignty, God-given FERNALD CHOSEN HEAD rights, and human 'equality before JUNIc?R COLLEGE <;OUNCIL God; so it is at least possible that the reassertion in a new setting of th� worth of man in comparison wi�h what he produces or possesses may be a powerful factor in the democratiz- ing of our eco!lomic process. Luther D_Fernald will lead the Sen-' •. It is for the prea�her of the t?,en- ior College Council this quarter as a .tieth century to show men just what result of the election Jleld yesterday °1 their soul, their personal worth, their m�rning in Cobb. 'Norman Barker, true life, is, or may be, under present vice-chairman, and Miss Alta Green, conditions .• It is his, further task to secretary, were also selected at this show how we may co-operate in sav- first spring quarter' business meeting ing the souls of multitudes which are of the council. • now: being lost by society's acts or Following the election" work for neglects." the present quarter was immediately "Justice is like,,·ise an old word, begun. The council voted to co-oper­ but it is coming to be far more deep- ate with the athletic department in ly the expression of man's inmost soul the ad\·ancing of the sale of the sea­ than has ever been before. Hither- son tickets which are offered to all to it has usually been invoked to ob­ tain protection for person and prop­ crty against force or fraud. But to­ day generany speaking, the inequali­ ties are due to the system for which we are all in a measure rcsponsible, and to practices which are simply the carrying-over of the methods-and even the virtues--of one age into the changed conditions of another. Our production is now by a gigantic pool. Capitalist, laborer, farmer, statesman, physician, teacher, judge, minister, are all co-operatirfg, and' who can say how much of the product belongs to " i .. ii' , . i ! . 1 I , ! 1 j' I :' .. � .. , BDtencJ .. ����� �Oaee. ChIcqo, 111lDoa.. IIarda 18. leoa. 1IIuSer Aet of JIarda I. 1819.· SuIIecrlpUOD price. 53.00 per Jear; ,1.00 for 8 mODu.. SubecrlpUODS recelnd at the IIarooD omce. Ellia BaD. or at the Facalq Ezc:haqe. Cobb BalL' Bdltorlal oIlce......Be1ore 8 p. IlL. Eliia Hall. lJDlyel'81Q. Tel. IIJde Park 426- After 8 p. IlL. IIa.rooD. Prea, 4n E. 6:)th .Street. Tel. IIJde Part 8691. LUTHER D. FERNALD.,:MaDqlnc Edltor PIlE8TO� 11'. GABS, Ne .. Edltor MELVIN ;J. ADAMs, AthleUc Bdltor .usoaA'D Dl10U Jer�e N. Jrr8.u' Albert D. BeDdel'llOD A. 'L. FrtGatelD A. W.,Wheeler, A. W�'Wb���ld �. R. Baukhage H. B. Fuller W. A. W. «7aver Roberts' B. Owen, Caroli�t? Dickey Esther M.Mall . J. Sidney Sa�key Mamie Lilly A. N. Pfef£e�,' Sudhindra Bose B� oIlC8-Betore 8 Po �. KUla Ball, O�yeI'81Q. TeL' �de .Park 426- LOUIS 8. B�IN. �aalDea �. .l •• , ! . _, ..... &';. J \ I t � "I'''''� ,., ." 0 • , .1' : \ f. , � '. Monday· .afternoon will bring, the first real test of strengtJ:t for· the baseb�11 championship in BuebaD·, the, game between the Var­ with· . sity . and Illinois. 0.. the illinois. ' outcome of this game will . depend. much of Chicago's chances of success on the diamond this· spring. I The "Old �n's" ticket plan, ad­ mitting any Varsity student ·'and ladY.' for, $2 for the contests, of the whole athletic season, does away with even the minor c:>bjection of cost. A big . student crowd should be fort�- coming. Chicago has beaten l1linois :n every big co�test so far this year. ' Why not baseball. too? Yesterday's. spontaneous· generation of song at the "e" bench might well ,become a Spring custom. Campus Three mornings of the Sinainc. week the 10:30 period is free from appointments for the student body generally, and no better use of the period could be made than by informal "songfests'" like yesterday's. Those inclined to song will find ready support if they see to it that the campus singing at the morning half hour continues. . With the coming of Spring the evening campus serenades by men from the fraternities and the halls, as well as the annual Senior sings, wJ1l. also serve to help satisfy the undergrad�te idea of "what Spring is meant fo�' on ,the college campus. am � boUCbt �ar athletic ticbt�l . ... _ ........... _ . " � .. � ',-I ;�·")OF ;. ''I .... '\ .'� C ti e 5 r t a t . Will enable you to conlin. your college work and gain the degree. .. .; �. DELIVERING THE GOODS. LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI. !��'. D.AYTON. �: ' 1-;- Or any Southem Point �: �icket Office, !ih. South Clark' se, 'tf " ,. Depot-�earbom. Station, Polk "��f ',' Dear�m St. ' . . .. �f�i, ..• f ]:1:nal�oocl �tation-63d ��r, . ��. 1�.�� :�� l ",J�OI , �lltl ¥ ': ?i;� �. "cago f,: ; Univ � "ate< '. ud ;ter. road tion bttil< �, 5t: Stet: Add Famous Chinese Diplomat Accepts Invitation to Speak' to .Illinois G�duating Class. I IlSoIVe Yoor aOthJ� -II . · Question )Ij·· tIIII • Wear Mine Ooee U .! IIFifteen to Thirty Fino �Jlan;I! :t 'J' ( •• • • • it�; -.�: ." TRAVEL OV'ER THE "),.' . . :' ;Undel -=111:111:1;110111,1: ,. . \.It·AYE1.�E,' .�. , INDIANAPOLIS, . ,��,,� .. than Freshmen . It's the man who makes good with the goods who wins the come-back- again trade of the, discriminating col­ lege man. Foreman doesn't promise what, he can't honestly deliver. ,FOWNES Thaes all you need to know, �ut a GLO\� � - ..... ' �.a.;. Bark�" Vice-�, and Alta Green.. Secretary, . Elected. . No store gets along �p". on,�"7.tin)� . btiy � �r�. It'� the' �ome­ "ac'" . _' again, man who makes the ex­ pe�s�s "for m�. Th�fs. why I c�n't promise you' what I can't hone$tl·, deliver. There enough men I n Chicago with a scar or two o f clothes exper­ ience to keep me going. , make good with the g'�ods. FOR,E,MAN B B )liss DC are Clark and Adsms Streets Phe 'v ·L , . ..... ..... .� � t- 't - � - v are students at a two-dollar rate. Barker An ARROW Collar is right to begin with and .the Clupeco }'rocess keeps it that way. 1Sc. each-i for 2Jc. CL11E'r'T. PaooDT & eo.. Jlaken and \Valter Morrison were appointed In re to act with Chairman Fernald in the matt�:'. The present policy ,of the Unh·er­ �ity not to offer cash prizes in con­ tests of oratory' and debate was dis­ cussed. Paul Princell was appointed p - We Have to look into the �atter and report at Sl the ne::'ltt meeting. Barker, as chairman of the. seal committee reported that work had been actively begun to secure the. adoption of an official seal this quar- QUALITY CLOTHES lI�gI WubiqtoD Street Bet. �rn ... 41. Clark Ita. THE DAILY. MAROO�, ,SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 1908. ADOUlfCBllBftS -. , ::0 F INTEREST TO BOOIBUYERS_ : Our Bargain Table will be a permanent institu­ tion hereafter. Stock which does not move fast' enough to suit us, shelf-worn .books, and a few second-hand books will be offered at greatly reduced prices; and as we shall constantly vary the display, there will be many opportunities to add to your library at figures which must in-. terest you. It will be worth 'your while .to watch the Bargain Table. .. .. l .. ILLINOIS WAREHOUSE AND S'rORAGE·COMPANY Phone Hyde Park 571 Kimbark Ave. and 56th S The Cleanest and Best Kept Storage Warehouse in the City ••••• Furniture and Pianos Moved, Stored. Packed an Shipped to all parts of the world. 300 Private Stor age Rooms. Large Parlor :t::xclusively for Pianos .�iiijiP.��!iii_:" Rooms for Trunks and Wheels. Large Room {o Carriages, Buggies and Sleighs. Trunks to an from all Depots. Local Transfers for Baggag I!=====PJ', Furniture, Packages, etc., at short notice. 'iii ,Special attention KiVell to University Orders.· �----------------------------------------���� M�a ... oon Hotel ..... ' .' .. � sBTH ST. AN� DREllEL AVE. : Under Man�ement of the National Hotel Co. Tel. Hyde Park 3739- The BEST Served at POPULAR PRICBS RESTAURANT AND LUNCH COUNTfR In Connection - . . ' ... 1,\ , �:,' :' STUDENTS' LUNCH ROOM �f' "Y'RE M'lKAD'O'- C'AF'�'---',­ f '-, :� s : J' .: � f. 55 St. �':" �.�.". . . . ' l J�OBR B. BTBTSON UBIVBRSITY DELAND,FLORIDA 'f-. "lE.�ffiliat ... d in .1897 with THE UNIVER�ITY OF CHICAGO.·. �1 : iiThe President is a Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Chi­ e. - ,ago, and eleven members of the Faculty have' been students at th� f: .- .University of Chicago. many of them taking degrees. Stetson is 10- � "Qted at DeLand, Florida: the land of flowers, -sunshine, blue ski� ;'t, ',ud balmy ocean breezes. Summer recreations run through the Win­ "'� .' :ter. Costly buildings, electric .lights, electric bells, cement walks, shell �f roads, .broad avenues, tropical slrrubbery and trees. Biggest- registra­ ',q • bon this year in its history. There are four colleges, five schools, 14 :;.l buildings and 48 in the Faculty. . ' ,:,{i' �,Students. from the University of Chicago may do their work at � Stetson during the Winter Tenn, and receive their credits at Chicago, .j Address, President Lincoln Hulley. Ph.D., LLD .. De�d. Florid&. ��. >r'--------------------------------------------------�� f';' ,'-"I- "�. 0- .... \ ':� . � S· :·�1 . � ,:?' /1 P It " • Ll �): .r ----4. _Meals 2(1c' and up O�D�"da'. DOH'T RUN DOWN:'TOWN· LOO�G FOR LADIES TAILORS AND BE DISAPPOINTED IN FIT AND WORKIIANSHIP. BUT CALL AT ••••• D. Weinstein . LADIES' TAILOR Phone Hyde Park 1282. After May First . , We will occupy our new quarters 26-28 E. Lake Street. This affords an exceptional opponunity of purchas ing our select stock of lamps and bronzes at marke , reduction. . WILLY H. LAU Pullman Building. 12 E. Adams Stree __ ' SMALL PRICES SMALL PROFIT --BUT-- BIG VAL U B S and a � pet' cent discount BIG BARGAIRS on all purchases at THE MORNING STAR -s East Fifty-Fifth Street. DRY G()ODS STORE '. Daintily p�I;(i�us" ���qfy';.�, u,� e, . SurpaSSingl" _ Smoofh .. , ... " .' .. I 't' � Wondelfill',:::- ">-",: � ,�,,;�,;,.!.�� . -'_ Wlloleso_;��' i<:,,·_,::.{1 '" -:- :._- _:'< - �- :;.!,.:.,� .. }.�i;'-.���:::�.) .� , • � ;:·,<ot •• � ".': ;,:;1 . � �.:�l : .\'! Golf candidates for both the Uni­ versity and Freshman teams, will meet re Jackson Park shelter. Senior class meeting will be held dnesday in Cobb 6A. rownson club will meet Tuesday Lexington 15 at 4:30. The s;rup oftheelup b eaJJ1. H'. flat-the on11 abeo­ lu«-11 flAt clw<p carter is the nrit;bton. Killi. on. or men know this-bu::r them and \Te::r them, The..-fir • is there, and t�I(,Y cost 0:111 A quarter . • pair. P..ememl.cr it. .-....-ca.. nl --.11 .. , ........ . Brightou.· are made of pure ailk w.b. : ,The paltema' are V DeW, exc:1uaive- yan. .",. el::r enough to .. tWl' "'� eyerybody. All· metal )'rIaIU are or beav1 nickel.plated b,... tr ::rour c)ealer ean't luppl1 JOU, r pair ,,,ill be .alt upon receipt of prll . -.,.-_ [, at tl We B in P Ma T are ion wh pha tcr his ove . .. t. vai sp d th - .. T r tes d ea e. re be , R 10 m fo ve pe b c ti , w in - C) in i q w a K s P s q , f I 1 r . - - d t I S Rm. ELIOT THINKS TWO GAME SCHEDULE ENOUGH " kes Some Caustic Remarks About ----------------------------­ .. the Most Useless of Gam�" in Annual Report. I DEAN BAGGAGE a EXPRESS CO., . Quick Service our Motto·· BAGGAGE OUR SPECIALTY 30 Wa�ons Daily to and from AU Depots Furniture. Pianos, Trunks. Merchandise and Parcels Delivered to aU parts of the city. Depots and Suburbs Main Office: 6i54 Wentworth Ave.: Telephone Wentworth 460. 461 , Branch Office: Information Office, University of Chicago . Phone l)ouglass 28& 'Phone Harrison 15gB 71 East 39th Street 48 Hubbard Cour( \\"0 intercollegiate football games enough for one year, in ,the opin­ of President Eliot of Harvard, o has just chalked up another em­ tic black mark against what he ms the "most useless of games" in annual report to the board of rseers. The means of repressing the pre­ ling exaggeration of _ athletic orts are obvious, as was stated in c last report," says President Eliot, he number of intercollegiate con­ ts should be reduced to two in ch sport during anyone season, the st of the competition in each sport ing exclusively home competition. 'The American modifications of ugby football have now been played ng enough to make possible a judg­ ent as to the success of eminent otball players in after life, and the rdict is what might have been ex­ cted, "It dearly appears that neither the­ odily nor the mental qualities which haracterize football players are par­ cularly serviceable to young men ho ha�e their way to make in the tellectual callings . "Fcotball toughness is not the kind f toughnes which is ��st profitable after life. uThe weight and insensitiveness n the football line are not the bodily ualities which best serve the man ho must make his living by quick, ccurate and inventive thinking. "To get accustomed to make one's n:4lest exertions in the. presence of houting t�ousands and of the news­ aper extra is bad preparation for the truggles of professional men, whc must generally do their best work uite alone or in the presence of a ew critical observers. "Even for modem warfare the vio­ cnt, competitive sports afford no ap­ propriate preparation, inasmuch as in cal warfare the combatants seldom , . '! .... I ... F R-A N:K T be T a i 1.0 'r •.. . , Exclusive styies, for Youdg College Men, in spring and S=mer Goods I CLEAN:-NG, PRESSING AND REPAIRING ________ 1 Phone Hyde Park 3813- 193 'E. 55th, Street. 18·00 KS The largest Stock in this countrr--all k;nds-sfandanl� new, fidion, feclanical-con1fenientl, arranged on our fwo . large relai' floors. Engraved Canis,· 'Announcements,: ftc. A. C.. !W:cCLURG .. CO • 215-221 Wabash Avenue. Chieaeo. .' . .;� .' �mbly meets � '1'b1msdq evening ,at Uaity Cbab BOase.' 3140 IDdiaoa Avenue. " " . . juvenile . Class every Saturday afternoon from one to four. Studio for private leaoaa, 321 Kimball' Hall, Bid.,' WabaIh:Ave., 'aDd . JacboD Bou1evarcJ.' • • - .':' Class for-. begiDDers lIonday, TaescSu and Priday. � , Paiva� lessons Pvea hour17 darinc the day. with or Withoat, ,� Ch�'. pri� cIus, 11..00 per mOa� . Adults, JR:ivate Jeacms. 11..00 with music or a puanteed � fer ts:oo.. .. see each other." SOCK AND BUSKIN TO • ' STA�E PLAYL�T APRIL 29 COLLEGE· LARDER,·CAFE 447 E. 55th Street. ' ,.- Near· � Ave;. IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST PLAcE TO EAT • LUNCHEON 20c UP. ' EVENING DINNER, 25C. -.pROOF. OP 'tHE PUDDING IS EATING." 'Who Leads the Prom?" to Be Pre­ sented in Reynolds Club Theate:. Molly. Mussle. Dorothy Date and Frank Fusser wiU again be intro­ duced to their friends, the college public, by the Sock and Buskin Dra- I matic club. The "'chicle this time is to be a one-act play. "Who Leads the I" Prom?" to be presented Thursdav afternoon, April 29. in the Reynolds Cluh theat.er. Informal dancing will follow thc performance. �tiss Sarah Wilhs. president of the club, and E\"Clyn Phillips· will coach the cast. which is made up of �{iss Gertn1de Fish. Miss A1lida �rcDermid, Miss Jeanctte 'Villiams, Miss Ernestinc EV:l11s. Mis.; Elizabcth Burke ami ------------------------------------------------------- Miss Mary Archer. The club produc- tion. "Fuss and Fudges." which was JP.\'cn last spring. made a hit 'With all ",ho saw it. and a good performance is looked for this year. Members of the cast wilt meet Monday at 1:15 in Lexington 5. The Twin Cylinder Indian , is the Very Latest in - IIOTORCYCLES -- Be sure your 1908 machine is a two cylinder with'; mechanical valves. All Automobiles have mechanical valves. Don't be deceived, get the Latest. ' Important - At Riverside Hill climb, Ca1ifornia, a Two Cylinder I Indian made one mile in s8 sec onds, fastest time made in the t world by any kind of a machine. Call and see us. Demonstrations daily. HENDEE MFG. CO. 1251 Michipn Avenue, Cbicaco Do YOU Deserve a Better Position THE CLARK TEACHERS' AGENCY _: nlllll"",_ ..... _:-.- - B. F'. C�"K. P1tOPIUnOR /' �", " v " " r, i , , Jr.,' " , I· THE DAILY MAROON, SATURDAY,. APRIL 18, 1908. IRCLUBARD'r.&&�Y��"�e4������"�"�e4����"�"�"�� 'Mr. John R. Mott, during his stay at tbe University, was a guest at the Sigma Nu chapter house for dinner. 'Mr. Elliot of, the Y. M. C. A. was entertained at the Alpha Delta Phi and Delta Tau Delta chapter houses this week. The guests' book of the Reynolds club records names for the past week as follows: Fred R. Zimmerman, Evanston, III.; Jack Smith and Max Allen, Bat­ tle Creek, Mich.; W. R. Carney, City; L. L. Vail, Evanston; John Manley, Evanston; Stanley Barnold, John An­ derson" Russel Tarbox, Ken Tarbox, J ohn Patton, Charles R_ Adams, H. B.' Fraut, W. Wilkinson, all of Chi­ cago: Guelbert Wagner, Princeton, 111.; S; 1\(. Knox, Sheffield, Ill. TH IS Shop is an authorita­ tive style center for an that is, exclusive and smart 'in men's custom made garments; for just the kind of dash. style and vigor most favored by 'men; for all that's most proper for a ing fellow to wear. We emphasize the faultless perfection of our fit, the criti­ cally exact tailoring we put into every garment and the unusu­ ally wide assortment of wool­ from which you can pick trWe call special attention to the attractively econo-, mieal nature of our prices. Our Satisfying superb Col� . legiate Suit; made to your . measure. yoqr choice of fab­ rics. Thirty Dollars" an� a cash discount of ten per cent, or a fancy vest gratis on initial order. STUDENTS IN SPRING RAVING (Continued from page I) Henry, Charlie Ireland, Carl Burton. "Hal" Iddings, and a host �f other great' and lesser celebrities too nu­ merous to mention. I n the midst of the delirious convulsions of the sing­ ing collection of individuals several of the more violent' espied no less a per­ sonage than "Jimmie" Twoig strol1- ing across the campus. Immediately he was seized and hilariously forced to secrete a speech, among the ap­ preciative applause of his circle of auditors. After intermittently cover­ ing the gamut of Chicago songs, in­ terspersed with "Budweiser's a Friend of Mine," "Trn Afraid to Go Home in the Dark," "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie." "Mistah Gibson," and other classical selections, the concert broke up with an ear-splitting and air-rending "Go, Chicago." 8th, Floor. MaSonic Temple , Chicago VAR$ITY CAFE 55th St. and Greenwood Ave. ", OPEN ALLDAY MfAL·S 2Dc AriD UP , "ChoP Su�" a specialty I ILLINOIS ' BEATS B�DGERS (Continued from page I) :-------------------------------------- scheduled-Wisconsin, Minnesota and - B 0 • DB II'.' Chicago. Ovitz, the star twirler of CoDdeDMcJ IIDIr. Plaid IIilk. Clam the orange and blue, had to be left ad Buttermilk. at home on account of a deficiency in AD Bo� in the C01Dl�. his studies; and He�rickson and Bu- ._,' _ .. Bo_nI eD_ •• __ c_;o_n_d_eD ' _M_i_lk_Co. __ I, sick will have to be used in the __ 6:17-633 &. Forty-BeVa1th St.. games. The following compose the squad: H enrickson and Busik, pitchers; Maon and Morrison, catchers; Sny­ der, first base; Schaefer" Disosway, Persiful and Wetherhed, outfielders. Followers ,of the team are confident of Henrickson's ability. He is the twirler who held the Sox: to two runs recently. :ruLL DUBS surrs TO � T. G. SCHAPFNER a: co. AUSizea. ,suleFit. 'We CUI')' �. B�r Clothea ,Tel� Cftltral -tl7s.� , 46 River st. SEPTEMBER VACANCIES 'SPBIRG IS OOIllRG And wh7 DOt select your Clothes Now and be ready when She appears Robertson May Plq at Minnesota in hee Spring Hat I The U:niversity of Minnesota is Chalk and pencil stripes, moss tans making efforts to secure .an engage­ and wood browns are very modish ment with Donald RoJ>ertson for this Spring. May 13 and '4- !He will probably The m9St desirable patterns' are present "A Blot on the SCutcheon" sure to be picked up early-Why don't 'and "The Triumph of Youth." JOu be one that secures the cream of the showing? ' We have plenty of time now to de­ vote to every detail of your clothes. Come in and talk over the Spring Styles. Let us show you the Hew I weaves and eolorings, whether you are ready to buy or not. $2s and $30- Ask to see our SPECIAL COLLEGE SUITINGS No use to specify. 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Froman Presnts THE DAIRY MAIDS With Harry Bulger David BeJUco·s Great Play THE ROSE of the RANCHO STl1DBBAKBR ·JlIl ARNOLD DALY In the Play that means Something THE REGENERATION Rv Owen Kildore and WalterHackett: THB AUDITORIUM Last week of English Opera nOHEMIAN GIRL '!'\ -------------------------------------_. � .�, .. OOLOBIAL Haft 70U see8 THB IlERRY WIDOW She is the Intematioaai Clue POW.�8 Chas. Frohman presents ETHEL BARRYMORE in the New Play HER SISTER , \ LA SALLB HONEYMOON TRAIL With CedI Lean and Florence Holbrook ------_ .. _-, ----------------- THB WHITNBY THREE TWINS TV PEWRITERS for Sale or Rent­ Special rates to students; bargains in re-built machines. W. White­ head, � La S:dlf" St�et. Typewriters Rented-3 months for $5' and up. Typewriters sold on ea�1 ' payments, from $10 up. Best bargains', in guaranteed machines. A�" Desk a TypeWliter Co .. 188 DearbOnl: St. Centnll 61!17. • POSITION open for young woman at a summer resort; work to begia . at end of Spring quarter; $IS or .-:-, mo.; board and room. Address tbe:' . University Employment Darea .. RELIABLE Rebuilt Typewriters, all makes,. special bargains' this month, from our own factory, equipped with modern machinery, 250 horse power. You assume no risk; sat­ isfaction or your money back. The Typewriter EzcbanP..319 Dearborn St. Branch of the American Writ- , ing Machine Co., incorporated. '��fel :;.� Ap �. t '� Pre ) .�;,profe :�Trini t� .. ,;;JOln .-:�J !��ty 'h, ',611inl ,,'resig ':lAl>be '·,;,�.sbip fat F "{leave ;;,1 .. Pr ':�i� l ':K:bis ti?·' • :f�!ceivi iC:�[uatc ,�- iug' .'1: . tleya /of ,J " �atte .,\�t t �din� , �" ;��Enl ��,ea diesi -;r'. ;�,"'If .,�. ';,�,ine' ".�., ;��No ,x�' ��bil .;;� , ��J1 :.l:.W4 -'T�rt ·;"tP: j:�I9c hLa '2'�r .J�,,!, ':'!"{r . -._�,�- t.- an � 'm ':'\ PI et -01 01 - II 'P c­ f p .' } F a (