VOL. III. No. 68 I'RleR Two CENTS CHICAGO, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20. 1905 HONOR FOR PROFESSOR LEWINSOBN CLASS ORATOR TO AC T FOR C BAR IT Y DEBATING TEAll READY At a meeting of the senior class The University Settlement is to hi .. Hask II J h L Platform Club to GiTe Dinner For CbalrDIAII t IS mornmg sn . e , osep . receive the profits of the next Dra- &Del Judces Toaicht Minn.lOta Lewinsohn was elected class orator. matic Club play. ,. A Pair of Spec- lien Arrin The vote was close. Lewinsohn tacles," to be given 011 the evening wiu�ing by a few Vote:s_oYJ:r:Scb� -- -of-Friday. :Feb. -a;-i1rMan�Halt 'On ... 11Ie< eve- or-tbe'-aetiate'-whh' . ler Terry. Albert J. Hopkins and This arrangement was made Minnesota, Chicago's chances for Vernon Beebe were also nominated. through the executive committees victory seem brighter than at any The matter of class gift was dis of the University Settlement League time during the last few weeks cussed but a definite settlement of and the Dramatic Club last night. This morning Coach Huston was it was postponed until the next The action is the outcome of a optimistic concerning the outlook, c1a5S meeting. The class president; suggestion of the Dramatic Club. believing that the team bad a-case Clyde Blair. announced that an- It has been the general opinion of which was sufficiently strong '0 other entertainment will be given the members for some time that the withstand any attacks and that the for the class members within a earnings of some of the plays men were well prepared to handle month, which will consist of ashort should go to a charitable institu- it The last practices, in which comedy sketch now being written tion. The University Settlement the team has met many of the stars by a Senior, and an informal dance was decided upon owing to the fact of former years, have been particu· following. that it is an organization in which lady encouraging. More former' the students are especially inter- Varsity debaters have assisted in EIGHTEEN KilTER SEBIOR COIfTItST ested and one to which all are will- preparing the team than has been Unusually Lar,_ NDDlber Bud in Speec:hea iag to lend their assistance either the case. in past years, and the for AD AIlDual UDClergraduate-6ratorical directly or indirectly by supporting present team is considered to be a benefit play such as the coming better coached than any that has performance, "A Pair of Specta- ever represented the University. des." The only disoouraging feat-ure Rehearsals for the play are pro- of the debate so far has been the gressing satisfactorily. - The first advance sale of tickets, very few two acts are in excellent shape and having been sold. The tickets, could be put on today. The post- which are twenty-five cents each. ers and announcements will be out are on sale at the Information Monday. The general sale of seats Office and will be transferred to _�il� (.omm��ce_!l� .. Ih�_'Y_Jl.t ,._,Mandel .Hall 10tD�_._., __ noon in the Information Office, However a large number of gradu­ Cobb Hall ates living in the city have promised The cast of the playas it stands to attend the debate and, the Law is: School is also expected to fanrisb Goldfinch •. • .. Howard Willett a large delegation as two of the Gregory ..••... C. Arthur Bruce members of the team Me law Percv •. - . • . • • . • . . • .. .. Harold Swift students. The Freshman Debating Dick ... . • • •• _ - B. D. Butterfield Lorimer .•...•..•.... Schuyler Terry Club and the Fencibles ha.ve been Bartholemew.. Jay Weddell stirring up enthusiasm among the Joyce ,....... . .•.. Cyrus Garnett undergradnates. . Shoema�-er .••.••..•••. Henry Sulcer Dean Harry Pratt Jadson, who lira. Goldtinch ....•. ::Marion Retllicb before coming to Chicago, 'was a Lucy.. _. .: ..... Grace Williamson member of the Mionesota faculty YALE lUll IIERE TOMORROW IfIGBT and who has a wide acquaiDtance among the alumni of both institu­ tions; has been selected as ehair­ man of the debate. This evening the Platform Club, composed of former University representatives ill oratory and de­ bate, will give a dinner in the pri­ vate diuin� room of the Commons to Professor McDermott. the Min­ nesota coach, Dean Judson, and the judges of the debate. The judges are �hief Justice Bishop of the Iowa Supreme Court, Justice Marshall of the Wiscon­ sin Supreme Court, and Professor Remsch of the University of Wis- Elected at Meetiag tILia Momiag over S. B. Terry bJ Small "rlia-No ActiOll:OD Clasa Gift • Former Pennsylvania Medics Will Give Alma Kater Life-size Portrait of, Dr. Osler Law Clinic at Oenver-Iforthwestem to lIake Tour-Winoia Students in ShakesperiaD Pia)" The graduates of the medical de­ partment who studied at the Uni­ \'ersity of Pennsylvania when Wm. Osler. M.D., LL. D., was their clinical professor of medicine, have decided to present the university with a life-size portrait of their eminent friend and teacher. to be painted by a prominent American artist. All students who took part in the Spanish-American war are to re­ ceive free tuition in the University of Iowa. The legal department in Denver University has recently established a law office where anyone needing legal assistance may place his case. It will be turned over to the sen­ iors, who, in prosecution of the case, will be under the direction of experienced lawyers. The Northwestern University band is making dates for a tour in the summer. Several joint concerts with the Glee Club will probably be given. the students of Illinois Univer­ Wnl present as '.ro;-Vou "Like­ It." tomorrow evening. In the engineering department oj Nebraska University the attend­ ance rose from tlO'J in 1902-3 to 82.1 in 1904. At the present time there is a prospect that at least 1,OOOstu­ dents will be registered in the de­ partment. A fIousek�per' s Convention is ill progress at Wisconsin in con­ nection with the Farmers' Course of the College of Agriculture It includes a series of lectures and discussions by members of the uni­ versity faculty and prominent Mad­ ison women. 1'be topics chosen for this series of talks and discus sions are ones of vital interest in the homes of Wisconsin's people. Among them are included such questions as the Pure Food Prob­ lem, Beverages, Household Bac­ teriology, The Kitchen Garden, Food for the Sick, Home Making, Water Supplies, Raising Poultry and Cleanliness in the Dairy. The literary societies at Iowa ha\'e been requested by the presi­ dent to keep better hours. T-he ordinary meetings continue until midnight. They have been request­ ed to close at eleven 0' clock. Columbia University wrestlers took the initiative in the formation of an intercollegiate wrestling asso ciation for the promotion of wrest­ ling championships. Temporary offi�rs were elected and negotia­ tions opened with Yale. Princeton, Cornell and Pennsylvania for co-op­ e;ative interest in making this a regular form of intercollegiate ath­ letics The fraternities and sororities at Wisconsin are organi zing hockey teams. Match games will be play­ ed for trophy cups. Word came this morning from the Senior Dean's office that of the nineteen who registered for the annual senior college oratorical CGO­ test eighteen bad handed in their completed speeches. Tbis is by far the best showing in years and is encouraging to the departments in­ terested. Last year only seven re­ sponded-and the great.Increase tbis year shows that the prizes offered by the University are being appre­ ciated. All of the orations handed in will be marked by three different judges on thought and composition, on a basis of 100 per cent, and the ten highest chosen to speak in the semi­ finals. A t these latter trials all will be marked on delivery. The marks secured in the preliminaries will then be added to that of the semi-finals and the six highest picked for the finals. The prizes offered the winners of t he finals are as follows: First prize, fifty dollars in cash and a scholarship for one year; second prize. seventy-five dolJars in cash and a scholarship for two quarters; third prize, a scholarship for one quarter. SNELL BALL BOWLmG LEAGUE WUI Orgaaize Team� and Compete With RepreseDuUns of Other Balla Theinter-fratemity bowling tour­ nament has aroused considerable interest in other circles. At the house meeting of Snell Hall last night it was decided to form a bowling team and send challenges to each of the other halls on the campos. William Miller, who was appointed to captain the team, made a personal canvass of the hall and reported tbat there were twelve or fifteen crack bowlers from whom a strong team could be picked. Tryouts \\ ill be held at once, and challenges sent out as soon as ar­ rangements are completed. The Wyvem Cluh will give an informal dancing party tomorrow enning at u.. home of Miss Lillian Danaher on Wood­ lawn Ave. Dramatic Club Will Gin Receipts of "A. Pair of Spectacles" to University Set­ tlellUtnt-Cut fOl' Production ADDouDcecl Coach Huston Considers t)k, Ken Well Prepared to Meet Minne­ sota's Orators Will KatertalD V .... itv Student. With Yale Sonp in Reynold. Qub The visit of the Yale men and their glee club to the Reynolds Cluh is expected to be one of the most enjoyable of the features to be provided by the club this quar­ ter. The Yale men will have their regular monthly dinner at six o'clock in the Commons and from seven to eight will be in the Rey nolds club. where their own glee club will entertain the students with a program of representative Yale songs. Members of the Var­ sity glee club will be present and lead in the singing of Chicago songs. The doors of the clnb will be thrown open to all the men and a large attendance of students is desired to make the visit of the Yale men a pleasant one. Meeting of Fellows Club The Fellows Club of the Univer­ sity will have a meeting in the par­ lors of Hitchcock Hall, Tuesday evening, Jau. 21, at eight o'clock. Among other topics to be discussed will be the work of the board of recommendations. Prof. Slaugbt will deliver a lecture on this sub­ ject. consin The Minnesota team with their coach, Professor McDermott, ar­ rived in the city this morning and are staying at the Wlndsor-Clifton hotel. They visited the University this afternoon and practiced in Mandel Hall. The debate will begin at eight 0' clock, immediately after the Yale men finish their songfest in the Reynolds Club. University Preacher for SlUlday Rev. Armstrong Black. D. D .• _of Toronto. will be the University preacher for Sunday, Feb. 22od. _...... . �'.' '... .... '.. '/ .. . . �� .,.. CHICAGO. FRIDAY, 'JA±WARV:OO; UJ05 CHAS. W. HA,aDIN. V. P •• s.C·7'. ltbe.-l)atl!,·tI)aroon J'orm.rb �. U.� Gf Clas.eaP W .. kl;,. . _'-4.- _ .. I - .on'DD TIM Ualy'dt7 of CIaIc. W"17. OcL 1. 1891 TIPI DAILY"""" - - - Oct. 1. 1eoZ NEWS CONTllIBUTJONS Il&QU&STED. P1Iblla.. b;, tbe atucleDw or tbe Ualnr­ .JQo Gf CIalc:qo nelT artel'1looa. except BatDr4a7 aDd SUD4a;,. durlD. thr.. .uar­ ten or the UDlnralt,. ;,ear. rtnt board or edlton aDd bula ... maD­ ..... autborlaed b,. llucleDt-bod;, lD ma .. .... tlDa M&:1 15. leo2- ... eaibeHhlp OIl .uNequeDl board. or eIIlton to' be delermiDed b;, compelitloD OpeD to all _adDU la the UDlyenlt,.. BOARD OJ' BDITORS. lIaD .. ID. Bdltor ••••• HarT;J W. J1'ord. '05 New. Rditor ..•••..• : .••• Walter I.. Gregory, '06 Athletic Bditor john S, Wright. '05 ASSOCIATE BDITORS. Ralpb P. Mu1YaDe, '05. Edward M. KenrlD. '08. IA Ro;, A. Vaa Pattea, '06. , Wm. A.,McDermid. '07 , Beraard I. kl� 'or' Wm. 11. Hatfield. '06 C. 'Aitlaur Bru,-'fI. '06.' WOllEN EDITORS. HI_ lIarle Ortma;,er, IU .. HeleD Smllb. �06 '3TAJI'JI' 01" REPORTERS. M .... Etua RObey, 'C11, Ifiss Cecil Palmer �. JOtcKenna. RUBb. '05. Artbur Brl4cmaD:07 Herbert M. Harwood. 'Ol$, R. Kddy Mathews. '07 E. G. Felscuthal, '08, R .... Baldwin, '07 Cb ... A. Paltzer, 'OS Benjamin Alhn, '� BUSINESS STAJI'JI'. BualneB. Manager ••.• Herbert I. Markham AIIS"t Bus. Manager .••••. Jobn Worle,.. Jr. Adv. Mcr Ben. S. Sibley .... "utere4 as aecon4-ciaa mall at Cblcaco Postomce. I )a1l7 Subscription, $3 ::rear: $1 ror 3 mOL B;, Mall In Clt::r $4 ::rear: $1.26 ror 3 mOL Subscriptions �celved at TH. M.utooN Oftlce, Ellis Han. or lert In Tall IIAItooN Box. the J1'aculty Excbange, Cobb Hall . • 'rlnted b;, Quadrancle Preas. 404 ,S. 55tb. " E . .,IT9a.IALS "'I T.H£' Chicago-Minnesota cham­ pionship debate in Mandel Hall to­ morrow night is upon a subject' of greatest importance to the Ameri­ can people at this time. The rail­ way question with all its problems 'of competition, consolidation and tariffs is taking more of the tim� of men of public affairs than any other question now under discussion The men on the teams are well pre­ pared on the subject and will pre­ sent their material in interesting form. The debate ,alone, leaving out' of consideration the zest of col­ lege rivalry, will well repay all those who attend. ,,- ... THE Reynolds club will throw open its doors to all men in the Uni versity tomorrow night on the be­ casion of the visit of the Yale alumni of Chicago. There is to: be a Yale-Chicago sing in the club theatre from 7 to 8 o'clock. Dean Vincent- and the officers of the club hope for a large attendance of ¢hi­ cago men. • • • TH It action of the junior class in ,taking up ,the ma��er of class dances and social gatherings is commend­ able, for such affairs have been found to be necessary for the pro­ motion of class organization. By such social contact in the junior year, the members of the class will be prepared to enter upon their last year of college in a better spirit of fellowship, having a wide acquaint­ ance among their own classmates. and with a class organization al­ ready existiag, The difficulties of class formation which have hqeto· fore been in the way of senior class officials will be done away with to a great extent. I ,! ,� 1 .' A. SHYLOCK m SlIELL Bulletin Board ADIlOUDcea SomeoDe Ba4 KODey to LoaD-Run OD Bank Result The attention of the members of Snell Hall was attracted by a new notice on the bulletin board which read as follows: "Money 2 percent to Loan. 30 Snell" It was not long before a proces­ sion of impecunious students was started toward 30 Snell. The first man only wanted to borrow ten cents, so the re-quest was granted without question. But the rest wanted to obtain amounts varying from twenty-five cents to thirty dollars. The "money lender" protested that he was unable to grant their requests, much as he should-like to. This brought forth a chorus of howls from the would-be borrowers, who brought up the notice itself as proof of his intention to lend money. When the "College Shylock" again protested ignorance of any desire on his part to dispose of his money, the crowd dispersed slowly and sadly, leaving number 30 to wonder who had played the joke on him. Theodore Thomas Autobiography A. C. McClurg & Co., will pub­ lish in April a book of two volumes entitled • 'Theodore Thomas: A Musical Autobiography." The work is in the hands of Geo. P. Upton, an authoritative writer 'on musical subjects. It contains be­ sides Mr. Thomas' autobiography brought down to the present orchestral season, a series of essays by bi� on musical topics, and a list of his most important groups of programmes from 1855 to 1�5. In Willard Hall, Northwestern, the doors of the dining room are locked on Saturday morning after grace and the women inmates of the house are indignant, and are at a loss to know bow to get breakfast. A series of four debates has been arranged by Lake Forest College. In April, Lake Forest will debate with Illinois College and Lawrence University. At some date not yet definitely arranged, she will meet Marquette and Beloit. Notice to Fratemities Call at Martyn's Maroon Studio, 5702 Cottage Grove, for your annual group picture. Special offer of 16 x � enlarge­ ment. Lowest rates on all Vanity work. FOWIII ILiva ............... tills __ ..... ...... ·- ... 111, .... , gloW. � � A Necessity for right shaving, and a heal­ ing balm every time you apply it to your face- WILLIAMS' �� TIlACY G. WaIGHT. P ..... UNITED ST A TE..S COAL CO. Whol .... l. COAL {"j COKE ,a • t • I I 800-802.804 Old Colony Bid •• ' PHONE. HARR-ISON 966 CHICAGO can A. LIPMAN t9 E. IIa4J.aa St If You Money Want Oft Diamonds, Watches, J�w�lry, and Antiqu�. for sale; Old Gold and Sih'er Boulht THE ILLINOIS WAREHOUSE an. STORAGE COMPANY 'PMae.H�daParkS7. IUMBARlCAVa. ..... FIPTY-.5IXTII ST. The Cleanest and Best' Kept Stonp Warehoue Ja the City • • • rumitare aDd Pluoa :¥owed. SIOred, hcked aDd Shipped to all parta II the world. JOO Prlv ... .5torqe R..... I..aqe Parlor EKduslycly .. PlaDaL Rooms b Trmab aDd Wheels. Lure ROom lor earn.,. • .--1 ..... --'-... ':'UJE� - Sic..... TRVlID � .&lID no. ALL.J)BIOT8. - - a...., Pacbccs.etc.. at short DObee.' " ........ AuaUea8ina tie Iratftmttlr ...... Also Branch Buffet at 69 E. Monroe St. To ,Keep Busy in:JanUary 'and February We will make a suit and extra trousers of our Standard Black Thibet for $25.00. NICOLL, Th. Tailor, Clark and Adams Streets LA VERDO HAVANA ,C I GAR S 2 FOR 25c. 10 OENTS STRAIGHT, 3 FOR 25c COULDN'T BE BETTER IF YOU PAID , A DOLLAR. '. Success in Love and War .. W'OD by lbe bealtby man and woman, It bas ey�r been thuB-and so :! wiD ner be. To win In lbl. cyclonic twentletb century YOU AND I MU�T BE HEALTHY. Tb�rerore. we mUllt eyer �ullrd our healtb. If you art' anaemic and poorly nourlsbed you n� MALT MARROW It la the purest Jul� an4 eUzln of tbe world's nnest maltlnJt barley. llelen· UIealI,. brewe4. 80 tbat all the l'utrlUye element." are retained. and wben taken t.� U. atomacb It deflat" lassitude. It teeds starved nerves, and It banlsbl'll ..... '_.... Better telepbone Soutb t%9f and bue a case .ent to your bome MoAVOY'S MALT EXTRACT D ::PARTMENT. OHICAGO. P ........ I ..... llLIe •• "E_I.e.' P .. ,. .. e ••••• f ... e We ..... Ch'ICAGO. FRIDAY. JANUARY 2A>. 1005 THE TOJVN Shredded Wheat '(),s. Beef The illustration MOWS the compara· tive cost of beef and shredded wheat-pound for pound. C. The Michigan State Agricultural Col· lege Report upon the companttive nutritive values of various foocb sbows that tna Uflts' worth of Shredded Wheat Biscuit cOfttaifts 2� ti,"�s mDr� ft,dritiota than te« U"ts' wIJrlh of sirloi. sttak. Shredded Wbeat Biscuit eon­ tains every food-element of the hu­ man body and in the exact propor­ tion required. Shredded Wheat Bi. �it m�y be served in many ways 'Wlth milk. cream. fruits or �geta. bles. C. Try Trl8C1llt. the Shred­ ded Wheat Cracker. delicious with butter. cheese or �reserves. C. "T,.. Vital Q_stiD" Cook Boot:· free. � .AftUJ. ncm .,.,...um III-.ua hIII." w. no less than the gown bas learned to like the Qu�rter Size Collar The best are the "Cluett" sud th� "Arrow·· (·LOltTT-cHA .... '.S , Aa .. ow-ALCOlC Cluett. esc each, Arrow. tsc each. t for sse Cluett, Peabody & Co. Malt("1'1l of Cluet t and Monan·h Shirts BORDEN·S COIIDEIISKD IIIL��UID JOI,K, CREAl( AIm B RJIILlt A.LL BOTTLED IN THE COUNTRY , BO"DEN'. CONDEN.ED MILK Co. •• .,� E. nUlTY .. I£VEIITM ft. P Wt is the ure a er basis of Good Health Is absolutely pure. Delivered in sealed glass bottles, Sold by all leading druggists. I THE CONSUIIERS CO. Butler, 35th to 36th Sts, CHICAGO Telephone Tard. 1220 GOOD GYIIlIASTIC TlWI III DOUBT Pleasant and Comfortable Trip The questions of interest to those contemplating a trip to the East are time of departure of trains, oeonveni­ enee of station from whieh to start, equipment of train, location of apart­ ments in sleeping ears, service in dining cars, smoothness of the track, freedom from curves of the railroad. courtesy of train employes and others to be en­ countered on the journey. and last. as well as first, the expense of the trip involving the price of tickets and meals en route. The trains of the Nickel Plate Road depart from the La Salle Street Sta­ tion the advamaaes of which are appar­ ent from its central location and from the advantages afforded by its spacious and elegant waiting rooms, passage­ ways, train station pavilion, baggage rooms, etc. etc. Competent and cour­ teous attendants in uniform are provid­ ed to assist and direct pa&:lengers' to proper trains. Three express trains leave daily in­ cluding Sundays, equipped with mod- em day coaches. also equipped with through Pullman sleeping cars to New York City or Boston. Train No.2. the first each day, leaves at 10:30 a. m, for Fort Wayne. Findlay, Cleveland. Erie and pointa east. is composed of Pull- man Drawing room Sleeping ears for Boston Via West Shore and Fitchburg D iv ision of the Boston and Maine Roads through the famous Electrie lighted Tunnel under the Hoosac Moun­ tains, arriving in Baston at 5:20 p. m. the following day; also Pullman Draw- ing Room Sleeping cars tb New York Via West Shore Road, arriving at New York City 3:30 p, m. the followng day. Pullman Drawing room Sleeping cars are also provided on the train to New York City Via the D� L. and W. road. reaehing New York City at 3:25 p. m. the following day. A modem Din� Car is attached to this train for Chi- cago, furnishing meals en route on the Individual Club Meal Plan. under which a number of menus are pre� in booklet form for selection, each desig­ nated by numbers with priee announeed for eaeh, whieh vary from thirty-five cents to one dollar, but no more. Meals are also served A la Carte. Train No.4, the second train to de- part eaeb day at 2:30 p. m., is an Ex­ press train for New York City. is equipped with modem Day Coaches and Pullman Sleeping Cars to New York City Via D. L. and W. Road. ar­ riving in New York City the following day at 7 ::15 p. m. This train � also provided with Pullman Sleeping ear for Buffalo. where it arrives at 7:35 the following morning, connecting at Buf­ falo with through fast express train over the West Shore Road. arriving in New York City at 9 p. m. Meals are also served in Dining Cars in the man­ ner explained for train No. 2. leaving at 10:35 a. m. This is a favorite train for passengers destined to Buffalo or points beyond in New York State or Northeastern Pennsylvnia. reaching destination thefollowi�day. Passen­ gers for points in Indiana and Ohio, in­ c:ulding Valpariso. Fort Wape, Findlay and Fostoria. may enjoy advanvatges by taking train No. 4. Train No.6, leaving at 9 :15 p. 10. is an Express train for Fort Wayne. Find­ lay. Fostoria. Cleveland. Painesville, Aahtabula, Conneaut. Erie, Dunkirk, Buffalo and points east. in addition to Modem Day Coaches has Pullman Draw­ ing room Sleeping cars for New York CitY Via D. L. and W. Road. arriving at New York City at 6:50 a. 10.. see­ ond morning. Connection is made at Buffalo with the West Shore Road. where Pullman Shleeping Car berths may be seecured either before leaving Chicago or by wire without expense from the train. for Boston. where you arrive at 9:50 a. m., or New. York City. where train arrives at 8:00 a. m •• second morning from (�hieago. Trains No.4. and 6 make good con­ nection at Buffalo with lines diverging • Unifonned train porters are employ­ ed to attend the wants of passengers, and especially to latHes traveling alone or who may be accompaniec. by ehildren. Their duties also inelude proper heating and ventilation of the Day Coaches, and to see that an c:oaehes are kept elean en route. No Exeess Fares Are Charged On Any of the Traina of the Niekel Plate Road. and no line from Chicago East .uoys lower rates to any point reached _ the Nickel Plat. RoM. A Complete BDeyclopedia of Ameteu Sport SPALDIIS'S Ornel.1 ATHLETIC ALllAliAC For 1905 Edlt.d "7 J. 1:.. aULLIVAN (Chief of Department of Physical Culture. I.ouisiana PuICl\ue Exposition). Shonld be read by �veTy collqe .tudent ... Is contaiWi tile records of all college athletes and all amat�r nenla in this country and abro.d It also contalDs a complete re-riew of the ?�ist\�i?::e:.!i°:' �':u°:eci�f ��:�D:tec. devoted to sports in wI,jell .. vages wet"Ctheonly contestants. This is the 6rst tim in which the athletic perfolmaDa1 of _vagn haft eyer beea syatetn ,tically recorded. ' This i. the 'argHt �thletic Almanac: ftf:t "It­ Ushni. coutaiag 3:!O IJCICCS. Numeroutl Ulwatra­ tions of prominent athlites aud hack teams. Price 10 C.DI. For sale by all aewmealera aDd A. G. SPALDING. BaOS. New York Chicago ::-an Fraac:bco Send for a copy of :;PRldiap·s Athletic: Good. Catalogae. It·s fr�. \ PRESCRIPTIONS RELIABLE PHARMACY ROSALIE PHAR'AU ".".GILL ..... .......... 1,. 174Ln ... P'lftpeD MeD Out for Team-W. I. G. to be Held Here in March The outlook for a championship 'gymnastic team to enter the meet of Western Intercollegiate Gym­ nastic Association is poor The meet is to he held in the Bartlett gymnasium the latter part of March or the first of April AI­ though a squad of fifteen men is now working hard on the apparatus in the gymnasium every afternoon, the prospects for the men develop. ing �ood enough form to win the event are discouraging. Last ) ear Chicago was repre­ sented byone man, Hancock. who won four points at the meet held at Madison. Hancock is in college and has been out practicing. He will be relied on to win 1110st of the points this year. His specialty is the side horse and the long hor e. Almost all the rest of the squad are green material and although there are a number of men who have improved rapidly with the re cent practice they cannot be ex­ pected to defeat the veterans of Wisconsin, Grinnell and the other colleges in the association. Wilkins, the little pole vaulter from Lewis is a �ood gymast. He ;expects to try for the all around medal offered. Hanson is working on the rings, tumbling and hori­ zontal bar. Perrill is practicing on the parallell bars, as is also Fuller. Hewson and Whipps are the candia dates practicing on the horses. The above men are the most promising material now in sight for the team but there are others in the squad who have been practicing steadily. '1;hese men.He: . Maynard, \Vorthington,Green, Burns, Magee, and Bruce. Special Prices this month For-- __ .. Dr ... S .. lt. DIIUlft' .Jack ... an. Frock �ult. TaU ... fo .. Tea ....... TACOl\U, BLDG. 1.111 la Salle StNfl\. CHICAGO, ILl •. • I! intcrestecl in Bowlh1g or Bit· hanls, you SllOUld bave a prh·ate ten pin ball or Cue. Prke of Ten Pin naus ".00. Fancy cu ... 11.00 to $4.00 eacb. II1IIIIWIok· .. lke-Col ........ c.. 263-265 Wabash Ave. A. McAdams THE UNIVERSlTY PLORIST ..aDBOUSES : CHI" A. 'GO c-.. ........ �na. � E. C. II 0 0 R E ... �lOttst ... Z75 E. FlFTY.FIFTH ST. � T.l.phoDe 07". Park 38 L MANASSB, OP11CIAN .. __ St.,� ........ 1)111111 .... .,. __ lcIIatIkaIIJ ACJuteI a,..T .......... ==� � ... - �.a.- "., ......... .KBBNAN FLORIST Ittl.�·la �e leDt. 36S Itt lilt..,. sc: :.�.,:' - "'.e B. p, MIt Frelb c:1it 80w�/Reds, p1ants"�d bulbs. Gold Fish udoAqUaria Supplies. '. ":.� Informal Dance for Medics . The medic students will give an informal dance Fridayevening.Jan. 25. .Not only are all medical stu­ dents cordially invited but the in­ vitation is also extendeJ to other University students . One of the women students at Nebraska. by her coolheaded ness and bravery, saved one of the large dormitories from destruction by fire. Jiu jitsu has been taken up quite extensively in the University of Pennsylvania and a course in this sport has been made compulsory at Annapolis. The four sophomores who were suspended at Columbia for attempt ing to kidnap Kingdom Gould were allowed to return to work at the opening of the university. . Syracuse University is soon to have a laboratory of natural science. The building will cost about $200,· 000 and will be erected from the bequest of the late John Lyman •• At I11inois, the Junior Annual Board offers prizes for the collection of fifty or more of the best roasts on members of the faculty and others connected with the univer­ sity. J. M. PATTERSON Proprietor JOHN CLAltK Manager We ne".r clo •• All ordeT'8, day or nigbt, filled prom�l}: •. Jack .. PM'k' LIY..., Successor to J. II. Kintz 213 1:.. Flf'7·S ••• ,,'b �tre.t --.) Tcl�bone Hyde Park {�1 If you wi. to �re a poeldon to teach call on Ot" write to James F. Mc Colloucb. RallWQ Escbaoc., Obicqo. 1'r7 Tolu, Tal' and Wild Cherry,for that eouab. Univ.nity Pharmac:y 660 E. 66th st. I�dy '\\;tb pleasant borne �uld like IActy student to room and board �tb ber. Price reasonable. Call at Mrs. Jerome 358 511t Street and Lexington.' P2.ELDlI1'fAIUES EftD NEXT WEEK CHICAGO, FRIDAY. JANUARY 20, 1905 ON THE "SOUTH SIDE" PRAIRIE NATIONAL BANK 159 .... Salle .ft.. CHICAGO. D.L. .iiJlE8T p� 011 DEPOIII'rII ON THE "WEST SIDE" PRAIRIE STATE BANK 110 W.ASH�NGTON BLVD. Whe�e Do YOU Get Year N� Periodlc:ala aM eta· tItD�! AT NORTON'S. rr.. DeIlYel'J. 848 116 Itnet. Phooe 11. Ibde Park. STUDENTS Your attention is directed fo the $3.00 Hats and 3 for $5.00 Shirts (custom made) of PAIlKER A • .JENK Opp. City Hall. tM Washington St. '. j: I, il p. H, I' it 11 '\ I •. If 1[: !! I� t Ii· i[� l' I, I :r, n:' I" \' I : ! " I I,: I j-j i' .. i- I I " I ! I " I \ I I ! i I ! i ,1 ! 'j ! , , , I � ti I I 11 r r : < 'f I" .a: 1 1 " ,�, :� ,t I :, !�, ;?: :i it :� + I j' :1' It gives that satisfied reeling without the depression of over­ eating. Wherever you eat Ask for "The Food with a Flavor." STOP! on your way to the L C. and look over my new line of ••••• Imported Cigars MUSSBV·S Billiard Halla .... Bo".... ADey. The Largest and Finest Amusement I{esort in the World .00 10 • 08 Madleon Street 811U1C:b: II. 1M .. SL. �OD 'TYPEWRITERS ONE-HALF 'PIlICE Send for our list of special barRalDS ia .. ...us of Standard typewriters. ran tiDe at 1IIpplies. Machines for rent ,:no'3 per ..... ItOCICWIILI..-BAItNBS co. �W""'A ... OHAS. A. LA WRICNCE. Manqer and Dlnc:tor LAWRENCE ORCHESTRA �I�t Music for all 8e1flCt 0t'eUi0 .... Your patronap _Iclted. RMldeoce 57. Rc.alie Ooart. a.Jcqo. TtL Ib" � 1_. BowllDg Schedule For Final Week-Sec­ tiOD Winners Ked Next Week Next week will end the prelimin­ ary round in the fraternity bowling tournament. The victorious teams in each section will be decided and will meet the following week to contest for the" championship. A few fraternities have not yet paid the fee of one dollar, This is pay­ able at once to Bach, secretary and treasurer. The schedule for next week is as follows: Jan. 24--Tucstiay: Beta Theta Pi vs. Phi Kappa Psi. Delta Upsilon vs. Phi Delta Theta. Jan. 26-Wcdnes<lay: Sigma Chi vs. Kappa Sigma. Psi Upsilon vs, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Jan. 26-Thursday: Chi Psi vs, �igma Nu. Sigma Alpha Epsilon vs.Alpha Delta Phi. Jan. 27-Friday: Phi Gamma Delta vs. Phi Kappa Psi. Alpha Tau Omega vs.Phj Delta Theta Jan. 28--Saturday; Delta Tau Delta vs. Kappa Sigma. Beta Theta vs. Delta Kappa Epsilon Varsity Five to Play Lewis The Varsity basket ball team will play the Lewis Institute team next Tuesday evening at the Lewis gymnasium. The game will be a hard one as the West Side school has the best team in its history They have defeated the Crescent Five twice this year, a team which won the Amateur Athletic Union championship last year. (··E. M.·· SYSTEM CLOTHES.) I MAJORS , ... d MIN'')RS I Leo De Tray, ·OS. is pledged to Phi Gamma Delta. Snell Hall will hold its first informal for the quarter this afternoon. Miss Natalie Kohn is suffering from an attack of quinzy. Miss Nettie Dickson is teaching in the State Normal at Charleston. 111. Miss Minnie Hill is teaching in Keo­ kuk. Iowa. A reception was tendered to the parents of the University H'gh School last night in the School oi Education building. Miss Smith gave au organ recital ut the regular chapel assembly of the University High School in Maudel Hall this morn­ ing. Training Rules for Athletes Coach Moloney posted a notice this morning in the training quar­ ters, prescribing certain definite rules under which the athletes are to live after Jan. 22nd. The notice read that all track men must be in bed and all noise must cease in the training quarters af.ter eleven 0' clock. The use of tobacco is also forbidden to any and all candidates for the track team. Hitch cock Hall Reception :Monday Cards are out for an informal at Hitchcock Hail Monday afternoon from four to six o' clock. All mem­ bers of the University are invited. MossIer Co. 121 Monroe St. Next to First 'NaL Ba.: CR.OWDS ATTEND SALE Now Going On. NOTICE. Our building-cor. Clark and Monroe-sts .. has been purchased by lbe ADlerle� Tros. and Savlogs Bank, who conemplate the erection of a new bank building on our present s.te. The time for tear- ing down the old bu lding has not been as yet decided upon. We anticipate a notice to vacate DOW almost any day. Prior to our making arranzements for new quarters we haee decided to sell out our present stock. consisting of the very finest ready-to-wear garments. at half price. Our present stock f I th- ( .. E M·· ) o C 0 Ing· 5i.le-- FOR. 'SALE a.t· SOc on the dolla.r. Pick out your choice aDd di.ide by two. EyerythiDg-as a.ual-marked io plain figures, This sale includes everytbiog-DoDe reserved--e"D oar famous •• £. M. System" bneiaess aad semi-dress suits (prices 115 te � 20;); full dress and Tuxedos, Chesterfields, Beltous, Paddocks and Surtouts rprices .20 to $60;; overcoats-in fact. everytbiDg-regudl .. of cost. kind, quality or value-for instance: Our Sit Business Solts lor 17; our no Solts and Overeoals lor 10; oar US Solis and Overcoats lor 112.58: our $30 Suits and Overeoats lor '15. And so on to our highest yalues at one-half .arked prices. 14. " and $8 �in.le Trou�cr' (or '2. '3 and", Odd eoat. and Vests Ibroken from $15 to ,25 suits) to close at t5 and ST. sua and Wash Vestin.s to close at f2. The Mossier Company, OP.;,�;.��rda7 121 Monroe-.t •• Near Clarll. I A M U 5 It III It NT-I IARIIICK Last Week. Heis still the Favorite- Thl VI ........ n With Dustin Farnum, Next Montlay. Seats Selling. ADA REHAN. supported by Chas. Richman "The Tamin, of the Shrew" STUDEBAKER Tonight. Pop. 1\1 at. Sat. 25c to $1 Au Entertainment for Everybody THE PERLEY' )PERA CO.. in the New Comedy Opera Girl and The BandH Full of Musical and Comedy Hits LASALLE tOOth time. "This play will run till May" You'll say so when you see His Highness The .., lOOth Time Jan. 27 -Costly Souvenirs GRAND OPERA HOUSEl Only Mat. Sat. Mr. Richard Mansfield Fri. Ev'g & Sat. Mat. BEAU BRUMMEL Thurs. & Saturday Nights as SHYLOCK in the MERCHANT of VENICE COUSEUM Daily at 2:.�-8:30 The Great Military Spectacle Thl Boer War Last Few Days. Popular Prices 25c upward. Reserved Seats. Lyon & Healy. POWERS' Last 3 Nights and Silt. Mat. Prices 50c to $1.50 Charles Frohman Presents Annll Russell in Brother Jacquls Next Monday-Seats Selling \Vm. H, Crane in "Business is Business" IWNGIS Tallght 2nd Week. Charles Frobam presents WUlam GllleHe Matinee Saturdays only HYDE I IlEllMAfI Matinee Every Day Little Men and Women Monroe. M!lck and Lawreuce Matthews & Harris Four Alvinos La Vine Cimaron Trio Celina Bobe Van Fossen & McCauley Sisters HOlD Quartette Basque .- SOCIETY FOR KTmCAL CULTURE'­ StalnwlY Hall, 17 Van Bunn SL Sundays 11 o'clock Jall. 22 and 29,1905 M... W. •• SALTER --will apeK OD-- "The Mallin.ofMa.�' Ask _ ......... um_ ... "r AMOUS" 18. lie will t.U 1'OD tbat "ramo-" .. 1M IDa. wbo .,.18 yow ele .... ID ....... ,Iition an4 doa Int-c'" waft fa No ptlirl .. aDd �ina. &e blm OD tIae campa. ... UIOUfC TAILORING 00 .. ...... '8tnet. � llrie Pa" .,... College St�de�ts require brain-making foods. The danger of collapse or "brain fag" from overwork may easily be avoided by the use of Good Food Properly Cooked We use brains in selecting ancl cooking the food served by us THE KUITZ·REMMLER CO. 303-305 Wabasb Avenue Tel. 599 Harrison D ; De tb in D til til t1 a ec: E 5( pi el p: sl ti 0 u il ft 0 tl il . -.-.·11 i! S 1