.. I , '. T'he Daily" Ma , .................. bJu.. ... of tile v�" CIIkqo Dad8f . thnt.� tf u.. ValftD19 VOL. III. No. 144 CHICAGO, THURSDAY, MAY, 25, 1905 The Semitic Club will hold a special meeting in Room 26, Haskell Museum at 9::'> this evening. on o CaNTS YALE FUND IS RAISED ,MAROONS DE F EAT ILLINOIS GOLFTEAJI GOES TO AIm ARBOR FUNNY ISLAND IN BLINK • Bu1f'a KeD Shut Out III Faat Game­ IlliDi Battera at _ • r c y 0 f :. Erole !IIUler ' " Ollly ODe Veteran ,OD. Team-WlIc:ooalD Team Playa Here JUDe 3-Klchigan to Prove • StroDI OppoDeDt The University golf team, con­ sisting of Captain Maxwell, Lam-: bert Magee, J ames and Harwood will leave touight for Ann Arbor where it �iJI meet Mi�igaD Friday aftemoon 00, �.Amor.course... 'Tomorrow morning, the team wi� practice on the course in order to accustom the players to the links, Michigan is unusally strong this year and the Maroon players show­ ,ing against them is doubtful.. At the beginning of the season only two of last year's players were, i� school and one of those will not be able to play against Michigan. Captain Maxwell is the only vet­ eran on the team. There are two freshmen players on the team who are erratic players, Lambert also a new man has played consistent golf in the practice this' spring. Captain Maxwell' stands a'.good chance of winning from his man but the result of the match will largely depend on the: form shown by the DeW men on the .squad.. l The wisc0n8isi team will be played here OQ the morning of the 'Con7 fereace: meet, lune 3. Little has been heard regarding the strength qf the Badgers! King Augustus at First Declines to Correapondent Interview, Think­ ing He is From Indiana Adam Upp Arranges the Ital.DIlar to Sult Ilia Desire For a LoDI Life (Specl&l to DAILY NA"-OON) - 'Isbnd' onUiDk;: lIayi7� '-l.9OO:�� .�., ., . ':-:" 7 Afte'r - two' days of' waitiDg the Minister of Public WorkS informed that .King Augustus LVIII would receive me in the throne room of the castle that afternoon at two. He said the King was rather afraid to grant me an audience aa he b.aIL, heard that I' came from Indiana. The Minister said he was sure I was not from Indiana because I had never written a book or perpetrated a pusedo comic opera on the gulli- ble public. I asked the Minister of Public Works what the costume de rigear' for an afternoon reception was. He! mtd me there was-no par- ticular' costume for the occasion, but I was to watch what the citizens of Hoopla wore. It rained about noon so, I decided not to go a la Hoopla. I wa� escorted. to the castle by the Blinkean army and a fine chap he was. The castle was an impos­ ing edifice of mud about six feet eight inches high. Here 'we were met by the King' s body�guard, the � sOn of tlie' Blirikean piny.. .:;: In the ante-room I was met by the famous King's Kalendar Keep­ er, Adam Upp, who was now about one hundred and twenty-seven years old. A very interesting story was told .me concerning the, � of Adam. , Duriag the last years of , the reign of the fonner King, AwLm had been warned by a sooth-sayer that he would die on a certain day. As Adam had the prerogative of .sayingwhen a, new month and. a new, year, would start, he decided that the best way to prolong ,his life would be to hold off, the fatal day. For about thirty years he had not announced a new month and it had been the forty- second day of the month Ramabazoka, year 17432 for, overthirty years, American time. The people have become accustomed to the date and have grown to ike it- So there is no need for any change. A fanfare of a trumpet is heard, I am about to meet the famous monarch. - More anon. JUiOT Cou� CoaDcil Aab Girla to Tab • Walk Sentiment against the use of carriages at dances on the campus has set in so strongly that the mem­ bers of the Junior College Council have formally recommended the abolition of the custom. At a meeting of the council yes­ terday the following recommenda­ tion was made: The Junior College Council 'of the University of Chicago. acting with the full consent cf Dean Talbot, does hereby recommend that girls, livingon the campus or within easy walking distance of the gymnasium, do request their escorts not to pro­ cure carriages for the Junior Promi­ nade, which will be held June 9, unless the weather prove inclement. Undergraduate Classes Raise $S,Z50 To Cover College Deficit- J un­ lor Class Most Liberal By defeating Illinois yesterday 2 to 0 the Varsity demonstrated that at times it can play winning base­ ball. All the fun came in the fifth in-. ,:1hng. . After' one; otitr.�Temp1etOll signaled and reached second while Pitts was juggling the ball. Bezdek drew a base on balls and Harper hit to Bush­ nell forcing Templeton at third. Harper and Bezdek worked a double steal and Paul drew the second pass for that inning filling the bases. Then Baird came to bat and hit to right field scoring the only two runs of the game. In the second inning Illinois came near scoring making three successive hits and filling the bases. But Miller struck out the next two bat­ ters and the last lifted a fly to Baird. Miller had the better of Bushnell throughout the game.' He struck out four men and gave no passes. In the last six innings but twenty­ one Illini came to bat. The largest crowd of the season was at the game, over five thous­ and people being in the stands. Score: Chicago 'Bezd�kl 2b __ . Harper,c Paul, d, p Baird, If Speidel, rf Linn,3b Templeton, 55 lrliller. p Abbott,lb TweDty DlviDlty lieD Play for Cham­ pionship The Divinity tennis tournament is making rapid progress. Seven matches in the singles and one in the doubles have already been played. , The winners and the scores so far follows: GJllUlUium Work to be Required at PrincetoD-lIorthwestem Men's Club Takes p�� of Qaartera The plan of the three lower -elasses -of "!tie. .Academi�.' Depat .. ment at Yale announced May I, to raise by undergraduate SUbscription enough to cover the, College deficit of $5,000, has been more than re­ alized. The movement was started by the Junior Class, and in a little over three weeks a total of $5,250 has been pledged. Of this, '2,125 was subscribed by eighty-five mem­ bers 'of the Junior- -Class in shares of $25. A:week later the Sopho­ mores took up the matter and con­ tributed seventy-two shares of $25, a total of $1,800. Last week the Freshman Class was asked to sup­ po� the movement, and responded liberally with forty-nine eoatribu­ tions of 125 each, amounting to Sl,225. The rest was raised by smaller SUbscriptions from all three classes. A new plan is to be adopted next year in regard to work in the Princeton University gymnasium. All Freshmen will be notified to report at assigned hours to undergo a ' rigid 'physical examination and .' upon this examination will be based a prescribed course of exer­ cise planned to develop each man ill the direction ill which he is most lacking. A second examination WIll be given. if desired later in the year to show any development that may have been gained. These ex­ aminations will be optional with men in the three upper classes. The Men's Club of Northwest­ ern University, a recently organized association of all men of the uni­ versity, has rented quarters in Evanston and the formal opening of the club house was held Satur-. day' evening. The object of the club is to promote fellowship among the students and to' augment Northwestern spirit. It bids fair to become a success. There are 194 girls ill the gradu­ ating class at Vassar, and it is said more than a score of them are engaged to be married. Last Thursday the' Cornell stu­ dents held their third annual Spring Day Celebration. It was a sort of an imitation fair or circus. The object of these eelebrat ions is to raise money to support athletics and at this one about two thousand dollars was realized. Student occupants of the Win­ throp dormitory at, Harvard reo ported this week to the police that securities and jewels to the value of $I,(X)O have been stolen from their R. 1 1 o o o o o o o H P o 3, .2, 5 '1 'I 1 5 o � o 1 1 0 o 0 o 10 B o ",;" TJOr:OLOGS :m�mflns'-rolnnmY 0, 1 o 1 o 1 o o A­ I o o o 1 3 3 4 1 2 5 Z1 .13 3 PAR o 2 4 0 2 0 1 0 o 0 o 1 2 0 2 0 o 1 Preliminaries- Runyan defeated Sealock, 6-0, 6..0. Larson-Benedict match unplayed. Biglow defeated McLauchlin, 6-0, 6-0. Neuschwander defeated Sunder­ land, 6-3, 6-1. Second Round- Parsons defeated MacIntosh, f..4, 6-0, 6-2. Allison defeated Perkins, 8-6, 3-6; 63. Henry defeated Webster,6-0, 6-0. Burwell defeated Matthews, f�, «;,2. Daniel-McDougall and Merrifield - Kelley matches not yet played. Doubles-- Larson and Roy defeared Binam and Ewers, 6 3, 6-2. 9-7. Those who have been watching t he progress of the tournament promise a hard-fought and inter­ esting contest for the champion­ ship. A number of matches are being played every afternoon, and it is expected that the singles' tournament at least will be finished by the end of tile week. Total I11inou V'dgrift, 3b Brooks,2b Bushnell, p Taylor, Ib Rothgeb,'d White're, rl Slocum, c Ray. 55 PiUs, If RH 1 3 o 6 1 o 9 1 3 o o o o o o o o o 2 o o 1 2 o 1 o o Totals 0 {t 24 11 4 Chicago 0 0 0 0 2 0 9 0 0-2 Hliuois 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--0 Two Base Hits, Vandagrift. Stolen Bases, Harper, 3, Bezdek, Paul, Baird, Vandagrift 2, Slocum, Ray. Struck Out, By Bushnell. 8; by Miller,4. Bases on Balls, Off Bushnell, 5. Double Play, Speidell to Harper. Left OD Bases. Chi­ cago, 5, Illinois, 7. Hit by Pitcher, Pitts. Earned Run, Chicago Time, 1:00. Umpire, Pickett. Christian Union Needs Workers The Christian Union needs one man or woman to take charge of the University settlement station of the Chicago Public library on the afternoon of June 1 from about I::10 to 5:30. The work will be of a regular library type such as find­ ing and giving out books on' cards and cancelling the same when re­ turned. A person familiar with libraries would be the most useful there. Please call at I A Cobb 10:30-11 a. m., daily except Satur­ day and Sunday. rooms. Morgan Park Alumni to Meet There wilt be an important meet­ ing of Morgan Park Alumni tomor­ row morning at 10:00 0' clock in Cobb Hall. A full attendance is de­ sired at this 'meeting. Steinbeck Elected Speaker At the meeting of the candidates for the degree of associate at the end of the presentquarter, Clark C. Steinbeck was elected speaker. : ' " ,C�IICAGO, TH.U.RSDAY. MAY 25,1005 SDIOR GIRLS wm AT HOCKEY ttbe JDatl� maroon JUDion Lose Bard FOlljtht Game by Score , ofltoo' The Senior College hockey team defeated the Juniors yesterday in their first championship game by the close score of r to O. The playing on both sides was spirited. Only once towards the end of the first half did the Seniors I'ormwb' tM U� of CIaIcap ��. � TIle Unly'do of CIaIc. WMkb'. Oct. 1. 1892 TIm D£IL"I' Kooo. - - - Oct. 1. '802 maws CONTllIBUTlONS B.EQUBSTED. ", f , i • ) .01 E. 13rd Street Bet Monroe & Kimbark Ave. succeed in passing the opposing backs. The two remaining games will be played June 5th, and June 7th. Line up S. Morrison, lw M. Faville Capt. E. Markley,Capt. 1. i. f. H. Smith F. Chaney, c. f. M. Payne B. Clark, r. i. f. T. Richards Edith Moore, r. w. L. Ripley E. Schmidt, l.h.b. G. Sullivan R. Wade, c. h. b. A. Bigelow E, Whiteford 1. h. h. E. Martin A. Davis, 1. f. b. A. Hoffman ,A. Whiteford, r. f. b. M. Garrity F. Schmid goal J. Nelson BOARD or EDITORS. Ilan .. �. E4iter ••••• 1Iarr7 W. rord, '0& News Editor •••••.• _ ••••• Walter 1.. Gr�ry. 'm AthleUc Editor_ ••••••.•••.•••••••• John s. Wnght. ·os SHOREY & �NERHOUI I, I' Successors to �eo. H. Fiedler {) Co. TAILORS ASSOCIATE 'aDITORS. Ralph P. lIuh&De, '015. JD4ward II. KerwlD, '06. IA R07 A. Van PatteD. '06. C. Arthur Bruce, '06. Claude Schofield, '07 Wm. A. McDermid, '07 .Bernard I. Bell, '07 Wm. H. Hatfield, '06 " Young Men's Clothes Made By Young Men Who Know How We Carry A Line Of Woolens That Will Appeal To You WOllEN IIIDITOR8. ..... lIarle Ortm&7er. lllaa Hela Smith, '06 Mias Cedi Palmer Phones Harrison t� AntomaUc � Suite 73 to 7' Deziel' Bid •• 84 ADAMS ST. , , , STAFlI' or REPORTERS. Mias lUna Robey, W. e. McKenna, Rush. '05, R. �dy Mathews. '07 Herbert M. Harwood, '08, R. F. Baldwin, '07 2. G. Felaenthal, 'US. Chu. A. Paltzer, '(1; George H. Brown. 'O!S I.uther D. Fernald. '08 " ,� r A. LIPMAN 99 E. lIIadison St. If You ·Want Money call on Phi Gams Defeat Sigma Nu. Phi Gamma Delta defeated Sigma Nu yesterday afternoon in Wash­ iugton Park in a close game which was characterized by clever field­ ing. Score:- Phi Gamma Delta 0 1 0 0 221-6 Sigma Nu 5 0 0 0 <XX>-5 Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, and Antiques. for sale; Old Gold and SitTer Bouaht Make-up man to-day-Edward 1\1. Ket'Win BUSINESS STAlI'I'. Buamesa lIanager •••• Herbert I. Markham A .. 't Bus. lI&Dager •••••• .lohll Worle7. Jr. rirculaUoa Mgr.· ••••••••••••.••••• W. M. RufI'corta M. E. FITZGERALD &: 00. MAKERS OF GENTLEMEN'S GARMENTS 360 EAST FIFTY-FIFTH STREET NEAR KIMBA.RK AVE. EDtered .. IIeCODcl·clua mall at Cb1� POIItomce. Oall7 Subscription, $3 7ear; $1 for a moa. 87 lIall In Clt7 $-1 7ear: $1.215 for 8 moa. SubscrlpUOD. recelyed at Ta. IUBooN 01llce, Ellla 'Hall, or len lD TJD IhBooM Bo%,. the l'acult7 Exchange, Cobb HaiL NOT R I:.SPONSIBLI:. FOR COPII:.S ,LOST THROUGH CHANGE. OF AD. DREaS • Notlce-Subscrlbers: The DaU7 Ma. roon will be sent to 70U from quarter to quarter unless 'Jou order It dl.con� tlnued. Subscriber. are requeated to notlf7 tbe clrculatlon department of their chan.e of addre.s or t�elr desire to dlscontlnue subacrlptlons. WE HA.VE .A. SPLENDID RANGE OF GOODS FOR TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS_ FULL DRESS. TUXEDOS, CLERICAL. SPORTING AND RIDING BREECHES. Substitutes are dangerous. Beware of dealers who offer you substi­ tutes for the famous WLLIAMS' �� I I� , . " TRACY G. WRIGHT. Pres. CHAS. W. HARDIN. V.P.6Sec·7. UNITED STATE.S COAL CO. Wholesal. COAL {j COKE. R. • t • I I 800-802.804 Old Colon.,. Bide. I' EDITORIALS "I University men will dance and sing tomorrow 'night in the second annual comic opera' of Kin, g's the Blackfriars. There Kalendar is every reason to be­ Keeper lieve that "King's Kat- Keeper" will be a more Complete success than was the first offering of the Friars, "The Pass­ jng' of Pahli Khan," and that is saying a good deal. The book of the Kalendar Keeper is a bright one, the lyrics are catchy and the music is tuneful and happy. Besides these ordinary leading features of the comic opera, King's Kalendar Keeper will present men in all fem: inine parts, and this adds a charm of grotesqueness that could be obtained in' no other way, albeit the stars in the cast can hardly be told from real actresses, so well do they assume the feminine. Women who are leaders in the social life of the Unh'ersity and the city are acting as patronesses of the �rformal1ce and the scarcity of tickets at the box office . Insures a record breaking attendance. J.:M. PATTERSON Proprietor JOHN CLARK Manager PBONr. 1lAR.R.ISON 966 CBICAGO W. never elo.e All arden, day or night, filled promptly. Jaca. Paitt u.y Snccessnr to J. H. Kintz an L nrt7-SeYeDth 8tnet BROMMER'S "Champagne" Ice Cream Is an exquiste article. Like Champagne its served on special occasion Choice of 40 flavors-delivered packed in ice SOC per quart brick' Special for this month-one layer of Neselrode pudding allowed in each brick without extra charge. BROMMER BROS. FAlfCY BAKFRS aDd CONFECTIONERS OF QUALITY. 450 East 63rd Street � Phone H. P. 5663 Te1ephoae Hyde Park { = A LECTURE ON Christian Science BY of Boston, Mas.c;., will be given in University Congregational Church, Great Western High""ay CHICAGO TO ; � '\ II· I, 1 .,1 Da .... .......... SL ,. ... 56th St. and Madison t\ ve, TII."'I, EVI., Ma, 25, 180& Lan ........ II .. CHr 0 ....... 8 o'clock. Admission free. No Tickets required. • nneapon. Council IluffI Mr, McCracken is a member of the Christian Science Bo rd of Lectureship of The First Church of Christ, Scientist of Roston, Massacltusetts. The Lecture is under the auspices of the Fifth Church of Christ Scientist, of Chicago which extends a cordial invitation to all to attend. IS THIt POPULAI\. CHICAGO GREAT WESTERN Ry. • • • 1 ! .. � -, ' l THE lIfidligan Daily boasts justily that Michigan bas the three best athletic coaches in the world. The boast may be true But why have three men when there is one who is a match for all of them? EYlrythlng tor .... Trlnler's Comfort E. C. II 0 0 R E ••• j1ortst ••• 112 L I'IFTY.FIFTB ST. • T.I." •• D. B7d. Para 31 .. Depot, Harrison and Fifth Ave. r� 115 Adams St. ) • PIONEER SUSPENDER CO. 718 MarketSt Pblladelpbla cmCAGO, �HURSDAYJ MAVl25, 1905- . PHI GAIUIA KOSE our SIG.A KU S Extra Inning Game Jitesults in 6-5 Score - Protest Before Leaz;ue Committee Phi Gamma Delta defeated Sigma N u in an exciting extra inning game yesterday in Washington Park by a score of () to 5. The game was close throughout and it was only by a batting rally that the Phi Gamms won out. - si-upsiIon-decidecflo play Sfgma­ Alpha Epsilon but only a few men showed up and a practice contest was held. The Sigma Alphs will be credited with winning the game. Tbrough a misunderstanding Chi Psi and S. A. E. failed to play yes­ terday and the Sigma Alphs are claiming that the game was de­ faulted. It is probable that the matter will be decided by the ex­ ecutive committee at their meeting tomorrow in the Reynolds Club at 2 o'clock. The James P. Hall Law club met ill the court room of the Law School yester­ day. One Fare For The Round Trip. via the Nickel Plate Road, account of Decoration Day. Tickets will be sold to stations 'within a radius of 150 miles from starting point, on May 29th and roth, with return limit of May 31st, 1905, in­ clusive. Three daily trains with vesti­ buled sleeping-cars to New York and Boston and New England points. Meals on American Club Plan, ranging in price nom 35 cents to $1, served in Nickel Plate dining cars; also service a la carte. No excess fare charged on any train on the Nickel Plate Road. La Salle Street. Passenger Station, Chicago, corner La Salle and Van Buren Streets, on the Ele­ vated Loop. City Ticket Offices, 111 Adams Street, and Auditorium Anne�. Phone Central IDs7. - -- Big Four Route bet ween Chicago and La Far.tII indianapolis - louisville Cincinnati and all points South & Southeast All traius stop at 63rd st. Station, Chicago, within a few minutes walk of UNIVERSlrY of Chicago Buffet Parlor Cars or Dining Cars on day trains, and Pullman's finest Compartment and Standard Sleepers on nights. All trains run solid, Chicago to Cincinnati. The only line from Chicago connecting in the Central Union Depot, Cincinnati, with C. & 0., Q. & C., L. & N., and B. & O. S. W. R'ys. For reservations, etc., calIon or address J. C. TUCKER. G. N. A. 238 Clark St., Chicago After the Theater the UNION RESTAURANT 111 E. R.ANDOLPH I!!!.T. Excellent Service Best Music in Town Telephones Ceatral 2829 and 11i1 BORDEN'S COllD'&IISED JllLlt, PLUID 1111&., CUAII AlID B1JTTK2JIILlt ALL 1l0TTLED IN THE CO"NTD BORDEN'S CoNDENSED MILK Co • • :l7-ea3 E. POIITY-aEYEIITM aT. .EITLE.E. WHO DRESS FOR InL£ lOT lESS, lID CO.FOR' WEAl 'HE •• PROVED MAKERS OF PIONEER SUS�£Na. ... CRAS. A. LAWRENCE. MaJl8&er and Director LAWRENCE .ORCHESTRA Select Music for all select ooeaaloDL Your patronage lIOIicitecL Residence 5745 Boealle OoorL CIaic:aco. Tel. Ib_ Puk 1487. WH. '0 use poor, unwholesome � milk, when for the same money you can get it Pure. Sweet and Extraordinarily Rich, delivered in sealed bottles, by calling up Telephone South 817, or dropping a postal to SIDIIEY WAlIZER I SONS 305-7 Thirtieth St. If" you do not see what you want. a.k foJ" it We carry S1ICh a .ariety of I'toc:k that poaibly the particular article you need is not ia view. If aot. uk for it. It is more thaa likely that WI' will be able to supply the desired articleROSALIR PHARMACY J. J. GILL. Pb. G •• Pbooe H. P. 175 274 E. 57th St. AD tLcWtrI California Out and Back $62i_ From Chicago On certain day. tLi. Spring and Summer .. tLe Santa F • will sell brst-dass roUDCI­ trip tic'-:ets to CalifonDa for about one fare. HOD­ ored on the luxurious Cali­ fornia Limited. For $5 more visit Portland Exposition. For $6.50 more see Gr.md CanyOD of Arizona. Sev.eral personally conducted excursums. BOSTON BARTER A Complete B:DcycJopecJJa 01 .&metear 8pcIIt e SPALDING'S Official . ATHLmC ALMANAC Forl90S Edlt.d b.,. J. 1:,. SULLIVAN (Chief of Depanment of Physical Culture. I,ouisiana Pulcbaac Exposition). Should be read by every college student, as .. contaios the records of all college athletes and all amatenr events in this COUDtry and abroad It also coutaias a complete review of the Olympic: Games from the official reportofDlrec­ tor SUllivaD aad a resume of the two cJaya devoted to sports in which savages weretheODly CODlestaDts. This is the first timeia which the athletic perfonnaDces of savages have ever bee:u systematically recorded. This is the largest Athletic: Almanac ever pub­ lished. CODtaiDg 320 pages. Numeroul'illDStrao tioDS of promiaent athletes and track teuos. Price 10 CeDt. For sale by aU newsdealers and A. G. SPALDING .& Bk05. New York Chicago San PraDda» SeDd for a copy of SpaldiDgs's Athletic Goocla catalogue. It's free. Pure Water ��h�f Good--Health Is absolutely pure. Delivered In aeaJed glass bottles. Sold by an lading druggists. THE CONSUMER' CO. Butler. 35th to 36th se, CmCACO Telephon. Ya.rd. 1220 I PLEISIIT aIBIEY ..__... .... nJOU � ........ Chlcaco, IndlanapoUs Cincinnati. LoulsYlII. and French Uck and West Baden Springs If JCMI 80 ." the we, Of til. c..ft ,_ Lecal TJcbt ... 184 CLAkK STkEI:.T Lias n.t to u.. Lec-II ..... Slips. Tea ... ror U.f_t ... SuDp1es-Jr.8DltGOc..CCIUDD!k. IIaIW GO ncelJl& Of pcb. c..'rOltCO ... ... ta U.s.a. EASY MUSSEY·S Billiard Halls and Bowling Alleys The Largest and Finest Amusement Resort in the World 100 to 108 Madi.on Street BralldI: 611S Dam se, �DSloD A. McAdams THR UNIVERSJTY FLORIST 5UENHOtJSES . CHICAGO c-. 1_ at • .., Ki.bar' .-. KE.ENAN FLORIST 6UI Wentworth A,e. - Phone Went. 363 Itt East 63rd St. . Pbone B. P. 546f Fresh cut flowers, seeds, plants :\011 bulbs. Gold Fish and Aquaria Supplies L MANASSE, OPriCIAN .. -- .................... .. In ...... .,.._.. III a.aDy &4Jat.I ayaT ........ :==t: ..... I..8aIIniII.. 1bIab,aa­ .......... Established 1878 Incorporated l� DINSE, PAGE & CO. ELECTROTYPERS. STEREOTYPERS 167 ADAMS ST. • • • • emcAQO· Telephones: Main ., Aato 8S1I "rhree EQre.. TraIna :But Ever7 Da7 In the Year. PallmaD. Dza .... Jioom Sleepm.. Can on all TrabuI. �­ t.lnental �ourlat Cara leave Ohl-.o S'rI­ Weeld¥ on � and Sunup at 2:30p.m-and Wedneadap at 10:86 .... .1 *11 =�TOO:: IIJI I modem DInInc Oars II8r'V'iDtr meala OIl Indlv1daal Club Plan, ranglDg In prloe from 3� oenta to .1.00, alao 8el'riae • Ia Carte. Oofl'ee and Sandwlchell,atpopalar prloea, llerved to paII88Jlpr8 In thelr Mate by 'W'altera. Direct Une to lrort WQDe, l!'lDdlay, Cleveland, BrIe, BldIIalo, Boch­ eRer, S�, BlDahamtoD, So:ra1ltoD. A. A. Devore & Son TAILORS Pullman Building We make a spec!alty of high grade Dress Smts for young men. l!IBW YOBK OITY, BOSTOB AJID ALL POIlI'm B.A8'.r. Colored pozten In 1IILltonD I1l ett- ..... CllDaIl Oouh � U� ......... plate a trlp .. oaIl OIl � � acbt Apnt, or � JOJDI Y. OAT AKA., a.. ..... 118.Adama ... Ohm .... Are popular- with college men be-­ cause they lie flat against the Jeg; never bind; fibre button; does not tear hOR. Easy to put on and take 06. 25 and 5Oc. a pair. 8014 by GlJDt'&, 401 '&. 63r4 at. ...T&IN. CO •• Cblc ... JU ... cmCAGO, THU1tSDAY; MAY 25, 1905 I I : i I I GILL'S LILLY CREAM Is a dainty preparation for the skini' a prompt and efficient remedy for al roughness, cha'pped hands and lips &0 prevalent just now. It is quickly . absorbed and is neither greasy nor , sticky 1\.0sa1le Phannac7 J. J. GILL, Ph. G., 274 E. 57th Street PHONE HYDE PAJllr::: 175 KIllBALL BALL � Wabaah An. � ')� 1\oorS�io, U. of C. OrldDal I4eu ad Student' BUlu1inSty1ea1D Photographs SPRING AND SUMMER STYLES Lange Bros. l\ Spring � Styles Now at Established 1�73. AMES '2.00 HATS $3.00 You can Ai FAIl\. DJ:.4,l L ·WITH ItVER. Y. ·.BAT 161-163 E. Madison St., near La Salle Iffnterested in Bowling or Bil­ liards, you should have a private ten pin ball or cue. Price of Ten Fin Balls $4.00. Fancy cues $1.00 to $4.00 each. Brunswlck-Balkl-Collender Co. 263-265 Wabash Ave. IF YOU ARE IN NEED of A Place to Board or are looking for a Room, you will do well to follow the CLASSIFIED i ADVERTISEMENTS of the DAILY MAROON I .... AMUSEMENTS .... I GARRICK F. C. Whitney's "Musical Cocktail, ,. PHI, Pall, Poult A Big New Feature Added to ro Others. Entitled "SIIE·S ALL RIGHT,·' The Original English Pony Hallet Special Decoration Day Mat. Tlles. May 00 STUDEBAKER Pop. Mat. Toc.lay 25c to $1 - . Extra Mat:-uecoratioll iJay. The Virginian with DUSTIN FARNUM LA SALLE .Mat. Today It's Your l\IO\'e, Only One Possible If You Have Not Seen The Isle of Bong Bong 100th Perfonllance May 24. Souvenirs. POWERS' Last 5 Ni£hts and Sat. Mat. Mr. F. C. Whitney Presents Mme. Schumann-Helnk In "Love's LoUery" HYDE & BEHMAN'S Every Night. Mats. Wed. and Sat. Everyone Is Laughing at KafoOlelum The New Musical Oddity With DAVr: LEWIS and ELFIE FAY "Join the throngs That nightly come To lauzb at old Kafoozleum.' SliMl\IER PRICBS. SEEING COLORADO During the Epworth League Conven tion at Denver, July 5th to 9th the DENVER AND RIO GRANDE R.R. "The Scenic Lines of the World" will make low rates to all the princiJ?81 summer resorts and Scenic points of m­ . terest in Color-do aud Utah, Also to the Yellowstone Park, California and the Lewis and Clark Exposition at Portland. For rates and full infor.uauon write S. K. HOOPER. R. C. NICHOL. G. P. & T. A Gen·1 Agent, Denver. Colo. 242 Clark. St, Chicago. Ill. MR. WORKER rtakertore Mone) Selling our goods than Books, School Supplies, or anything else! 'Ve haven't room enough bere to show you why but will tell you by mail if you send youraddrcss. CHASE BROTHERS COMPANY ROCHESTER, N. Y. Scotch i ••• ds. English Serges. and Cheriots. Home Spuns and Flannels. Gun .etal GreTa Tailor for Youn. "eD Two Stores: 131 I�'l Salle Street 44 Jackson Boulevard CHlCAG(). ILL .1. Bargains in anv make either for rental or sale THE TYPE�TER EXCHANGE 319 Dearborn Street CmCAGO, ILL. Where Do YOU Get '\"out' Nc,\\·spapcr8, Periodicals and Sta­ tionery? AT NORTON'S. Free Delivery. M8 Sith Street. Phone 116 Hyde Park Develops Bone. Brain and Brawn «l A sound mind in a sound body i. the ideal which every rational man seeks to attain. This ide a I is a question of proper food, and Shredded Wheat Biscuit will produce the desired results. It is made from the choicest !'heat and nothing else. G. It IS a known fact that wheat con­ tains all the elements of the human body and bra in. It builds muscle. bone. tedh and "gray matter." G.TryTri •• crult. the whole wheat cracker used as a toast or waftr. un. v,�:'�!:?:::'�� !w,. The Natural Food Co. N�Fal"'N.Y. GO BY BOAT TIle comfortable. convenient and least expensive way to travel, �ER\·lCE TIlE nEST TO GRAND RAPIDS I:ARE. :.!.oo .. : 7:-15 p.m. Daily. MUSKEGON, GRAND HAVEl( FARE. '! .ro. : 7:-15 p.m. Daily. �:[IL -W- A UKEE FARE $1.00 8:00 p.m. Daily Docks Foot Michigan A ve, 1 ........ CALENDAR.orl May 26 King's Kalendar Keeper, May 27 King's Kalendar Keep, r. June 10 Women's Athletic Ban- 9�et.' CI ••• lfled AIIv.ertl.ell1ents BUSINESS CAI\.DS Ice Crea.�. Sod�. CaDdie. We ��Pr..:!::t�- yc:::-- t�:�r:::t!.:� i:: !:c!­ weather. Our Soda Water is Cold and Delicious. lee Cream Parlor in connec­ tion, PORTL�ND PHARMACY. N. E. Cor, 60tb St., and Washington Ave. Dru.s Try Tolu, Tar, and Wild Cherry.for,· that cough, . University Pharmaey 660 E. 55th St.; - . We do not advise drugs if you are well. but when you're sick. 'Tel, H. P. 557, and your d ug' .ueeds will, reo eive our profes-' sional allen ion. Delivery by special messengers; '"1fF. PORTLAND PHARMACY, N. E: Cor. 6Oth-St.- and'Washington Ave. J . •••• � Restaura.Dts Have you tried the Lexington Restaur­ ant and Lunch Room for meals? "L" Station 5ro E. 63rd Street. . W .... nted Teachers If you· wish to secure a positioD .. tci teach call on or write to James P. Me Cullon�h. RAilway, K:s:cbaOJte. -()bl�. C. A. Scott & Co., proprietors of. the Bridge Teachers' Agency, 2A Beacon street, Boston, are seeking desirable can­ didates for college ann private school p0- sitions in the Western States. Candidates who would accepta university_�tion to teach English at a salary of Jl,21lO, and academic positions to teach French and German at salaries from flOO to _ $1,(XX) should write at once. Student. Want.d R gtim I can'teaeh any person a e of average intelligence to play real ragtime on piano in ten les­ sons. College students possess more than average, intelligence.; which makes my work easier. Write at once for explana­ tory book let. C H R 1ST ENS EN, 409 Athenaeum Bldg •• Chicago. $25.00 PER WEEK DURING YOUR VACA­ TION. W.I<! WANT COLLEGE STUDENTS to ad as our representatives and lake orders for our new line of Up-To-DATE goods. ENTIRELY NE.W, QUICK SELLERS, during your vacation to pay your tuition for next term. Write fOT particulars to­ day .. UNIVERSAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY PITPSAURG PA. Tailors . For-fine tailoring go to 364 E. 63m St. The very best grade of \!en's Wear for University of Chicago students is kept by J. �. Wilcox at{j9() �t 63rd St s, DR. FRED W. 'PARKER DR. RALPH' We PABKER DEN··T·I�TS 6249 Kl)JBARK AVE. N. E. Cor. Slxt1-tblrd 8t. Phones: Office IIvde Park 1188 Resid�Ce: Hyd� Park 2248 Boors: t OOtnl�OO I 30 to &00 .. We alway�: have in stock a full line of .Soci­ ety and Business Station­ ery,' Office and School Supplies, Magazines and Periodicals. • • • • KODAK SUPPLIES AND SPO&TING GOODS . S�rto B. B. DILLER, w, II. BIJ.UNGS 402 East S��d Street Telephone I�yde Park. 1017 ... Barker ... ·THE SHI� ,CUTTER Shirts Mad. To Order &.. O. BARKER. 415 E. 55th Street )