The· Daily Maro Pst" t d £ftM .. � tile ..... ., tile Valftnlty .. QJcap DuIq tJd'M�" tM ValnaltJY- VOL. III. No. 139 CHICAGO. THURSDAY. MAY 18. 1905 FO_R_FR_tIENDSIIIP .THREE DOLLARS TO ABN Harvard Graduate Olves $10,000 to Yale to Increase PriencUy Feel­ ing Between Two. GIFT Tennis Game Saturdav The University tennis team will meet I11inois in a dual match Satur­ day on the campus courts. The following men will play for Chica­ go; Garnett. Rowley, Wickes, Hills, Gray. ARBOR Total 12 11 27 15 � Wisc'ns'nO 0 0 2 1 1 1 0 7-12 Cbicago ·0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0- 2 Stolen bases-Lewis. Brush 2. Two­ base bit-Paul. Sacrifice hitS-Lewis. Wbitemore, 'Brush. Hen derson , Gala, Harper. Three-base hits=-Lewis. Brush. Double play- I .. il111 to Bezdek to-Abbott. Inninr pitched-By Walker, 5; by Paul, 4. Hits made=-Off Walker, 6: off Paul, 5. Struck out-By Paul, 4; by Cumminr' 3. Bases on balls- -Off Cummings, : oft Paul,,3. Hit by pitcher-By Paul, 1. PURCi balls- Harper, Leahy. Time- 3:tO. Umpire-Pickett. Attendauce- 3,000. PROFESSOR'STARR HURT A rate of three dollars for the round trip to Ann Arbor is offered to the first twenty students siplifyi!lg their intention o� accompanying the track team. Those accepting this offer must leave V1a the Michigan Cen­ tral at 1O:�0 tomorrow ':Doming and may return any time Sunday. This low ra�e 1S made posslbl� through the generosity of the University Athletic Management. which stands one-half of the cost of each ticket Application for tickets must be made to Director Stagg at once. . A big student send off is being arranged for the team when it leaves Hitchcock Hall at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow. The band will be out to escort the team to the Sixty-third Street :5tation '.of' the Illinois CentTal ' . '" )".. .".. ", ,.... . - "IIIf,..- .... _. .. • , and the coach that will'carly the team will be drawn by students. All the men in the Y'niversity who are interested in having the team win the meet, from Michigan Saturday "\\;11 turn out and help give the team a grea t send-off. ConaeU &ad Hanard Are to Gin JoiDt Musical Coacert-lmportaDt Se. . R1Il. at Comell Yale bas received a $10,000 gift from an anonymous Harvard grad­ uate for the purpose or ·remen!iBg· the good feeling between Harvard and Yale. The use of the funds' was left entirely to the' decision of the Yale corporation, which has voted to expend it from time to time for lecturers from Harvard to speak before the students of Yale. Presi­ dent Elliot of Harvard has accepted . the corporation's invitation to be the first lecturer. The Musical clubs at Cornell and Harvard are rehearsing carefully for the joint concert on May 26. The, arrangements for the event are about completed and the seats will go on , sale Monday. The results .of the ,advance sale to patronesses and members of the clubs indicate a large attendance. Altogether,every thing points towards an enjoyable and successful occasion. The faculty of Cornell University instituted . an importaut ruling to the effect' that no. man shall be al­ lowed more than fourteen days leave of absence ,fC?r athletics during the college year.'·' This .rule is to take effect next fall. Princeton is to have a new recita­ tion hall; Plans have been submit­ ted by seven architects for the hall. and work will probably be begun this summer. In addition to a large number of recitation rOOD;lS, the building will contain two large halls. Mr. Andrew Carnegie has just. offered $75,000 for the foundation of a library at Radcliffe College, on , condition that the '. College shall raise an' equal sum of money for the same purpose, No other conditions are attached to the gift. Bead of Anthropology Department Receives Painful Injuries In a Fall Uubl, to Att,ad Claue. To-c1ay-Ja k­ pected to CoDcluct 2ecltattou Tomorrow Professor Frederick Starr, of the Department of Anthropology; was iiijured:lbl,s nl()r�ing by a fall from the porch of his residence. He was throwing a box over the railing when the structure gave way, and Mr. Starr fell to the ground, twenty feet below, striking the box. He sustained a number of severe scalp wounds, and bruised and strained his right leg; It' was at first hoped that he would. be able to attend his classes to-day, but his condition did not permit. although he plans to cop duct recitations as usual to­ morrow. Dr. Small and Dr. Brady attended Professor Starr. MEET PROMISES. STRUGGLE SECOND GREET PLAY IS BEST COnte,t Will Be "Close- Captain Hugo I'rlend', Remarkabl� Jump in :mltorlc Meet o� 1 gal . A spirited send-oft' is planned for .the Chicago track team when it leaves tomorrow morning at 10:30 for Ann Arbor to meet Michigan in what promises to be the closest dual track contest the two universi­ ties have had since the great meet in 1902. The most conservative and' the most liberal • '�opesters". on both sides vary buta few points on' the outcome, all joining in predict;' . ing that the meet will not be won until the last event is decided. The great dual meet in HJ02 was a record breaker, the closest in the' history of ChicaKo-Michigan con­ test. 'It was, in doubt until the 1£1'· event, the broad jump.' when Friend and Fishleigh were pitted against each' other.' Fishleigh had cleared 22 feet: 4 inches and Friend had not been able to approach this .mar�, but on his ,last trial Friend made the remarkable jump of 22 feet 8 inches and, won the meet for Chicago. H ugo Friend is now captain of the Chicago team and he, will lead his team mates'. tomorrow to the same kind of a contest as that in 1902 when he saved the day. Fish­ leigh has returned to Michigan and will meet the Maroon captain in the broad jump Saturday, Director Stagg will take the team to Battle Creek tomorrow where: they will stay until Saturday mom­ ing, �heD they will then go on to ADn Arbor. Satnrday night will be spent in Ann Arbor and Sunday the team will return. "The team will leave Hitchcock Hall tomorrow morning at 10:00, and. a good send off is being planned. ' "Twelfth Kight," Given in II&Ddel Ball Yesterday Aftemoon, aD Excellent Pro­ duction Circumstances combined to make the Greet performance of "Twelfth Night" in Mandel Hall yesterday afternoon the best rendition of this comedy given in the city by the company. The rich and Sombre panelling and decoration of the Mandel stage substituted for the painted scenes, and the .full sweep of the proscenium arch, unbroken by drop curtains, formed an admi­ rable and' appropriate setting for the magnificent costumes and pic­ tuses of the play. The increase in the size of the stage, too, was much .appreciated by the players, and ··:perDr�ea·-a-,&mter: latitude- in ef­ fective stage business than was the' cue the evening previous. The play was late in commenc­ ing, owing to the fact that while the audience was prompt, it arrived at one time, making it impossible ·to seat it rapidly, and delaying the opening of the action ... The numerous changes in the, personnel of the company have wrought a, considerable improve­ ment, Miss Scott .makes even a better; Olivia than at Studebaker she made a Maria_ Mr. Dallas Anderson. while permitting a few mannerisms which remind one strongly of Mansfield to creep into his work, made a most satisfactory Orsino. Mr. Leiber, a Chicago, man, was the kindly, generous sea, captain, Antonio, and read the part with excellent effect. That inimitable quintette of faD­ makers, Maria, Feste, Fabian, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby, or in other words; Miss Robinsoa.Mr. Aylmer, Mr. .Darch, Mr. Crawley and Mr. Greenstreet, was superb. Every detail of their business was well wrought out, culminating in the riotous . rollicking of the drinking scene, and the horse-play of the duel. MisS Robinson as the pert, jolly serving maid, and Mr. Darch as Fabian were spontaneous and natural. Aguecheek is the best part which Mr.' Crawley plays;­ an excellent foil for the immortal Sir .Toby. Mr. Aylmer's songs contributed much to the success of his part, Mrs, Crawley gave ber usual perfect and sympathetic interpreta­ tion of her part. Mr. Greet, as Contmued on pace " colwan 3 SltCOl'ID GAIlE TO CARDINAL BadK'lfS Win by One-Sided Score of 12 t,o 2-Abbott Makes '9ood at Firat Wisconsin had no difficulty in defeating Chicago yesterdayafter­ noon on Marshall Field. The visi­ tors batted hard throughout- the game and had men on bases in every inning but one. On the other hand the Maroons could not hit .-Cnmminp.:�.��pJ. i�. oJle.,.inni!lg __ c:-� � ....... :., .. :- In the eighth with the score 5 to O· " . - Chicago started a batting rally which looked dangerous for a while. Bezdek singled and Harper drew a pass. 'Then Paul hit for two bases, scoring both runners. The next· two men were easy outs and Chi- cago scoring was over _ .. Although having the game won, Wisconsin insisted upon a good batting practice in the ninth. Three hits, two bases on balls, and two errors resulted in seven runs. Abbott played his first full game at first and by his excellent hand- . ling of low balls saved several er­ rors from being charged to the in- field for poor throws. Chicago R H Bezdek,2b 1 2 �,c 1 0 Paul, ef, pOl Baird, If 0 0 S�del, rf 0 0 Linn,3b 0 1 TempletoD, sa O. 0� p 0 0 Abbott, Ib 0 0 Hatfield. cf 0 0 P.A. 3 2 3 � 1 0 2 0 o 0 o 3 1 0 o 6 17 0 o 0 E 2 o o o 1 1 2 o o o DHES ABD CHI PSI'S VICTORIOUS BoUl fti Delta aac1 Beta J'ail fD Sen­ utioDal .lath 1JmlD, JtaJli .. Delta Kappa Epsilon won from Phi Delta Theta yesterday by a score of 17 to 15 and Chi Psi de­ feated Beta Theta Pi 15 to 8. Both gameS we� played on the Wash- ington Park grounds. . Kellog pitched a steady game for the Dekes with the exception of the last inning when the Phi Delts made 7 runs and threatened to win the contest. The Betas also made a fast finish in their, game with the Chi Psis scoring five runs in the last session. The line up foe the· D. K. E.­ Phi Delta Theta game: D.K.E. Captains, Please Report Scores Captains of fraternity baseball teams are urged to promptly turnin the results of all games played, at ' the Faculty Exchange, for THE DAII.Y MAROON, The line-up of both teams and score by innings is desired. Total WWconsin PeraoDS If Lewef Lobyc' . W'tmore Ib Cummings, p Brush3b Hendricks 2b ,Holtz 55 . Yates, rf 2 4 27 15,._ 6 1 2 0 0 0 3 2 1 0 .0 2 2 4 2 0 1 1 16 0 0 1 1 0 8 0 3 2 1 2 1 1 0 2 2 1 0 1 1 1 2 0 0 2 0 0 P.D·TI Lanon Linthicum, Hook Speik, Lumbard Putnam Harwood El�us Graham Ridlon Jones Jones Catcher Kellom Pitcher Cook 1st Base Conkey 2nd Base Vail S. s. Jennison 3d Base Ferriss Left Field Goea Center Pield Horton Rigb Pielrl Score by iDniogs D. K. E. 3 0 0 2 5 3 0 1 3-17 P. D. T. 1 2 0 3 0 1 1 0 7 -IS. CHICAGO, THURSD4V, MAY 18,1905 ltbe matll! m�roo" 1'onD ... � tM UDI ... ..-.lt7 of Chlca&o Weeki,.. roVIfDIID "I'M 'ODI ..... lt)' of Chic. WMkl,.. OcL J.. 189Z TIm D.&JLT Iidoolf - - - Oct. 1. uoz NEWS CONTRIBUTIONS REQUESTED. PubUaNO b,. the atU4eDU of th. tJDlnr­ aJt7. of Chlca&O enl"J' afterDooD. ucept. Saturda,. aDd Sunda,.. dUriDS thr ... uar­ Wra of th. UDI .... ralt,. ,.ear. rlrat board of e4lton aDd bualD" maD­ &&V authorized b,. atudeDt-bod,. lD mali8 meetlDs IIQ 15. 1902. Ilembenblp OD BUbeeqUeDt boar4a of edlton to be determined by comlNltltlon OpeD te all atudeDU lD the UDb.nlty. BOARD OJ' JIlDlTORB. 1I&DqIDS B:4ltor .•••• Harl"J' W. Pord. '05 News Bdttor Walter I.. Gr�ry, 'm Athletic 2ditor )ohu S. Wnght. 'OS ASSOCIATE II:DlTORS. Ralph P. IIwvaDe. '05 .. Bdwar4 M. Kerwin. '06. IA Ro,. A. VaD Patten. '06 C. Artb'lr Bru.'e. '1)6' Claude Scbo6eld. '01 Wm. A. Mc1>erwid. '01 Bernard I. Bell. '01 Wm. H lIat6eld. '06 WOMEN EDITORS. 111_ lIarle Ortma:rer. MIlia Helen Smith. 'OR ),IiaaCml Palmer STAn OP REPORTERS. Miaa Ktoa Robey, '07. . C:McKeona, Rush. '(1), R. Kddy ;\Iathews. '01 Herbert 1\1. Harwood, 'OS, R, F. Baldwin, '07 E. G. Felaenthal, 'OS. Chaa. A. Paltzer, '(6 George H. Browo, 'Ott Lutber D. Fernald, -os Make-up mao today-R. Eddy Mathews 'BUSINESS STAFP. Bualnesa Manager •••. Herbert I. Marllbaw Au't Bua. Manager John Worley. Jr. C'JrculaUOIl 'YIP' W. 1\1. Ruffcorn Entered &a second-clue man at Chlcaso postomce. Dall,. Subscription. $3 year: $1 tor is mos. B,. Mall In City $� ,.ear: $1.26 for 3 mOB Subscriptions received at TH. MAROON OMce. Ellis Hall, or lett In Tua MAROON 8ox. the Faculty Exchange. Cobb Hall. NOT J\. E.SPONSIBLE. FOR COPIE.S LOST THROUGH CHANGE OF AD. DRJtSS. Notice-Subscriber.: The Dall7 Ma­ roon will be sent to 70U from quarter to quarter uDle.s ) ou order It dl_cOD­ tln.ed� Subacrlbera are requ •• ted to notlf7 tb. circulation d.part�.Dt of tbelr chaD.e of addre •• or their desire to dl.coDtinue .ub.crlptloD.. . "rlnted OJ' l.luaClranKle Preas. 404 Il:. 66tb. I � EDITORIALS # I THE editors of THE DAILY MA­ ROON wish to explain their position in regard to the editorial which ap­ peared yesterday, regarding the Quadrangle ,Fete to be given on the campus the evening of May 27th. The editorial in question was based on the misfortune of scheduling two campus attractions for the same date, Through a regrettable mis­ take the Blackfriars' opera and the Quadrangle Fete were used as exam­ pIes. The fete and the opera are not considered as rival attractions, but as part of a �reat college enter­ tainment. W.JLL ORGANIZE OHEERIN� Rey1Iolcls Club. 'Commission Selects 'Com­ mittee to.Lead SiDiS at Smoker: ,- At a 'special -meeting' of the Rey­ nolds Club 'Commission held Iast e\·eriing in the parlors of the Rey­ nolds Club, a committee consisting of E. E. Quantrell, Lagene Wright and \V. L. Gregory were appointed to select a corps of from thirty to forty representative students to lead the cheering and singing at the smoker on June third. A number of faculty members, . including Dean Shepardson, Dean Butler and Dean Miller were pres· d commended the scheme ent, an k . A rogram for the �mo ·er highly. h' Pd is under preparation on June t Ir . nd negotiations are almost co_m _ a ber of features whIch Plete for a Dum I those at the last stag. will equa .L ·DllD.ois State Bar Examination Northwestern University Law �chool ofters a course in general review for the June Bar- Examination; the first session to be held in Hurd Hall Monday. May 22, at twelve o'clock. For particulars address the Secretary of the Law School. llartyn' 8 Jrlaroon Studio is the Student's Studio. Lowest rates on all Varsity work. U. of C. Photographer, 5705 Cottage Grove Ave. FOWNES GLOVES will be WOrn longer this ... lOn Iban oth.,. · . - that II, other gloves � .� Investments in face comfort, bring big re­ turns. There's big face com­ fort in the famous WILLIAMS' �� 1. M. PATTERSON Proprietor 10HNCLARK :Manager W. ".oyer elo •• All � day ortlDfg�t, � promp y. �ckIon Park LInIy 8� to J. H. Kintz ua L FIIt7-8e ••• tIl atn.t �Byde�{= E�du�ce is a qu�n of mus­ cle and good •• wind;' pafect physical development.. Y OQ can­ not be rmect physically if you are not prop�rly fed. and all fooda are improper that de not afford D�� DOuriSbment to every organ and fuDCtion of the body. Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit is the food you need for the I'nSOn that it i, made of the whole wheat berry. which . cootains Cft'r1 cleo­ mmtwhich enters intothec:omPosi­ rion of the human body in just the right form for perfec::l assimilatioD. C. � Wheat""'" a8F.' k Ifriori· hl_,....,. ... 1 •• �larlFt .elh:loa. witb .ilk. cre_. fill It or ftlCbl-' bIn. •• For E"", Meal Eftty Da,. to·· . c.Tdacult. the new abrd.d wbeat cucker, ale ... b�a4 cw tGeIC in Ita __ ,. '0 ..... Eucllml witb bancr.cb_.orJrre­ Mnes. Try .. �d TrilCalt·, wilb c .... In placc of orclinary crackers. •• ,.,.. , ... , Ow.,". 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SULLIVAN (Chief of Department of Pb�l Cultun, IpuiaiaDa Pulc:bae RS� Should be read' by every college atudetat, .. � c:outaias the records of all college athletes aDd . all amateur events in thUs country and abn*t 11 abo cout.a.m.· a c:01Dplete. reriewr of the Olympic Games from the oftidal report of Dlrec­ tor Su1linn aDd· a nsume of the two daya de90ted to sports ill wbich � weretheOlily conteataDtL ThUs is the first lliDe in which the athletic performances of .. vagea have ever beea .)'atematically recorded. This is the largest Athletic Almanac eft!' pub­ lished. containg a20 � Numeroutl illuatre­ tIona of prosbinent athletes and ttack tdIDa. . . Prlc. 10 POI' aa1e by aD newBdealer. and A. G. SPALDING. B&OS.· lJew York Chicago San PraIlc:I.- IjCIId for a copy of Spaldiup'. Athletic CoocIa Catalogue. It'. free. . Pitre Water ���f . _--.- _-Gf)o.d Health MUSSEY·S Billiard Halls and Bowling Alleys The Largest and Finest Amusement . . . Resort in the World 180 10 108 Madi.on Street BraIlcb: SU Davia $.. KYUUItoD A. McAdams :nla UNIVERSITY FLORIST ftDNHOUSES . 011"'11' 'GO CIit.JiiI ...... � -- � KE.ENAN FLORIST \ Ittl .... ·118. - none Went 363 Itt East 63rd St. - PboDe B. P. MIt Prab cut flowers, seeds, plants and bulbs. Gold Fish and Aquaria Supplies L IlANASSE, 0P11aAN ........... ,.,.... ........ II •• dr ... .,...._., �� a,_T ... r.. e=r: ..... � �.� ........... !Wtablishcd 1M78 Incorporated 1902 •. A.l>evore &; Son TAILORS Pullman Building We �k� a s�lty of high grade Dms Suits for young men. CHICAGO, THURSDAV, MAY 18, 1905 Notice. The Dutch Society will hold an open meeting next Friday after­ noon at H:OO o'clock in the Lexing­ ton Hall League Room. In addi tion 10 the regular work, a special musical program by :\1 is... Hilda Smith has been arranged. The . public is cordially invited to attend. 'rhree Ezpreu Trains East EV8r7 DQ In the Year. Pullman Drawtnc Boom 81eepinw Can on all TraIna. 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