ike It VOL. ·V. No. 10. PaJa Two CuTs. �be lDaiI� maroon by the Students of the University of Chicago During Three Quarters of the University Year. Published Five Mornings Each Week CH1CAGO. SATURD:\ Y. OCTOBER 13. 1906. Id'g DIRECTOR STAGB ILL; . lOT OUT TO PRACTICE SPEAKS.ON WOMAN SU.FFRAG� 'WORI OF HIGH GRADE Ilia �enry Tells W�man's Union o! IN PARIS STUDY Success of Movement in Australia And Outlines Important Results Se­ cured Through Voting Right. A lecture on "The Political Status oi Women in Australia," was deliv- Mr. Williamson, Departmental Ex- ered yesterday under the auspices of aminer, and Others, Say Results the Woman's Union, by Miss Henry Are of Great Value. of Australia. The speaker was i�­ troduced by Miss Talbot, who said Um1 the message-of Miss Henry was no w of unusual significance in vie": oi the present activity in favor .,1 women's suffrage in this city. The speaker outlined the general nistory of the woman suffrage mo.v\!­ recut in Australia, and the most Im­ p �rtant pieces of successful legi�ia­ .ron resulting therefrom. According te, �lls� Henry. the movement, start'! I . 11 I':'. '.. • . .J"" c uzunua Gales, ad­ vi.nceu sl�wly out surely in spite ll� I •• I11Y set backs. Until January L (C)'.>O, women werc given the right to � I)�l' for all national officers, and in .,.o_; we, e permitted to vote for all officers, state and national in all states with the exception of Victoria. .(hls carries with it the right to hoid office. With this privilege as an entering "edge, women have pushed their way tc the front, and have caused the enactment of many excellent law-s. Among the! most important results etiected were: I. The Pre-Maternity Acts. 2. Divorce laws which have made it extremely easy for women to ob­ tr in separation from cruel husbands. J. Family maintenance laws. 4. Laws improving conditions of neglected children. 5. Legislation permitting women to practice law. Miss Henry declares the plan .. 0 be on the whole, successful, and hope-I that the women in this country might fare as well. tl c examiner recommended her a� c�pable to teach the French language. "They were there for wo:·k. !';1Il1 ",Ir. Williamson. Th�y spent five or six hours a day in study. They went on sight seeing excursions. hut their studies were their greatest in­ t<!rest. So many go ahroad. see only the sights. and when they get back. declare that they know the langnage. The class accomplished much more than the usual quarter's \,,"ork. The tl·il' was a decided success. :\Iadame DAMES CLUB MEETS TODAY F:-uconnet. at whose school the par. ty stayed. was much surprised at th·: e�,,('elJence of the work of the youn� foreigners and is very anxions th.1t it he continued. Personally T hope The University Dames witl hoM that a simihr cour:-(.' will he off(.'r�:1 their first meeting of the year to· roct year." d;.y at the home of :\Irs. C E. Horn\!. The School of Education Ila" thi .. 5�.� Drexel Ayenue. The Uni\'er�- \HJrk in hand. The uni\'crsity sent ity Dames Club is an organization of :\J r. \Villiamson as a memher of the tht' wives of those students of the Frencl� faculty to make sure that th:: t:niversity who arc married. with th � work performed \vas up to the stan­ two purposes. as announced in thei:- (::1((1 of the U,�i\'Crsity. notices. of social enjoyment and mu· _ h.al help. At the weekly meetingc; Philosophy Col1e�e Elects. topics of interest arc studied and clt :'t a mecting of the :\ren's Phil- Vnnous times receptions are held .tt ')<:oohy Collc�(' ex('cnti\'e committee. the homes of the different member"';. I '1. E. lhk"r \\.:1" cho<:cn chairman. The club is engaged in a campaig, ·\rthnr Allyn. \·i("c-cllairm:lI1. Xor­ t�. get the names of all marri('rl �tll- m,n n:lrk!'r. trca"lIrer. and Harlcy (h'nts at the Unh·ersity. DarlinF:"ton. s('cetary. (Continued to P�ge ... ) rttend 1. Ap. n�)n Coach Suffers From Bncurrence cf Rheumatic Attac:ka and Work Goes on Without Him. I edn�5- ·day. The "Old Man" Watches From Hitchcock Hall-Many Out for Places. t�\ The Old Man had to temporarily give up active coacliiilg 'o, tne" tea� yesterday on accou�t of an �ttack 01 rheumatism.. Whtle coachmg. the team Thursday night he. was seized with his old illness and had to leave the field. Yesterday he watche:l practice from a window in Hitch�oc� Hall. I t is not known how senous the trcuble is, but it is believed that be will be able to walk around with­ ill a few days. Since all reports from Purdue say that the football team there is strong and fast, the coaches are giving ha�J work to the many new men who will wear the maroon this fall. From tl-ree o'clock to six daily the can­ didates practice kicking.. falling on the ball, charging, passing and catch­ ing the ball, going down the field on punts, and signal work. This morn­ ing at nine o'clock the men got out for a couple of hours, and will spend the afternoon at the Cubs- Whit� Sox ball game. Before the practice started there was absolutely no hope of having any kind of a team this year, for only five ··C" men returned. They were Captain Eck�rsall, Parry, Walker, Rassell and Noll. But 'since the .. -first of tM week-·the prospects have brightened considerably, for the "scrubs" have shown that the new style of play suited them, and their work has been good. The most en­ ccuraging feature about the practice has been the snappiness due to the gl eat interest of the men and the sharp contest for places. The fight for positions on the tea:n is so sharp that Captain Eckersall is die only man who is sure where he Men of Philosophy College Will Hear will play. For the back trio there of Progress on Work of �nven- are six candidates, none of whom tion. I:as much advantage over any other. For the halves Steffen, Schott. and Merriam have been used and praised. Iddings and Steffen have had more experience than the other pair and cc.nsequently more of the football in­ sllnct. At full back Finger, Brown, and Rohde are working out, with lit­ tle advantage for anyone. However it lesults. the back field will be strong. Te�plcton is going to make a good t;nderstudy for Eckersall. At the end of the line Walker. Hew­ itt, Schommer and Mefford have been used. Walker has won his "C" in the back field, and is doing good work in his new position. Schom­ Iller is fast 'n going down the field on punts ,and, although he is new at the �me, he is receiving a lot of praise. Mefford and Quigley have done very Wives of University Students Hold consistent work, and Hewitt is draw- First Gathering of Year. in!-= favorable comment. The c1osc- r.ess of the race for positions can be judged by the ends. At tackle Russell and Parry have Gune the best work. with Kelly fa .. : after them. Watson is another man ,,·hom Coach Stagg is watching. The gnards will be chosen from McCar­ thy, Jones. Noll, Parkinson, and Bad ('noch. Noll probably has a call on one position. but no one can pick the other. Harris and Anderson arc running neck and neck for the center 01 the I�ne. When the men face Purdue the �r ay. limited CiER t: 1 llal e Onll Vinner � JR r c«. ,,!3ERT PROFESSOR MERRIAM WILL TELL OF CHARTER . ADI. :udents r, The Men's Philosophy Colle�e executh'e committee has invitecl Pro­ ics50r Merriam, a member of the Chi­ c:.go charter conventi<:>n, to speak 'It the college meeting Tuesday on th(' progress that is being made towal.l a charter for Chicago. Professor Merriam was one of th' f.Ueen men appointed to the con· \'\!ntion by the governor. He is COIl' nected with several important com l�l;ttees as chairman and member Tlie convention met last week to he:lr i cports of committees and hopes to h .. ve a charter ready to present to rf" e legi�iature in January. :RL ·S. open �E ator :AGO • ()IS CLUB Three Members of Miss Ashleman's Class Pass Severe Examinations With Honors. The eight women who accompan­ iad .�1;ss A�lcm:m 'of the School of Education to Paris this summer scored a decided success in their stud­ ies, according to Mr. Williamson, the examiner for the Un ivcr si ty. Xl r. Witliamson characterized the exam­ iI,�tions which were given in the three studies, French· language, literature and history, as "very stiff," and tho! pr-pers written by the three who took the examinations as brilliant . Fred A. Speik, Captain I9(:.t. Who is in Charge of the Freshman Squad and Helps Coach the Varsity. The three young women taking the examination were Misses Barnes, N( wton and Boyd. The success a. Miss Newton was remarkahle for the [;:ct that she had had almost no pre­ vleus training in French. The work; oi Miss Barnes was so excellent that A committee of sixteen women of the Young W omen's Christian League met Thursday evening and made final decisions as to the outline oi work for the coming year. ��ch encouragement was expressed' over tile advantages which will. be given b_., the presence "of ·the -generar·scc� rctary, �\liss Jones, at the University this year, and it was felt that this would enable the officers to accom­ pli sh many things impossible in the past. Xl iss Helen Hendricks, the former president, was elected. The first­ vice-president is Miss Gertrude M.ur- campus, rell; second vice-president. Miss College songs, with Earle Smith �liriam Washburn; treasurer, Miss at the piano and Arthur Bovee lead. Eioise Lockhart; and recording sec- ing, filled in any gaps in the evening's rctary, Miss Harriet Grimm. All of stunts. tile officers elected are well acquaint­ .(;� with the work. Miss Hendricks urged all members of the league to become better acquainted with the ofncers in order that the work could he better carried out. :\!iss Capps and Miss Palmer '1t the head of the Bible study depart­ ment say they expect to see all the new member s enrolled in Bible classes before the end of the quarter. Xew classes will probably have to be formed to admit all the girls who want to take advantage of the ex­ cellent class of work offered. Miss .t\ curse, at the head of the Mission department, spoke to the girls yes­ tel day morning, showing the need of good . mission - work by· ·UPiversity women. The. Inter-Collegiate department under Miss Norton will, under the new order of affairs, keep accurate account of the Association works ili other large colleges and universities and make from time to time reports oi the innovations inaugurated in oth­ er institutions, together with sugges­ tions for Chicago women. 0 �liss Jones, the new secretary, who comes from Syracuse University, b+ing s many new ideas. In an inter­ ,·il. w yesterday she said: "The '. (Jung \Vomen's Christian League 21 tile lJ"niversity has always stood and .1 iways will stand for the moral and slJiritual training of University wo- 1I1en. At the University of Chicago, it has meant also a broadening oi t!lI' social liie of the women, and t;lrough the numerous classes in B;­ tic.. and :\I;ssion study, and talks giv •. en from time to time by noted women h:-.s attained a great education::ll \'�.iue which cannot be over-estim­ ated. "This year another influence is t.) h� brought to bear, which will af­ ·fecl not only the women of the L(·ague, but people far away from th� University. Settlement work is Wltclt 1 mean. \Ve are going to take up in earnest this year and give the wo­ men a chance to show the practical si<:e of their Christianity. That fj�eans that we are going to work, ;!n<i to work hardcr than ever bcfor-:. rvery woman in the Lcague will hav(� ;: 11 vpportunity to study this work from the best standpoint-the stand­ I (lint of the person who helps it along." Notices. The Southern Club met last night (" ommittee of the Junior College of al1(� elected the following officers: S( ience (:\f en.). C. A. Perry. Max R L. Hopkins, president; E. S. Cox, P-chde. G. W. Cox, L. W. Jenkins. �'ict"-president: Miss Florence Hor­ 'F E. Peterson, J. ]. Schommer. nero secretary: Paul Gal1egher, tr('a4J- :\Jc(·ting of Committee Wednesday. tIIl·1. Messrs. Bales and Wood w�re ()(""toher Ii. 10:.10 A. M .• in Ellis 2. appointed a committee of entenain­ Alexander Smith, Dean. . mt'Dt . MAKE PLANS FOR Y. W. C. Gfficers Elected and Year's Work Outlined In Detail at Recent Meet­ ing-Miss Jones, New Secretary, En thusiastic Over Prospects. L. t BIB SUCCESS SCORED BY SMOKER AT CLUB Sonp� Speeches, Yells� Pie-Batine and Wrestline Matches are Fea­ tures of Program. Small Attempt at Rush FolloW1l Evening's Entertainment-CoUeee Vaudeville �tars Scintillate. Ending .\Vj��.,� _h�tf;.sjzed variety of th�· ·rU�h .�hich was expected to ma- tern.lize, the Reynolds Club smoker passed into history as the best thus far given. The rush was far from ti:e formidable affair expected, a few desultory "scraps" following the ad­ journment of the gathering to the The program, largely impro{ntu as it was, eclipsed anything in the his­ tory of club smokers. Introduced by P�esident Earl D. Hostetter, the per­ fr.rmers presented a vaudeville bill of classic excellence. Resnick and Harris, in a Williams­ Walker-Mcintyre-Heath black face sketch led tli·e procession with songs and clog dances. ·Artie G. Bovee, the indispensable, has learned three more songs, and tl.ese got the reception his songs al­ ways do. 'Jim Hill and George 4w re�ved the Blackfriars and sundry Joke; f'''Com elsewhere:.· weavitlg·- them into a satire ·0'; lOcal" ·Custom�. and char· aeters, 'and were- followed by a trag- eiy in one act, entitled, "Kidnapped in Cob):):' or "Why the Information lVhce Closed," said to have been writ­ l�n (in its present form), by Karl I);xon He, with Bell and two lad­ ies, who declined to be interviewed, w .. re the headliners. S. Lyon, who says he i!ll in the Law School, had some stories and other things to tell, especially stories, ,,·hich were enthusiastically encored. Professor George E. Vincent. was ca Iled on to speak, and after some S.a­ ir:cal comments on the afore mention· ed jokes-and stories-spoke of the traditions I)f the University which were against hazing Freshmen, ba: sugge�ted some psychological substi- tutes. The pie-eating contest, advertised as the feature of the evening devol­ o:.ed strong competition between five fre�hmen, Paull, O'Brien, Weary, Stern and Macomber. In a fighting f.msh, Macomber won from Paull by three seconds in J:04- The winne:� received a box of cigars. 1'he wrestling matches in middle a:1d welter weights brought out goO·1 contestants. Paull won tbre.e straight falls from Resnick, and J c,hnson took the same number from Pomeroy, scoring twice for the fresh­ rr.en. Both victors had a sligh! :>d· v:mtage in weight and experience, but the bouts were: splendidly contested. Captain Walter Eckersall refereerl the rr.atches. The formal program concluded With ,. Alma Mater." Southern Cuh EIu:ts. THE DAILY MAROON. CHICAGO. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 13, t9Q6. mlfe lIaily _arnnn roon, ,My dear sirs: "The notice published by you on October 10, concerning segregation here, has done real harm to the U ni vcrsity and a personal injustice to me. Your perversions of my col- 01 less College Assembly address gave a chance for further "yellow" perversities by the city papers, and through them the University has been widely accused of abandoning entirely the education of men and women to­ gether. "Your editors stated that the University had adopted a policy of complete segregation 'of women 'to the bitter end;' and that I had been se lectcd to announce it to the stu- dents, -Neither statement is true. simply gave what the other deans of Junior College's did on the same cay, the first college meetings of the year, a slight account of the scheme d the small colleges inside the hrge University. This scheme was adopted I:y the University two years ago. In this plan, there is, as an experiment. a limited amount of segreuation !t1 first year classes. Though I am per­ .1' sonally opposed to this separarion ill =- ......... class work, I did not di scus s it hut ga vc my attention to the social and personal side of this splendid ideal. and appealed to my students to Hlp­ f,ort and further .t. I regard this plan si small colleges inside the great Universities for STt.­ dent residences. fo� �h�ir physical ,1I1d social well-being, Lor thr. !-,:.!rieciion vi all the delicak and ess(!ntiaiiy pers"IIal side of Ott. natures, as the .:;olution of the very reGI pro!.>lcm� of college life in largo! institutions and l"pecially in great c;�i.!.5 The.:ot� .:1",,' ne«Jed equally for r.1l!!1 and for -,H:'­ nen. Our Univers:t.· has iuli 01ar1"; for such colleges on the east· and \', ·;;:t of the centl'�i 'f\lad'elll�lr_ Som.. educators among us believ'! U"lt th·: plan invol '.'£. ideally, ace.· ta�1) aITIC'L'nt of Sep;lr;J1 .,-} .. i !i1C sex .. ':; in cJas�es, at leas� for y(,itng Mu­ dtnts. J do not, But nobody 3d­ "ocate", the furth..:,- extensIon ,)i this mores. There are no longer in the Univ­ clsay freshman and sophomore classes. The quarter system as ;n \'0gue here docs· away with the nec­ essIty of explaining the reason, for with new students entering each (luarter the classes cannot be well de­ S�,I. Idl"ial injury. l:lled. Last year the system of de- . [t �',Ims to me t:1al. a loyal Univ- pa.-tml·nt colleges was establIshed for (·r:-:I) institution, :s 'y01l clam) Il iO tll(' men in the first two years, and t'l' �'h()lIld do all l>o.'·.lhJ"! '.()rn�l"! it uny satisfactory and well defined it� error. nvalry is to be established it should be between the colle£"es. Barring, then, for the moment, the advisabil­ ity of such displays as rushes, wear­ ill� green caps, etc., it might be well to note ior the enlightenment of the I'f(,moters of this "c1ass spirit," that . Maroon atll'mpts havc been made to arOUSe l'ypewriters this spark of class enthusiasm before . f . Returned. Ol! 110 III requent occaSIons, and a:l bve fizzled out for the simple re3- �nn thclt there arc no freshman and suphomore ciasses in the University. 011 tile otller hand, all attempts t) CI"\';-.tc enthusiasm betwcen the Junior c(;iiegc:' has met with marked su,� C\·SS, j 1 is in this line, then, that tile dtervesencc of the junior college OIell should be directed. �ll1ch has already been said, in a previotl:' editorial. concerning th� for· Illation of traditions at Chicag.). I. j;, sutlicicn! to say here that any 1110\'C 011 the part oi the Junior College men to :.t:1rt allY r()wdyism in the fO.·ill ('1 laction.ll or class rivalry as trad­ itlOn, will be met by emphatic dis­ approval hy thc majority of the stu­ ('I'n!:, ill tllc Univcrsity, who arc try­ ing to build up for Chicago tradi- '.If ns that will bc uni'jue as well as Or �(Ill1e cOII�eqtlcnce in th(' history of their �\Ima :\Iater. Think it ove:. The D:1ily �I.lroon publishes. with­ �ut commel1! �t till; tll:I(. the follcw­ ing c..JHlmnr.ka.i\ll1 from Dean MacClin­ WILL BE WORN LONGER THIS tock. In so far as SEASON THAN OTHERS-THAT the editors_ feci that IS, l'HAN OTHER GLOVES. they are re�ponsible for any harm to the University or in-1 UIlk1al �tndeut Pubttcattou ot thl' UDlver· slty ot Chlcago. Former1!, The (;uh'ert;lty ot ChIcago Weekly. Founded 'nu' Wl'ekly. October I, 1902. Contributions are requested. Eutered us Sl'Coud·Class llall at the Chl­ cago Pcstotllce. Dally Subscriptions. $3.00 per year : $1.00 for � months. suusf:rivtlullS received at the llal'oou Ot· Ike. El11s a venue. or lett In the llarooD box, lhe Fn';u!ty I':);chuu�e. Cohb l1all. orderN 101' dl'livery ot the l)ally �larooD. ett ln-r l'f·slc.lefH:e or place ot buslness. may lit' made hy JlIlstal curd, 01' through tele­ phone, Hyde l'uI'l: 4:.!U. Anv Irregularity In dclinl-Y should be Immediately reported to the otlice ot publlcatton. Wm, A. Mc Dermid, Managing Editor. R Eddy Mathews, News E(t"tor. 1 Luther ·D.· Fernald, Athletic Sjitor> Gco. E. Fuller, Business Manager. Printed by the Maroon Prc ss. 474 E. 55th Street. Tel. H. P. 2050. SATURDA Y. OCTOBER 13, 1906. EDITORIALS A word as a reminder and suggcs­ t.on to unknowing or forgetful fresh­ men, and to the older Inter Class over enthusiastic sec- ond year men might be opportune at this time, in view of the Clirrent discusslOll about green caps ;1I1d ciass rushes. The men just en­ tu:ng- the University are as yet un­ acquainted with the customs and building traditions. The men wh..> l..lve been here a year, two quarters, or even one quarter should have be­ comt= well enough acquainted with the Chicago spirit to know that elt Chicago rowdyism do.!s not consti­ tlltc tradition. For convenience the Il!en to whom this word is addressed will be called freshmen and sopho- Spirit. I • 1 i· I, Dean M'acClintock Explains. i I IU justice to Mr!' MacClintock don� by 1.H; story which appeared, they wish t ... · make any possible reparation .. "To the Editors of the Daily Ma- ·el-aratll fl" which ·:urc,· s only a SIll:1 i i I art of the stude:lt body. To all­ ru.unce therefore, that the U"i,"ersitv has a[':lfldoned its c.;r.ginal p�,iJCy or ["e!luine co-educat:). i� to do it a Y our� truly, W. D. l\IacClintock." The Daily Maroon editors and busi- ness managers wish to express their appreciation of the r('­ turn of the two type­ writers that disap­ peared from the office in Ellis Hall last Au- bl!�t. A suggestion, however, is of­ ft:: ed that next time the machines he keJ�t under cover, anll 1I0t .left on th� gI. ss in front of the building early 0.1 a damp morning. Nothwith­ st�nding the poor condition of the typewriters the editors arc grateful for their return. I f the party who appropriated the roll top desk would return that, he would he assured equivalent appreciation. ""yro-'l'onogr;lm Portraits" arc the latest thmg . :\rARTY?\'S MAROON STuDIO 5iO.� Cottage Glove Ave. FOWNES GLOVES Ten times more ministers than act- O":; arc ill the penitentiaries of the Charges of illegal voting at athlet­ ;:1l111lt. y. according to a statement ic elections of Syracuse University made by Kyrle Bellew, an actor befove have added to the agitation \yhich a meeting in the Fine Arts Building the woman's suffrage question has held under the auspices of the Act- ;: roused. The accusation has be -n ors: Church Alliance. Many Univ- made that "repeaters" from the medi­ er1>ity people we .. e present, having ac; cal school voted. No proof of frau:.l cc pted the invitation given by the 0.-- has been adduced and as a conse­ ganization which was in charge .If quenc- neither a recouct nor a new t l.e meeting. . election have been ordered, much t» "The general impression which the disgust of the party whose can­ seems to exist to the effect that 'act- didatcs were defeated. ors and actresses as a class are im- Between the charges of fraud an. I moral is untrue," continued Mr. Bel- rue question of woman's suffrage, the lew, "The constant traveling on athletic association of the university Sundays and the Sunday performances is in a sadly disorganized state. as well as the terrific strain of the Denison University is following th e I est of the week of course make lc ad of Sy racuse in respect to the ab­ church attendance on the part 'Jf olition of the privilege of women vot­ nernlx-rs of my profession somewhat int? in athletic elections. The pre­ iI regular, but as far as more serious vailing opinion among the men at irr egulur ities are concerned they do least there seems to be that the un­ not exist. The actor or actress of certainity of athletic elections is due couse craves some substitute for the in no small measure to the feminine heme life which is necessarily lack- exercise of the franchise. Accord­ ing, and 011 that, account may be ingly a movement is on foot to force somewhat more likely to do things tln- women to cease from voting at which. to an outsider, appear of ali elections save for class officers. questionable expediency." If the complaint of the anti-feminine Mr. Bellew then traced the history c gitators is answered by the rest of of his profession down from the times the University, and women are ex­ of the miracle play and showed the el-ided from such elections, the re­ status of actors in each succeeding snit will be the athletic condition of age and their relation to the general the school will doubtless be consid­ character of their period. The title erably changed. Denison has alway') 01 the lecture was "Church and PUl out a baseball team which was Stage." �ood, but her rel;a�ive excellence in other spots has always been a mat- MICHIGAN PLANS TO tCI' of more Question . GIVE MUSICAL COMEDY "MORE ERRING MINISTERS THAN ACTORS," BELLEW P-ctor Defends Profession From Charges of Immorality Before Students and Others. First Attempt of Kind at Ann Arbor Will Be Made by Michigan Union_ Michigan will probably give a comi� cpera this winter_ The occasion for the presentation of the opera will bo! the M,ichigan Union entertainment. 1 his will be the first time that sucit ;In attempt has been made by the Ann Arbor school. Tentative work is already under \ 'ay on a production which will u:: local in its setting and attempt to i. �ve a number of song hits on local college celebrities. According to th;! p:-escnt scheme, a professional will be Jllred to drill the chorus. The ques­ tion of a suitable hall is the one wh:ch s giving those in charge of thc sr-!teme the most trouble. The regu­ I�r university buildings are thought �:lsuitable and the local theaters are rwt much better. Nevertheless, ihe work is going ahead under the charg'! of Charles R. Moore. The opera will probably be pro­ cuced some time between Thanskgi\-­ i:;g and Christmas. It is possible that �hC' date will be postponed until Feb­ l:.:ary and March when college activ- iLes ar� usually dullest. . LR. WILLIAMS STARTS GOPHER SECRET WORK Dunn Still in Current's PIace-lIuc!t Worry in Reprd to Conditions­ -.:'eam is Snappy. SIl:lPPY work characterized the "ork of the Gophers yesterday afte:'­ noon at Northrup Field. Dr. Wi 1- J:"ms harred the gates and several I�ew trick plays were worked out lPuch to his satisfaction. Captain Current was again absent ttlt his place was taken by Dunn. Some tlllccrtaillity concerning the fin. :d make tip of the team seems t.) exist. as some of the men have con­ (Hions )"('t to be worked off. There ;arc slIre to be some additional fail­ ures in examinations, so that som\' OJ· the material which is now availabl'! m:ly be thrown into the athletic junk 11(':lp hy the operation of the dreaded ('iigihility rules. From now on tb� st ress of the work of Coach Wil­ liams :lncl his assistants will he to. w;mi increasing the speed of the team. . • Wool Soap is a white, floatiq, toilet an� bath soap. Absolutely pure. Towels washed with Wool Soap are left deaD,' sweet smelling-and soft. Try Wool Soap in YOUR home. Get a cake fII your dealer. Swift • Company, u. S. A­ Makers of SwiA'. PRIDE Soap aDd WaahUIc Powdir A1HLETIC BOARD FINDS MORE WOE AT SYRACUSE Cnarges of Repeating Add Complica­ tions to Women's Suffrage Ques­ tion_-Denison Follows Syra . cuse Example. Dean Thompson has changed his office hours from 11:00 to 12:00 A.' �L, to 1:00 to 11:00 A. M. ( MOSSLER"'S The smut Col­ lege Chaps are snapping up our "snappiest" style .. .• Imost as fast as oNe can get them in. :\.nothl'r big batch .)f "swag­ ger" college pat­ terns .iust arrive.l.· Hardly any .. w) sLyl!:; alike, so you are sure of "exclusive­ ness" and individuality. Suits at $18 to $40. Overcoats $20 to $55. 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Bound III paper, 16010., and jmblished in Tilc University of Michi .. all is con- �llal(llU�'s . Athletic Library. New e � ork : American Sports Publishing siuering the ad visability of opening I Lompauy, .21 Warren Street. H) the reading reference departments of eenes; . the libraries 011 Sundays. Although 111 publishing his review of tile tl.e authorties have not yet definitely l;'mpic games, of 190(> at Athens, limes C. Sullivan., the American rep- made lip their 'mind to brave the !. -sentanve appointed by President storm of religious protest which wrll cosevelt as the Commissioner of this invariably ensue should the librarie .. stion to th.e revival of the g'rand (.(., open on the first day of the week, elrernc festival, has produced a work,.. . • "t stands un, ivalcd in interest, and It IS considered very probable that i the utmost- value-us a book of ref- t lu y will do so. The proposed innova­ DCC and record, and the most im- lion is for the particular benefit (I. rtant volume that has been pr-e- the students in the vmcdical and other -nted to the sport lovers for a long eriod. The work is deserving of a ortfl-,sting form than that in which llIldS' Its way before the American blic. Bound in paper and printed .cs ne of' the series of text books and ords issued as Spalding's Athletic ib ary, its durability will - certainly . taxed far beyond .its strength. It a book which may be read for the terest that its story holds. studied r the information it contains. and Ierred to again 'and again when estions arise as they do concerning cords achieved and surpassed ill Hetics from day to day. Mr. Su'I·- RUMORS SAY ILLINOIS n has dedicated the work to Presi- nt Roosevelt. to whose interest ill TEAM IS IN BAD SHAPE e games and to whose services as n "idem of the American Committee Captain Carrithers Injured and Out e sending of ad ''Amel ican team 1-:- of the Game for Some Time-Wa- thens was largely- due. '" bash Contest Will be Close. It is difficult to give in a Iimitcd ce an adequate idea of the com- ss of the volume. It presents the Illinois is in bad shape. Captain story of the Olympic games of 19Q6 Carrithers was injured for the second orr their inception 10 their -comple- time yesterday. While he was run- 0, and follows the. progress of :.he merican team of :i"thletes 'that won r-ing down Illinois field, he wrenciicu ell phenomenal victories at Athens his knee. The injury will put him out om its moment of embarkation. oi the Wabash 'game today. but the rough its glorious series of success- tt ainers say that he will be abJe .-, and its triumphant laudation. to the oment of its arrival home in Amei i- Le back again in his position by the It -pictures the wonderful scene. time of the· contest with Michigan esented by the classic structure t!rec-,' " The game with Wabash this af, d in honor of the Hellenic contests tcrnoon promises to be closclv COli cl the inspiriting sentiment' roused J . the carnival in the Grecian popu- t(.t:-;tcd. Wabash is in excellent shape ce in a waythat brings the spectacie and has a heavy, fast team while 1I1i­ vidly before the mind, and relates nois has been weakened by a series' e incidc:nts �f cpntes!s, the e�bing vf misfortunes culminating in the in- d flowing tide of victory, With a . ..... rill that swells ,.tlle .. , veins � of che Jury to her_.cap�.�m:. In. t�c:. final Iinc erican who is fotlowing the show- up for the game With the Hoosiers � of his representatives abroad' in i· is probable that Green will be kept mpetition .with �he. athletic .elite of �t center, Van Hook and Wyatt .1: e world With a Justifiable pnde .. � 11 d Movnih . record of the results attained it is !_"uar s� 1 oyrn an and Burroughs at thorough: a's' it is authentic. and in I ackles, . and Tarnowski and Ovitz or pictorial review of events it com- l 'urrows at ends. etes the record perfectly. There. are. autograph photogranns YOST LEAVES FOR EAST dozens of celebrities who officiated the games or whose assistance TO WATCH PENN PLAY ndercd them possible; there are pic- res of incidents of the contests E.:..onects to Get Pointers for Great emselves that tell more than words .r- o tell of their intensity and close- Inter-sectional Contest-Holds 55, and there are views of the Stad- Secret Practice. , and the populace watching the rts that give some conception . f e greatness of the crowd and its thusiasm which mere figures fail convey. I,. short, from its fir<;t ,rd to its last it carries a message interest to e\'ery lover of athletics d to every patriotic citizen to who.5e eek the victories of the Americans read brought .. glO\v of pridl.".- against Michigan in the game in No- w York Times, ·Aug. 4. 1906. "t·mber. ) professional schools who receive Slant opportunity to use the reading­ �o(.ms throughout the week. Mucu opposition has had' to be overcome even in the faculty itself. Out sid« among the people of the state, it :5 considered likely that a general storm 0: opposition will have to be mer before the proposed change can be made. Student opinion, however, 'S much in favor of the new scheme. Coach Yost has left for Philadcl- rJ!ia where he will watch the Swarth­ Il:ore-Pennsylvania game today. He Lc1ic\'es that the line lip and tactics u�('d by Pennsylvania this afternoon will be about the same as tho.5e used Before his departure for Pl'nnsyl­ ":lnia, Yost held the first secret prac­ tl(.e of the year. A squad of fifty lI1�n. the largest of the season, was out. The regulars were put through a fast signal drill while two scrui) kams were lined up for a scrimmage. No scrimmage will be allowed t"1c regulars before today. RKISH &: RUSSIAN BATHS. Open Day and Night. BARBER SHOP. Hotel � 161 Dearborn St. " Joint Reception Tonight. The big meeting of the Y. �I. C A. and Y. W. C. L. is to b·� hdd to night. �Icn and women o! t(. th the faculty and the students ar·' illvited. :\ crowel of fin' or �ix h�1l1 <1;(.(1 is expectcd. The affair will h:­ illlormal, with sen'ral memher,; ,i th(' faculty and their wi\'c� a� �UCSl� of honor present, UTOMOBILES ST SELL IMMEDIATELY :\ 45 H. P. Pope Toledo and a last year's p�,kard. - Both in Excellent Condition. Gorham Thurber 57U Monroe Ave. B.ORDEN'S denHd Milk, Fluid Milk, Cream and Buttermilk. . Au. BOTTI.ED IN THE COCSTRY. Borden's Condensed Milk Co. 3Z7-j29 E. Forty-seventh St. CARSON PIRIE SCOTT &Co. STATE AND MADISON STR.EETS Men's Suits and Overcoats We emphatically renew our oft repeated assertion that "Best to Buy" clothing well deserves the careful consideration of men who from force of habit, are pay­ ing much higher pricesformade­ to-measure clothes. 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T. �oll. L G. Anderson or Harris, C. �!l'Carthy 0; JOIlCS, R. G. Parry. R. T. �!djonl or Hewitt, R. E. Eckcrsall. Templeton or Barker, Q. B. IJding-s or �lcrriam, L. H. B. Fmger, F. B. s« ffen, R. H. B. U\�DIANA PROSPECTS SEEM TOO MANY Coach "Jimmy" Sheldon is Discour­ aged Over Lack of Enthusiasm in Hoosier Candidates-Heav:/ Team Finds New Plays Hard. Coach "Jimmy" Sheldon, famous as quart er back of University of Chicago football teams, and now coach of .In­ diana Univcr sity, is discouraged at I:'ae work of the team he is training. lIc says that the team lacks spirit and unless their mettle improves before �)Il' big games, the result looks dark. "Jimmy" gave the men a heart-to­ III ar t talk after the practice last night, tr-lling them that unless they show. mere spirit then defeat will be cer tr.in. The size and weight of the Indiana u-arn. their greatest source of strength l •• �t season, seems likely to prove their undoing this year. In attempt­ ing" forward passes and other of the l..t cr niceties of reformed football, Sheldon's men have manifested the rvost discouraging desire to throw the ball anywhere but where it shoul i go. The old line smashing plays and dose formations which make Indiana such a terror to the small colleges of the middle west are now of course useless. Notwithstanding all his trouble, Coach Sheldon hopes yet to put O'lt :"\ creditable team if he is able +0 nrousc their enthusiasm. The Ope'Dbl of the Season TAILOR FOR YOUNG MEN TWO STORKS L31 U SlJ.He Str�et'.zId 44 JacJr60D Blvd. h.THLETIC SITUATION AT WISCONSIN IMPROVING Cross Country Club Begins Season­ Football Team Speeds Up.­ Lawrence Game Today. NEW AND IBCOND-HAND at Lowes� priCeS HlI!W'I __ 415 E. 57tn street. Start School Right CLOTIiES AN INDEX TO CHARACTER. . COLLEGIANS NOTEDLY GOOD DRESSERS. U. of C. MEN LEAD THE WEST WHEN WEARING College Corner Clothes MADE TO ORDER BY Carver & Wilkie COLLEGE CLOTHES, TAILORS. IS5-ISP Dearborn St. The cross country club, of the University of Wisconsin has begun ·,ork. Fourteen candidates arc al­ ready in the field and the outlook considered good. Soukoup. a new man of the Vars­ ity football team. has done some goo� work in the practices of the last few (!;:ys. Clark and Frank were also ';j)('edier than they have been. The football outlook, while still i:lr from bright is mucft less dark than it was last week: The kicking nowcrs of the back field are much !wl tcr. Considering the disappoint­ ments of the past few weeks, the team which meets Lawrence today will be stronger than there was reason to ex­ r ect a few days ago. A. IIcADAMS The UDiYeni� FLORIST GREENHOUSES � Cor. Sld and Kimbark Ave. Cbicqo Telephones Hyde Park 18 and Hyde· Park 6957. $35.00 to $45.00. 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