The Daily M I'abUaUd MtenIoou b7 tile 8tucleata of tile Ullinnlty of Chlca,o DaJtq thne� of tu UDl� y- j' VOL. III. No. 138 PRICR Two CENT!-' CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, MAV 17. 1905 from NO PROFESSIONALISM PlU;PARE FORltUCHIGAN MEET REPORT OF�W. A.A. FINANCES TO EDIT NEWSPAPER Committee on Emblems Bands in Report­ Fund for Association Almost Compl"ted­ _Pike Nets $lG1.82-Total f.J3rJ.9"l Dean Vincent's Class in Journalism Organized Into Staff-An Annual Undertaking California Universities Make Plans To Do Awav With Evil and Clearly Define Amateur Coach Stagg Gives Track .en Strenuous Practice- Final Workout Thursday­ Team Leaves for Ann Arbor The finance committee on ern­ blems handed in the following re­ port: Besides the $1000 fund $75 is needed for the piano for the first year. This amount will be raised since none of the girl's clubs have as yet made t heir donations. Miss Talbot has promised the last S50 of the fund. Outside contributions and All Departments of a Great City Dally Will be Handled by Student Editora llay PriIlt Edition The organization of the editorial staff of the "Vincent Daily" was completed this morning by Dean Vincent's class in "The Develop­ ment and Organization of the Press." Each quarter that the course is offered the class makes a special study of the organization of a metropolitan newspaper. and at the end of the course the class is organized into a staff and gets out a paper, with the exception of the printing. This year negotiations are under way to have the paper printed. Propositions have' been made by a number of city papers, and if sufficient resources can be assured the mattet will be stereo- With the Michigan-Chicago dual meet ill view, the track sq uad is working hard to get in fighting trim for the contest next Saturday. To win every man will have to ex­ ert himself to the limit, as Michigan < is strong in every event. Coach Stagg yesterday put most of the men through a strenuous practice. The sprinters practiced starting and ran fast hundreds and two twenties. Hogenson negotia­ ted the longer event in fast time. Catlin, McAvoy and Friend went through the high hurdles several times, paying more attention to form than speed. Ferris was given a hard work out over the low hur­ dles. Lightbody ran a fast quarter and did some jogging. The rest of the distance men were put through their full distances, running the first half mile under 2:15. Parry worked with the hammer and discus and made some good throws, The shot putters were coached mostly on form, Coach Stagg instructing them how to in­ fuse "zing" and snap into the put. The men showed marked improve­ ment. Brown and Quantrell practiced at­ the high jump for a while, but they did not try for height. 1/1t­ tle work was done by the broad jumpers, and the pole- vaulters did not work at all. Clark tried the take-off a cos ple of times but the lane was too wet and slippery to use. Wilksns did not even appear on the field. To-day and tomorrow the men will be given their final work-out for the Michigan meet, the team leaving Friday morning at 10.30 for Ann Arbor. The outcome can only be conjectured, for as nearly as can be judged the teams are about on a par. trustees Faculty Off-campus girls Graduates Green Hall Foster Hall Kelly Hall S108.00 f)(;.00 33.25 25.25 11.25 5J;O 31.75 Wisconsin Co - Operative Society Pays Lar�e Dividends-Trinity College Re­ turns Banner Unfairly Won During the coming summer and . fall special attention will be given by the faculty athletic committees of the universities of California and Stanford to the enforcement of the recently amended intercollegiate a­ greement regarding amateur stand­ ing. An amateur is defined as be­ ing "one who has not entered in an open competition for a stake, public money, admission money, or en­ trance fee; or under a fictitious ·name; or has not competed with or against a professional for any prize, or where admission fee is charged: or who has not instructed. pursued or assisted in the pursuit of athletic exercises as a means of livelihood. or for gain or anyeniolument." The executive committee of the University' of Wisconsin Co-opera­ tive company held their annual meeting last week and decided to declareto all stockholders a dividend in cash of 10 per cent or of 13 per cent in trade. This generous divi­ dend exceeds that of last year, which was 9 per cent cash and 12� per cent : trade. The payment of dividends was started immediately. Trinity -College returned the pen­ nant won from Union last year in the annual track meet. together with an apology. saying that the trophy was unfairly WOlle The athletic committee expains that it was recently discovered that a mem­ ber of the track team was not a member of the college. In the debate between Kansas and l\. issouri held at Columbia re­ cently the decision was given to Missouri by a vote of two to one. Half an hour later. after the de­ baters had dispersed. a mistake in the vote was discovered and a de­ cision of two to one in favor of Kansas was announced The Kansas debating team had the curious ex­ perience of losing and wiuuing the same debate. It was announced at Columbia University that the standard re­ quired for, the degree of A. H. and B. S. will no longer be fixed in terms of years college residence. bu l in terms of work accomplished. A total of 124 points will be re­ quired for graduation. Extra points are to be allowed for meritorious work. so that a stu­ dent may complete the course in three years. Under the new plan a student may finish his course in the schools of mechanic. engineering or architecture in two years. Begin­ ning next February, students will be regularly admitted to the Fresh­ man class in Eebruary as well as in September. SENIOR CLASS MEETING Class Spirit Lags and Members Fail To Attend Session At the meeting of the Senior class held this morning at 10:30 in Haskell about twenty-five members were present. The matter of class dues was brought up by the treas­ urer, Lee Maxwell. He urged the members of the class to pay their dues at once in view of the heavy expenses which are soon to be i 11 C\1 rred . A sample of the the Senior day program was passed around for in­ spection. These programs have the class seal on the cover. They will cost 40 cents each and should be Pike '282.60 161.82 ordered immediately Hillman. The matter of class pin has been left to the discretion of the com­ mittee in charge, and it now seems probable that - the University seal will be adopted instead of a pin. A not her meeting of the class will be held next Wednesday at the , same hour. It is to be hoped that a full attendance will be had. $444.42 Expenses S.50. typed and a small edition run off. The editorial rooms of the ·'Vin- Mi�.le Divinity Reception. The Divinity Faculty and all Divinity students will hold an in­ formal reception in M. D. parlor on Thursday afternoon from :·t30 to 5.30. Total $435.92 cent Daily," as it is temporarily named, will be in the Fine Arts BUilding. The city papers have expressed their willingness to assist the staff as much as possible and ar­ rangements are being made where­ by the reporters on the amateur paper will be given assignments - with the reporters of the city pa­ pers. The paper will appear in about two weeks. A .meeting of the Board of Edi­ tors will be held tomorrow to decide upon the character; "color" policy and make-up of the "Vincent Daily." The editorial staff chosen this morning is as follows: Managing editor, Wm. McDer­ mid; editorial writers, R. B. Per­ kins, S. C. Robertson. Long. News editor. L. A. Van Patten; Assistant news editor, E. E. Quan- trell.' ' Telegraph Editor. M. Lumbard; assistant, E .Z. Vogt. City Editor, W. J. Cuppy; as­ sistant, E. O. Lansing. City Staff; Messrs. Bailey, Fues­ sle, Gale. Legate, \\Talker, Mc­ Learie, Miss McKinney. Sporting Editor, Mark Catlin; assistants, I. J. Solomon. F. Hutch­ inson. Dramatic and Music. MisS Cal- houn. Financial Editor, R. E. Mathews. Exchange Editor, Harry Watts. Literary Editor, J. E. Bill. Art Director, H. B. Fuller. CHORUS GIRLS ISSUE DEFI Leave Action in Hands of Coach-Ejection of Escorts Will Precipitate Walk-out In a turbulent and riotous meet­ ing held in the .Mnndel green room. yesterday. the discontented .chorus girls of The King's Kalendar Keeper decided to return to the cast. The peace party was headed by "Eva Tanquay" Tope. and after a long and heated discussion the pacific element gained a moral vic­ tory, if nothing else. (This is the same moral victory that hovers over the athletic teams of the Varsity.) "Eva" Tope. in a vehement and. impassioned outburst of verbal pyrotechnics. advanced the idea that chorus ladies are not hard to secure during this period of theatri­ cal stagnation. She further pointed' out that this was a bad time for a strike. as nearly all of the regular companies had closed their seasons and the summer companies had not yet opened. "Pifi, Paff, Pouf" Thompson remarked that summer companies and some are not. but she was immediately subdued. It was moved that the strike be postponed and a test case raised at the next rehearsal. The girls' idea is to have their escorts come to the next rehearsal. and if Coach Cush­ ing attempts to put the men out the girls will walk out in a body. A lively time is anticipated, as Coach Cushing is determined to eject the men. SEGOlO) GAlIK WITH WISCONSIl'f Badgen on IIarahaIl Field -Abbott on Fint and Linn Playe4 at Third Chicago played Wisconsin this afternoon on Marshall Field at :l:45. This was the second game of the season with the Badgers. the second game at Madison having been called off on account of rain. Walker was in the box for Chi­ cago. Linn covered third base. Eckersall being now ineligible .. Ab­ bott was used at first. Among the men expected to be present are: C. Darwin Enfield, C. Logan Garnett. A. Evarts Lord. F. Arthur Fischel. D. Talk Rosen­ thal, R. Conkling Cornell and others. Mr. Cushing will have an inter­ esting time ejecting this group. The sympathizers have adopted the motto--"Stick around-it's up to Cushing." �liss I II CHIC�GO, WEDNESDA¥. �AV 17.1005 "Ctbe IDaUl! maroon I'ormer17 the UDlyerslt7 of c.."hlcaao Weeki,.. roUlIDD Tb. UDI ... ·.lt7 of Chic. Weeki,.. Oct. 1. 18»2 TID D£ILY II.uooN - - - Oct. 1. 110Z NBWS CONTRIBUTION� REQUESTED. Publt.hed b,. the Itudenu of the Unlnr­ Ilt7 of Chlcqo nerJ' afternooD. eJ'.cept Batur4aJ' aDd Sunda,.. durin, three Cluar· Wn of the UDlTeralt,. rear. Flnt board ot editors and bUllnelUl maD· qer authorlzed b,. Itudent-bod,. in ma .. meet iDe lIa,. 15. 1902. lIembershlp on Bubaequent boardl ot editors to be determined b,. comlH:t1tlon opeD. te aU .tudenta lD tha Unlval'lllt,.. BOARD OF EDITORS lIaoa«lns Edltor .•••. Harry W. Ford. ·ur. New. FAitor ..•••..•..••• Walter L. Gre�ory, '� Athl�ic Rditor Johu �. Wnxht. 'OS ASSOCIATE EDITORS. Ralph P. Mulnnc, '05. ICdward K. Kerwin. '06. I.e Ror A. Van PatteD, '06 C. Arthur Bru-e. O� Clllude Schofield. '07 Wm. A. !\lcDermid, 'OJ Bernard I. Bell. '07 Wm. 11. Hatfield. '06 WOM EN EDITORS. lila Marie Ortmayer. MIIIII Helen Smltb, 'O� Mias Cecil Palmer STAFF OF REPORTERS. Miss Etna Robey. '07. e. McKenna. Rush, '05, R. ¥.ddy ::.\Iathews. '07 Herbert 1\1. Harwood, 'OS. R. F. Baldwin, '07 B. G. Fclacnthal, 'OS, Chae. A. Pattzer, 'OS Georgc H. Brown •• � Luther D. Fernald. 'OS :Make-up man to-day-Wm. A. McDermid Aasistant-Geo. H. Brown BUSINESS STAFll'. BuslDes. Manager .••• Herbert I. Markbam A .. 't Bue. Manager ...... John Worley. Jr rirculation ::.\lgr ...••••....•.•.•••. W. ::,\1. Ruffcorn Entered aB second-claaa mllll at Chicago \ PostotDce. Dan,. Subscription. $3 year; $1 for � moa. B7 Yan In Clt7 $4 7ear; $1.25 fOl 3 mOl. Subscriptions received- at THK MAROON Omce. Ellis Hall. or lett In TUB: MAROON Bolt. the Faculty Eltchange. Cobb Hall. NOT l'. E.sPONSISLE. FOR COPIES LOST THROUGH CHANGE OF AD­ DRESS. Notlce-5ubacrlbers: The Dalb Ma­ roon will be aent to ,_ou frOID quarter to quarter unleaa ) ou order It discon­ tinued. Subscribers are requested to notify the circulation department 01 their chanae of address or their dealre to dlacontlnue subacrlptloDa. �rlnt(!d tty QuadranKle Pr�6l!. 404 E. 65th. I" EDITOR.IALS "'I , T�E' "Senior Class" held a meet.­ ing this morning-that is, about twenty out of a hundred and nine­ ty-two did. Matters of the utmost importance were brought up for discussion-matters which should have warranted a large attendance. If the 1905 class is to accomplish anything it is time the members were taking an active interest in class affairs and turning- out to the meetings. . . . The scheduling of different cam­ pus attractions on the same night is a practice which has proved very harmful in the past, and ought to be avoided in the future. An ex­ ample of this may be seen in the placing of the Quadrangle Fete on May 27, the same night as that of a Blackfriar performance. This rival competition in the social calendar is sure to work detriment to some one of the organizations involved. I PLEISIIT �OURIEY , •••• ured when you Tre.e' between Chicago, Indianapolis Cincinnati It Louisville and French Lick and West Baden Springe .f you 110 by the wey of the Itm:hI:lam ... c..a ,_ LecaI TicbI ..... 184 CLA�K ST�&& T Wrile f«our beautiful IUDPIe book which "e seDd fBE! to lay a •• drHl. It coataU. a Iarae . UlllrtlDeGI 01 the De"""" auaranteed fabria for the �lWdlesllUitamade to your meuure at $10.00 aDd upward. eyer oIIered iD all America. It aJao de- .• ecribea and iIIumalel the 6ne aiD eoata, faDcy ft:III and aiIk umIxdLu Pal free to all wbo , Older from UI. We IiYe tbe.e articIocs to advertiae our � and they COil JOU DOlhioC wiaalcnr. Write today. 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The schedule for all the games is as follows: May 19-Basket-ball, 4:15. �l ay 24 - Hockey. 4:15. May 27 -Baseball. 4:00: Basket- I'ail, -1:1:). May 31-Baseball, 4:14. J line I-Basket-ball,4.15. June 5-Hockey.4:15. June 7 -. Baseball, 4:15; Hockey, 5:15. Yesterday at a meeting of the \\'0111·'· is Athletic Association the Seniors appointed Miss Allison gen­ eral charman of the games commit­ tees with Clara Peck, basket-ball­ E. Robertson, baseball; E. Clark, hockey; R. Jones, cheer-leader, as chairmen of the sub committees . -rhe Juniors appointed M. Heap, general chairman; I. Anthony t bas­ ket-ball; A. Davis, hockey; E. Rob­ inson, baseball; Hadsell, cheer-lead­ er. Tickets for the games may be se­ cured at the gymnasium on FIiday; Admission free. IU.Y ISSUE 01' .0IlrBLY IlAROON College .. gaziDe Will Appear OD Cam,.. Tomorrow- Contaiu . Good Stori .. Tomorrow the May issue of the Monthly Maroon will appearon the campus. The feature article by "Pat" Her-ry, comparing the ath­ letic system at Oxford and at Chi­ cago, is one of the most interesting that has ever been written on the subjeet, I \ will be surprising to read how an old athlete scores the system now in vogue at the Uni­ versity of Chicago. He points out that the strain toward specialization is gradually limiting the number of athletes and that athletics here instead of being essentially bene­ ficial to the man is often terribly detrimental. "How the Summer College Man Earns Money," by Don M. Comp­ ton. is continued from the April issue. The article is well written, and enlivened by several amusing anecdotes. Howard \Villett contrib­ utes a story ent itled "Jimmy Fer­ gus, . a college story whose local color grasps the attention from the very first. Half a dozen other good stories make up the quota of fiction. The Department of Var­ sity. of Varsity View and Alumni, are of especial interest in the May issue. 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Over a million dollars' worth are worn in New York and Phila­ dek>hia every year, half a million in Boston and Washington. They are represented in ev� great College in America. They are sold by good stores in three thou­ sand other cities and towns. There are two things that go a long way in Philadelphia. In fact two things one is rather expected to possess-a grandlather and a well-cut coat. We can't supply you with the one, but we are rea� with the other. ' W e expect to talk often to X_�U about Kirschbaum Clothes. We shall keep after y-ou until you try them. That's all we ask you to do. We ask it because we know the opinion of those who do try them and we know the clothes. It will pay you to know them. Better clothes are worth while. They are worth remembering the name and 6nding the store that sells them. A.' B. Kirschbaum at Co. Philadelphia uel H •• YOJ-' ........... I i I I r I �, -- +. t" t, � �' I, t r r: \1 l : r.: College Students require brain-making foods. The danger of collapse or "brain fag" from overwork mal easily be avoided by the use 0 ' , Good Food Properly Cooked We use' llrillGa -- in selecting and COOking the foed Sf!I'Ved by us THE KUITZ·R� •• LER Co. 303-3OS Wabaaii Avenue Tel. 589 BarriIoIl ) , Dirt'ctor Mtller Tells of Plans and lII .. tho 18 in Uoiveraity Publishiog Bouse. At the Lower Senior Division meeting this morning Mr. Newman Miller explained the founding and .history of the University Press. He said: The real purpose of the University Press is the publication of 'scientific' books and journals. The of text books is merely an accommodation to the students here at the University. Ne\'ertlleless, the retail department is conducted in the interests of the students and only such a profit for the maintenance of the depart­ ment is desired and sought for. "The Decennial Publications of the University have not been com­ pleted as yet. They will consist of ten quarto volumes and eighteen octavo volumes, which will be both an advertisement for the University and an aid to the students and pro­ fessors of this country. To furnish this an endowment of $60.000 is necessary •. which the University furnished. About $�O,OOO.OO of this will be returned to the Univer­ sity made from the sale of books "In 1903 a working capital of $140.000.00 was furnished the Press. _ This does not include heat. light and rent. which are paid the University from the yearly profits of the Press. 'Besides this, there is a subsidy fund established to pub lish books of doubtful commercial value. "Under capable management there is no reason why the Press should: not be self supporting. and even profit-making.' , , Classlfted AdvlrUsementl BUSINESS CA&.DS lee Cream. �oda. CaDdies JI' - Lomasney Sisters. Fresb candies always on band. Soda Fountain open April 20. G:lrtl St and Kimbark Ave. We regulate your temperature in hot weather. Our Soda Water-Is Cold and Delicious. Ice Cream Parlor in connec-. tion, PORTLAND YUA.RMACY, N. E. Cor. OOth St., and Washington Ave. Dr\l8. TrY Tolu, Tar and Wild Cherry. for. that cough. University Pharmacy 660 E. 65th St. Illinois not heing Wisconsin or Indiana we are still selling tbe Egyptian Deities: Pall Mall " Mogul D of YQrk Murad, . Astion, etc. Your nearest place' for cigarettes, PORT­ LAND' PUARMABY N. E. Cor. eoth St. and Washington Ave. Kodalls·Camera. 5X7 GO�RZ SERIES IB,LENS. $36.75. Cameras and kodaks rented or exchanged. Prompt developing. Central Camera co.;: 31 Adams St. ' , a..staaraDts Have you tried the Lexingtou Restaur­ ant and Lunch Room {or'meals? "L·· Station 520 E. 63rd Street. W�nted Teachers If you wish to secure a position to teach call on or write to James F. Me Cullouch. Ra1lwQ, Exchaoge. Ohlcqo. C. A. Scott & Co., proprietors of. the Bridge Teachers' ARency� 28 Beacon street, Boston. are seeking desirable .ean­ didates for college and'private school p0- sitions in the W estern States. Candidates who would accept a universitv position to teach English at a salary of' ,1,200, and academic positions to' teach French and Gennan at salaries from $700 to $1.000 should write at once� .. . I.' S�eU Informal Postponed. At the house-meeting of Snell­ Hall list evening it was decided to postpone the informal planned for Eriday afternoon. In its stead an evening reception and dance will be held at a date to be decided upon later. ; I If you need a typewriter, here is a good bargain. .Excellent condition. If taken at once I will sell it for ten dollars cash. Call and see it. S. M. Raffie. 46 Snell Hall. I.e 1 M U 51: ME ��s _il URRICK Pop. Price Mat. Today F. C. Whitneyts "Musical Cocktail ... · PHI, Pafl, PouB And The Original English Pony Ballet Wantecl-Se, .. eral wide-awake students ' that are experienced solieitors, who wish to earn some easy money soliciting near the University an hour or two each day and on Saturdays, Salary or commission, Call at the MAROON office and inquire of cashier. ,- STUDEBAKER Pop. Mat. Today 2rlC to $1 Kirk La Shelle's Production of TIle VIrginian with DUSTIN FARNUM SUMMER EMPLOYMENT-We have a most profitable proposition for summer work for eollegemen, It can be worked alone, or as a side-line in connection with subscription books, etc. If you are going out with any proposition this summer. write us for our plan. It is wholly origi­ nal. bas never been used by any other publisher, and contains features whicb make the work easy. enjoyable and most profitable. TUR CROWKLL PuBLISHING COMPANY. Springfield. Ohio. LA SALLE Tonight at 8:15. COD\·eived By. Written By. Acted By. Played To Chicagoans The III. of Bong .. ng Matinee tomorrow CHAS. A. LA WRmNC� Manacer aDd DIrector LAWRENCE ORCHESTRA Sf'lect Music for .n eelf!ct Ot"eUiODL Your patronap eoIlcited. Residence 5745 RoBalle Coort. ChicaCO. Tel. Hy"," �rk, 14ft7. HYDE I BEHIIAN'S Mat. Today at 2 Wn.I.I.ol A. BRAtw presents Robert B. •• ntlll in Shakespeare's- Hamlet Tomorrow(Tlturs.)at9a.m.SunmerPriccs Seats on Sale for New 1\Iusical Oddity Kafooulum Witll DAVE U·:WIS. EI.Vm FAY and Great Co. POWERS' E\'enings at 8:1;;. Mats. Sats, Only . Mr. F. C. Whitney Presents the Incomparable Mm •• Schumann·Hllnk A'1ltl the nest Singing Organization in . Amc:rica in "Love'. LOtte,,"