�be IDatl� maroon • I .. r 4 l I · ,. CHICAGO.FRIDA Y, MARCH 8, 1907. Price Two Cents An unusual picture of the American boy as a miniature cartoon of the American . bu�iness - man is presented by the Rev. J.A. Dewe, of St. Thomas College, St. Paul, in a contribution to That the' approval of the traction the March "School Review," issued ordinances is the only solution of the yesterday from the University of Chi- Chicago street railway problem, was cago Press. the burden of the address delivered in Mr. Dewe is an Englishman and Kent Theater. last night by WaIter feels entitled to present some original L. Fisher. former traction attorney �iews on the s.ubject. �s Mr .. Dew.e I to Mayor Dunne, and 'framer of the sees the American youth, he IS sen- ordinances. Mr. Fisher declared that ous, precociously practical, absolutely municipal ownership under present without nerves and without awe on conditions of law, finance and politics. religious. matters. . is absolutely impossible 'for Chicago, The view of the American boy although as a final solution to the diffi­ which will strike Americans as the culty or as a club to be held over most strange is of his old fashioned! the heads of the traction companies seriousness. As to this the writer it is possible. says that when the American boy is . let out of school instead of romping Mr. Fisher said that the vagueness and shouting according to the manner of 'the working .of the ordinances in of the youth of other nations.' "he that section which referred to the ei' her trudges like a man of business method of operation of the properties to the nearest car for home, or walks in case the city had tried operatiori naturally to his special haunts of and failed was sufficient to make into sport or pleasure. Any acceleration mediate municipal operation out, or Even if IIlinois takes the relay race of movement is not so much from an- the question. For,' he declared, the again, Paul Harper should land both imal spirits as from the sober judg- �ecurity o�er�d is not sufficient to the 50-yard and 7S-yard swims, in ment that he has to be at a given induce capitalists to put up the neces- spite of the fact that he will be swim­ spot in a given time. No game is s�ry money to �uy the Mu�ller cer- lming in a strange tank. Solomon played without a certain amount .. of [J�cates, In this connection.. Mr. should again, win the. plung.:, leaving previ�' ,-··�:aicUtannn, a;id",�'-eare(ul Flsher.- r01l_I�clly_�c?���_�ay()�. Dunne, 'only- 'the' 'loo-:-yard� -swirri� rto-lhe'�aJ- weighing of the respective merits of He said : ventage of Illinois. On the whole, the the combatants. Much activity may "The mayor was more anxious to meet should be a repetition of the be shown during the game itself, but propitiate certain influences than. he first affair except the relay which w'Il in the 'short intervals of the game was to carefully scrutinize the ordi- be a closer' race. when, for example, it is a question of nances when they were originally pre-]. After the meet at Champaign the fetching the' ball gone beyond the pared. He evidently preferred to let Chicago schedule is as follows: boundary, the slowness 'and careless- sleeping dogs lie. AlI his interest March II or 16 (undecide-J)-Y. M. ness of movement are .almost pro- centered in getting the ordinances C. A. at Bartlett gymnasium. voking." passed; he· seemed to think that he March 22-Wisconsin at Chicago. Mr. Dewe takes the usual view that could settle the other questions later. March 25 or 30 (undecided)-Chi- hazing in American universities is an The very general terms of the ordi- cago at Y. M. C. A. example of the serious character of nance, which ref�rs to foreclosure if April :z-Yale at Chicago. the American youth. He says: the interest of the MueIler certificates April 13-Pennsylvania at ..• Bullying is fairly common both in is defaulted are such that I do not , . the English and in the continental helieve they could ever be sold," schools. Usually, however" it is in­ stinctive �nd unpremeditated. In America it is accompanied by a con­ siderable amount of forethought and conscious will-power. I nstinct by it­ self is powerful, but when accom­ panied by deliberate effort it becomes still more so; hence the systematic thoroughness that characterizes the American hazing:' Mr. Dewe thinks the college yontn of America remarkably well behaveJ. Commenting on this he says: '''It is true that they are alive to the fact that they or their parents pay the salary upon which the existence of the college and' professors depends. and that they are not slow to exer­ cise this power of the purse, but rarely do they abuse it. The Euro­ pean boy or the English boy, placed in similar circumstances of liberty, would run wild; .but among Ameri:ail panies . ::\Iinne!'ota has yet three game:-; to hoys the're already exists a certa;n "No man can deny this: There are play. two at home and one at \Vis­ tradition of order and restraint. The only two possible steps that can be con ... in. \Viscol1sin will abo meet discipline of a college. unlike that :n laken by the municipality. Either tl1{' d 1· b d Purdue at �f:l(lison. Roth Chicago the old country. depen s more upon or< mances must e approve. or k �ame�. with Purdue and ::\rinnesota. C1os1'ng of Competition Postponed this tradition. and upon a half-sort steps must at once be ta en to con, are on the road. This gives the other of understanding among the pupils Iclemn the properties. This latter alter- two schools a big advan·tag�. themselves. than upon any external nati,·e is impossible. because of the coercion." . • legal and financial difficulties in the Out of four possibilities. Chicago The American boy has the hide �f way. Hence. the present ordinance� ha� two cha1lces to land t}l'e pennant, a rhinoceros for 't�ing away abn:;.'. must either be voted upon favorably �rill:lesota olle. the la�t being':i trple according to the writer. He say..;: by the people. or the pre�ent wretch- tic. If Chicago wins from the <;ioph- All Ball Men Out Today. "He ha� no nerves. In this respect cd condition of street car service con- ers. no matter how the �Iinnesota- All baseball men will report for out- he is like the Japanese who can sleep tinned. \Visconsin game turns out, �he Ma- " - �oor practice today .. Frank L. Dickir:-son, C03Q1. ,. VOL. V. No. 99. ,IOELEVEI FRATERNITIES TO� COMPETE IN RELAY RACE :iserf "However, I believe heartily in the reservation of the right of ultimate' municipal ownership. not only for what there may be in municipal own­ ership, but in order to have some sort of a device to control' com- BAZlNG IS SYsrEMAtiC I APPROVAL OF TRACTION ORDINAICES NECESSARY SAYS Englishman, in Article in "School Review," Finds That American Col­ lege Youths are Well-Bchavcd­ American Boy, He Says, is Small Adult. Walter L, Fisher Declares Immediate Municipal Ownera&.ip Impossible for Chicago- Scores Dunne. First Round Will be Held Tonight in Connection With Inter-scholastic Meet. II • Framer of Proposala As8erts Their Operati6n ReqUisi�' to ... .Jmprcried_ :... .; . street Car· Ser.e. . Teams to be Composed of Eight Men. Each Man to.. Run One Lap of,·. .. - Track. Eleven fraternities have already en­ tered the fraternity relay race, the first round of which is to be run off tonight in connection with the inter­ scholastic· meet at Bartlett gymnas- iurn. The fraternities which have en­ tered are Delta Kappa Epsilon, Beta Thcta F�, Phi Delta Theta, Psi Up­ silon, Delta Tau Delta, Chi Psi, Delta Upsilon, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Nu, and Alpha Tau Omega. Of the other five fra­ ternities, it is thought that two or three may enter today. The teams will draw to find the or­ der in which they will compete against each other tonight. Four teams will run at the .same time, two on each side of the track, and the two winning teams from the four will compete' on . the next Saturday night. In this way the weeding out will go on until two teams are left to com­ pete for the shield, which is to be given to the winning team by the Department of Physical Culture. From the men who have been en­ . teredo eight men -are to be: picked. -"E�ch' ma'�-'�in- 'r�'; o'�� 'Iap: '-' The entries, as rec�ived by Leo De- Tray yesterday, are: Delta Kappa Epsilon - Abbott, Rohde. Jones, Goes, MacNeille, Vail, Sherer, Mitchell, Essington, Sunder­ laud. Beta Theta Pi-Hunter, Long, E. L. McBride. Houghton, E. E. Mc­ Bride, Carter) Hewitt, Thoits, Gif- ford. . Phi Delta Theta-Ellis, Krog, Eber- r I� hard. Bradford. Bettendorf, Mitley, Eastburn, Denny, Psi Upsilon-Wilson, MacCracken, Meagher. Lebally, Sinclair, Morris, Collings, Reddy. Badenoch, Johnson. Delta Tau Delta-Dunne, Lewis. Walker, Mabin, C. P. James, Jordan. Mr. Fisher was the special traction counsel under whom the ordinances to be voted on at the spring election were prepared. I n advocating that by the referendum vote. they . be ap­ proved. he said in part : 10. Ferguson, James. Chi Psi-Renton, Blackford, Henry, Moody, Parkinson, Chandler, Kenner, Powell. Ddta Upsilon-Gill, Kling, Morgan, . Ulrich, Welling. i{pwman, Moulds, Fuller, Kennedy,. Nelson. Post. "Although municipal ownership may be all right in its place, not even its .fnost hearty advocate-and the advo­ tates of municipa ownership.seems to 'be actuated by a sort of relgious fervor. would declare that it is right in any place at any time. Chicago Fs not ready legally, financially, or po­ litically, to undertake it at' ·this time. - Phi Gamma Delta-Wright, Cham­ berlin. Goodenow, Hopkins, Dille. Parker. Baird. DeTray. Brooks. Hen­ derson .. Funkhouser. Sig-ma Alpha Epsilon-Hobbs,Toms. St;I�'kho\1se, Trenton. Pierret, White­ C01:1h. Allison, Webb. Gray. �lgma Nu-Gaarde. Stewart, Be­ V:I1·. Reid, Wrather. <Linderholm. Whipp. Owen. . \lpha Tau Omega-Finger. C. E. Lpf)�e. Rogers, L. T. Loose. Benson. J()�dersma. McDermott. Hardy. Es­ key. Rrown. .:...- .. - r. - Thc competition for the Blac1c Fri:lr's poster has bene left open un­ til �(onday. March ". by the com· mittee in charge. cton Ie. flat. ' --- (Continued.on page 3) (Continued oft· Paae ,1.) _ .. I· SWIMMERS - ttlOO toNIGHT SAYS CAPITALISTS SHOULD �hica&o Expects to Duplicate Results DECIDE THEIR OWN REWARD of ,lo'irst Meet by Winnin& Polo I __ liame-Plunge and Short Swims- Economist W. H. Mallock Holds it is Me lay in Doubt. Ridiculous for Society to Decide Remuneration of Leaders. morrow Night. Coach Knudson and the Varsity swimmers will leave the Sixty-third street stat.on of the 1. C. road at 10 o'ctock this _. morning for Urbana where they will meet Illinois' aquatic performers tonight in a return meet. Besides Captain Rohde the men to make the trip are Harper, Goes, Bade­ noch, Sid Walker, Solomon, Schott, Morse and Princell. All the men are in excellent condition and there is no reason to believe that they will not repeat their performance of the first meet and defeat the State men. There is hardly any doubt about the outcome of the water polo game. The 10 tu 0 score which Chicago made in the first game makes it impossible that the Illinois players will turn the trick. As first place in each event only will be counted it wiIJ be neces­ sary to win two events: besides the polo game to get a majority of the nine points. I f the Chicago rel�y team should take the two points in this event no other first will be need­ ed. . Declares Power and Not Koney i& Real Aim of Rich Men - Finds Greed in all classeS. The capitalist and the capitalist alone is the mall qualified to dictate the reward he is to receive, according to the statement made by Mr. Mal­ lock in his fourth lecture on social- Ism delivered yesterday afternoon in Mandel usn. �lr. Mallock declared that society as a whole is ,110 more able to dictate the remuneration of a man fitted to be a leader than an assembly of fishermen can determine by counseling together that fish shall rise to flies which happen not to at­ tract them. In another part of his lecture Mr. Mallock said that the desire for mak- ing money al ways has been and al­ ways will be the actuating motive in industrial life. He also declared that not mere sensual greed but the desire to acquire power furnishes the reason why large fortunes are accumulated. Able Men I)ecide Own Rewards As argument for his theory that men of exceptional ability are the 'only ones to decide their reward Mr. MaJlock said: "In proportion as men of abilit.y: . ...are . .essential cto .the -pr'o­ gress and the sustenation of wealth iii modern society, society as a whole, ii it is to secure and retain their ser­ vices; must concede to them by its constitution the terms that these men desire: and what these terms shall be, must practically be decided not by society as a whole, but the excep­ tional men themselves, Society as a whole can no more determine that such and such a motive shall be suffi- cient to stimulate certain people than Chicago. all the fishermen in the world can de­ termine, by taking counsel together, that fish shall rise to flies which hap- pen not to attract them." Puts Morality Second �Ir. Mallock put morality second and practicability first. when. itt the course of his lecture, he said that a working method must be found ·before a moral justification for socialism can be argued. Tn support of this he said: "To declare. however. thar this re­ volutionary redivision is justifiable on moral grounds is, it need h'ardly be said, a perfectly useless proceeding unless, besides being just. 'the rc- division is also practicable. \Ve may The unexpected defeat Wisconsin leave. therefore. the question of its administered to the Chicago basket- justice altogether on one side. until ball team Wednesday evening has, we have considered now. as practical caused 'the fans to revise their sched- men. the socialists propose to brinz the redivision about. and what arc the views taken by them of society and of hnman nature which lead them til look on their programme as r cally susceptihle of accomplishment." Power Not Money the Aim \Vith re�ard to hie; contenti()n that not mere sensual g-reed hut the love of p�wcr and position wa� the ani­ mating motive in the aCfJl1;"ition of large fortunes. �rr. Matt()ck "a;(I: "The possession of wealth g'c1lerally. and the desire to incrca�e it. mcan :m enlargement of the gcneral conscio\ls­ ne!'s far more than any titillation of the nerves. or the pamperjn�' of any Ilhysicial appctite. What are the forms of expenditurc mo"t character� CHICAGO HAS BEST CHANCE FOR BASKETBALL HONORS Despite Wednesday's Defeat, Varsity is Stin in Lead-Meet Purdue To- Standin& of the Teams Chicago .............. 5 .833 �Iinnesota ........... 4 .800 Wisconsin ........... 4 2 .667 Purdue .............. 2 3. ·400 Illinois ............... 0 S .000 ule of possibilities in the inter-col­ legiate championships. In spite of the defeat. however. Chicago is still in the lead. . (Contintltd on page. 3) ---------------- (Continned on page 3) THE DAILY MAROON, CHICAGO, FRIDAY, MARCH 8,1907. ., La w pulled into the lead in thl'l �eries for the chanlpionship of the ��������������������������������� Universi\y in basketball yes�erda�I·��������������������������������� lfternoon by winning from Scieuce by he score of 3� to 10. The gal11l' was I vcr y slow, and not' at uu up t� the .tandard of the previou-. games of the � game. Chicago is still at t'he head I LA W GETS NEAREST TO I � in the- percentage column and there UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIP ----.---- arc reasons for believing that Chicago Oftlclal Student .·ubllcatloD ot tb .. tJDI .. er- will remain at the head of the r st. Defeats Science by 34 to 10 Yester- altl of Cblc�aKo. . ; .The Min�lesota game, a week from 'day. Getting One Point Ahead of Saturday will be the decisive Iactor Philosophy. in determining the championship, a :hicago victory in this contest vir­ .ually bringing the pennant home t o he Maroon. If the team should m�.r lailyllar�nn series. (o'ormerl, '·h .. Unl't'eralt,. \It Chlt'ago Weeki, 1·'OllUded The Weeki,.. Oct. I, 1892. The Dall" Oct. 1; 1902. ___ __ __ _ . "o se against :\linnesota- the race would .. :u· ... rfOC) .a Hvcond·Cla .. 1lall at I hft Cbl· .'.till, be a tic. caa:o l'o.tolH('e. _ \Vith all this in view, the prospects SlIi.lKcrllltl n prl $300 1 re not so da rk as most of the stu- • 0 ce, . per year: $1.00 . lur ;$ monthll 8u ..... - 1 tl .le nt s would picture them. Perhaps • UlK:r p ona re<.-elved at , . . .' Ih,' �Iu.'uou Office rill' II II I he gl'neral 01>1111011' that Chicago IS Carlson was the hero of the day, I' '11 I' h ," a a, or at the Jut of the race as a result of the -naking II field ba sket s and .! from . UCII Y '.xc ange, Cobb lIall. Orders Wisconsin d .. f e: rt, I'" (Ill" to tile fact tukou by mu l] or t etephone. lIyde Park .. .. .. � .. free throws. Peacock was the chid hat it had become a matter of habit noint-winuer for the losers. Carlyll·.1 vith thl' team this season 1I0t to lose �ight guard on the Law Sc1�ool tt'a01.! �allll·S. and the first loss comes rather -rlayed a vrey good ga 111 e. !s :r shock. A bctt er way to look at i The crucial contest of this se ries he situatioll would be to regard this" 'NiJl be the game between Law and lcfent :\s a timely warning. It is Philosophy. the date of which is not' nuch hettl..'r'that the defeat come at lefinitcly decided yet. The two teams ·,\'isconsi.i than in next week at :\Iin- 'lre the only ones at present undc- .800 ------------------------------ I:. l:hU\' )lATHEWS, 1I1lnaging Editor. J-:U\\, AI!!) c. ..'l-:L8E�·J·lIAL. News Editor. J.l;TlII-:J: n. 1·'I·:H�ALlJ, A,tb!etlc Editor c'J-:c.m(; J-: J-:. "'UI414(o�It. Business Mllnager. • .. AST INTERCOLLEGE GAME MAY MEAN TIE FOR FIRST ASSSOCIATE EDITORS :>RESIDENT 'E'L10TT HITS FOOTBALL AGAIN e. w. l'altzer, A. w. Henderson, Warren D. Foster, l:"ruard J. uou. I'reston I'�. (;Il8S, llt'lvln J .• \,ll1u ... 'annual Report of Harvard Executive ?hilosophy Booked to Beat Arts TO-I Says Game Is' Unsportsmanlike day and Equal Record of Lit- and Brutal erature. REl'ORT£RS I'eter 1". lJUDU. Jerume Fr�III,. W. 1·. lIacCrackcn lIurry A. UIIoIUIt'U. President Eliottt of Harvard in his The final game of the Junior Col- 1111ual report took another fling at 'cge basketball series will be played oothall. in spite of the new rules. he It 3 :30 this afternoon. between Arts leclnres is an undesirable game either -nd Philosophy. The dope gives the 'or gentll'men to play of for multi- victory to Philosophy, and if t udes of spectators to watch. Basket- comes out as predicted, the series )all and hockey arc also �Iassed as 'will result in a tie between Litera- rrutal. �ure and Philosophy for the cham- \ . F'rcsident Eliott says: ! oionship of the Junior Colleges. If I, "The game of football was some- \rts wins, Literature will be given vlrat improved by the new rules ex- he championship. The present stand­ or ted last year from its creators and :ng is: rianag-l'rs by the pressure of public Literature 5 teams, the University is Ipinion. Undl'r the new rules th,! Philosophy 4 losing a man who . has �::me 'is more visible than before to 'Arts 2 been of invaluable service for the ')�th � �f}jcials and, spectators, and it Science 0 past seven years., ,Mr. Chitwood wa� ��·Ii\·elie� and therefore more interesc- !ormerly Registrar of .l\lorg:m Park '. �g' \ttl,·��.�a�fil. ·It gives apptopriat� ':"?OSTPONED DANCE SUCCESS Academy, his efficient work at the .jiJ>o.:t'tli1�)1e� to several kinds of nat� preparatory school recommending :.ra'l·at.h,l,e.tes, anu'it affords fewer op:- Tunior Class Dance Well Attended- him for the position in the' Regis- ortlini-'ties for foul -play and brutal- Goes Off Without Hitch. trar's Office at the University. His ;ty" wlteth�r deliberate and planned fulfilment of the duties in the Regis., r suddden and acdde'ntar. than the trar's oftice has been more than sat.: '�a:tle under the former rules afforded. isfactory, the accounts and records in "Thl" spirit of the game. however, the otlice 'never having been in better r�mainS:' essentially the same. condition than they a re at present. "I t is properly described by the ad- As athletic manager, 111 which ca. kctive "ficrce"�a term which is con­ paelty Mr. Chitwood has served for a ;:antly' aj)i)lied to the game by its ad- number of years, he has made a name l1l.irer:;. ' for himself among the other athletic "1 t thl'retore remains an undesirable managers of the \Vest. His handling s"!I11{' for gentlcmen to play or for of football and bascball games and multitudes of spcc,tators to watch. track meets bctwee,n Chicago and' "Xo game is fit :for college uses in other unin'rsitit"s in the \Vest has \\'hich m�n ar� often so knocked or hl'cn most diplom:.tic. and it has CiIISlll'd into i'l�l'nsibility or 'immobil­ hl'en largely through llanager Chit- it)' that it is a (I�estion whether by wood's efforts that harmonious rcla- t> e :.pplication (If '\\;ater and stim­ tions ha\'e been maintained between I: 'ants. tlll'Y can be' -brought to and the managements of Chicago and the l :lahll'd to go on playing. No game other members of thc "Rig Nine." i� tit for colll'gc USes in which reck­ Chicago appreciates the good work h "�'�l'SS in causing or suffering sc:-­ of :\Ir. Chitwood, regrets his w;th- jc'lls ho(lily injuries promotes eOi­ flrawal. and wishes him success in his .:"l'nl'Y. and so is taught anft held up hr admiration. I'_- W. I'lut,·nuli. lln:-,'! y I:. 1-'1111.'1' •• 11 W. J. lluluIJt,urllJer, 1'.·IDted lJy the llarooD �'n.'tI" 4i4 Eust :;:;tb Strftt I'ho�e Hyde> Park 3;;�1 In the resignation of Richard Chitwood from the pos i­ tious of manager of the Registrar's Office and manager of the athletic Xl or timcr Manager Chitwood's Withdrawal .�OO o .000 The Junior Class dance, postponed rrom St, Valentine's day. because of the death of Walter Kellogg, was held '. esterday. Several novelties in th.? "lay of dances were introduced,among fhem a "basketball dance." There were twleve regular dances. A short reception was held before the, dance. �nd the affair was pronounced a suc­ cess in getting the members of the l·lass acquainted. About thirty cou­ "Ies were present. Don't Worry It's only a night's ride­ one sleep-from Chicago to real rest and health at French Lick WestBadenSp�s . Wat�rs, .ar:e .11nsurp�-:-,Rolf. tenDl.s, ndlng, driving, billiards, bowhng, trap-shooting or per­ feet reSt jf you want it -Ideal accommodations-congenial guests. Low Roud Trip Rates D'l., and n�ht traina, sleepers parlorandbu«et� • , l ; . nt'\\" <lep;1 rture in business. Edward Clayton Eichcr. who' re- ":\n ('xtn,'n.t' recklessness remains pl:tc�s :\lr: Chitwood as ma'nager of :1 �ra\"(.· 'ohjl·ction to thl' game of foot_� thc-Ri;g-i�tr:tT'� OtlTc-e; ·h� h�1 sC\'l'ral hll. and it al�o m:�kc�. haskl't-hall and, yt'ar< l'x))l'riencl' in the office, and,is lockcy.·;,� fll'\'\'loped 111 reCl'llt Yl'ars. wdl littl'cl !O till th(' Jlosition; Frank .1' n-'�t's�I":t�)I .... 'J.r.lme�.'.· .' , ' I I.. Dickinson. who has rl'placed )f r. Chitwood as manager of till' athletil' " 'For Student Service. conte�ts this Yl'ar. has been closely :\ nnonncement ,is made' that all ap- :Is",oci:!h'cl with :\fr. Chitw(lo(1 an<l plfcations for sttHI('nt s('r\'ice or for I>in'ctor StaKg- ill the work. and' hl' 11'�11.l'r f:,rm of ,assistancl' . from thc i� thoroug-hly acelnainh'(1' with tIl(' ins LllIn'rslly for tIlt..' sprinK CJtI:trtl'r :1I1c1 on' ... oj the man:tJ,!('nH'nt. TIl(' ,holllel Ill' m;uk :It OI1C(,. Each .. ttl­ diil'it,1lt s('r\·ic(' gin'n by tht ... t' ml';l 1�"llt :--holll" :tppl)' to his ,I('an. ;llr(':I(I.y i .. :J�"'lIr:tIH'(' that tht· aelmin- i"fr:Jtion oi tht'�t· import:Jnt d('part- - lll(,llt, in the L'ni\'('r:--it\" ha" f:tll('n into c:lp:,hlc ha'His.· I r FOWNES, GLOVES GOOD JUDGMENT I ;s ,on� of the f�ctors of �ife. Cultivate I yours by havJl1g your photographic work done at I MARTYN'S MAROON STUDIO I 5705 Cottage Gro\"e U. of C. Photo�rapb�r. � � �J I " I :1· WILL BE WORN LONGER THIS SEASON THAN OTHERS-THAT IS. THAN QTHBR GLOVES. not mean that ClliC1�o is out of thc race for the ha5-kcthal1 cham­ pionship. So far. i! merdy mc:tn" that lh� tl':tm will not t:o Sl'ason without losing a In the Habit of Winning .. , : .. - - , - ... 1-· , through the I t Just the place"lO .hold club mid fraternity dinners. THE HOTEL �AROON FIFT¥, -EIGH'I'H AND DREXEL AVENUE. Convenient. Ex�ellent Service. First-Cl;ass, Come over and see us about Yo1:r next Ch:b Banquet, Our Lunchroom is open until one a, m. H .. E SHOREY ,,'!!!!: TAILOR 332 Republic BuildiD, 135.00 COLLEGE SPE':I ,\L .. -- � : . .: THE COLLEGE LARDER FAVORITf DININGROOM OF UNIVfRSITY STUDfNTS Is again under the management of the Mitses Butler, Who Who Will be Pleased to Receive the Patronage of Their Old Friendsand New, Ones, Sure to be Made by Their Home Cooking and 'Attentive Service. GIRl Reds' ] 447 55th Street at Lexington A venue. Phone Hyde Park 2644. CATERING Home Bakery Goods ru. 120 .... ·11 class, in I.e:: noon. toriou« showin good. first q The Blue Nellit' Ida 1'4 �lary Grace �Iaril' Subs iRe;SC. :Under: , iiDtek l;lorell minut� 'r. , ')1' ' � VAL Students copied our COLLEGE CORNER Soit Model Last Autumn TH� SPRING MODEL is much handsom'er Come in and see it , C�er CJ WDkie TAILORS lBS 189 Dearborn St. Bank floor University Style $3.00 p'er Doz. 'Student's Special $3.50 per Doz. They Fill that Empty Space at Home. QC�motr'� J&boto 6tulJio SAYS soundl untow tusc t but hi easily been I lectllaJ gent � Phone .Hyde Park-16. 243 EAST 55th STREET Telephone Calumet 251 ,'16th and Michigan rows :Infl I) of !h ... �Ir, Amcr him 11, wo�kl1 tesj', Old qbe . 16th St. Livery flIid Riding Aca'deJDY High-Class Saddle and Harness Horses for Sale. Horses Schooled Send for Circular. Open Evenings. APPF crowl] Qu:t1i:; � Frank S. Young. Phone H.P. 1251 I Young America Laundry I BU�DLES BROUGHT IN AN� CALLED FOR I Shirts. ' C'�ff�" � � �: �: � � �. � .. �.� .. !���� � � � � : � .'��' 2C I 684-686 East 63rd Street I----------- � __ ��� _l I I "Til depl., clectt the I' icgi�l dinal1 what :lpath :aft('r\ canll. ' �Ir, tail Ii r\:lnc�, muni� hut it detla: �fe� HII"DEWS, rireprool Storage a V_. Co. Th. afterr 'Hall �NlTURK. PIaNO" TRUNa. IDRCHAllDla ... MM&LI D&LIVaRm TO ALL PAItTI OP TIm CITY, HN1t AND .�UJta G.enI 0Sca. _ It. ... Cal1IIIIet Aft. � 'hqIas -­ .............. all OlieeL BnDCIl OIa,'IIII'_1 nl ...... ..... ,t I ..... u .. �J"""'''& ."'-01°.'_ .. THE, nATl.Y' AtA.ROON, CHIC.�GO,- FRiDAY; �fARCH 8", '1907 ... ' n .,- --'fl"l' ,,,:;,�,,fjiF.' _,..". oy";-Fi'·� .1iIi1lll'---- ... ----, I SAYS CAPITALISTS SHOULD thousands of years. It built the walls GENTLEMEN DECIDE THEIR OWN REWARD of Babylon, It built the pyramids .. HO DIUS FOR smr of Egypt.' 1 t raised the monstrous IUTI£SS,lID CO.FOII i ;_:ontiuued f:om pag''! I.) stones of Baalbec, It was the method WUIl11ll .... 0VlD • I: --- -- --- of slavery. It did not receive "ts 1 BOSTON :,.t:l' of thl' very rich men who have deathblow in the civilized world till ' :: r isen in the world to-day? One :s this country inflicted it within the cvrtaiuly the collection of works of lifetime oi living men. It is this me- GARTER' ;,rt. A'n�ther. sp��ially noticeable in thod of securing and 'controlling ord­ �hi,. country is the giving of great sums inary labor that. on �lr. Sidney " . :�I cducut ionul and other public 1 ;1:- Webb's admission. any system 'which THE IECOCIIZ£D STUDAID . poses. 'The motive which stimulates is "truly socialistic" would reintro- ..... Tbe "Ime ,. I th e producers of great wealth to de- duce, I f every citizen. whether he is ,tamped ea nery�. . : maud it pr oporrionate amount of their willing to work or no. has an inde­ loop-' 'J i great products for themselves, is �ot feasible right to board. Iodg-ng, fuel �e I a desire for pleasure, but a desire and clothing, equal to those enjoyed � for the realization of power." by the most industrious members of ..... CUSHION' Any One May Be Greedy the community, the idle and the d's- IsUTTOrf Greed may exist in the hovel to obedient can be made industrious and CLASP : :I!'O' great an extent as in the palace of obedient by one means only-the ap- UES FUTTOTHU£G-IIEYER I rhe tinancier. accor'ding to Mr. Mal- plication of the lash, or by the fear SLIPS, TEAlS IOIUlifASUIS iack. He said: of it; or. if :!\Ir. Webb and his friends "One man may be as greedy over a prefer a strictly military, discipline, Siltlsa�l" as another man is over an by the fear of irons, or . the bullets GEO.nOS'lCo.,JI!abn ortolan, A man may be as slothful of a dozen rilles. Whether this JIoa&oD,Eua,.17.S,"". in a cheap bed as in a dear one. He would be preferable in the eyes of a may luxuriate as idly in a rocking free population to the existing wage chair that cost a couple of dollars as system, either in point of efficiency PLAY BASKETBALL :lC 1ll;IY in a gilded fauteui! which be- or otherwise. we need not" for the "ongcd to �Iarie Antoinette, and which n, ,ment discuss." Reds'Defeat BI14es in Exciting Con- cost perhaps two thousand. Asks Method of Enforcing Work test by Score of '7 to S. "The fact, is, that greed- forms a 11 r. �1 allock questions the doctrine very small pa rt of the motive which of the socialists who believe that the The girls' basketball teams of the "nduccs tlle'most selfish men to the mere joy of work will be a sufficient 12 o'clock class, (Reds), and the 1 :30 prolonged efforts in virtue of which stimulus. He atso asks how, if the class, (Blues), met in a hard contes , ::hey produce and augment great for- state is going to decide a man's trade, in Lexington gym yesterday af cer- runes. that trade is to' be selected. He noon. in which the Reds were vie-I "\Vhen wealth is possessed .on a draws a picture of Columbus impress­ torious by the score of 7 to 5. The I great scale, the amount which the ut- ed as a common seaman, of Burns showing of the Blues w; . ,ticuiarlyl most ingenuity could expend on the being forced to stay by his plow and good. considering that," i is their satisfaction of, personal greediness 'is of vain efforts to force Shakespeare first quarter of basketball, comparatively "small: and, in the case to write such a masterpiece as Ham The line-up was as follows: of the men who produce their tens I) l�t_ Blues-s-g. Reds-7. millions. is 'left far behind at aver} Nellie Hodge L. F. .. Nellie Spence -ar ly stage in, their career." Ida Pertstein R. F .... Carlotta Sagar Socialistic Psychology Puerile �Iary Lynch c. .. Eliz. Erickson Just try to pick a millionaire's pock- Grace �lills L. G Villa Smith ,·t if- you think that because he gives (Continued from page r ) �farie Avery R. G 1\Iay Clark away millions to charity he does not _ Substitutes=-Margnrct Sylla, Alice value his money, is the suggestion of- roons will have the victory. But, if iRe;se. Emma Sidcnburg, and Olive iercd by Mr. l\IaIJock. As to the an- Chicago loses to Minnesota, the best Underhill. Referee, Miss Ortmayer. s we r Mr. �[allock says: it can get is a triple tie, if: Wiscoasin . i�ckcepcr, Jessie . Neston. Scorer, - "Because, very rich men will so often defeats the Gophers. If �Iinnesota �Iorence Tyley. Time of halves, 10 1'ive of. their riches to public purposes wins both contests, it gets the pen- minutes, :t may seem to some that they would nant. , 'itilt go on producing, if. instead of, This, however, ignores 'the strong SAYS HAZING IS SYSTEMATIC being given away by them, these team from Purdue, which' has been sums were taken from them by the playing good. but unlucky ball. losing (Continued from page I) -tate, Here we have another erample a game to each of the three leaders. -,-------- - rf the puerility of socialistic psychol- Tomorrow night the Maroon team soundly in the midst of sudden and )gy. If the sums in question were plays a game with' the men who may untoward noises, Not only is he ob- .akcn instead of given,' the produce!' throw the .dice that �i11 determine the tuse to shocks of a physical nature, vould lose the one thing which he 6nal landing-place of the Western but his mental susceptibilities are not nrimarily values in the transaction. Inter-collegiate basketball, champion­ easily aroused. He seems to hav � He would himself lose all share in it, ship. and none of the men are any been fitted out by nature with intel- r t would cease to be an expression of 00 optimistic about the result. lectual oilskins. Rough abuse, pun- himself. Let anyone who thinks that \\"ith the single exception of "Long gent sarcasm. ar�' turned off like :lr- )ecanse a man is willing to give mon- John" Schommer, none of the men roWs from the hide of a rhinoce:-o"" :y away. he necessarily sets no valu,. are in the best of shape for the c;lose :Inll only a smile-�reets the thrower )n being recpgnized as the rightful e,f the season. Captain H��ght,on and of th .... dart.·" )Ossessor of. it. ask hiensclf if, because Georgen both injured their ankles .\1 r, Drew !Jlrojvs a bouquet to the u,' is willing to gi\'e a dollar 'to a poor ,gain in \Vednesday's game: Henry Aml.:'rican worknlan. In describi:1'; 11;111 in the street. he would be equ�l- has a bad wrist and knee; Buhlig has him hI.:' savs: ";fhc average Ameri'::"l 'y willing that the stranger should several badiy skinned joint�. "But, �'o�kl1;';;n'- for, self-r�straint. f�r co·:r- ;teal it ont of his coat ·pocket." .vhat is worth more on the plus side tes'·. i:lr excee&s' hi� compeer :!1 l!l..' Co-operation Tortoise-like than injuries are on the minus side, Old \Vorld, 'Again. an Amcril"tn In dismissing the co-operative the men are going into- the game with crowd aho exhibits the S;lm(' I:i;!h ,chemes now in existence which savor:t full rcalization of what it means. QU;IIi: il's of order and sclf-rcsti.,:·IC" ,omc\\'hat of sociali�tic principles. :\[r. :>nd of the possibilities of a hard \[aJ1ock' said: tussle." is the way Dr. Raycroft sum- APPROVAL OF TRACTION "It shows besides capitalism as a med up the situati6n. "To the very ORDINANCES NEC�ARY ortise shows besides a towering oak. end of the \Visconsin game '{he men � n Great Rritain. for examp·e. an the fought hard. �nd they will" do . tlte )rotiuctive buines5es which are cO- �amC' in' this contest.'" ')rl(,'�ati\'e in any socialistic or scmi- '('Jciali�tic sense. might be suddenly ·xtinguished to-day without any ap­ 'rcci;lhle effect on the national wel- :HICAGO HAS·BEST CHANCE FOR BASKETBALL HONORS T :an e. gs. lSi To Morgan Park Alumni The following appeal to alumni oi :\Iorg:m Park Academy, has been is­ sued by S. Edwin Earle. bus;ness in:lnager of The Academy News: "The trustees of the University of Chicago ha,-e :tnnounced that this will be the last year of the existence of the ae Idemy. Owing to this action. The Academy Xews will be deprived of considerable income. The manage­ ment wishes to finish the year out of debt. but owing to this loss of income. it fears that it will be unable to do SIl, Thcfore. it appeals to the alumni of the academy to help it out. If the �Iumni wilt subscribe fifty cents no .... for the last qnarter and receive in ad­ dition the remaining three issues of this qnarter. it can finish the year I out of debt," 2C (Coutinucd from par;:� 1) i. l "Til, responsihility ior the present dcpl., :Ihle condition is yonrs. for you elcctt 1 to o fri Cl' the men who passed 1 :;: re a� a whole. If a similar fate over- the l .. forious Allen hill through t le ,. , . . . '.1 ,'II ; lo""or'ou" or- ('ok c:ipltahsttc productIOn. the entIre Icg1� . t t1r ... ·.anc e'l"a ) ma c '. . . d' I I 1 '111C'll .\n<1II1;,tlon \\'011111. tn a very few days. be lOall·'t·S t 1roug 1 t \(' cOl " ••• - \\'hat 1� morc :"crions. throl1t:h your ... tar\'m�, . . . '. .' Slaves Made By Soaabsm ap:lth, or worse. thl's(' \'Cry men \\ t: rl: I , • 'f . I . I't (fI'C' '-0111 Thc sla\'('s who hmlt the walls of it t('n', 'In s retllrnl'l 0 0 l, 1 I, 1 11" B;tI,,'loll. -hos(' who con:"tructecl the Canl1f.: I o( gc t 1e lame, . - , , 'I I" hI' I '11 ·(1 \'11 clc.-- !',gypt!;1Il pyramIds of Egypt and .\ r 'J'" ('r t len ('Xi> aJ t: " 'I' "10�� who pickccl cotton in fhe South tat! hf 'W the propo�e(1 tractlOll on 1- •• r. I t ' tl I·t\· Illtimatc 1rc fair l·x:amplt·:" of the conchtlOn of \anct" WOII ( gl\"c 1(' C • ' municipal ownership. if it wanted it. 'ahorer ... I:ndc;" a !'ocialistic system, ac- but ill any case. atie(luatc service, He cnnlinJ,: !o :\Ir. :!\f:tJIock. He had the de('larl'd the right� of the city amply follo\\'in� to S:lY as to this: "On fhe contrary, itS T said before, ,. • LI SOl fc g'll :1 rd�d. ______ !hi� mc'llOd of :ooocialism is one which Thl' Dames Cluh will mct tomnrrow "";'s practiccel �n the cartiest civiliza- f T' ::ons known to ns. and was in prac- .a.ternnon at :2 :30 o'dock at .exJO�ton Hall tical operation for thousands upon Spring �Iowers in Blosso� VISIT THE GREENHOUSES NOW Phones: H. P. IS-H. P. 69S1 A. }\,fcADAlWS S3d Street and Klmbark AVEnue ILLINOIS WAREHOUSE and STORAGE CoflPANY Phone Hyde Park 571. Kimbark Av. aPifty-Sizth St. The Cleanest and Best KePt Storace Warehouse in the City Furniture and Pianos Moved, Stored, Packed and Shipped to all parts of the world. 300 Private Stor­ age Rooms. Large Parlor Exclusively for Pianos. Rooms for trunks and Wheels. Large Room for Carriages, Buggies and Sieighs. TRUNKS TO AND FROM ALL DEPOTS, Local Transfers for Baggage, Furnit ure, Packages, etc., at short notice. Special Attention Given to Univers ity Orders, UNIVERSITY PHARMACY �(,o E, 55th Street, Small ad!' hr:ng large ret�rns in o,.r"N P �. R. B n '" , rop. The Daily Marnon. --- ------------- .. Conklin's :g-·Pen " , u, ' For busy people, No bother. ' Fills itself. Cleans itself. No dropper, , , Nothingtotakeapart. Nothing to spill. A dip in ink, a touch of thumb ,to nickel cres­ cent and, the pen is full, ready to write. AU &be beat deaJera eTer7- �� CoDkllD Pen or am .a1lPl7 .ttr you tnat. 'Ilpbn ba� IL ,c..-. DO more t.)MUl oe.- ����= . fwoaa .b(l'Itll III � r� hmlalled free apoa AD,.1D&ke or 1Ity1& of oaD­ &aiD pm repaInd praDJII&17. Tal! �"KLlII PElI c.. IIUIS � &.., or....._ ........ c..lJIa ........ ';' .. _,--- ----- ------- l-nunes: Offic<". H.P 1788. Resideuce, H.P. g6[� !!Dr. jub a �tktt D)t. Ralp� a f,latltt DE�'TIS"'S )2.49 Kimbark Av�. Hours 0-12. Cor. 63rd 5t I :JO-5. -- --- --- -" - .- ------ WHER8 do you lIe�,youl' , . Ne�.paper •• P.rlocUcal. aDd St.flODOI7 • At NORTOWS Ph01le U6 H"de Park. Pre.: Delivery :US 5itb Street AN AD� IN THE DAILY MAROON IS AS GOOD AN INVESTMENT AS YOU CAN MAKE. HAVE YOU INVESTED? Bf SURf You are Correctlv Dressed It will make you feel brighter and better and convey the im­ pression that -your brains are paying div­ idends. The World Likes Prosperous People OUr Suring Styles 'Are Now Ready A. N. JERREMS. Manager. Tailor for Young Men. Either store 13l 13 Salle Street, and " Jackson Blvd OUR SPRING STOCK'IS READY A large selection of Spring Overcoatings at . . tempting pnces. 200 styles of Fancy Vestings. PRICES Suit to order Overcoats to order Fancy Vests $20 to $50 20to 50 sto IS WILLIAM .lERREMS· SONS. \,;lark and Ac:bms Su, PATRONIZE THI . g'j\e 9{oot �tu��h� KI1IBALI. BALL 243 Waba.·b. Ave. Original Ideas anll ExC:usi\'C Styl�in PHOTOGRAPHS 8peclal,R.:t''"S t, 1J�� C. �tu4.Dt. An ad, in The Daily :\Iaroon is :1 , good investment. Ha\'e you tried it? TO EUlllNATE DIVORCE LAWS "POOR CHILDREN FAR I SOCIAL WORKERS TO BE I HAPPIER THAN RICH" AWARDED PRIZE OF Ssao Miss Holmes of Bureau of Charities, CoUegiate Alumnae Co-operate With Tcills Women of Work Among College Settl�ment Association to L-ower Classes. Encourage Slum Research; "The children of the poor arc the --- happiest children ill the world." In A fellowship of five hundred dol- these words Miss R. B. Holmes, sec- lars is offered by the Association of retary of the Chicago Bureau of Collegiate Alumnae, together with the Charities, spoke 011 the "Children of College Settlement Association, for the Poor" before: the Woman's Un- the year 1907-8 for work in social in­ Ion in Lexington Hall yesterday af- vestigation. This fellowship is open; te: noon. to graduates of all the colleges which: Miss Holmes told of the work of belong to the Association. The Uni-I the bureau among the poor, especial- versity is a member. Iy of the sunlnler outing� whkh she In ord�r that the Comnlhtee on �--------------------,��-.-��-----���il said did for these poor wretched little Awards may be able to judge wheth- TO' MASOSCrs�OL ad,d ton submits the plan because, he de- bl' f � ones what nothing else could do. She er the candidates arc capa e 0 sUC:- ORCHJt:...STRA dares, laws today are unsatisfactory, said that there is a wonderful amount ccssfully carrying on social research. and unjust, holding that no legisla- . 'd I . d of satisfaction in the work, an all appliants arc require to lion can ever be adequate. fri d S h d k th urged each woman to mao ke a rren I. tate '.v at aca e.mlc wor . ey "Would not," he asks, "the best d I and companion of some httle luckless have done In economics an SOCIO- method of dealing with all question child. logy. what positions they have held. of divorce and �e:mar�age to intrust Miss Holmes classified the poor and what volunteer social work they them to the deCISIOn or a court com- ; children into: bad children, that is. have dorie : posed of men-or of men and women the very worst, "')'0. however, all 2. Send copies of any papers they -of the highest morality and wisdom' have some good in them; those who may have written on social subjects. and empowered to decide all cases have some care and attention from whether or not in connection with brought before it, guided not by a their parents; and those of the "re- their college course; statute of defining what should be spectable poor." �Iiss Holmes said J. State the line of investigation lcga l grounds for divorce, but by that it is those who have loving and they have in mind. and why they arc th .. ir own moral sense and insight d b I f II I . d .... unselfish mothers. but who have no attracte y me e ows up : an into the rudiments of each case?" f G· h d dd f means. whose ambitions for better Ii e -to ivc t e names an a resses 0 Dr. Burton decides that if such a ;;l'Id better clothes lead them to the persons who know about their quali- court is not possible in this country, vicious dance halls. Last summer the fications. f it I·S because the tide of intelligence . Th .. t f tl . . . bureau sent 13,000 women and chil- e recrpien 0 ie prize IS ex- and morality has not risen high dren into the country for periods of peered to live a year in a settlernenr.. enough. "Meantime," he concludes, from two to three weeks. 'where conditions may be studied at I "our great duty is education, especial- close range. At the end of the allot- � of the youn& through the inc�c� HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS HAVE �d period the young woman mu� ����������-,��������������������� tion of the principle that marriage i:. SECOND CONTEST TONIGHT 'submit a paper which will contribute properly indissoluble and altruistic something to the present knowledge love its ruling principle and safe- ,Wendell Phillips and University High of social conditions. guard." Are Favorites-Opening Prelimi- Applications for the fellowship must Dr. Burton's statement is contained nary on Card be in before May I. They should be in an article that makes an exhaustive sent to Miss Katherine B. Davis. Bed. study of the attitude of Jesus toward The second preliminary for high ford. New York. Miss Davis is the divorce. Dr. Burton finds the follow- schools is on the Bartlett gymnasium �College Settlement Association rep­ ing to be some of the �ore obvious boards for tonight. Though five resentative on the committee which and .irnportant implications of this schools arc entered, the contest is has supervis'on of the researches. reaching ; conceded to be a dual affair between l -' .:. . A marriage should not be entered '�/endell Phillips and U;liversity PAYS WORTHY TRIBUTE into with the thought that the bond High. The other there teams from TO DEAN E. B. 'HULBERT may be severed if disagreeable, for Calumet, Lake and Curtis arc dark ruptured marriage is a crime against horses. and not considered strong. nature and love. The University High squad is th .. , Husband and wife each work for b�st that has ever been developed at peace and harmony in marriage, as a tn,'lt institution, while Wendell Phil­ solemn' obligation. , lips is materially weaker than 'Iast No specific wrong can be named as year when it captured the champion- is contained in the March number cf exceeding the limits of forbearance or ship. "The Biblical \\:" orld," of which he forgiveness. Love endureth at! The feature of the meet will be the things. Adultery is not per se an un- fight between Reilly of Wendell pardonable sin, or reason for divorce. Phillips and Wampler of, University If after the exercise of all possible High in the sprints. forbearance on both sides, it is evi- I n connection with this meet. the dent that a continuance of the rela- first preliminary of the Inter-Frater­ tionship will affect the well-being. of nity relay championship will he run those concerned, then the separation off. This event is expected to draw is necessary. Each case demands a strong University contingent. Of conscientious study. the competing- fraternities. one-half friends hy his unfailin.r humor and In the question of a second mat- will he eligible for the second pre- his indominitahle cour igc. His dee-p- riage after divorce the well-being of lirninary, which is .to be pulled off those concerned is' the supreme con- next week. I � " ? j l Dr. E. D. Barton, in Article in "Bib­ lical World" Advocates Establiah­ ment of An Impartial Court of Men and Women to Decide Cases. The elimination of divorceIaws and the building up of a court to hear both sides of 'the question aId judge between man and woman gtrided by moral insight, instead of statutesv. !» �uggested by Professor Ernest D. Hurto�l of the University in his sec­ ond article on "The Biblical Teach­ ing Concerning Divorce," in The Brbl ical World for March. Dr. Bur- I � • I , ! I i I I � ; 1 . I I, : r ; e » \ "The Bibica! World" Praises the Many Noble QuaJiti" of the Late :Qjvinity School Head. I_' , ' ;.4 A tribute to Dean Eri ti. Hulbert : : was one of the editors du-irur his life­ time. Concerning the late Dean of the Divinity School. the j'>1J-w,1 says : "Dr. Hulbert was a sincere and ·.Ie- ., i vout Christian. an able oreacher and successful pastor, a diliqent student, and enthusiastic teacher. an emc:\.·n� executive. a faithful and hdo\ cd friend. He endeared h;mself to nis sideration. est interest was in men and in i he institutions that make fer th,� welfare ,f men. Though master of an ;dmirahl� �tyle. he wrote little for l uh'i.�.lti:)1l. Possessing' untlsnal abilit.v 'n r )lBif'lg !nterest in his subject 0'1 thoe p:lrt of hi� st.udents. he prefcrrf'd lIlt' ·:la5'5- room �o .the. printed P?tK � ;IS thl! me clium o� J1i:; influence ..• );1 h:; :.:en�ra­ tion. Hi� death wilt 0-: 1I10urn(:,d anj J,is memory cherish,�(! by th� !-tu­ dents and colleagu*:;; in th� UJ11\'U­ "itl' of Chicago and by a large circle of those who in formt'r (!ay� h;,,·\.' � .. t under his instmction as pastor .Jr dc·L..-ts that the Bibli- "CONFERENCE INELIGIBLES'" , Dr. Burton uu\.; SWAMP WHEATON TEAM cal teachings give no immediate b:lsis for legislation that gives into thl' hands of others than husband and ,wife the decision that mariage shalt continue. He says: "The demand, 0(­ ten made by ecclesiastical assemblies in the llame of Christianity, for � �Iatutt.· which shalt authorize a court to grant di,·orce for adultery only has no Xew Teslament basis: first be­ \.';lU�e there is no sufficient reason that J t.'sus names adultery or any other �pecjfic cause as a ground for divorce: sl'c\uHlIy. he was not formultainJl; rules. which statutes must always he. !lIIt clHlIlci:lting broad elemental prin· cipks. and thirdly. hecause he was not sJleakin� of what the law of the state �hould h(·. hut what the conduct of men should be. and it is by no means to be assumed that the state should endeavor to enforce the pre­ cepts which Jesus addressed to men'� Star Five of University Defeats High School'Lads by Score of 40 to 12 in Fast Game: The "Conference Ineligihles" of the University played a practice basket­ hall g:tme with a hastily gotten to­ gether team from \Vheaton High �chool yesterday afternoon. and won hy tr.e score of 40 to 12. The conte"t was t'xceedingly clean :nd fairly fast, The second half wa� only half length. The �'aroolls won on their good team work ane,l quick thinking. :\Ic­ Keag wa,� the chief point-winnt'r. with nil1(' field haskets to his crdt'it. Page playe.d his " .. nal good game. and all the other men did very well. For the visitors Captain Brooks was !eacher." Patronize Dailv Ma:-n"n a,lver ,is�:!'o ., , . . \ Lost-A ronnd brooch pin, set with one large turquoise and six diamonds. Lost Sunday afternoon on the Cam­ pus or in one of the t':"iversity buildings. Finder please notify The Daily Maroon Office, and communi­ Sabscribe for the Daily Maroon :lnd be in line. cate with owner. � , (; i' I I it conci('nces." E. C. MOORE, FLOR.I$T. 272 East 5Sth Street. Chicago. -----.-----TBLBPH9 .. JIYD" ,.u ,.------:----.,..,..,_ Thinking of Teaching? Our Professional Department supplies teachers and instructors to the leading schools and colleges throughout the COlJ n­ try. 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