( I ( ; VOL. I. No. 102 PRIOE THREE CENTS The Daily Maroon PabliahecJ AftemOODa by the Student. of the UDiyeraity of ChIcago DarlDg the !,oar QuarteR of the UDiftraity Year I I I I i I I j I I CHICAGO, TUESDAY. MARCH 10, 1903 WOMAN WINS IN DEBATE ANNUAL GLEE CLUB CONCERT NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT Jrliss Annette Knowles, a Fresh­ man, Successful in Trials at Stanford Columbia University Gets $1,000,000 Comer-Stone of War College Laid -News from Universities STANFORD, Ca1., March 7.-At the semi-finals held at Stanford Univer­ sity last night for the coming inter­ collegiate debate with the University of California a young woman was chosen to contest in the finals. She is Miss Annette Knowles, of San Jose, a member of the freshman class, and stands a good chance of making the team. Miss Knowles is the first woman who has entered the lists in debating at Stanford since three years ago, when a young lady helped Stanford to win the intercol­ legiate. NEW YORK, March 7.-It has been announced that the trustees of Bar­ nard College of Columbia University, have completed arrangements for the purchase of three and a half acres of land immediately south of the college buildings at acost of SI,OOO,- 000. On this site will be built an academic building and two dormito-, ries to accommodate eighty students each. The funds with which this purchase was made were given by a single donor, whose name is known only to President Butler, of Colum­ bia, and Mr. Plimpton, treasurer of Barnard College. The corner-stone of the new war college was recently laid at the Wash- -hl�«nf {D�-c:t1Jarrttks.- The =ebar­ acter of the new college will be un­ like that of ordinary educational institutions. There will be no classes for students, but officers of the army, detailed for the special purpose of working out great military problems, will study and prepare plans for war. .The object and ultimate aim of all the preparatory work is to train offi­ cers to command men in war. BEWS FROII THE' U'lUVERSlTIES The Yale bicycle team has been disbanded on account of the lack of interest shown in the sport. The corner-stone of the new anat­ omy building at the University of Iowa. was laid on Saturday, March 7. Sixteen college crews will take part in the regatta which will be held at Poughkeepsie in June. This will make the regatta the largest ever held over that course. A "Carrie Nation Club" has been organized at the University of Cali­ fornia in order to welcome the U Hatchetator" when she visits the prohibition town of Berkeley. Assistant Coach McCarthy of Wis­ consin has issued a call for football kickers, so that they may be prop­ erly coached in that art when there is plenty of time to devote to it, The Missouri State University has secured the services of John F. Mc­ Lean, the old Michigan football star and more recently the Knox College coach, to coach its team next season. One hundred upperclassmen at Syracuse University have signed a pledge to let their mustaches grow, in order that there may be some mark to distinguish them from freshmen. After paying the expenses of an ex pensive trip through the state, and paying a five-dollar dividend, the University of Minnesota student band has a surplus of S200 in the treasury. The University of Michigan Ora­ torical Association has teceived the promise of a S75 annual donation from United States Senator Russell A. Alger for the purpose of furnish­ ing medals for six honor debaters. The Glee Club will give its an­ nual concert at Music Hall, Stude­ baker building, on Friday night. The program is divided into two parts; the first will consist qf selections by the Glee and Mandolin Clubs, and the second is to be rather informal, composed of a medley of popular college songs mingled with local hits. Those who have heard the rehearsals pronounce these songs of local char­ acter, which have been written by students especially for the occasion, to be of a high and pleasing order. Several of the men will do stunts in the second part. Professor H. P. Williamson is to sing a tenor solo. Tickets for the concert are on sale at the Information Office. The program is as follows : PART I I. "Our Gallant Company" .... '" .Bui�r 2. Mandolin Club-Trip Around the W orId (Overture Characteristique) ••••••.•..•••••••....•••...• Sla"ff�r 3. Tenorsolo-"For All Eternity".lIascht>roni H. P. Williamson. 4 S a. "Toper's Glee" '.' ulln- . l 6. "Golden Ring" Folk So"Z S. Mandolin Club - Harlow Medley .. Brodie 6 ... Cannibal Idyll" ..•..•.....•..• 1 ahr 7. MandolinClub-Amorita Waltz.L�Bargt> 8. Marching .........••.......... Trollr� PART II Medley of Topical and College Songs. by combined Clubs in characteristic college costume. LECTURES ANNOUNCED Extension Department Bas Ar­ ranged Five Excellent Series for Spring Quarter John Hobson and Sidney Lee, of LondoD, and II. Leopold lIIabUleau, of Paris, Among Lecturers WOMEN'S INTERCLASS MEET lIIIany Entries for Annual Contest to Be Beld l!IIarch 12-To Be .ost interest­ ing in University's History The annual inter-class meet, for which many of the women have been training so faithfully since Christ mas will take place in the Women's Gymnasium, next Thursday, at 3:00 P. M. It is the greatest all-round athletic event of the year among the women, and is looked forward to with much excitement and anticipation. Though it is not expected that any world's records will be broken, yet, . if hard work and enthusiasm count for any­ thing.Jt is thought that some records will be made which will compare most favorably with those made by women in other colleges. There will be seven events: running high and broad jump; ladder-traveling; rope­ climbing,. .inclined.:.:..and. - straight; horse-vaults and the high kick. The program will conclude with a basket­ ball game between two picked teams. Following are the entries for the different events: High jump-Misses Tschirgi, Meyer F., Peck. Rice, Smith. McCloud. Wayman, Free­ man, Ortmeyer, Leslie, Pfeiffer, Wilson, White, Lane, Griffin, Thompson. Broad jump-e-Misses Fay, Golden, Buck, Conlon, Speakman, Schmidt, Reese, Rogers, Griffin, Holt, Freeman, Pierce W., Arnold, A., Hoffman, Wayman. Ladder-traveling-Misses Fiske, Vissche, Spoyd, Gray, Meyer F., Bensinger, Tschirgi, Fay, O'Donnell, Conlon, Arnold A., Wheeler, Hoffman, Schirmer, Lane, Wilson, White, Griffin, Marx, Dement, Fennessy, Lamb,Ort­ meyer, Taussig, Weil, Holt, Murphy, Car­ rothers, Currens, Prentiss, Pierce W., Pierce B., Engle, Holman, Collins, Wayman. Inclined-rope climbing-Misses Tschirgi, Sisson, Doskiewitz, Holt, Ortmeyer, Griffin. Straight-rope climbing - Fiske, Misses Schirmer, Fay, Brookfield, Doskiewitz, Ort­ meyer, Freeman, Engle. Horse-Misses Tschirgi, Reid, McCloud, Bensinger, Conlon, Freeman, l..amb,Orto.ey­ er, \Veil, Holt, Wilson, Prentiss, Wayman. High kick-M isses Buck, Cox A. B., Cham­ bers, Skeets, Carrothers, Fuller, Pierce W. The line-up for the basketball game will be as follows: .. Reds - Forwards: Misses Montgomery, Spencer, Davidson. Guards: Misses Roney, Allison, Arnold A., Murphy. Center . Miss Vaughn. Blue s - Forwards: . Misses Valentine, Paynes, Pierce. Guards: Misses Dodge, Schenkenburg, Egbert, French. Center: Miss l\(cElroy. Tnck Team to Meet lIIr. Stagg Tonight A notice appeared on the bulletin board today saying that the track team will be expected to meet Mr. Stagg this evening, March 10; also that all those living in Hitchcock are to be in the basement at 9:30 P. M., sharp. The notice was signed by J. P. Magee. The business is un­ known, but may be to discuss the stopping of "rough-house" in Hitch­ cock, or something concerning the training-table, Chairmen to Meet All chairman of delegations are expected to. meet in Cobb, 8 B, at 10:30 tomorrow, to nominate a ticket of officers for the convention. LEADERS ARE READY FOR FRAY Factions Now in Line for Great Demo­ cratic Convention Tomorrow-Bryan, Parker, and Olney Rank is Favori.tes On the eve of the great University Democratic Convention all the fac­ tions are bending their last efforts toward a happy termination of their respective struggles for the presi­ dential nomination. A few desultory meetings occur daily, but the chief interest ill the convention continues to be mani­ fested in the small groups of men which gather here and there about the campus. H. J. Lurie states that the central committee finds it impossible to make a prediction as to the outcome . tomorrow. The western delegates will hold a meeting today at 4 P. M., in Cobb 8 B. Members of the Michigan delegation . will meet in Cobb �Chapel.at the same hour. . There are now 218 delegates en­ rolled. Chairman Lightfoot, of the Texas delegation, appointed the members of the South's steering committee yesterday. The men named are Messrs. M. Chitwood, E. C. Eicher, Dodd, R. C. Manning, Marquis. Johnson's name appears on the list of delegates from South Carolina, but there were no initials. For some time canvassers have been asking everybody by the name of Johnson for whom does that entry stand? But it has been of no avail. Today the fact of the matter has been brought to light. It was "Bobby" Johnson, the janitor of Ryerson, and base drum carrier for the band. There will be a plank in the Southern platform to allow the South to settle its own race problem. This will undoubtedly call out an impas­ sioned reply from the famous colored orator. It is also said that he will nominate Gorman. ATHLETES ARE FOUN D INNOCENT Faculty Finds that IluweU, Ball, and Wightman Did Not Steal the Ice Cream The athletic men, Maxwell, Hall, and Wightman, who were suspended last Friday because of being impli­ cated in the "ice-cream scandal," have all been reinstated and are again attending classes, and will be able to compete next Saturday against Wis­ consin. Upon examination it appeared that these men were invited to take some of the ice cream bv the men who brought it over from Haskell, and that they had in no way been con­ nected with the stealing of it. Candidates Choose Wormser At a meeting of the candidates for the title of associate of arts this morn­ ing in Cobb Hall, Mr. Leo F. Worm­ ser was chosen to represent the can­ didates at their final appearance in Junior Chapel. Announcement was made today of arrangements which have been made for the delivery by distinguished for­ eigners of five important courses of lectures at the University during the spring quarter. The first will consist of four lec­ tures on ".Foreign Influences on Eliz­ abethan Literature," by Mr. Sidney Lee, of London. Mr. Lee is recog­ nized as one of the foremost scholars in the English-speaking world. His "Life of Shakespeare" is everywhere recognized as authoritative. The dates and subjects of his lectures at the University are: April 2-On the Comparative Study of Ellzabethan Literature. April 3-ltalian Influences on Elizabethan Literature. April 6-French Influences on Elizabethan Literature. April 7-Foreign Influences on Shake­ speare. These lectures will be delivered in Kent Theater at four o'clock. Immediately following Mr. Lee, Professor John A. Hobson of Lon­ don will deliver two courses of lec­ tures at the University. Mr. Hob­ son has been for many years one of England's most scholarly and force­ ful writers and lecturers on social and economic subjects. His publications, _J�A��gQ�fu� ... and _ ��holarly, have se­ cured for him a worfa-wide reputa­ tion. The first course consists of six lectures on "England's Outlook in the New Century." April 8- The Political Outlook. April 9-Imperialism as a Political Fac- tor. April 14- The Industrial Outlook. April IS-Labor Movements. April 16- The Intellectual . Life of Eng­ land. April17-The Spiritual Outlook. The second course consists of four lectures on "The Present Condition of Economic Sciences in England": April 2Q.- The Retardation of Economic Scien�s in the-Later N�neteenth Century. Apnl 21� The ReVIval of Economic Studies. April2i-The Influences of New Indus­ trial .De'fdopment on Economic TlioughL Apnl 2J-Some Current Theories of Pro­ duction and Distribution •. The third lecturer : announced is M. Leopold Mabilleau of Paris, whose scholarly lectures delivered in Chicago a year ago, will be remem­ bered by a large number of citizens who are interested in the literature, history, and institutions of France. M. Mabilleau will deliver two courses of lectures-one at the University at 4 o'clock P. M. in the Chapel, and the other in Room 439, Fine Arts Building, at 8:30 P. M. The sub­ jects and dates !-re : A.-AT THE UNIVERSITY I. Ce que .c'est que l'enseignement laIque en France; 22 anil. II. Un essai de morale purement humaine appliqu� a l'6:lucation; 22 ami. 111. Les idees directrices de l'enseignement universitaire; 24 anil. IV. La Iiberte de l'enseignement; 28 avrit V. L'6:lucation socialedu peuple; 30 avril, B-FIl"E ARTS BUILDING I. Condition legale et condition rielle de la femme en France; 20 avril, 12:30. II. L'education nouvelle des jeunes filles fran�aises; 23 avril, 12:30. III. Les partis politiques et leurs p� grammes; 2S -avril, 12:30. IV. La theorie de la solidarite sociale par M. Leon Bourgeois; 27 avril, 12:30. V. Ce que les Etats-Unis dGrent a La Fayette et ce que La Fayette dGt aux Etats.Unis; 29 avril, 12:30. These lectures by M. Mabilleau will be delivered under the joint auspices of the Alliance Franeaise and the University of Chicago. I !1 d t . . r : i: ,t II· k II " u Ii' il iI " 'j I •. II' ,II Ii T ,j I I i . j r . The Daily Maroon Formerl,. tbe UDiycnity of Chic:aco WeekI,.. POUNDIED Tbf' University of Chic:a£O WeekI,. - October I, 1892 THE DAILY MAItOON - October 1. 100' BBWS COllTRIBUTIOllS REQUESTED. Published by tbe students of tbe UDiYersity of Chi· � eYery afternoon, except Saturda,. aDc.' SUDday dur­ ill2 tbe 46 weebof tbe UDiversity year. Pre5ent board of editors and busiDeU manaeer autbortzed by student·body In mass meetlni: May I�, 1002. Member"hip OD subsequent boards of editors to be determined by competition open to all students in tbe UDi.-e.sity. BOARD OF EDITORS :l��fro�itor • • _ - _ HE��::REB�{::�� Athletic Editor - RollltllT L. HaNRY, JR. ASSOCIATE EDI'IOItS • FRANCIS F. TISCHIE FRANK McNAIR ELI P. GALlE ADELBEIITT. STEWART FRANIC R. ADAMS \VALTER L. GREGORY AUSTIN A. HAYDEN WOMAN EDI'IORS MISS CoRNIEUA SMITH MISS AGNES WAYMAN STAFP OF REPORTERS THADDEUS J. MERRILL ERNEST J. STEVENS ALBERT W. SHERE.. RALPH P. MULVANE, EUGENE KUNE EDWARD M. KERWIN LEROY A. VAN PATTRN EDGAR EWING CHARLES L. DARST E. D. F. BUTTER ... ELD MISS ELLA R. METSICER MISS LaNA HARRIS BUSINESS STAFF THIE DAILY MAROON THE MONTHLY MAROON BUlliness Manaeer - - BYRON G. MOON Assistant Business Manaeer - J UUAN L. BIIODE Advertlsin£ Manaeer - - PUTT M. CONRAD Rush Medic Manaeer J. W. SWIFT A"licati'iI" mad, /ilr ,,,try 011.1 sUiI"d-class ",tlt­ ter at tl&1 CI&icap Pilst·i)ffiu. Vally Subscription, $3 per 4 quarters; $ t for 3 months By Mallin city 14 per 4 quarters; $ t .25 for 3 months SubscriP.'ions receiyed at "The 1\Iarooo" Ollice. Room 7. The Press Buddio�. or left in "The Maroon" ,Bo'" the Faculty EzchaDJi:f:. Cobb lIal1 Printed by the Uniyerit:r of Chkaro Press EDITORIALS The value of the University ban­ quet, to be held Saturday in the Auditorium as a social function and as a common meeting-ground for the Faculty, alumni, and friends of the University, cannot be overesti­ mated. The banquet itself will be one of the largest and most elab­ orate in the history of the University, an attendance of at least 600 being expected., Noted men fr�m both hemispheres are on the program as after-dinner speakers-M. Jusserand, French Ambassador to the United States; Rev. F. W. Gunsaulus, con­ vocation orator for the quarter; other distinguished visitors and our own President Harper, who may make an important announcement, For the alumni, the function offers a golden opportunity to ac­ quaint themselves with the present personnel of the University, as rep­ resented by the Faculty and graduat­ ing class. For those intending to take a degree at the coming convo­ cation, the occasion is fraught with significance as one of the last social gatherings which they may attend as undergraduates. For all who are eligible, attendance at the banquet is well worth while, if only that they may see and learn to appreciate the c. growing greatness" of the Univer­ sity of Chicago .. The initiation of the Illinois Theta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which took place at the Auditorium Hotel last evening, marks another ad­ dition to the ranks of the Greek-let­ ter fraternities at the University of Chicago. THE DAILY MAROON wishes to con­ gratulate the former members of Gamma Rho upon their good judg­ ment in making the selection, and their success in obtaining a, charter from a fraternity of the standing of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. May they Iive long and prosper. Six crews at Harvard are working on the Charles river. .;' S, A. E. INS TAL LED LAS T N I G H T CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1903 .911u,7Y £:!?Jieet# �7<(;'anl 5alitw 1337 "'4Idte .... 6lri St. ......... 1"- TeL r.t. Z675 TeL Ib" rn 1219 CAdIrJr ...... w • .,.... New Members Initiated at the Auditorium Annex Last Night-Many Chapters Represen� Sigma Alpha Epsilon now has a chapter in the University of Chicago. The initiation and installation was held last night at the Auditorium Annex. The new chapter was given the name Illinois Theta. William C. Levere, eminent supreme archon of the fraternity, presided over the cere­ monies. After the initiation a banquet was held in the Auditorium banquet hall at which the Hon. J. rvf. Dickinson, attorney-general of the Illinois Cen­ tral Railroad, presided as toastmaster. Rev. M. C. Hartzell responded to the toast "Sigma Alpha Epsilon Charac­ ter." Harry S. Bunting followed with a toast to "When We Came Up from Dixie." Ralph Merriam, represent­ ing the new chapter, then responded to the toast, "The Dawn of a New Day," in which he set forth the ideals toward which the fraternity is striv­ ing. Mr. ]. Z. Rowe, of the Univer­ sity, spoke on "Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Work." Other toasts were, Henry L. James, " Out of the Mouths of Babes" and William <;. Levere, "Where Waves the Purple and the Gold," purple and gold being the colors of the fratern ity. Chapters from nearly every section of the country were represented at the installation. Groups of Illinois, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Purdue, Michigan, Cornell, Harvard, Mis­ souri. and Kansas men made the halls resound with their college yells. There were about one hundred men present . GJU�GOYLEooES EXPEDITION STUCK IN THE ICE LORD PRIESE SERVUS LOSES HIS ONE RE­ MAINING AR�1 - RELIEF EXPEDITION STARTS TOMORROW CHIEF JUSTICE WAITE, Monday, March 9. (Special airless teleeram toTHE DAILY MAROON.) We are stuck fast in the ice. The tem­ perature is dropping all the time. This morn­ ing Lord Priese Servus exposed himself on deck and froze his one remaining arm so badly that it had to be amputated. He bears it very cheerfully, and the doctor says he will be all right if he doesn't lose his head. The men were somewhat despondent this morning, but later most of them cheered up sufficiently to eat part of their shoes in true arctic-expedition fashion. In the offi­ cers' mess we dined on shoe strings, which were really delicious, reminding me a great deal of spaghetti. How fortunate it is that we included among our provisions several hundred pairs of shoes. Ice is all around us, and I can see no prospect of relief. The ves­ sel refuses to budge. [Signed] LIEUT. E. D. GESSINGWELL, Commanding. [Norz BY TIllE EDI'IO .. -Today, Tuesday. Marcb 10, we have received no word from the expedition. For some reaSOD the airles� telqraph refuses to work; it most be tbat tbe air is down between here and the ship. Great anxiety is felt at this office over the fate of the darin£ exploren wbo baTe cast their lot on tbe altar of science. and onles" some .word is heard from them b,. tomorrow immediate steps will be taken to or­ pain a relief expeditioa.] WILLIAM M. UPCRAFT TO LECTURE Will Speak to Ken of University on Con­ ditions in Western China. Mr. William M. Upcraft will lec­ ture before the men of the University on Tuesday', March 10, at 7 :30 P.M., in Haskell Assembly Hall. His sub­ ject wiIJ be, "Western China; Its So­ cial and Political Conditions and Re­ sources." The United States government considers Mr. Upcraft to be the best authority on China. He has recent­ ly been conferring with President Roosevelt in regard to the appoint­ ment of an ambassador to western China. Mr. Upcraft has the reputation of being a good lecturer, mingling in his lectures a statesmanlike versatility of thought and humor. The University of California has leased two square miles in Shasta county, Cal., for the period of two years, in order that the department of anthropology may carefully search for the remains of extinct animals and for possible traces of man in the great fossil beds of that county. Students desiring to secure a position to teach will find it to their interest to consult James F. McCullough, 639 Fine Arts Build­ ing, Chicago. Down Town Town Up or W HIe II E V Jo: R I TIS, GOT 0 The Domestic Laundry c. J. GEIGER, .... 0 ... ......... '.5925 COFFEY FOR YOUR 5485 Lake Avenue Spring Clothing Engraved Invitations Coffey will give you service, and service is what counts in tailoring. The smart, snappy garments are what you want for spring apparel. Co.e� Make. Thesa • Programs • Fraternity Stationery W�r. FREU�D& SO!'lS, 176 State street Opposlt.e Palmer lIouae eOU1Dce. MONEY! MONEYI Showrooms on the Ilth·floor of the Association Bldg., 153 La Salle st. TELEPHONE, CENTRAL 3439 Hirtenstein's Loan Bank 3850 Cottage Grove ave. Near Thirty-DlDth Bt. I advance money on all kinds of personal property at the lowest rates. Unredeemed pledces for sale. OLD GOLD Al'fD SILVER BOUGHT MUSSEY'S Billiard Halls and Bowling Alleys Teachers Wanted ���J:;i�� Free-practically. Calls now in for which we lack suitable candidates. Manual and Reeistry Ferm by return mail. Un loa Teacbers' AKency, 228 Wabash ave., Chicaeo, III The Larges't and Finest Amusement Resort in the World It Pays to Advertise in the Maroon. 100 .to 108 MADISON STREET Face Massaee Antiseptic Sbavin£ Cream Compressed Air Service The Koker Barber Shop 409 E. Fifty-seventh st. J. A. GREENE, Proprietor Two Blocks from University Ciears Laundry Office Tobacco Pfanschrnidt .& Siefert BARBERS 85 RANDOLPH ST_ VIBRASSAGE Mechanical Vibration. Scientific Treatment of Face and Scalp. Ex­ cellent Remedy for BLACKHEADS PIlIlPLES DARK SPOTS 011 SKIll HEADACHE D..A.BDRUPF FALLIlIG HAIR � This is Not a Good Advertisement if YOU Don't Remember the Number ��:;a a + psg ??F"e@S5!ki 2 zte, I MONHEIMER Tailor to the Nobby Dresser Latest Novelties in SUITINGS, OVERCOATINGS, AND TROUSERINGS Special facilities for serving the University Students �-----'-----------------� !� &���l¥rft�rl/ � � �AlI/y�/AYnui��t/y! � ��/Y/lf(J/P/J�a/J'a/. i ! .. 0W�wk���! � ����mHlb)�wJ i ! t��fikJV, i �J5(fZ!!)�!#. � � # (fA_� , �:::: i Say, BoYSt Our Spring Opening is on Saturday, 28th. CALL AND GET A SOUVENIR � CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1903 i�""". _ __.., I MAJOaS .Del MINOaS I New � Mr. Robinson, superintendent of tbe city d � lodging house, addressed r r-o'clock classes � G 00 t:! � in Sociology and Political Science on "The ,;:I World of Graft" in Haskell Assembly Room this morning. i fo r i A bright discussion of the percolation of American humor into Europe, and Mark Twain as the exponent of our national hu­ mor, was given by Mr. Lovett in the S·· Women's Chapel yesterday morning. The P rl n g .thirst of European potentates, including the � � King of Montenegro and the Emperor of " •• "Germany, for the American anecdote was ; A r r I V I n g; likened b.y Mr. Lovett to th� craving during ; ; the Renalssance for the ltahan noveletta. � Daily � I aUSH MEDIC NOTES I � , ; NOBLE D. SOPER � � Tailor � # Corner Forty·first st. and ; , Cottage Orove ave. ; ���"""" .. Scheyer I Hogi u nd CO. TAILORS 89 East Madison St., - Suite 9-1� Your Inspection of Our Woolens for Spring an4 Summer, 1903, . is Invited Spalding's Official AthletiC Almanac "for 1:903 The only Almanac published that con­ tains a complete list of American Best-on­ Records and Complete List of Champions. Over 530 Pictures of Prominent American and Foreign Athletes. PRice IOc A. O. SPALDINO « BROS. New York CbiCl20 DeuYer Bdalo Baltimore 60wman Dairy Go. OUR nILK is Bottled in the Country Money N o Object You can buy for almost ADy price for we bave decided to place so SUITS with-U. of C. as AD advertiaement A�THUIt O. KINO, TAILOIt 185 DIlA.BORN ST. Tel. I.4tlS Cetatral. Do You Dance? If 10. you will find a fiae assortmcut of danciulr, party, euchre, diuDer, weddiD£, 8Dd supper fnors at ••• Ounther's Confectionery 313 State Street, CIIIcap Central4Sh John J. Conner Shirt-maker and furnisher 101 "adison Street Near Dearborn street Chicago WHY use poor. mnrbo1aomemilk.whaa for the same mODe)' you caD eel it Pare • .5weet, ... EdnonII· urll,. Ricla. deliftftd iD sealed bottles. by caDiD£ up Telephone South 817. or droppiD£ a postal to SIDNEY WANZER & SONS 305 Thirtieth at. H. Z E ISS LADIES' TAILOR 9 E. Forty-seveath st. (near III. Central Station) 'Phone Oakland 126<}. After 7 P. M., or Sunday, 'phone Gray 404 Unlined Salts from $35 up. Silk· Lined Salts from $"0 up. Skirts from SIS up. ILLINOIS��:E�ILAW 300',.", .. ,.. 70"....., Inhtol8 ,.,. fta",'-'iofI. la, ,..,.. ,.., /W oata,..,. HO"AID •• OGDE., ,.,.., 111C14rltar. Hull Court I" SOCIETY IT£MS"I r�;g-�I The Psi Upsilon upper class men enter- p g, i tained their young lady friends at a course G 1 dinner Saturday. The affair was given at ent e the fraternity house after the informal Satur- day. On Saturday evening, March 7, Miss S. , , � Reynolds and the members of Nancy Foster pnng, Hall held their annual reception. Mr. Car- penter, the House Counselor. and the heads � of the various House committees. Miss Run·· Will lOOn be bere, ADd we are prepared to yon. Miss Dolfinger, and Miss King were in creet ber with our joyoua collection of the receiving line with Miss Reynolds. # � Frappe was served throughout the evening by • S · S.. � the Misses Duncan, Pain, Blanchard. and � pnng UltingS, 4! Sutton. The rooms on the second and third " , floors were thrown open to the guests, and � i in the later half of the evening supper was Overcoatings, served on the second floor. The evening was concluded with dancing. ; T . The receptions at the women's Halls yes- 'and rousenngs � terday afternoon were very well attended. � At Foster the reception was under the direc- tion of the fifth floor. Miss Reynolds re- ceived alone, but was assisted at the tea �" tables by Misses Porter, Primm. Youngman. W,·11'·am Sac hen ; Booker, Kirchoff, Kaufman, Osborne, and __ ; Knowell, The fourth floor had charge of � � the reception at Kelly. Mrs, Goodspeed re- 320 Fifty-fifth st. ceived in the place of Miss Robertson. who is ill in the Green Hall hospital. On account ��� .. of Miss Robertson's illness all the invitations for the evening were canceled. At Green Miss Breckenridge received alone because of Miss Talbot's absence from the city. She was assisted at the tea tables by !\psses Staf­ ford. Floyd. Bray, Vaughn. Sheetz, and Mor­ genthaler. Fourteen Faculty guests were entertained at dinner. They were Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Cowles, Mr. Hatfield, Mr. Alexander Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. Triggs, :\Ir. Bruere, and Mr. Moon. Miss \Vallace received alone at Beecher, assisted in the tea room by Misses Wilcox. Allen.and Edith Wilson. Miss Wilcox invited as her special guests the members and members­ elect of the Cabinet of the W. S. C. L. The guests entertained at dinner were !Iolr. and Mrs. Tufts, Mr. and Mrs, Dewey, Mr. and Mrs. Coulter, Mr. and Mrs. Kern, Mr. and Mrs. Gale. Mr. and Mrs. Lovett. Final examinations will begin Wednesday of next week. All students who have not registered must do so by the March 10. Students desiring to take dissections next quarter will call on Dr. Revell. West Side The Seniors formed in line at 5:30 yester­ day morning in order to get low registration numbers. Almost as much enthusiasm was manifested as was seen at last quarter's rush for numbers. The final examination in Obstetrics was held yesterday morning in the Upper Amphi­ theater under the direction of Professor Webster. Only four questions were asked. Those who wrote say that the examination questions were well chosen and brought out the student's knowledge to the best advan­ tage. The final written examination in Surgery was taken by over one hundred men in the Upper Amphitheater yesterday, The exami­ nation was under the supervision of Nicho­ las Senn, Professor and Head of the depart­ ment. Six questions were asked. The ex­ amination was not as long as the final in Medicine Monday. The Committee on Rules, appointed by the Senior Medical Council, meets today. The general subject of student government will be taken up and a report will be pre­ pared to be presented to tho Council meet­ ing Wednesday afternoon. The Rules com­ mittee members are Professor \Valter S. Haines, chairman. M. J. O'Hern, and C. H. McKenna. This week's meeting of the Pathology seminar was held yesterday under the direc­ tion of Professor Hektoen. Miss Hamilton. one of the workers in Professor Hektoen's laboratory, reported on the extremely inter­ esting subject of "Surgical Scarlatina." The discussion was entered into by an unusually large number of those present. The meeting was one of the "most pleasant of the entire quarter. At the regular meeting of the Chicago Pathological Society which was held 10 Schiller Hall last night the following Rush men reported: Peter Bassoe, a case of Gi­ gantism; M. M •. Portis, a case of Bromo­ derma Pustulo-Tuberosum; H. Gideon Wells. Experimental Cirrhosis in Chronic Albuminose Intoxication. The case of Gi­ gantism reported by Dr. Bassoe was taken from the morgue records of the Presbyterian Hospital. DR.GOODMAN A.MILLER DENTIST 369-! 63!! STREET TB.EPIIIIE DREXEL 6691 SHaRer-HAND IN ONE HOUR In 40 to 60 days Mrs:Lena A. White guarantees to make you an expert stenographer and typewriter or refund your money. Hundreds of students have mastered her system in one hour. Continuous school session. Individual instruction by the author. White's College FIne Arts 'Bldg. GOOD PROGRAM AT FIRST "MEETING 203 MICHIGAN AVE. Several Features and a Debate Before Literary Society The Literary society held its first literary meeting March 6, at 7 :30 P. M. The program was replete with many amusing and instructive numbers, lis­ tenedtoby an audience of about forty. Mr. A. V. Smith delivered a decla­ mation, Miss Kellogg an impromptu, Mr. Armitage two readings, Mr. Veele a humorous impromptu, Miss Davidson read an original short story, the theme of which was he adven­ tures of a love-lorn scientist 'on the planet Mars. The evening was brought to a close by a debate on the question: "Ru()lv�d, That literary societies, as at present conducted, are" of more general benefit than any other so­ ciety in college." The affirmative, upheld by Messrs. Lust and Thorn­ bury, received the decision. Messrs. Williams and Brubaker defended the negative. A large list of names was sub­ mitted for membership in the busi­ ness meeting following the program. It is desired that all who wish to become members of the society give their names to some member during the week. The next meeting will be held Friday, March 13, 7 :30 P. )(. Dr. Van Dyke Not Able to Be Present The Rev. Henry Van Dyke, who was to have been present at the Uni­ versity during the convocation ex­ ercises, has been obliged to remain at his home on account of the serious illness of his second daughter Doro­ thy. Dr. Van Dyke had made all preparations to come when his daugh­ ter was taken with pneumonia. Dr. C. R. Henderson very kindly volunteered to preach Sunday at the morning service at which Dr. Van Dyke was to have preached. No one has yet been secured to fill Dr. Van Dyke's place. The Board or" the University Press will meet in Haskell Museum, Friday, at 5:00 P.M. The French department of Cornell is planning to produce a French play some time this spring. We have built up a gre'at many"thin stu­ dents-ob, no! not by health food, but by padding their garments. 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Three Chicago I I'M LOOKING CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1903 FORWARD I" .. NOTICES .. Oh, the !rontless man Is an "also ran," But the Duck with a front is a live one. -From TaUs o/JIu Ex-taw. Students aDd faculty members are reqUf:'ted to ICDd all DOtiea to THE DAILY MAIIOOIC for publicatioD free of c:har2e. Notic:a must be left at THI: MAIIOOM office M FacUlty Exchaqe before II : 00 A.. II. The English Club will meet Tuesday in Hitchcock Library 8:00 P. M. Divinity Conference will be held in Has­ kell Museum, 7�30 1'. M. Tuesday. The Young Men's Christian Association will meet in the clubroom of Snell Hall, Weduesday, at 7:15 I'. M. There will be a conference on the teach­ inK of mathematics and physics in the sec­ ondary school, Wednesday, at 7:45 P. M.,.in room 32 of the Ryerson Physical Labora­ tory. The Women's Union will give a reception to the women students taking degrees at the spring convocation on \Vednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 P. M., at Fifty-seventh street-and Lexington avenue. Trials for the Freshman debating team this evening. Following are some of the en­ tries in the order in which they will speak: Messrs. Falk, Davis, Stem, • Oppenheim, Lust, Meek, Kerwin, Austin, Raper, Me­ Partland. There will be an open lecture before the Department of Romance Languages Wed­ nesday, at 4 P.M., in the chapel of Cobb Lec­ ture Hall. M. E. J. Dubedout will speak on the subject, "La Comedie Nouvelle: Love­ dou, Brieux," For students taking the Medical course, there will be a Medical professorial lec­ ture on Wednesday at 5 P. !'(., in Kent The­ ater. Pro'fessor Hyde will talk on the fol­ lowing topic: .. Narcotico-Stimulants in Re­ lation to l>iseases of the Skin." Mr. Asher C. Hinds, clerk at the Speaker'S table, United States House of Representa­ tives, will give an open lecture before the College of Commerce and Administration on Thursday, at 4 P.M., in the Lecture Room of Cobb Hall. 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