VOL. I. No. 88 PRICE THREE CENTS The Daily Maroon . PabUahecl Aftenaoou by the S�clenta of the Ulllnmty of Chlcaco Darin, the Four Quarten of the Ullinralty Year CONDEMNS BOOK BORROWERS CHICAGO, TUESDAY, FEBRUA�Y 17, 1903 CLASSES IN LEXINGTON COMPETE Women Kove Into New Quarters This :Morning and Hold Regular Recitations Gymnasium and Lunch-Room Will be Ready for Occupancy Next Week - Ellis Ball for Men The woman students in the Junior college passed through the last stages of segregation today. Sixteen classes formerly held in the other University buildings were transferred to Lex­ ington Hall, where they will be held from now on. The following classes are now being held in Lexington Hall : 8:30 hour-German, lAb; L 5; Romance, I b; L 2; Mathematics, 2 b; L 9. 9:30 hour-Latin, 5 b; L 4; Romance, 3 b; L 3; German, I Bb; L 5; English, I Bb; I. 15; Mathematics, I b; L 9. 11:00 hour-English 3 Ab; LIS. 12:00 hour-Latin, 5 a; L 4; Latin,s a (2); L 3; Mathematics, 2 d; L 9. 2:00 hour-Romance, I b; L 2. 3:00 hour-German, I Ba; L 5. The furnitui e is not all in yet, but everything will be in perfect order, and all classes will be working smoothly in the course of a few days. The gymnasium is not ready for occupancy yet but the Physical Cul­ ture classes will be held there next week Tuesday and afterward. The young women of the University feel a just pride in their new gym, be­ cause of its completeness. Next week the Lexington kitchen will begin operations and on Mon­ day the Women's Union, which now meets in the little church at the corne� of Flfty-seveuth street and Lexington avenue, will be moved to the lunch room in Lexington, and the girls will be able to get meals there in the future. Beginning Monday morning the women's J unior College chapel exer­ cises will be held in the assembly room of the hall. The Division meetings, however, will be held in company with the men as formerly on Wednesdays. Another feature of the general shaking-up of classes caused by the moving into Lexington Hall is the changing of classes formerly meeting in Haskell to Cobb Hall. Theclasses transferred to Cobb this morning are: 8:30 hour-Latin 40; c ICC; German lAC; C t rd; English ra; C 15d; Philosophy 32; c 17c. . 9:30 hour-Political science 13; c 9c; Ro­ mance sa; c 8d; Latin Sa; c 8b;.German IBa; C 15d. 11:00 hour-Sociology 52; C Sd. Next October the men oftheJunior College will move into Ellis Hall. Ellis Hall is the present School of Education, but by that time the School of Education will be holding its classes in its new building. This hall is also to be named after the street on which it is located. PROM TO BEGIN AT EIGHT-THIRTY • At Request of Dr. Harper Committee ChaDges Bour-lln. Harper Uaable to be Pre8ent The Prom will in all probability begin earlier than usual this year. Dr. Harper has stated that he wished the first dance to begin at 8: 30 sharp instead of 9 or 9:30, as' has been the case in preceding years. In this way the chief social event of the year will close at one o'clock. Mr. ButJer announced this morn­ ing that Mrs. Harper, one of the patronesses, would be unable to at­ tend. Dr. Harper, however, expects to be present. The decoration committee has been at work for SOLIC time ant! it is thought that the decorations will eclipse those of fonner y,�Qrs. ,- JW1ior College CouncU Denounces Practice of TaJdDg Unregistered Books from. Li­ braries-Recommends Cleaning Walks At a meeting of the Junior College Council this morning, the practice of taking books from the various libra­ ries without registering them was vigorously condemned. Adelbert Stewart, chairman of the Council, brought up the matter, saying that the practice was becoming lamentably widespread; that often a student would take a reference-book, which an entire class needed, from the library, and retain it for several days or even weeks. On motion of Mr. Norton, the secretary was instructed to send a resolution to President Harper, say­ ing that the Council has noticed with· extreme disfavor the frequency of such occurrences; and that it recom­ mends that the matter be brought prominently to the attention of the student body. If the sentiment thus created among the students against the custom is not sufficient to put a stop to it, the Council further recom­ mends that the Faculty take radical steps to abate the nuisance. Another thing discussed was the poor condition of the sidewalks on Fifty-eighth street, between the cam­ pus and Cottage Grove avenue. Al­ though this territory is. supposedly kept in good shape by the South Park Improvement Association, to which the University is 3. subscriber, these sidewalks are seldom cleaned and, after a snow-storm, afford a very precarious and difficult footing. As more than half of the students whose homes �e in the city, alight from and board the Cottage Grove cars at Fifty-etghth st. every day, ·the Council considers the condition of the sidewalks between there and the campus of much interest to the stu­ dent body. Another resolution will therefore be sent to the President, recommending that he ask the authorities of the Improvement As- . sociation to take some action in the matter. R. B. Kelley was ejected coun­ cilor for Division VI, with Arthur G. Bovee as alternate. Joseph L. Lewinsohn, alternate for Division 1 V, will fill the vacancy left by Miss Matheny, councilor for that division. WAS MEMBER OF PEACE CONFERENCE F. W. Bolls, Who Will Lecture Wednes­ day and Thunctay, Represented the United States at The Hague On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, February 18 and 19, Fred­ erick W. Holls, member of The Hague peace conference, will give a lecture before the College of Com­ merce and Administration. On Wednesday his subject will be: "The Peaceful Solution of International Difficulties," and on Thursday-he will speak of "The Magna Charta of In­ ternational Law." Mr. Holls was born in Zelienople, Pa., on July I, 1857. He graduated from Columbia University in 1878, and some years later went abroad, and took his degree of Doctor of Civil Law at the University of Leipzig in 1898. He was a member of the . peace con ference at The Hague from the United States, and since that time has written numerous essays and lectures on political sub­ jects. The lectures will be held in Cobb Lecture Hall at 4 P. M., and are free to all who desire to hear them. The gymnastic team of the Uni­ versity of Wisconsin will give a circus, the proceeds of which will be used to defray the expenses of the team's trip to the Intercollegiate Meet some time during the latter part of MATC�. WISCONSIN MEET ENTRIES JUNIORS MAY The Junior College Faculty, on recommendation of the committee on student activities, has recently passed a measure throwing the com­ petition for the University debating team open to students of the Junior College, who have hitherto been ex­ cluded. This action, which has been agitated for some time by the men interested in debating, practically gives every student in the University the opportunity to compete. .A strong incentive is also furnished, not only by the honor of making the team, but also by the substantial prizes awarded to the successful con­ testants by the University, Mr. Chandler, in discussing the action of the Faculty, said: " I hardly think that throwing the com­ petition open to the Junior Colleges will bring about any very material changes in the personnel of future debating teams. Although a Sopho­ more did make a place on the Michi­ gan team last year, it is very rare that a man is successful in the com­ petition until he has reached his third or fourth year. The fielding percentages of the "The change, however, is a good· bas feb 11 all squad for the last week are one, in that it tends to make debat- as 0 ows: . b d d d . Jleb.9l"eluo ...... Pass Ing. a r!la .er an mor� emocrattc Baill4 .. , .......... ..-.,;. ... -�-T20-�i9oI-.S89 .. �-U�la� -It'lS-highly de- BI�mer • • • • • • • • • • • • -, sirable that Junior College men Collins ••• _..... ••• 696 667 611 should turn out for .the competition· Cornell.... • . . •••• 619 750 952 917 h h h ,. Ellsworth, A. C.. • • • 769 even t oug t ey are not successful, Ellsworth, H.H..... none the less the training they re- Enoch............ 250 700 448 625 ceive is of much value and makes Goodrich. • •• • • . . . • 870 947 them much more effective in future Harper, J. C. ••.••. 600 773 813 933 t ts Th Howe ••••.••. •••• 6<)5 con es. e average man, com- Hughes.. •• • • • . • • . 522 769 433 938 peting for the first time, lacks poise bison ••.....• _ • . . . . . and cannot handle himself well." Johnson, A. H •..•• Johnson, O. W..... 852 783 647 Lambertson ...•.•• Linton •...... _ . _ .• Lumbard ......••.• Lust ••••• _....... 684 Maxwell ......••.. McMillan..... .... 591 McPherson ....•• _ . 588 Mefford •..•••.... 667 435 576 625 Nowels •.•• • • . . . . . 6<)2 500 467 Patrick.... •• . . . . . 611 818 Pritchard ..•.••.•. 778 706 781 Rogers ••.•••• . . . . 619 667 762 Rooney........... 731 Schutz .....•••...• Smart 609 545 625 818 Stines............ 583 Sloan............ 400 Trammell . . . . . . . . . 727 550 Van Patten.... . . . . 773 545 594 632 Watkins.......... 462 652 Wood .••••••••... 750 500 842 Workman. • •• • . • . . 6<)2 650 786 850 Wright ••••.••.... 667 632 444 900 Wyman.. • • • • . . . . . 875 952 Young.. •••••• ••.. 650 Official List Received by Mr. Stagg This Koming Shows llany Good Ken Entered in the Events The Wisconsin entries for the meet Saturday night were received by Mr. Stagg this morning. Follow­ ing is the official list: 35·yd. dash--Wisconsin: Poage, Hay­ den, Wheeler, Marsh, Saunders, Chapman; Chicago: Blair, Senn, Friend, Taylor, Kel­ ley, Wightman, Merrifield, McMillen, Catlin. 40·yd. hurdles-Wisconsin: Saridakis, Poage, Lyle, Boyle; Chicago: Friend. Cat­ lin, Kelley, Yondorf, Senn, Ferriss. 440-yd. run-Wisconsin: Chapman. Poage, Wheeler, Mowry, Daniells; Chicago: Taylor, Buckwalter, Ferriss, Wightman, Cahill, Smith, Friend, Mathews, McMillen. . 880-yd. run-Wisconsin: Breitkreutz, Mowry, Daniells, Reed, Bertol, Hahn; Chicago: Cahill, Jayne, Mathews, Merrifield, McMillen, Pratt, Hall. One-mile run-Wisconsin: Hahn, Keachie, Watkins, Hudson, Post, Breitkreutz; Chi­ cago: Warner, Mathews, Neher, Hall, Hook, Pratt, Gale. Two-mile run-Wisconsin: Breitkreutz, Hean, Post, McEachren; Chicago: Hall, Hook, Noon, Brown, Mathews, Bevan. High jump-Wisconsin: Abbott, Stein­ metz, Todd, Hasse, Glynn; Chicago: Quan­ trell, Sullivan, Ferriss, Carroll, Parsons, Beach. Shot-Put-=- Wisconsin: Long, Shepard, Glynn, Findlay, Schofield, Abbott; Chi­ cago: Speik, Maxwell, Wightman, Catlin. Pole- Vault: Wi s con sin, Mucklestone, Juneau, Grier, Hueffner; Chicago: Magee, Miller, Kelley, Buckwalter. Relay Race-Wisconsin: Poage, Hayden, Mowry, Chapman, Daniels, Wheeler; Chi­ cago: Cahill, Taylor, Buckwalter, Friend, Wightman, Kelley, Hall, Speik, McMillen, Jayne, Mathews, Merrifield, Ferriss, • BASEBALL PERCEBTAGES 421 b80 581 578 600 DR. DUBEDOUT OF PARIS LECTURES Firat of a Series of Adc1reues on the French Theater of TocJay The first of a series of six lectures (in French) by Dr. E. J. Dubedout, who has been sent to Chicago by the University of Paris to study Ameri­ can educational conditions, was de­ livered in Cobb Chapel at 4 P. M. Wednesday. Dr. Dubedout speaks very distinctly and with deliberation, making it very easy to follow him. The following is the program for the remaining lectures of the series: Le 18 f�vrier: Le TMfttre realiste [suite]. Alcundre Dumas fils. Le 25 f�vrier: Le ThUtre naturalister Henri Becque. Le 4 man: Le Th�atre Iibre [Th�itTe Antoine). Le II man: La Com6iie nouvelle: Lave­ dan, Brieux, Le 18 man: La Com6iie nou..-elle [Alite]: Paul Hervieu, Maurice Don nay. Faculty of Junior College Throws Competition for University Debate Open to All Mr. Chandler Doe. lfot Think· lie.. Ru1iDg Will Katerially Affect Personnel of Team HALL GIRLS ISSUE CHALLENGE Will Play Ifon-Campus Girls WedDeactaJ' at 4:20- JDDior � Senior SqUda Picked The Hall"- girls, proud of their athletic prowess on the basketball field, have challenged one of the best teams of non-campus girls, and the game will be played next Wednesday at 4:20 P_ II. Line-up as follows: . Blues-Hall girls - forwards: Spencer, Montgomery, McCloud; guards: Dodge, Eg­ bert. Bock; centers: Vaughn, Arnold, A.. Reds-Non-campus-forwards: Wayman, Conlon, Jaynes; guards: Goldstein, Murphy. Ortmeyer; centers: Showers, Tschirgi. At last after sharp competition and much hard work tbe temporary squads for the Junior and Senior Colleges have been picked, and in­ clude the following: Temporary Senior Squad-Wayman. Con­ lon, McCloud, TlChirgi, AmoIde, GoIdstei., Egbert. Dodge. Jaynes. Temporary Junior College Squad-Just, Spencer, MontgolDery. Valentine, Vaugh., Roney, Allison, Murphy, Ortmeyer, FreDch McGoorty, Pierce, W. " OFFICERS 01' Y ••• c...&. FOR 1904 At a meeting of the Y. M. C. A� held a short time ago, the fol­ lowing officers were elected to serve to January I, 1904: Presi­ dent, W. J. Sherman; secretary, P. A. Walker; chairman of Social committee, T. B. Hinckley; chair­ man of Membership committee, L. J. Bevan; chairman of Finance com­ mittee, H. D. Warner; chairman of Missionary committee, C. M. Dins­ more; chairman of Religious. Meet� ings committee, P. A. Walker. Tndt CaptaiD Stahl has decided 10 re­ ..ain at Nortbwatem UDiYCrSity this apriDg. CHICAGO, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1903 The Daily Maroon Formerl,. the Ulliveraity of Chicaro Weekly. roeJIDIlD he University of ChicaroWeekly - October I,I� . HE DAILV MAItOOll - October 1.1002 BBWS COIlTRlBUTIOllS REQUESTED. Publilhed by tbe Itudents of the University of Chi· cqo every afternoon. except Saturday anc! Sunday dur­ ill£ tbe 46 weeoof tbe University yeir. Present board of editors and bu.ineSl maDaRer authorized by Itudent·body in mu. meetlll£ May IS. 1qe2. Memberllhip on lubllequent boards of editors to be deJermlned by competition open to all students in tbe University. BOARD OF BDITORS N::��Fto�itor • • • • • HIlO���REB��V-:::� Athletic: Editor • RoBIlIIT L. HIlNItY. JII.. ASSOCIATE EDnoRS FUNCIS F. TISCHIl FRANK McNAIR Eu P. GALIl ADIlLBIlIITT. STEWAIIT FUNK R. ADAMS W ALTIl. L Gal!.coltY AusnN A. HAYDI!.N WOStA" I!.Dnoas MISS CoRNIlLl" SMm. MISS AGNES WAVMAN STA .... 0.· RI!.POIITI!.RS THADDI!.US J. MI!.RRILI. ERMIIST J. STEVI!.NS ALB.RT W. SHItRI!." RALPH If. MULVANE. EOCI!.NI!. KUNI!. EDWARD M. KE.WIN Lll'.ROY A. VAN PATTRN EDGAR EWING CHARLI!.S L. DAKST Eo D. F. BI1lT1lRFIELD MISS ELLA R. METSKER MISS LIINA HARRIS BUSllIBSS STAFF THI!. DAILY MAROON THI!.MONTHLY MAJtOON BU5iness l\lanaRer - - BYRON G. MOON Assistant Business Man8Rcr JULIAN L BaoDt AdvertlsinJ: Man8Rer - - PLAtT M. CONRAD Rush Med,c: ManaRer J. W. SWln .A.lllicatit". ",ad, ttlr ,,,lr7 as sutl"d·cltus ",111· t,r at tl., C"ica� Ptlst·tI/!iu. Dally Subscription, $3 per 4 quarters; $1 for 3 months By Mallin city $4 per 4 quarters; S 1.25 for 3 months SubscriP.llou n:celYCd at "The Muooo" 0Ace. R_7. The Press Bulldio�. or left In "The Marooo" Bo". the Faculty Ezchance. Cobb Hall. EDITORIALS As long as the weather remains cold it does not make much differ­ Dry Walks ence whether the walks to CAr Lines between the street car lines and the University are cleared. But any time, perhaps by the time the paper goes to press, there is apt to be-a thaw. . Thtm :.the �4l'OUbl�f that large class of University stu­ dents which lives off the campos, will begin. The snow which is now on the ground will take several days to melt and these will be days of 'mlsery for the pedestrian. If the University authorities will take it upon themselves to clear the walks between the car lines and the University, a great favor will certain­ ·ly be conferred upon the students. There will be a great saving of time and more promptness in getting to classes, besides the great comfort of dry feet. The University did some­ thing of this kind last year, and it seems a reasonable request that it should do so now. The matter is certainly One of Widespread concern. The action of the Junior College council this morning is to be com­ mended. nWs nOM TIlE UNIVERSITIES California and Stanford have ar­ ranged for a chess tournament. Five stUdents of Drake University have been suspended for hazing. . E�ery Saturday Th« Daily N�bras­ kall ISsues an extra called The Satur­ ·day N�br(lskan. W?shington and Lee University requires its professors to wear caps and gowns in class rooms. The University of Utah Dramatic Club recently produced A. W. Pinero's "The Amazons." The Yale Foreign Missionary So­ ciety has been incorporated under' the laws of the State of Connecticut. The first Cecil Rhodes scholarship in Oxford awarded to an American has been given to Eugene Heitler Lehman, a graduate of Yale in 1892 •. The class in temporary politics at Princeton has organized itself into a chamber of deputies, modeled 'exactly after the French chamber.· The seniors constitute the conserva­ tive, and the juniors the radical, element. The ministry has been chosen from the conservatives. The University of Michigan stu­ dent daily has changed it name from Tlu Michigan Daity Nnvs to the original name of Th� U. of M . Daily, Since 1898 the registration in the engineering department of Michigan has increased from 245 to 600. In the last year the increase was over 100. The Cornell baseball team will take three trips this season. The Southern trip will take place in April and the eastern and western trips in May. At the Cornell Junior Prom there were in all twenty-one waltzes, twenty two-steps, eight extras, six blind extras, and a number of double blind extras. Harvard and Yale are considering the advisability of revising the pres­ ent eligibility rules. A joint com­ mittee will meet soon in New Haven to discuss the question. The new gymnasium at Princeton, on which work was started last spring, will be the largest of its kind in the world. The gymnasium proper will be 100 by 166 feet in the clear, with­ out a column or post of any kind. In his annual report President El­ iot of Harvard declared that Har­ vard was determined to stand by its old policy, requiring four "years of work for the degree of A.B. and an A.B. degree for entrance to its pro­ fessional departments. G}U�GOYLE��ES LOR.D PRIESE SERVUS IN AN ACCIDENT It is our sad duty to report in these columns that Lord Priese Servus, the wi nner of the famous Long-Distance Contest,has met with a serious and possibly a fatal accident. Whether he recovers or not he will probably never be able to write another Gargoylette. The accident happened thus: His Grace was manufacturing one of those bright verses "'f&r-wTiiili -lie'·is· fatnou�;-aild· Was·u"5ing-"1or the purpose a broken Remington typewriter. In some way the shift key of the machine failed to work properly, and His Grace's hand slipped and struck the point of the Gargoylette he was making. The point was unusually keen and cut off two of his fingers. His Grace staggered over to the sideboard, seized a decanter and poured out two fingers in a glass, but it was too late, and he fainted away. . Fnends rushed to "his assistance, and a messenger was sent for Dr. RaycrofL When he arrived several hours later he looked at the wound carefully, and prescribed some cracked ice. His Grace's temperature was 107, and showed no signs of decreasing. Dr. Raycroft expressed grave fears that an ampu­ tation of the entire right arm would be necessary. , At noon today Lord Priese Servusdropped off into an uneasy doze, from which he woke from time to time to complain ot a drum­ ming in his ears which he said sounded like the "Anvil Chorus." Friends of His Grace should consult this column daily for bulletins of the injured man's condition. University Settlement Membership Mrs. S. B. Terry, secretary of the University Settlement League, gave out the following statement today concerning membership in the League: There are a large number of ladies in the University community who are entitled to membership in the League, as will be seen by the annexed passage from the by-laws. These ladies will be very gladly welcomed. ARTICLE III ME)IRERSHIP Sec. I. Those qualified for membership shall be: members of the Facultv, or Fel­ lows and graduate students of the University of Chicago. members of the immediate Iami­ lies of members of the Faculty. or Fellows. or graduate students, or of Faculties of affil iated schools of the University of Chicago, or of members of the Quadrangle Club, Sec. 4, AU women connected with the graduate schools of the University arc by virtue of such connection entitled to attend all open rnectings of the League, without payment of any fee, and may. upon request to the Corresponding Secretary, have notices sent to them of such mectmgs. Anv such person may become an acti�e meml,er hy paying tbe regular dues. The Wisconsin Board of Athletics has decided to grant a diploma with each varsity "W" given out in the future, with a statement of how the "\V" was earned. ••• IN ONE HOUR. ••• In ",,0 to 60 days Mrs. Lena A. White guarantees to make you an expert steno­ grapher and typewriter or refund your money. Hundreds of students have niasierect· her' system in one hour � Con­ tinuous school session. Individual instruc­ tion by the author. W h i te' s College, FIN:..t�TS 203 Michigan ave. A refined elderly lady wishes position as housekeeper for fraternity house. Can lend furniture for 7 rooms. Can give best refer­ ences. Address MAROON office. DEAR SIR:- Please send me 0",. P/4//qrm. descriptive 01 the work of The Clark Teachers' Agency. I understand you have located one hundred students from this University. M. A. ROON, ('03 U. 01 C.) To B. F. CLARK. 378 Wabash ave., Chicago .j ) Students desiring to secure a position to teach will find it to their interest to consult James F. McCullough, 639 Fine Arts Build­ ing, Chicago. Established 1873 B. I .. AMI!.. H. R. PAUL OET THE 'BEST Ames' Hats Spring Overcoat? Spring Suit? or Both? Acceptab/e Present: A Gift Cer­ tificate for Hat or G/oues . • • " 161 4: 163 e. MADISON ST., near LA SALLe • • WHY use poor, unwholelOmemilk,whe� for the same money you can ect at Pure. Sweet, and Extraordl· narlly Rlcb. delivered in sealed bottles. by c:alline up Telephone South 817, or droppina: a postal to • • In any case I am in a posltion to make you' a garment of remarkable finish and ,quality. ,; Spring days on the Campus are a joyous part of college life; but to be at ease entirely one should be properly clothed. The warm days that come, even in March, make winter clothing a burden. Order now, and your new garments will be ready when you need them. SIDNEY WANZER « SONS 305 Thirtieth st. M. J. COFFEY, IIOS-II07 Y.l!I.C.A. Bldg.. CRlCAGO Telephone, Central 3439 Teachers Wanted for all Rrades. Re&latratJon Pree-prac:tic:ally. Calls now in for whlc:h we lad, suitable candidates. Manual and Re&:istry .·onn b)' return mail. Union Teacbers' AcencY, 228 Wabash ave .• ChiC8RO, 111. Barber Shop Da. W. J. CovEY lupermteDds all work Phone Central ISh Nearest to University 409 Fifty-seventh st. KI��!rk COVEY'S DENTAL PARLORS 174-176 STATE STREET IeoBtwd_t.. 70",...., IUUtOi. Bar uGlfliaatio ... lad ,IICU. ..., Jw oct.lotI to HOWUD II. OGDEII, ,.,_ •• l1�CIIuIr St. Opposite Maln Entrance Palmer House 5705 Cottage Grove Gold CI'OWIIS - $5.00 I Set Teeth • $S.oo BridRe Work· - 5.00 S. S. W. - 8.00 Platinum Fillin 1.00 Rose Pearl 15.00 Gold FilllnRS i2.oo. up Painless Extraction .50 Engraved Invitations • Programs .' Fraternity Stationery WM. FREUl'4D& SONS, :0 176 State street Opp.,si'- Palmer Houee ensrance, Shorthand Moneyl Money! Money! Birtenatein's Loan Bank '38sorCottage- .Grove -ave. lIear Tbirty-D1Dth at. I adTancc money on all kinds of persoDal property at the lowest rates. Unredeemed pledges for sale. OLD GOLD AlfD SILVBR BOUGHT It Pays to Advertise in the Maroon. Pfanschmidt « Siefert BARBERS 85 R.ANIlOLPH ST_ VIBRASSAGE lIIIechanical Vibration. Scientific Treatment of Face and Scalp. Ex· cellent Remedy for BLAC1tBBADS PDlPLES DARE SfOTS ON SKIK IlEADACHB DAlIDRUPF F ALLllJG HAIR � This is Not a Good Advertisement if YOU Don't Remember the Number . Open Sunday!! and Holidays �� J. J. GIBSON, Founder. Offic:ial World's .·air PhOlO2"npber. COLLEGE GROUP WORK A SPECIALTY M. :M. GIBSON {MRS. J. J. GIBSON>. President A N E W F E AT U R E Class Plctares made from ladlvldaal slUlnc. wltb reprodac­ tiOn for e8Cb "elllber. Phone or write for partlcalars. STROKGEST ELECTRIC LIGHT III CHICAGO. SITTIKGS RADf OR SIIINE. PHONE CENTRAL 609 195 WABASH AVeNUE �m�_.ft% �� , I MONHEIMER J Tailor to the N obbv Dresser .I Latest Novelties in SUITINGS, OVERCOATINGS, AND TROUSERINGS THE STUDENT'S FRIEND . J ) • I CLARK AND ADA�S STREETS Clearing Sale II MAJORS and MINORS I I'" SOCIETY ITEMS "'1 IO A LARGE LINE OF SUITINGS FOR�IER PRICE, $25.00. YOUR CHOICE FOR SfJIT TO ORDER -$15·00- SUl'rI!'\GS-FORMER PRICE, $30 ===Now $20.00=== SUITINGS-FORl'IER PRICE, $35.00 TO $40.00 ==Now $25.00=== NOBLE D. SOPER Tailor Corner ,,1St st. and Cottage Orove av. === FIRST-CLASS === Orchestras For Fraternity Annuals, Informala, Receptions, etc. : : : : : : Address GEORGE P. JACKSON, IIgr. 'Phone. Hyde Park 1528. 76 HITCHCOCK Scheyer I Hoglund Co. TAILORS 89 East Madison St., - Suite 9-71 Your Inspection of Our Woolens for Spring and Summer, 1903, is Invited " SpaldillC's AWetic Library 110. 162 Boxing Three overcoats were "borrowed" from the rack in Haskell one afternoon recently. The friend returned Friday and got a fourth. The safest place to hang your coat during recitation is on the back of your chair where you can sit on a part of it. . The Y. W. C. A. is to have a large room in Lexington Hall for its headquarters. It will me au a great deal that the Association has a special room in which to hold its meetings. and social affairs; heretofore it has had no adequate place. A chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Society has recently been granted to the Northwestern University Medical School. Thirteen of the Senior class will become the charter members of the new chapter. On last Saturday afternoon about forty members of the Woman's Union took ad­ vantage of the opportunity of visiting the studios of some of Chicago's artists. The studios of Mr. Otto Schneider, Mrs. Eva Schiitze, Mr. Oliver Dennett Grover. Mr. Lorado Taft, Mr. Ralph Clarkson. and Mr. Charles Browne were visited. The favor was secured through Mrs. Eva Schiitze, wife of Professor Schiitze, who kindly conducted and introduced the ladies. The event was one of rare pleasure to the visitors, and the Union appreciates the favor and courtesy of the artists who contributed to this rare treat. Snell Hall has issued invitations for a re­ cepuon February 28. from 8 to 10:30 o'clock, The School of Education invites the women of the University to a Martha Wash­ ington tea on Friday, Feb. 19, from 3:30 until 5:30. The School of Education will entertain Friday, February 20, in honor of Washing­ ton's Birthday. The guests will be the women of the University of Chicago. The hours are 3:30 to 6 J'. M. The members of the Training Class will be in colonial dress and will dance the minuet. Miss H. L. Livermore and a few of the young ladies entertained a number of the Al­ pha Kappa Kappa fraternity at Beecher Hall Saturday evening. Refreshments were served and dancing and singing were in­ dulged in. Among those present were the following: Misses Wallace, Watson. Truitt, Walker, Mather, Pierce, \V. Pierce. Brosius, Vance, Paisley. S. Paisley, WIlson, Brook­ hart, Messrs. Brown, Potts, Ayres, Shawgo, Sanabria, Avery. Manning. Graham. Bald­ win, Clay, Huston, Fisher, Baldwin. Ells­ worth. I ACADEMY ITEMSI . The average attendance at the South Side Academy during the last week has been somewhat low. A great number of students are being kept out of school on account of sickness. No contagious diseases are re­ ported, but there are many cases of severe colds and la grippe. The girls of the senior class of S. S. A. have been invited to attend a reception to be given by the Chicago Association of Col­ legiate Alumnee on February 21. President> Edmund J. James of Northwestern Univer­ sityand Dean Marion Talhot of the Univer­ sity of Chicago will speak at the gathering, which will be held in the rooms of the Women's Club. Fine Arts Building. The Clay Club of South Side Academy at its next meeting on Thursday evening will debate the question; "Resohred, That a college course, such as usually leads to a A.B. or S.B. course, is beneficial to a business career." C. E. Wells will lead on the affirmative, and P. G. Van Zandt on the negative. Declamations will be given by James Knight. Fletcher Marsh, and Miss Frances Carver. per cent. Dis- count To Faculty and Students Williatn Sachen TAILOR 330 Fifty-fifth at. (Near Monroe aye.) RUSH MEDIC NOTES I L. MAN ASS S, OPTICIAN 88 Ma lIOn St ••. TribaDe BulldlDC Spectacles and Byei:!aaaes ScieJlWlca11y .&4fUte4 EyeaTested Free Everythine OptIcal Mattiematica1 Metereoloei;;i,&Dd for the Lante1'1list. Ko4aka C&meru . � . u4 81I;,1ieL WHY BE BALD? Belgian Hair The book COIltaiDs about seventy full paae illa�ntions, showine bow each blow is to be made. bow to attack and bow to defend yourself. 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Scott, J"Yvu Ddages, etudes, ex perimentales sur la Pathenogese Artficelles dey les Echinodenes, It is reported that the final written exami­ nations for the Seniors in Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics will each cover a period of three hours. The Chicago Pathological Society held its regular meeting in Schiller Hall, Schiller building, 103 Randolph st., Monday, Februarv 9, at 8 P. M. The following papers were read: J. H. Long-The Electrical Con­ ductivityofthe Urine; E. N. Layton-M.edico­ Legal Test of Blood Stain; H. T. Rlcket� and Dr. Rothstem-Clinical and Histologi­ cal Effects of Neurotoxic Serum Injections; G. H. Weaver-Bacteriological Studle�. of the Throat and Skin in Cases of Scarlatina, The social committee of the Iunior class, in . accordance with the instructions gIVen them at the class meeting Saturday, are �usy arranging for an informal dance to be gIven within the next two weeks somewhere on tbe- West -Srde-e-probebly-at- the- Illinois Hall. The list has been passing around among the various members of the class, �nd so far only a very �mall nu�ber have �al!ed to sign. The SOCial committee, consls!mg of W. E. Smith, F. T. Potts and �. A. Chdds, are sparing no effort to make this � success­ ful as the parties the class gave ,,:hlle at the University last year. The committee hopes that the Hull Court Medics wil!.turn out � well to this affair as the West-SIde men did for their party. . Dr. Bassoe, of the department of Pathol­ ogy, gave an interesting lecture bef�re the Pathology Seminar yesterday mor,:ung on the subject of Gigantism. The Sem�nar met for the occasion in the Lower Amphitheater. A large number of men were present who were not taking the Seminar work. The lecture was illustrated with lantern slides, and was based on the morgue and pathologi­ cal reports of the case of a man who was over S � feet tall, who died in the Presbyte­ rian Hospital during the summer quarter. The raritv of the case gave it a special de­ gree of ·interest. The �Ifferencc: between gigantism and acromagha was discussed at some length by the lecturer. Owing to the extensiveness of the report no other papers were presented. Hull Court Professor Ingres Verifies Statement of Their 'Transference to St. Louis in 1904 When inter�iewed this morning about the. transferring of the Olym­ pian Games of 1904 to St. Louis, Professor Maxime lngres expressed the following opinion: "There is no doubt about the reality of the official news in regard to the transference of the games. I think it is a shame after we have worked so hard to have them held in Chicago. However, sentiment demanded that we accede to St. Louis's request, and help her all we can . A scientificall), prepared Hair Food. Is a positl.� cure. N.esul� �nteed with one bottle 01" mODe)' refunded. Grower �::d!':::':;' ��� ��-;;:c��.!:� � . Send' 6��' fafi:,.wt.i:S t��!;:I�'_r cumbiqs aad receiYe a ::d::':.!I�::n:!:u�f��=p Ab*ely free THE BELGIAN DRUG CO., 82 Adams St., Dezter Bide. MUSSEY'S Billiard Halls and Bowling.Alleys The Largest and Finest Amusement Resort in the World 100 to 108 MADISON STREET Do You Dance? If so. you will find a be aaonment of dancing. party, euchre. dlnaer, weddine, and sapper fnon at ••• Ounther's Confectionery 212 State Street. Cblalp I.e ATHLETIC NOTES ... r Last night Charles D. Rafferty was elected captain of the Yale football team for next year. Owing to the poor showing of the Univer­ sity of. Iowa football team last fall, no em­ blems will be awarded to the players. The students at Northwestern University, tired by the futile efforts of their trustees to erect a new gymn asium, have started a sub­ scription list among themselves to raise the needed money. Athletes at Minnesota started training for track and and baseball yesterday. There has been some rumor that the University would not have any track or baseball teams, but this has been discredited. CHICAGO Will lOSE OLYMPIAN GAMES Dr. Webster will give the last lecture of his series tomorrow evening in Kent Theater. At the meeting of the '05 class last even­ ing Mr. Tate was elected secretary for the remaining year. The class voted to hold a smoker some evening next week. The evening was not stated. The Social com­ mittee has arranged to hold a number of re­ ceptions similar to those held in the School of Education last year. The dales will be published later. SHEET MUSIC - TALKING 23c. aDd MACHINES 23c. The Musk Shop . Stdnway HaD FRED. J- HAMILL O'MEARA BRO rHERS' HO,ME BAKERY makes notbi:..ftJ bat . Strictly Home-Made Ooods Bread. Rolls. Pie. and Cake. P.",�.nd W� supplied on sho", notice.. lces.net Ice Cream to onkr Don't fOf'Ed the number-21'S East sstll .t. 'Phone. Drael 11921. . 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The Young Men's Christian Association will meet in the club room of Snell Hall at 7:15 o'clock Wednesday evening. Der Deutsche Klub kommt um 4 Uhr in Haskell Hall zusammen. Program: (I) Vor­ trag von Herro Dr. Meyer; (2) Gesellschafts­ spiele. The Cercle de L' Alliance Franeaise will meet at the rooms of the Woman's Club in the Fine Arts building at 8 o'clock Saturday evening. Wednesday, February 18, at 4 P. M •• the Woman's Union will give a social meeting at which Miss Elizabeth Wallace will tell about French schools for girls. Le Cercle De Conversation Francaise du departement des langues romanes se reunit i 4 heures a Beecher Hall. Monsieur le Pro­ fessor C. von Klenze prendra la parole. There will be a conference on the Teach­ ing of Mathematics and Physics in the Se�­ ondary School in Roora ga of Ryerson PhYSI­ cal Lahoratory at 7 :45 o'clock Wednesday evening. At the social meeting of the Woman's Union Fifty-seventh st. and Lexington ave .• at 4 �'clock Wednesday afternoon, Miss Elizabeth Wallace will tell about the "French Schools for Girls." The Botanical Club will meet in room 13 of the Botany building at 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Chrysler will review Miss Sargent's paper, entitled: "A Theory of the Origin of Monocotyledons." A Medical professorial lecture for stu­ dents taking the Medical course will be held in Kent Theater at 5 o'clock Wednesday evening. Professor Webster will speak �n "An Introduction to the Study of Obstetrics and Gynrecology." The English Club meets in the library of Hitchcock Hall at 8 P. M., Wednesday, February 18. Miss Hatcher will present a paper: "Marlowe's Part in the Troublesome Raigne of King John." A proposed amend­ ment to the constitution will be consided, D. A. ROBERTSON. There will be an open lecture to the Col­ lege of Commerce and Administration in the lecture-room of Cobb Hall at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Frederick W. Hells, member of the Hague Peace Confer­ ence. will speak on the topic ••• The Peaceful Solution of International Difficulties," All men and women of the University in­ terested in the holding of a National Democratic Convention are requested to tell their names and the states from which they come to some member of the Executive Com­ mittee. as published in last Friday's MAROON. At least 150 names should be in. DR, PARKIN TO BE IN MINNEAPOLIS Will Go from There to CaDada, then Back Through Southem States Dr. Parkin, who is traveling through this country, holding conferences in order to get ideas as to the most satisfactory method of disposing of the Rhodes scholarships, next week will hold a meeting in Minneapolis of the representatives of colleges in that vicinity to learn their opinion on the question. 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