I The Daily Maro .. ., tM 8ta4ata of tile VDlnnlty of aicacO Da&'baI Uar"� If tM VaiftaltJ�_ VOL. IV. No. 103 CHICAGO. FRIDAY. MARCH <J. l�. IBI MEMOaul UBRlRY DRAWINGS ARE COMPLETED Will be Built on North SIde .f IrIidway, Between EWa and Lexingtoll Anguea BaiId1ac to be Well Bqutppe4-Rea41D, Room Will AccommocJat. 1,000 Stu­ d.ab -SUwtW'O �r.proof The plans of the proposed Har­ per l\lemorial Library contemplate an exceedingly beautiful perpendic­ ular Gothic structure, to be in har­ mony with the late work done at the University, namely: The As­ sembly Hall, Commons, Club House and Tower Group of Buildings, the Bartlett Gymnasium; and the state­ ly and dignified Law Building. I t is to be built on the North side of the Midway Plaisance be­ tween Ellis and Lexington avenue; covering an area of 8Ox216 feet, and is to be 100 feet high exclusive of the tower, which will rise to a height of 260 feet. There are to be five stack floors COUNCIL CERSURES PRESS Senior becutin Bocly Passes Resolutions DenouociDl Attitude of Mudent Report­ ers Condition, Sa14 to Be Deplorable The Senior College Council met this morning to take action con­ cerning the newspapers who solicit news from the University. The Council passed a set of resolutions denouncing the "garbling of r�­ ports" and the sensational dInrt � the press men to present the Uni­ versity in a false light. Thc resolutions follow: Whereas, it has become deplor­ ably customary of late for student representatives of the Chicago newspapers at the University to send to their respective newspapers garbled, misinterpreted and too often mendacious accounts of lec­ tures delivered in the class-rooms by members of the faculty of the University, and false and sensation­ al accounts of social events that oc­ cur in the women's hails, and ac­ counts of purely imaginary events that are reported to occur in the re- CHAMPIONSHIP AT STAKE Basketball Team Leaves this .orning for Wisconsin and Jlinnesota-IDter-College Datu Chanled Coach Childs and his men left. this morning for a trip which will decide Chicago's place in the race for the western intercollegiate bas ketball championship. Two games will be played, the first this even­ ;�;; , .• :ith 'Vi'!ol'()n�in and the other tomorrow evening against Minne­ sota. In the home game Minnesota won out from Chicago in the last minute of play, but the defeat can be ascribed to the presence of two substitutes in the line-up. In the \Visconsin game Chicago ran away with the long end of the score. The best men will be used all through both games, as follows: Forwards, McKeag Captain, and Chessman; Centre Schommer: Guards, Houghton and Lovehring. Behlig and Won dries were taken along to be used if needed. WESTERJI FOOTBALL COIFEREICE MEETS FOR FIIIL SESSIOI Fate of Game WDlbe DecWe4 Sometime Today-Ten Facalty' Repreaentative Answer Call Profeuioaal Coach, S1IJDII.ler Buebd ... 8UeuJo. of PIbbac� {dme WW be Actec\ uPct The second session of the West­ ern football reform conference was called . to order this morning at eleven o'clock in the parlors of the Chicago Beach Hotel. The follow­ ing men answered to the roll call: Professor Pattengil, Michigan, Dean Holgate, Northwestern, Pro­ fessor Long, Northwestern, Pro­ fessor Barton, Illinois, Professor Smith. Iowa, Professor Jones, Min­ nesota, Professor Adams, N orth­ western, Professor Turner, North­ western. Dean Albion W. Small, Chicago. Willia.m R.a.ir.l.ey H.a.rper lVIemoria.1 Gro"U.p c::&EP'U .in,.,,, ' ... i'" ..... u."" , Cl,ASSICAI. I.IBIlAIlY WII.LIAM IlAINEY HARP.R MEMORIAL HISTOIlY UBaARY around the outer walls, and eight in the middle part of the building. Immediately above the stack rooms which circle the outer walls are located the administration rooms; and above these the large readinng room is placed. This room will be is feet wide by 210 feet long; and 40 feet high. The trusses will be beautiful traceried timber work, as will the windows which light the room be of beautifully traceried stone work. . Significant paintings and carv­ ings are to adorn the building with­ in and without. The utmost care is to be given to the artistic treat­ ment in every and the most minut.e detail. And not only are the artistic questions to be dealt with in a thor­ ough manner. but the practical de­ tails also. The building is to be a thoroughly fire-proof structure, and the most modern and approved methods of fire prevention and fire fighting apparatus will be installed. with elctrically connected signals to the fire departments. The stack floors are to be glass Contmaed on pap fov. lation between the different fra­ ternities, clubs, and other social or­ ganizations of the University. Whereas, such false and s�nsa­ tional accounts bring discredit upon the University in the eyes of the public. Whereas, it should be the duty of every student of the University to do all in his power to protect and cherish the great purpose of the University, and to increase by every means in his power the ever­ growing fame of the University. Whereas, any student of \l1e Uni­ versity who willfully misrepresents the University in the eyes of the public is no longer worthy to de­ rive the benefit that she gives; therefore. Be ;1 resolved, that the Senior and Junior Councils in joint session petition and do hereby request that the faculties of the University suspend or expel irom the Uni­ versity all or every student who in an offiical capacity or otherwise gives to any newspaper or publica­ tion whatsoever, any account of any event or occurancc at the t:'nivcr- Continued on page foar. Owing to :the fact that two of this week's inter-college games were postponed, a few changes were made ill the schedule of the remaining five games. They will be played as follows: Literature vs, Arts, Tuesday, Mar. 13, 7:15 P. M. Philosophy vs. Science, Wednes­ day, Mar. 14, 3 P. M. Science vs. Arts, . Friday, Mar. 16,3 P. M. Philosophy vs. Literature, Satur­ day, Mar. 17, 7 p. m. Literature vs. Science, Monday, Mar. 19, 3 p. m. . Socialiatic Lecture ToDicht Mr. Walter Thomas Mills will speak this evening on "'What Is Socialism?" in Cobb Lecture Hall. The address will be followed by in­ formal debate and discussion for the organization of the Uuiveraity Socialist Club. Notice to Seniors Seaiors wishing class pins must si&D for them immediately. The principal work of the con­ ference will be a possible comprom­ ise on the "No Games for Two Years" resolutions. Chicago will not favor the exterminating clause but will back a plan to retain the game under the new conditions. What stand the other representa­ tives will take it is at present UD­ known. It is thought that Michi­ gan, Indiana. Iowa, and Minnesota will also vote for the retention of the game under the new rules and regulations . The "Prodfessional Coach" was to be discussed. Michigan is pro­ posing his retention and the action of the conference on this one point alone means much for the future of the game. Dean Small will ask that the playing season end on the Saturday previous to Thanksgiving instead of the second Saturday be­ fore the holiday. He will also re­ quest that the opening of the season be set as October the first. Wisconsin will bring up the sum­ mer base ball proposition and ask the conference to take action on it. Summer base ball has been deal- CoatiDlIed 08 pace foar. --- __ CHICAGO. FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 1906. ttbe.lDail! maroon F. H. Stratton. Sec. Official Student Publication of the University of Chicago. Formerly The Uninrsity of Chicago Weekly. FOIIDded The Wedely, October 1, 1892- The DraIiJ,J 1IarooD, Oct. 1, 1902- i , . News Contributions are Requatcd. Entered as second-class mail at Chicago Postotlice. Daily Subscription $3 year; $1 for 3 months. By Mail in City, $3.75 year; $1.25 for 3 months. Subscriptions received at The . 'Maroon Office, Ellis Hall, or left in The Maroo Bo� the Faculty Ex- change. Co H� John Fryer Moulds, Business M�. Printed by the Quadrangle Press, � E. 55th St. \' EDITOR.IALS NOTICE Subscription blanks are now ready . at the Information office. $1.00 for THE MAROON until the end of June. Get your notices into THE MA­ ROON office on time, aad then you will be sure of, having them pub­ lished. The dead line is 6:30 on the evening previous of publication. The Campus story department is open to all the Students. If you have a good joke on a friend of yours in the University, write it up and send it to the Story Editor. Correspondents are wanted for all the University houses. Applications should be made at once to the News Editor. Remember to call up the oftlee if you have any news. The price for THE MAROON is only $1.00. SU�'"I'ibe now. The interest shown by the men of the .1 unior College in entering into the preliminary In­ ter-College debates is but another illustration of the good which is to arise from the college Inter­ College Debating S\·stl'llI. Debating at the Univer­ sitv has been rather a negative ql1�ntity. Thc interest in debat�ng has usually been confined to a lew students who work and work liard for little glory. Even the Inter­ collegiate debates are poorly at­ tended. the students desiring to do something cbc rather than atten�l. IJchatin� once held a high place III collel'g activities. Shull·nts �tten<1- . I ami cheered the orators WIth the �( . , same spirit they now d�eer the \ ar- sit v football team or the track ath­ iet�. Thi� universay attention die,d out and now a debater is luc�y If I t few of his best friends ic can gc a or some of his ncar relations to pay llIOIlC\' to hear him talk. . � I " 11a(I·· a good record L hicago ias I • .... in the dchating 11el<1 and her reprc- scnrativc- have won their share of ) ." w that the intl'r-college ionors. ;"\ ( I • team- han.' hl'l'11 prganiZl·(1. material \�11 he illrni:-;hcd the \"arsity dcbat­ inc u-am that has been well trained. It �\'ill abo make the interest in de­ hating more general. I nstead of a small boclv of men heing concerned e\'ery :-;t;ldent in college will be drawn to debating. t,i.\ \ '1' Ii "'1 I � CAMPUS STORIES � I 10:00 A. M. by the clock in Cobb, and the Senior Collele Council had gathered to "resolute" a while, which is a favorite occu­ pation of this august body. Some say they like it even better than they did mediaeval history under Warren in freshman days All eyes were turned on the re­ doubtable Jim Hickey, chairman, and cham pion of correct English, as be rose to address the assembly. Jim still wore his "smile that won't come off." He advised a resolution to the effect that the newspaper representatives be asked to allow bull dog fights to go on unnoticed by the press. ' 'Cy" Garnett, res­ oluted for the changing from inter collegiate tennis to ping pong. Cy­ rus is always after a "lunch." Then Howard, evrybody knows Howard Willett, rose to resolute. He said, that after much delibera­ tion and research-fancy Howard doing research-he had come to the conclusion that the Commons should be provided during meal­ hours with student dramatic read­ ers, whose duty it would be to read or recite from Ibsen, Shaw and the rest for the edification of the di­ ners. The students, Howard s ug­ gested, might be allowed the stud­ ent-service rate of compensation by the University. It was not, however to be. Lin­ sley arose from his seat and waved for silence. He had spied out the fatal defect in the scheme. There would be too much breakage of dishes and crockery in the Com­ mons, also heads, he said. Again, Mrs. Ingram's shanty would have a sndden wave of popularity, and consequently would have to be en­ larged. The motion was defeated. A few other lesser resolutions were offered. then, amid much mutual handshaking and congrat­ ulation the council members dis­ persed. The deliberations of the Junior Council, held at the same hour. will be published in a later issue. Best & Russell Company's Cigars. on sale at the Reynold's Club. i\IARTYN·S l\IAROON STUDIO 5705 Cottage Grove Ave. U. of C. Photographer. Special rates to students. Fo"W'nes Gloves Will b. worn long.r ,hi. season than oth .... -lh.1 is. olher glove •. A Little Money brings big face comfort and makes shaving easy, if invest­ ed in the. famous WILLIAMS' SHAVING STICK Albert Math�ws, Pres. Geo. H. Fielder, Vice Pres. MATHEWS &. CO. Inc. THE TAILOR SHOP. New Powera Bid, .. 156 Wabash Ave. MAKERS OF YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES. Our Specialty S35-00 Sack Suits. We show one of the Largest Lines of Woolens in Chicago. Extra facilites for large groups. Special rates for Students. Convenient ESMOER STUDIO Attractive Why get inferior photos when you can get high grade work at home . 243 East 55th Street. Harder's Fireproof Storage & Van Co . . Successor to. . Becklenberg Express, Warehouse & Van Co. 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The class has been divided into ten squads of three each, half going to­ morrow afternoon and the rest a week froBl. tomorrow, March 17. The expeditions will be conduct­ ed by the Chicago Board of Chari­ ties, and the squads, one going from each of the five charity sta­ tions-West Side, South Side, North Side, Englewood and Stock­ yards-will be in cbarge of regular charity workers in the Association. 1"'.6 NOTICES ....... 1 History I-SpeCial Examination A special examination for condi­ tioned students, Saturday, March 17, Room C8a, �:30 a. m. GEORGE E. VINCENT. A business meeting of the Mechem Law Club will be held next Tuesday, (March 13th) at 10:30 A.· 1\1. in the Court Room of the Law SchooL w. J. MATHEWS, 'Clerk. Tickets for the second of the pre­ limnary high school meet will be on sale at the ticket office in the gymnasium at seven o'colck Satur­ day evening. Students who desire their grades in Property may 'secure them from Mr. Schnek. JAMES P. HALL, Dean. First year students who entered the Law School in the Summer Quarter and took Eqiuty in the Autumn Quarter, may substitute 'either Damages or Equity III. for Persons in the Spirng quarter. First year students entering in the summer who have not taken Evi­ dence should substitute Damages for Persons. Such students who intend to take Equity III will please hand their names to Miss Bradley in the Dean's office, so that the nec­ essary books may be procured. JAM ES P. HALL, Dean. All students who have claims for ad vanced standing in French will be given a last opportunity to ad­ just such claims on Saturday, March 24, at 2 p. m., in room 13c, Cobb. HENRI C. E. DAVID, Departmental Examiner. Aplicants for aid from the Stu­ dents' Fund Society during the Spring Quarter must file their ap­ plicaitons at once, with the Secre­ tary, Mr. Chandler, in Haskell. Applicaiton blanks, which can be se­ cured at the Information Office, should be filled out in duplicate. The Pre-Legal Club will meet at 7 :30 p. m. on Monday, March 12th in Cobb 6a. The Stump holds its regular meeting this evening at 7 :30 in Cohh oa. Scandinavian Club Meeting Dr. Wahlstrom. formerly of the Gustavus Adolphus College, ad dressed the Scandinavian Club on "Johan Ludwig Runeberg, nation, al poet of Finland," last night in Lexington. Miss Frida Edlund rendered selections. UnJque Trophies at Stanford A unique method of disposing of the ball won from Stanford in the freshman intercollegiate game bas been decided upon by the members of the California 1000 football team. In past years the custom has bee-n for the captain of the winning team to retain the ball. As the Califor­ nia men went into tbe game witbout a captain, however. the ball was cut up in bits, pieces being given to all members of the team. These are worn as watch fobs by their posessors. I MA,JORS .Dd MIN'.()RS I The Mathematical Club held a meeting in room 36 Ryerson Physi­ cal Laboratory at 4 o'clock this afternoon. They discussed two problems. The first was" A Particu­ uar Class of Periodic Solutions of the Problems of Three Bodies. Pro­ fessor Moulton gave the conclusion. The second was: "The Proof of a Theorem Concerning Hypergeo­ metric Series.': Mr. W. D. Mac­ millan gave the conclusion. The members of the University are invited to the meeting of the Woman's Trade Union League, Sunday, March 11, 3 p. m., in the Woman's Club Room of Hull House. "The Use of Injunctions," will be discussed by Dean Jas. P. Hall, of the Law School, and Mr. Seymour Stedman. The Dames Club holds its reg­ ular meeting tomorrow at 3:00 p. m., with Mrs. Evans. 5468 Ellis Avenue. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew met in the parlor of North Hall at 10:30 this morning . The Young Men's Christian As­ sociation held a meeting last night in Cobb Chapel at 7 :30. Lectu ••• aad Clu •• Saturday, March loth. S :OO-Southern Dub. Lex­ ington 15. Friday, March oth. 4 :OO-Meeting of the Quib­ blers in Lexington. Social Saturday, March 10th. Kalailu reception. Literature College reception and dance. Reynolds Club . Snell Hall informal. Tuesday, March 13th. The women of the College of Literature. Children's party in Lexington library from three to five. All are expected to bring dolls. Saturday, March 171h. 2:� :OO-Score Club dance Three Quarters Dub dance. At.I.Uc. 7 :OO-inter-college basket­ ball game: Philosophy vs. Science. S:OO-( At Minneapolis) In­ tercollegiate basketball game: Minnesota vs. Chicago. Saturday, Marcia loth. S :00- Indoor track meet ; Second preliminary, Cook County Athletic League. Wendell Phillips, Thorn­ ton Township, Calumet, North Division, and Uni­ versity High Schools. 10:OO-Track tryout: Ar­ mour Institute. $eore,3=1 Brtcbton Flat Cl .. p Gart�n out .. ear� other IdDd th� to 0_. Th�y are madeoC ... _ w�b-uot mercerizN cottoa. aDd coet but � ceots a pair. No other .arter ba. the Brle-htunftu' cia.". Fur c:omfurt aDd loue wear-iDS!.t UPOD BRIGHTON FLAT CLASP GARTERS SPALDING'S ATHLETIC LlBILARY No. 250 �: SPALDING'S , - OFFICIAL ", ATHLETIC ALMANAC _' FOR 1906 Bdited by JAJUS E. SULLIV AB All Intercollegiate and Inter­ scholastic Meets and Records: Amateur Athletic Union Re­ cords; A. A. Senior and J un­ ior Championships; Swimmlng and Skating Records; A. A. U. Boxing and Wrestling Cham­ pionships; all Shot Putting and Weight TMowing Records; Of­ ficial Report of the Lewis and Clark Centennial Athletic Games; pictures of leading athletes, Amercian and foreign. PRICE 10 .Cents Send your Damp and address to our nearcst .tore for Speldiag's Catalogue of all Atbletlc: Sporta­ it·s free. A.G • Spalding &; Bros New York CJaicaco Philadelphia DeDver SyraCUR MiDaeapoU. St. I.ouw IIdalo Ciadaoatl Hoetoa Kauaa City saD pt-aDd8c:o Baltimore Pittaburf. W .. bIDK'0a New OrJHua MODtrea. CaD. Loadoa. Hair. University ADDex 411 EAST 55TH ST. A COOd place to take your meala. Commutation tickets $3-SO for '3-00 DEMLING·S DRUG SHOP 61 CD. Woodlawn Ave . g'i\e 9\oot �tuJi� KlllBALL BALL 243 Wabula A ..... ()riciDalldeas and Exclusive StylesiD PHOTOGR.APHS 8.eelal aa ••• to U. 01 C. S.ud •••• .I.'LI.I. .. DIEII fIIllYlI 8llnaa. ..... ' ..._ .. ,. BOSTON 8ARTER LI .. Plat ta Ut • ...._,...,. sn,..y ... r ........... ...... _.IIJa:IDe..c....1Ie. ................. ....,rntCe. ....... .............. L .. ALWAYS EASY CHICAGO. FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 1906. IlITD-COLLEGE DEBATERS PRKPAIUt FOR 8ltMI-lllULS SECOND HIGH scaoor, TRACK PRELDlUfAlUES TOMORROW ,e , Advertise in The Maroon. plli1.-play KeD Will PnaDt Ifeptin ill Debate With Scienc. l'ive m&h Scllools Will CoDtest for Places in Finals aDd Seml-l'iDal. The representatives of the Phil­ osophy and Science College for men wet this morning in Mr. Hus­ ton's offiice and decided the word­ ing of question for debate in the semi-finals and selected sides on the questiou. The exact wording of the question is: Resolved that a Course in Manual Training should be Required in the Aigh School.' I Rogers of the Science! College won the toss and chose to support the affirmative. The team counneuced work at once as the semi-finals will be held the �rst I day after college opens next quarter. North Division, University High, Wendell Phillips, R. T. Crane, and Calumet high schools meet ill the Bartlett Gymnasium tomorrow night ill the second preliminaries of the Cook County track cham­ pionships. ( >nidals : Referee, Frank E. llell; Field Judges, E. E. Parry, B. P. Gale, C. Russell and \V. l 'ealxxly ; Finish Judges. P. K. Boynton. Hugo Friend, \V. llough and, S. Parkinson; Timers, J. E. Raycroft, F. G. Xloloney and W. A. Moloney ; Clerk of the Course. H. B. Conibear ; Starter. C. O. Duples­ sis: Scorers. J. E. \ V ebb and A. llowers. I f JOCIlU LAW CLUB MEETS TBlNK NORTHWESTERN FRESaMAN A BURGULAR BoW Bel8ioo of Supreme Court on Trade Union Case Fratemity .MeD Send Initiate up a Porch And Police Get Him The Floyd R. Mechem Law Club met this afternoon in the Court Room of the Law School. A ses­ sion of the supreme court was held, over which W. A. Murphy pre­ sided, H. G. Nebeker and S. D. Hirschl acting as associate judges. The case on appeal was "O'Brien et. al, v. Maloney et al,"-a case dealing with the right of a trade union to stirke fur a closed shop. W. H. L. ueu served as attorney for the plaintiff, while Chester Vernier represented the defendant. While being initiated into the Xorthwesteru chapter of the Beta Theta I'i fraternity last night, \V. :\1. Springer who had been ordered to climb the porch uf l loward Mc­ Phinuis' residence. 1704 Chicago Ave .• was arrested hy the Evanston police as a porch climber. Springer is a freshman at Xorthwestcrn from Xl issouri and he was sent up the porch so that they "could show him." Southern Club to Meet The Southern Club meets to morrow at t):OO p. Ill. in Lexington l;j. to hear Professor Claxton, of the University of Tennessee, 011 "The Educational Re\'ival in the South." All Southerners and members of t he Sociology Club are invited. To Lecture on Music The second of the series of lec­ tures on music, under the auspices of the Hyde Park Guild, will be given by Lester Bartlett Jones, Director of Music, in Mandel Hall on Sunday at 4:00 p. m. The sub­ ject will be "Church Music in America," and will be illustrated by a quartette of soloists. Fraternity Problems Discussed The councilors of the fraternity houses met yesterday afternoon in t he president' s office at 4::30 p. lll. for an informal discussion of local fraternity problems. Baldwin Chosen Speaker R. F. Baldwin was chosen speak­ er at the meeting of candidates for title of associate at the March Con­ vocation. Kansas Club Session The University students from Kansas met last evening ill the League Room of Lexington HaIl at � o'clock under the auspices of the Kansas Club. For Sale-Practical Home Physi­ cian, Spofford's Library of choice literature. 10 V ols.; International Cyclopedia. 15 Vols. : Gods and Devils of Mankind ; Infallible Logic, Hurley; The Fraternal and Banquet Orator. Josephus. I vo1.. and others. I nqiure at �blwo� of­ fice. ,THE ILLINOIS WAREHOUSE an. STORAGE COMPANY ..,.__ 117* Putt 171 ICIMBAitIC AVB. .... PlPTY� .... TIle CIeaaest and Best Kept Stonp Wueboase In the CIty • • • .....,... PbDa. MOftd. SIDftd. P.:bd end Shipped ........ thewartd. Prt � R-. LIqe PuIor�" ..... ._ Tnmb IIDCI Wheels. Luee Rooa .. c.m..-. _ ......... SleiIk ftUBD TO AlID no. ALL DIIO'IL ........................... -�eICo".sbort ...... ........ --- ........ , .0 ...... RESTAURANT 104-106 MADISON STREET Telephone Hyde Park JOOI), 6cnl Madison A"e. Special Rates to Students. Work Called for and Delivered. mabtson B"enlte 1aUllbrl2 NEW JOIIORIAL LIBRARY DRAWINGS ARE COMPLETED Continued from page one. in metal frames. supported by the steel structure. The book presses or stacks are to be all-metal. Electric book-lifts and passenger elevators, electricity for the trans­ mission of orders-in a word, all possible means of economizing time, will be adopted. In fact, the build­ ing is so arranged as to facilitate the reader. awl enable him to ob­ tain in the shortest possible space of time. access to the required \'01 tunes. The reading room will have seat­ ing acconuuodation for at least one thousand students. Nothing has been overlooked: tables. and com­ fortable chairs to enable the student to endure long sittings without weariness. portable desks for the books, sloping shelves to rest folios on, special tables for large atlases, are to be provided. Electricity will be used through­ out ior lighting. The system of heating' will be steam, with blower system of ventilation. WESTERN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE MEETS Continued from page one. ing severe blows to the amateur standing of a great many Western college athletes and it is thought the Cardinal representatives will advo­ cate the substitution of a rule per­ mitting the college men to play slimmer ball. The conference will not adjourn until early tomorrow morning. CUUNCIL CElfSURES PRESS Continued from page one. sity or of any body or individual connected with the University in an oftiical capacity without complying with the following conditions: ( 1 ) No lecture or part of a lecture delivered in any class room, or on the campus of the University or any lecture or class exercise held under the auspices of the Uni­ versity shall be reported or "writ­ ten up" for any newspaper without tl.c written approval of the person who held the lecture or class exer­ cise upon the written account of his lecture or class exercise in the exact words in which it will appear in the newspaper or publication. (2) No event or occurance held within the women's halls or under the auspices of any or all of the women's halls shall be reported or written up for any publication with­ out the written approval of the I >can of Women upon the writcn account of the event or occurence in the exact words in which it will appear in the publication . � 3 ) :\ 0 report concerning any of the social organizations of the Univcrsitv shall he written up or rc­ ported \�'ithol1t the approval of some member of such an organiza­ tion . And be it further resolved: that the faculties of the Junior and Senior Colleges he respectfully re­ quested to make known to the stu­ dents of the J nnior and Senior col­ h,'ges through announcement at chapel assemblies or otherwise that these resolutions have been passed a1111 to Junior and Senior Councils in response tot he ever growing sentiment news of the undergradu­ ate body, against he reprehensible problems of some of the students correspondcns of the Chicago papers at the University. Subscrihe for the Daily Marson. I'AMUSEMENTS'I Studebaker Last week The 1\1 usical and Dramatic Direc­ tion Announces BEN GREET PLAYERS . Friday. "Henry V.;" Saturday Matinee, J uiius Creesar ;" Saturday night, ·'Macbeth." Next Monday evening-Seats to­ day. for one week only The big N ew York dramatic success THE LITTLE GRAY LADY By Channing Pollock. Garrick "YOU NEVER CAN TELL." Sunday Night-Seats Thursday David Belasco presents Bertha Gal­ land in "SWEET KITTY BELLAIRS." Colonial Klaw & Erlanger's Unparalleled Production THE PRINCE OF INDIA Every Evening except Sunday at 8 sharp. LaSalle THE HIT OF A DECADE THE UMPIRE Chicago's Phenonemal Success Powers' Tonight 8:15 Charles Frohman presents JOHN DREW I n his greatest comedy success DE LANCEY By Augustus Thomas. Majestic CONT1NUOUS VAUDEVILLE Prices 15-25-50-7Sc. Phone Cent. 6480. Classllled Advertl .. mlllll Try Tolu, Tar and Wild CbelT7. for that cough, University Phar­ macy, 560 E. 55th St. Wanted I £ you wish to secure a position to teach call on or write to James F. IIc­ Cullough, Railway Exchange, Chica­ go. Vogelsang·s 162 Madison Street A cafe of individual tone where fastidious folks find cheer and refresbment­ the perfection of twentieth century cooking in a de­ lightful old-world atmos­ phere. (Ther. 's ODI.,. ODe Vo •• lsaD.'.1 J H. Kintz, Prop. John Cart, lip'. All orders day or night 61led promptly. We never close. Jachson ParI\. Livery 273 E.' Fifty-Seventb IknIt. Telephone Hyde Park sa. 553 CHICAGO. E. c. MOORE FLORIST 272· E. 55th Street, Chicago -=====T.lephOD. HYDE PARll 3a-=====