'EBO er .y n !l ugh KATES Cents att, Mgt. IL . CHICAGO> The Daily Maroon Published Afternoons by the Students of the University of Chicago During the Four Quarters of the University Year VOL. II. No. 60. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, IH04 PRICE Two CENTS OPPOSE FRATERNITIES NEW STRENGTH TEST METHOD MEMORIAL SERVICE FRIDAY HAMILTON ORATORICAL At the annual conference of col­ lege athletic directors, held at Princeton, N. J., during the holi­ days, it was voted to give a thor­ ough trial in the coming year of the method of strength tests devised and used by Dr. J. E. Raycroft of the University of Chicago. Nearly all of the larger Universities of the country were represented ,at the conference.' * * * Dr. Raycroft, who was the only western director present', read a paper in which he presented an ex­ position of the methods to be util­ ized in organizing the physical exhibit at the St. Louis Fair, and the possibilities in connection there­ with. Dr. Raycroft is in charge of the college and general educational features of the physical exhibit, acting as a sub-committee of the Exposition Athletic Board. Most of the session was spent in the read­ ing of papers and in general con­ sideration and discussion' of prob­ lems and methods involved in the attainment of best results along the line of proper relation of physical to educational development. The next conference will be held at New York City. * * * Earnest L. Harris, of the Consular Ser- The first regular work for the vice Talks in Senior Chapel basket-ball team candidates was EARNEST L. HARRIS, of the held yesterday afternoon. Coaches American Consular service, who Childs and Owens captained two during the first term of the winter teams, and for about an hour a quarter will give a course of lectures lively and close game was indulged in the department of political econ­ in. The men on coach Owens' omy, spoke this morning in the team showed the better team work, ower senior division meeting. but the other side managed to keep Mr. Harris outlined briefly the ahead by three or four points, most' 'purpose of Joseph Chamberlain's of the time through the fine basket- plans for a Commercial Empire. throwing ability of Childs. From The most direct part of his address the material that appeared yester- was a plea for an American protect­ day, with the other good players ive tariff. "I would not," said that are in college, the prospects Mr. Harris, "have removed one for a first class. team seem good. stone in our whole tariff wall. * * * Our relations with England will Active training for the old men .alwavs vitally affect our commercial and the new candidates for the interests. England is the market track team began yesterday after- for our over-production in' food noon under the direction of Captain supplies; her colonies are the mar­ Blair. The following runners were ket for our surplus manufacture. out and took light work on the Americans should watch closely track: Blair, Taylor', Cahill, Light- the English commercial empire, body, Mathews, Rice and Pat for in my judgment we shall be the Henry. Captain Blai� ordered the country most affected by the sue­ men to work out easily and merely cess or failure of Mr. Chamberlain's trot around the track in order to loosen-up their muscles. All can­ didates for the team rare expected to show up some tim� this week. Princeton Man Says that Secret Societies are Detrimental to College Spirit System Devised by Dr. Raycroft to be Given Trial by many Athletic Directors Athletic News Northwestern University to Appoint Per­ manent Track and Base- ball Coach At a football dinner given recent­ ly by university men in Honolulo, former gridiron heroes told why teams win victories. A member of one of Princeton's famous teams of the' 'eighties'" at­ tributed the success of "old N as­ sau' to the absence of secret socie­ ties. The tenor of his opinion was that at Princeton everyone is im­ bued with the spirit first and fore­ most of duty to his college, and that this results in bringing the best men to the front; the necessary implica­ tion being that at that university the choice of members of the team is in no way influenced by the pre­ judice of social connections, as might be the case at some other col­ leges, where, other things being anywhere near equal, the society man would have the advantage. This opinion was not concurred in by the Harvard men or the Yale men, who declared convincingly that secret societies had no such prejudicial 'influence at those uni­ versities. A track captain will be elected at Northwestern University this week. The board of athletic control is con­ sidering the appointment of Jerry .Delaney, the Exeter trainer, as per­ manent track and baseball coach for the purple during the coming sea- l' son. Dr. Francolini of Rome, pub­ lishes!a statement declaring that the source of the Clitumnus, a small Umbrian river sacred to the ancient Romans, may contain rad­ ium. He bases his opinion on a description by Pliny and on pas­ sages in the works of many writers from Virgil to Byron and Carducci. The waters at the source of the river are the eolor of violet. Receipts from football at the Uni­ versi ty of Pennsylvania this year amounted to $47,810.90. The ex­ penses of the team were $22,05�.99, leaving a balance of over $25,000. Baseball brought in $6,214.05, the track team $3,98 I . 52, while the con­ tributions for rowing were only' $370.55. The cost for maintaining the crew was $13,781.27, a much larger amount than usual, owing to a new"coaci1ing launch. After defraying the expenses of all other sports, all of which lost money, and after paying a deficit of Over $2, 500, there is a balance of $780.36 in the treasury. Professor Ellers Hausen, a Ger­ man, has invented a method of ex­ tracting zinc white from refuse slag. He and Sir William Ramsay suc­ cessfully experimented at Hafan mine in North Wales yesterday,' showing that a ton of zinc white can be extracted from fifteen tons of slag by a far simpler and cheaper process than is now used in a round­ about prodUction from spelter. , Important to Members of Reynolds Club The executive committee of the Reynolds club' urges allmem bers to pay their dues for the winter quar­ ter at once. Members are not en­ titled to the privileges of the billiard room until dues are paid. Mr.' Hughston, the steward, is in his office all day. E. Vincent Quinby, 'oS, is work­ ing in the general manager's office of the Southern Illinois Railroad this winter. At Meeting in Mandel Hall Friday Noon University will pay Tribute to Lost Students The U ni versi ty memorial service for students who lost their lives in the Iroquois theater fire will be held in Mandel Hall next Friday at noon. Professor Charles R. Henderson, Chaplain of the University, will deliver a memorial address on be­ half of the University at large. Leo F. Wormser, '04, will pay a tribute to his former friend and fellow student, Walter B. Zeisler. T. J. Riley, graduate student in sociology, will speak in memory of Rev. Henry L. Richardson. A medical' student who will be appointed by Dean Dodson will speak for Fred W. Leaton. Professor \Villiam D. MacClin­ toek, dean of the University College for Teachers, will speak of the life and work of Mrs. Livingstone and Miss Falkenstein, who were students in that college. Scri pture lessons will be read by Dr. A. K. Parker, the University recorder. All University exercises will be suspended Friday from-If 0' clock to 1 0' clock. Arrangements Complete for Contest -Thomas J. Meek will Rep­ resent Chicago Judges Have Been Selected - Order of the Speakers Has Been Announced The annual oratorical contest for the Hamilton Club prize will be held next Monday evening, Janu­ ary 11, at the Hamilton Club House, on the corner of Clark and Monroe Streets Contestants from four universities and colleges are entered, all of whom have gained the right to represent their institu­ tions by winning the local oratori­ cal contests. Under the rules of the club, the speakers draw lots to­ determine their respective order of speaking, except the representative from Chicago, who invariably speaks first It has been decided to make the contest an evening dress, affair .The committee in charge is made up' wholly of college men, of whom the majority are from western universities. The contestants will speak in the following order: 1. "Alexander Hamilton, the Practical Idealist," Thomas Jones Meek, University of Chicago.' 2. "Alexander Ham i Ito n," Henry G. Walker, University of Iowa. 3. "H ami Ito n, Constructive Statesman," James F. Halliday, University of Michigan. 4. "Principles' of Hamilton and Present Day Problems," Willard Lampe, Knox College. The committee in charge is as follows: Robert McMurdy, Michigan, Theodore K. Long, Yale , Frank I. Moulton, Knox, George W, Miller, Breck D. Porter, Rush C. Butler, Iowa, Harlan Ward Cooley, Yale, William Otis Wilson, Chicago,. Hoyt King, Indiana Harold W. Letton, Yale, James A. McLane, Illinois, Ward B. Sawyer, Northwestern, Clark S. Reed, Chicago. The judges for the Hamilton Club Prize Oratorical Confest are, announced as follows : Albert C. Barnes, Assistant State's Attorney; Rev. Joseph A. Millburn of the Plymouth Congre-· gational Church; and John S. Miller .. SPEAKS FOR A PROTECTIVE TARIFF plans." Debating Team Works Hard in Practice The debating team had its first practice debate of the week yester­ day afternoon. The Varsity was composed of Fairweather, Wormser and Merritt. Brett, Lewinsohn and Ralph Merriam made up the second team. As a whole the after­ noon's work was satisfactory, but according to Mr. Chandler there must be a great deal of improve- . ment before the team is in any kind of shape to meet Northwestern. Consider Pan-Hellenic Dance A meeting of representatives of the fraternities to consider the plan for a Pan- Hellenic dance was held in the Reynolds Club last evening: Owing to the want of sufficient notice the attendance was small. Another meeting is called for the coming Friday night,.. in the club, at 7 :30. Harvey D. Trimble of the class of 1904 has left school and is travel­ ing for William S. Harman, whole­ sale coal dealer . We want your name on the sub­ scription list of THE DAILY MA­ ROON. Advertise in THE. DAILY MAROON The Daily Maro�n ".,._rly the University of Chica�o Weekly. ' FOUNDED Thf',Unlversity of Chica�o Weekly 0 October I. 1892 THE DAILY MAROON - Octeber I. lOOt NBWS CONTRIBUTIONS REQUESTED. � Published by the students of the University or Chi· caRo every afternoon, except Saturday an� Sunday. duro ina the �6 weeks of the University year. First board of editors and business mana�er authorized by student-body In mass meeting May IS, 1:Q02. Membership on subsequent boards of editors to be 4etermlned by competition open to all students in the University. SOARD OF EDITORS MaD.gln� Editor • • - OLIVER B. WVMAN News Editor • • • • HARRY W. FORD Athletic Editor • • WALTER L. GREGORV ASSOCIATE EDITORS THAOOEUS T. MERRILL Enw A '1\ 0 M. KERWIN ERNEST 1. STEVENS ALDEltT W. SHERItR RALPH P. MULVANE LERov A. VANPATTEN AUSTIN A. HAYOUN WOMAN nOITORS MISS LENA HARtt IS MISS ANNA. FLOYO STAFF OF RKPORTHRS E. R. GA.NNON �. S. WRIGHT R. H. ALLIlN • V. HICKEV W. J. CUppy HOMAS MEEK MISS HELEM SMITH I ." BUSINBSS STAFF Jiusinesl Mana�er JULIEN L. BROOR r I ! I , Dally Subserlptlen, $3 per year I $1 for 3 months. • By Mallin city .4 per year I $1,25 for 3 msnths, Sublertptlonl received at "The Maroon" Olice, Ellis Hall, .. , left In "The Maroon" Box, the Faculty ElICha_" Cobb Hall Priuted by The Quadrangle Press, ,104 E. 55th St. LiI�� EDITORIALS��� T HE DAILY MAROON needs your subscription. When you are ar­ ranging for the quarter come to the MAROON office in Ellis Hall, pay what you owe the paper and give your correct address to the business manager. The editors of THE MAROON are determined to main­ tain Hie policy which has character­ ized th,e paper from the first but this will be only possible with suffi­ cient support from the students. THE PAILY MAROON is published by students of the University. Do your share toward making THE DAILY MAROON truly representa­ tive of the University life. I ·,1 I Candidates for the University track team have begun training for the winter indoor meets. The ad­ vance season work finds the squad sadly depleted by a harvest of noti­ ces from the deans. Men who have won their "c" on the track and freshmen of promise alike, failed completely or received conditions in the Autumn quarter's courses. Chicago men who thus so signally fail to meet the requirements of the faculty and accordingly make themselves ineligible to represent the University are deserving 'of no sympat�y. Nothing can be said for track men who fail in Autumn quarter work when they are not in training and when I their time is as much their own' as that of the vast majority of students. Michigan Football Man Dies Cecil Goo�ing, who expected to play center for Michigan next fall died at. his home in Ann Harbo� last mght from typhoid f G d' ever. �o �ng played guard on the �lchl�an team last fall and was in­ Jured 111 t�e Minnesota game. His parents �hlUk that his constitution was senously impaired by this game and .that it was an indirect cause of his death. M!r�iner Keene Fitzpatrick of the lchlgan team said . " A ru.mor that the brUise s�stained �� • CHICAGO, WEDNESDA Y, JANUARY?, 1904 the Minnesota game had anything to do with ,Gooding's. death is cer­ tainly unfounded. No man with. an injured system could play such football as Gooding did in the Wis­ consin and Chicago games." Majors and Minors It was reported about the campus last night and this morning that Mandel Hall had been closed by the city authorities because it is not supplied with an asbestos curtain. This report is not true. Mandell is a private hall. Besides, the build­ ing inspector says that he considers' it perfectly safe. The third aniiual banquet of th.e Chicago Chapter of£, the Delta UPSI­ lon Fraternity was held last night at the Del Prado Hotel, in connec­ tion with the initiation exercises of the chapter. The men re�eived into. the Fraternity were the follow­ ing: Ralph Mayer Ashby, John Henry Weddell, John Fryer Moulds, James Howard Dennedy, Richard 1. 1?avis,. Arthur Bridg­ man. GARGqYLE,TTES Answers to Aspiring Authors LOUISE -Tell it to the Monthly. If the editors refuse it send it to Puck. H. AIR.-Your joke is a little raw. However we will publish it in the Asbestos Extra next Sunday after the managing editor, has thoroughly roasted it. C. H. L.-Your poem about the Logical Logarithm is hot stuff. We will print it as SOO�l as the back of this cold snap has snajped \Ve need the poem here in the office at present to keep the place warm. H P, C =-Your. tale of the Lone­ Some Egg Sandwich brought tears of joy to our eyes It saved the ed­ itor's life This noon when lunch time came around we got out our copy of Mrs Eddy's book and opening to page 63 we held the volume in our left hand, while, with our right we conveyed your tale to our lips and forgot that we were broke and owed for our board. 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Technical Training will be given in Med­ ical Missionary Work and Other Lines Upon the recommendation of the Divinity Faculty. and with the ap­ proval of the Senate, a new group of studies has been arranged of suf­ ficient dignity to entitle it to the name of College. The exact title has not yet been fixed. Among others, the following have been proposed: "The College of Relig­ ious Science," , "I'he College of Re­ ligious and Social Service," "The College of Practical Religion, JJ , 'The College of Religion and Phll­ anthropy." The College proposed '�Till be, like the College of Com­ merce and Administration, a tech­ nical college, and its purpose will be to furnish courses of study for (a) students preparing to be Y. M. C. 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D., Presi- enry U. . dellt:of Oberlin College tuversIty, preaches. Furnished Rooms _ . for Rent-Steam heat; hght, mce, Room . t1 St furnished. 452 E. 5S 1 • T 'Rent-TwO rooms, $6.00 and $7.50, 0.. . bl 21L blocks south modern, desire e, 7'1. , 6145:Ellis avenue, znd flat. 592 FOR REN'1'-Two light, warm rooms; furl1ishec1; steam, Welshbach, newly k boiled water, 5431 Kimbar avenue, 58-2 second flat. Of Interest to Our Readers • Th University Pharmacy carries a el t Iine of cold weather remedies. comp e e 560 Fifty-fifth street. If you want a position to teach, call on or write to James F. McCullough, 639 Fine Arts Building, Chicago. Owing to the constantly grow�ng de­ mands for our tailoring, we have disposed of our Gents' Furnishirlg Department, and now exl�ibit a fuller line of woolens. We also press, clean, repair and dye ladies' and gents' gannents. PAnous TAILORINO COMPANY 346 E. Fifty-fifth street. Phone H. P.570 Notice to Students.-Why wait for your car in the cold at Fifty-eighth street? when you can wait in the warm at Fifty­ seventh street, in Martyn's Maroon Studio, 5705 Cottage Grove avenue, U. of C. Photographer An exceptionally good opportunity for one or two men about to grad­ uate from the UNIVE�SITY OF CHICAGO.--must be ambi­ tious and prepared for hard wotk. Address Evarts Wrenn, General Agent, State Mutual Life Assur­ ance Company, Worcester, Mass., 85 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ills. I' NonCE '1'0 S'l'UDEN'1'S: Private tutoring in preparatory mathematics and physcs. Terms reasonable. U. of C. references can be given. Registered tutor at the U. and teacher of mathematics at Ascham Hall. Apply to A. L. Rhoton, 4746 Madison Av. BENHAM BROS.' FASHIONABLE TAILORS 225 Dearborn Street Suite 201-202' Telephone 4523 Harrison Bowman Dairy Co. OUR MILK is Bottled in the Country PRESCRIPTIONS R ELI A B L E . P H.A R MAC Y ROSALIE PHARMACY J. J. GIL L I Chemist and PharmacIst Phono Hydo Park 175 274 E. 57th St., noar Wash. Ave. BORDEN'S CONDENSED MILK, FLUID MILK, CREAM AND BUTTERMILK· ALL BOTTLED IN THE COUNTRY BORDEN'S CONDENSED MILK CO. 627-e33 E. FORTY-SEVENTH ST. �����������������������i AKK c:c ........ 0 <: -& - <: <:I --.. ::E � -e- c= ,,- W + <::) <: Nn� Ben HEADQUARTERS THE BEST IS NrN X•I, FOR THE FINEST TeA NONE TOO GOOD "'BA' ..... COLLEGE STATIONERY FOR YOU 'I' Ll !�� 88 WABASH AVENUE :��l AT CLASS, FRATERNITY ClHllOAQO INVITATIONS r�B: SORORITY PROGRAMS .A ill AND SOCIETY MENUS ArE AM:z: 1:= <l -e-� �q CD + -eo L.. CD -&e.g. c=: I. I't-J >< L-A.J -e- = BZ� AX &-I i= �><�L-J � � N« <:];2 �� ��L::� ��� �AI W. T. DELIBANT Preside'lt M. C. O'DONNELL Secretary ALBERT TBBO Treasurer Standard Washed Coal Company 303 Dearborn Street STANDARD WASHED COAL FOR DOMESTIC USE Standard Egg - - $5.00 per ton Wasbed Chestnut - $4.50 porIton Washed Range - - $5.00 per ton Washed Pea - $4.25 per ton ROL·LER SK·ATING. COLISEUM •• Every Day and Evening Music by DeBaugh RICHARDSON'S BALL-BEARING SKATES Admission, 15 and 25 Cents II ORDER THAT DRESS SUIT NOW, DENTIST 369·E 63!!P STREET TELEPHONE Hyde Park 1196 � You will have to have It if you want to enter into college life, with all the social activities that are connected with it. : ': : : Our dress suits are our specialty: : : they never cause that uncomforta­ ble feeling. Quick Service Geo. O. Marlatt, Mgt'. ANHEUSER & NEIL Restaurant 185 Dearborn Street Adams Express Bldg. 4th Ploor 391 BAST SIXTY-THIRD ST. OHIOAGO'