Tbe nsn Maroon .' " VOL. I. No. 144 ... PRICE THREE CENTS OHICAGO, MONDAY, MAY 18, 1903 A ,NEW UNIVERSITY IDEA � GIRLS' CONCERT A SUCCESS Northwestern University Makes Manual Training a Qualifica­ tion for Admission Yale Students Are Charged With Taking Places of striking T�atera­ President Hac1ley to Investigate Northwestem"'University . has . made�'itft announcement that manual training will be reckoned a qualification for admission. Educators say that this is a candid sub­ mission to the trend of the time in uni­ versal activity combining mental power with physical force. Northwestern Uni­ versity acknowledges that manual labor is no longer despicable on either zsthetic, social. or intellectual grounds. It is be­ lieved that N�rthwestern's recognition of manual training is significant because Northwestern is a member of the National University Association. It will follow that manual training will undoubtedly become a feature of university preparatory schools' and will be generally recognized, .among admission tests. - • - President Hadley of Yale, according to the announcement made yesterday, has de­ cided to investipte the charge that Yale students are :taIOng the places of the strik­ ing teamsters in New Haven. He ·will make a formal reply to the trades council, comprising all organized labor in New Haven, as to the right of the Yale men to become strike-breakers, and as to how. far he, as president of the university, should interfere. Henry G. Nichols, one of the committee of the trades council, told President Hadley he did not wish to have the president of .Yale coerce the students, b�t"":tdVise· tb� for 'the' hon�'r �i the University to refrain froUl taking. a public part bn either side, . - - - Last Saturday the annual field-day exer- cises of the Vassar College Athletic Ass0- ciation were held. The college records in the standing· and running broad jumps were broken.' The fonner record in the running broad jump was 14 feet and 3� inches. The band at the University of Minne� sota appears to be very prosperous. During the last year the band has traveled 2,700 miles and taken in total receipts to the amount of $1,26S.36 •. The members re­ ceived $686.34 in cash, and the rest has gone for advertising, traveling, and inci­ dental expenses, Each member of the band earned about $32. According to late statistics from the University of Michilian over 37 per cent. of the living women graduates are en­ gaged in teaching. About,28 per cent.' are believed to be keeping house; about 16 per cent. are engaged in the practice of medi­ cine. More than 250, graduates of the University of Michigan are engaged. as professors, instructors." or assistants in about 75 universities, colleges, agricultural colleges, and normal schools. In proportion to the student enrolment, J ohaa Hopkins has one instructor to every four studen�; Yale, one to nine; Colum­ bia, Harvard, Nonhwestern, and Pennsyl­ vania, one to ten; Princeton, one to thir­ teen; Michigan, on� to founeen; Mis­ souri and Wisconsin, one to fifteen. LAWS DEFEAT HULL .COURT MEDICS Win Well-Played Gaae of SeveD IDDinp by Score of II to 5. The Law School baseball team defeated the Medics, Saturday morning on Mar­ shall Field, by the score of II to 5. Both teams played a good game. Hor­ ton of the Laws knocked out a home run. Curtis, the old Wisconsin football captain, who played first base for the Medics, and Watson, an old Michigan first baseman, were the stars of the Hull Coun aggrega­ tion. Score by innings: Laws 00.0.0 001 2 3 I I 2 0--10 Medics 0 • 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 "0 0 0 0 0 2 3- 5 BatterieS-Wyman and Sheldon; Wat­ son, Myers, a�d Peny. .P'realuIiu Girls' Glee aD4 :MaD40liD Clubs EDtert.aiDecl AucUeDce of 400 People SaturcJay Kl,ht AN EXTRA' INNING CONTEST Chicago LoSt to 1lliD0ia, 3 to 4, Satur4ay in Clcieest Game BuI's KeD BaTe lIacl in Seuona-Stahl's I.Oae Bit in the Tenth The concert giv� by the Girls' Glee Standing of the clubs: and Mandolin Oubs of the University- Won. Lost. P. C. the first of the kind ever given-last Sat- Illinois. 0 •••••••••••• 0 0 8 .889 d Michigan .... . • . ... . . . . 5 2 .714 ur ay evening in the gymnasium of Lex- Ch.icago ...•..•...... 0.. 4 3 .571 ington Hall, W:1S a pleasing success and WtSCOnSlD;. . . .. .. 6 .143- was very well attended. Northwestern . . . . •• I 7 .u5 All the four hundred chairs which were Chicago lost to Illinois, 3 to 4, Saturday, . arranged in a semicircle' around· the tem- at ChamVaign,' in the closest and hardest porney--Si3geDWli against tfie-nOi1h�wall � �e·that the ·nlimhave had for several- of the gym, were taken by University stu- seasons. It was a ten-inning contest and dents and their friends. . 'in the early stages Chicago might have The seven songs chosen by the club for clinched the game if the Illinois outfielders the concert were all good and were charm- had not played so remarkable a game. irigly presented. The audien�e was so In the final inning Jake Stahl lined out a well pleased with the first song that it two-bagger, his first hit of the game, would not cease its applause until the club and stole third. . He came in with the had returned and sung a clever and taking winning run when Pius sent :1 high fly piece about "two foolish little flies." �o the outfield. ' Miss Lillian Stephenson, leader of the "Shorty" Ellsworth, for the Varsity, was club. was at the piano. on edge and at no stage of' the pme 'The girls who sang were: were the I1Iinois men able to bunch hits. Leila Ahrens, Frances Chandler, Only nine hits were made off his delivery. Queene, Dillen, Edith Brookfield, Eliz- Kelly, the '06 player, was given a trial abeth Casey, Mary A. Ickes, Aileen Fil- at short, this being the first game that he ken, Jennie Hughes, Marion R. Kellogg, Lillian Stephenson, Nelly Yorty, Gertrude has played with the Varsity, and a glance Kuehne, J\gnes Drum, Katharine Hemmy. at his record in the score shows that he The work of the Mandolin Club was made. good. especially praiseworthy, and its playing Jimmy Cook, the Illinois captain, prac- was indeed excellent. Both because of the tica1ly robbed Chicago in the tenth, when uniqueness of such a club and the ability he speared three line-drives that with ordi- of the members, the club waS on the pro- nary outfielders would have been safe ones. gram for but two numbers, but these two Chicago. R. H. P. A. E. were played so well that the club had to Bezdek, ab, ••••••••••••• 0 2 4 3 2 Smart, rf. . .•.. � • . . . • . .• 0 0 0 I 0 respond to an encore both times. The ,Sloan', do ..•...•••. 0 • • •• 0 I 4 0 0 members of the '06 Mandolin Oub are: Baird, Jb. . 0 •• 0 • • • • • • • • •• 0 0 I Frances Chandler, leader; Edith M. Harper, c. . ••... 0 • • • • • •• 0 4 I 0 French, Nelly M. Weldon, L. Wynifrid Patrick, rb ••••.••.••.••• 0 II 0 0 Pierce, Cora Johnson, Hattie M. Weil. Kelly, ss. ..•.••..•.•. 0 •• 2 2 7 0 The concert was finished by 9 :45. After Merrifield, If. . .•.•• ', . .... I 3 0 0 the last song, . Dean Marion Talbot ascend- Ellsworth, p. • .•..•.... 0 • � � � � � ed the stage and, on behalf of the club, Tota1� .••••..••.•..••• .J 7 29·14 3 i'n�it�'t1ie �udience-'t� 'adjou�to"-theu..· "�-I1Iiriofs. "',' . -�R. H� -p��jCE. sembly-room of the Hall and remain for Cook, d. ..•..•..••••••• lIS 0 0 a dance. She then complimented the two' Steinwell, 3b• •.•.••..••• 0 0 2 I 0 . Sangerle, rf.·............ 0 1 0 0 0 '06 musical clubs for their good work. Stahl, c. . .•. 0 •••• 0 • • • • •• I 7 1 0 Dancing was then enjoyed until II: 45. Parker, ab, . ••• 0 •••• " ••• 0 2 3 3 2 Ices and punc.h were served. . Pitts, If. ..•. . . • . . • • . • . . •• I 1 0 0 L. Coo� ss. •.•.••.••...• 0 0 2 6 0 Ashmore, lb. •.•..•.••..• I I 10 0 0 CHI C AGO LOS E S. 0 U A L M E E T Miller, . p. .••••••••.••..• 0 2 0 1 0 JIarooD Track Team Defeatec1at.Alm Arbor in ita AnAual Contest With Fast :Michigan .en . With practically no hope of winning, the Maroon track athletes went down in a glorious defeat before Michigan last Saturday, by a score of 8J� 'to 42�. The defeat was a glorious one because every man did all that "..as expected ,of him, and no one can be blamed for losing the meet. The first event, the I oo-yard dash, was hotly contested between the two best sprinters of the West, Hahn (M) and Blair (C), Hahn winning by about 4 inches. Hahn also took the 22o-yard dash, break­ ing the western record in this event and setting a new mark, 21 J-S seconds. Catlin (C)' came to the fore in the high hurdles: He covered the sticks 2-5 of a second faster than he made' it in the Illinois meet, and crossed the tape in front of Stewart, Michigan's best man,' in the very good time of : 16 flat. In the low hurdles, Stewart equaled the western intercollegiate record of : 25 flat. Catlin (C) and Norcross (M) fought it out for second; the former winning by a few inches. By dearing the bar at I I feet 4, Magee won the pol�vault for Chicago. Dvorak (M) could do no better than I I feet, and had to be satisfied with second. Rebstock (M) took first in the quarter, from Taylor (C). Both of these men fought it out in the stretch and finished cnly a short distance apart. Buckwalter (C) beat ouf Ralston (M) for third in another close finish. By a clever trick in the mile run, Hall (C) was prevented from taking the pace, and had to run outside of the Michigan men almost all the way. This was the event. of the day, as the Maroon star and Conger and Perry of Michigan ran bunched throughout the race up to the stretch. (Continued on page 3-c:olonm 3) .I....:I.U. Friday··ancJ,.Saturclay the Varsity-· -,. tennis team inflicted a decisive defeat upon the strong University of Wisconsin team, by taking every one of the sets, both sin­ gles and doubles, thus fully retrieving the defeat of last year, when Wisconsin de­ feated us by a score of 4-2. The victory was somewhat unexpected by our men, and although our men have been playing consistently and well throughout the sea­ son, their work bad not been so brilliant as to warrant us in expecting a victory. Captain Bingham, in an interview after the game, said: "I attribute our success to the fact that all of our men played steadily, although not brilliantly." The Maroon team thi� year has unusu­ ally promising prospects, and there are six. men who are so evenly matched that there' is not much difference among them. Contrary to the usual custom, Captain �ingham has decided to hold the places on the team open till "the' end of the seas�n, and any improvement on the part of the men still training will warrant his putting, them iuto a match. Formerly the team has been chosen at the first of the season, but this new scheme is expected to act as a constant stimulus. to harder work on the Part of the .team men. . N ext week the intercollegiate tennis tournament wiU'l;»e .held in Chicago. In "j.& . this contest teams from Michigau, Wia.- . . •• �; lIItn;'"-NonJiw���?JUiir�...:.r.-�·-.··�"� -;,-" ..... �,.;Au, , .. .., � o.&.u- - '. '�'f:.' stitute, aad poasibly' Minnesota and Ka'n- . �.,'.,,,,'I<.� sas,' will compete. �t year Michigan • '�. �)�, won the meet, but Wherry, one of their . :.;;��; intercollegiate champions, has left school. .: �' <'�: and we may count their chances as be- '. ;;�;. ing uncertain for this yeiu-. Chicago, with �I;:�� . her two veteran players, Captain BiDgham ...... ;�,.S�� and Nelson, stands an excellent chance to .. - .::'-..�� - .... ,,; carry away the doubles this year. Captain .. >r:i' Danforth of Michigan looks the best for • ",�, \:b;. the single championships. .. t .J.:; The following resultS· of Saturday's meet . :,}.;� show the excellence ,?f our team over. the ,'::�;M: Cardinals, and give us high hopes for Suc- : �:]t! cess -in the' intercollegiate: :- :�� • DOlI-aLES. .: ��::� Nelson and Bingham, Chicago, va. Gar- . � :�� nett and Morley, 'Visconsin, 6-4, 6-3, 6-30 "'" Morehead and Russell, Chicago, VB. Sea- : .�?� men and Culver, Wisconsin, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, . ,:(:. 6-3· ���:� SINGLES. Bingham (C) va. Garnett (W), 6-0, 6-4- Ne1s9n (C) va. Morley (W), 6-2, 8-6. . Morehead (C) va. Seamen (W), 1-5, 6-40 . . Russell (C) va. Culver (W), 6-0, 6-1. Totals •••..•...••••• 4 9 30 l:l 2" -Two out when winning run was made. Chicago •. � •••.•• 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0--3 Illinois •.••.•.. I .0 0 0 0 2 0 0'0 1-4 Earned Runs-c-Hlinois, 2; Chicago, I. First Base on Balls-Off Miller, I; off Ellsworth, 2. Struck OUt-By MiUer, 6; by Ellsworth, I. Wild Pitch-Ellsworth. Hit by Pitcher-Cook. Two-Base Hits -Sloan, Stahl. Umpire- TindilL At­ tendance-e-x.ooo. Time of Game-I: 40. THE FRESHMAN TEAM OUTCLASSED I DliDois Yearlings Ban Ko Trouble in De­ feating Chicap, 1906, by Score of 18 to 4· While the Varsity· team was playing Illinois at Urbana the Chicago Freshmen were trying conclusions with the Illinois Freshmen here on Marshall Field. The score was: Illinois, I 906� 18; Chicago, 1906, 4. The fireworks which the Freshmen root­ ers used- and the playing.,ability of, ihe Maroon '06 team were unable to cope with the superior fielding, batting,': and all­ around . playing of the visitors, wbo acted more like a professional aggregation than first-year men. The score, however; does not indicate the difference in the two teams, though it certainly tells the story of the game.' Up to tbe fifth inning Captain Hughes' men played great ball, but after that it was merely a case of three outs. Hitch­ cock was relieved by Trammell in the sixth, but the latter was unable to stop the slaughter. The score: l11inois, '06 ..•... 0 0 2 0 3 6 0 2 5-18 Chicago, '06 . 0 •••• I 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 0-- 4 . First Base on Balls-Off Pfeffer, 4; off Hitchcock, 5; off Trammell, 6. Struck Out-By Pfeffer, 5; by Hitchcock, 2; by Trammell, 3. Th�Base Hit-Bronson. Two-Base Hit-Critt. Stolen Bases-Cas­ tle (2), Vandegrift. Warner (2), Williams, Cornell, Hughes, Hitcheoc� Nowels, Lin-' ton. Andrews. Hit by Pitcher-By Tram­ men, Rohan. Passed Ball-Rohkan. Um­ pire-Dr. C. M. Hi11ister. Time-2: 05. , ..... � , ( TENNIS TEAM' VICTORIOUS Capt. Bingham's .en Win E'�ery Set from Veteran Wisconsin Players Chicago's' Prospects· for Victory in the . Intercolleliate Double, !fen Week Are Good NOT TO PLEDGE UNTIL FIFTH MONTH So J'tft of tile WOIIleIl'. CJ1Ibe Ban De­ d4ec1-WJftID JIakea .0 Itule A serieS of meetings to � next fall'. pledging has been held by delegates from the atit women's of1r.Ulizatioas: Ouadranglers, Wyvern, Esoteric, Mo� board, Sigma, and Phi Beta Delta. As a result, five of these clubs haYe en­ tered into an agreement not to pledge Freshmen before the first day of the fifth month after the opening of the coDege year, that is, the first day of February, 1904. The Wyvem Oub decided to con­ tinue in its policy of no fixed pledging-' time. Settlement League Amlual __ The annual meeting of the University of Chicago Settlement League will be held Tuesday afternoon, May 19, at the Quad­ rangle Oub, at 3 o·clock. The program for the day wiU be reports from out­ going officers and chairmen of standing committees, the repon of the nominating committee, and the election of officers. Solos .will be sung by Mr. J. W. A. Young and Edena Bensel. A social hOUT wt1l follow. <', J '; -._ .. . � •.. I .. ., " .' .... .,.;"'; . - •• .:._ ua., �T-�r:� ,,� .. :'(.: �1�,_;�§i1:::j, ���:!�'?� 0.\ .�; ::�:;#.r'�� t: .;: ... -:�� ': �"'���?_�:' � �': �;) ��: ,:!; � � i :> ��.':'.� - � >;. ;'��: : ., ....: �..,: .. ,. .�. .......... The Daily Maroon Formerlylbe UDIYCnity of Cbic:aro Weekly. JIOC1MDaD Tbr.UDiYCnity of Chic:aeo Weekly 0 October I, I8c)I THa DAILY MAROOM 0 October I. IQCn IIBW8 COllTRJBUTlOllS ItBQUBSTBD. Published by the ,tudeDtI of the UDiYenity of Chi· . c;aro every aftel'DOOD. except Saturday � SUDday duro iac the 46 weebof the UDIyenity year. PraeDl board of editors aDd basiaeu � aalborized by .tudeDt·body ID lDUI meetlac May IS, IQ02. Membership OD aat.equeat boards of editors to he determiDed by competitioD opeD to all atudeata iD the UDiYCnity. BOARD OP EDITORS t!=:�.dfto�itor • • • • • Ha�REB��� Athletic Editor • ROBallT L. HaMlIY, JR. ASSOCtATB EDno •• FtiJlCJS F. TISCHa FIlAl'CIt McNAIR ELI P. GALa ADauallTT. STEWAIIT FaAMlt R. ADAIIS WALTa. 1.. GRaGOlIY , Auamc A. HAYDU 'III'OMAM aDno� , Min ACMa WAYIIAM MISS LEM;' HARRIS STA.... 0.. aaJ'OlrTIUtS THADDaUS J. MaUlLL _ ElIMaST J. STBVIUCS MISS Eu.A R. M&TSlCaa R.u.rH P". MULvAMa MISS MARY E. BARICa. EDWARD M. Kaawnc AuaRTW. SHlUtKa EocA.EWlNC .£ocaNa KuMa E. D. F. BurraanaLD L&aov A. VAN PATTBM BUSllIBSS STAFF THa DAILY MAROO'll THa MONTHLY MAIIOOM Basiaeu Manaeer - - BYROM G. MOOIf AaistaDt Busiaeu MaJla2el' JULIAN L. BmDi AdYertWD, MaDa£eI' -' - PLATT M. CoNaAD Rush MediC Maaarer J. W. SWln Dally SubscrIptIon, S3 per 4 quarters I $ t for 3 months By lIallln city S4 per 4 quarters I $ t .25 for 3 monthi SabKrl� reed"" at "111. M_"a.ce. R_ 7. 'tbe =..a.!t�:.ulcft I ••. 'the ,._ .. Boz. tbe Facalty PrlDted'by tbe U.IYeI'IIlty or Ch1caco Press .. JtDITORIALS .. .. , CHICAGO, MONDAY, MAY 18, 1903 and philanthropic work, and has been a prominent member of the Civil Service Reform Association, being appointed a Civil Service Com­ missioner by Mayor Harrison last January. He is a member of the American and the Illinois Bar Asso­ ciations; of the Chicago Literary Club, the Law Club, and the Quad­ rangle Club. All members of the University community will be grati­ fied by the election to judicial office : of a man representative of all that is broad and thorough in legal train­ ing, and it is a further satisfaction to "know that Professor Mack's succe�s will not involve his retirement from the Law School. " ------_._ The decisive victory which our tennis team won from Wisconsin _,_ Saturday has done much Congra.aua- tiOD.8 to Ten- to _open � the eyes of the Dis Team student body to their ex­ cellent work, and THE DAILY MAROON I voices the congratulations which are pouring in to them from every side. Although the tennis team is perhaps the least prominent of our athletic teams, nevertheless their event re­ quires as much skill' and training as any other. They are officially recog­ nized by the University. and are can­ didates for the official Varsity C. A victory in tennis is as much to our credit as any other, and while it is held that these' athletes must train as hard as any other team men: they have thus far been denied seats around the Hitchcock board. 'Is it not right that they should be sent to training quarters? --;.......;..---- Holmes MEN'S WEAR Higgins' Cafe 333-5 E. 63d St. CtJr"er MaaistJII Ao«, Tbe best of everythlac OPEN. DAY AND NIGHT lIYDa PARE.&lID CBlC£GO BlUCH STABLBS J. H. KINTZ (rROrltltn'Oa) Jackson Park Stables 273 But Fifty·Sneath Street TeI.,Oaklud 55' CHICAGO 198 �rborn Street Marquette Bldg. s4/",7r £:�� �JCeklll 3'at"ltnv 1337.......... 6WSL ......... 1 ... TeL r.t. 2675 TeL Ib" rn 1m fAdtIIr ..... w • .,.... OUT OF FASHION? Out· of the Wo"rld No ODe appreciates this priDdple more keenJ,. thaD the colle,e maD. But iD cJothill2 there IS more to be cozWdered tbaDu Fashioa." Evety �:D1DCDt.maker. custom 01' otherwise. caD copy the aeuoD�S �les. Remember that over aad above this coDformatioD to the fashioa plale. Ilcs the SECRET OF SUCCESS Ira creative talloriae. I refer to IDdividuality. Why do mea eo out 01 their way to see me? Whl do my customers alway, remoaiD CUStom· , en. Not because my work i, like others. Why is evcry nrmeat made bymc • desirable advertiSClDeat-� Why did my busiDess of this seasoa cnjoy aD Increa5e of 40% over that of last? Not because my work lacks iadiyidual­ ity. My whole iDlere5t. mlDd, aad heart �ocs Into eada earmcDt built at my bauds. Let every maD leam to do ODC thi1J2 well and suc­ cess is his. Y GUn aaxioas to serve, T ....... 1070 IIIn1soa /.f YOIe have Pictures to frame take them to CHAS. E. ALDER, 73 Jac:ksoa BoaIeYani A. Iar&e aad well 8eIec:ted atock of framed plcturea,! ... ltable for Qllts, always OD dew • M: J. COFFEY Tailor to Busine$s Men 15.1 La Salle oSt- TelepboDe Ceatral3439 DAYLIGHT PARLORS POR PlTTIlIG Brooks Co. �11 sell 701& Dlore QUALITY and STYLE �mong themenJn whose candi­ dacy, at . the approaching judicial Professor election, the University J[ack community should feel a for Judge particular interest is Juiian W. Mack, Professor of Law in our .Law. School. It is not often th t didat fo I l' d' . 1 THE LAY OF THE LAST COLLAR � -a can 1 a e or·,.a _ oca JU icia .Oh, I may be worn out and frazzled and �ffice has_had�tP�.�d���.!agc;.:_of ��o:.." -;.:_ . frayed" , r. ich and.' varied .a J. egO al traiiling as And my white b_a'i become, quite a d�f­ ferent shade. . has Professor Mack.�· . But: I swear. I!ll, stay. with, you, though -. Mr. I Mack. entered- the Harvard you scorn and you scoff, And I'll circle, your neck, tilt. the strike LawSehool in' 1884, graduating' in is called off ... , ' 1887 ; at'. the' head . of his daSs� and '... . . ..' The Freshman baseball. game on Mar- being. awarded "the Parker, traveling shall Field Saturday, was advertised' as telloWs�ip 'for European study.· 'On something. unique . of .its kind and frop! a . retrospect it 'seems as if that adjective this-he .spent three years .In legal fits.it about.as well .. aB,any other. . study. :abioad, doing work ·in .. - the pni,v.er:sity o! Berlin, the University 9£" L�ipzjg, aDd in Paris, and becom­ lng '.: �oroughly: . familiar with' the continental systems of law. On his r��um' to this country in I.89P: he' .established, h!mself in Chi� cago, where he has since been con­ stantlY'engaged in' attive and varied . practice in bath the state and the federal co'uits�'and'J:las acquired'an ex­ ���sive. clientage� repreSenting ,many important com�ercial interests. Amid the' duties: of practice, _ however, he has never given up his taste fo� sjs­ !e��t,i.c l.ega! ·�tudy, and from, 1.895 to 19°2. h�� held a pr�fessorsbip of Jaw. in the Northwestern, University The University of Michigan interscho- ·Law School. In 190'2: he was caUed Jutic meet will be held at Ann Arbor on- to' :i >professorship- iii the'DeWTaw- llay' :Z2. If la_iger number of entries than School of the University 'ofChicago� usual are expected. _ w�er�. "h. is kno. wle,dge" and,', services in The Columbia Spectator, the daily paper of that university, has just celebrated its the : �peedy acquisition of an excel- twenty-fifth anniversary. In celebration ' lent '. library' have' been invaluable. 'of the' event it published a very commenda- . In his' te,aching, as . in his practice, hIe extra ed_i_ti_on_. _ t�e" �ommercral Jsubjects' of the law • hav� chi�f1y attracted his study and investigation. He has further shown his interesr-in 'l,egat "education by . est:l:blisnin·g, a "few 'years ago, the A�es 'prize ,at Harvard, the income .from which is 'awarded for me�itorious .legal publications, and by delivering ,vario'us lectures in Chicago on the law of 'negotiable instruments. ,Mr. Mack's interests, however, are by nO.means .confined to legal mat· ters, absorbing . though these are. He is actively interested in charitable I I . ' <iJU�<iOY(EooES Handsome avitations for Seniors . The' '03 committee on 'invitations and programs, consisting of Mr. DeWolf, chairman; Miss Cornelia Smith, and' Mr: (i�, has been planning. for much hand­ somer . invitations and programs for this year than have ever been' used . by any previous class. ._ _. __ ._ The invitations will be engraved in' Old English.' Members of the class �n �r� range. to have as . large a. number as they desire by c,omm�icating. with. Mr. De­ Wolf, Box IS:z. : Faculty ,Exchange, on or before \V�nesday, May :zo., The program will be in the form of small, books, handsomely bound in leather and co-n�ining class roll, officers, commit­ tees, . and campus views.' as well as the pr�gram of the four days' exercises. SPECIAL DECORATION DAY RATES over the Nickel Plate Road, at one fare for the round trip, within a radius of J 50 miles from starting point. Tickets on sale May 29th and 30th, good returning from destination to and including June 1, 1903 • Three trains daily in each, direction be­ tween Chicago, Valparai�, Knox. Ft. Wayne, Fostoria, Findlay,. Cleveland, Buf­ falo, Erie, New York Cit)·, Boston, and New England points. Fast time and low rates. Meals on American Club Plan, rang· ing in price from 35 cents to $1.00, serVed in Nickel Plate Dining-cars; also served a la ·carte. Chicago Depot, Hamson street and Fifth avenue. City Ticket Offices, 111 Adams street and Auditorium Annex. For Particulars. write John Y. Calahan, Gen­ eral Agent, II J Adams street.. Room �98, Chicago. for $ 3 • 0 0 t h a�n ra n '7 othe1· HATTER.S in Chicago '::Tkf!·Y Mci"ke.'.The1n . \. T It a t.'.,s, ,- J:V by Three .Store.·.· 6reat ·NOrthern Hotel Bl4g. ·.96·Madison st. 97 [Randolph st. If Y OU Want' Money � A;.,!:.I!.,_� DiaDioods. Watches. Jewelry, aDd Mtiques, for salc; Old Gold aDd SlIyer Bouehl Spring Styles, in Men�s'Neckwear The new�st altd the" most �optda_r i¢e�s of tke sprillg season are. 11trdJ being dis­ played ill immeltse 'varieties, iIi this section. .0talll7 proDlIDent Is the excel­ lent rep .... entatlon o£ taste£al desigDs iD the De .. Cravats Tlte ClteS-dJick and tlte Eltglis/� Square ill black, wlz_ile,grayor ligltt shades are tke favor­ iteS/lOpes for formal day wearwitk frock coats' .PtCIAL- Oar 50c 11 I a.ch the I ...... t aad the ... o.t.ttractl h cllapl�ed ... I ... t noor North Roo ... \ ' Marshall Field ®. Co.' _ . .. .-; " • , ••.•• 't� '. '.:, ":: .�:", ': .' ... " :'�, ..... : .;'0 ... "' .... l' '-. � ( ... : •• :: •• ,. • ':4 .... : . .':.:' / :':', ••. ;, "; l",' �?�.�: .. � � ,..::�;�:-�. ,,\1+;:> 1 '1"! =s : �":"\.:'�,.'(.': .. ;:;':' .. t�(:��?�7��'j:�;��f��» • "''1 • .. /j;:} ... \": CHICAGO, MONDAY, MAY 18, 1903 , CHICAGO LOSES DUAL MRET Our ,Stock of . Imported Woolens ' is Complete Our:Work is Done Entirely on the Premisea: I MAJO.R.S aDd MRNO.R.S I Miss Corinne Campbell is ill with the measles. Tomorrow afternoon, Miss Julia Mar­ lowe will be the guest of the Woman's Union, Members are requested to present membership tickets. The decorators are at work this week on the W. S. C. L. room. The color scheme of the walls will harmonize with the green tones of the \Voman's Union room across the hall. I.' 50CRETY RTltM5 '1 The Hyde Park High School chapter of Iota Beta Phi gave a dance at the Chi­ cago Beach Hotel last Friday evening. Invitations have' been issued by the Mortarboards to their annual dance, to be given Friday evening, May 29, at the Ven- . dome �ote1.' ' .. ' -. ' ,.' ." ' .. Mr. Charles Hogeland returned to col­ lege this morning from Union college, New York. where he has been attending the Psi Upsilon annual convention. "The Alpha chapter of Phi Gamma Up- silon of South Side, Academy gave its an­ nual dance at the Chicago Beach Hotel, Saturday night. The ball-room was deco­ rated with sorority banners. Many were present from the University, The . Quadranglers' entertained their friends at an "informal dance last Friday evening at Green Hall. Among those pres­ ent were Misses Iles, Darlington, Freeman, Hobbs, Bowen, Dodge, Moore, Dolfinger, Stevens, Landers, Tomlinson" Guyles, Wells, and Messrs. Parsons, Collins, Wel­ lington, Sills, Terry, Gaylord, Robinson, Frake, Hair, Sherer,' Sherman, Chandler, Gibbony, Lord, Merrifield, Booth; . Stevens, Kirtley, Kerr, Butterfield, Jayne, Sheldon, . Goodrich, Stewart. Beecher Hall celebrated its decennial last Friday evening. Invitations had been sent to all the house members, since the opening of the hall'in 1893, many of whom were present, while others sent messages of. greeting. ' The decennial took, the form of a dinner during which the House songs were sung and some of the greetings. read. After the dinner .a play and ,3 mock House meeting were given by the House members present. As a 'memorial of the 'decennial, a gift is to be made to 'the Hall, for which a large sum is now ready. Aa produced by I Wj]]jam . ' � TAILOR # 320 East Fifty-fifth �. # , � Is the proper suit for ! members of the Uni­ versity, of Chicago Scheyer, Hoglund Co. TAILORS 89 East Madison St., - Suite 9-11 OUR IBDUCBaB1i 1'8 AU: ' Guarantee of 'peiiect fit,' high grade worJnnanahip, and the latest creations of style and fashion at moderate prices. Spalding's Official Athletic 'Almanac for :1:903, (Continued on page I, column 2.) Here the strain of running outside told on Hall, and he lost out to Perry in a game finish in 4: 34 3-5. Conger was a good third. Speik surprised even his own team ma�es in the discus, by throwing the flat weight I 17 feet 3 inches, and beating out Maddock (M) by over two feet. Cahill (C) was off form in the half as h.e was beaten out for first in .2: 04 1-5" time that was almost three seconds slower than he did last week against Illinois. �nly, three inches separated first and third !D the broad jump. Shank (M) cleared .21 �eet 10� inches, closely fol­ lowed by Friend (C) who made .21 feet 8 The summaries: Mile Run.-Won by Perry (M): Hall (C), second; Conger ,(M), third; time, 4: 34 3-5. Quarter-mile Run.-Won by Rebstock (},�) ; Taylor (C), second; Buckwalter (C), third; trme, : 5.2. .' , \ roo-yard Dash.-Won by Hahn (M); B!air (C), second; Stewart (M), third. Time, : 10. .2�o-yard Dash.-Won by Hahn (M); Blair (C), second; Senn (C), third; time, :.21 3-5. • r zo-yard High Hurdles.-Won by Cat- 110 (C); Stewart (M), second' Friend (C), third; time, : 16. ' aao-yard Low Hurdles.-Won by Stew­ art (M); Catlin (C), second' Norcross (M), third; time,': .25. ' , Half-mile Run.-Won by Hall (M); Ca­ h,tli (C), second; Dillaway (M), third; trme, .2: 04 1-5. Two-mile Run.-Won by Kellogg (M); �tone (M), second ; Neher (C), third; trme, II: 1.2. Pole-vaul�.-Won by Magee (C), height I � feet 4 inches ; Dvorak (M), second; SI�lS (M) and Kennedy (C), tied for third. Discus-throw.-Won by Speik (C),' dis­ tance 117 feet 3 inches' Maddock (M) second; Catlin (C), third: ' , High. Jump.�Verberg, Miller and Brew­ er, all of Michigan, tied for first· height, 5 feet 10 inches. ' Shot-put.-Won by. Robinson (M), dis­ tanc.e 30 feet 7� inches; Maddock (M), second; 'Speik (C), third. ' . Hammer-throw.-Won by Maddock (M), distance 141 feet 5 inches; Heston (M), second; Edmunds (M), third .. , Running Broad Jump.-Shank (M), fi�t; F�end (C), second ; Sturgeon (M), third ; distance, .21 feet 10� inches. The leading Clinical School of the World All the .advantages 'of 'Cook County .Hos p ital. . , For announcements and information ad­ dress the Dean for . the Students, A.R�·]tIcDON�, ]tI.D., J38 Park A..-e., Chicago, DL A. c. CoWperthwaite, • .D., PreaideDt. Do You Darice?' If so. �a will fiDeI • fiDe aaonmciat of da�, party, eac:hre. clhmer, weddiDe. aDd sapper fnon at ••• Quntber's Confec:tionery .313 State Street, �k:ap Antiseptic Shninc Cream " (o'ac.e Mass:aee Compressed Air Serrice The Koken Barber- Shop ',4,09 E. Fifty-seventh st. J. A. GRDlfE, Proprietor ·Two Blocks from University Ciprs , , La1l1ldry 0fIia: TobKco Opposite Hyde Park BaDk . . �. . Tel. Hyde' Park 1037 The only AlmanacJublished that con­ tains, a complete ·list American Best-on­ Records and Complete List of Champions. Over 530 Pictures of PromiDellt American and Foreign Athletes. , PRice IOc,' " A.· Q. SPALDINO & BROS. ,!'ew"York � Chic:aeO • DelaYer - BufIalo 'Baltimcft SHORTHAND' IN· ONE HOUR In 40 to '60 cia'" Mrs; 'Lena A. White gnaraDteea to make 'lOU an expeItsteDoc­ rapher and typewriter or refmul your money. " Hundreds of students have mastered her system in ODe hoar. Con- 'tiDuous school session. Individual in-' structio� by the a'l,1thor. WHiTE'S COLLEGE We Believe Our Present Cus­ tomers to be the Best Refer­ ence We Can Qive You Oar Facilities for Handlin& the Trade Are Equal to Any Tailor in the 'City .. .. OUR SPECIALS' ===========FOR=========== Spring Overcoats ARE SUPERB SEE THEM!" Scotch Tweeds predominate In our Sprlnc selection Suits $20 to $40 NICOLL, The Tat1or, CLARK AND ADAMS STREETS METZ MEN'& SHOES .6owman Dairy Go. OUR MILK is Bottled in the Country ,IRGCJODMANAJlILLER.� DENnST' �. 369-1! • SI1iEiTJ' lBEPIIIIEDIEIEL.. . .:" �-t. ,: •• .... .' ;' � .>�'.1�. 7:'�I'VI'·'�i.'""':·1;':'.t'�4'i(.,:.: I; .;':: T'�� .' t; �'�'y:�·;���.:�·il: :t:.}:� !:.::'.r��'���:.:,:':'. ') o , ..... 'f.: .? t�gr���::��?::�'�:;�t;J�I::;�f'::�':£::'?'�{�'�'���T}"·.1.�·,\l/�)::��·:·:��:�/;!:f.�·:.�i���?��;'�?r��,�::.;t�_��·�:·��·l��:��.;:,,: .. r.?;.:?';,."':""\!': .. ,,,. ' ... : .. " .. Ij" ' .. \-'\'; . ' . <., • 1 , t,. 'cmCAGO, MONDAY, MAY 18, 1903 r THE MOST DELICIOUS ,JeE CREAM' SODA CAli al: HAD AT THI: AVERY PHARMACIES 55 ........ '"" Oh, the lrontless man Is an " also ran," But the Duck with a front is a live one. -From Tales ()II"� Ex·lanh. Don't Be an "Also Ran" Dresa Right, Look Right and Be a Live One Weare showing Spring Goods that are right-right in style, price, and quality. College men are discriminating. That's why 1 have so many:of them among my customers. Tailor for TOUDC Men A. N. JIUUtEIIS, MEr. 129-131 LA SALLB ST. .. Winter has left us; spring is here ; so is Famous; and,. as usual, is ready to do your tailoring, cleaning, and pressing. He also has on hand a full line of spring furnishings and hats. Famous TailorinZ Company 346 E. Fifty·fifth st. . 'PhoDe, Hyde Park S700 SUM80LA will make brief c:Iaancter 4eI1aea­ tiona for U. of C. studeDts at $1.00 '. ��. (half·rate) dunDE April and May, thus placmr WlthlD the· reach of a l&lEe Dumber the IIdnatares of se1f.uDderstaDdiar as: to p1aDetaty eadowmeDts.. . No funher' reduction · ... iIl be· made UDder ur circumstaDc:a. . . . Send �free circular. Address:. . ,_. . S UMBO LA '4545 Wabuh' .be�1UI . . CBlCAGO. ILL •• U.S.A. W. H. Willard-Jones TAl utJd;,'r W,st Side PH 0 TOG RAP H:E R College' Work a Specialty s8s W. MadilOIl Street Cor. Ashlud Blvd. S;'citJ/ rtJtes ttl Stud,,,ts TEAGHERS IJSlW.fft NOT IEquIID . SAWIS WAN TED Hlcb-School AsslsWats. Lat1A V ... 11M ScleDCe. Mathaaatia. etc.. '$50010 IGOO f. --- �=r.s ud.s��I�a.l'� _10 lOGO Slate Nonula. CoUqa.. UDlftrSltlcs $1200 10 I. Th.zostoD T.ach • Att.DC7' .. II. '11mIII. _.. m w 'f.. . 0IIcII0 LS1 Park 6rocery and Market F_its. Cr«,';"is � V,pWhs ,.Nd ,."d M,,.ts :::: IIIIt'"' PrtlT1isitl"s:: 54 E. Flfty.Flrth Street .. /, I· ", • l' I'" ... NO.TI,CEoS ... "'1 Studeats aDd faculty members an: requ� to SftId an DOtic:a to THE DAILY MAIIOOM for publicatioo free of c:har2e. Notices must be left at TH. MAIIOOM o8ic:e or Faailty ExchaDl:e before II : 00 A .... Dr. Small will read a paper before the Sociological Club, Monday, May 18, 8 p. m., Cobb 8 C. Dr •. Small will read a paper before the Sociological Club, Monday, 'll3y 18; 8 p. m., Cobb 8 C. Mr. H. Hasselbring will address the Botanical Club on "Bitter Rot of Apples," Tuesday, May 19, 5 p. m., in Botany 13. The Woman's Union meets Tuesday, May 19, 4: 30 p. m., in Lex. IS. Reception to Julia Marlowe. Membership tickets will be required at the door. The New Testament Club meets today, 8 p, m., at 437 E. Sixty-first street. "Fourth Ezra" papers by Mr. Burwall and Mr. Allison. Professor Mathews will give a summary of the year's study. : A m�int of the Plfylics-trnb ,wil1:Jbe � held Tuesday, u m., �yerson '3.2, to dis-: cuss the topics: "Discharge of Electricity Through Gases:' "The. Spontaneous Tem­ perature Rise of Radium," and "The Charge of Electricity Carried by a Gase­ ous Iron." I ACADEMY I,TEMoS I The baseball game scheduled for last Saturday between South Side Academy and the Oak Lea Club was cancelled. The South Side, Academy and Univer­ sity School golf teams played a tie game at Homewood last Saturday. The feature of the game was the contest between the two captains, Gee of S. S: A. winning over Clow of U. S. by one up. The May Annual Festival of the Uni­ versity of Michigan School of Music be­ gan yesterday and will continue for one week. This year the dramatic cantata, "Caractacus," is being presented. The chorus and orchestral work is under the direction of Prof. A. A. Stanley. Elab� rate preparations have been made for the success of the festival this year, 'and the program presents many novel features. Both Yale and Princeton give open-air dramatics this week. At Yale "As You Like It" and' the "Comedy of Errors" will be given, and the came pieces will proba­ bly be given at Princeton also. Next year Princeton witt' have a new eating . club. The hall will accommodate 300 and the hoard will cost $S a week. The club will be subjected to the inspection of the university aut�orities. Students desiring to secure a POSIlIOn' to teach will find it to their interest to consult James F. McCullough. 639 Fine Arts Build­ ing. Chicago. .• :.: .... !'-M L 0 0 KIN G FOR WAR D WITII MUCH 'PLEASURE TO A CALL FROM THE R.EADER, WHEN I WILL. WITH·' OUT DOUBT. CONVINCE YOU OF THE SUPER.IORITY OF NOT ONLY MY LINE OF WOOLENS, BUT TIlE GENERAL HIGH QUALITY OF MY WORK, WHICH HAS PLACED ME IN 'rHE LEAD IN THIS BUSINESS IN CHICAGO. NEW SPRING GOODS NOW IN STOCK The 33 Ibn 33 Adami 33 Cent. 33 Lettenln 33 DollirllGood Original .at It. 'Phone Hameand BUllnell" Addrell . . . ..' Suit, ••• MY LEADER ••• CARROLL S. McMILLAN, TAILOR, No. 33 AdaiDs st�· Weaver C:oal &. ·DOM,ESTIC Coke' Co. COKE Subst·i·tute. for Marquette Building 63d and Wallace streets Hard Coal 40th street and Wentworth avenue North avenue and River 'mE IDEAL .Steam. Cooker Fe How se ud ents! Cooka a 'IIII'bole mt:Ml over oDe burner, OD �tne, of'. gal, or em'UJlOft cook � Reduces Fuel Bills One-half. •• ke- te .. 1a _e.t. u.tlft'. l"NnDl .. U-aDI a..a , �..w.!I�:::"!::��!J��� =�"!:t�':: Dl •• ep Seta. Blqel", W.tela", aDd other V.l •• 'bIe.PreaI._ ... _ .. u ........ twt· .... _ ��.(;Q4;�(io!�""" �!i=ct This is an easy seller and big money. Agents wanted for .Chicago and the west. See or write. me. W. H. HEAD, 7004 Vernon ave. Tel. 18 I I Normal. M. C. O'DONNELL , S,crdary � , W. T. DELIHANT Preside"t . TEL. HARRISON 3137 ALBERT TEBO TrelUurer ' 303 Dearborn street CHICAGO Standard Washed Coal Co. . "NEW KENTUCKY COAL POCAHONTAS PEN-MAR , ONE FARE FOR THE ROUND TRIP via Nickel Plat-e Road, account Decoration Day. Tickets will be sold to stations with­ in a radius of 1 So miles ,from starting­ point, on May 29th and 30th, with return limit of June 1, 1903, inclusive. When going east, patronize the Nickel Plate Road. Vestibuled sleeping-ears on' all trains and excellent dining-cas: service. meals being served on American Oub Plan, from 35 cents to $1.00; also service a'la carte. For detailed information, address John Y. Calahan, General Agent, 113 Adams street, Room 298, Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHY FOR STUDENTS Armstrong, at Forty-Third at. and Druel . boul., Does Work at Reasonable Rates UDivemty Trade Solicited Exceptionally favorable contracts made for printing doctors' theses. University Printing Co., 313 E. Sixty-third street. Oh t. oh t how good t What? That Soda. Where? Bowen's, Fifty-fifth and Ingleside ave. J�nkins .Brothers- � AIIIlRdLtbk RJtUIkrs of DRY GOODS, MENS FURNISHINGS BOOTS and SHOES 415-417 E. 63d St. Cclf'. Klmba'* ofw. CflPaonu H,de cP",", II" mo&t77�m E.471h St. H. Z E ISS LADIES' TAILOR 9 E. Forty·seventh at. (near Ill. Central Station) 'Phone Oakland 126c), After 7 P. M., or Sunday, 'phone Gray 404 Unlined Salts froID $35 ape SIIk·UaecI Salts froID $40 ape Sldrts froID $15 ape THB ILLINOIS WAREHOUSE anc STORAGE COMPANY 'Pboae. 0aIduacI571 KIMBARK A. VB .... d PIPTI'-SIXTH 5 The Cleanest and Best Kept Storage Warehouse in the City • • • Furniture ud PillDOS Moved. Stored. Packed aaei ��:pped to all parts of tbe world. 300 Private Storap Roo..... l..arEe Parkor Exclusift1y for Plaaos. Rooms for TruDa ud Wheels. l..arEe Room (or Carriares, BUJEies, ud Sleiehs. TRUBD TO AlIJ) FROM ALL DEPOTS. Local traDSfers for Barrare, Fumnure, Packares. ese., at short nctlce, , ...... Spedal Attention GiTeu to U�Teraity OnJera. r�� MaiD OfIior: aDd Works. 3]d st. ad Shields aYe. PboDc SoUth 804 BECST WORK IN CHICAGO Telepboae Hyde P.,k 1:8 . A •. McAdams THE UNlVERSlTY' FLORIST GlUr.ENHOUSES : CHI� A. 'GO Car. 5]d at. aDd Kimbark ne.. � Da. W.J. CoDY supenDteDds all work COVEY'S DENTAL PARLORS 174-176 STATE STREET Oppaaite MaiD EDtraDCIC Palmer Boase Gold Crowa - $s-oo I' Set Teeth • $5.00 B Work· - s.oo S. S. w •• 8.00 Pl� Fillble 1.00 Roee Pearl 15-00 Gold FilUJtCS Se.oo. up PaiDlaa EztractIoII .SO L. MANASSE, OPTICIAN as Mad'''' .5t.. T _ BaI .. I" Bttcw:Jea a4 RJe&l 8deatilcally A4juteI E,aTested Free ' __ �=::'Opdcal )lelU��,_ for the UDtenlist. . ::U-� McKEOWN BROTHERS CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS 4819 c::oaaae Grove ave. Phoae Drenl 11191 WIIoIesaIe Apwts .... PIIteat A.spbaIt Rooflac Materlalalld A.1PbaIt- o..P. c:oane, eN aIIla­ !tt � co.end wltll PateIit Asplilait Rooftac· tIIaa "'lacles. . LOSER & �ANSON. ·TAILORS· 175 DEARBORN ST •. CHICAGO. Ooocl Clotbes Moderate PrIces - I Storage� TelepboDe. 461 a4 462 Wentwor:Ua BECKLEBBERG'S EXPRESS &'V All CO. 15154 to 61110 WentwortJa ATe. BROCK: 6301 Cottqe GroTe ATe. B. L. AlIa .. Established IBn. H. R. PAUl. OET THE BEST Ames' Hats $2.00 and· $3.00 .6. 4 .63 e. MADLSON ST •• Mar � 5ALU MUSSEY'S Billiard Hans and Bowim� AUcy. The . Largest· and Finest ,Amusement Resort in the World 100 to 108 MADISON STREET J. J. GILL, Ph.G. CHEMIST and PHARMACIST ........ Hyde Putt I, .. WHY use poor, UllWho1aome1Di1k,wheta for the same 1IIOIIe)''_ am act it I Pare. .sweet. ... I!atnIordI­ aarll� RIcII. dellftred in tealed bottles. by calliac up Telep'boae South 811, or dropplac • postal to . SIDNEY WANZER It SONS 305 Thirtieth st. CIGA R'S You caD see them made at 405 East 55th St. I.D. PADORR