. .. . - . - �. ". ',.; . . , '"'�. ':'" � .. �" :-,:::� .. � ,':' ...... ':.1' . .: T'he Daily' Maroon PubUahed Aftemoou by the StudeDta of the VDinnlty of Ch1ca,0 DurUa& the PoaI' Qauten of the VDinraity Year VOL. I. ;No. 155 CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1903 PRIOE THREE CENTS UNIVERSITY DROPS GREEK Trinity College of Dublin Casts Aside Traditions of Three Centuries University of llichi&an Men Adopt Innovation in Rooting-News from the Universities Trinity College, of Dublin University, has taken its first step from the traditions of three centuries by the recommendation of its council made today that the senate shall approve the abolition of the com­ pulsory study of Greek and open the doors of the university to women. Trinity is the leading educational institution of Ire­ land. It was founded by Queen Elizabeth in J59J. The tremendous concession Trin­ ity has made in even suggesting the sub­ ordination of the dead languages may be ,gathered from Percival Keene's old lines, in which he speaks of "---'Fellows of Trinity, Famous Forever at Greek and Latinity." Director of Athletics Charles Baird, of the University of Michigan,' inaugurated a new idea in college rooting last Saturday after the game with Illinois on Ferry Field. After the game all the men present re­ mained seated and under the leadership of the yell masters the college song,. "The Yellow and the Blue," was sung. The Cornell men carry out the same custom whether the team has won or lost. Mr. Baird says that the effect of this on the team an'd the maintenance of college spirit cannot be overestimated. • • • crally work. The University of Wisconsin Dairy COMPLETE PROGRAM FOR THE JUNE CONVOCATION 1903 CAP AN D GOWN School is in a very prosperous condition. Professor £'" H:-Farnngton -�Ys . diat there are ten applicajions for every student, The milk supply at the dairy school is now J i ,000 pounds per day. The University of Wisconsin crew has just received a new shell. The new var­ sity shell is called the "Forward," and will be used for the races in the East this year. The boat was built by Davy of Cam­ bridge, at a cost of _$600. Twenty star athletes of the University of Pennsylvania threw off their coats yes­ terday and donned overalls, and, seizing saws, hammers, and nails, went to work on three new' grandstands on Franklin Field, in the place of the striking carpen­ ters. No attempt was made to stop them. Detaila for Five Day. Exercises and for Spring Fmals Announced Today­ On Claas Day Seniors Will Give Farce, "University in Year 2000, A.D." -Convocation Addreas by Dr. GilmaD; Sermon by Dr. Rainsford Annual Now Ready for Distribu­ tion-An Attractive and Well mustrated Book THE SECOND INTER-SCHOLASTIC The :.eet on Karahall Field Nen Satur­ elay Will Decide Western Prep Cham­ pionship-400 Entries The Interscholastic meet on Marshall Field next Saturday will dose the track work in connection with. the University for this season. The entries dosed last Friday. There were about .four hundred entries for the different events, which indicates that this wiil be the largest meet of the kind ever held in the West. About two hundred individual men will take part, and the ability oi those entered insures many good 0\ nd close races. Eckersall, of Hyde Park, and Hogensen, of Lewis. the two great rivals in the dashes, will come together. The latter won in both the hundred and two-twenty at the interscholastic mcc:t at Evanston carficr in the ycar, and the Hyde Parker i!' exceedingly anxious to rctrievc himself for this defeat. Longshore, of Grinnell (Iowa) Class of J896. Room 7, Third Floor, Cobb Hall. (Ralph H. Hobart, chairman.) Class of J897. Room 9, Third Floor, Cobb Hall. (William O. Wilson, chairman.) Class of J898. Chapel, Cobb Hall. (John F. Hagey, chairman.) Class of J899. Room 16, Third Floor, Cobb Hall. (John E. Webb, ehairman.) Class of J900. Room 12, Second Floor, Cobb Hall. (Clark S. Reed, chairman.) Class of J90J. Room 17, Third Floor, Cobb Hall. (Curtis R. Manning, chairman.) Class of J90Z. Room 15, Second Floor, Cobb Hall. (Herbert E. Fleming, chair­ man.) 3:30 p. m.- . Baseball Game, Chicago vs. Northwest­ ern. Marsllnll Field. 6:po p. m.- Annual Sing. Haskell Steps. (Com- mittee : Cecil Page, chairman; Grace Harding, Laura Runyon.) 6: 4S p, m.- Annual . Reception and Banquet, Lex­ ington Hall. (Committee: Franklin E. .vaughan, chairman; Mary A. Long, Fred­ erick C. Hack. Committee on Decoration: Hester Ridlon, '03, chairman; Agnes Kauf­ man, '03; Luther Kirtley, '03.) JUNE 14, SUNDAY. Convocation Sunday. (Committee on Religious Exercises: Charles R. Barnes, chairman; Zonia Baber, Francis A. Black­ burn, Frederick !!. Blanchard, George S. • Goodspeed, William Gardner Hale, Charles R. Henderson, PaulO. Kern, Addison W. Moore, Eliakim H. Moore, Theodore 1.. N·eff� 'A. Alonzo Stagg, Albert H. Tolman, Elizabeth Wallace, Samuel W. Williston.) 9: 00 a. m.- Bible Service. "An Interpretation of the Book of Revelations," Richard Green Moulton, Ph. D. The Con�ocation Tent. 10: IS a. m.-'- ..:rhe. CoAvocation. PtaJer Service... (!4eak_ bers of the Faculties, all Candidates for Degrees, Titles, and Certificates.) Haskell Ori ... mtal Museum, Congr�gation Hall. JO: 45 a. m.- The Procession. All of the arrangements for the Uni­ versity Convocation in the June "com­ mencement time" have been made. Dr. Shepardson gave out the program today. It is as follows: PROGRAM. JUNE 3, WEDNESDAY. JO: 30 a. an.- The Junior Finals in Public Speaking for the Ferdinand Peck Prize. Declama­ tions by Leona Cecile Reiman, Logan Asahel Gridley, Henry Durham Sulcer, ind Schuyler Baldwin Terry. The members· of the Junior College Faculty who are pres­ ent will act as judges. KNIt Theater. JUNE 6, SATURDAY. The Annual Interscholastic Track and Field 'Meet. M arshall Field. JCNE 6 TO 12. Examinations of Contains lIuch lllatter of Intereat­ Stories and Vmte Make Good Local Bits The J903 Cap and Gown has left the hands of the publishers and is now ready for distribution and sale. The book pre­ sents an attractive cover of red and black, the design being tastefully executed. The book contains 370 pages of illustrations and reading matter and a quantity of attractive advertising. The annual is dedicatee to Charles L. Hutchinson, the donor of the Commons and a trustee of the University. An ex­ cellent photograph of Mr. Hutchinson is reproduced on the fly-leaf. From cover to cover, the book is filled with matter of great interest to UniYersity of Chicago students and alumni. The pic.. tures are good and the new features intro­ duced in their arrangement add much to the style of the pUblicilticfn. . The c:alendat of social events is complete and remarka­ bly correct, The art work, under the direction of J obn H. Weddel, is good. The doggerel verse, stories, and fables ·under­ the head of ';Literary Contributions:' are well written arid witty. "Marooneo· and Gargoylette," an operatic extravaganza, speaks well fo..r its unknown author,' The "Revel" is a grewsome bit of verse, illustrated by Robertson, with a number of happy-looking skeletons. "The. Great Idea" .was evidently writteri ·by<a·Rirl;-forrit·iS_.'w�.rilten�'sparldi.c- -- --­ romance concerning a Fosler girl and an interesting young man •. · . ; The fable, of the "Mathematic Prof'" iii gocS(l, as also is a creepy bit named "Rattle­ snakes." "Dormitory Doggerel" rhymes well, and is really funny. .' . : The book compares favorably with tho� pubfished heretofore. The editorial �o� shows much care and labor. The ma� in the book is compiled carefully and is well arranged. The publication will be in the hands of local dealers this week.. , : School. who won thc hundred last year, i!' :l�ain an important factor in the dashes. :\Tl0ther event in which a rccord ought to he hroken is thc twelvc-pound hammer­ throw. Thrce men arc entered for this \\'1�o havc done about 160 feet; these are En·anl. oi Pontiac High School, \VilIiams, nj :'.iilwaukce. :lnd Thomas. an Indiana man. , The C:ltriCS will he announ('ed soon. and ,hel a hetter ('omparison can hc m:lde ::::l(l�� the men. Quarterly School. the Law JUNE 9, TUESDAY. 4:00 p. m.- The Annual Business Meeting of the Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Haskell Oriental Museum, Conpe- gation Hall. . JUNE JO, II, WED!(ESDAY AJIID THURSDAY. Quarterly Examinations. (The attention of members of the Faculties is called to the following paragraphs in the University Regulations: Sec. 14, No. IS, p, 9, and Sec. J7, No.2, p. 52.) JUNE 12, FRIDAY •. Junior College Day. 8:30 a. m.- oj unior Day Athletics. Marshall Field. I. . .. J •. The Interfraternity Meet • 2. The Interhouse Meet. JO: 30 a. m.- . - �-DrrirritY SchOol- Exercises :- Address to the Class of 1903, the Dean of the Divinity School; Address to the Divinity School, the President of the Board of Trustees; Response on bdmlf of the Class of 1903, Mr. Joseph Emerson Hicks. Haskell Ori- ental Museu,,,, Congregation Hall. • JO: 30 a. m.- School of Education Exercises r" �usic, the School; Theme. of Consideration, "Ideals;" Address, the - Dean; . Ideals of Education, Work, Art, the Drama, Music, Democracy as expressed in RoUsseau, Rus­ kin, Morris, Browning, Tolstoi, Wagner, Beethoven, Maeterlinck, Whitman,. Emer­ son, and the Bible, by the Oass; Music, the Class ; Presentation of picture by the Class of 1903 to the School of Education for new building; Response and Address, the Director; Music, Class Song; Informal Reception. School of Education. ·Committee: Martha Fleming, chair­ man; Viola Deratt, Emily Rice, and the members of the Class of 1903. 12: 00 m.- . Ivy Exercises. 2: JS p, m.- The University Dramatics, under the direction of the Department of Public Speaking: ( J) "Gringoire," by DeBan­ ville; (2) "The Romancers," an English version adapted from Rostand's "Les Ro­ manesques;" (3) the Trial Scene from "The Merchant of Venice." Pourers' The- II: 00 a. m.- The Convocation Religious Service : The Convocation Sermon, by the Reverend William Stephen Rainsford, D.D. The COfIvocation Tent. 4:00 p. m.- The Convocation Vesper Service. The Conuocatiow Tent. 7:00 p. m.- The Union Meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association and the Woman Stu­ dents' Christian League. Haskell Oriental Museum, Congregation Hall. JU:'E IS, MONDAY. Class Day. 9: 30 a. m.-· Junior College Class Exercises: The Conoocation TNI'. (Senior Class Committee: President of the Class, Thomas Johnston Hair; vice­ president, Charles Burton Elliott; secre­ tary, Julia Coburn Hobbs; treasurer, Charles Murfit Hogeland. Executive Com­ mittee: Martha Esther Landers, Agnes Rebecca Wayman, Frank McNair, Frank Frederick John Tische, Roy Wilson 'Mer­ rifield. On Class Colors: Emma DoI­ finger, 'chairman: Laura Madge Houghton, Donald Kennicott, On Class Yell: Charles William Collins, chairman; Jane Munroe, Robert Stinson Starbird. On Class Songs and Sings: Carl VanVechten, chairman � Jane Munroe, 'Valter Edward Francis. On Class Pin: Percy Rawls. On Class Entertainment: Martha Esther Landers, chairman: .Helen Genevieve Hayner, Ed­ win Boehmer. On Decoration: Hester Ridlon, chairman; Agnes Joslyn Kaufman, Luther Lycurgus Kirtley. On Invitation and Program: Frank De\Volf, chairman; Cornelia Simrall Smith, Carl Henry Grabo. On Class Day: Stephen Reid Capps, Jr .• chairman: Edith Ethel Barnard, Mildred Chadsey, Lorena Content Vernon King, Walkcr Gailey McLaury, Milton George Gu�ta\'us Sill!'. On Oass. Gift: Frank :'\tc�air. chainnan: :,\filton Judson Davies, Fredcrick Arthur Fischcl, Edith Browncll. Gcnrude Lei�h Caswell. Elizahdh Sophia \\·cirick . UNIVERSITY, EXTENSION o IN NE� Succeaafal Social Soiree in BoDor of Rf:T� :.r. Rainaford at Quadrangle Club The annual dinner of the Univenity Ex:' tension Department was beld last evening at the Quadrangle Oub. About sixty members of the University Faculty, m�stly members directly connected with the Ex;. tension Department, were prcsenL Rev. W. S. Rainsford, D.D., of New York City� who is the university ·preacher for the' spring quarter, was the guest of the eve­ ning. Those present at the dinner last evening say that it was the most successful social gathering ever held by the Extension De­ partment, Much favorable comment bas been heard today concerning the excellent after-dinner speeches, The happy vein which characterized all of the speeches was unusual. Nathaniel Butler acted as toast­ master of the evening. President Harper responded to the t�t "Whither?" very properly by hinting as to what might be the future of the Ex­ tension Department of the University. He suggested thc hope of a grcat and influ­ ential Extension Department which might have a largc pennanent endowment which would insurc its suee�s for all time. The realization of an ideal Univcrsity Extcn­ !'ion Department through cndowments �ccmecl to be the keynote of President Harper's talk. George E. Vinecnt and Edwin E. Sparks spokc in a hrighter vein and secmed to have no end of wit and humor. Dr. Rainsford, the gucst of the eve­ nin�. \\'a� called upon and responded gcn- ."-; ater. 8: 30 p. m.- The Junior Promenade. Hotel. Claicago Bcacb High Jl.'NE J3. SATURDAY. Alumni Day. (Committee on Arrange­ ments: John F. Hagey, '98, chairman; Cecil Page, '98; Franklin E. Vaughan, '98; Ralph 1.: Peck, '98.) 9: ('0 a. m.- Breakfast given by the Chicago Alumne Club to the \Vomen Graduates of J903. Foster Hall. 2: 00 p. m.- Annual Business �lecting of the Alumni. Reception of the Class of lQ03 into the Association: Addrcss of \Velcome by Prc�ident Edwin G. Cooley. '95: Response on hehalf of the Class. Ralph �Icrriam, 'oJ. Col,b LU(lIrc Hall. . 1: 00 p. 111.- Gass Rcunions. (Committec : Ralph L. Peck. chairman; Alice \\,inston, Laura Wright.) Alumni of the Old Univcrsity. Ha.fkdl C(l",::rc�(ltio"al Hall. (Committec: Rcv. John L. Jackson. 'i2: F10rencc Holhrook, ·i9· ) C):1SS of 181).1. Room 10. Second Floor. Col,b IId/l. (William S. Gatto. chainflan.) Class of t8()4' Room 8. Third Floor. Cobb Hall. (Horace G. Lozier. chairman.) Class of 181)5. 'Room S. Seco:tc/ Floor. Cobb /lall. (Charlottc H. Foyc. chairman.) 10: 00 a. m.- 1�:tisinJ:! (\f the 190.1 Flag. Address on hehalf oi thc Uni"ersity hy Jnmes Ha:rdcn Tufts. Dean of the Senior Collegcs: raising the fia� on hehalf of thc Class of 190,) hy Ch:\rlcs Burton Elliott. Tlae Flag Pole. to: .,0 a. m.-- Confercn(,e of B:lptist �tinistcrs. Has­ l'cll Orj("lllal JIIlUIlI7I. COII�rcgation Hall. 10: 30 a. m.- Farcc. "The C'nivcr!'ity in the Ycar 2,000 (Continued on rase 3-column 3) conccrning university extension " CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1908 Last week the water from the new fil­ tration plant given by Andrew Carnegie was turned into the water-pipes at Cornell. The supply of artesian water will now be discontinued. Every building on the cam­ pus is supplied wit_h water from the filtra­ tion plant. Throughout the warm weather the water will be cooled in ice tanks. The water will be analyzed. every day. Subscriptions to the JloDthly JIaroon on special offer receindat the 0fIice, Room 7 of the Press Builc1iDg. . The Daily Maroon Formerly tbe UDlversity of Chicaco Weekly. Mack's and Mr. Smith's election go to show that the University of Chi­ cago's professors and trustees are coming to prove the quality of the U. of C. men. They are becoming influential in other responsible capacities as well as in educational circles. POU1IDIIU) TiM- UDiversity of Chicaco Weekly • October I, IIc)a THa DAILY MAIlOOlC - October I. IOOS OUT OF FASHION? Out of the World. JlBWS COBTRIBUTIOBS RBQUB8TBD. No one appreciates this princlple more keenl,. than the collere man. Hut iQ c1othin� there II more to be CODlidered thaD" .'uhIOD.· Evety rarment-maker, custom or otherwise, can CIOpJ' the seuoD'IIl)'Ics. Remember that oyer ana above this conformation to the fashion plate, lies the SECRET OF SUCCESS Ira creative tallorinr. I refer to Individuality. Why do mea eo out 01 their way to see me? Why do my cu,tomen alwaYI remaiD cultom­ ers? Not because my work is like others. Why is every �arment made by me a desirable advertisemeDt? Why did my business of thil season enjoy an increase of 10% oyer that 01 last? Not because my work aeb individual­ ity. My whole interest, mind, and heart roes into each �.nnent built at my hauds. Let every man learn to do one thine well and IUC' cessIs hle, Yours allXious.to serve, Published by the ltudents 01 tbe University 01 Chi­ caeo every afternoon, ezc:ept Saturday ant Sunday duro inc the 46 weeks 01 t\e University year. Present buard 01 editors and busi_ manaeer antborizc:d by ItudeDt·body III mass meetinc May 15. IQ02. Membership OD subsequent boards of editors to be dctenniDed by competition opeD to all students in the UuiYcnity. $19 From Chicago to Boston and Return $19 via Nickel Plate Road, account meeting of Christian Scientists, June 28th to July 1St. Tickets on sale June 25, 26, and 27, with open return limit of June 28. By deposit­ ing tickets with Joint Agent in Boston on July J, 2, 3, or 4. and payment fee of fifty cents, extended limit returning until August J st may be obtained. Stopover at Niagara Falls, in either direction, without extra charge. No excess fare .charged on any of our trains. Three trains daily. Through vestibuled sleeping-cars. Ameri­ can Club Meals served in dining-cars on Nickel Plate Road; also meals a Ia carte. Address John Y. Calahan, General Agent, JJ 3 Adams St., Room 298, Chicago, for reservation of sleeping-car space and. other information. 'Phone Central 2057. GJH�GOYCEo�ES Oil, FLURRY! "How do I look tonight, Will? asked the maiden. "Like a picture--' , "Oh, you flatterer!"··. " "--of Mamma Katzenjammer, con- tinued the heartless youth. . "Brute!" cried the girl. BOAIlD OF EDITORS :e:s1dfto�itor _ - _ - • HO-�::R\�= Athletic Editor - Roaurr L HluntY, JR. ASIOClATaItDnollS FaAJ(CIS F. TISCHIit FIlAICIC McNAla Eu P. GALa ADlitualtTT. STIitWAIIT FIlAICIC R. ADAIIS WALTa. L GRECOKY AUSTIN A. HAYDEN • • • A man is known by the pins that be M. J. COFFEY , Tailor to Business Men 153 La Salle St. TelephoDe CentTal3439 wears. WOIIAJ( EDnoas MIlS AGNaS WAYMAN MISS LENA HARRtS STolPI' 0 ... aPOItTBRS THADDaus J. MIltRRJLL ERNaST J. 5TBvBMS MISS Eu.A R. MltTSlCaR RALPH If. MUl.V�NIIt MISS MARY E. BARlCaR EDWARD M. KERWIN AulaIlTW. SHE... E. D. F. BtnTKllnlltLD WROY A. VAJ( }JATrK" • • ASTRONOlIUCAL NOTE The Republican ticket, like the earth, was somewhat flattened at the polls yester­ day. DAYLIGHT P.ARLORS FOR P'lTTIBG COUNCIL URGES SUPPORT OF PLAYS Seats'Should Be ReserYed-Kore Elective Work to Be Asked for iDe Junior College At a meeting this morning of the Junior Coilege Council action was taken in favor of urging all University members to co­ operate heartily in making a success of the Junior Day plays. The Council officially asks all students to give their patronage and loyal support to the Junior Day pro­ ductions. The plays will be given on the afternoon of June 12. As they must be given at one of the down-town theaters it is especially desirable te obtain as far as possible a University atmosphere. In order to give University members first choice of seats, reservations can be obtained until June 5 by application to Strong Vincent Norton, The University Play, Faculty Ex­ change. The Council decided to place before President Harper the opinion of the Junior College students concerning the required work of the Junior College. The recent action of Yale in doing away with required work has increased the' agitation . among Chicago students. for similar action by the University. The Council will ask that more elections be allowed, and that Latin as a required study be dropped. Call Hyde Park 511-4 BUSIlIESS STAFF THE DAILY 1tIAIlOOK THE MOJCTHLY MAROON Business M�. - - - BYIlOJ( G. MOON Assistant HusiDCSI Mauaeer - JUUAN L. BaoDi AdYertbin, MU8£U - - - PLAn M. CoIeIlAD Rush Medic MaD22U - J. W. SWIFT BARKER The Shi.-t Cutter Shirts Made to Order I :::, �=� F. W .: Baker Men's Furnishings, Hats, Shoes, Pants, Trunks and Traveling Bags Dally Subscription, $3 per 4 quarten I $1 for 3 months By Ibilin city S4 per 4 quarten I $ 1.25 for 3 months s.t.crlpdOllS recelYed at 'The M_" <>Ace. R-7. The Plea BWldlq ..... left la "The JobnIoD" Boll. the Facu1ty �.CobbHa11 Engraved Invitations • Programs • Fraternity Stationery, WM. FREUND & SONS, • 176 State street Oppcalle Palm.r "_ entnllce . Prlated by the lJalYeftlty or Cblcaco Press 3.0f2 EAST SIXTY-THIRD ST. • EDIT�RIALS • Aberdeen Golf Qubs $1 If you want a strictly high grade club we sug­ gest the Aberdeen. It is made in all iron and wooden models-fifteen different styles to select from-e-and the price is only $1. A large assortment of caddie bags and the latest golf balls - prices the lowest anywhere. Lawn tennis, croquet, and baseball goods III a comprehensive assortment. Everyone interested in oratory should attend the mass meeting in Kent, Thursday, at 10:30 a. m. The proposal of the Quadrangle Club to admit to its membership alumni of the University The Quad- r..agl�mllb opens up new and great �m!!i ,: .. z: ,p�bilities, ;in.d;Jp�Em.is� � . to be �o the graduate body what the Students' Club will be to ·the undergraduate life. . The movement comes at an oppor­ tune time. It can be no great while until the Quadrangle Club is com­ pelled by the northward. growth of the University to seek new quarters, and if the alumni join to any con­ siderable extent the club will beable to build a very large and elegant house, which will, without doubt, be the grand rendezvous for al�mni on all occasions when they are wont to return ·to their alma mal". It will be a place, too, where the' Alumni Club can strengthen its organization in a manner 'not possible when no permanent meeting-place is provided. If must not be forgotten, of course, that there -is a club-house being built now, and an organization effected for the students, membership to which is' open to alumni. The fee for this club is nominal, however, and while everyone should join it it should prove no bar to the other project. The alumni should join in both movements, certainly in the Students' C!ub, which offers exceptional privi­ leges at an extremely low rate, and no less certainly to the Quadrangle Club, if they' get the opportunity, which offers great advantages of a different character. Semi-FiDals Were 'Unfinished Phi Delta Theta and. Alpha Delta Phi played a weird game of baseball on Mar­ shall Field yesterday afternoon, and the score in the middle of the first half of the ninth in�ing, in the mud, rain, and dark­ ness, stood 28 to 21 in favor of the Phi Delts. The contest will be taken up this afternoon at the beginning of the eighth inning with the score 24 to 15 in favor. of the Phi Delts and the last two stages will be gone through again> Those who watched the exhibition thought that the end of the seventh marked the time when the game ceased to be baseball, and it is with the idea of completing a game that the reversion will be made. SCHLESINGER & MAYER If· You Want Money call A. LIPMAN on gg But lIa4UoD at. DiamoDds, Watches. Jewelry, aDel ADtiques, for sale; Old Gold and Silver Boueht A Store for Women 'ICa�' �HE unparalleled advantages of OUr establishment as a store for women have long been recogni%cd. This super­ iority did not come to us by accident, but is the result of a well planned and carefully sustained system by which the world's greatest fashion centers and their most noted designers are coflstantly rcfl�ed in our ever-changing styl� ex­ ��� position. We are constantly showing the latest and most striking novelties in Arrange for Inter-House Meet At a house-meeting in Snell last eve­ ning Edward M. Kerwin was elected cap­ tain of the track team, and Roy Flickinger manager of the tennis tournament. A committee meeting from the houses at the Unive�ity will be held this after­ noon at 4: 15 for the purpose of arranging for the inter-house meet on June 12. Snell has not as many athletes this year as formerly, but hopes to make a good show­ ing. A tennis tournament for the purpose of deciding the championship of the Hall will be held within the next few days. About twenty men have signified their intention of cntering the contest and have signed their names to the entry sheet. Drawings will be made this evening and the matches will commence at once. Waists Gloves Suits Handkerchiefs Skirts Hosiery and as to prices-the result of comparison is invariably in our favor. Millinery Neckwear Belts Julian W. Mack and Frederick A. Smith, candidates for election in yesterday's judicial contest, in whom the University of Chicago people were very much interested, were both elected to places on the Circuit bench. Jesse A. Baldwin, who is connected with the University in the capacity of trustee, was defeated in the race by a close vote. Professor At :1 meeting of the board of trustces of Leland Stanford Jr. University, held yes­ terday, Mrs. Leland Stanford resigned and surrendered all the powers and duties in­ vested in her by the terms of the grant founding the university. Under the terms of the grant 1\1 rs, Stanford had complete control of the university. That control is now possessed by the board. 'Rothschild ®. CODlpany S�ate and Van Buren Street. � . , , . .. �.'" ... ... CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1903 �"""" ........ "" ............ � "The Varsity � � Suit" I I Sachen # A.. producecI by # Wil1iam • � TAILOR , 320 East Fifty-ifth st. • # � Is the proper suit for i members of the Uni- f � versity of ChiCago. ......................... ....,....""� Scheyer, Hoglund Co. TAILORS 89 East Madison St •• Suite 9-11 OUR nmuCBJIBlfTS ARB: Guarantee of perfect fit, high grade workmanship, and the latest creations of style and fashion at moderate prices. Spalding's ·Official Athletic Almanac for 1903 The only Almanac published that con­ tains a complete list of American Best-on­ Records and Complete List of Champions. Over 530 Pictures of Prominent American and Foreign Athletes. Pilice IOc A. O. SPALDINO & BIWS. New York ChicaeO-l>drftr" -BWIiJ.' 'BaltimOre· SHORTHAND IN ONE HOUR In 40 to 60· clap M.-s. Lena A. White guarantees to rilake lOU an expert stenog­ rapher and tyP.ewnter or -refaJul your money_ Hundreds of students have mastered her system in one hour. Con­ tinuous school session. Individual in­ struction by the author. WHITE'S COLLEGE 103 JIICHIGAN AVE. Do You Dance? If so. �a will fiDeI • fiDe IISIOrtIDeDt of daac:iDe. party. euchre. dbmer. weddiae. aDd sapper fnon at ••• Ounther's Confectionery 212 Stille Street, Claap i& 1?eOrS��05. 243 Wabash Ave. (Kbdllil Hill."') Commencement Photos Special Rat" to U. ore. Students slltH"w yt?�� �1'eknl 9'm/o,v Ill7 ... __ .... 6W St. .. lexIItM A"- ·Td. c.t. 2675 TeL awe M 1m C4ner .... W ....... The Domestic Laundry c. J. GEIGER, .... 0". 5485 Lake Avenue ....... r.5925 "For positions in High Schools, Secondary Schools. State Normal Schools, Colleges. and State Universities, address or call on The Albert Teachers' Agency. Fine Arts Build­ ing, Chicago. C.). Albert, manager. I MAJORS 'aDd MINORS I The vice-president elected in the organi­ zation of the Minnehaha Club was Miss Fannie Long. Miss Fanny Long, instead of Mrs. Fan­ nie Gong, as the MAROON stated yesterday. is vice-president of the Minnehaha Club. , Misses Charlotte and Cornelia Smith gave a luncheon yesterday in honor of Miss Lilian Danaher. About twenty· girls were present. Alfred Shrubb ran two miles on a grass track at Illford, England. Saturday. in 9 minutes 11 seconds. beating all records for both grass and cinder tracks. Sigma Alpha Epsilon gave an informal reception last Friday evening to the pa­ rents of the Sigma Alpha men who live in the city. and their friends . The wedding of Miss Ebba Amelia An­ derson to Dr. Charles Neilson of the University of Chicago will take place on June 11. Miss Anderson was formerly a student at the University. On a basis of three games played. the following men have been awarded the "C. L." of the Law School baseball nine: Mc­ Millen, Sheldon. Lambertson, Brower, Schmidt, Wyman, McGee, Stiness, Horton. Ewing. Other members of the team were Jayne, Rooney, Bingham. and Harper. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Gates, of New York City, are the guests of President Harper for a few days. Mr. Gates was the secre­ tary of the American Baptist Educational Society when Mr. Rockefeller made his first subscription to the University. and led the campaign during the years 1899 to 1891 in securing the funds to fulfil the conditions made by Mr. Rockefeller in his first gift. Since then, Mr. Gates has been Mr. Rockefeller's personal business and benevolent agent. Mr. Gates, who has not been here for two years, is a trustee of the University. MASS MEETING THURSDAY MORNING Public-Speaking Department to AnnOUDce Anangements for iI.autilton Orations The Public Speaking Department will conduct a mass-meeting in Kent Theater, Thursday morning at 10: 30. The purpose is to render a formal acceptance of the invitation of the Hamilton Club in regard to the prizes offered by them for annual orations on Hamilton, and also to an­ nounce the arrangements made for the first preliminaries. • lrveryone iii' Ollie Uiiiversity at all in­ terested in oratory is urged to attend the mass-meeting. O. W. Stewart to Speu Tonight Hon. o. \V. Stewart, one of the most popular members of the state legislature, and the representative from this district, has consented to speak to the students of the University of Chicago tonight in Cobb Chapel. Those of the students who heard Mr. Stewart last fall have the greatest ad­ miration for him as a man and an inde­ pendent politician, The only Prohibition representative in the house. Mr. Stewart is one of the great leaders of reform along the line of civic morality. Christian Scientists' meeting in Boston. June 28th to July 1St. It will be to your advantage to obtain rates applying over the Nickel Plate Road before purchasing elsewhere. No excess fare charged on any of our trains. Tickets on sale June 25. 26, and 27. Final return limit August 1St. Call on or-address John Y. Calahan. General Agent, I 13 Adams St., Room 298. Chicago, for particulars as to stopovers. train service, etc. 'Phone Central 2057. COMPLETE CONVOCATION PROGRAM Serges, Flannels, and Homespuns (Continued irom page I) A. D.," given by Members of the Class of ·oJ. 12: 00 m.- Luncheon of the Class of ·oJ. The Con­ vocation Tent. 2: JO p, m.- Divinity Alumni Meeting. Haskell Ori­ cnta! Museum, Congregation Hall. 2: JO p. m.- Farewell ·to the Quadrangles: Farewell to the Women's Quadrangles, Julia Coburn Hobbs: Farewell to the Class Ivy. Edith Ethel Barnard: Farewell to Kent Theater, Harry James Lurie: Farewell to the Men's Quadrangles, Roy Wilson Merrifield; Fare­ well to Cobb Hall, Orville Elbridge At­ wood. J : 00 p. 111.- Bench Exercises: Presentation of Senior Bench to Class of '04, Milton George Sills; Response, Frank Ramsay Adams; Presentation of Senior Cap and Goum, Agnes Rebecca Wayman; Response. Bertha Lillian Iles ; Presentation of Class Gift to the University, William Alfred Goodman. Jr.; Response, the President; Class Poem, Donald Kennicott; Class His­ tory, Marie Anna Lamb. J: 45 p. m.- Meeting with the President of the Alumni Representatives in the University Congregation. The President's Office. 4: 00 p. m.- The Thirty-seventh Meeting of the Uni­ versity Congregation. Haskell Oriental .Musc,,,,,, Congregation Hall. (The Congregation Committee: The President. George E. Vincent, Charles R. Henderson, Alonzo K. Parker, Gordon J. Laing, Joseph E. Raycroft.) 8: 00 p, m. to 11: 00 p. nt.- The Com�ocation Reception. The Con­ vocation Tent. (Committee: Edwin E. Sparks, chair­ man; Frank F. Abbott. James H. Breasted, Frederick I. Carpenter, George L. Hen­ drickson. J. Franklin Jameson, Paul Shorey, James P. Hall, Gerald B. Smith, Harry G. Wells, Albert A. Michelson. Joseph P. Iddings, Edwin O. Jordan, Charles R. Mann, Oskar Bolza. JUNE 16. TUESDAY. Convocation Day. 8: 30 a. 10.- The Matutinal for Candidates for Higher Degrees. The President's House. 10: 00 a. m.- The Forty-seventh University Convoca­ tion : The Procession. The Convocation Address, "Prospects of Science in the United, States at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century." President Daniel Coit Gilman. LL.D., of the Carnegie Institution, with introduction by Henry Herbert Don­ aldson. Ph.D., Professor and Head of the Department of Neurology in the Univer­ sity of Chicago. The Conferring of. De­ grees. The President's Quarterly State­ ment. The Convocation Tent. (Committee: George H. Mead. chair­ man; Henry G. Gale. Frederick M. Blan­ chard, Ernst Freund. Edgar J. Goodspeed, George H. Locke. Jerome H_ Raymond, Ernest D. Burton. Wilbur S. .Jackman. Lewellys F. Barker. Frank R. Lillie, Her­ bert N. McCoy, Henry C. Cowles, Julius Stieglitz. George C.· Howland.) 12: JO p. m.- The University Luncheon. Lexington Hall. (Committee: Robert Francis Harper. chairman; Philip S. Allen. Gordon J­ Laing. Edward CaPPS. Starr W. Cutting. J. G. Carter Troop. James W'. Linn, Charles B. Davenport. Robert A. Millikall. Elias P. Lyon. Glenn M. Hobbs, Ralph W. Webster. Camillo von Klenze, Clarke B. Whittier, George B. Foster. FOR HOT WEATHER Our Own Importation SUITS, $20 to $40 NICOLL, The Tailor CLARK A�D ADAMS STREETS w. N. GAaUC�, University Representative 111 order to obtain a gift of Four Hundred Dollars the monthly lIIIaroon must secure 400 yearly paid subscriptions at $1.00 each instead of $1.75, the regular price. These subscriptions must be in by June 20. 1903. We trust you will be one of the 400. H. Z E ISS LADIES' TAILOR 9 E. Forty-seventh st. (near Ill. Central Station) 'Phone Oakland 126«), After 7 P. II., or Sunday, 'phone Gray 404 Unlined Suits from $35 up. Silk-Uned Suits fro� $.co up. Skirts from $15 up. 60wman Dairy· Go. OUR MILK ... is Bottled in the Country It Pays to Advertise in the lIIarooD� If you have Pictures to Frame take them to CHAS. E. ALDER, 73.1idsG1 ...... A. lap .ad well aeIected .tock .. fl'lllMCl plc:ttlres .... ltabIe .... OUts. alwais GO Tiew. ' ...... 1071 ........ 4:00 p. 10.- The Annual Address before the Beta oi . Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, by Bliss Perry, Esq., Editor of the Atlantic Monthly. Subject: Indifferentism. The Convocation Tent. Brooks Co. �1I1 sell 708 SDore QUALITY and STYLE - Gq;) ��' .���, Good Things to Eat From LlbbJ'. falll_bnl_1o kttcbea. ......... pari", pNftl ... An III ... aM lr LIBBY'S Natural Flavor Food Products for. $ 3 • 0 0 � h • D '. n '7 other HA TTER.S in Chicago Tltey Make Them Three Stores. 6reat Northern Hotel BldQ. 96 Madison st. 97 E. Randolph st. TIt a/' s Wlty , Ob, the Irontless man Is an .. also ran." But the Duck with a front is a live one. -FromTa/�s oftlu Ez·tallh. Don't Be an "Also Ran" Dress Right, Look Right and Be a Live One Weare showing Spring Goods that are rigb1-right in style, price, and quality. College men are discriminating. That's why I have so many:of them among my customers. . Tailor for TOGC .eo A. N. JEan .. s. Mer. 13g-131 LA SALL. ST. THE MOST DELICIOUS ICE CREAM SODA CAN .E HAD AT THE AVERY PHARMACIES ., Winter bas left us: spring is here : so is Famous: and, as usual, is ready to do your tailoring, cleaning, and pressing. He also has on hand a full line of spring furnishingS and hats. Famous TallorlD& Company 346 E. Fifty·fifth st. 'PboDe, Hyde: Park S,_ Holmes MEN'S WEAR • I I, . Nothinl£·DOinII -r_ woi ba."f'8 ., I'art!Iet .. for the IU«aD4 . W tile GlIlItJleIlltll WIler aftaClDdltrjtDc tile .............. Pt.-thieilerftettom�on Oi boa. 'W1tb that eniWtIDi' reac:b-hacb­ _� to u...u.1reIlleft oQt. n Writes ilsteeD·· CCIIdImIoaaboan 'W1tboatalltUUeroral}llllUft­ wUboatcaulDc or dli1'lDc. .l1lll thIDk &Ddpaab aDd tile 8 __ wUI do tile Ia&. Sold on a par. imtee; ba71t on tItal; 1IIIed OIl eftI')' oeculon. • .&111., '!'ODD II IlAIlD. ....... 8&neC., ................ , a-... IE.tLE.E. WHO DRESS FOR SnLE IOTIESS. AID CO. FORT WEAR TH� •• PROVED , : BOSTON GARTER n ....... Iz ... sta .... ..... The ••• ela at •• peeI on : �....., loop- CUSHION -», BUTTON CLASP u_ n.t te U..l .. - .... s ..... TNra r ... Ullfasteas 1IaDpJe_.8IJkaoe..Caallllt.Se. IlaIW ... ftfttJJ& of price. lee. 'roat Co •••• lm. ... t u.s.a. CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1903 " , NOTICES' "I Students and faculty memben are requested to seDd all ootices to THE DAl:'Y MAaooM for publication free of char2e. Notices mUlt be left at TilE MAJIIOOM office or FacUlty Exchaoce before II : 00 A .... Members of the Senior Class are re­ quested to meet the committee on invita­ tions and programs to settle bills, I: 00 to 2: 00 p. m., Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2 and 3, in Cobb lecture hall. Y. M. C. A.-Usual meeting, Wednes­ day, i: 30 p. m., in Snell club-room. The Dramatic Club initiation takes place tonight at 7: 30, in Lexington Hall. Baseball.-Chicago vs. Indiana, Wednes­ day, June 3, 3: 45 p. m., on Marshall Field. The Undergraduate Divinity Club meets today, 4: 15 p. m., in South Divinity Par­ lors. The Church History Club meets Tues •. day, June 2, 8 p. m., in South Divinity parlor. Interscholastic Track and Field Meet, Saturday, June 6, I: 45 p. m., on Marshall Field. Tickets for the Junior Promenade can now be obtained from Mr. James Sheldon Riley and Mr. Julian L. Brode. The election of the Ivy Orator for Junior Day will be held Wednesday at 10: 30, in the Upper Junior division meeting. Professor Hall will, address the Lower Seniors on "The Profession of Law," Wed­ nesday, June 3, in Cobb lecture-room. Conference on Teaching of Mathematics and Physics in Secondary Schools, Ryer­ son 32, 7: 45 p. m., Wednesday, June 3· E. Lecroart will address the Alliance Francaise on "La France Republique," Sat­ urday, June 6, 12: 30 p. m., in Fine Arts Building. W. S. C. L., Haskell Assembly Hall, Friday, June s, 10: 30 a. m. Topic: "The Man Christ Jesus," led by ·Mrs. Coleman's Bible Study Class. Professor Eo Eo Sparks will address the Historical Club on "The Stereopticon as an Aid in Teaching," Tuesday, June 2, 8 : 00 p, m., in Haskell. Mr. Robert Walter Bruere, associate in English, will continue his lectures on "Flcrentine Art," Thursday, June 4, 4: 00 p, m., in Haskell Assembly Hall. The Prohibition Association will hold an open meeting, Tuesday, June 2, 7: 30 p, m., in Cobb lecture hall. Hon. O. W. Stewart, state representative of Hyde Park district, will speak. LeRoy Hoary Harvey will deliver an illustrated lecture on the "Physiographic Ecology of Mt. Ktaadn," before the Botani­ cal Club, Tuesday, June. 2, 5: 00 p. m., in Bot. 13 • $400 is offered the Monthly Maroon to pay for the year's exchange list, provided 400 new subscriptions at $1.00 each are secured before June 20, 1903. No single copies are oil sale. Your subscription is requested. The Semitic Club meets Tuesday, June 2, 7: 30 p, m., in the President's library: subject, "Semitic Gnomology." Treatment: Arabic, Professor J ewelt: Talmudic, Pro­ fessor Hirsch; Egyptian, Associate Pro­ fessor Breasted. The Junior finals in Public Speaking for the Ferdinand Peck prize will be held in the Junior College Division meeting, Wed­ nesday, 10: 30 a. rn., in Kent Theater. The contestants are H. D. Sulcer, L. A. Gridley, S. B. Terry, Leona Reiman. Fraternities, clubs, and members oi halls and houses desiring seats for the University plays, leave application in Faculty Exchange, addressed to Strong Vincent Norton, care of University Play, before Thursday, June 4. The following topics will be discussed by the Physics Club, Friday, June 5, 8: 00 p. m., in Ryerson 32: "The Joint Ameri­ can and French Determination of the Magnetic Effect of a Moving Electrical. Charge:" "An Optical Pyrometer for Measuring Temperatures One Thousand Degrees above Temperatures Hitherto Measured ;" "The Source of Radium Rays and Their Spontaneous Dissipation ot Energy;" "The Fabry and Perot Inter- ferometer." Weaver Coal & DOMESTIC To Boston and Return at One Fare for the round-trip from Chicago via Nickel Plate Road for Christian Scientists' meet­ ing in June. Tickets on sale June 25th, 26th, and 27th, with extended' return limit of August rst, Stopover at Niagara Falls, in either direction, without extra charge, and at Xew Yorfe returning on payment of fcc of $1.00. !\o eXCe5S fare charged on any of our trains. \Vrite John Y. Cala­ han, Gcneral Agent, I I J Adams St., Room 21)8, Chicago. for detailed information. ·Phone Central 2057· Oh I oh! how good I What? That Soda. Where? Bowen's, Fifty·fifth and Ingleside ave. To Rent.-Wel1 furnished six-room flat, for summer: inquire of Hor:lce Spencer Fiske, .144 Fifty-scventh street. Exceptionally f:lvorable contracts made for printing do.:tcrs' theses. University Printing Co., 31.'l E. Sixty·third street. ToRent�For summer months; furnished house, with wide .verandahs, on Washing­ ton ave.: convenient to University and Illinois Central express trains. Apply Box 163, FaCJ1lty Exchange, University of Chicago. I'M' LOOKING FORWARD WITH MUCH PLE.ASUR� TO A CALL FILOM THE READER, WHEN I WILL, WITH­ OUT DOUBT. CONVINCE YOU OF THE SUPEILIORITY OF NOT ONLY MY LINE OF WOOLENS, BUT THE GENEILAL HIGH QUALITY OF MY WORK, WHICH HAS PLACED ME IN THE LEAD IN THIS BUSINESS IN CHICAGO. NEW SPRING GOODS NOW IN STOCK The 33 Ian 33 Adami 33 Cent. 33 Lettenln 33 Dollar"� OrigInal at It. 'Phone Name and BUIlnesl' Address Suit • • • MY LEADER ••• CARROLL S. McMILLAN, TAILOR, No. 33 Adams st. Coke Co. COKE Subst£tute for Coal Marquette Building 63d and Wallace streets H a r d 40th street and Wentworth avenue North avenue and River W. T. DELIHANT P"."id,,,t M. C. O'DONNELL Su".d."., ALBERT TEBO T".,.s.".,,. POCAHONTAS TEL. HARRISON 3137 PEN-MAR 303 Dearborn street CHICAGO INSURANCE LI FE ACCIDENT HEALTH PROTECTION AND INVESTMENT 5% TWENTY YEAR ENDOWMENT BONDS EVERY DOLLAR GUARANTEED; NO ESTIMATES If you will !ICDd me your full Dame aDd adcbas. toeetber with cbte of' birth. I will submit proposltiOll Telephone Central 3931 GEO. M. LEE 1008 Marquette Bldg. Chicago .,� MaiD Office and Works, 33d It. aDd Shields aye. PboDe South 1104 BEST WORK IN CHICAGO TelephoDe Hyde: Park 18 A. McAdams THE UNIVERSITY FLORIST GREENHOUSES : Cor. S3d st. aDd Kimbark aye. ClllCAGO Standard 'Washed Coal Co. NEW KENTUCKY COAL D •• W.J. Cony superiDteDda all wmk COVEY'S DENTAL PARLORS 174-176 STATE STRlrirr Opposite MaiD EDtraoa: Paimer Hoase Gold CIOWDS - $5.00 I Set Teeth •• $s.oo Brtdce Work· • 5-00 t... S. S. W •• 8.00 PlatiDUID Villioe 1.00 .... ROle Peal 15-00 Gold Villines $2.00. up PaiDless Extrac:tioD .so TO BBST 18 CIDtAPBST _celebrated Hats " Styles and Qualitiea Always ProgreaaiTe" -- nwYO� PAUla Housa cmlaGO PlDUDBLPIIU. L. MANASSE, OPTICIAN 88 MedilOll se., TribaDe B.lldl.� 8pec:tacIea aD4 Byecluaes Sdatikally .&4jute4 E� Tested Free Eoorerythioe 0pdcaJ Matliematical\ MdeftoJoeicaJ,aacl for the L:interDist. Ko4ab. CUDeru aD4 SQpUea. McKEOWN B�OT"E�S CARPENTERS AND Bun..OERS .-810 Cotta)te Grove ave. Phone Drexel 1291 Wholesale AS[enh for Patent Al'phalt RoofinS[ Material and Allphalt. Damp. course, nld IIhln­ srle roob covered with Patent Asphalt RoofinS[. Cheaper than shlnglu. HYDB PARK AND CHICAGO. BBACH STABLES J. H. KINTZ (PROPRlItTOR) Jackson Park Stables 2i3 East Fifty·Seventh Street TeI.,Oakl:lnd 552 CHI C AGO LOSER &: �ANSON •. -TAILORS· 175 DEARBORN ST_ CHICAGO. Oood Clothes Moderate Prices • Storage:i: Telepbou. 461 aJut""eDtwoi'tJa' BBCXLBlIBBRG'S EXPRESS &V All co. lilS4 to 61eo 'WeDtworth '&'ft. 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